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          August 2008

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness Program is a unique,
federally funded grant program that provides library and
information services to people who are Deaf, hard of hearing,
late deafened, their family, friends and the professionals who
work with them. The books and videotapes contained in this
list are available via interlibrary loan for one month at a time,
free of charge through public, private and academic libraries
throughout New Jersey.

To borrow these materials, take this list to your library and ask
your librarian to request an inter-library loan of the materials
you want. Inter-library loan policy is explained on the next

The Deaf and Hard of hearing Awareness Program also
maintains a vertical file of information related to a wide variety
of topics. This and other information can be provided by calling:

       The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness Program

             (800) 792-8322 V (general Library line)

                 (877) 882-5593 TTY/VP Toll Free
                    (609) 530-4004 TTY Local
                     (888) 671-6983 Voice VP

                       (609) 530-6384 FAX

                      INTERLIBRARY LOAN POLICY

Inter-library loans can be arranged through one of four ways:

1.   OCLC
2.   The Access Center of the NJ State Library
3.   An ALA Interlibrary Loan Form
4.   Written request on library letterhead stationary

Materials are lent free of charge for one month at a time.

ALA Forms and written requests may be faxed to (609) 530-6384

A hold will automatically be placed on a book or videotape that I requested
but not available at that time. The requesting library will automatically be
sent the book or videotape, or CD, or DVD when it becomes available.

Requests for books or videotapes, or CDs, or DVDs in a series should
specify the volume number. If no volume number is indicated, you will
receive the lowest available volume in the series.

                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
Adult Fiction……………………………………………………………………                         1
Adult Non-Fiction……………………………………………………………..                      2
      Assistive Devices…………………………………………………….                    2
      Biographies……………………………………………………………                        3
      Deaf-Blindness………………………………………………………..                     8
      Deaf Culture…………………………………………………………...                     9
      Education………………………………………………………………                        19
      Game …………………………………………………………………...                        27
      Hard of Hearing…..……………………………………………………                   28
      Health and Safety…………………………………………………….                   32
      Interpreting…………………………………………………………….                     34
      Law and Legislation………………………………………………….                  37
      Parenting……………………………………………………………….                       38
      Reference……………………………………………………………....                     45
      Religion…………………………………………………………………                        53
      Sign Language………………………………………………………..                     54

Children’s Fiction…………………………………………………………….                     65
Children’s Non-Fiction………………………………………………………                    74
      Biographies……………………………………………………………                       74
      Gallaudet Pre-School English Project Publications……………   78
      Sign Language………………………………………………………..                     83

ASL Stories and Stories Told in ASL……………………………………...            89
Children’s Videos……………………………………………………………..                      94
Deaf Culture……………………………………………………………………                         113
Education………………………………………………………………………                           125
Hard of Hearing……………………………………………………………….                       134
Health and Safety……………………………………………………………... 140
Interpreter Training…………………………………………………………… 146
Religion…………………………………………………………………………. 161
Sign Language Instruction……………….…………………………………. 169

PERIODICALS……………………………………………………………… 187
                       ADULT FICTION

362.42   A Handful of Stories. Leonard G. Lane and Ivey B. Pittle
H        Thirty-seven stories signed by Deaf storytellers are transliterated
         from the Deaf Storytellers videotape series. OCLC# 08345599

362.42   Another Handful of Stories. Ivey B. Pittle and Roslyn Rosen
A        Thirty-seven stories signed by Deaf storytellers are transliterated
         from the Deaf Storytellers videotape series. OCLC# 10403848

362.42   Dead Body Language. Penny Warner
W        Conner Westphal, A deaf ex-San Francisco reporter is publishing a
         weekly newspaper. While trying to write a murder mystery puzzle,
         she is drawn into a real life murder. OCLC# 36927786

813      Island of Silence. Carolyn Brimley Norris
N        A suspense filled mystery how the deaf characters are treated and
         the predicaments of the hearing people who were faced with coping
         with deafness. OCLC# 05519922

813      Islay: A Novel. Douglas Bullard
B        A novel by a deaf author, it is about a Deaf man who brings to
         reality his dream of establishing a state for Deaf people-a state
         where Deaf people govern, sign language is the main means of
         communication, all television programs are captioned or
         interpreted, and Deaf people are the same as hearing people.
         OCLC# 13244662

362.42   Reasonable Doubt. Steven Barish
B        Bob Brewer, Tom’s deaf college roommate, agrees to act as
         detective to prove Tom’s innocence in the murder of Sarah Collins.
         OCLC# 11627997

811.54   Silence, Love and Kids I know. Linwood Smith
S        A collection of poems by the late Deaf poet. OCLC# 8700172

813       Silent Dances. A.C. Crispin and Kathleen O’Malley
C         A science fiction adventure featuring a Deaf Gally grad is sent to
          face the aliens Grus whose sonic cries shatter human ears.
          OCLC# 22186365

                        ADULT NON-FICTION

Assistive Devices

362.42     Assistive Devices: Doorways to Independence. C. Compton
C         This book presents a comprehensive overview of the numerous
          assistive devices designed for persons with hearing loss. Produced
          to accompany a videotape of the same name, this book includes
          information on hearing aids, assistive devices, visual and
          vibrotactile signaling systems and telecommunication devices.
          (Accompanying videotape also available) OCLC# 25044763

617.03    Assistive Technology: A Resource for School, Work, and
A         Community. Karen F. Flippo, Katherine J. Inge & J. Michael
          As individuals with disabilities increasingly recognize the
          independence that Assistive technology devices offer, family
          members, advocates, medical professionals and users. Providing
          detailed descriptions of Assistive devices. OCLC# 31814925

636.7     Cindy, A Hearing Ear Dog. Patricia Curtis
C         This book describes the training of young dogs selected from
          pounds and humane shelters to help deaf owners by alerting them
          to sounds they cannot hear and providing companionship.
          OCLC# 06861963

362.41    A Complete Guide to Communication with Deaf-Blind Persons.
K         Linda Kates and Jerome D. Schein
          This publication grew out of the need for a compilation of methods
          and devices useful in communication with Deaf-Blind persons. This
          book aims to catalog all techniques and equipment.
          OCLC# 6785221

362.42   GA and SK Etiquette: Guidelines for Telecommunications in
C        the Deaf Community. Sharon J. Cagle and Keith M. Cagle
         This handbook assists both hearing and deaf callers become more
         aware of the etiquette involved in using the TTY. The book includes
         comparisons of telephone behavior in both the hearing and Deaf
         cultures. OCLC# 25236899

649.8    The Gadget Book. Dennis R. La Buda
G        In this book, you will find nearly 350 products and devices grouped
         into the following categories: personal care, home environment,
         home maintenance, communications, mobility, health care, and
         leisure and recreation. It can help you or someone you love
         eliminate the frustrations and struggle of daily tasks.
         OCLC# 12189291

362.42   Telephone Training for the Deaf. Diane Castle
C        This manual helps you with the basic telephone use, hearing aid
         settings, special phone and signaling devices and how to use them.
         The self tests for lessons are at the end of each chapter.
         OCLC# 08156032


649.15   Alandra's Lilacs: The Story of a Mother and Her Deaf Daughter.
B        Tressa Bowers
         This book is a marvelous story about the resiliency and
         achievements of a determined and loving mother raising her Deaf
         daughter. OCLC# 41070749

362.42   Changing the Rules. Frank Bowe
B        This is the true story of a boy growing up deaf in a small town in
         Pennsylvania and later heading the civil rights movement of
         America’s 36 million disabled people. OCLC# 15116542

362.42   Chuck Baird. Chuck Baird
B        This book arose from a longtime dream of the author to publish
         Deaf art. The book dedicated to Deaf children everywhere, shows
         that ASL can become an invitation to frolic and rejoice, as viewed
         on Chuck's canvases. OCLC# 29357919

362.42   A Deaf Adult Speaks Out. Leo M. Jacobs
J        One Deaf man’s account of his experience growing up in a Deaf
         family, and in the larger, hearing world. OCLC# 07308657

362.42   Deaf Again. Mark Drolsbaugh
D        This locally based book is a true story of how a CODA slowly
         becomes Deaf himself over time and how he learns to embrace
         Deaf Culture. OCLC# 94079

419      Dear Diary. Anonymous
D        A revealing story about the life of a deaf boy. No OCLC#.

730.92   Douglas Tilden, Portrait of a Deaf sculptor. Mildred Albronda
A        A turn of the century deaf sculptor, whose works and teaching
         greatly influenced San Francisco, is the subject of this biography.
         OCLC# 6709275

920      Great Deaf Americans. Robert Panara
P        A collection of 33 biographies of deaf Americans, past and present,
         illustrating a variety of career interests and achievements.
         OCLC# 09906152

362.42   Growing Up Deaf: Issues of Communication in a Hearing
P        World. Rose Pizzo
         The autobiography of Rose Pizzo shows her frustrations and joys
         of communication in the Deaf and hearing worlds.
         OCLC# 50483268

362.42   Hear Again: Back to Life with a Cochlear Implant. Arlene
R        Romoff
         This is compelling, true story of how a late deafened adult regained
     communication with the "hearing" world. OCLC# 45587800

371.911    Helen and Teacher. Joseph P. Lash
L          Double biography of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, which reveals
           the depth and intensity of the mutually dependent relationship that
           existed between them. Portrays their relationship as one of genius,
           devotion, sacrifice and love. OCLC# 05830528

362.41     Helen Keller: A Life. Dorothy Herrmann
Her        This books covers Keller’s life and the controversy with her teacher,
           Annie Sullivan, whom critics believe used Keller as a way to gain
           fame and fortune. OCLC# 38527933 (NJSL)

362.42     I’m Deaf Too, 12 Deaf Americans. F. Bowe and M. Sternberg
B          This book contains interviews with a dozen well-respected Deaf
           Americans from a wide range of occupations. OCLC# 00907226

792.028    Lessons in Laughter: The Autobiography of a Deaf Actor.
B          Born of Deaf parents, Bernard Bragg has won international renown
           as an actor, director, playwright and lecturer. This book recounts
           his life in stories that are humorous, painful and touching.
           OCLC# 19516226

362.42     Living Legends. Darlene Toole
T          This book contains six stories about deaf people who have
           achieved excellence in their chosen vocations or avocations.
           Designed to be used in the classroom, this book features the
           stories of Evelyn Glennie, Howie Seago, Shirley Allen, John Woo,
           Karen L. Meyer, and Paul Ogden. OCLC# 35220744

362.42    Living Legends II. Darlene Toole
T         This book contains six stories about deaf people who have
          achieved excellence in their chosen vocations or avocations.
          Designed to be used in the classroom, this book features the
          stories of Danny Delcambre, Kathy Buckley, Ken Glickman,
          Bethany “Buffy” Hummel, Robert Davila, and Laurene Gallimore.
          OCLC# 52547319

362.42    Living Legends III. Darlene Toole
T         This book contains six stories about deaf people who have
          achieved excellence in their chosen vocations or avocations.
          Designed to be used in the classroom, this book features the
          stories of Dr. Madan Vasishta, Heidi Zimmer, Dr. Thomas Holcomb,
          Dr. Lisa Woolf, Dean Gates, and Patty Albee.
          OCLC# 45061616

306.874   My Sense of Silence: Memoirs of a Childhood with Deafness.
Dav       Lennard J. Davis
          This autobiography shares his experiences as a child growing up in
          two worlds. OCLC# 41528371 (NJSL)

362.41    On Different Roads: An Autobirography. Geraldine Lawhorn
L         A story of Geraldine Lawhorn, who was Deaf and Blind by the time
          she completed high school. OCLC# 26771310

362.42    A Rose For Tomorrow: A Biography of Frederick C. Shrieber.
S         Jerome D. Schein
          A story, mostly in Schrieber’s own words, about the years before
          and after he became Executive Secretary of the National
          Association of the Deaf. Some of his articles and speeches are
          reprinted to reveal his wit and humor in his fight against prejudice
          and for the rights of deaf people. OCLC# 07954609


362.42   Seeds of Disquiet: One Woman’s Experience. Cheryl Heppner
H        The autobiography of a deaf woman, who, after functioning orally
         for 25 years, learns sign language, joins the Deaf Community and
         realizes how much she had been missing. OCLC# 25631110

362.42   Shall I Say A Kiss? Lennard J. Davis
D        The Courtship of a Deaf couple 1936-1938
         This book opens a window into the lives of two working-class,
         Jewish, British, Deaf people in the 1930s. The book reveals a
         consistent, journal - like account of the "lived" experience of Deaf
         people during the tumultuous times just prior to World War II.
         OCLC# 40403677

362.42   Signs in Success. Ron Podmore
P        This workbook contains many biographies of deaf people that have
         been successful in a variety of fields. The stories are written to
         provide interesting reading as well as help improve reading skills.
         OCLC# 33886329

636.7    Sound Friendships: The Story of Willa and Her Hearing Ear
Y        Dog. Elizabeth Yates
         The heart-warming story of what happens when Willa, a profoundly
         deaf young woman meets Honey, a clever puppy trained to become
         her constant companion and helper. OCLC# 14818961

617.89   Wired For Sound: A Journey Into Hearing. Beverly Biderman
B        The moving story of author, Beverly Biderman’s experience s with
         her own cochlear implant at the age of 46. OCLC# 38916400

362.42   Yes, You Can Heather. Daphne Grey
G        The story of Heather Whitestone, Miss America, 1995.
         OCLC# 32745569



362.41      Deaf-Blind Infants and Children: A Developmental Guide.
M           John M. McInnes
            This guide provides the information and assistance necessary for
            parents and professionals of deaf-blind children. OCLC# 08736609

362.41The Education of Laura Bridgman: First Deaf and Blind Person
Fre        to Learn Language. Ernest Freeberg
           It presented the education of Laura Bridgman as a lesson in
           humanity during London’s Great Exhibition. Laura showed the
           world that she could speak, read, and write. OCLC# 45636807

362.42      Guidelines: Practical Tips for Working and Socializing with
S           Deaf-Blind People. Theresa B. Smith
            A “how to” book for people who are already familiar with sign
            language and Deaf people and who want to make their time with
            Deaf-Blind people more pleasant and effective. OCLC# 31963898

362.41      The Imprisoned Guest: Samuel Howe and Laura Bridgman, the
Git         Original Deaf-Blind Girl. Elisabeth Gitter
            The book tells the story of Laura Bridgman’s original fingerspell,
            read raised letters, and even write legibly when she was taught at
            age of 7. OCLC# 45052659 (NJSL)

362.41      Living with Deaf-Blindness. Carol Yoken
Y           Nine profiles of deaf-blind people are presented in order to prepare
            professionals to work with this special population.
            OCLC# 05505676



362.41      Orchid of the Bayou: A Deaf Woman Faces Blindness. Cathryn
C         Carroll and Catherine Hoffpauir Fischer
          This book tells the story of Kitty Fischer's heroic struggle and
          cultural odyssy while growing up with Usher Syndrome.
          OCLC# 45195558

362.41    Through the Rain and Rainbow: The Remarkable Life of
C         Richard Kinney. Lyle M. Crist
          This book is about a biography of Richard Kinney, who was the
          third deaf-blind person to earn a college degree. OCLC# 00799682

362.41    Words in My Hands. Diane Chambers
C         The book is about the sign language teacher Diane’s rich
          experience with an eighty-six year old deaf-blind man. It is an
          unforgettable journey for both of them. OCLC# 57637451

Deaf Culture

362.42    American Deaf Culture, An Anthology. Sherman Wilcox, Editor
A         A collection of classic articles by Deaf and hearing scholars on
          Deaf cultural values, ASL, education, folklore and the struggle of
          Deaf people to take control of their destiny. OCLC# 21113841

305.908   Anything But Silent. Mark Drolsbaugh
D         This book tackles some of the most profound topics in deafness:
          deaf/hearing relationships, the rift between American Sign
          Language and English, the hidden world of hard of hearing and
          much more. OCLC# 56637035

419       ASL Pah!: Deaf Students’ Perspectives on Their Language.
A         Examines Deaf student’s perceptions of the role of ASL in their
          lives. Text contains essays and journal entries on how ASL
          affected their lives. (Accompanying videotape also available)
          OCLC# 26679717



362.42    At Home Among Strangers, Exploring the Deaf Community in
S         the United States. Jerome D. Schein
         This history and examination of the Deaf community addresses
         issues of family life, education, rehabilitation, law and medicine.
         The authors make predications about the future of the Deaf
         community if America. OCLC# 1992279

362.42   Black and Deaf in America: Are We That Different?
H        Ernest Hairston
         This book demonstrates the ramifications of deafness, the lack of
         sufficient Black role models, the overall racial situation in schools,
         the educational deprivation and communication difficulties that
         Black deaf people face. OCLC# 09908299

812.54   Children of a Lesser God. Mark Medoff
Med      The story of a woman who refuses to succumb to other people’s
         idea of a deaf person. OCLC# 06813063 (NJSL)

419      A Child Sacrificed to the Deaf Culture. Tom Bertling
B        A deaf writer’s exposure of residential deaf schools and the
         culturally deaf community’s way of life. OCLC# 29683427

362.4    Crying Hands: Eugenics and Deaf People in Nazi Germany.
Bie      Horst Biesold
         The book reveals that upon Hitler’s rise to power, many of these
         eugenicists were actively volunteering the names of deaf students
         and patients for sterilization, a startling contradiction to the official
         declaration that they were reluctant contributors. OCLC# 41320014

