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					(06-06-05 Regular Meeting)


The Bradford County Board of County Commissioners met June 6, 2005 to conduct their regular scheduled meeting. Attending were: Commissioner Hersey, Commissioner Chandler, Commissioner Cooper, Chairman Thomas, Commissioner Lewis, Clerk Norman, Marlene Stafford, Lisa Hall, Terry Brown, Ron Lily, Jim Crawford, Major Pearson, Mark Crawford, Percy Sullivan, Donny Wise, Nelson Green, Sheriff Milner and Nora Thompson (A copy of all documentation presented at this meeting is located in Supplement File No. 06-06-05.) Chairman Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. Commissioner Chandler offered the Invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance. PUBLIC HEARING TO CONSIDER PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS FOR SAMPSON CITY VFD-TERRY BROWN: Mr. Brown said that before the Board is a request for the Commission to authorize the execution of a Purchase and Sale Contract to purchase some real property. The purchase price is less than the appraised valued. Chairman Thomas opened the public hearing. Mr. Malcolm Hill expressed his opposition to the purchase of the property for use by the Volunteer Fire Department. There being no further public comment, the public hearing was closed. There was discussion regarding the funds to purchase the property. Commissioner Chandler said that he is not sure of the urgency to purchase this property but he would like the opportunity to discuss it further. He requested that this item be tabled. Commissioner Lewis said that this has been ongoing for several months and the Board previously gave Mr. Sullivan permission to pursue the purchase of the land. The property owner needs to sell and he feels the Board should move forward. Mr. Sullivan said that the property owner desperately needs to sell and if the County does not purchase the property, he will put it on the market. The agreed purchase/sale price is $37,000.


(06-06-05 Regular Meeting)

Commissioner Cooper concurred with Commissioner Lewis. It is his contention that the volunteers are funded inadequately. However, he is concerned that there is no long-range policy in place that governs the Volunteer Fire Department. He will support the purchase of the property, but wants to see efforts being made toward developing such a policy, hopefully before this budget year is over, to incorporate it into future budget plans. Mr. Sullivan said that they are in the process of doing just that. Comm. Cooper MOVED to approve the contract for the purchase of the property as presented and authorizing the Chairman to sign all documents necessary to close the transaction. Comm. Lewis SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 4-1, with Commissioner Chandler dissenting. APPROVE AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD ORDINANCE TO PROVIDE THE CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD WITH ADDITIONAL POWERS AUTHORIZED BY CHAPTER 162, FLORIDA STATUTES-TERRY BROWN: Mr. Brown read the title into the record: “AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF BRADFORD COUNTY, FLORIDA AMENDING THE CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD ORDINANCE TO PROVIDE THE CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD WITH ADDITIONAL POWERS AUTHORIZED BY CHAPTER 162, FLORIDA STATUTES; AND PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE.” Mr. Brown directed the Board’s attention to an issue on page 10, middle of the page, the last sentence to Sec. 2-118: “No lien created pursuant to the provisions of this division may be foreclosed on real property which is homestead under Section 4, Article 10 of the Constitution of the United States.” The Board may wish to approve the ordinance, deleting this sentence, or it may wish to include it. Commissioner Cooper said that there is a meeting tomorrow night with the Code Enforcement Board and he is not sure they have reviewed the ordinance. Comm. Cooper MOVED to table the ordinance until after the meeting with the C.E. Board. Comm. Lewis SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 5-0. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Mr. Paul Still commented on the following: --The engineering performed on the Three Pipes lift gates is not adequate to allow them to be opened to the full extent that will allow total flow through the box culvert of the bridge. This is very important to avoid flooding on Sampson and Crosby lakes. Also, the railroad culverts need to be removed. Two of the five have totally collapsed, so there is a significant reduction in the water flow.


(06-06-05 Regular Meeting) --Urged the Board to conduct a workshop to discuss several solid waste issues. The County has either received or will receive a warning letter from D.E.P. detailing potential violations at three of the collection centers. The same problems exist at the other three sites and correcting them now will save the County money in terms of avoiding penalties. --The solid waste assessment needs to be included in the TRIM notices as required by Florida Statutes. --The solid waste assessment does not meet legal requirements because the citizens and the businesses of the City of Starke do not have to pay the fee, but they benefit from collection. Residents in the County who pay to have their garbage collected also pay tipping fees, so they are charged double; once through the solid waste assessment and through the fees of their garbage collection. Regulations require that the solid waste assessment be related to the services received.

Mr. Malcolm Hill commented on the following: --Addressed what he feels are problems with the organization of the Volunteer Fire Department.

