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                                                                                                                              News & Record, Sunday, November 15, 1992

      0 Ex-Lorillard employees link
      their asbestos-related disease                 BURNING ISSUES
      to the company's Kent Mi-
                                                     Lorillard retiree to die of inesothe-
      cronite cigarette, which con-                  lioma, apparently caused by his
      tained asbestos in the 1950s .                                                                                                  work with the Micronite . One law-
                                                     work on the Micronite filter 40
                                                                                              boro cigarette-making plant.            suit names both Lorillard and a
                                                     years ago in Jersey City, N .J.            Lorillard learned small amounts       Massachusetts company that made
      BY TAFT WIREBACK                                 Two former Lorillard machine           of asbestos were leaking into Kent      the raw Micronite filter material;
      Staff Writer ye'                               operators - one in Jersey City, the      smoke in early 1954, but waited at      the other seeks damages only from
                                                     other in Louisville, Ky. - also have     least 18 months to remove asbestos      the Massachusetts company .
        Three .former employees of Lor-              died of the cancer estimated to          from the filter . In court testimony,     In addition, a fourth Lorillard
      illard Corp . have died since 1989 of          strike 2,000 U .S . residents per year   the company said it dropped asbes-      retiree - Arthur Chadderton, Sr . of
      a rare cancer linked to the type of            and caused almost exclusively by         tos because it was too costly and       Greensboro - claims he got an-
      asbestos the company once used in              asbestos . Medical researchers say       made the cigarette difficult to         other asbestos-related disease, as-
      its Kent Micronite cigarette filter .          the "African Blue" asbestos in           smoke, not because of asbestos          bestosis, by handling Kent
        A former Lorillard chemist, John             Kents is especially prone to caus-       leakage.                                Micronites at the Jersey City plant
      Bohlken of Greensboro, is the latest           ing mesothelioma, a cancer of the        lard's employee deaths could bol-       40 years ago . He also won an out-
                                                     linings or coverings of the lung,        ster lawsuits against Lorillard by      of-court settlement .
                                                     abdomen or heart.                        ex-smokers, possibly leading to the       Bohlken's family and Chadder-
                                                       Two of the three Lorillard retir-      first major jury award against a        ton declined comment . So did
                                                     ees died within the past seven           tobacco company for making a can-       Spencer Parris, their Raleigh attor-
                                                     months . All died of abdominal me-       cer-causing product.                    ney, who said the out-of-court
                                                     sothelioma .                               Bohlken, 66, died Sept . 30 after     agreement prohibits him and his
                                                       Lorillard declined to comm .ent.       accepting an out-of-court settle-       clients from discussing its terms .
                                                       Meanwhile, former Kent smok-           ment. The other two former Loril-
                                                     ers from California to Delaware          lard workers who died of                 O Lorillard won court lawsuit/A12
                                                     have been suing Lorillard, claiming      mesothelioma operated machines
                                                     they contracted mesothelioma of          in Micronite operations at now-          O Asbestos has checkered past/A12
                                                     the lung from the cigarettes .           closed Lorillard plants in Jersey
                                                       Kent Micronites had asbestos           City and Louisville .                    O Deaths called proof enough/A13
                                                     from early 1952 to mid-1956, about         Their relatives have filed wrong-
                                                     when Lorillard opened its Greens-        ful death suits stemming from their      O Law firm keeps getting calls/A13

                                                                   bestos in a cigarette filter?"
         Mesothelioma is, a rare cancer ,=
      caused almost exclusively by asbes- "'
      tos . Statisdcians at the National Can-
       cerln"stitute estimate that 2,000 people
                                                     &  Some former Kent smokers
                                                     have something in common
                                                                                                                                      ago by causing mesothelioma, a
                                                                                                                                      rare cancer that takes decades to
                                                                                                                                      develop. The filter was 15 percent
      get it each year'amopg the U .S . popu-. .                                                                                      asbestos, a mineral fiber known as
       latior) of 250 rrlillio'n .,Other`estimates   with three deceased Lorillard
       range up to 4,660 new cases per year .                                                                                         the only major cause of mesotheli-
                                                     workers - a rare cancer .                                                        oma. By some estimates, the dis-
         The Nation,al kfstitute for Occupa-
      tional Saf,etytind Health reports fewer                                                                                         ease strikes eight U.S . residents
       than 06Q'deaths yearly y', about three ~      BY TAFT WIREBACK                                                                 per 1 million.
       mes6thefroma deaths per,1 million                                                                                                "Asbestos in a cigarette filter?"
       residents .The chart shows U .S . deaths      Staff Writer,
                                                                                                                                      Manzo says . "It's like putting rat
      from mesothelioma of the atidomen '
                                                       JERSEY CITY, N.J . - One day                                                   poison in baby food."
      and lungs foP 1983, through 1987, the                                                   Stella Manzo died without
       latest year for which data is available .     nearly 40 years ago, Joe Manzo's                                                   Stella Manzo never smoked, but
                                                     mother told him all about the Kent       knowirfg what caused her cancer,        she handled the Micronite regu-
       1983 Lung = ;490'Abd.orpen. - 231
                                                     Micronite filter.                        but her soh Joe thinks he does .        larly in her job as a Lorillard ma-
       1984 tung - 832 Abdomen - 262
       1985 Lung .467 Abdomen - 255                    She said it was the newest thing       was supposed to be the very best        chine operator in the early 1950s .
       1986 Lung `?,',484 -Abdomen - 249             in tobacco, made right there in          thing," Joe Manzo remembers .           She breathed factory air that might
      1987 Lung - 504 Abdomen - 314                  Jersey City by her employer, P .           A kid of 6 or so, he was im-          have been contaminated by Mi-
                                                     LorillaPd Co. It was being adver-        pressed . The memory sticks with        cronite's deadly asbestos . She even
      Source : National Institute for Occupational   tised as Lorillard's answer to the       him to this day, but with an ugly       brought home bags of discarded
      Safety and Heatth, a division of the U .S .
      Department of Heakh and Human Services .       health fears of U .S . smokers .         and ironic twist.                       filters for her son to play with : .
                                                Stella Manzo was proud. "She                    Manzo thinks the Micronite filter
                 Margaret Bmcter/cvew, & xecord told me how clean it was, how it              took his mother's life three years           Please see CANCER, Page A12


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