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									学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                   高考网www.gaokao.com

                    考试时间 120分钟                试题分数 150分



                            第一部分 英语知识运用(共三节,满分50分)

     第一节 语音知识                  (共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)



     1.share       A. scare        B.hear     C. are         D. near

     2. honest    A. host       B.hour      C.habit       D.husband

     3. trade     A. international B. hammer        C. match        D. situation

     4. global    A. change        B. geography C. gun          D. large

     5. survive    A. closet       B. icy      C. tourism      D. president

     第二节 语法和词汇知识 (共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)



     6. One day Chuck is _______a flight _____the Pacific Ocean ______suddenly his plane


     A. in, over, while w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m B. on, across, when

     C. with, through, when w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m D. on, across, while

     7. Chuck learns that we need friends to ____________happiness and sorrow, and that it is

important to have someone to care about.

     A. share          B. scare          C. spare         D. care

     8. _______the students in our school go to college in their teens.

     A. A good many                B. A great many of

     C. A great deal of            D. A plenty of
     9. Eco-tourists want to learn about the world ____________ they can make it better, or at
least understand it better.
     A. as if         B. so that         C. even though        D. now that

学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                   高考网www.gaokao.com
学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                    高考网www.gaokao.com

     10. I am not _________classical music.

     A. in            B. on           C. by                 D. into
     11. I'd like to study law at university _______ my cousin prefers geography. (07四川)
     A. though          B. while     C. as              D. for

     12. It was about 600 years ago ______the first clock with a face and an hour hand was made.


     A. that          B. until       C. before           D. when

     13. You should not go rafting __________ you know how to swim, and you should always

wear a life jacket.

     A. though                B. unless                  C. until                  D. if
     14.Do you still remember the chicken farm ______we visited three months ago?
     A. what           B. when            C. that       D. to which (06北京春)

     15. We thought of selling this old furniture, but we've decided to _______ it.It might be

valuable. (NMET 2002, 31)

     A.hold on to       B.keep up with          C.turn to        D.look after

     16.Look out! Don’t get too close to the house______roof is under repair.

     A.whose          B.which             C.of which        D.what (06安徽卷)

     17. It's always difficult being in a foreign country, _______ if you don't speak the language.

(NMET 2000, 11)

     A.equally        B.naturally         C.basically        D.especially

     18. --- My room gets very cold at night.

     --- ___________.(07江苏卷) w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m

      A. So is mine              B. So mine is           C. So does mine                   D. So mine does

     19. Many people who saw the film were afraid to swim in the sea when they remembered the

scenes ________ people were eaten by the shark.

     A. where            B. that          C. which            D. when

     20. ------What are you considering now?

      -------______ my job.

     A. changing          B. to change         C. change              D. changed

     第三节 完形填空(共20小题,每小题1.5分,满分30分)

学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                    高考网www.gaokao.com
学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                    高考网www.gaokao.com



     One night I decided to spend some time building a happier and closer relationship with my

daughter. For several weeks she had been 21             me to play chess(棋) with her, so I suggested a

game and she eagerly 22 . It was a school night, however, and at nine o’clock my daughter asked

if I could 23 my moves, because she 24 to go to bed; she had to get up at six in the morning. I

25 she had strict sleeping habits, 26 I thought she ought to be able to 27 some of this strictness.

I said to her, “ 28 , you can stay up late for once. We’re having 29 .” We played on for another

fifteen minutes, during which time she looked 30 . Finally she said, “Please, Daddy, do it

quickly.” “No,” I replied. “If you’re going to play it 31 , you’re going to play it slowly.” And so

we 32 for another ten minutes, until 33 my daughter burst into tears, and 34 that she was beaten.

     Clearly I had made 35 . I had started the evening wanting to have a 36 time with my

daughter but had 37 my desire to win to become more 38 than my relationship with my

daughter. When I was a child, my desire to win 39 me well. As a parent, I 40 that it got in my

way. So I had to change.

