; "My School" a speech by Dhwani Serai
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"My School" a speech by Dhwani Serai

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This document contains the winning speech given by my 9 year old sister Dhwani. Its on the topic "My School".

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									Sai Ram everyone. It’s a pleasure to be here. My name is Dhwani Serai and my topic for today is ‘My School’. Rather than dreaming about an imaginary school, I study in the school of everyone’s dreams. J.B.Vaccha High School – My school, my life. My school is located at dadar in the sylvan surroundings of the five gardens. My school campus abounds in facilities for studies, sports as well as recreation. Starting from spacious classrooms replete with good ventilation, well equipped laboratories and a well stocked library; from, the rare provision of a kitchen to provide hot and nutritious meals to us children to, a host of other provisions for carrying out a plethora of recreational activities; my school provides everything one can dream of. I remember the first day I had entered school as a 3 year old. I was timid and scared. It has been an edifying journey since then. The scare went away with the balm of time and therein began a great learning experience. It is then that I got a chance to discover, to learn and to acquire the ageless power endowed by knowledge. Today, my whole life revolves around my school. School life is a challenge. It is a continuous competition. It is full of pressure and lots of tests. The competition is intense. The pressure is heavy. And the testing never ends!! Sometimes exams, then the projects, or other competitive exams, as a child I used to get very irritated. It was just too much for me. Then once, I told my class teacher about it. She smiled, and told me these golden words I can never forget. She said, “It is only out of fire that we get the glitter of gold, you are the gold in the fire. Take it as learning, or complain about it. It is your choice.” After this incident, my whole opinion about school changed. Today, for me, school is an opportunity to learn. We learn and grow together. School is also a family. We're like a closely bound community. Like members of a special club! We share and care about each other. School has given me great fun times too. I have made great friends and have enjoyed playing with them in the school grounds. There was a time, I thought school was boring. I complained that it was torture. Now I know, It’s indeed a privilege to be cherished and I can proudly say I am a ‘Vacchaite.’

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