362.42   Dancing Without Music, Deafness in America. Beryl L. Benderly
B        Using her expertise in cultural anthropology and linguistics, the
         author examines all aspects of deafness, especially the relationship
         between thought and language. OCLC# 22023425



419      Deaf American Literature: From Carnival to Canon. Cynthia L.
P        Peters
          The author traces the past and predicts the future of American Sign
          Language literature. OCLC# 44046710

362.42    Deaf Culture Our Way: Anecdotes for the Deaf Community.
H         Roy Samuel and Thomas Holcomb
          An entertaining glimpse of life in the Deaf Community that every
          reader will relate to and enjoy. OCLC# 321305.908

305.908   Deaf Esprit: Inspiration, Humor and Wisdom from the Deaf
D         Community. Damara Goff Paris and Mark Drolsbaugh
          A book that offers many different stories inside with inspiration,
          humor and wisdom from the Deaf community. OCLC# 43115912

362.42    The Deaf Experience: Classics in Language and Education.
D         Edited by Harlen Lane and translated by Franklin Phillip
          This book explores works from Deaf educators from 1764-a time
          know as the ‘golden era’ of the education of the Deaf, to the 1840’s
          when sign language was banished and the view of the Deaf
          themselves were no longer sought or heeded. OCLC# 10277665

305       Deaf Heritage: A Narrative History of Deaf America.
G         Jack R. Gannon
          This highly readable and comprehensive history of deafness in the
          Unites States spans the 1800’s to the 1970’s. Chapters are also
          devoted to Deaf Athletes, Deaf Artists, Humor, Publications,
          Sports, ASL and the National Association of the Deaf. Contains
          many photographs and a bibliography. OCLC# 07369253

305       Deaf Heritage: A Student Text and Workbook.
A         Felica M. Alexander and Jack R. Gannon
          This workbook provides complete supplementary educational
          materials to use with the book, Deaf Heritage - a book highlighting
          contributions of Deaf Americans to society. OCLC# 11758037


362.42    Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture. Carol Paddon and Tom
P         Humphries
          Written by deaf authors, this book illuminates the life and culture of
          Deaf people from the inside, through their everyday talk, their
          shared art and performances and the lessons they teach one
          another. OCLC# 1785818

362.42    Deafness 1993-2013: A Deaf American Monograph.
D         Mervin D. Garretson, Editor
          This collection of articles, written by members of the Deaf
          community, looks ahead to what’s in store for that community in the
          next 20 years. Topics include, among others, education, technology
          and leadership. OCLC# 29502342

362.42    Deafness: Historical Prespectives - Volume 46. 1996. Mervin D.
D         Garretson
          This book is a Deaf American Monograph, producing a compilation
          of published works and oral history interviews from Deaf
          individuals. OCLC# 36269872

362.42    Deafness: Life and Culture - Volume 44. 1994. Mervin D.
D         Garretson
          This book presents a series of interesting, educational, informative,
          and thought - provoking articles and poetry in the 1944 edition of
          the "Deaf American Monograph." OCLC# 32083489

362.42    Deafness: Life and Culture II - Volume 45. 1995. Mervin D.
D         Garretson
          A compilation of essays, poetry, and articles contributing to Deaf
          Culture in this edition of the "Deaf American Monograph."
          OCLC# 32083489



371.912   Deaf Plus: A Multicultural Perspective. Kathee Mangan
D         Christensen
          A collection of essays providing information about the community
          that surrounds Deaf children from diverse backgrounds. The book
          provides insight into the multilingual and multicultures of the Deaf
          community. OCLC# 43487251

371.912   Deaf President Now! The 1988 Revolution at Gallaudet
C         University. John B. Christiansen and Sharon M. Barnartt
          This book retells the Deaf President Now! protest in March 1988 at
          Gallaudet University. This is an exciting study of how deaf people
          won social change for themselves and were triumphant in the
          appointment of the first Deaf president in Gallaudet's 124-year
          history. OCLC # 53841880

796       Deaf Sports: The Impact of Sports within the Deaf
S         Community. David A. Stewart
          This book provides a look at the sporting events Deaf people have
          organized for themselves and the psychological and sociological
          forces that influenced them. OCLC# 23080411

305.908   Deaf Women: A Parade Though the Decades.
H         Mabs Holcomb and Sharon Wood
          This is a compilation of information, history, anecdotes and
          research about deaf women, past and present. OCLC# 20115144

305.896   Empowerment and Black Deaf Persons. Gallaudet University
E         This book is the conference proceedings from the April 6-7, 1990
          conference by the same name. OCLC# 27822084

362.42    Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language: Hereditary Deafness on
G         Martha’s Vineyard. Nora E. Groce
          This book describes life on the island of Martha’s Vineyard when a
          high incidence of hereditary deafness resulted in a bilingual society
          here Deaf people were fully integrated into the community.
          OCLC# 11812275


305.908   Eyes, Hands, Voices: Communication Issues among Deaf
E         People: A Deaf American Monograph: 1990.
          Mervin Garretson, Editor
          This book is a compilation of 30 articles, the majority written by
          Deaf authors, on the broad topic of communication. The wide range
          of opinions is expressed about a number of controversial issues
          facing today’s Deaf community. OCLC# 22468156

305.9     For Hearing People Only. Matthew S. Moore and Linda Levitan
M         Written in question and answer format, answers some of the most
          commonly asked questions about Deaf people, their community
          and their language. OCLC# 29373899

362.4     Handicapping America: Barriers to Disabled People.
B         Frank Bowe
          The author, who himself has a substantial hearing loss, looks at
          how societal attitudes handicap people with disabilities far more
          than their disabilities do. OCLC# 03311740

362.42    Hazards of Deafness. Roy K. Holcomb
H         This book is a collection of humorous and often poignant
          experiences of daily living as a deaf person in a hearing world.
          Each ‘hazard’ gives a broader and deeper insight into the world of
          silence. OCLC# 03573080

305.908   History of the Deaf in Russia. Igor A. Abramov
A         This brief monograph covers the education and community life of
          Deaf Russians from the nineteenth century to present and includes
          pictures from as far back as 1860. OCLC# 25718565



362.42    An Introduction to American Deaf Culture Workbooks.
I         M.J. Bienvenu
         These workbooks are designed to use with the videotape series of
         the same name. Please specify volume. (Accompanying videotapes
         also available) OCLC# 19687757 Please specify volume number

                      Volume 1 - Rules of Social Interaction
                      Volume 2 - Values
                      Volume 3 - Language and Traditions
                      Volume 4 - Group Norms
                      Volume 5 - Identity

362.42   A Journey into the Deaf World. Harlen Lane, Robert Hoffmeister,
L        Ben Bahan
         The compelling story about Deaf culture as the much-
         misunderstood minority and it’s struggles for self-determination.
         OCLC# 34624320

362.42   A Kaleidoscope of Deaf America. Frank Turk, editor
K        This paperback features the writings of 30 notable Deaf leaders on
         a wide variety of topics including employment, Government, sports,
         entertainment and more. OCLC# 24431698

331.59   Meeting the Challenge: Hearing Impaired Professionals in the
C        Workplace. Alan B. Crammatte
         This important study contrasts the growth and change in the status
         of deaf professionals from 1960-1982. OCLC# 15196686

362.42   Movers and Shakers: Deaf People who Changed the World.
C        Cathryn Carroll and Susan M. Mather
         Twenty-six Deaf success stories that helped turn adversity ito
         advantage for the individual and our world. OCLC# 36315840



362.42   Movers and Shakers: Deaf People who Changed the World.
M        Student Text and Teacher’s Guide.
         Cathryn Carroll and Susan M. Mather
          Contains the text and student workbook plus the teacher’s guide.
          They build a comprehensive program in critical areas of lasting
          learning: goals, content, language, suggested materials and
          optional projects. OCLC# 37563890

810.8     No Walls of Stone: An Anthology of Literature by Deaf and
N         Hard of Hearing Writers. Jill Jepson
          A unique collection of short fiction, essays, verse and drama written
          by Deaf and hard of hearing writers such as Robert Panara, Ann
          McDonald, David Wright and Jack Clemo. OCLC# 26636222

306.874   On the Edge of Deaf Culture: Hearing Children/Deaf Parents
B         Thomas H. Bull
          This annotated bibliography is a comprehensive resource on
          hearing children of Deaf parents. OCLC# 40544908

362.42    Orientation to Deafness. Nanci A. Scheetz
S         A panoramic view of deafness and the world of the Deaf, this book
          covers a range of issues including family dynamics, intellectual,
          cognitive and moral development, deafened adults and much more.
          OCLC# 26264635

305       Outsiders in a Hearing World: Sociology of Deafness.
H         Paul C. Higgins
          Examines the lives of deaf people, their community and identity
          within it, the deaf peddler, stigmas attached to being deaf, and
          interactions between the deaf and hearing. OCLC# 06087366

362.42    Perspectives on Deafness: A Deaf American Monograph, 1991.
P         Mervin D. Garretson
          This book is the second monograph of the "Deaf American" series.
          It is a compilation of perspectives of over 30 writers who have had
          rather extensive involvement with Deaf people. OCLC# 24072549



305.9     A Place of Their Own: Creating the Deaf Community in
V         America. John V. Van Cleve and Barry A. Crouch
         This book brings the perspective of history to bear on the reality of
         deafness and provides fresh and important insights into the lives of
         deaf Americans. OCLC# 18987014

305.9    The Politics of Deafness. Owen Wrigley
W        This book embarks upon a postmodern examination of the search
         for identity in deafness and its relatinship to the prevalent hearing
         culture that has marginalized Deaf people. OCLC# 34284082

362.42   Seeing Voices: A Journey into the Land of the Deaf. Oliver W.
S        Sacks
         This book contains a history of Deaf people in the Unites States, a
         description of the 1988 Deaf President Now movement at Gallaudet
         University and the author’s own views on Deaf people and
         American Sign Language. OCLC# 19455916

419      Sign Language and The Deaf Community: Essays in Honor of
S        William C. Stokoe. Charlotte Baker and Robbin Battison
         This book is a unique collection of readable articles written by
         specialists in linguistics, education, psychology, sociology,
         anthropology, drama, interpreting, and second language teaching.
         OCLC# 06819007

305.9    Signs of Resistance. Susan Burch
B        The author persuasively reinterprets early twentieth century Deaf
         history. Burch shows how the Deaf community mobilized to defend
         sign language, increased its political activism, and clarified its
         cultural values. OCLC# 49942084

362.4    Someone Special Just Like You. Tricia Brown and Fran Ortiz
B        The wonderful pictures and words presented in this book help
         people understand that the differences that seem to separate these
         children are not important. What is important is their common
         delight in life. OCLC# 09894260


398.355   A Study of American Deaf Folklore. Susan Rutherford, Ph. D
R         This book presents a discussion of some of the different functions
          that folklore serves within a community. The author explores the
          concept of “sign-play” and presents a number of traditional forms
          from the Deaf Community. OCLC# 28187517

362.42    Train Go Sorry: Inside a Deaf World. Leah Hager Cohen
C         A modern story that brings Deaf Culture to life through the
          experience of students and faculty at the Lexington School for the
          Deaf, in Queens, New York. OCLC# 29028450

362.42    Viewpoints on Deafness: A Deaf American Monograph, 1992.
V         Mervin D. Garretson, Editor
          This collection of articles by members of the Deaf community offers
          a variety of viewpoints on potentially controversial issues such as
          English-like signing, cochlear implants and bilingual education.
          OCLC# 26322032

305       When the Mind Hears: A History of the Deaf. Harlan L. Lane
L         This book shows what it means to be a deaf person, what it means
          to have been living in France and America during an important
          period in history. It shows the importance of sign language and the
          universal struggle of a minority group that transcends and
          surmounts deafness. OCLC# 10483337

796.323   Winning Sounds Like This. Wayne Coffey
C         This book is about a remarkable story of the nation’s most unique
          and inspiring women’s basketball team and its 1999-2000 season.
          It is the touching chronicle of players who don’t hear buzzers or
          cheers, a coach who has never used a whistle, and a university that
          is a mecca for deaf culture. OCLC# 51906547



362.42    Who Speaks for the Deaf Community? : A Deaf American
W         Monograph. Published by the National Association of the Deaf
            A group of Deaf leaders gathered to make history. Not being part of
            the decision-making process that greatly influenced their everyday
            lives. It was time for Deaf people to speak for themselves.
            OCLC# 39476182


371.912Access for All: Integrating Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing
A          Preschoolers. Gail Solit, Maral Taylor and Angela Bednarchzyk
           Provides a comprehensive introduction to Deafness, interagency
           collaboration, inclusion and adaptation. (Accompanying videotape
           also available) OCLC# 42496606

362.4       Adaptive Technologies for Learning and Work environment.
L           2nd Edition. Joseph J. Lazzaro
            This book describes many tools to help increase independence for
            individual with sensory, physical, speech and learning disabilities.
            OCLC# 47002252

419         American Sign Language Activities. Edgar H. Shroyer
S           This book is a compellation of games and activities that are geared
            toward teaching American Sign Language. Suitable for teachers of
            American Sign Language that want a way to help students learn
            through active involvement and have fun at the same time!
            OCLC # 41541068

371.912     Approaching Equality: Education of the Deaf. Frank Bove
B           A summary of the advances in special education legislation outlines
            the goals, which must be accomplished before deaf people will
            realize complete equality under the law. OCLC# 24083100


419.071   ASLTA Evaluation and Certification System. Keith Cagle
A         and William Newell
          This booklet is explaining how you can become certified.
          (Accompanying videotape also available) OCLC# 37112687

362.42    Aural Habilitation: The Foundations of Verbal Learning in
L         Hearing-Impaired Children. Daniel Ling
          Based on the author’s belief that most hearing impaired children
          can learn to speak an understand spoken language, this text
          discusses the knowledge and skills necessary for verbal learning.
          An annotated bibliography is included. OCLC# 04290403

155.45    Context, Cognition, and Deafness. M. Diane Clark, Marc
C         Marschark and Michael Karchmer
          The authors assembled work by renowned researchers to elucidate
          the effects of family, peers, and schools on Deaf children.
          OCLC# 45791497

362.42    Deaf Adult Literacy Tutor Handbook. 2nd Edition.
D         This handbook, which was developed by the Center for Community
          and Professional Services at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
          is for individuals who will tutor literacy skills to hearing-impaired
          adults. OCLC# 26915927

362.4     Deafness and Learning: A Psychosocial Approach. Hans G.
F         Furth
          This book introduces the reader to the life and world of Deafness in
          the U.S. It invites the reader to come to grips with the assumptions
          and opinions surrounding the education of a Deaf child.
          OCLC# 00590989



371.912   The Educational & Communication Needs of Deaf and Hard of
S         Hearing Children: A Statement of Principle Regarding
          Fundamental Systemic Educational Changes. Lawrence Siegel
          The book discusses The National Deaf Education Project (NDEP)
          wants to propose that it is time that deaf and hard of hearing
          children have an education system that is communication-rich and
          communication-driven. A simple matter, undeniable and fair.
          OCLC# 45195347

371.9     Exceptional Children and Youth. Third Edition. Norris G. Haring
E         This book reflects the changing needs of exceptional adolescents
          and adults more thoroughly in each chapter, to cover the full range
          (from mild to severe) of disability and to add more information on
          such concerns as early prevention, mainstreaming, career and
          vocational education, and independent living. OCLC# 08515297

371.912   A Free Hand: Enfranchising the Education of Deaf Children.
F         Edited by Margaret Walworth, Donald Moores and Terrence
          Based on the proceedings of a symposium on the use of ASL in the
          classroom. Includes papers by the editors as well as Hilde
          Schlesinger, David Stewart, Sam Supalla and James Woodward.
          OCLC# 26230321

371.912   The Hispanic Deaf: Issues and Challenges for Bilingual
H         Special Education. Gilbert L. Delgdo
          This book was written to promote awareness of the special needs
          of the Hispanic Deaf. Such topics covered are: the Hispanic deaf
          population, the language dynamics, the language choices,
          assessment; educational programming; and teacher preparation.
          OCLC# 10752824

419       How to Write and Caption for Deaf People.
V         Ruth Verlinde and Peter Schragle
          This booklet contains guidelines for preparing captioned media,
          adapting existing print material or creating original print or media
          with a Deaf audience in mind. OCLC# 13959055



362.42    An Investment: Meeting the Needs of Our Hearing-Impaired
N         Children and Youth, Final Report and Recommendations.
          New Jersey Commission to Study Services and Programs Available
          to Hearing-Impaired Children
          This May 1990 report lists 79 recommendations for improving the
          education of New Jersey’s Deaf and hard of hearing children.
          OCLC# 22149868

362.42    Journal of the Citizen Ambassador Program Education for the
J         Hearing Impaired Delegation to Russia. Sept. 1993. Patrick S.
          Stone and Donna M. Dickman
          This manual includes day-by-day accountings of the delegation's
          schedule while in Russia. Also included are abstracts of delegates'
          presentations, and memoirs from various delegates.
          OCLC# 31963891

371.912   Language Across the Curriculum: When Students are Deaf or
L         Hard of Hearing. Barbara Luetke-Stahlman
          This “methods” text is designed for teachers-in-training and related
          service providers. It is packed full of practical ideas, loads of
          diagrams and examples, study questions, resources and
          suggestions for applied activities. OCLC# 41133536

305.9     Language and Literacy Development in Children who are Deaf.
S         Barbara R. Schirmer
          This comprehensive treatment program for helping children who
          are deaf learn to use language successfully in face to face
          communication, reading, and writing. OCLC# 27035249