     21. A. guiding        B. asking         C. training           D. advising

     22. A. allowed         B. expected       C. replied            D. accepted

     23. A. change          B. repeat        C. hurry          D. pass

     24. A. agreed         B. needed         C. begged             D. hated

     25. A. knew           B. learned        C. guessed            D. heard

     26. A. so          B. for          C. but             D. or

     27. A. put up         B. take up        C. pick up            D. give up

     28. A. As usual        B. Go ahead          C. By the way         D. Come on

     29. A. patience        B. luck          C. fun           D. success

     30. A. excited        B. proud          C. anxious            D. angry

     31. A. well        B. again            C. fairly        D. regularly

     32. A. discussed       B. continued         C. counted          D. argued

     33. A. nervously       B. immediately         C. strangely        D. suddenly

     34. A. promised        B. admitted          C. wondered          D. discovered

     35. A. a mistake       B. a decision        C. an attempt         D. an effort

学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                    高考网www.gaokao.com
学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                              高考网www.gaokao.com

  36. A. free        B. different       C. full       D. happy

  37. A. managed        B. recognized       C. allowed       D. reduced

  38. A. important      B. attractive       C. practical    D. interesting

  39. A. offered       B. served         C. controlled     D. taught

  40. A. realized      B. apologized        C. imagined      D. explained

  第二部分 阅读理解(共20小题。每小题2分,满分40分)





           Part-time Front Desk Position

           Kirchoff,Inc. a book development company, is looking for a part-time front desk

      office worker. This job is perfect for a person who is cheerful, dependable, and pleasant to

      work with. Also, you should be able to welcome guests, redirect phone calls, and take

      messages. More importantly, you can stay cool under pressure. You are expected to work

      5:00--6:00 pm weekdays. You need to fill in some forms if you are interested.

                         Forms can be collected at Kirchoff,Inc.

                       866 United Nations Plaza, #525

                         New York, NY 10017

                     Important Points to Remember When Swimming

           ·Wait at least an hour after meals.

           ·Follow the advice of lifeguards.

           ·Don’t dive into unknown waters. Always swim in line with the shore.

           ·Find out at the seaside when and where it is safe to swim.

           ·Don’t use floating toys on the water. Wind can easily sweep them out to sea.

           ·Get out of the water if you feel tired or cold. Cold can kill even strong swimmers.

学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                              高考网www.gaokao.com
学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                           高考网www.gaokao.com

                       Help Telephone:212-543-5902

                       Atlantic City Beach Office


         ●Arrive on time.

         ●Introduce yourself in a polite manner.

         ●Read company materials while you wait.

         ●Have a firm handshake.


         ●Use body language to show interest.

         ●Smile and nod to the interviewers.

         ●Ask about the next thing you should do.

         ●Thank the interviewer.

         ●Write a thank-you letter to anyone you have spoken to.

                     For more information, please visit jobweb.com

                      368 Cooper Square, New York,NY, 10008

  41. If you want to work in an office, where can you get the forms to fill in?

   A.website: jobweb.com

   B. Atlantic City Beach Office.

   C. 368 Cooper Square, New York, NY.10008

   D. 866 United, Nations Plaza, #525, New York, NY 10017.

  42. What does a person need most to be fit for the one-hour weekday job?

   A. He should be cheerful, dependable, and easy-going.

   B. He has to work from Monday to Friday.

   C. He can remain calm in a difficult situation.

   D. He can welcome guests and deal with phone calls.

  43. According to the above information, what is the right thing to do when you swim?

   A. To keep close to the beach.       B. To dive into unknown waters.

学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                           高考网www.gaokao.com
学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                 高考网www.gaokao.com

      C. To use floating toys on the water.    D. To swim soon after lunch.

     44. The best title for the last piece of information would be_________.

     A. Tips on Showing Interest in a Job            B. Steps to a Successful Interview

     C. Advice on Introducing Yourself Politely         D. Rules of Body Language in an Interview


     I travel a lot, and I find out different “styles”(风格) of directions every time I ask “How can I

get to the post office?” w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m

     Foreign tourists are often confused(困惑) in Japan because most streets there don’t have

names; in Japan, people use landmarks(地标) in their directions instead of street names. For

example, the Japanese will say to travelers, “Go straight down to the corner. Turn left at the big

hotel and go past a fruit market. The post office is across from the bus stop.”

