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May 2009

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's Spring time again in Fallston, you see it all around you. The grass is growing, the trees are budding, the weather is all over the place. Spring is special in so many ways. “April showers bring May flowers,” so the saying goes. We see them starting to show their colors, long before the start of May, but we all know the really big explosion of new life is yet to come. Spring has always been an amazing time. From the cold gray deadness of winter springs all this new life, and it is marvelous. It always seems to fill us with wonder, and it never disappoints. It is no wonder then that the great wonder of our faith, the death and resurrection of Jesus is also a major spring time event. Easter is the real death-to-life experience. From the cold gray death of the tomb, emerges Christ into the glory of a new life. This new life in the resurrection was not meant to be reserved for Jesus alone. Indeed, it was for us that Jesus would go to the cross, so that we might not have life end at the grave, but that we too could share in the resurrection to a new life. What is truly amazing is that we are not required to wait. As those who have come to believe in Jesus, we are called to begin to live the resurrected life now. The knowledge of Jesus' sacrifice upon the cross and the resurrection on Easter is enough to transform us even now, if you let it. It is Spring, new life is all around us. April showers are bringing May flowers. Will you let this April Easter bring the bloom of new life to you in May?...or will you choose to continue on in the cold death of your Spiritual winter? Be renewed this Spring; bring a renewed commitment to living the resurrected life in the glory of Jesus Christ. May the peace and blessings of God, the joy of Jesus Christ, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit be with you all,

Mitchell Lee Miller.

The Fallston Presbyterian Youth Group 30-Hour Famine - 2009 For the past four years, the FPC Youth Group has participated with youth around the world in World Visions 30-Hour Famine. This year, 12 youth participated with Andrew Long and Chrissie Galliher. The event was held March 27-28, 2009. The youth who participated and helped to raise $2788.50 were: Scott Sauers, Rachel Emge, Amanda Gardner, Taylor Cox, Amber Cox, Andy Brazil, Mike Conner, Ruby Kelly, Dylan Tyler, Ben Seigel, Sarah Jaweed, and Alex VaNeste. A special congratulations goes out to Ben Seigel for being the top fundraiser three years in a row. Along with plenty of fun and games, the youth tie-dyed t-shirts, worked at Tabitha's House, and took part in some spiritual reflection time. On Saturday evening, after a small but memorable service, the youth broke their fast with friends and family member with a dinner of soup, salad, and dessert. As a special treat, the youth celebrated Rachel Emge's 16th birthday with a big cake! The Youth Group along with Andrew and Chrissie, would like to send out a heartfelt thanks to all those who generously donated and prayed for our famine. Ruby Kelly coordinated this year's event, and we thank her for all of her hard work. Another thank you goes to Patty Sauers for organizing dinner on Saturday. Celebrate with the following:

May Anniversaries 18 Wilbur and Lois Iley 21 Christopher & Kirsten Dennison 26 Howard and Lou Ann Rau

May Birthdays 1 Dale Clark 3 Scott Sauers 9 Kathy Caswell 16 George Wenzel 21 Jason Kravec 22 Doug Hall 24 Bob McNutt 26 Natalie Rau 27 Susan Fiala 31 Bob Cooper

Mission Focus Donation for May is
Mildred Hopkins, Chair


Toothpaste For Harford Community Action Agency’s Pantry

FCCAU Updates and Upcoming Special Events (See Flyers on the Bulletin Board for specifics) 1. Saturday, May 9, 2009 : 2nd Annual 5km Run/2km Walk $20 minimum before April 3rd; $25 minimum after April 3 - Race Course: Start/Finish at FCCAU Emergency Shelter, Riverside Business Park - Race Day Registration: 8:30-9:15 AM - Start Time: 9:30 AM. 2. Saturday, May 16, 2009: 4th Annual Edgewood Free Market Sponsored by Welcome One Fellowship Center and New Hope - Where: New Hope Fellowship UMC, 2048 Watergate Court, Edgewood, MD 21040 - Time: 10 AM - 2 PM Help needed with food, Hot Dogs, chips and sodas. Also needed is Used Clothing (children's, men's and women's); Furniture, Small Appliances, Toys, Kitchen items, Bedding. If you have a donation, please se Mildred Hopkins. 3. Monday, August 3, 2009: Third Annual Hope for Harford's Homeless Golf Outing Where: Winter's Run Golf Club - Registration: 11:00 AM - Shotgun Starts: 12:30 PM

Community Happenings (See Flyers on the Bulletin Board for specifics) Sunday, May 3, 2009 – Hymn Singing Festival at Rehoboth Welsh Church, Main and Pendyrus Streets, Delta, PA 2:30 p.m. Celebration of classic Christian hymns sung in the Welsh tradition led by Betty Cullingworth of Toronto, Ontario. Thursday and Friday, May 7 and 8 - 5–10 p.m. 15th Annual Spring Fling Carnival at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Hydes, MD. Also Saturday, May 8 – 12:00 Noon to 10:00 p.m. Saturday, May 9 and 16 at 8:00 p.m. – Shakespeare's Shorts at Brown Memorial Woodbrook Presbyterian Church. Also Sunday, May 10 and 17 at 4:00 p.m.