Ms. Norma Green commented on the following: --It is time something is done about the Code Enforcement violations in her neighborhood that have been an issue for almost a year and that keep worsening. Chairman Thomas advised that the proposed amendments to the Code Enforcement ordinance should help the Code Enforcement Board do a better job. The ordinance should be approved in July. This spurred discussion. --Ms. Green asked Commissioner Hersey if he has contacted the State concerning the Rails for Trails property being mowed. Commissioner Hersey reported that he has placed a call and left a message but the call has not been returned. He also contacted Jordan Green with D.O.T. and made him aware of the problem. This prompted extensive discussion. ADOPT RESOLUTION CONCERNING CLOSING OF DOAN’S BRIDGE - TERRY BROWN: Mr. Brown said that the resolution temporarily closes the bridge, although it is assumed that it will be permanent unless at some point in time the bridge is repaired. He read the title of the resolution into the record: “A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF BRADFORD COUNTY, FLORIDA, TEMPORARILY CLOSING DOAN’S BRIDGE ON SOUTHEAST 136th AVENUE FOR PUBLIC SAFETY REASONS; AND PROVIDING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE.”


(06-06-05 Regular Meeting)

Mr. Brown said that the resolution closes ingress and egress to the bridge and authorizes the Road Department to install temporary barricades on the roadway to prohibit vehicular traffic. Mr. Crawford said that there is a telephone cable in middle of road. Therefore, they will be installing a gate with a sign and a County lock. This will allow them access to the property, if needed. Commissioner Lewis said that Lavern and Bobby Dyal would be placing locks on the gates to the entrances of their property to close those entrances off to the public. Mr. Paul McDavid, of 13296 S.W. CR231, Dedan Church Road, addressed the Board: --He has received an e-mail from Alachua County stating that they intend to dismantle the bridge in the Fall and close the Alachua County side to the nearest driveway and turn the whole road into a private road. At the request of Mr. McDavid, Commissioner Lewis explained exactly where the barricade would be placed. Provoked by a concern expressed by Commissioner Chandler, Commissioner Lewis said that once Alachua County dismantles the bridge, then it would be closed permanently. Mr. Brown said that at some point in time, the Commission might elect to abandon that portion of the roadway, which would transfer ownership of the County’s portion to the adjacent property owners. In so doing, he wants to make sure that the County is not adversely affecting any property owners that might be using the road for ingress or egress to their property. Comm. Lewis MOVED to adopt the resolution as presented. Comm. Cooper SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 5-0. (The Resolution was assigned No. 05-06.) ADOPT RESOLUTION CONCERNING UNANTICIPATED REVENUE IN THE TRANSPORTATION TRUST FUND DUE TO HURRICANE DISASTER RELIEF REVENUES-CLERK NORMAN: Clerk Norman presented resolution for adoption. He read the title into the record: “A RESOLUTION OF THE BRADFORD COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS APPROVING A $205,289.00 INCREASE IN REVENUE AND EXPENDITURES IN THE TRANSPORTATION TRUST FUND.”

Comm. Lewis MOVED to adopt the resolution as presented. Comm. Cooper SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 5-0. (The Resolution was assigned No. 05-07.)



(06-06-05 Regular Meeting)


There being no items removed, Comm. Cooper MOVED to approve the Consent Agenda in its entirety. Comm. Chandler SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 5-0. REQUEST PERMISSION TO ADVERTISE WILSON ROAD - COMM. COOPER: Commissioner Cooper asked that this item be tabled to the first meeting in July. He has not had the opportunity to review the plans. APPROVE BID RECOMMENDATION FOR SCRAP PROJECT CR235CHAIRMAN THOMAS: Chairman Thomas said that Anderson Columbia was lowest bid. Since the bid came in lower than the amount awarded by the state, an allowance is being made to widen the road with the difference. Comm. Chandler MOVED to award the bid to Anderson Columbia. Comm. Lewis SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 5-0. APPROVE BID RECOMMENDATION FOR CDBG AND SHIP HOUSING REHABILITATION PROGRAM - COMM. HERSEY: (The bid amounts and recommendations are available in Supplement File No. 06-06-05.) Comm. Hersey MOVED to award the bids as recommended. Comm. Lewis SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 5-0. APPROVE PURCHASE OF UHF MED-8 REPEATER IN THE AMOUNT OF $8,740.00 COMM. LEWIS/NELSON GREEN: MR. Green said that this is required to comply with the current EMS State Communications Plan. Grant funds and rollover monies are available to cover the expense. Comm. Cooper MOVED to approve the expenditure as presented. Comm. Lewis SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 5-0. APPROVE PURCHASE OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS FOR COMBINED DISPATCH CENTER UPGRADE - COMM. LEWIS/NELSON GREEN: Mr. Green requested the purchase of the following items to upgrade the Communications Center: 1) CML 9-1-1 Equipment from A.K. Associates in Amount of $208,737.00. These prices are based upon an existing contract with Duval County. After extensive evaluation, this system will best meet the need both presently and in the future for Bradford County. $206,402.00 will come out of state grant monies and the other $2,335.00 will be come from rollover 9-1-1 funds for previous years.


