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SENSiBlE SEaTiNG® 6000 SERiES Sensible Seating coordinates especially well with HON desking and panel systems and is built to deliver long-lasting comfort and support.
6003 High-back, armless 6005 mid-back, armless 6008 guest 6093 Height-adjustable arms

rESOluTiON®	6200	SEriES the resolution Series provides a dynamic ergonomic solution for all office areas by offering multiple adjustments that allow users to personalize the fit.
6206 621 1 6212 guest ultra high-back High-back 6213 6216 low-back guest, armless

F 3™	SEriES Distinctive styling, custom features, superior design – F 3 is the ultimate seating experience.

FWcm FWc1 FWc3

ilira-stretch work chair Work chair Work chair, low-back

Fgc1 Fgc2

guest, armless guest

uNaNimOuS®	7600	SEriES a generously scaled seat, thick foam and wraparound back provide superior comfort in a highly adjustable seating line built for task-intensive environments.
7602 High-back 7604 High-back, 24 hour 7608 High-back, asynchronous 7622 7624 7628 mid-back mid-back, 24 hour mid-back, asynchronous

7700	SEriES/24-HOur	CHairS Built for heavy-duty use in task-intensive settings, 24-Hour chairs offer personalized controls for all-day comfort.
7734 7754 task, dual posture control task

7700	SEriES generous proportions and simple controls make the 7700 Series suitable for a range of hard-working task environments.
770 1 7702 7703 7705 7707 7708 779 1 7795 task task, knee-tilt task, multi-task task, stool task, asynchronous task, seat glide c-arms Height-adjustable arms HW103 Hgl103 Hgl105 Hpa115 Height- and widthadjustable arms Height- and widthadjustable arms Height-adjustable arms Height-adjustable pivot arms

7800	SEriES multiple control options and a contoured seat and back help the 7800 Series set the standard for high-performance task seating.
7803, 7823 7805 7807, 7827 7808 7813, 7843 7817, 7847 task task, stool task, asynchronous task, seat glide task, armless task, armless, asynchronous 78 18 7828 7848 7895 task, armless, seat glide task, seat glide task, armless, seat glide Height- and widthadjustable arms

EVEry-Day®	7900	SEriES perfect for busy areas, hard-working every-Day chairs offer simple controls for individual flexibility.

7901 7992 7995 HW103

task Fixed t-arms Height-adjustable arms Height- and width-adjustable arms


HON Daily

HON Daily 5


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