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									                         LORAIN COUNTY TASK FORCE FOR THE HOMELESS
                                GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MINUTES

Date:   July 14, 2008                                Place: Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority
Time:   8:45 a.m. to 9:40 a.m.                             24 attendees

I.      Janice Kennard called the meeting to order at 8:40 a.m.
II.     June minutes were approved as presented.
III.    Treasurer’s Report (Sandy Humphrey): Treasury stands at $3,815.
IV.     Emergency Food and Shelter Program (Peggy Chamberlain): Only one or two agencies have not requested
        second check.
V.      PRC—Nat has no meetings scheduled till fall. Will not know of any changes to PRC program until then.
VI.     Committee Updates:
        A. Outreach Committee (Nancy): Committee continues to plan for the Community Voices Day of the fall
           Poverty Symposium (September 26). There will be two panels (10-12 and 1-3) discussing various
           issues as they relate to poverty. From 3:30-5:30 will be an Agency Fair and Community Picnic. All
           HTF agencies will be receiving an invitation shortly, inviting them to participate in both events. Next
           meeting scheduled for Tuesday, July 15 for lunch at Quick and Delicious in Oberlin.
        B. Continuum of Care (Becky Sigal): Request for Proposals for HUD Continuum of Care funds is still
           expected to be released in July; the summer Point-in-Time Homeless Count will take place on the night
           of July 31st.
        C. HMIS (Kelly LaRosa): HMIS contact training will be held July 29. Next meeting will be held after
           training takes place.
        D. Housing and Supportive Services (Kelly LaRosa): Completing universal intake form.
VII.    New Business
           Air conditioner distribution—if you have a client in need of an air conditioner for medical reasons,
            please download the application on our website ( and fax to
            Kelly LaRosa.
           Kelly LaRosa and Jim Gepperth will be meeting with the mayor of Lorain to discuss his handling of
            homeless persons in City Hall (in response to Morning Journal article)
VIII.   Featured Speaker: Gary Crow, Executive Director of Lorain County Children Services
           Children Services mandate: investigating allegations of abuse and neglect of children, unruly children,
            occasionally unattended children (first and foremost a police function)
           Ohio is one of the few states with county-administered child welfare systems
           Certain criteria need to be met to determine that a law has been broken: if children are at “serious,
            imminent risk of harm”, LCCS are not judges of good parenting
           Homelessness is not per se an indication of abuse or neglect
           Obviously if homeless children are in one of our facilities then they are not at risk of being taken in by
            Children Services
           LCCS is interested in providing short-term assistance of basic needs, such as housing and food, in
            order to help children avoid being evicted (their mandate, however, is still to help is children not
           Substandard living conditions could potential jeopardize the health of a child, children not going to
            school or not receiving necessary health care could also be considered neglect
           Unusual for LCCS to go into a situation where children need to be removed immediately; they
            generally have time to talk to extended family to improve situation without needing to remove the
           If child needs to be removed, LCCS tries to put child with extended family. Last resort is placing child
            in foster care: need to prove first that there are no adequate alternatives.
           Occasionally people contact LCCS saying that they are having trouble controlling their children and if
            it continues the children will be in harm’s way
           There is a children’s safety net in the county, apart from LCCS, that works and that is critical to
            protecting county’s children
           Children aging out of foster care do not lose services in Lorain County in contrast to most places in the
            country (their status changes from child to adult but still receive services)—in LCCS’ independent
            living program, they have about as many participants under 18 as over 18 (though at 18 they could
            decide to go off on their own)
           LCCS obtains inadequate/poor outcomes in about 5% of families/children. Currently, MRDD, ADAS
            board and LCCS are working on a joint project to look at this 5% to figure out some alternative
            strategies. LCCS realizes that they overtreat/overserve certain clients that aren’t going to benefit from
            them resulting in waste for everyone.
IX.     Agency Announcements
           (Christine Matusik-Plas)— A coalition of payday lending institutions is collecting signatures in order
            to put a ballot initiative on November’s ballot to overturn recent legislation that regulates/bans certain
            pay day lending practices; be prepared to see representatives of this Coalition around shelters and other
            places where poor people congregate to collect signatures for this initiative. If agencies are looking for
            local banking institutions that will be able to cash checks, etc (instead of pay day lending) for your
            clients, call Sharon Kleppel, Catholic Action Commission, 244-6037
           (Carla Hartman)—homeless dinner, July 25, Black River Landing (RSVP by Thursday, July 17)
           (Mary Graske)—Lorain County Health and Dentistry is putting on community health fair, Wed August
            13 in the afternoon, call Mary Graske 240-1901 for more information
           (Kate Lenz) Lorain County Foreclosure Task Force is having meeting at this Wed at 1:30
           (Judy Petricevic), the Lorain County General Health District is putting on a fetal alcohol education
            program August 5th, contact her for more details
           (Diane Taylor) Steak Fry on Friday, August 1, 2008 from 5PM to 8PM (dinner)at the Amherst
            Sportsman’s club to benefit the Sexual Assault Care Unit of Lorain County. Tickets can be purchased
            on line by credit card at
           Peggy Chamberlain, UW kickoff, August 15, St. Peter’s Pavilion, 4-8
           (Donna Williams) If working with SSI/SSDI clients, Lorain County Labor Agency will prepare
            Economic Stimulus Tax Returns up through October 15, 2008
X.      Meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy London
Lorain County Task Force for the Homeless

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