DeKalb County Business Registration Home Occupation Sanitation Requirements

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					                                       DeKalb County
                                      PW-Sanitation Division
                  Central Transfer Station & Administrative Services
                                 3720 Leroy Scott Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30032
                            Telephone (404) 294-2900 / 2903       Fax (404) 294-2774


Sanitation Service –All Residential Home-based businesses are considered as Commercial Businesses and
are assessed at a different rate. Upon completion of your Business License process and issuance of the tax
certificate/license, you will be contacted by the Sanitation Division to visit our office to establish proper
service for your new business and pre-pay adjusted fees. There is an additional charge of $135.00 per year
for home based businesses and the 1 year charges will be prorated based upon sign-up month. All fees are
approved and set by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioner and per DeKalb County Solid Waste Code,
Chapter 22, Sec. 22-28 Code 1976 § 6-3006.

Each Home-based business owner and Tenant/Renter is required to provide the following documentation
when visiting our office:

        HOME-BASED BUSINESS                                       HOME-BASED BUSINESS
         (PROPERTY OWNER)                                           (RENTER/TENANT)
   1. Photo Identification(Driver’s License/State        1. Photo Identification(Driver’s License/State
      Identification/Passport)                              Identification/Passport)
   2. Proof of Ownership (Deed or Property Tax           2. Signed Lease Agreement
      Statement)                                         3. Signed and Notarized letter from Property
   3. Pro-rated pre-payment fee up to $135.00               Owner authorizing use of residence for
      which is an approved charge by the DeKalb             business purposes
      County Board of Commissioners for                  4. Pre-payment fee of $33.33 which is an
      collection services of this type. The                 approved charge by the DeKalb County
      Commercial-hand collection rate will be               Board of Commissioners for collection
      adjusted on the property assessment the               services for this type. Tenant/renter will be
      following year                                        billed $33.33 each month thereafter.
   4. Home-based Business Application (signed            5. Home-based Business Application (signed
      and approved by Sanitation Staff ONLY)                and approved by Sanitation Staff ONLY)

Sanitation Administration Office is located at 3720 Leroy Scott Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30032. Office
hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with the exception of County observed holidays.
Our email and website information are as follows:

    To obtain directions and/or a copy of a map to our office, please click the below link.

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