371.912   Let’s Learn About Deafness: Classroom Activities.
S         Rachel Stone-Harris
          Nearly 100 pages of hands-on classroom activities that teach about
          deafness and Deaf people, designed to be used with grades 1-9.
          OCLC# 20341376



027.663   Librarians Serving Disabled Children and Young People. Henry
D         C. Dequin
           This book is addressed to public librarians and school librarians
           who serve disabled children and young people from kindergarten
           age through high school. OCLC# 09371253

371.912    Mainstreaming Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students: Questions &
M          Answers Research, Reading & Resources. By National
           Information Center on Deafness
           This book provides questions and answers reflecting the challenges
           that the practice of mainstreaming has presented to parents,
           educators, administrators and related service staff. OCLC#

371.912    Mainstreaming: Practical Ideas for Educating Hearing-Impaired
M          Students. Milo E. Bishop
           This book is written to help reduce the confusion and the frustration
           experienced by public school personnel suddenly faced with
           educating hearing-impaired students. OCLC# 05943117

371.9      More Alike Than Different. Carol Schnitzler and Karen Rappaport
S          This book is designed to facilitate Mainstreaming by teaching non-
           handicapped students in grades 2-5 to understand and accept their
           handicapped children to recognize that mainstreamed students are
           more like them than different from them. OCLC# 10492718

428.2      Practical English Structure. M. Bordman, P. Byrd and B. Schlien
B          This four part series of textbooks is designed to help Deaf people
           improve their command of English. OCLC# 08070673

DV 372.4   Reading to Deaf Children: Learning From Deaf Adults. David R.
           This manual discusses 15 principles for reading to Deaf children.
           (Accompanying videotape also available) OCLC# 38942667



DV 372.4   Read It Again and Again. David R. Schleper
           This manual discusses aspects of shared reading as they relate to
           children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. (Accompanying
           videotape also available) OCLC# 40594702
362.42    Regional Conference on Postsecondary Education for Deaf
R         and Hard of Hearing Persons. Post Secondary Consortium
          The compilation of information is from the 1992 5th Biennial
          Regional Conference on Postsecondary Education for the Deaf and
          hard of hearing. OCLC# 28614724

371.912   Removing the Writing Barrier: A Dream?
R         Lehman College, The City University of New York
          Proceedings are from the 1987 National Conference on Innovative
          Writing and Research for Deaf and hard of hearing students.
          OCLC# 17868464

616.855   A Report of the Task Force on the National Strategic Research
N         Plan. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication
          This plan represents the scientific response to the 1988 Public Law
          100-553, the amendment to the public Health Service Act that
          established the National Institute on Deafness and Other
          Communication Disorders. The plan includes the views and
          research recommendations of over 100 eminent US scientists.
          OCLC# 21149320

027.6     Serving the Disabled. Keith C. Wright and Judith F. Davie
W         This book is organized around a fundamental philosophy of library
          services for persons with disabilities: attitudes are more important
          than funds or technology. OCLC# 23769279

419       Signing for Reading Sucess. Jan C. Hafer and Robert M. Wilson
H         This booklet was prepared for teachers of hearing children to help
          them use signing in reading and language arts instruction.
          OCLC# 13897741



419       Signing the Body Poetic: Essays on American Sign Language
S         Literature.
          H-Dirksen L. Bauman, Jennifer L. Nelson, Heidi M. Rose
          Unique collection of essays that showcases the literary, social, and
          performative aspects of ASL to a wide audience. Works included
          (poetry, narrative, and drama) are by Deaf, HoH and hearing
          scholars. (Accompanying DVD also available) OCLC# 69331526

371.912   Structured Tasks for English Practice Adjectives and Linking
S         Verbs. Elaine Costello and Susan Lopez
          This workbook is part of the series designed to assist Deaf adults in
          writing better English. OCLC# 06321126
          Please specify volume number

                       Volume 1 - Adjectives & Linking Verbs
                       Volume 2 - Adverb Clauses
                       Volume 3 - Articles
                       Volume 4 - Conjunctions Compound & Complex
                       Volume 5 - Infinitives & Gerunds
                       Volume 6 - Nouns
                       Volume 7 - Prepositional Phrases
                       Volume 8 - Pronouns
                       Volume 9 - Verbs: Past, Present & Future

371.912   Teaching English to Deaf Students and English as a Second
T         Language: Psychological Considerations
          The 3 hours Academic Panel Session in 1990. This transcript
          touches on some basic issues of English as a second language for
          deaf students. OCLC# 28322638

362.4     Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference.
T         " Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Conference" 1992
          This book contains speeches and all materials presented at a
          conference at the Los Angel Airport Marriott hotel on March 18-21,
          1992. No OCLC#.



362.4     Technology for Persons with Disabilities.
T         This publication contains an overview of technology, national
          support organizations, and IBM support available to persons with
          disabilities related to impairments affecting hearing, learning,
          speech or language, mobility and vision. OCLC# 24779003

371.912   There’s A Hearing Impaired Child in my Class: A Learning
N         Packet about Hearing Loss for Public School Teachers.
          Debra Nussbaum
          A handbook of activities to introduce hearing loss to both classroom
          teachers and hearing students. OCLC# 20341295

371.912   Toward Equality: Education of the Deaf.
C         The National Commission on Education of the Deaf
          This report to the President includes the 1988 Commission’s finding
          on the progress made in Deaf Education in America since the 1965
          Babbidge Committee Report. This reports covers all aspects of the
          issue from Early Identification to Postsecondary Education and
          makes specific recommendations for improvement. OCLC#

362.42    Toward A Psychology of Deafness: Theoretical and Empirical
P         Perspectives. Peter V. Paul and Dorothy W. Jackson
          This book is intended to be a state-of-the-art treatise on the impact
          of Deafness on certain important aspects of cognitive and
          psychosocial development. OCLC# 26635946

371.912   The Tutor/Notetaker: Providing Academic Support to
N         Mainstreamed Deaf Students.
          National Technical Institute for the Deaf
          Written for a peer who has agreed to serve as a tutor/notetaker for
          mainstreamed deaf students, this manual provides detailed training
          process and is designed to be an accompaniment to 30-hour
          training session conducted by NTID. OCLC# 06734396



362.42    Understanding Deafness and the Rehabilitation Process.
U         Richard C. Nowell and Laurel R. Marshak
          This book is to help you better understand Deafness, Deaf people,
          and the many challenges that Deaf people face in preparing
          themselves for and finding jobs. OCLC# 29668367

618.92    The Young Deaf Child. David M. Luterman and Ellen Kurtzer-
L         White and Richard C. Seewald
          This book is written to help the professional and, perhaps the
          parent, sort out issues relating to the ever-changing technologies
          and teaching techniques for Deaf children. OCLC# 40609923


             The ASL Handshape Game Cards
                 People of all ages will enjoy the limitless card game that can
                 be played at home, in the car, or anywhere just for the FUN
                 of it.

             Finger Alphabet Lotto
                 Matching game teaches the manual alphabet.

             Keep Quiet
                 A sign language crossword cubes game. A fun game
                 teaches you the alphabet. A player makes words from sign
                 language symbols printed on cubes.
             The Mystery of the Superintendent’s House
                 The first-ever Sign Language videotape mystery game!
                 Players try to find the pieces of a map and locate the hidden
                 treasure. This 100-minute videotape (no voice over)
                 features some of the nation’s best deaf actors and



Hard of Hearing
302.22    Associational Cues. Majorie Jacobs
A         This workbook is designed to help improve the reader’s ability to
          recognize and use associational clues for better speechreading and
          effective communication. OCLC# 09500069

371.912   Better Hearing With Lipreading. Peter Sammartino
S         This book contains a series of lipreading exercises designed to be
          done with a partner or alone in front of a mirror. OCLC# 22475704

617.89    Bridge to Sound with a ‘Bionic’ Ear. Cynthia Farley
B         This is an all-in-one resource to turn to for everything you want to
          know about cochlear implants. Implant users and their families
          retell stories of how their lives were affected after getting a cochlear
          implant. OCLC # 51638064

362.42    Communication Rules for Hard of Hearing People.
T         Samuel Trychin, Ph.D
          The part of a series of books and videotapes are for people with
          hearing loss, their family and friends. Presents scenarios involving
          communication problems and discusses time-tested solutions.
          (Accompanying videotape available) OCLC# 21886552

362.42    Did I Do That? Samuel Trychin, Ph.D
T         Discusses positive approaches to resolving communication
          problems with an emphasis on four principle behaviors.
          (Accompanying Videotape also available) OCLC# 22695069

818       "Do You Hear Me?" Maxwell Schneider
S         This book is a collection of humor for the Hard of Hearing by the
          Hard of Hearing. OCLC# 35574497



362.42    Full Face: A Correspondence About Becoming Deaf in Mid-
B         Life. Claire Blatchford
          This book shares practical information on coping with the onset of
          deafness, through humorous anecdotes. The book provides real
            encouragement and insights into the psychological and spiritual
            aspects of the handicap. OCLC# 37704342

362.42      Hear: Solutions, Skills and Sources for People with
P           Hearing Loss. Anne Pope
            A comprehensive guide to hearing loss. This book uses
            illustrations, case studies and lists of helpful coping strategies and
            includes a useful resource guide. OCLC# 35926535

362.42      Information and Resources: A Manual for Hearing-Impaired
I           Persons. 5th Edition
            This manual will assist hearing-impaired consumers in locating
            services and information. OCLC# 20211902

617.8       Missing Words: The Family Handbook on Adult Hearing Loss.
T           Kay Thomsett and Eve Nickerson
            Written by a late-deafened adult and her grown daughter, this guide
            provides information, personal experience and practical
            suggestions for coping with hearing loss. The book also contains
            current medical information from Dr. Donald Holden and a
            comprehensive list of resources. OCLC# 27768712

362.42      Now What?: Life After Deaf. Shawn Lovely
L           This book will do away with the mystery of ears that don’t work like
            they used to! It will explain how to use the telephone again, issues
            such as cochlear implants and the American’s With Disabilities Act,
            and much more! OCLC# 36786933

DV 617.882 Nucleus 24 Contour. Cochlear Corporation
           A manual explaining the Nucleus 24 Contour used for cochlear
           implants. (Accompanying video also available) No OCLC#.



617.89      Our Endangered Hearing: Understanding and Coping with
C           Hearing Loss. Richard Carment
          This work discusses the various types of hearing disorders, causes
          and treatments, hearing aids and practical advice on coping with
          this handicap. OCLC# 02936571

155.904   Relaxation Training for Hard of Hearing People: Practioner’s
T         Manual. Samuel Trychin, Ph.D
          Manual for use with an open-captioned video that demonstrates
          various relaxation procedures beneficial to improved
          communication (Accompanying videotape also available)
          OCLC# 26811993

371.912   Sound and Sign: Childhood Deafness and Mental Health.
S         Hilde S. Schlesinger
          This study of childhood deafness and mental health recommends a
          combination of oral and manual communication as well as training
          in residual hearing, speech and lipreading. OCLC#00579843

371.912   Speech and the Hearing-Impaired Child: Theory and Practice.
L         Daniel Ling
          This text, about speech and its acquisition by hearing impaired
          children, deals with the form of spoken language, phonetics and
          phonology, rather than syntax and semantics. OCLC# 02476657

371.912   Speechreading Challenges on CD-ROM.
S         Bloomsburg University of PA
          A CD-ROM created to provide a non-threatening environment in
          which people with a hearing loss, teachers of students with hearing
          losses, teachers of speechreading, and others with normal hearing
          can independently practice speechreading. No OCLC#.



371.91    Speechreading In Context: Functional Activities for Student
D         Practice. David Deyo
          This book provides a framework for you to develop your own
          speechreading activitites. OCLC# 11434103
371.912   Speechreading Strategies. Marjorie Adamson Jacobs
J         Describes factors that affect speechreading ability. Gives
          suggestions for strategies to improve your ability to communicate
          with hearing people. OCLC# 13916675

371.91    Speechreading: A Way to Improve Understanding.
K         H. Kaplan, S.J. Bally and C. Garretson
          This text is designed as a consumer’s guide to speechreading. Not
          only does it focus on practice exercises, but it also informs about
          the speechreading process and strategies to compensate for the
          hearing loss. OCLC# 15487158

362.42    Staying In Touch. Samuel Trychin, Ph.D and Janet Alright, M.S
T         “Nuts and Bolts” workbook with information and exercises aimed at
          helping hard of hearing people resolve communication problems.
          OCLC# 30676051

793       A Treasure Chest Of Games for Lip Reading Teachers. Estelle
S         E. Samuelson and Minnie B. Fabregas
          This soft book is a part of teaching the games. OCLC# 04277001

371.91    Your Eyes Hear for You: A Self-Help Course In Speechreading.
M         Irving S. Marcus
          Written from his personal experience with late-life deafness, the
          author outlines self-help strategies for successfully speechreading.
          OCLC# 12760565



Health and Safety

362.829   Anywhere, to Anyone. Liz Stone
A         This guide is about the domestic violence in the Deaf Community.
            (Accompanying videotape also available) OCLC# 47258100

DV 361.06   Counseling Deaf People: A Skills Training Series. Sign
            Enhancers, Inc.
            This manual consists of a verbatim transcript of the videotapes and
            instructional recommendations. (Accompanying videotapes also
            available) OCLC# 31537032

362.29      Counseling the Deaf Substance Abuser.
L           Frank James John Lala, Jr. Ph.D
            Conquering tremendous odds and obstacles personally, Dr. Lala
            worked diligently to educate and learn about the many social,
            physical, and mental problems members of the Deaf Community
            encounter. OCLC# 40750698

362.29      Deaf & Sober: Journeys Through Recovery.
M           Betty G. Miller
            Deaf people recovering from alcohol and drug abuse face unique
            challenges. The anonymous personal narratives in this book bring
            these recovery issues to life. OCLC# 40983000

DV 362.29   Dreams of Denial.
            This guide is about the story of a chemically dependent young man,
            Mike, who in a dream meets a guardian angel called Ralph.
            (Accompanying videotape also available) OCLC# 30307390

362.2       I Can: Stories of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in Recovery.
I           Sign Enhancers, 1993
            The Deaf people in recovery programs discuss their lives and how
            they came to be involved with substance abuse. (Accompanying
            video also available) OCLC# 31476451



616.97      Me HIV+…What Do?: A Guide for Deaf People Living with HIV
W           Disease. Daniel D. Warthing and Sylvia J. Lopez
         An illustrated text made readable for people whose first language is
         American Sign Language, this book focuses on topics that are
         important for all HIV+ people, and those that address concerns of
         the Deaf Community. OCLC# 37857085

362.29   National Directory of Alcohol and Other Drugs Prevention and
N        Treatment Programs Accessible to the Deaf. 2001 Edition.
         This directory lists programs available across the United States and
         Canada. OCLC# 29473670

419      Signs of Drug Use: An Introduction to Drug and Alcohol
W        Vocabulary in American Sign Language. James Woodward
         An introduction to drug and alcohol vocabulary inn American Sign
         Language. (Accompanying videotape also available)
         OCLC# 06368920

419      Signs of Sexual Behavior: An Introduction to Some Sex-
W        Related Vocabulary in American Sign Language.
         James Woodward
         In addition to illustrations of 131 sex-related signs, this book
         discusses language attitudes and their implications for research,
         education, medicine and law. (Accompanying videotape also
         available) OCLC# 4948242

362.29   Staying Sober: Relapse Prevention Guide. By the Minnesota
M        chemical Dependency Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
         Deaf or Hard of Hearing persons who have completed chemical
         dependency treatment can use this book to look at factors, which
         contribute to relapse. OCLC# 31863486



362.42   Substance Abuse and Recovery: Empowerment of Deaf
S        Persons. College for Continuing Education, Gallaudet University
            A collection of transcripts of presentations given at the 1990
            National Conference on Substance Abuse and Recovery:
            Empowerment if Deaf Persons. A variety of professionals present
            their views on abuse, what services are available for Deaf people
            and how recovery programs should be made accessible to Deaf
            people. OCLC# 07800801.

