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					Doriot Library Textbooks for P2 & P5 – November/December 2007 P2 Core Courses
Corporate financial policy / Pascal Maenhout
Modern financial management (Corporate finance), 8 ed. by S. Ross, R. Westerfield, J. Jaffe and B. Jordan HG4026 .R675 2008

Foundations of marketing / Xavier Drèze

Marketing management by P. Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller, 12 th ed. HF5415.13 .K645 2006 Framework for marketing management, 3 rd ed. by Philip Kotler HF5415.13 .K68 2007

Foundations of marketing / Kyle Murray
Framework for marketing management, 3 rd ed. by Philip Kotler HF5415.13 .K68 2006

Process and operations management / Ludo Van der Heyden and Stephen Chick
Beyond reengineering by Michael Hammer HD6954 .H36 1996 Dynamic manufacturing by R. Hayes, S. Wheelwright and K. Clark TS155 .H39 1988 Factory physics, 2nd ed. by W. Hopp and M. Spearman TS155 .H678 2001 The Goal, 3rd ed. by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox TS183 .G653 2004 Industrial excellence by C.H. Loch, L. van der Heyden and L. van Wassenhove TS156 .L63 2003 Innovation: the attacker’s advantage by Richard Foster HD45 .F67 1986 Innovator’s dilemma by Clayton Christensen HD52 .C47 2003 It’s not luck by E. Goldratt TS183 .G63 1994 Managing business process flows, 2 nd ed. by R. Anupindi, S. Chopra and S. Deshmukh TS155 .A68 2006 CD-ROM (506, 507) Manufacturing by W. Skinner TS155 .S553 1985 Matching supply with demand by Gérard Cachon and Christian Terwiesch TS155 .C33 2006


Operations management for competitive advantage, 11 ed. by R. Chase, N. Aquilano and F. Jacobs TS155 .C43 2006 CD-ROM (514) Operations management: processes and value chains, 7 ed. by L.J. Krajewski and L.P. Ritzman TS155 .K73 2005 CD-ROM (283-315) Promodel: manufacturing simulation software user's guide QA76.73 .Z2 PRO 2006 Reengineering the corporation by M. Hammer and J. Champy HD6954 .H356 1993 Toyota production system by Taiichi Ohno TS157 .O5713 1988 What is this thing called theory of constraints and how should it be implemented? by E.M. Goldratt HD6954 .G65 1990 World class manufacturing by R. Schonberger TS155 .S34 1996


Strategy / Peter Zemsky

Contemporary strategy analysis by R. M. Grant. 6th ed. HD30.28 .G73 2008 Economics of strategy by David Besanko. 4 th ed. HD30.28 .B47 2007 Modern competitive strategy by Gordon Walker. 2nd ed. HD30.28 .W35 2007 Strategy and the business landscape by P. Ghemawat, B. Cassiman, D. Collis. 2 nd ed. HD30.28 .G44 2006

Strategy / Andrew Shipilov
Blue ocean strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne HD30.28 .K56 2005 Contemporary strategy analysis by Robert M.Grant, 5th ed. HD30.28 .G73 2008 Strategy and the business landscape 2 nd ed. by P. Ghemawat, B. Cassiman and D. Collis

HD30.28 .G44 2006

P5 Elective Courses
Blue ocean strategy study group / Chan Kim
Blue ocean strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne HD30.28 .K56 2005

Business plan workshop / Steve Haslett
The Art of the start; the time-tested, battle-hardened guide for anyone starting anything by Guy Kawasaki


HD62.5 .K39 2004

Corporate restructuring and financial distress / Kevin Kaiser

Takeovers, restructuring and corporate governance, 4 th ed. by J. F. Weston, M. Mitchell and H. Mulherin HG4028 .M4 W478 2004 Valuation, 4th ed. by Tim Koller, Marc Goedhart and David Wessels HG4028 .V3 C67 2005 The Vulture investors by Hilary Rosenberg HG4028 .M4 R67 2000 Workouts and turnarounds II by Dominic DiNapoli HD2747 .W67 1999

Financial statement analysis / Jake Cohen Business analysis and valuation by K. Palepu, P. Healy and V. Bernard HG60 .P35 2004 4th ordered From start-up to fortune 500 / Eric Benhamou
Blink: the power of thinking without thinking by Malcolm Gladwell BF441 .G53 2005 Built to last, 3rd ed. by James Collins and Jerry Porras HD6954.5 .C735 2000 Harvard Business Review on corporate responsibility by C. K. Prahalad and Michael Porter HD6950.4 .H37 2003 Innovator’s dilemma by Clayton Christensen HD52 .C47 2003 Inside the tornado: marketing strategies from Silicon Valley's cutting edge by Geoffrey A. Moore HC2000 .C667 M66 1995

Global strategy & management / Subramanian Rangan
From global to metanational by Y. Doz, J. Santos & P. Williamson HD6954.3 .D69 2001 Global strategies: insights from the world's leading thinkers HD2755.5 .G554 1994 The Manager in the international economy by R. Vernon, L. Wells & S. Rangan HD2755.5 .V47 1996


The Quest for global dominance by V. Govindarajan and A. Gupta HD2755.5 .G68 2001

Individual business & society: ethical dilemma / Smith Craig
Business ethics by Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten, 2nd ed. BJ53 .C73 2007 Business ethics - Richard T., De George, 5 ed. BJ53 .D38 1999 Business ethics by William H. Shaw, 6 ed. BJ53 .S43 2008 Ethical issues in business by Thomas Donaldson, Patricia Werhane, and Joseph Van Zandt BJ53 .E8 2008 Ethical theory and business by Tom L. Beauchamp and Norman E. Bowie, 7 ed. BJ53 .E82 2004 Ethics in finance by John R. Boatright, 2nd revised ed. BJ53 .B638 2008 Ethics in marketing by Craig Smith and John Quelch HF5415.122 .S59 1996 International business ethics by Georges Enderle BJ53 .I68 1999 Managing business ethics by Linda Klebe Trevino and Katherine A. Nelson, 3rd ed. BJ53 .T74 2004
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Leveraged buy-outs / Graham Wrigley
The New financial capitalists by George P. Baker and George David Smith HG4028 .M4 B335 1998 Management buy-outs and venture capital by Mike Wright and Ken Robbie HD2746.5 .M282 1999

Models for strategic planning / Philippe Delquié
The Art of modeling with spreadsheets by S. Powell and K. Baker QA76.9 .C65 P69 2004 CD-ROM (508-10)

Options / Lucie Tepla
Options, futures and other derivatives by John Hull HG6024 .A3 H84 2006 HG6024 .A3 H84 2006 Solutions manual CD-ROM (413-416)

Strategic pricing / Skander Esseghaier
Strategy and tactics of pricing, 4 th ed. by Thomas T. Nagle and Reed Holden HF5416.5 .N34 2006