(06-06-05 Regular Meeting)

2) Bramic Console Furniture from 9-1-1 Direct in the amount of $51,881.00. $17,294.00 will be funded by the 9-1-1 grant, and the other $34,587.00 will be paid for with I.G.C.F. 3) Motorola MCC 5500 Radio Console Equipment for $171,701.35. $71,701.35 to be paid through IGCF and that $100,000.00 be financed using IGCF to pay the balance. The IGCF Committee met and approved this proposal. They feel that with the revenues coming in, it should not be necessary to finance the entire $100,000.00. This brings the total purchase to $432,319.35. Commissioner Lewis said that Clerk Norman has confirmed that the funds are available as represented by Mr. Green. Comm. Lewis MOVED to approve the purchase request as presented by Mr. Green. Comm. Cooper SECONDED the motion. Discussion ensued which was not limited to but included repayment of the borrowed $100,000.00, available monies in the IGCF, timeline for implementation of all phases of the project, current response times for EMS, audit requirements for procurement of the equipment and radio reception problems. There being no further discussion, the MOTION CARRIED 5-0. APPROVE PAYMENT OF BILLS: Chairman Thomas said that he reviewed the bills and recommends them for payment. Comm. Lewis MOVED to approve payment of the bills as reviewed. Comm. Cooper SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 5-0.

PERSONNEL MATTERS: A. APPROVE HIRING OF BRIAN JOHNS AS EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DIRECTOR AT A STARTING SALARY OF $30,000 WITH AN EFFECTIVE DATE OF JUNE 8, 2005 - CHAIRMAN THOMAS: Chairman Thomas said that he and Clerk Norman met with Mr. Johns and he is willing to accept the position with a $30,000.00 salary and a re-evaluation in six months with the possibility of a raise. Comm. Cooper MOVED to approve the hire of Brian Johns as the Emergency Management Director with a starting salary of $30,000.00 and an evaluation in six months for a potential raise. Comm. Chandler SECONDED the motion. Chairman Thomas said that the effective date would be June 8, 2005. (It was confirmed that all required paperwork is in order.) There being no further discussion, the MOTION CARRIED 5-0. B. APPROVE HIRING OF EUGENE GAUTHIER AND JAMES HARPER AS SIX


(06-06-05 Regular Meeting) MONTH OPS POSITIONS IN ROAD DEPARTMENT AT THE RATE OF $8.00 PER HOUR WITH AN EFFECTIVE DATE OF JUNE 8TH -CHAIRMAN THOMAS/JIM CRAWFORD: Mr. Crawford said that nine applications were submitted and five were interviewed. Two were selected out of the five: Eugene Gauthier and James Harper. These will be OPS positions for six months, starting at the rate of $8.00 per hour. Both of these applicants are good equipment operators and can go right to work without any training. Comm. Chandler MOVED to approve the hire of Eugene Gauthier and James Harper as presented. Comm. Lewis SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 5-0.


Commissioner Lewis said that Mr. Green has received three resignations and is expecting one more. The funds are in budget for these positions. Commissioner Cooper asked if these are existing positions that are being filled. Mr. Green indicated in the positive for two of the positions. The other resignation he expects to receive some time this summer. The way his schedule works with the Board giving him the extra hours of operation this year, he needs a full-time position. His budget for personnel costs is in good shape and by picking up this position, the over-time costs should be lowered. If this does not work, then the Board can review it during the budget process. Comm. Lewis MOVED to approve the promotion of Noah Visel, Kevin Strickland, Stacy Lockhart and Steven Daniel as presented. Comm. Cooper SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 5-0.