DV 362.29   Trackman - Facilitator's Guide.
            By the Michigan Association for Deaf, Hearing and Speech
            A Guide to go along with the "Trackman" video is the first of the
            Youth Substance Abuse Video Education Series. This provides
            information and preventative measures addressing substance
            abuse education for adolescents in the hearing impaired
            population. (Accompanying videotape also available)
            OCLC# 34060220


DV 419      The Art of Interpreting American Sign Language. Bennett B.
            A unique textbook focuses on the visual and spatial aspects of
            ASL. Great for students, instructors and interpreters.
            (Accompanying videotape and CD-ROM also available)
            OCLC# 37194690

371.912     Educational Interpreting: A Collection of Articles from VIEWS
E           1996-2000. Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.
            Compilation of educational interpreting articles published from
            RID’s newsletter, VIEWS, between 1996 and 2000.
            OCLC# 45913166



371.912     Educational Interpreting for Deaf Students.
N           National Task Force on Educational Interpreting
          This report discusses and makes recommendations regarding job
          descriptions, Working conditions, and preparation certification and
          hiring of educational interpreters. OCLC# 23131393

658.4     Establishing a freelance Interpretation Business: Professional
F         Guide for Sign Language Interpreters. Tammera J. Fischer, CI &
          CT, NAD Level IV: Advanced
          This book is designed to aid a person planning to become a
          freelance sign language interpreter with such information as types
          of interpreter certification, self employment taxes, and
          organizational concerns. Sample forms included.
          OCLC # 39645314

419       Facilitating Manual Communication for Interpreters,
D/M       Students and Teachers. Leo Dicker
          This classic training manual is an excellent resource for interpreter
          education. It should be used with the videotapes: Practical
          Demonstrations: Interpreting vs. Transliterating Series.
          OCLC# 04945041

371.912   Guidelines for Educational Interpreting.
N         New Jersey Department of Education, Office of Special Education
          Programs, Oct. 1994
          This document offers information on interpreting issues unique to
          the educational setting, including legislation, roles and
          responsibilities, interpreter competencies, recruiting and hiring.
          OCLC# 31432253

419       A Handbook for Religious Interpreters for the Deaf. Carter
B         Bearden
          This handbook is provided to meet the basic needs of the worker in
          a church ministry. OCLC# 02603455



419       Interpreting: An Introduction. Nancy Frishberg
F         A revised edition of the standard text on sign language interpreting.
          It covers history, terminology, skills and competencies, research,
          ethics and etiquette. It also considers working conditions, a wide
         variety of settings in which interpreting may be done, special
         communication techniques and practical considerations in
         employing interpreters. Published by the RID. OCLC# 23591461

419      Interpreting in Legal Contexts: Consecutive and Simultaneous
R        Interpretation. Debra L. Russell, Ph.D.
         This dissertation emphasizes interpreters’ need to understand how
         and when to use simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in the
         courtroom, guidelines that support accurate interpretation and full
         inclusion of Deaf people in the judicial process, interpreter
         education programs and professional associations’ need to
         evaluate their programs to ensure the reception of appropriate
         training in the use of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in
         legal environments. OCLC # 53206763

419      Introduction to Interpreting: Block Lectures.
M        LindaLee Massoud. Pre-Interpreting Survey
         This booklet is to provide introductory material to prepare students
         for the interpreting process. It should be used with the videotape
         series by the same name. OCLC# 32603119

DV 419   Introduction to Interpreting: Peer Evaluation Lecture.
         LindaLee Massoud. Pre-Interpreting Survey
         This booklet is to provide introductory material to prepare students
         for the interpreting process. It should be used with the videotape
         series by the same name. OCLC# 32603119

DV 419   Practical Demonstrations: Interpreting vs. Transliterating.
         This study guide is about the comparison between interpreted text
         and transliterated text. (Accompanying videotape also available)
         No OCLC#.



DV 419   Semantic Awareness Test Kit.
          The Complimentary workbook contains a list of the multiple-
          meaning English words that are tested with a key to identify the test
          forms and item numbers in which each English word is tested.
          (Accompanying videotapes also available) OCLC# 25480697

419       Sign Language Interpreting: A Basic Resource.
S         Sharon Neumann Solow
          This book discusses relevant topics related to interpreting such as
          the interpreter’s role, ethics, certification, sign-to-voice interpreting
          and working in specific settings. OCLC# 07785282

419       So You Want to Be an Interpreter: An Introduction to Sign
H         Language Interpreting. Janice H. Humphreys and Bob J. Alcorn
          This user-friendly textbook is designed to help prospective
          interpreters prepare for the written portion of the National RID
          certification test. It provides current research, a comprehensive
          glossary and a wealth of practical information. OCLC# 32651628

419       A Systematic Approach to Teaching Interpretation. Danica
S         Seleskovitch and Marianne Lederer
          This book was published by the European Communities and aims
          to encourage countries to adopt an effective approach to selecting
          and training conference interpreters. Describes the principles and
          methods used to train conference interpreters. OCLC# 38969598

Law and Legislation

346.013   Disability Rights Guide. 2nd Edition. Charles D. Goldman Esq
G         This book provides an excellent blend of the latest and relevant
          laws affecting people with disabilities. OCLC# 23685278



346.73    Legal Right: The Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People.
D/L         National Center for Law and Deafness
            Explains how laws can help hearing-impaired people in areas
            where their needs have been ignored or inadequately addressed. It
            also contains appendices of laws and legislation, as well as
            examples of effective programs. This 1992 Fourth/ 2000 Fifth
            Editions includes the Americans with Disabilities Act.
            OCLC# 43631985

340         Section 504: A Law to Stop Discrimination Against Disabled
N           Persons. National Center for the Law and the Deaf
            An explanation of Section 504 as it relates to discrimination against
            the deaf; deals with government service agencies, hospitals,
            employers, public schools, and colleges. Included is a section on
            what to do if you feel you have been discriminated against.
            OCLC# 08227926


649.15      After The Tears. Robin Simons
S           The story of many such parents who have struggled, learned and
            grown in the years since their children were born with the
            disabilities. Included a resources appendix that informs parents
            how and where to get help. OCLC# 15019018

419         American Sign Language Basics for Hearing Parents of Deaf
A           Children. Jess Freeman King and Jan Kelley-King
            This practical, easy to use book provides an invaluable introduction
            to ASL, allowing parents to begin communicating with their child
            almost immediately. (Accompanying videotapes also available)
            OCLC# 34316808



362.42      Ben’s Story: A Child’s Right To Sign. Lorrain Fletcher
F        This is the story of a young British couple battle the oral education
         system to provide their son with sign language. OCLC# 18559945

362.42   Breaking Silence: Family Grows with Deafness.
G        Ferne Pellman Glick
         The Glick twins were born deaf but their parents were not sure of
         this until the boys were two and a half years old. Written by their
         mother, this book follows the twins from infancy to adulthood and
         describers their efforts to communicate with the hearing world.
         OCLC# 08345469

362.42   Can’t Your Child Hear?: A Guide for Those Who Care about
F        Deaf Children. Roger D. Freeman
         Supplies information about parental concerns ranging from “How
         can I be sure?” to ‘technical aids’ with the emphasis on the basics
         of raising a deaf child. OCLC# 07271834

419      Caring for Young Children: Signing for Day Care Providers &
C        Sitters. S. Harold Collins
         This manual presents signs, sentences, and vocabulary to help a
         beginning signer communicate with a deaf or hard of hearing child.
         OCLC# 31735246

362.42   Deaf Like Me. Thomas S. Spradley
S        A young father recounts his family’s struggle to communicate with
         their profoundly deaf daughter. Realizing that Lynn may never learn
         to speak and rejecting the advice of experts, her parents finally
         decide to teach her sign language. OCLC#-03540417

618.92   Deafness. Jane Hyman
H        This book gives a simple, clear overview on what deafness is and it
         describes the basic communication modes and rehabilitation for
         deaf children. OCLC# 06356343



362.42   Deaf Parents-Hearing Children: Toward a Greater
B        Understanding of the Unique Aspects, Needs and Problems
         Relative to the Communication Factors Caused by Deafness.
         Lawrence T. Bunde
         Based on the results of a survey of hearing children and deaf
         parents. This handbook deals with the communication and
         disciplinary problems encountered in such families.
         OCLC# 05084761

362.29   Drug Use Prevention and Intervention: A Handbook for
D        Parents of Deaf Children. Ellen M. Damau
         This pamphlet provides suggestions for parenting that will increase
         the chances that children will make healthy choices and resist
         alcohol and other drugs. OCLC# 31991553

362.42   Facilitating Hearing and Listening in Young Children.
F        Carol Ann Flexor
         Part of an Early Childhood Intervention Series, this book outlines
         the physiology and technological management of hearing loss as
         well as provides strategies for auditory training. OCLC# 29428816

618.92   Facilitating Hearing and Listening in Young Children. Second
F        Edition. Carol Ann Flexor
         This new second edition, the author integrates recent scientific
         advances in amplification technology, child development, and
         auditory neuroscience to generate a highly readable and updated
         resource. OCLC# 39891450

361.42   Growing Together: Information for Parents of Deaf and
G        Hard of Hearing Children
         National Information Center on Deafness, Gallaudet University.
         This handbook is a compilation of fact sheets from the National
         Information Center on Deafness. The fact sheets pertaining to
         deafness, education. communication and other topics of particular
         interest to parents of deaf and hard of hearing children.
         OCLC# 24851350



649.15   A Hug Just Isn’t Enough. Caren Ferris
F            A group of parents share some of their experience in making
             decisions to meet the needs of their young, Hearing Impaired
             children. Chapters focus on various aspects-parental goals for deaf
             children, parents’ reactions, acceptance and frustrations. Illustrated.
             OCLC# 07127847

371.912      IDEA Advocacy for Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing:
T            Question and Answer Book for Parents and Professionals.
             Bonnie Poitras Tucker, J.D.
             Written primarily for parents who have deaf or hard-of-hearing
             children, this book offers guidance in obtaining the necessary
             educational benefits that parents may need for their children. It
             contains information on the 1997 Amendments to the Individuals
             with Disabilities Education Act, as well as many other issues.
             OCLC# 37154990

362.42       In This Sign. Joanne Greenberg
G            The story of a family where parents are Deaf and the daughter is
             hearing. Describes how deafness affects each one in a different
             way. OCLC# 00104739

649.15Keys to Raising A Deaf Child. Virginia Frazier-Maiwald and
F           Lenore M. Williams
            The authors emphasize ways to overcome problems related to
            Deafness so that the child interacts as a social and intellectual
            equal with children who can hear. OCLC# 40452969

362.42       Kid Friendly Parenting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.
M            Denis Champan Weston
             A complete step-by-step guide to raising deaf or hard of hearing
             children ages 3 to 12. OCLC# 33133268


649.1    Little Children, Big Needs. Don & Marilyn Weinhouse
W        This book was derived from interviewed with the parents of fifty
         children representing a wide range of disabilities: cerebral palsy,
         Down’s syndrome, hearing impairments, autism, and etc. It
         provides answers, advice, resource information, and invaluable
         support for families who are facing complex challenges.
         OCLC# 29634655

362.42   A Loss for Words: The Story of Deafness in a Family. Lou Ann
W        Walker
         The author describes her life growing up as a hearing child of deaf
         parents. She discusses the many conflicts she experienced and the
         warmth and love of her deaf parents. OCLC# 13333333

DV 419   Make A Joyful Noise. Oberkotter Foundation Film Project, 2000
         This kit introduces families to oral deaf education. (Accompanying
         handbook, “Dreams spoken here” video, and article reprints also
         available). Available in English and Spanish. NO OCLC#.

649.15   The New Language of Toys: Teaching Communication Skills to
S        Children with Special Needs: A Guide for Parents and
         Teachers. Sue Schwartz and Joan E. Heller Miller
         This book will help you learn how to use everyday toys to stimulate
         the language skills of special needs children. OCLC# 33439688

362.42   No Dignity For Joshua. Tom Bertling
B        More vital insight into Deaf children, Deaf education and Deaf
         This book was written especially for parents of Deaf children, Deaf
         educators and administrators as well as those hearing a
         professional or social interest in the Deaf. OCLC# 36701869



649.1    Parenting Skills: Bringing Two Worlds Together.
P        Parenting Advisory Council, Inc
         This manual is designed to facilitate the process of setting up a
         parenting class for Deaf parents with hearing children.
         OCLC# 38186520

649.15   Parents in Action: A Handbook of Experiences with Their
P        Hearing-Impaired Children. Grant B. Bitter
         This book is a compilation of several parents’ experience,
         frustrations and successes in rearing hearing impaired children,
         and the strategies which they have used in achieving their measure
         of success. OCLC# 04492157

419      The Signing Family. David Stewart and Barbara Luetke-Stahlman
S        A straightforward, reader-friendly book that shows parents how to
         create communication goals based on their child’s needs. This
         book also touches on the choices in signed communication modes.
         OCLC# 38281382

419      Signing Smart ™: The Complete Starter Kit
A        This kit includes the Signing Smart ™ for Early Communication:
         Beginner Handbook, Signing Smart ™ for Long-Term Learning:
         Intermediate Handbook and the award-winning DVD, The Treasure
         Chest: Toys and Signs. (Accompanying DVD also available)

                      Signing Smart ™ for Early Communication:
                       Beginner Handbook
                       Wide-Eyed Learning, LLC
                       The beginner handbook provides families with a step-
                       by-step guide on how to get started signing.
                       Highlights include: 1) a collection of child-friendly
                       signs with descriptions, mnemonics, and photos 2)
                       strategies to help parents modify signs so that their
                       child can see or feel them, allowing parents to bring
                       signs into their child’s world and other resources.
                       Include soft-cover book. OCLC# 56611034



                      Signing Smart ™ for Long-Term Learning:
                       Intermediate Handbook
                      Wide-Eyed Learning, LLC
                      The intermediate handbook is designed for families or
                      caregivers who feel confident and comfortable signing
                      with their children and are looking to go to the “next
                      level”. Highlights include: ways to use signs to
                      promote reading and enhance storytelling,
                      suggestions to highlight and facilitate understanding
                      of various concepts, and sign modification strategies
                      to help parents create longer, more sustained
                      interactions with further intimacy, communication and
                      learning. Include soft-cover book. OCLC# 62729119

813      Signs Unseen, Sounds Unheard. Carolyn B. Norris
N        This novel addresses the issue of the appropriate education for
         deaf children through the lives of five main characters-the hearing
         parents of a deaf child, a hearing son of deaf parents, an oral deaf
         adult and the young deaf boy caught in the middle.
         OCLC# 07871700

362.42   The Silent Garden: Raising Your Deaf Child. Paul Odgen
O        This book provides parents of deaf children with crucial information
         and a firm foundation for making the difficult decisions necessary
         for a child to realize his or her full potential. OCLC# 35223078

362.42   They Grow In Silence: The Deaf Child and His Family.
M        Eugene Mindel
         Authored by a child psychologist, this examination of deafness
         addresses the impact of a deaf child on a hearing family, culturally
         bias toward the deaf, the causes of deafness, hearing tests, social,
         educational and language development, and the concept of total
         communication. OCLC# 00206427



362.42   Understanding Childhood Deafness. Wilma Rae Quinn
Q        This book focuses on issues such as sign language, speech
            correction techniques and childhood hearing problems. It urges
            parents to make informed decisions. OCLC# 35690452

362.42      When Your Perfect Child is Deaf. House Ear Institute
B           Written as a discussion guide to the film, My Perfect Child is Deaf,
            this booklet discusses the powerful emotional response hearing
            parents have to the news their child is deaf. The booklet provides
            coping strategies centered around the theme that a deaf child is a
            normal child who can do anything except hear. OCLC# 31431471

649.15      You and Your Deaf Child. John W. Adams
A           For parents of children newly diagnosed with hearing loss, this
            book is a valuable resource to help families deal with their
            emotions. No OCLC#.

649.15      You and Your Hearing-Impaired Child: A Self Instructional
A           Guide For Parents. John W. Adams
            This friendly guidebook helps parents examine their feelings about
            hearing impairment and improve their skills in managing their deaf
            or hard of hearing children. Includes helpful resources and
            references. OCLC# 18559103


362.196     AIDS and Deafness: Resource Directory. Gallaudet University,
A           and the Center for Disease Control’s AIDS Information
            This directory lists 50 organizations by state that offer AIDS-related
            services to deaf and hard of hearing people in the United States.
            OCLC# 20211977



362.42      American Annals of the Deaf, April 1995. Conference of
A        Educational Administrators Serving the Deaf and Convention of
         American Instructors of the Deaf
         The annual listing of educational programs is for deaf students,
         colleges that prepare students for careers in deafness, programs
         for the deaf-blind, rehabilitation programs and national
         organizations. OCLC#01479289

362.42   Benefits for the Hearing-Impaired. Benefits 4-U Publishing Co
B        This catalog lists a wide variety of services and products available
         for Deaf and hard of hearing people in the Unites States. The
         catalog contains information on SSI and SSDI, a state-by-state
         listing of relay numbers and coupons and rebates from some
         businesses. OCLC# 21303999

419      Bummy’s Basic Parliamentary Guide.
B        Bummy Bernstien
         This guide is a comprehensive explanation of the Parliamentary
         Procedure, written for Deaf students who use ASL. Some
         illustrations show the signs used during the Parliamentary
         Procedure. (Accompanying videotape also available.)
         OCLC# 35849116

362.29   Clinical Approaches: For the Treatment of Chemically
C        Dependent Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals.
         Developed by the Minnesota Chemical Dependency Program for
         Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals,1994.
         This manual represents more than five years of work with
         chemically dependent individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.
         Within this population this manual reflects a particular sensitivity to
         client diversity that includes ethnic backgrounds, education,
         socialization, cultural identity, family history, and mental health
         status. OCLC# 51213093



378      College and Career Programs for Deaf Students, 1995.
C        Prepared by Gallaudet University and the National Technical
         Institute for the Deaf, this guide provides information on more than
         100 colleges and universities, community colleges and technical
         institutes in the United States and Canada that serve the Deaf and
         hard of hearing. OCLC# 13812408

362.42   Communicating with Hearing People. Alice Hagemeyer
C        The purpose of "The Red Notebook" is to provide a central
         depository of "detachable" information that can be updated on
         Deafness, services for the Deaf, and library services.
         OCLC# 07003382

362.4    The Complete Directory for People with Disabilities.
C        This book is a directory of publishers, associations and
         manufactures of products for people with disabilities.
         OCLC# 30481091

419      The Comprehensive Signed English Dictionary. Harry
C         Bernstein
         This dictionary contains more than 3,100 sign words, 14
         grammatical markers and the manual alphabet to meet the
         language needs of students from preschool through their
         adolescent years and beyond. OCLC# 09482740

362.42   Crossing That Bridge: A Guide to Making Literary Events
W        Accessible to Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing. Morgan Grayce Willow
         This guidebook leads arts administrators and literary event
         programmers through the process of making public readings
         accessible to deaf and hard of hearing audiences and being
         compliant with ADA laws. OCLC# 43894283



362.42   Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Educational Services
D         Guidelines. The National Association of State Directors of Special
          This guideline was developed with intent to provide assistance to
          education agencies and, through them, to educators, service
          providers and parents. OCLC# 31637162

709.2     Deaf Artists of American Directory. A Guide to Deaf and Hard of
D         Hearing Artists 1995-1996
          This directory contains information on hundreds of Deaf and hard of
          hearing visual artists, performers, writers and performing arts
          groups. No OCLC#.

