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									                           New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2008
              New Orleans Gulf South Booksellers Association Author Signing Schedule*
                                                                             Thursday, May 1st
                                                                            No Signings Scheduled

                   Friday, April 25th                                          Friday, May 2nd
12-1:00 pm, Lorin Gaudin, 86 Recipes – New Orleans        12–1:00 pm, Billy Sothern, Down in New Orleans:
1–2:00 pm, Charlie Suhor, Stephan Suhor’s Book of         Reflections from a Drowned City
Rude                                                      1–2:00 pm, Cecilia Dartez, L Is For Louisiana
2–3:00 pm, Michael Ledet & Richard Stewart, Joe           2-3:00 pm, Melissa Smith, Historic Photos of New
Simmer’s Healthy Slow Cookin’                             Orleans
3–4:00 pm, Phil Sandusky, Painting Katrina                3–4:00 pm, Rebeca Antoine, Voices Rising
4–5:00 pm, Dave Dixon, The Saints, The Superdome and      4–5:00 pm, Tom Sancton, Song for My Fathers: A New
The Scandal                                               Orleans Story in Black And White

                  Saturday, April 26th                                        Saturday, May 3rd
12–1:00 pm, Kit Wohl, New Orleans Classic Seafood         12–1:00 pm, Denise McConduit, D.J. and the Jazz Fest
1–2:00 pm, Sara Roahen, Gumbo Tales                       1–2:00 pm, Richard Stewart & Michael Ledet, Joe
2–3:00 pm, Susan Spicer, Crescent City Cooking            Simmer’s Healthy Slow Cookin’
3–4:00 pm, Thomas Neff, Holding out and Hanging On        2–3:00 pm, Johnette Downing, Down in Louisiana
4–5:00 pm, Katie Lee Joel, The Comfort Table              3–4:00 pm Sara Roahen, Gumbo Tales
5–6:00 pm, Earl Higgins, Joy of Y’at Catholicism          4–5:00 pm, Ti Martin & Lally Brennan, In the Land of
                                                          5-6:00 pm, Joe Longo, Life in the Wake

                  Sunday, April 27th                                          Sunday, May 4th
12–1:00 pm, Sheila Herbert Collins, Jacques et la Canne   12-1:00 pm, Rebecca Hale, Soul of the City: Le Petit
a Sucre: A Cajun Jack and the Beanstalk                   Théâtre du Vieux Carré
1–2:00 pm, Mary Fitzpatrick & Alex Lemann, New            1–2:00 pm, Mary Fitzpatrick & Alex Lemann, New
Orleans’ Favorite Shotguns                                Orleans’ Favorite Shotguns
2–3:00 pm, Josh Clark, Heart Like Water                   2–3:00 pm, Susan Spicer, Crescent City Cooking
3–4:00 pm, James Nolan, Perpetual Care and Other          3–4:00 pm, Ken Foster, Dogs I Have Met: And the
Stories                                                   People They Found
4–5:00 pm, John, Gail, and Anthony Uglesich, Cooking      4-5:00 pm, Chris Rose, 1 Dead in Attic
with the Uglesiches                                       5-6:00 pm, Joe Longo, Life in the Wake
5–6:00 pm, Michael Schaefer, Lost in Katrina
*Schedule is subject to change. If you miss a signing, check with the Book Tent staff for signed copies.

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