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					                                                       Order Form
                           Prices include PST and GST, where applicable             Qty    Price      Total
                             Cookie Lover                                                 $29.95
                             Chocolate Delight                                            $22.95
                             Study Break                                                  $24.95
                             Fruit Basket                                                 $22.95
                             Birthday Party                                               $24.95
                             Birthday Party with Pop                                      $30.95
                             Something Different                                          $25.95
                             Chocolate or white cake(circle one)                          TOTAL
                             GIFT CARD MESSAGE:

                           Student Delivery Information:
                           Student’s Name: _________________________ Residence: ______________
                           Room #: _______ Extension #: ________ Delivery Date: __________________
                                                                                                                     CARE PACKAGES
                                                                                                              REMINDING YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER YOU’RE ALWAYS THERE!

                           Payment Options:
                           • Certified Cheque (By mail only, sorry no personal cheques will be accepted)
                           • Money Order (By mail only)
                           • Visa or MasterCard Credit Card (By phone only)
                           To Order by Phone or Fax:
                           When paying with your Visa or Master Card, contact us at least two (2) business
                           days to the delivery date at:
                           Telephone: 613.562.5893
                           To Order by Mail:
                           Complete the order form and mail at least two (2) weeks prior to the
100% post-consumer paper

                           delivery date to:

                                                                                                                         logo                    2009-2010
                                                                               Attention: Chartwells
                                                                          85 University Street, Room 110
                                                                            Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5                                             web address
Dear Parents,
During the academic year, Chartwells is pleased to offer a unique gift delivery
service to all parents who wish to surprise their son or daughter living in
                                                                                  7        Great CARE PACKAGES
                                                                                           to choose from
                                                                                           Cookie Lover                       Something Different
                                                                                    One dozen assorted gourmet             Give them the freedom to use
Our Care Packages will be a welcome treat no matter what the occasion:            cookies and two dozen chocolate          the “Taste it!” Gift Card at the
                                                                                     chip cookies with napkins.              University of Ottawa Food
    • Birthday                                                                                                                   Services locations.
    • Exam anxiety                                                                                                                     $25.95
    • Mid-term blues
    • No occasion “Hello”                                                               Chocolate Delight                          Study Break
                                                                                     One dozen sinful chocolate          2 packages of microwave popcorn,
    • Valentine’s Day
                                                                                      brownies and one dozen              4 Rice Krispie squares, 4 gourmet
    • You’re Special                                                                  chocolate chip cookies.            cookies, 4 Nutri-Grain bars, 6 pieces
                                                                                              $22.95                      of fresh fruit and 2 bottles of juice.
Tell us the occasion and we’ll deliver a very special gift on your behalf with                                                           $24.95
your very own message hand written on a gift card enclosure!

We’ll provide great gift ideas and the freshest, most wholesome food packages              Fruit Basket                           Birthday Party
– we guarantee it!
                                                                                      A healthy snack consisting of        The perfect reminder that you
                                                                                   8 pieces of fresh fruit, a package     are thinking of him or her on that
We offer 7 different Care Packages. Simply complete the attached order form,
                                                                                        of cheese and crackers,           special day. Choose a chocolate
and contact us by phone, fax or mail. We’ll do the rest. We’ll even attach a
                                                                                     2 Nutri-Grain bars, a bottle of        or white cake, complete with
special message of your choice.
                                                                                  juice, 2 envelopes of hot chocolate      message, plates, knives, forks,
                                                                                      and 3 packets of herbal tea.            and napkins for 8 friends.
                                                                                                 $22.95                                $24.95

                                                                                                              Birthday Party
                                                                                   The perfect reminder that you are thinking of him or her on that special
                                                                                   day. Choose a chocolate or white cake, complete with message, plates,
                                                                                                  knives, forks, and napkins for 8 friends.
                                                                                                      Add 8 cans of pop for: $30.95

                                                                                                Rate and taxes are subject to annual increase.

                                                                                                   How Do I Find More Information?
                                                                                                   Contact the Food Services Information Centre,
                                                                                                   Room 106, University Centre,
                                                                                                   Phone: 613.562.5893 | Fax: 613.562.5158
                 Valid for the school year: 2009-2010                                    

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