016.305   Deafness: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Basic
D         Materials. Gail Kovalik, Melanie Norton and Susan Meck
          This book provides an exhaustive list of works by and about
          individuals who are Deaf, books and media which relate the rich
          history and culture of the Deaf community in the U.S.
          OCLC# 25540386

419       A Dictionary of American Sign Language on Linguistic
S         Principles. William C. Stokoe, Dorothy Caserline and Carl
          The 1976 reprint of the 1965 groundbreaking book that is taught
          ASL vocabulary along with the phonology and syntax. The book
          includes photos of handshapes only with explanations provided in a
          written form of ASL. OCLC# 02140054

423.1     A Dictionary of Idioms for the Deaf. Barron’s Educational Series
D         This dictionary is not signed but has written definition designed to
          acquaint deaf students with idiomatic English. OCLC# 02157476



362.42    Directory of Educational Programs and Services for Students
D         Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing 1995.
          This directory is designed to provide updated information to
          parents, educators and administrators on the programs and
          services available to students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.
          No OCLC#.

362.4     Directory of National Information Sources on Disabilities.
D         Volume 1 and 2. 1994-95. By U.S. Department of Education
          This directory helps to expedite searching for information, referral,
          or direct services relating to disabilities. OCLC# 24821313

658.834   Disabled Consumers: An Exploratory Opinion Survey.
D         Report submitted by the Gallaudet Research Institute, Washington,
          The study of disabled consumers’ opinions on issues related to
          telephone communications. OCLC# 18405150

362.4     Disability Counts: the New Jersey Demographics of Disability
D         Survey. Anne M. Hill, Carol Harvey, and Monroe Berkowitz
          This is a report of the results of an intensive survey taken in 1985 to
          establish the numbers and characteristics of disabled persons in
          New Jersey. OCLC# 26241324

362.42    Gallaudet Encyclopedia of Deaf People and Deafness.
G         John Van Cleve
          This three-volume encyclopedia examines all aspects of the
          culture, and issues relating to the deaf community around the
          world. Contains 273 articles covering deaf related topics in fields
          from audiology and otolaryngology to sociology, history and law.
          Also contains bibliographies and a detailed index.
          OCLC# 13821696

636.7     Hear, Hear! A Guide to Training a Deaf Puppy. Barry Eaton.
E         This book is a guide to training a Deaf puppy. OCLC# 46847765



362.4     Heredity Hearing Impairment Resource Registry, Oct. 1994.
N        National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
         A collection of Fact Sheets based on articles from the Hereditary
         Deafness Newsletter of America and Advances in the Genetics of
         Deafness: A Bulletin of the HHIRR. Topics include: basic genetic
         concepts, genetic syndromes and personal experience with
         Waardenburg and Usher Syndromes. OCLC# 32827109

050      International Directory of Periodicals Related to Deafness-
I        1992. Steven A. Frank
         This directory lists periodicals that are most useful for finding
         articles on deafness-related topics. Most of these indexes can be
         found in college, university, and large public libraries.
         OCLC# 26900497

362.42   International Directory of Services for the Deaf. Steve Mathis
M        Research Unit for the Blind, Brunel University, Middlesex, England
         This directory lists aids designed for those who use both non-visual
         and non-auditory methods for communication. OCLC# 07007792

362.41   International Guide to Aids and Services for the Deaf-Blind.
G        J.M. Gill. January 1986
         This book is one of a series of reference books for those working
         with the visually disabled. The aids include in this book may be
         used by a Deaf-Blind person. OCLC# 14513785

362.42   International Telephone Directory of the Deaf. (Updated
I        Annually) Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc.
         The ‘Blue Book’ lists agency and individual TTY phone numbers
         throughout the US. Contains many international listings, email
         addresses and websites as well. OCLC# 03736072



362.42   Interpreter Training Consultants Directory 1995-1996 Edition.
I        Waubonsee Community College
          This resource book identifies and lists Known presenters available
          to speak on a broad range of topics dealing with Sign Language
          Interpreters’ training. OCLC# 33163817

614.1     Medical-Legal Evaluation of Hearing Loss. Second Edition.
D         Robert A. Dobie, M.D.
          This book is part of the clinical toolkit, and is particularly useful for
          medical-legal evaluation. OCLC# 45708669

362.42    Mental Health Services for Deaf People.
M         Barbara A. Willigan and Susan J. King, Editors
          This directory contains information on over 350 mental health
          programs and services for people across the United States and
          parts of Canada. OCLC# 27258647

362.42    New Jersey Business and Agency TTY/ TDD Directory.
N         New Jersey Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
          A comprehensive listing of all commercial, government and public
          TTY phone numbers in New Jersey. OCLC# 11173201

362.404   New Jersey Resources: 2004. Department of Human Services
N         and Division of Disability Services.
          A guide to the resources available in New Jersey for disabled
          persons. OCLC# 49616855

419.03    NTC’s Multilingual Dictionary of American Sign Language.
P         Claude O. Proctor
          This directory provides the essential vocabulary for communicating
          with speakers of other languages through American Sign
          Language. An ideal reference work for libraries, international
          organizations, businesses, language training centers, government
          agencies, and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. OCLC# 38898051



362.42    Organizations of and for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in
N         NJ. New Jersey Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
           Edited annually, this publication contains the names, addresses
           and phone numbers of organizations serving people with hearing
           loss. OCLC# 31431447

362.42     Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. Membership
R          Directory, 1995 Edition.
           This directory includes certified, associate, supporting and student
           members listed by state as well as an alphabetical index of all
           members. Also includes organizational members, affiliate chapter
           presidents and the RID Code of Ethics. OCLC# 26243062

362.29     Removing Barriers: A Guide to Providing Substance Abuse
R          Services to People with Disabilities. University of Medicine and
           Dentistry of New Jersey.
           A guide to increase awareness of access to substance abuse
           services for people with disabilities and to prevent substance abuse
           in disabled persons. No OCLC#

361.7      The Self-Help Group Directory. 18th Edition: 2002.
S          This book is a guide to self-help groups in New Jersey with national
           organizations, models, and online groups. OCLC# 10009722

361.7      The Self-Help Support Group Directory. 19th Edition: 2004.
S          Wendy Rodenbaugh and Mary Ellen Kerin
           A guide to self-help groups in New Jersey with national
           organizations, models, and online groups. OCLC# 10009722

353        US Government TDD Directory: 1991-92 Edition.
U          Information Resources Management Service
           Extensive listing of federal government agencies and their TTY
           phone numbers. OCLC# 23878641



259.4     Eye Centered-A Study on the Spirituality of Deaf People with
E         Implications for Pastoral Ministry. National Catholic Office of the
          This book presents the results of the De Sales Project, a
          nationwide study of the spirituality of Deaf people conducted
          between 1986 and 1990. The book contains practical suggestions
          for ministry with Deaf people based on the results of the study and
          the experience of the NCOD members involved. OCLC# 26390186

362.42    How You Gonna Get to Heaven If You Can’t Talk With Jesus?
W         On Depathologizing Deafness. James Woodward
          A collection of four significant yet preciously obscure articles that
          present the Deaf community from the point of Deaf cultural values.
          OCLC# 09556141

DV 230    Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life.
          Stories and information presented by Jehovah witnesses.
          (Accompanying videotapes also available) No OCLC#.

231.765   Made By Hand The Wonder of Creation.
R         Reverend Anthony Russo
          This book was written in comic book format to enable pre-lingual
          deaf youth to understand and enjoy it. The hero, Jerry, is deaf so
          that the readers can more readily identify with him and learn
          something in depth about their relationship with God. At the end of
          each chapter is the Stop, Think, and Pray page for teachers who
          wish to have a dialogue with the student. OCLC# 07263814

419       A Manual of Religious Signs. Carter E. Bearden and Jerry Potter
B         This book, arranged alphabetically, is designed to meet the need
          for a manual of signs to be used in a religious setting.
          OCLC# 07145084



419       Religious Signing: The Comprehensive Guide for All Faiths.
C           Elaine Costello
            An easy to follow comprehensive guide for communication with the
            deaf in any religious setting. Includes more than 500 signs, a
            section of favorite verses, prayers and blessings.
            OCLC# 12975119

DV 289.92   The Secret of Family Happiness.
            Jehovah Witnesses discuss family relationships.
            (Accompanying videotapes also available) OCLC# 35846410

419         Signs in Judaism. Adele Kronick Shuart
S           In addition to teaching Jewish religious signs, this book will help
            readers gain knowledge of the religious, historical and cultural
            background of Judaism. OCLC# 13823716

Sign Language

419         American Sign Language: A Beginning Course. Catherine
K           Kettrick
            This book is designed around lessons in ASL grammar. No English
            equivalents are provided for the illustrations as vocabulary is taught
            in “concepts” not “words” OCLC# 11383215

419         American Sign Language: A Comprehensive Dictionary.
S           Martin L.A. Sternberg
            This reference work contains over 5,000 entries, eleven foreign
            language indexes and a bibliography of 1,300 works on deafness.
            OCLC# 03276243



004.03      American Sign Language Computer Dictionary. Elaine Costello,
C           Ph.D.
         Compilation of ASL computer signs. Contains clear, complete
         definitions; cross-references to lead to the appropriate term and
         sign; full torso illustrations; and easy-to-follow descriptions of the
         signs. OCLC #48013686

419.03   American Sign Language Dictionary, Third Edition. Martin L.A.
S        Sternberg
         An abridged edition of what Los Angeles Times calls “the most
         comprehensive and clearly written dictionary of sign language ever
         published” which includes more than 5,000 signs and 8,000
         illustrations. OCLC# 39210132

419      American Sign Language: Fact and Fancy. Harry Markowicz
M        This book attempts to dispel the numberous misconceptions about
         American Sign Language. As a result, readers can obtain a healthy
         respect that rightfully emerges for this finely wrought structure that
         is a language. OCLC# 03333825

419      The American Sign Language Handshape Starter. Richard A.
T        Tennant and Marianne Gluszak Brown
         This handbook illustrates 840 of the most frequently used signs,
         arranging them by the 40 standard handshapes used in American
         Sign Language. OCLC# 50242973

419      The American Sign Language Phrase Book. Louie J. Fant
F        This book teaches phrases, expressions, sentences and questions
         that come up in everyday conversation. (Accompanying videotapes
         also available) OCLC# 30473690



419      American Sign Language: A Student Text. Units 1-9.
C        Dennis Cokely
      Not for beginners, this text is intended to help students acquire
      skills in the major grammatical features of ASL. Each unit focuses
      on a different topic. (Accompanying videotapes also available)
      OCLC# 18483577

419   American Sign Language: A Student Text. Unit 10-18.
C     Dennis Cokely
      Not for beginners, this text is intended to help students acquire
      skills in the major grammatical features of ASL. Each unit focuses
      on a different topic. (Accompanying videotapes also available)
      OCLC# 18483577

419   American Sign Language: A Student Text. Unit 19-27.
C     Dennis Cokely
      Not for beginners, this text is intended to help students acquire
      skills in the major grammatical features of ASL. Each unit focuses
      on a different topic. (Accompanying videotapes also available)
      OCLC# 18483577

419   American Sign Language: A Teacher’s Resource Text on
B     Grammar and Culture. Charlotte Baker and Dennis Cokely
      Aimed at teachers of sign language, this text provides a summary
      of what is recently known about the structure of ASL and the
      description of the people who use that language in the American
      Deaf Community. OCLC# 07085122

419   American Sign Language: Unabridged Edition. Martin L.
S     Sternberg
      This book is included more than 1,500 new signs and 4,000 new
      illustrations. OCLC# 39223685



419   Ameslan: An Introduction to American Sign Language.
F     Louie J. Fant
      These 14 lessons do not teach signs but rather how to put signs
      together the way that deaf people do. A series of accompanying
      films is available from the publisher. OCLC#00532500

419   A Basic Course in American Sign Language. Tom Humphries,
H     Carol Padden and Terrance J. O'Rourke
      The textbook incorporates the latest information about ASL
      structure as well as widely used second language teaching
      techniques and learning strategies. (Accompanying videotapes also
      available) OCLC# 31008117

419   B.A.S.I.C S.I.G.N Communication. William Newell
N     This book contains illustrations of approximately 1,000 signs
      important for everyday conversation in alphabetical order.
      OCLC# 10377765

419   The Book of Name Signs: Naming in American Sign Language.
S     Samuel J. Suppalla
      This one of a kind publication outlines the system whereby name
      signs are formed and given within Deaf communities. Hundreds of
      examples are provided to help people select appropriate name
      signs that follow the ASL rules of formation and use.
      OCLC# 26874364

419   Conversational Sign Language II: An Intermediate-Advanced
M     Manual. Willard J. Madsen
      This book meets a long unmet need for teachers, professional
      workers, prospective interpreters, and the general public as they
      progress from formal sign language to the language as it is
      communicated in the Deaf community. OCLC# 00945984



419   Expressive and Receptive Fingerspelling for Hearing
G     Adults. LaVera M. Guillory
         This eight-part course is designed to teach basic phonetic elements
         of the English language rather than the individual letters of the
         manual alphabet. OCLC# 00220862

419      Fingerpselling in American Sign Language. Brenda E.
C        Cartwright and Suellen J. Bahleda
         A comprehensive book for fingerspelling practice. Lessons focus
         on history, use, receptive and expressive pointers, lexicalized
         fingerspelling and more. The book contains many practical and
         creative exercises, drills and activities. Suitable for beginner and
         intermediate ASL students. OCLC# 51054468

419      From Mime to Sign. Gilbert C. Eastman
E        The textbook is a unique approach to teaching American Sign
         Language. It contains more than 1,000 visual concepts and an
         epilogue of over 175 signs. (Accompanying videotapes also
         available) OCLC# 20028326

419.03   The Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language. Clayton
G        Valli
         This dictionary represents more than five years of meticulous
         assessment and labor. Featuring more than 3,000 illustration, this
         book displays the most useful selection of signs to be found in any
         single ASL reference source. Each sign illustration incorporates a
         compete list of English synonyms. OCLC# 60972163

419      Hyper Sign: An Interactive Dictionary of American Sign
H        Language. Ann K. Leiberth and Doug Martin
         Reinforce your vocabulary with this CD packed with 2000 signed
         video clips. Search by categories or specific signs. Includes games,
         ASL rules, fingerspelling, and more! For all ages.
         OCLC# 39127045



419      An Intellectual Look at American Sign Language. Tom Bertling
I        This book is an important collection of essays centered around
         American Sign Language. No OCLC#.
419   Intermediate Sign Language. Louie Fant
F     The second book in a series designed to provide continuity in the
      study of Ameslan. This book builds upon the structure present in
      Sign Language and attempts to help the student become more
      proficient in Ameslan. OCLC# 06885474

419   International Hand Alphabet Charts. Simon J. Carmel
I     This second edition of this collection of manual alphabets from
      around the world. OCLC# 08405949

419   Introduction to American Sign Language. Harry W. Hoemann
H     A 116-page readable summary of the principles of ASL grammar
      along with background information on ASL and deafness.
      OCLC# 13515060

419   I Want to Talk: A Child Model of American Sign Language.
H     Harry W. Hoemann and Rosemarie Lucafo
      This book analyzes the expressive sign language of Mike Barry, the
      seven year of deaf son of deaf parents. The author uses Mike’s
      signed sentences to teach and illustrate the grammatical principles
      of ASL. (Accompanying videotapes also available)
      OCLC# 7010706

419   The Joy of Signing Puzzle Book.
H      Linda L. Hillebrand with Lottie L. Riekehof
      This workbook provides crossword puzzles and other activities to
      reinforce the sign vocabulary taught in The Joy of Signing.
      (Accompanying videotape also available) OCLC# 22747436



419   The Joy of Signing: The New Illustrated Guide for Mastering
R     Sign Language and the Manual Alphabet. Lottie L. Riekehof
      This book is designed to acquaint students of sign language with
      basic sign vocabulary. (Accompanying videotape also available)
      OCLC# 03413847

419   Learning American Sign Language. Tom Humphries and
H     Carol Paddon
      The lessons in this workbook are structured around language
      needed for common life situations. Examples are provided in the
      form of dialogues coupled with grammar and vocabulary instruction.
      (Accompanying videotape also available.)
      OCLC# 24066213

419   Lift Up Your Hands: Inspirational and Patriotic Songs in the
W     Language of Signs. Donna Gadling Weaks
      Consists of two volumes of popular songs in sign language with
      melody lines, chords, words, and illustrations of the signed
      translations. OCLC# 11816510

419   Linguistics of American Sign Language. Clayton Valli and
V     Ceil Lucas
      The compressive text explains the fundamentals of phonology,
      morphology, syntax and the use of language as related to ASL.
      (Accompanying videotape also available) OCLC# 45024552

419   Numbering in American Sign Language. Brenda E. Cartwright
C     and Suellen J. Bahleda
      Incorporates lessons on a wide range of numbering topics,
      including both citation form and common variations. Each chapter
      includes an assortment of practical and creative exercises, drills
      and activities. Suitable for beginner and intermediate ASL
      students. OCLC# 51954655



