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					                               NORTHERN VIRGINIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                        Interior Design Program
                              IDS 221 DESIGNING COMMERCIAL INTERIORS

            COURSE TITLE:                    Designing Commercial Interiors
            COURSE NUMBER:                   IDS 221-01L 11023
            MEETING DAY/TIME/RM:

            INSTRUCTOR:              Ann Nichols
            OFFICE PHONE:            703 450-2633

            OFFICE :                 Room LW 313

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of how commercial projects are
developed and executed by interior design professionals. Students will gain an understanding of
program development, emerging trends a variety of project types, appropriate use of materials and
finish details as they relate to the development of several distinctly different commercial project types.
Students will continue to develop their presentation skills through graphic illustration and verbal

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be expected to:
 be capable of identifying, quantifying and presenting space requirements and program needs for a
   variety of commercial project types;
 be familiar with a building and it’s structural environmental systems in order to effectively plan it’s
   interior space.
 Understand the design and planning process as it relates to the design team and consultants,
   distributors, clients, contractors and other project participants;
 Understand the basic building code requirements pertaining to health, safety, and welfare; fire
   protection; egress; and barrier free design;
 Determine appropriate furniture and finish materials as they relate to project budgets and use;
 Further develop basic drawing skills and graphic and oral presentation techniques needed to
   communicate design concepts to commercial clients.

Class sessions will include lectures, guest speakers, studio work, presentations, class discussions with
critiques, and critiques by design professionals.

Students should bring drafting materials to each class period, unless otherwise informed
by the instructor. This is a studio class, and the proper equipment is necessary to accomplish the
course requirements.

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                               NORTHERN VIRGINIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                        Interior Design Program
                              IDS 221 DESIGNING COMMERCIAL INTERIORS

Attendance in class is mandatory and is a component of the course grade. You will be excused from
class without question one time. Additional absences will result in the lowering of your grade by 3%
each absence. More than 3 absences will result in your withdrawal from the course. Chronic lateness
is unacceptable and will result in the lowering of your grade by one percent each late arrival. Students
who sneak out early on a consistent basis will also be penalized.

Assignments will be due at the beginning of the lecture period. Assignments submitted late
will be substantially penalized (10% per class period late). Incomplete (I) grades for the course will
not be given, except in verifiable cases involving emergencies beyond the student’s control. Anything
other than a student’s own work will not be accepted. Refer to the college catalog for more
information on these policies.

In the event of an absence, projects are still due, and may be e-mailed as attachments to the
instructor to receive full credit. The next class period, a hard copy of the assignment must be

Students are encouraged to think ahead when preparing design projects for presentation--school
equipment is not always reliable, and a non-functioning copier or plotter is not an excuse for a late or
poorly presented project.

With your permission, some projects may be retained for the Interior Design Program Archives.

Grading Scale (%):
90-100      A      Superior achievement, outstanding effort
80-89       B      High attainment, efforts beyond minimum expectations
70-79       C      Fair performance, average effort
60-69       D      Below average, bare minimum of expected level of performance, poor quality
0-59        F      Failure to meet minimal standards, incomplete

Percentage of Course Grade (100%):
                  Projects (4)                                        20%
                  Codes Quiz                                          10%
                  Design Projects (3)                                 60%
                  Attendance, participation, attitude                 10%

Piotrowski, Christine. Designing Commercial Interiors (NY: John Wiley & Sons) 1999. For students
not wishing to purchase the text, a copy of this book will be available at the reference desk in the
library in the Reynolds Building for your required reading.

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                              NORTHERN VIRGINIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                       Interior Design Program
                             IDS 221 DESIGNING COMMERCIAL INTERIORS


Ching, Francis D.K. and Winkel, Steven R. Building Codes Illustrated, Hoboken N.J., John Wiley &
Sons, 2003

Harmon, Sharon Koomen and Kennon, Katherine E. Codes Guidebook for Interiors 3rd Ed., New
York, John Wiley & Sons, 2005

Panero Julius, and Zelnick, Martin, Human Dimension & Interior Space, New York, Whitney Library
of Design, 1979

Reznikoff, S.C. Interior Design Graphic Standards. New York: Whitney Library for Design, 1986.

      ADA:
      ADA guidelines:
      Universal Design:

If you have a need for special accommodations, contact the Counseling Office at 703-450-2571 prior to
the next class period.

SCHOOL CALENDAR (refer to Schedule of Classes) Sixteen-Week Session

CLASS SCHEDULE: Will be provided the first day of class. (schedule may vary according to course
progression, inclement weather, etc. Check the NVCC Web Site for school closings)

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