COUNTY ATTORNEY REPORTS: A. REQUEST PERMISSION TO ADVERTISE ORDINANCE CONCERNING SPECIAL ASSESSMENT EXEMPTION FOR DISABLED VETERANS: Mr. Brown requested permission to advertise a proposed ordinance, which would exempt disabled veterans from the County’s solid waste special assessment. This was done at the request of Commissioner Chandler. Comm. Chandler MOVED to approve the advertisement of the ordinance. Comm. Lewis SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 5-0. Clerk Norman said that the exemption is not automatic; the property owners have to apply for the


(06-06-05 Regular Meeting) exemption each year. There being no further discussion, the MOTION CARRIED 5-0. B. RECOMMENDATION BY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS TO REFER JUNKYARD ORDINANCES TO ZONING BOARD FOR ADVERTISEMENT: Mr. Brown said that this item actually deals with two ordinances, both relating to regulating junkyards. The first better defines what a junkyard is and clarifies what a junkyard is not. The second one imposes additional regulations on junkyards. Both contain a six-month provision for compliance. Mr. Brown said the ordinances should to be advertised and referred to the Zoning Board for consideration and recommendations to this Board. Comm. Chandler MOVED to advertise the ordinances as presented. Comm. Cooper SECONDED the motion. This incited discussion, which was not limited to but included setback and fencing requirements, definition of a junkyard and wrecking yard, appeal process and existing non-conforming junkyards. There being no further discussion, the MOTION CARRIED 5-0. CLERK REPORTS: None. CHAIRMAN COMMENTS: A. WORKSHOP WITH CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD 7:00 P.M., JUNE 7TH. Chairman Thomas reminded the Board of the workshop with the Code Enforcement Board tomorrow, June 7 at 7:00 p.m. Incited by a question of Commissioner Cooper, there was discussion regarding the possibility of recessing this meeting and re-convening after tomorrow’s workshop to consider adoption of the Code Enforcement Ordinance. Mr. Brown said that since the ordinance was advertised for adoption at this meeting and has been tabled, there should be no problem in doing so. However, the other procedural problem you have is the appointment of the Code Enforcement Board members. There was brief discussion regarding Code Enforcement procedural issues. At 11:02 a.m., Chairman Thomas recessed the meeting. Chairman Thomas called the meeting back to order at 11:11 a.m.

Mr. Brown advised that there is not much to be gained by recessing this meeting and re-convening


(06-06-05 Regular Meeting) tomorrow, unless the Code Enforcement Board member appointments are also taken care of, which is not necessarily appropriate.

B. CANCELLATION OF MID-MONTH MEETING FOR JUNE. Chairman Thomas reminded the Board of the cancellation of the June mid-month meeting.


DISCUSS AND APPROVE PURCHASE OF FIRE TRUCKS FROM DUVAL COUNTY FOR VFD-CHAIRMAN THOMAS: Mr. Sullivan reported that the City of Jacksonville notified him Friday morning that the tankers previously discussed are available now. Funds for a tanker are in the budget, but they also have some engines that are available and they range from 6 to $7,500.00 and are worth between 15 to $20,000.00. Mr. Sullivan explained the problems with existing equipment and the need for the new equipment. The equipment he would like to purchase totals $30,000.00, at the most. He has an appointment next week to look at the equipment. They are holding one tanker and four engines for him to look at. He would like to purchase one tanker and three trucks. However, that brings the cost up to $36,000.00, which makes funding a problem. This spurred discussion regarding the Volunteer Fire Department budget and the availability of funds. Mr. Sullivan said that he feels that by declaring the old units surplus and selling them, there should be enough gain to pay for the new engines, not the tanker. Clerk Norman said that his only concern is that the Board needs to know where Mr. Sullivan stands with his budget for the remainder of the year. Mr. Sullivan said that he has reviewed the budget and feels that they can make it, unless there is a major problem such as a bad wildfire season. It will be about $67,000.00 with the purchase of the land and two trucks. The third truck would be another $6,000.00, which is not in the budget. After brief discussion, Comm. Lewis MOVED to purchase the three engines and the tanker. Comm. Cooper SECONDED and the MOTION CARRIED 5-0.



(06-06-05 Regular Meeting) Commissioner Chandler commented on the following: --The Alachua/Bradford Workforce Board has 10 members from Bradford County out of a total of 30 members. A lot of money comes into this Board; the annual budget is about $5 million. Out of the 10 Bradford County members, there are five vacancies from the private sector. The most recent appointment has been suspended for non-attendance. There are only two members serving on a consistent basis for Bradford County. Bradford County is not getting much representation and each year the funds into the County are dwindling. There was discussion concerning private sector appointments to the Workforce Board. --Should have a recommendation from the state concerning a Health Department Director by the first meeting in July. Commissioner Cooper commented on the following: --He would like to see some type of advertisement process developed to recruit volunteers to serve on the various boards within the County. Perhaps through the Chamber of Commerce and/or the County’s website. Commissioner Hersey commented on the following: --Attended a Small County Coalition meeting in Tallahassee last week. The Coalition is very active throughout the state regarding issued faced by small counties. Commissioner Cooper was elected as vice-chair of the Coalition. --Reported on the status of the Santa Fe Community College satellite office. Currently, it will cost approximately $35,000.00 to get started, which is furniture and salary for one employee. Everything else is in place and ready. He recommended utilizing the unused portion of the County Manager budget to get through the first year, and using allocations from each constitutional officer’s budget as their portion of funding one full-time salary for the following year, realizing that each constitutional officer will also send a representative from their offices to assist. Comm. Hersey MOVED to proceed with the Santa Fe satellite office as presented. Commissioner Lewis said that he thought the Board had discussed waiting and addressing this issue during the upcoming budget process. Commissioner Chandler said that he would like to discuss it in more detail before a decision is made.