419   Numbering In American Sign Language: Number Signs for
N     Everyone. Dawn Sign Press
        Everything you need to know for expressing numbers in terms of
        quantities, time, money, measurements, game scores, and more.
        Number sign vocabulary and phrases, shown with sign illustrations
        and English translations. OCLC# 39143205

401     Original Signs. David F. Armstrong
A       This book embraces the Darwinian concept of natural selection and
        extends it to the formation of language. OCLC# 40305610

419     The Other Side of Silence: Sign Language and the Deaf
N       Community in America. Arden Neisser
        This book contains the realities of the world of the deaf and the
        issues that often go unexamined while the oral/manual debate
        continues: control of schools and agencies, allocation of
        multimillion-dollar budgets, the quality of education and of lives.
        OCLC# 09646443

610.3   Random House Webster’s American Sign Language Medical
C       Dictionary. Elaine Costello
        Webster’s sign language medical dictionary contains over 1,000
        terms on current treatments, symptoms, and other essential
        medical vocabulary. This book will help facilitate clearer
        communication between ASL users and healthcare professionals.
        OCLC# 44681763

419     Say It With Hands. Louie Fant
F       This introduction to manual communication covers 500 basic signs.
        Each lesson includes practice drills. OCLC# 01030888



419     Sign and Culture: A Reader for Students of American Sign
S       Language. William C. Stokoe
      This book contains a selection of papers to give students,
      educators, teachers and parents useful information. The chapters
      are arranged in four sections: what is sign language; learning and
      using sign language, sign language and culture; biological and
      interactive roots of sign language. OCLC# 06694931

419   Signed English for the Classroom. Ralph R. Miller
M     Prepared for the classroom teacher, this book contains phrases
      and words needed for a typical school day. Lessons are arranged
      by subjects such as “classroom items”, “numbers and coins,” etc.
      OCLC# 01418654

419   Signing Everyday Phrases. Mickey Flodin
F     This book is designed to give hospital workers, doctors, police,
      firefighters, emergency personnel, and anyone who comes in
      contact with Deaf people a basic sign language vocabulary to
      express common, everyday ideas, events and feelings.
      OCLC# 34746135

419   Signing: How to Speak With Your Hands. Elaine Costello
C     Arranged by chapters in which similar signs are grouped together.
      Enough basic information is given in the first chapter to enable the
      students to begin rudimentary signing immediately. Contains an
      index and selected bibliography. OCLC# 09153567

419   Signing Naturally: Student Workbook Level One. Ella Mae Lenz
S     Ken Mikos and Cheri Smith
      This workbook supplements and reinforces signing Naturally Level
      One classroom instruction and provides students with an effective
      way to review, practice and retain what they have learned in class.
      (Accompanying videotape also available) OCLC# 20875380



419   Signing Naturally: Student Workbook Level Two. Ella Mae Lenz
S     Ken Mikos and Cheri Smith
         This workbook supplements and reinforces Signing Naturally Level
         Two classroom instruction and provides students with an effective
         way to review, practice and retain what they have learned in class.
         (Accompanying videotapes also available) OCLC# 26108601

419      Sign Language Crash Course I. 3rd Edition. LindaLee Massoud
M        This book is designed for community education, self-study, and
         “Enrichment” sign language classes. Uses ASL and PSE.
         (Accompanying videotape also available) OCLC# 42903987

419      Sign Language Crash Course II. LindaLee Massoud
M        Continuation of Sign Language Crash Course I. This book contains
         lessons 9-16. (Accompanying videotape also available)
         OCLC# 40659182

DV 419   Sign Language For All Ages. Sign-Pak, Inc.
         The worksheets will reinforce academic skills, promote socialization
         enrichment, gain better understanding of a new way of
         communication and enhance deaf awareness. (Accompanying
         videotapes also available) OCLC# 15607617

419.03   Signos Para El Ingles Exacto. Maruxa Salgues Cargill, Lou
G        Brown, Gerilee Gustason, and Ester Zawolkow.
         A book for Spanish-speaking families of deaf and heard of hearing
         children in schools using Signing Exact English. OCLC# 10100336

419      Signs Everywhere. Nancy Kelly-Jones
K        A listing of signs for cities in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
         U.S. and Canadian cities are arranged by state or province.
         Mexican cities are in Mexican, not American, sign. OCLC#



419      Signs for All Seasons: More Sign Language Games.
K        Suzie Linton Kirchner
         Contains games and activities to be played in pantomime, gestures,
         fingerspelling and sign language for everyone.
      OCLC# 03633582

419   Signs for Computing Terminology. Steven L. Jamison
J     This book illustrates signs for common computer vocabulary.
      (Accompanying videotapes also available) OCLC# 10341217

419   Signs for Me: Basic Sign Vocabulary for Children, Parents and
B     Teachers. Ben Bahan and Joe Dannis
      This unique sign text links the printed English word with an
      illustration of the concept. The ASL equivalent is printed next to the
      illustration to emphasize that there is not a one-to-one
      correspondence between English words and ASL signs.
      Illustrations are large and clear. OCLC# 22205082

419   Signs of Language. Edward Klima
K     Discusses the origin and development of ASL, the internal structure
      of its basic units and the grammatical processes it employs. One
      purpose of this book is to demonstrate that a human language can
      arise and develop independently of spoken language and that the
      human capacity for language is deeper than the mere capacity to
      vocalize. OCLC# 04569939

419   Student Study Guide for A Basic Course in American Sign
D     Language. Frances S. DeCapite
      This book teaches the grammar as well as the vocabulary of ASL
      with clear explanations, examples and exercises. (Accompanying
      videotapes also available) OCLC# 18352735



419   Talk With Me: Communication with the Multi-Handicapped
T     Deaf. Jeanne Huffman
         Demonstrates over 435 specialized signs developed for ASL, which
         have proven effective for use with the multi-handicapped deaf in the
         California State Hospital System. OCLC# 01288781

419      Talk With Your Hands. David O. Watson
W        Arranged by subject, this two-volume dictionary of ASL can be used
         as a textbook or reference work. OCLC# 00800241

419      The Video Dictionary of ASL Signs. Ray Bearden.
V        This manual is great resource for a community, college, or church
         library. (Accompanying videotapes also available)
         OCLC# 45817123

641.5    The Visual Language Cookbook. Gayle Joyce
J        A step-by-step guide to cooking with sign language directions.
         Contains everything from hors d’oeurves to desserts.
         OCLC# 06206290

                       CHILDRENS' FICTION

813.54   Alan and the Baron. Ron Hamilton
H        Alan, a ten-year-old deaf boy, helps train Baron, a horse, for the big
         race. Alan detects Baron’s problem just in time to help him win.
         OCLC# 10081522



JF       The After-Christmas Tree. Linda Wagner Tyler
T        One family is sad to say goodbye to their Christmas tree at the end
         of the holiday season. The family wonders how to make the holiday
         spirit last. They decide to invite friends and family over for an after
         Christmas party. After some fun ice skating on the pond, the group
         collects pine cones to bring back to the house to decorate with
         peanut butter, popcorn and berries and then hang on the tree
         outside. The group retreats inside with mugs of hot chocolate to
         watch the birds enjoy the Christmas tree’s “second season of
         giving.” OCLC# 25711417

813      Breakaway. Ruth Hallman
H        In this novel, Kate and her boyfriend, who recently became deaf,
         run away to Georgia where Rob can learn to live independently
         without interference from his mother. OCLC# 06864029

811.52   Casey at the Bat. Ernest Lawrence Thayer
T        The book tells a poetic story that baseball is coming soon, and what
         better way to start the season than with an action-packed baseball
         adventure. Casey, the star player of the Mudville Nine, is the team’s
         last hope of winning the big game. Will Casey hit one over the
         fences or will he strike out? OCLC# 37029892

419      Cinderella / Rumpelstiltskin: A Children’s Classic Retold in
C        ASL. Adapted by the editors of Dawn Sign Press
         A vivid retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s children’s classics of
         the emperor who wore no clothes and Hans Clodhopper who
         married a princess. (Accompanying videotape also available)
         OCLC# 28896929

JF       Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett
B        In this hilarious story a grandfather tells about a town where the
         weather is anything about ordinary. In fact, extraordinary doesn’t
         even begin to describe it; instead of rain and snow, the clouds let
         out soup and meatballs. But what will happen when suddenly the
         food starts getting larger? Will they be able to save their town, or
         will it be destroyed by giant pancakes? OCLC# 03707689


F        Deaf Child Crossing. Marlee Matlin
M        Megan is excited when Cindy, a hearing girl, moves into her
         neighborhood, hoping to have a best friend. The two girls become
         friends and Cindy learns sign language to communicate with
         Megan. When the girls go to summer camp, though, Cindy
      becomes jealous that Megan spends all of her time with a deaf girl
      there. Before they can mend their differences, both girls have to
      learn what it means to be a friend. OCLC# 48619309

JF    Duck for President. Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin
C     This colorful and humorous book is about a duck who started on a
      farm with a couple of chores. He wanted to be more! He went on to
      become a farmer, a governor, and even the president. So what
      happens when a duck finally gets everything he wants?
      OCLC# 53223488

419   The Flying Fingers Club. Jean F. Andrews
A     This book is about the boy, Donald who struggles with his learning
      disability and makes new friend with a Deaf boy, who teaches him
      sign language. OCLO# 18162862

419   The Girl Who Wouldn’t Talk. Cheryl and Jim Goldfeter
G     An illustrated poem that tells of the life of a deaf girl from early
      detection of her hearing loss, through an attempt at oral education
      and finally to her transfer to the state school for the Deaf.
      OCLC# 03242335

???   Groundhog Gets A Say. Pamela Curtis Swallow
?     A hilarious story is about an eager groundhog who feels that
      groundhogs are misunderstood and underappreciated.
      Groundhogs have so many talents that humans don’t even know
      about! Groundhogs can move seven hundred pounds of dirt and
      rocks in one day, climb trees and even are related to the squirrel
      family. Will this young groundhog succeed in his mission to change
      the world’s understanding of groundhogs and make Groundhog’s
      Day last all year long? OCLC#



JF    The Hallo-Wiener. Dav Pilkey
P     This book tells a hilarious and festive story about a dachshund
      named Oscar. His dog friends constantly tease him about being a
         dachshund “hotdog” dog. For Halloween, he's determined to have
         the scariest costume so all his friends will be jealous. Oscar is very
         sad when he realizes his Mom got him a "hotdog bun" costume, but
         wears the costume so he won't disappoint her. Oscar just knows
         this will be the worst Halloween ever. While trick or treating
         something unexpected happens, but Oscar comes to his
         friends’ rescue and saves the day! OCLC# 31604470

419      Hasta Luego, San Diego. Jean F. Andrews
A        A third in the series of mysteries with a young, deaf character, this
         book recounts the adventures of the Flying Fingers Club as they
         investigate thefts of rare cockatoos from the San Diego Zoo.
         OCLC# 22887638

JF       Horton Hatches the Egg. Dr. Seuss
S        In yet another zany story, Dr. Seuss takes us into a world of crazy
         characters and an even crazier problem. Mayzie, a lazy bird, has
         decided to leave for vacation, but what will she do with her egg?
         Who will take care of it while she’s gone? OCLC# 03603867

362.42   I’m Deaf and It’s Okay. Lorraine Aseltine, Evelyn Mueller, and
A        Nancy Tait
         A young boy explains how lonely and frustrated he feels because
         he can't hear and dislikes the hearing aids he wears. He is angry
         because he knows he will always have them, however, his feelings
         start to change when he meets a teenage boy who also wears
         hearing aids. OCLC# 12805685



419      The Little Mermaid: A Children’s Classic Retold in ASL.
A        Adapted by the editors of Dawn Sign Press
         Renowned Deaf storyteller Ben Bahan incorporates facial
         expressions, body movements, and sign language in a vivid
      retelling of the children’s classic of the mermaid and her prince.
      (Accompanying videotape also available) OCLC# 26571624

JF    Monsoon. Uma Krishnaswami & Jamel Akib
K     In northern India, a young girl observes the sights and sounds of
      her town as everyone anxiously waits for the monsoon to arrive.
      The welcome rain will help to wash away the dust and bring relief
      from the hot dry wind. But what if the monsoon rain does not come?

JF     Mooseltoe. Margie Palatini and Henry Cole
P     This amazing and imaginative book is about a Moose who is full of
      holiday cheer. All of his planning and preparation is going perfectly
      until he realizes he forgot the Christmas tree. What is Moose going
      to do? OCLC# 43167927

813   Muddy Four Paws. Jean Ure.
U     Scholastic Children’s Books
      This book is about a girl, Clara Carter who finds a suitcase in the
      ditch and it yelps. She and Jilly find Mud, a rather large dog; finding
      him changed their life forever. OCLC# 40119818

419   The Musicians of Bremen, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty:
M     A Children’s Classic Retold in ASL. Adapted by the editors of
      Dawn Sign Press
      The renowned Deaf storytellers Ben Bahan and Nathie Marby
      incorporate facial expressions, body movements, and sign
      language in a vivid retelling of three children’s classics.
      (Accompanying videotape also available) OCLC# 28896708



F     Nobody’s Perfect. Marlee Matlin and Doug Cooney
M     This is a fictional story about Alexis, a new student, and Megan,
      who is deaf. Megan, who has tried to befriend Alexis, starts to fear
      that Alexis is treating her differently because she is deaf. When the
        girls are paired together for a school project, Megan realizes that
        nobody is perfect. OCLC# 60796088

636.7   Nose Knows: The Adventures of Nose, Wonderdog. Charles
A       Nose. Nose Books, Inc.
        A series about Nose, the smallest pup in the litter, who was found
        to be deaf and blind at two months old, stories of Nose’s
        adventures. No OCLC#

                      Volume 1 - Let’s Meet Nose
                      Volume 2 - How Nose Got her Name
                      Volume 3 - Nose Meets her Neighbors

JF      Oliver Gets FM. Maureen Cassidy Riski
R       Oliver had a hard time understanding what other people were
        saying, even with his hearing aids. His audiologist suggests he try
        an FM system, which helps people who have a hearing loss hear
        better in a noisy room, or when the speaker is at a distance, in
        school and at home. After starting to use the FM system, Oliver
        can once again hear better than he had before. OCLC# 52491529

JF      Oliver Gets Hearing Aids. Maureen Cassidy Riski & Nikolas
R       Klakow
        Oliver has a hearing impairment therefore struggles to follow
        directions in school and have fun with his friends. His life changes
        when his parents take him to an audiologist where his hearing is
        tested and he gets fitted with hearing aids. Provides a speech and
        hearing checklist outlining expected behaviors of children from 3
        months to 5 years. OCLC# 52005480



398     Once Upon A Time: A Children’s Classic Retold in ASL.
O       Adapted by the editors of Dawn Sign Press
        This Illustrated English translation of the Hans Christian Anderson
        classic is designed to accompany the videotaped ASL versions.
        OCLC# 42490233 Please specify volume number
               Volume 1 - The Little Mermaid
               Volume 2 - The Emperor’s New Clothes/ Hans Clodhopper
               Volume 3 - The Fisherman and His Wife/ Hansel and Gretel
               Volume 4 - Rapunzel/ The Musicians of Bremen & Sleeping
               Volume 5 - The Princess and the Pea/ Inchilena
               Volume 6 - Cinderella/ Rumpelstiltskin

362.42   Philip and The Boy Who Said, “Huh?” John Paulits.
P        This book is about Philip Felton realizes that his new friend,
         Eugene has a hearing problem and is in denial. With Philip’s help,
         Eugene learns that it is ok to be different. OCLC# 46614671

JF       Pooch on the Loose: A Christmas Adventure. Steven Kroll &
K        Michael Garland
         The adventure story is about Christmas time and Bart, a Scottie
         dog, who longs to enjoy the hustle and bustle of New York City
         without being on his leash. When his owner Max brings home a
         Christmas tree, Bart takes the opportunity to break away and
         explore the sights and sounds of Manhattan. Although he covers
         quite a bit of ground, Bart realizes something is missing…
         OCLC# 57134472

629.45   Pupniks: The Story of Two Space Dogs. S. Ruth Lubka
L        PUPNIKS is the true story of two Russian dogs, Belka and Strelka,
         who in 1960 orbited Earth in the space satellite Sputnik 5. The
         success of their mission helped pave the way for human space
         travel. OCLC#51297224



813.54   Robin Sees a Song. Jim and Cheryl Pahz
P        This poem features Robin, a deaf character in The Girl Who
         Wouldn’t Talk. In a dream, Robin is taught to appreciate ‘songs’ she
         can see rather than hear. OCLC# 3609955
419     The Secret in the Dorm Attic. Jean F. Andrews
A       Second in a series of mysteries, this book describes the adventures
        of a young hearing boy as he visits his deaf friend at the state’s
        residential school. Their investigation of strange happenings in the
        dorm attic and the theft of a priceless necklace result in exciting
        new adventures. OCLC# 21197869

813     The Silent One. Joy Cowley
C       This novel, set in the South Pacific, tells the story of a deaf boy who
        is alienated from his people but finds comfort and acceptance in the
        silent world of the sea. OCLC# 06708506

636.7   The St. Bernard is in the Yard. Pete Campione
C       This clever rhyming book shows children that dogs can be good
        companions when you are lonely and in need of a friend.
        NO OCLC#.