Christian Education
Judy Hebert, Chair

Please make a note on you Calendars, Vacation Bible School will be June 28th thru July 2nd. More Details to follow.

Worship and Music Committee
Steele Glenn, Chair

Our Holy Scripture tells us that all knees will bow before the Lord. Kneeling in worship is not limited to one particular faith but in fact is part of reformed theology. April Worship Participation Schedule Please contact Pat Markham 410-877-0290 if you would like to do a Children’s Sermon or participate in Worship in another capacity. And, as you can see, there are lots of blank spaces to fill in. Thank you.
May 3 Sharon Tyler Judy Hebert Mildred Hopkins Steele Glenn Wendy Galliher Alternate: Lauren Dorsey Steele Glenn Teri Mairose Wendy Galliher Mckenzie Miller Pastor Tom Hopkins The Youth The Youth Emma Miller Mildred Dennis Kravec Judy Hebert Steele Glenn Taylor Miller Sharon Tyler Madison Hardiman Ray Hebert Sheri Huppenthal Judy Hebert Steele Glenn Brian Bohannon 10 Mother’s Day 17 24 31

Communion (T)

Usher Greeter Lay Reader Acolyte Children’s Message

Deneice Hall, Chair


The Deacons will be distributing a new Prayer Chain. The Church Admin. Asst. will be placing in your mailbox outside the Fellowship Hall. She will also be mailing copies to those who are participating in the Prayer Chain and do not have mailboxes. This chain encourages immediate prayer for a person (or persons) urgently needing prayer. Also, anyone needing prayer and would like to be placed on the Prayer Chain should call either Barbara Dill, Rev. Mitch Miller or the church office. Your prayer request will then be passed thru the Chain. The Telephone Wheel is being discontinued at this time since most messaging goes out via E-mail from the church office. For those who do not have E-mail, a phone call will be made or you will receive information by mail.

Fallston Community Pre-Kindergarten Please join us for Recognition Sunday, May 17, 2009 10:30 a.m. at Fallston Presbyterian Church. Teachers and Staff will be recognized during the Worship Service with a Reception in the Fellowship Hall immediately following the service.

Dear Members of Fallston Presbyterian Church, I would like to personally Thank all of my church "family" who brought in aluminum cans for my Advanced Placement Environmental Science class at Bel Air High School. Due to your generosity, I was the top can collector in the class. This allowed me to be invited to a county-wide recycling seminar that took place at Harford Glen. Thank you so much for all your wonderful help in this project. Ben Seigel

Sunday Monday Tuesday
FH - Fellowship Hall DC - Down Classroom UC-Upstairs Classroom MR-Meeting Room S-Sanctuary YR-Youth Room

May 2009
Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 FH is a classroom
7 pm – Cub Scout Den #5 7 pm - Cub Scout Den #6

Saturday 2 Bridal Shower FH (Chrissie Galliher)

FALLSTON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH PO BOX 54 FALLSTON, MD 21047 PHONE: 410 879 7729 FAX: 410 803 0138 EMAIL: Web Site:

3 9:00 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship & Sunday School 5:00 pm – Youth Group

4 FH is a classroom 6:30 pm – Girl Scouts

5 FH is a classroom 6 FH is a classroom 9:30 am – Pre-K Mother's Treat 8 pm Al-Anon 6 pm – Finance 7 pm – Evangelism 7 pm – Facilities & Grounds 7 pm – Worship & Music

7 FH is a classroom

8 FH is a classroom

9 Dance Recital FH
Sarah Cincotta-Yan

9:30 am - Pre-K Mother's 6:30 pm Choir Treat 7:30 pm Contemporary

10 Mother's Day 9:00 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship & Sunday School 5:00 pm – Youth Group

11 FH is a classroom

12 FH is a classroom

9:30 am – Pre-K Mother's 9:30 am – Pre-K Mother's 7:00 Al-Anon Bus. Mtg. Treat Treat 8:00 pm Al-Anon

13 FH is a classroom 10 am – Puppet Show

14 FH is a classroom 6:30 pm Choir 7:30 pm Contemporary 21 FH is a classroom 6:30 pm Choir 7:30 pm Contemporary

15 FH is a classroom

11:30 Sr. Luncheon FH

7:00 pm - Session 20 FH is a classroom 8:00 pm Al-Anon

17 Pre-K Recognition 18 FH is a classroom 19 FH is a classroom 7 pm – Stephen Sunday 9:00 am Sunday School Ministry MR
10:30 am Worship & Sunday School 5:00 pm – Youth Group

22 FH is a classroom


24 9:00 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship & Sunday School 5:00 pm – Youth Group

25 Memorial Day No Pre-K

26 FH is a classroom
9 am Pre-K Graduation Practice S 10 am Puppet Show FH 11 am Pre-K Graduation Practice S

Reflector Articles Due 31 9:00 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship & Sunday School 4:00 pm Community Picnic (See article for information) 5:00 pm – Youth Group

27 FH is a classroom 6 pm – Pre-K Graduation S, FH, UC & DC 8:00 pm Al-Anon

28 FH is a classroom 29 FH is a classroom 5:30 pm – Pre-K Graduation S, FH, UC & DC 6:30 pm Choir 7:30 pm Contemporary