Commissioner Hersey said that more than likely, the full-time employee would fall under the Tax Collector because that office will be generating most of the monies.


(06-06-05 Regular Meeting) Clerk Norman said that the services his office would be able to provide are limited. The driving force of the satellite office will be the Tax Collector, which is the office that will be generating more revenue than any of the other offices. As far as the Sheriff’s Office is concerned, it is his understanding that there will be a place for an officer to be on site, or in the area. Major Pearson said that he thinks this would be addressed in the upcoming budget. In the meantime, they will try to man it on a part-time basis, not full-time around the clock, to provide whatever services they can. One of the key issues is going to be connectivity between the satellite office and the database in the Sheriff’s Office. Commissioner Cooper said that he still feels this is a good idea. Although he does not feel it has to wait until budget time, he would like it placed on the agenda for the first meeting in July to deal specifically with it since it is not on the agenda today. Prior to that meeting, he would like more detailed information. There being no further discussion, the MOTION DIED for lack of a second. Commissioner Lewis commented on the following: --There are five applicants for the Extension Director. John Baldwin has been hired to replace Dr. Summerhill. Before the applicants are interviewed, Mr. Baldwin requested to meet with the Commission, hopefully the first meeting in July. --He has received complaints regarding four-wheelers in Riverbend Estates. Commissioner Lewis asked Major Pearson for their assistance. Major Pearson said that he would get with Commissioner Lewis after the meeting to get more information. This is a major problem throughout the entire County and the State of Florida. Chairman Thomas reported that the County has received approval for the grant for a new rescue unit for EMS. The County match is $35,000.00. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:49 a.m.

COUNTY MANAGER INTERVIEWS 1:00 P.M. Attending: Commissioner Lewis, Commissioner Hersey, Chairman Thomas, Commissioner Cooper, Commissioner Chandler, Clerk Norman, Marlene Stafford, Lisa Hall, Mark Crawford and Donny Wise Call to order by Chairman Thomas at 1:04 p.m.

The following individuals were interviewed for County manage in the order they are listed: Newall Daughtrey Richard Sapp Chrissy Sherman


(06-06-05 Regular Meeting) Tim Carter Each applicant was given the opportunity to address the Commission, giving his or her personal history and background, experience, education and qualifications, after which the Board questioned him or her. The interviews concluded at 4:21 p.m. At the conclusion of the interviews, the Board proceeded with discussion. Items that were discussed were not limited to but included whether or not to rank the applicants (the two from prior interviews and those interviewed today), re-advertising and the possibility of hiring an interim County Manager. Commissioner Cooper said that he had a chance meeting with Mr. Jim Crawford and spoke with him about a County Manager. Mr. Crawford indicated he would consider accepting the position on an interim basis, not to exceed one and a half to two years. This incited discussion regarding different facets of the County Manager office. There was brief discussion concerning advertising for a Road Superintendent. Commissioner Cooper suggested that between now and the next meeting, Chairman Thomas meet with Mr. Crawford to discuss the interim County Manager possibility. If this is an acceptable route, perhaps at the meeting in July, the Board can reject all applicants and hire Mr. Crawford as an interim County Manager. This should take care of the requirement to re-advertise. An interim can stay on board until such time as the Commission finds a need to re-advertise, whether it is six months, a year or two years. Commissioner Lewis asked about the progress of the Craig Paterson zoning issue. Chairman Thomas and Commissioner Cooper said that Mr. Brown is working on it. There should be something for the Board to consider at the first meeting in July. There was brief discussion concerning advising the County Manager applicants that no official action has been taken by the Board and will not be taken until the July 11th meeting. There being no further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 4:41 p.m. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS BRADFORD COUNTY, FLORIDA _______________________________________________ DOYLE THOMAS, CHAIRMAN ATTEST:_______________________________________ RAY NORMAN, CLERK TO THE BOARD (Minutes by Marlene Stafford, Deputy Clerk)