398     Stone Soup. Marcia Brown
B       Three tired and hungry soldiers stumble upon a village on their way
        home from war. Afraid of the soldiers, the villagers hide their food.
        With nothing to share, the soldiers decide to make a hearty stone
        soup. Stone Soup? Curious, the villagers can’t wait to help make
        the soup... OCLC#10896758

JF      Superdog: The Heart of a Hero. Caralyn Buehner and Mark t
B       Buehner
        This story is about all of Dexter’s friends who make fun of him
        because he is too tiny to even play with the others. So no one
        believed when Dexter tried to become a Superhero. Was he too
        small to save his friend Cleevis’ life? OCLC# 49494965



???     Tacky the Penguin. Helen Lester
?         A hilarious story is about Tacky, who is not your typical formal and
          proper penguin. He is one unique bird that marches to the beat of
          his own drum. He is loud, dresses funny and is always full of antics.
          His fellow penguins agree that his bad habits are…tacky! However,
          when trouble comes to town and threatens the penguins’ existence,
          it is Tacky’s “un-penguin-like” behavior that saves the day.

371.912   Thanks A Lot! Lucille R. Kramer
K         This is a story about a deaf boy, Jordon, who uses sign language
          instead of speech, and how he finds a way to make friends through
          the school play. OCLC# 33886339

JF        Tub-boo-boo. Margie Palatini
P         The book tells a hilarious story about a boy, Henry, who is trying to
          stop the drippy faucet. While taking his bath, he gets his big toe
          stuck in the spigot of the tub. Mother tries to fix his “tub-boo-boo”
          but ends up getting stuck as well. Dad comes to the rescue but
          then his tie gets tangled up. The bathroom gets crowded with
          people all trying to fix the “tub-boo-boo”. Will Henry and those who
          try to rescue him ever be free? OCLC# 41958885

JF        A Turkey for Thanksgiving. Eve Bunting
B         Mrs. Moose’s Thanksgiving table and guest list are all in order
          except for one thing- the turkey. She complains to Mr. Moose that
          everyone else has a turkey except for them. So Mr. Moose sets out
          to find Mrs. Moose a turkey to complete this year’s Thanksgiving
          feast. When Mr. Moose finds a nice plumb turkey and invites him
          over for dinner, Turkey becomes scared. Mr. Moose has to
          convince Turkey to join the festivities and Turkey is pleasantly
          surprised when he finds himself a guest at the Thanksgiving table,
          not on it. OCLC# 22709254



398.245   Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears: A West African Tale.
A         Verna Aardema & Leo and Diane Dillon
          In the book, Mosquito tells Iguana a tall tale that sends Iguana off in
          a huff at being told nonsense. This sets off a chain reaction of
          events with the jungle animals until it reaches Mother Owl and she
          refuses to wake up the sun with her hoot. To bring back order to
          the jungle, the animals work to resolve the problem and teach
          Mosquito a lesson. OCLC# 43023671

JF        Wild About Books. Judy Sierra
S         The adventures in the book begin when Molly, the librarian,
          mistakenly parks her bookmobile at, of all places, the zoo! What are
          animals supposed to do with books? Molly begins by showing them
          all different kinds of books, and soon the animals begin
          doing much more than just reading. OCLC# 52165725

                        CHILDREN’S NON-FICTION


362.42    Amy: The Story of a Deaf Child. Lou Ann Walker
W         Text and photographs depict the life of a deaf fifth-grader, Amy
          Rowley, who goes to regular school and enjoys normal activities
          with the help of hearing aids and sign language. OCLC# 11234734

371.912   Anna’s Silent World. Bernard Wolf
W         This book is a sensitive portrayal of a six-year old girl who was born
          deaf yet is able to lead a complete and active life in a world full of
          sound. OCLC# 02655656



813       Apple is My Sign. Mary Riskind
R         This story is about growing up in a deaf family and the use of sign
          language/communication among Apple Harry’s friends. Exposure to
          how Deaf means of communication and talking are different.
          OCLC# 07170957

635.997   A Small World to Hold in Your Hand. Gerald P. Stowell.
S         A story about Mickey, how to grow a bonsai tree, and the life of the
          bonsai. No OCLC#

636.7     Caesar: On Deaf Ears. Loren Spiotta-DiMare
S         This story is about the Deaf dog. OCLC# 38268769

JF        Dad, Jackie, and Me. Myron Uhlberg
U         It is 1947 and a young Brooklyn boy can hardly wait for Jackie
          Robinson to join the Dodger’s team lineup. He is surprised learn
          that his Deaf father is excited as well. His father shares that he
          relates to Jackie Robinson’s triumph with own personal struggle for
          respect and acceptance. Together they enjoy going to games
          together and working on the Jackie Robinson scrapbook they
          created. Through baseball, a father and son learn to grow in
          acceptance of each other. OCLC# 56050976

JF        Elana’s Ears or How I Become the Best Big Sister in the World.
L         Gloria Roth Lowell & Karen Stormer Brooks
          This book tells the heartwarming story of Lacey, the “only dog” in
          the house. Lacey has all the fun and attention any dog could ask
          for. But things change one day when Mom and Dad bring home a
          new baby – Baby Elana. Although she is a dog, Lacy is proud to
          consider herself Elana’s “big sister.” When Lacey tries to teach
          Baby Elana to bark she realizes that the baby can’t hear. Lacey the
          dog saves the day by communicating this to Elana’s parents and
          helps Baby Elana by becoming her “ears.”OCLC# 42392151



636.7     For Pete’s Sake! Linda Verville. Melissa Pelletier.
V         This book is about a German Shepard/Husky, Chelsea who tells a
          true story of her best friend Australian Shepard/Dalmation, Pete
          who was born blind and Deaf. An inspiration to children and adults
          to believe in themselves despite their limitations. OCLC# 53997282

636.753   Gretchen: The Bicycle Dog. Anita Heyman
H         This book is a true story of a dachshund who adjusts to a serious
          handicap. After an unfortunate jump, Gretchen loses the function of
          her hind legs. OCLC# 51823832

362.42    Hannie. B. Luetke-Stahlam
L         This story features a hearing girl, Hannie, and her two deaf sisters.
          OCLC# 34683184

362.42    I Have a Sister- My Sister is Deaf. Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson
P         A young girl describes how her deaf sister experiences everyday
          things. OCLC# 02507874

362.42    Inner Lives of Deaf Children. Martha Sheridan
S         (Interviews & Analysis)
          This book is about the children’s voices as they tell us about their
          lifeworlds – their images of themselves and others in their lives.
          OCLC# 45799628

362.42    Laurent Clerc, The Story of His Early Years.
C         Cathryn Carrol
          A biographical novel is about the youth of Laurent Clerc, the first
          deaf teacher of the Deaf in the United States. OCLC# 23143161

362.42    Lisa and Her Soundless World. Edna S. Levine
L         This book is designed to create an understanding attitude towards
          the deaf and by the deaf at a child’s level. OCLC# 00700974


JF        Perkins Goes Out. Odds Bodkin
B         Perkins Panda had a wonderful day with his friends Earl and Sam.
          They visit the playground for a picnic, walked through town and
          made a trip to the library. Earl and Sam are blind and showed
          Perkins Panda how they experience life through touch, sound and
          smell. To remember the day, Perkins Panda decides to write an
          experience story in Braille for Earl and record a tape for Sam.
          OCLC# 56504642

362.41    A Picture Book of Helen Keller. David A. Adler
A         This book tells the challenges faced by Helen Keller, who grew up
          both blind and deaf. Feeling alone and frustrated, she reacted
          negatively to her family and friends. When teacher Anne Sullivan
          came to live with her, Helen fought the opportunity to learn. Over
          time Helen realized that learning allowed her to communicate and
          opened a new world full of opportunity for her. OCLC# 20934266

686.282   A Picture Book of Louis Braille. David A. Adler
A         This fun and informative book about Louis Braille’s life. It tells the
          story about how he became blind and how he coped with his
          newfound disability. Through family support and a strong desire to
          learn, he ends up changing history! OCLC# 35360654

379.263   Remember: The Journey to School Integration. Toni Morrison
M         This inspirational book full of wonderful photographs tells the
          feelings and emotions of black children before and after Brown
          versus Education. What is it like when black children and white
          children go from being separated to being together in school?
          OCLC# 53276316

JF        Sam the Minuteman. Nathaniel Benchley. Illustrated by: Arnold
B         Lobel. Harper Collins.
          The American Revolution is about to begin, and Sam, a young
          Minuteman, must overcome his fears in order to help his
          countrymen fight for freedom. OCLC# 00021293



362.42    Silent Observer. Christy MacKinnon
M         In this beautifully illustrated book the author tells of her life as a
          deaf child in the late 1800’s in Nova Scotia. OCLC# 28149144
JF           The Winter of Red Snow: The Revolutionary War Diary of
G            Abigail Jane Stewart. Kristiana Gregory. Scholastic Inc.
             Abigail Jane Stewart lives in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; 1777. Her
             diary is an account of her life during the Revolutionary War.
             OCLC# 56114478

362.42       What is the Sign for Friend? Judith Greenberg
G            Text and photographs depict the life of Shane, a deaf child who
             goes to a regular grade school and enjoys normal activities with the
             help of a sign language interpreter, and hearing aids.
             OCLC# 11519081

813          Words in Our Hands. Ada Bassett Litchfield
L            Describes life in a family where both parents are deaf from the
             perspective of their 9 year old son. When the family moves, the
             adjustment is difficult for them all. OCLC# 05831853

      Gallaudet Pre-School English Project Publications

The following books were produced by the Gallaudet Pre-School English Project
in the early 1970’s. They include children’s classics, nursery rhymes, and some
original works illustrated with the signed English translations of the text.

419          All By Myself. Ralph R. Miller
M            A little boy tells about the things he can do all by himself.
             OCLC# 04651874

419          At Night: A First Book of Prepositions. Linda C. Tom
T            This book presents 20 frequently used prepositions in an amusing
             format. OCLC# 02466381


419          Baby’s Animal Book. Jack L. Fennell
F            A preschool level book which teaches children the signs for some
             favorite animals such as kitten, dog, elephant, and mouse.
             OCLC# 04651700
419   Be Careful. Ralph Miller
M     A book of cautions which attempts to show the child in an amusing
      manner just what will happen if s/he is careless or thoughtless.
      OCLC# 02416810

419   Bobby Visits the Dentist. Ann Silver
S     Describes a first visit to the dentist in a way so as to prevent
      negative attitudes and make the dentist appear a kindly and helpful
      person. OCLC# 02479976

419   Cars and Trucks and Things. Ralph R. Miller
M     Describes many vehicles, which a young child encounters very
      early such as tricycles, wagons, cars and trucks. OCLC# 01522899

419   Circus Time. Ralph R. Miller
M     A visit to the circus teaches related vocabulary. OCLC# 02407094

419   The Clock Book. Linda C. Tom
T     The time of day shown on a clock with the corresponding activity
      such as lunchtime and naptime, are discussed. OCLC# 02197866

419   Count and Color. Linda C. Tom
T     An introduction to color and numbers. OCLC# 01522832

419   The Gingerbread Man. Ann Silver
S     Tells of the gingerbread man who jumps out of the oven and taunts
      his pursuers until he meets a wiley fox. OCLC# 02407083



419   Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Karen Luczak Saulnier
S     Retells the tale of Goldilock’s visit to the bear’s home.
      OCLC# 07781935
419   Good Manners. Ralph R. Miller
M     Contrasts polite manners with ‘animal’ bad behavior. At the end of
      the book the child answers yes or no to examples of good or bad
      conduct. OCLC# 04961636

419   Hansel and Gretel. Ralph R. Miller
S     A retelling of the fairy tale in which children are abandoned in the
      woods, find a witch’s gingerbread house and escape to return
      home. OCLC# 01628642

419   Happy Birthday Carol. Ralph R. Miller
M     Carol celebrates her third birthday with a party and presents.
      OCLC# 00897676

419   The Holiday Book. Jack L. Fennell
F     Describes the major holidays beginning with Halloween and ending
      with the Fourth of July. OCLC# 01293933

419   How To In Signed English. Ralph R. Miller
M     Explains and illustrates how to do almost everything from taking a
      bath to picking up a puppy to eating spaghetti. OCLC# 02299302

419   I want to be a Farmer. Ralph R. Miller
M     In rhyme, this story describes the farmer’s day. OCLC# 00897618

419   Jack and the Beanstalk. Michelle A. Herx
H     A retelling of the fairy tale. OCLC# 02161877



419   Julie Goes to School. Linda C. Tom
T     Spend a day with Julie as she attends preschool.
      OCLC# 04697083
419   The Little Green Monster. Sue Johnson
J     A little green monster is sighted but it is actually a boy playing a
      trick on his big sister. OCLC# 13179739

419   Little Lost Sally. Ann Silver
S     Sally gets lost during a visit to the Zoo with her father.
      OCLC# 01984653

419   Little Poems for Little People. Lillian B. Hamilton
H     Favorite poems from Mother Goose. OCLC# 01293918

419   Little Red Riding Hood. Karen Luczak Saulnier
S     In this retelling of the folktale, both grandma and Little Red Riding
      Hood escape being eaten and the wolf is killed by the woodsman.
      OCLC# 07639058

419   Mathew’s Accident. Linda C. Tom
T     Mathew learns to pay attention to the “Don’t Walk” sign when he
      accidentally slips and falls in the path of an oncoming truck. OCLC#

419   Mouse’s Christmas Eve. Ralph R. Miller
M     Mouse explores the sights and smells of Christmas, gets trapped in
      a stocking and sees Santa Claus. OCLC# 01872764

419   My Toy Book. Ann Silver
S     A very early reader which names a variety of toys.
      OCLC# 01632745



419   The Night Before Christmas. Ralph R. Miller
M     The retelling of the favorite Christmas Eve poem.
      OCLC# 00897660

419   Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose.
N     A collection of favorites such as Humpty-Dumpty, Jack Be Nimble
      and Little Bo Peep. OCLC# 03324614

419   The Pet Shop. Karen Luczak Saulnier and Linda C. Tom
T     A children's book describing the pets one finds in a pet shop in
      Signed English. OCLC# 03646942

419   Sand, Sea, Shells and Sky. Ann Silver
S     A family spends a day at the beach where the children play in the
      sand, observe sea animals, and thoroughly enjoy themselves.
      OCLC# 01293953

419   Songs in Signed English.
S     A collection of songs with musical notation as the sign. Included are
      such favorites as London Bridge, Pop Goes the Weasel, and Three
      Blind Mice. OCLC# 08180490

419   Spring is Green. Ann Silver
S     This book is about the four seasons of the year and the clothes,
      colors and activities that go along with each. OCLC# 05014721

419   Stores. Ralph R. Miller
M     This story takes children and parents to a variety of stores.
      OCLC# 01872869

419   The Things I like to Do. Ralph R. Miller
M     A little girl tells about the things she likes to do. OCLC# 07012165



419   The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Ann Silver
S     The story of the three goats who must face the terrible troll before
      crossing the bridge to green pasture. OCLC# 02479405

419   The Three Little Pigs. Karen Luczak Saulnier
S        The story of the three pigs who outsmart the big bad wolf.
         (Accompanying video also available) OCLC# 01949247

419      The Ugly Duckling. Ralph R. Miller
M        Recounts the transformation of an ugly duckling into a beautiful
         swan. (Accompanying video also available) OCLC# 01636693

419      We’re Going to the Doctor. Ann Silver
S        When Andy the bear goes to the doctor’s office, he meets the nurse
         who weighs and measures him, the audiologist who tests his
         hearing and the doctor who checks to be sure he’s well.
         OCLC# 01871813

419      With My Legs. Ralph R. Miller
M        A little girl shows how she likes to use her sense.
         OCLC# 05014676

Sign Language

419      An Alphabet of Animal Signs. From Early Sign Language Series.
A        This delightful board book presents A-to-Z animal signs,
         accompanying illustrations and the finger alphabets.
         OCLC# 50208303



398.2    Ananse The Spider. From Sign Language Literature Series.
A        Kathy Kifer, Dahna Solar and Charla Barnard
         This soft cover book is illustrated signs complement this simplified
         version of an Ananse tale from the Ashanti people of West Africa,
         explaining why spiders are found on ceilings. OCLC# 41131127
419      Animals in Sign. Frank Caccamis
C        One of three-part series of sign language primers designed for
         young deaf children and their families. OCLC# 2723905

419      The Birth of Jesus in Signed English. American Bible
B        Society
         This comic book tells the Christmas story in pictures, words and
         illustrations of the signed English translation. OCLC# 07855724

DV 419   Come Sign With Us. Jan C. Hafer and Robert M. Wilson
         Here is a fully illustrated activities manual for teaching children sign
         language in English and Spanish. (Accompanying videotape also
         available) OCLC# 34592164

419      Community In Signs. Frank Caccamise
C        One of a three-part series of sign language primers designed for
         young deaf children and their families. OCLC# 03182250

419      Family and Community. From Beginning Sign Language Series.
S         Jane Schneider and Kathy Kifer
          This soft cover book presents family members and relationships as
          well as community members in their job roles. OCLC# 42412547

419      Finger Spelling Fun. David A. Adler
A        Defines fingerspelling and gives instructions for the special
         alphabet. Also includes example of how to have fun with
         fingerspelling. OCLC# 06043166



419      Food in Signs. Frank Caccamise
C        One of a three-part series of sign language primers designed for
         young deaf children and their families. OCLC# 02723758
420      Friends are for Signing. Tim Jackson
J        A story created for four of the characters from Jackson's cartoon, "
         What are Friends for?” OCLC# 9453159

