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					Student Name
                                                                               To Order:
Campus Address
                                                                   You can place your order now or keep this
Campus Phone #
                                                                   brochure in a handy place and remember
Your Name                                                          those birthdays and special occasions all
                                                                    year long! If you need additional order
Your Address
                                                                       forms, simply go to our website at
Your Phone #                                                                 dining
                Packages                         Delivery Date
                                                                           and download a new copy!
    Missouri State Study Bucket $19.95

    The Chocoholic                  $22.50                                       By Phone
Different Kind of Bar               $12.50                         Simply call in your order anytime Monday
                                                                      to Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at
◊   Rocky Road                                                                   417-836-5660.
◊   Gooey Butter                                                   Remember to have your credit card ready.

    “Just Because” Care Package $20.00                                             By Fax
    TLC Package                     $17.00                            Complete order form and fax order to

    “Does a Body Good” Basket $19.50                                      Sodexo Campus Services at
                                                                                (417) 836-8497.
    Mega Cookie                     $12.50
                                                                      Make sure to complete the credit card
    Have Your Cake                  $20.00
                                                                              portion of the form.
Cookie of the Month Club            $29.99          Once a Month

Cake:                   Icing:               Soda Type:                           By Mail
◊   White               ◊    Vanilla         (if applicable)       Complete the order form on the back of the
◊   Chocolate           ◊    Chocolate       ◊    Pepsi             page and enclose a check or money order
                                                                   payable to Sodexo Campus Services or use
◊   Yellow                                   ◊    Diet Pepsi
                                                                   your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. If pay-
                                             ◊    Mountain Dew        ing by credit card, please include your
Message:                                                            credit card number, expiration date, and
                                                                    your signature. Mail your order form and
                                                                                    payment to:
Payment:                                     Expiration Date:               Sodexo Campus Services
                                                                            Missouri State University
◊   Check or    ◊            Visa
    Money Order                                                               901 South National
                ◊            Discover
◊   MasterCard                                                              Springfield, MO 65897
Credit Card #:                                                     Please allow at least a 7 day notice when
                                                                        ordering the Surprise Someone
     Something from home is always a                     “Surprise Someone”
 welcoming experience for our students,                                                            “Just Because” Care Package
  especially for your son, or daughter, or                  Care Packages                                     $20.00
loved one who is in his or her first year at            MO State Study Bucket                      A great pick-me-up way to celebrate a job
    Missouri State University. We have                         $19.95                             well done or just say, “I’m thinking of you.”
developed a program that enables you, as          Fuel your student through those late night         This "pick me up" energizing basket is
parents or guardians, to help your student       sessions with a re-usable bucket filled with    filled with snacks that are sure to please: (2)
     celebrate some special occasions.              a bottle of water and Energy Drink and
                                                   packages of Starbursts, 2 packets of Hot       Chex mix snack packets, (2) sodas, (1) Bag
  Our surprise packages are a nice way to                                                              of M&M’s, (1) Snickers bar, (1) Rich
                                                     Cocoa mix, trail mix, gum, microwave
make the transition from home to college a
                                                 popcorn, a breakfast bar, highlighter, spiral     Chocolate Fudge Frosted Brownie, as well
 little brighter, ease the stress, celebrate a            notebook and a stress ball.
  birthday or special occasion, or just say                                                           as: (1) Refill Mug, and a coupon for 2
   you are thinking of them. That special                                                          BearFare meals. This package includes a
surprise from home will surely brighten up                   The Chocoholic                         greeting card with your special message.
                   their day.                                    $22.50
                                                 This kit will more than satisfy the cravings
Surprise packages are delivered Monday -                                                               TLC (Tender Loving Care)
                                                 of any chocoholic! Each kit includes: 2 Mo-
Friday only to students living on campus.         cha Frappucinos, 2 packets of Hot Cocoa                      Basket
   Students living off-campus (such as              mix, 1 dozen chocolate chip cookies, 2                     $17.00
 fraternity or sorority) will need to make        Rocky Road Bars, 1 Snicker bar and M &          It’s awful when you’re sick. It’s even worse
 arrangements to pick up their Surprise              Ms. All items delivered in a reusable        when you are away from home. Help them
   Package at the Garst Dining Center.                            container.                     get back on their feet with this special care
                                                                                                       package that includes a Soup Mug,
                                                               Cookie Club
                                                                                                     Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup with
            Mega Cookie                                          $29.99
                                                   Want to make your loved one’s cookie jar      crackers, 1 orange juice and 1 apple juice,
Chewy gourmet chocolate chip cookie large           full throughout the year? We can help.       (4) herbal teas with honey, (1) can of Sierra
enough (10 inches) to feature your favorite      Cookie Club membership gets your special        Mist Soda, 1 Chapstick, and a small box of
message. We’ll write your special message             someone a dozen fresh-baked Otis                             Kleenex .
   in sweet and creamy vanilla or rich            Spunkmeyer cookies (different flavor every         (Allow one day notice for TLC package)
             chocolate icing.                    month) delivered once a month for 6 months
                                                  (September - November; February - April).
                                                                                                     “Does a Body Good” Basket
                                                   Featured flavors: chocolate chip, peanut                    $19.50
 Have Your Cake and Eat it Too
                                                    butter, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate          This basket is perfect for your health
                                                   macadamia, double chocolate chip, and         conscious student. It includes: 1 banana, 1
Send a fresh-baked cake decorated with a
                                                                     more!                         apple, 2 Special K bars, 2 juices, 1 Diet
personal message for any occasion: Happy
     Birthday, Good Luck on Exams,                                                                Pepsi, Cheese with Crackers, a bag of trail
Congratulations, or just say “I Miss You.”               Different Kind of Bar                    mix, and 1 bagel with regular low fat cream
 Choose from white, yellow, or chocolate                        $12.50                              cheese and strawberry cream cheese.
                                                 Surprise your special someone with a dozen
 cake; white or chocolate icing. Each cake
                                                 of our signature bars (either Rocky Road or
comes with 12 plates, napkins, and forks.
                                                                Gooey Butter)

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