     In the countryside of the American Midwest, there are not usually many landmarks. There are

no mountains, so the land is very flat; in many places there are no towns or buildings within miles.

Instead of landmarks, people will tell you directions and distances. In Kansas or Iowa, for

example, people will say, “Go north two miles. Turn east, and then go another mile.”

     People in Los Angeles, California, have no idea of distance on the map; they measure

distance in time, not miles. “How far away is the post office?” you ask. “Oh,” they answer, “it’s

about five minutes from here.” You say, “Yes, but how many miles away is it?” They don’t know.

     It’s true that a person doesn’t know the answer to your question sometimes. What happens in

such a situation? A new Yorker might say, “Sorry, I have no idea.” But in Yucatan, Mexico, no

one answers “I don’t know.” People in Yucatan believe that “I don’t know” is impolite. They

usually give an answer, often a wrong one. A tourist can get very, very lost in Yucatan!

     45. When a tourist asks the Japanese the way to a certain place, they usually ______.

      A. describe the place carefully                B. show him a map of the place

      C. tell him the names of the streets           D. refer to recognizable buildings and places

     46. What is the place where people measure distance in time?

       A. New York.                B. Los Angeles.        C. Kansas.           D. Iowa.

     47. People in Yucatan may give a tourist a wrong answer ______.

       A. in order to save time                  B. as a test

       C. so as to be polite                     D. for fun

学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                 高考网www.gaokao.com
学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                               高考网www.gaokao.com

     48. What can we infer from the text?

       A. It’s important for travelers to understand cultural differences.

       B. It’s useful for travelers to know how to ask the way properly.

       C. People have similar understandings of politeness.

       D. New Yorkers are generally friendly to visitors.


     On the evening of June 21,1992,a tall man with brown hair and blue eyes entered the

beautiful hall of the Bell Tower Hotel in Xi'an with his bicycle . The hotel workers received him

and telephoned the manager, for they had never seen a bicycle in the hotel hall before though they

lived in "the kingdom of bicycles".

     Robert Friedlander, an American, arrived in Xi'an on his bicycle trip across Asia which

started last December in New Delhi, India. When he was 11, he read the book Marco Polo and

made up his mind to visit the Silk Road. Now, after 44 years, he was on the Silk Road in Xi'an and

his early dreams were coming true.

     Robert Friedlander's next destinations (目的地)were Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Urumqi, etc. He

will complete his trip in Pakistan.

     49. The best headline (标题) for his newspaper article would be _______.

     A. The Kingdom of Bicycles          B. A Beautiful Hotel in Xi'an

     C. Marco Polo and the Silk Road        D. An American Achieving His Aims

     50. Friedlander is visiting the three countries in the following order: _______.

     A. China, India, and Pakistan

     B. India, China, and Pakistan

     C. Pakistan, China, and India

     D. China, Pakistan, and India

     51. What made Friedlander want to come to China?

     A. The stories about Marco Polo.

     B. The famous sights in Xi'an.

     C. His interest in Chinese silk.

     D. His childhood dreams about bicycles.

学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                               高考网www.gaokao.com
学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                高考网www.gaokao.com

     52. Friedlander can be said to be _______.

     A. honest               B. friendly

     C. smart                             D. strong-minded


     A young man from a village called Nawalapitiya married a young woman from Maliyuwa, a

nearby village. They lived with the man's big family—his parents, his brothers, their wives and

children. The family kept an elephant, in which the young woman soon took a great interest.

