; Plessey Releases New Generation of GaN-on-Si LEDs
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Plessey Releases New Generation of GaN-on-Si LEDs


Samples now available of LED p/n PLW114050.

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           Plessey Releases New Generation of GaN-on-Si LEDs

                    Samples now available of LED p/n PLW114050.

Plymouth, England (December 3, 2013) -- Plessey announced today availability of its
next generation GaN-on-Silicon mid-power LEDs. The product family doubles the efficacy
of Plessey's first generation MAGIC™ (Manufactured on GaN-on-Si I/C) products
released in February 2013. Using standard silicon semiconductor production techniques,
Plessey is able to achieve high flux output LED products at substantially lower cost. The
PLW114050 is the first in a family of entry level LED lighting products that will be released.

"We have made great strides forward in refining, productising and improving our patented
MAGIC™ technology," said Dr. Keith Strickland, Plessey's Chief Technology Officer. "We
have a roadmap that puts MAGIC™ ahead of the efficacies achieved by sapphire-based
LEDs and, thereby, sets a new milestone in terms of Lm/$ performance. By approaching
efficacy parity, we are accelerating the widespread adoption of GaN-on-Si LED-based
lighting products. Our MAGIC™ LED products have a cost advantage over comparable
sapphire-based LEDs as we use 6-inch, high yield, standard, automated silicon
manufacturing technology."

Dr. Jose Lopez, Plessey's Chief Commercial Officer, said, "Customers are delighted that a
European company is committed to developing and manufacturing world class GaN-on-Si
LEDs. The market currently has many suppliers of LEDs but the quality and reliability can
be variable. Plessey is a trusted brand with a 50-year plus track record of manufacturing
products to the highest standards. Our aim is to light the world with MAGIC™ LEDs."

The PLW114050 product is available in a CCT range from 6500K to 2700K, with a
Lambertian distribution in an industry standard 3020 package. With a drive current of
60mA, the PLW114050 has a typical forward voltage of 3.2V. A full datasheet is available
on the Plessey website. Plessey also supply the blue LED PLB010050 in sawn-wafer die
form. Additional package options will be made available.

For sample requests, please go to the Plessey website, http://www.plesseysemi.com.

About Plessey
Plessey is an innovator and manufacturer of technology based electronic solutions.
Plessey uses their understanding of electronics and their expertise in micro-electronic
product design and manufacture to radically enhance the human experience with micro-
electronics. Plessey's products help people to achieve move than they thought possible.
Plessey is a UK based manufacturer with offices in US, Europe and Asia.

Media contact:
Nigel Robson, Vortex PR, Tel: +44 1481 233080, Email: nigel@vortexpr.com


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