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									                                                                                                              Form PL
                                                   Town of Holly Springs
                                                 Business License Application
                                                   128 South Main St., PO Box 8
                                                     Holly Springs, NC 27540
                                            Phone: (919) 557-3918 or Fax: (919) 557-7407

Date of Application: _______/_______/_______                          License year beginning July 1, ____________________

Please check one:                            New Applicant                    Renewal

Name of Business or Applicant: _______________________________________________________________________

Business Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________ State: ____________ Zip Code: ________________________

Mailing Address: (if different) _________________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________ State: ____________ Zip Code: __________________________

Business Phone No.: (          )________________________ Secondary Phone No.: (                )__________________________

Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Applicant Information:

Name of Applicant: _____________________________________________ Title: ______________________________

Phone No.: (        )___________________________ Secondary Phone No.: (                    )_______________________________

Applicant’s Address: ________________________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________ State: ___________ Zip Code: _________________________

Date of Birth: ___________________________ Driver Lic. #: _________________________ State: ______________

                       Office Use Only:

    Verified by __________________________________

(This information is used for identification purposes only)

Type of Ownership:                  Corporation               Partnership             Sole Proprietorship      Other

Description of Business: (see fee schedule)___________________________________________________________________

State License No.: ___________________________                     Expires: __________________________


ABC Permit No.: ___________________________                        Expires: __________________________

If Restaurant list amount of seating: _________ If Salon/Barber list number of stylists/manicurists: ________

Is your business located with in Holly Springs Town Limits?                Yes              No

Is your business operated from a Holly Springs Residence?                  Yes              No

             If yes please list your Home Occupation Registration Number: __________________________.

 Applicant must supply a local contact. In the event that the local contact changes during
the period of the license, the applicant shall inform the Town within 15 days or this license
                                         shall be void.
  This should be a contact that can be reached when the business is closed in case of fire, police, or medical emergency.

 Name: _______________________________________________                  Phone No.: (       )___________________________

 Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________

 City: _____________________________________ State: _________________ Zip: __________________________

I hereby certify the information furnished in this application is true to the best of my knowledge, and that I understand that
the purchase of a privilege license does not relieve the applicant’s responsibility from complying with all applicable Town
Ordinances and with all state and federal laws and regulations.

Name of Business or Applicant: ___________________________________________________________

Signature of Business of Applicants Representative: ____________________________________________

Position or Title: ____________________________________________________

                                                                                    Amount Owed: $_______________

                                                  Town of Holly Springs Business License Number: _______________
                                                         FEE SCHEDULE
                                                     General Business License $25.00
                                                           FEE                             DESCRIPTION                       FEE
                Advertising-Outdoor                       $35.00                          HVAC Contractor                   $50.00
Amusements-pinball, rides, skating rinks, swimming        $25.00             Hotel, Motel/per room ($25.00 minimum)          $1.00
                Amusements (other)                        $25.00             Ice Cream Manufacturer/Dist (call office)
       Auto Dealer (see motor vehicle dealer)                                            Itinerant Merchant                 $100.00
            Auto Equipment, Wholesale                                                Laundries & Linen Supply
      Delivery by vehicle (no location in town)           $25.00                 Steam or electric laundry/per site         $50.00
                   Located in town                        $37.50           Solicitors of laundry to be done outside town    $12.50
          Auto service & equipment rental                 $12.50                      Loan Agency or Broker                 $100.00
Barbershop/per operator + General Business Lic. Fee        $2.50                     Motels-see Hotels, Motels
Beauty Shop/per operator + General Business Lic. Fee       $2.50                    Motorcycles & Accessories               $12.50
               Bicycles & Accessories                     $25.00                Motor Vehicle Dealers/per location          $25.00
               Bowling Alley/per alley                    $10.00                 Motor Vehicles – Itinerant Dealer          $300.00
     Branch/Chain (2 or more in Holly Springs)            $50.00            Musical Merchandise, TV sets, Radios-retail      $5.00
        Café, Cafeteria, Restaurant 0-4 seats             $25.00                              Pawnbroker                    $275.00
                   5 or more seats                        $42.50                               Peddlers*
      Beer on premise/Wine on premise (each)              $15.00                      On Foot, per individual               $10.00
  Beer off premise $5.00/ Wine off premise (each)         $10.00                      With vehicle, per vehicle             $25.00
                  Circuses/per day                        $25.00                        Plumbing Contractor                 $50.00
                 Collection Agency                        $50.00                              Pool Tables                   $25.00
 Construction Contractor with state contractor license    $10.00                  Restaurants, see cafes, cafeterias
      Dry cleaning plants or soliciting in town           $50.00                 Service Stations-see auto service
    Dry cleaning pickup station – no local plant          $50.00                  Security Dealers, Stock brokers           $50.00
     Dry cleaning pickup station – plant in town                          Slot Machines, Amusement Games/per machine         $5.00
                Electrical Contractor                      $50.00                    Specialty Market Operator
  Electronic Video Games, Machines/per machine              $5.00                   (Flea market operator, etc.)            $200.00
       Elevator, Installation, if office in town          $100.00                 Sprinkler Systems – Automatic
 Employment Agency, Permanent Placement for Fee                                           (if office in town)               $100.00
                 Placing out of state                     $100.00          Sundries-sandwiches, soft drinks, tobacco etc.    $4.00
             Placing within state/per site                 $100.0                              Theatres
             Firearms & other weapons                                                     Indoor, per theatre               $200.00
         Firearms-sale and/or manufacturer                 $50.00                    Outdoor or drive in theatre            $100.00
       Bowie knives, daggers, sling shots, etc.           $200.00                       Tobacco Warehouse                    $50.00
           Funeral Home –see undertakers                                            Trailer Parks, campgrounds               $12.50
               Garage-see auto service                                         Undertakers and Coffin Dealers-Retail        $50.00
                 Gas & Oil Dealers                        $50.00              Video Movies Rental (no admission fee)         $25.00

                                                            Tax Schedule C
                  DESCRIPTION                               FEE                          DESCRIPTION                         FEE
            Christmas Tree Sales/per lot                   $50.00                      Natural Gas Companies                $50.00
         Electric Light & Power Companies                  $50.00                         Taxi-per vehicle                  $15.00
                   Fortune Tellers                        $200.00

                                                            Tax Schedule D
       Accountant-Certified Public         Film-Manufacturer/Distributor                      Osteopath
            Alarm Systems                     Installment paper dealers                Pest control applicators
               Architect                          Insurance Agents            Photographer, Canvasser for Photographer
            Attorneys at law                       Land Surveyor                              Physician
                 Bank                           Landscape Architect                 Private Detective/Investigator
              Chiropodist                       Mortician/Embalmer                        Real Estate Agent
             Chiropractor                              Oculist                                Surgeon
        Cooperative Association    Office Machines, Home Appliances, Computer               Veterinarians
                Dentist                               Hardware
                                                      Optician                Vending & Weighing Machines (5 or more)

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