Every day she fed it with fruit and sugar. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m

     Three months later the woman went back to her parents' home, having quarrelled with her

husband. Soon the elephant refused to eat and work. It appeared to be ill and heart-broken. One

morning after several weeks the animal disappeared from the house.

     It went to the woman's home. On seeing her, the elephant waved its trunk and touched her

with it. The young woman was so moved(感动) by the act of the animal that she returned to her

husband's home.

     53. The writer wrote the story in order to _______.

     A. show that elephants are very clever

     B. tell how a woman trained a wild animal

     C. show that women care more for animals than men do

     D. tell how an animal reunited a husband and wife

     54. The woman left her new home _______.

     A. to visit her own parents in Maliyuwa

     B. to see if the elephant would follow her

     C. because she was angry with her husband

     D. because she was tired of the large family

     55. After the young woman left her husband's home, the elephant _______.

     A. returned to the forest

     B. was sad because it missed her

     C. went to look for a new home

     D. was sick because nobody fed it

学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                高考网www.gaokao.com
学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                               高考网www.gaokao.com

     56. The young wife went back to her husband because _______.

     A. she knew he had sent the animal to her

     B. the elephant had come to look for her

     C. her parents persuaded her to

     D. she missed her new home


     For thousands of years, man has enjoyed the taste of apples. Apples, which are about 85

percent water, grow almost everywhere in the world but the hottest and coldest areas (地区).

Among the leading countries in apple production are China, France and the United States.

     There are various kinds of apples, but a very few make up the majority of those grown for

sale . The three most common kinds grown in the United States are Delicious, Golden Delicious,

and Mcintosh.

     Apples are different in color, size, and taste . The color of the skin may be red, green, or

yellow. They have various sizes, with Delicious apples being among the largest. The taste may be

sweet or tart(酸的). Generally, sweet apples are eaten fresh while tart apples are used to make

apple sauce(苹果酱).

     Apple trees may grow as tall as twelve metres . They do best in areas that have very cold

winters. Although no fruit is yielded during the winter, this cold period is good for the tree.

     57. It can be learned from the text that Delicious apples are_______.

     A. grown in France          B. sold everywhere

     C. very big              D. quite sweet

     58. Cold winter weather is good for________ .

     A. the growth of apple trees     B. producing large apples

     C. improving the taste of apples   D. the increase of water in apples

     59. China, France and the United States are considered to _______.

     A. be large producers of apples

     B. be large producers of applesauce

     C. have the longest history in apple production

     D. have the coldest winter among apple producing countries

学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                               高考网www.gaokao.com
学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                              高考网www.gaokao.com

     60. The word yielded in the last sentence means _______.

     A. improved              B. increased

     C. produced              D. sold



(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分) 若E选,涂AB; 若F选,涂AC;若G选,涂AD;

     Sandy is at home. She is now calling Lisa, her classmate.

     Sandy: Hi, Lisa. Have you finished helping your parents?

     Lisa: I finished cleaning the living room a little while ago, but I haven’t cleaned my bedroom

yet. 61   w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m

     Sandy: I know what you mean. 62       Do you think you’ll be finished soon?

     Lisa: I should be done in about an hour.

     Sandy: 63

     Lisa: I did the English homework last night. 64   I don’t understand it.

     Sandy: Me neither. 65__ We can help each other work it out.

     Lisa: OK. Then we can go and have our hair cut.

     Sandy: Great. See you in a little while.

     A. I don’t math at all.

     B. But I haven’t started my math yet.

     C. Housework is tiring, and I’m tired

     D. What do you think we should do then?

     E. Why don’t we do it together this afternoon?

     F. Have you looked at Monday’s homework yet

     G. I also hate doing the cleaning around the house.


     第三部分 写作(共三节,满分55分)

     第一节 单词拼写(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)



学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                              高考网www.gaokao.com
学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                 高考网www.gaokao.com

     66. When the headmaster spoke out his plan, the _________(大多数)of the students in the

class were against it.

     67.The _________(政府)will build more houses for the people.

     68. He ________ his success and happiness to his good luck.(归功于)

     69. ______(比较)this box with that one, and you will know which is better.

     70. He got s_________ from the crowd and disappeared in the dark.

     71. He eats nearly everything. He is not p_______________about food.

     72. After having a bath, Sarah looked in the __________________while she was combing

her hair.(镜子)

     73. He ____________________(勇敢)went into the burning house to save the baby trapped


     74.Yesterday I received a beautiful gift , but I didn’t a_____________ it .

     75. Rafting is a good way to experience____________ (自然)

     第二节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分) 








     Last summer I go to America and studied at a language          76._________

     school. I had many wonderful experience, but I also                77._________

     had a sad one. One day, the school held party, where               78.__________

     I invited to talk about Tianjin. After that they asked me a lot of     79.__________

     things about China. But I couldn’t explain them with English          80.__________

     clearly. I felt sadly. I learnt a lesson from this experience. I     81.__________

     have already studied English for eight years, I can’t use it        82.__________

     very good. I must work hard to improve my spoken English             83.__________

学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                 高考网www.gaokao.com
学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                           高考网www.gaokao.com

  so that I will not be able to communicate freely with foreigners.   84.__________

  I hope I can be a bridge between China and other countries     85._________

  in the future.


  第三节       书面表达(满分30分)

  假定你是李华,                               你的英国朋友Peter来信向你咨询如何才能学好中文.


  要点: 1. 参加中文学习班;

     2. 看中文书刊、电视;

     3. 学唱中文歌曲;

     4. 交中国朋友。


      2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

      3. 开头语已为你写好。

                                     June 8, 2008

  Dear Peter,
    I'm glad to receive your letter asking for my advice on how to learn Chinese well.

  语音 1—5 ABDCB

  单选 6—10 BABBD             11-15 BABCA          16—20 ADCAA

  完形 21—25 BDCBA            26—30 CDDCC         31—35 ABDBA           36—40 DCABA

  A 文 41---44 DCAB           B文 45---48 DBCA

学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                           高考网www.gaokao.com
学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                 高考网www.gaokao.com

     C 文49---52 DBAD             D 文 53---56 ACBB

     E 文 57---60 CABC                              61---65 CGFBE

     61---65 CGFBE

     66. majority 67. government        68. owed/owes     69. Compare        70. separated

     71. particular 72. mirror       73. bravely      74. accept        75. nature

     Last summer I go to America and studied at a language          76. went

     school. I had many wonderful experience, but I also                77. experiences

     had a sad one. One day, the school held∧party, where                78. a

     I ∧ invited to talk about Tianjin. After that they asked me a lot of 79. was

     things about China. But I couldn’t explain them with English            80. in

     clearly. I felt sadly. I learnt a lesson from this experience. I       81. sad

     have already studied English for eight years, ∧I can’t use it         82. but

     very good. I must work hard to improve my spoken English               83. well

     so that I will not be able to communicate freely with foreigners.           84. not

     I hope I can be a bridge between China and other countries             85. ∨

     in the future.

     June 8, 2008

     Dear Peter,

       I’m glad to receive your letter asking for my advice on how to learn Chinese well.

     Here are a few suggestions. First, it is important to take a Chinese course, as you’ll be able to

learn from the teacher and practice with your fellow students. Then, it also helps to watch TV and

read books, newspapers and magazines in Chinese whenever possible.

     Besides, it should be a good idea to learn and sing Chinese songs, because by doing so you’ll

learn and remember Chinese words more easily. You can also make more Chinese friends. They

will tell you a lot about China and help you learn Chinese.

     Try and write me in Chinese next time.

     Best wishes

学而思教育·学习改变命运 思考成就未来!                                 高考网www.gaokao.com

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