419      Handmade ABC: A Manual Alphabet. Linda Bourke
B        The manual alphabet is introduced through illustrations of each
         signed letter and of items beginning with that letter.
         OCLC# 06981422

419      Handtalk: An ABC of Fingerspelling and Sign Language.
C        Remy Charlip, Mary Beth, and George Ancona
         Bright colored photographs of signs accompany each letter of the
         manual alphabet. OCLC# 00667251

394.26   Holidays & Celebrations. From Beginning Sign Language Series.
S        Jane Schneider and Kathy Kifer
         This soft cover book is a collection of pictures and signs capturing
         the moments of holidays and special occasions occurring in and
         about our daily lives. OCLC# 43643467

419      Moses Goes to a Concert. Isaac Millman
M        The story is about Moses and his schoolmates, all Deaf attend a
         concert where the orchestra’s percussionist is also Deaf. Included
         signs for key words and ideas and is told in pictures, written English
         and American Sign Language. OCLC# 36438774



419      Moses Goes to the Circus. Isaac Millman
M        Moses and his family are going to the Big Apple’s Circus of the
         Senses where everything is specially designed for the deaf, hard of
         hearing and the blind. Moses loves teaching his little sister, Renee,
         who is hearing, the signs for their day at the circus. Detailed
         diagrams of the signs are included. OCLC# 49415490
419   Moses Goes to School. Isaac Millman
M     The story is about Moses and his friends enjoy the first day of
      school at their special school for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing,
      where they use sign language to talk to each other. Included signs
      for key words and ideas and is told in pictures, written English and
      American Sign Language. OCLC# 41981911

JF    Moses Sees A Play. Isaac Millman
M     This appealing ink-and-watercolor artwork book is about a young
      Deaf boy, Moses, who befriends his new friend Manuel. Manuel
      attends another school and has been invited to see the play at
      Moses’ school. Manuel is a new immigrant who speaks only
      Spanish. So what is it that draws Moses and Manuel together?
      OCLC# 51304198

419   My First Book of Sign. Pamela J. Baker
B     A full-color alphabet book, it gives the sign for 150 of the words
      most frequently used by young children. OCLC# 14128248

419   My Signing Book of Numbers. Patricia B. Gillen
G     This full-color alphabet book helps children learn their numbers in
      sign language. OCLC# 17209520

419   Play It By Sign. Suzie Linton Kirchner
K     The games for children to enhance language skills.
      OCLC# 04893618



419   Popsicles are Cold. Sue Johnson
J     Provides signs for frequently used nouns and adjectives.
      OCLC# 11681495

419   Questions and More Questions. Karen Luczak Saulnier
S         This book teaches signs relating to questions words - who, what,
          where, why, and when - that are so much a part of a child's first
          vocabulary. OCLC# 07788558

419       Sesame Street Sign Language ABC Book with Linda Bove.
B         Linda Bove
          Actress Linda Bove teaches youngsters the manual alphabet in
          clear photographs. Each page presents a letter of the alphabet and
          several words beginning with that letter, all illustrated with a Muppet
          scene. OCLC# 11677693

LT 7394   Sesame Street Sign Language Fun With Linda Bove.
419       National Theatre of the Deaf
          Presents the sign language equivalent of concepts related to the
          family, school, colors, seasons, food, and transportation, emotions
          and much more. OCLC# 06087869

419       A Show of Hands: Say it in Sign Language. Mary Beth Sullivan
S         Begins with a young boy who illustrated that all of us use signs to
          some extent. Friends join him and he begins to learn sign
          language. OCLC# 06357180

419       Sign Language. Laura Greene
G         This is a first book discussing Sign Language, its history, sign
          language games and other information about the language.
          OCLC# 06982442



419       Sign Me Fine: Experiencing American Sign Language.
G         Laura Greene and Eva B. Dicker
          Written for young students of ASL, this book contains a brief history
          of ASL, teaches the “building blocks” of handshape, movement,
          location and palm orientation, and helps the reader put it all
          together according to ASL grammar. Practice conversations,
          games, poems, and songs are included. OCLC# 22277900

419       Teaching Your Baby to Sign. Lora Heller
H         This delightful illustrated board book is to teach your infant how to
          sign. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “baby talk”!
          NO OCLC#.




DV 419/   The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
823         These stories are signed in ASL by Patrick Graybill, who portrays
            Dr. Watson, and Gilbert Eastman who is the skillful detective,
            Sherlock Holmes. Each tape contains a brief biography of Sir
            Conan Doyle. (ASL, Voice)

                   Volume 1 - The Adventure of the Speckled Band
                              Why does Helen Stoner fear for her life? And
                              why is she afraid to sleep in her own house?
                              Holmes figures it out, can you?

                   Volume 2 - The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
                              What was it about that derby hat and the
                              Christmas goose that drew Holmes to the case?
                              Can you spot the details?

                   Volume 3 - The Red Headed League
                              Mr. Jabez Wilson, newest member of the Red-
                              Headed League, feels duped and betrayed.
                              Holmes is ready for the challenge. Are you?

DV 419      American Sign Language ABC Stories.
            This tape contains several examples of ABC and number stores.
            ABC stories use the letters of the manual alphabet in alphabetical
            order to tell a story. Number stories use the number handshapes in
            numerical order to tell a story.

DV 331.712 Andrew Bryne’s A-Z Stories Professions.
           Andrew Byrne presents several stories about various professions
           using the A-Z format in ASL.



DV 419      ASL Storytime.
An eight part series of original short stories told in American Sign
Language by a variety of Deaf people. Please specify volume

       Volume 1 - One Day at School- Willard J. Madsen
                  A Camping Experience- Angela McCaskill-
                  June’s Dinner- E. Lynn Jacobowitz
                  A Bus Ride- Poorna Rajagopalan
                  At the Beach- Mike Kemp
                    Miss Gallaudet Pageant- Caroline McCaskill-
                    A War- E. Lynn Jacobowitz
                    House- Cheryl Lundquist

       Volume 2 - At the Hotel- Elsa Lorraine Flores
                  Rifle- Yoon K. Lee
                  A Ride on the Airplane- Poorna Rajagopalan
                  A Dream- E. Lynn Jacobowitz
                  Shopping with Kids- Brenda S. Mitchiner
                  See Now, Never See Again- Mike Kemp
                  Youth Leadership Camp- Jean M. Gordon
                  Gulf War- Stephen M. Ryan

       Volume 3 - At the Airport- E. Lynn Jacobowitz
                  A Trip to Japan- Yoon K. Lee
                  How Did I Lose My Hearing?- Angela McCaskill-
                  Rover- Elsa Lorraine Flores
                  The Importance of Fingerspelling- E. Lynn J
                  Twenty Dollars- Mike Kemp
                  Raw Oysters- Willard Madsen
                  House- Brenda S. Mitchiner



       Volume 4 - Why Did I Move to America?- Yoon K. Lee
                  Beach House- Willard J. Madsen
           Which Door?- Poorna Rajagopalan
           A Misunderstood Sign- Angela Vogler
           One Day in a Class- Jean M. Gordon
           One Embarrassing Moment- Mark Morales
           My First Day in Italy- E. Lynn Jacobowitz
           Hook- Cheryl Lundquist

Volume 5 - Our Family Cat- Agnes Sutcliffe
           Hearing Awareness- Mike Kemp
           A Pair of Gloves- Carolyn McCaskill-Emerson
           Planet Way Over Yonder- Stephen M. Ryan
           Labor Day Weekend- Angela Vogler
           Turtle Soup- Willard J. Madsen
           A Nightmare- E. Lynn Jacobowitz
           A Visit at the School- Poorna Rajagopalan

Volume 6 - Look Out for Traffic- Poorna Rajagopalan
           Look, Look- Angela Vogler
           A Kiss- Cheryl Lundquist
           Tour Guide- Jean M. Gordon
           Volleyball- E. Lynn Jacobowitz
           World Afire- Willard Madsen
           El Salvadore- Mike Kemp
           Visuth- E. Lynn Jacobowitz

Volume 7 - That’s Life- Carolyn McCakill-Emerson
           A Trip to Europe- Elsa Lorraine Flores
           Funny Experiences- E. Lynn Jacobowitz
           April Fool’s Day- Brenda S. Mitchiner
           Snakes- Willard J. Madsen
           Quacky- Cheryl Lundquist
           Hurricane- E. Lynn Jacobowitz
           Brotherhood- Mike Kemp



Volume 8 - Mexico-USA- Mark Morales
           Technology Funnies- E. Lynn Jacobowitz
           King Kong- Stephen M. Ryan
           A Strange Encounter- Mike Kemp
           A Family- Elsa Lorraine Flores
                                Missed the Plane First Time- Agnes Sutcliffe
                                Farmer Johnson- Angela McCaskill-Gilchrist
                                King’s Island- E. Lynn Jacobowitz

DV 362.42   Bird of a Different Feather: & For a Decent Living.
            As a part of the ASL literature series, two stories are presented in
            American Sign Language. (ASL)

DV 419      The Bridge.
            A dramatic presentation is performed with gestures, sign language
            and a musical soundtrack. (ASL, Voice)

DV 362      Deafula.
            This black and white thriller depicts the life story of a Deaf Dracula.
            All the actors and actresses in the movie use American Sign
            Language. (ASL, Voice)

DV 813.3    Edgar Allen Poe: Mystery Stories.
            Shiver to three of Edgar Allen Poe’s frightening tales. Performed in
            ASL by Patrick Graybill. Each tape includes a biographical sketch
            of Poe. More suitable for adults (ASL, Voice)

                   Volume 1 - The Black Cat
                              Performed in ASL, this tape tells the story of the
                              age old notion that black cats are possessed by
                   Volume 2 - The Fall of the House of Usher
                              Enter Poe’s mansion of gloom and meet
                              Roderick Usher. Who has recently called upon
                              his childhood friend for help.
                   Volume 3 - The Pit and the Pendulum
                              Can the prisoner escape the torment of the



DV 792.23   From A Gator Ride to the Dentist Office.
            Peter Cook signs his original stories in ASL. (ASL, Voice)
DV 419      MANNY ASL: Stories in ASL.
            Manny Hernandez
            He is one of our renowned American Sign Language storytellers of
            our time. He shares with us the thirteen of his classic stories, which
            have delighted audiences all over the world since 1988.
            (DVD: ASL, English Translation)

DV 811      Poetry in Motion.
            Original works presented in ASL. Following each poem, the poet
            discusses aspects of the creative process and how s/he selects her

                   Volume 1 - Patrick Graybill
                   Volume 2 - Clayton Valli
                   Volume 3 - Debbie Rennie

DV 419      Shakespeare Unmasked.
            The National theatre of the Deaf presents vignettes from
            Shakespeare. (ASL)

DV 419      Signing Treasures: Exerpts from Signing Naturally.
            This special collection of clips from the best selling “Signing
            Naturally” videos is guaranteed to entertain viewers. Skits, jokes,
            stories, legends, poems and songs are recited by some of the Deaf
            Communities most popular storytellers.

DV 362.41   Telling Stories.
            Gallaudet University Theatre Arts Department
            Gestures and mime are used to illustrate stories about people
            related to Deafness.



DV 362.42   Tomorrow Dad Will Still Be Deaf, and other Stories.
            Bonnie Kraft is an excellent storyteller. In American Sign Language,
            she tells humorous stories of her experiences growing up in a Deaf
            household. (ASL, CC, Voice)
DV 811    The Treasure: Poems By Ella Mae Lentz.
          Ella Mae Lentz discusses and demonstrates her poetry.
          (ASL, Voice)

DV 811    United States of ASL Poetry and Other Tales.
          Peter Cook signs his stories and poems; with spoken English
          translation. (ASL)

DV 419    Wanna See ASL Stories?
          Seven volume series of stories are told in American Sign
          Language, followed by written questions and signed answers.

                Volume 1-2: Beginning Level
                Volume 3-5: Intermediate Level
                Volume 6-7: Advanced Level

Children’s Videos

DV 813    50th Anniversary DVD Collection.
          This DVD has five stories for children: A Picture for Harold’s Room;
          Corduroy; Danny and the Dinosaur; Harry and the Dirty Dog; Click,
          Clack, Moo, Cows that Type. (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 513    Andrew Byrne’s Number Stories: Animals Created by Deaf
          Deaf children present number stories about animals. (ASL)



DV 813    Animal Tracks.
          California Department of Education
            This video introduces the tracks and signs left by various animals,
            including the raccoon, duck, frog, black bear and human.
            (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 782.42   ASL Songs for Kids.
            Institute for Disabilities Training and Research, Inc.
            Paws the Dog signs the songs as they are sung, with graphics
            conveying the lyrics, musical notes and volume. This CD-ROM
            presents six songs sung and signed: two short songs and four
            songs with multiple verses. (CD-ROM)

DV 419      ASL Tales and Games for Kids.
            Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc.
            Join Paws, the signing dog, and the Pawstown kids! The stories
            promote good English literacy while teaching important ASL
            aspects. Words can be seen individually signed. Miriam Morrow, a
            deaf actress, signs each sentence dressed as Paws. Each CD has
            three stories with three games per story for a total of nine games
            that build language, literacy, cognitive, visual/perceptual and math
            skills. (CD-ROM)

                  CD-1 Woof Woof Way
                       Visit the video store on Woof Woof Way.

                  CD-2 Biscuit Boulevard
                       Help Rama find Paws in a shrubbery maze.



DV 419      Baby’s First Book of Signs: An ASL Work Book with Video and
            Audio Clips.
            Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc.
            This delightful electronic book on CD-ROM teaches 303 basic signs
            for 13 special events such as Easter, Halloween, Graduation,
            Birthdays, Patriotic Days and more. Signs are shown in video and
         pictures. English equivalents in print and audio and concept
         graphics are included as well. (3 CD-ROMs)

               Volume 1: Alphabet, Numbers, Home, Outside, People
               Volume 2: Actions, Descriptions, Feelings, When, Where
               Volume 3: Animals, Clothes, Colors, Food, Toys

DV 419   Baby See ’n Sign.
         Kronz Kidz Productions
         This series features American Sign Language signs and real-life
         images in full color. They may be used as an educational tool for
         effectively promoting communication with people who are autistic,
         have Downs Syndrome or are ESL (English as a second language)
         students. (DVD: ASL, Voice)

               Volume 1: A parental guide about signing with children is
                         included, along with a website address for an
                         additional 25 signs.
               Volume 2: Shows over 100 real-life images that relate to
                         your child’s daily life, include abstract concepts
                         and continues with object-word association.

DV 419   Baby Signing Time!
         Two Little Hands Productions
         The two part series that teaches American Sign Language signs.
         Combines signing infants aged 2 and under, animation, music, and
         an adult to model each sign. This teaches babies to sign before
         they can speak. (DVD: ASL, CC, Voice)

               Volume 1: Learn signs and songs for everyday events in a
                         baby’s life: eating, washing up, family, pets and
               Volume 2: Topics include getting dressed, traveling, being
                         polite, getting ready for bed and more.



DV 419   Baby Signing Time! Songs.
         Two Little Hands Productions
         The two part series that teaches the infants and children to unique
         rhythms, tones and harmonics, and the rich, full sound of real
         acoustic instruments. (CD: Digital)
                 Volume 1
                 Volume 2

DV 613.6   Be Cool, Play it Safe! A Children’s Safety Video (for the
           hearing impaired).
           EMP International, Inc., part of the Medic First Aid Group
           A book/video presenting guidelines for auto, bike, pedestrian, gun,
           and water safety, plus drug abuse, fire, burn, choking, and dog bite
           prevention tips. The activity book is included. (SE, CC, Voice)

DV 813     The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto.
           California Department of Education
           This video recounts the life of Balto, the sled dog who saved Nome,
           Alaska in 1925 from a diphtheria epidemic by delivering the
           medicine through the raging snowstorm. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 419     Cartoons.
           The classic cartoons are with sign language explanations. Narrator
           interrupts the action to describe the plot using simultaneous
           communication. Please specify ASL or Signed English
           Narration. (ASL, SE, Voice)

                 Casper, The Friendly Ghost
                 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
                 Popeye vs. Bluto
                 Raggedy Ann and Friends
                 Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer
                 Santa’s Surprise
                 Three Little Pigs



DV 813     The Cats of Tiffany Street.
           California Department of Education
           This video is about a Shadow the cat devises a plan to rescue the
           cats from the cat catcher. (ASL, Voice)
DV 394     Christmas Stories.
           Collection of Christmas stories told in American Sign Language by
           Bobby Giles and Doris Wilding. Included are: The Night Before,
           Christmas, A Christmas Carol, The Story of the First Christmas,
           The Birth of Christ, In the Great Walled City, and The Little Match
           Girl. (ASL, Voice)

DV 551     CLOUDS: A Paws Science Adventure.
           Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc.
           Pilot Paws explores the sky in a fun-filled adventure that includes
           cloud and weather facts, opportunities to test your knowledge, and
           exciting games. (CD-ROM)

DV 973.2   Colonial Times, Chocolate, and Cars (F).
           Part of the “Fantastic” series, young viewers visit Colonial
           Williamsburg in Virginia to see various crafts. Other parts show
           chocolate being made, and films of old cars. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 636.7   Dogs At Work And Play (C).
           Part of the “Fantastic” series, young viewers will see how dogs are
           trained, including Fantastic’s own hearing-ear dog, police dogs,
           plus puppies, and dogs in space? (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 813     Eek! There’s a Mouse in the House.
           California Department of Education
           This video is about after discovery of a mouse in the house, larger
           and larger animals are sent in after one another, with increasingly
           chaotic results. (ASL, Voice)



DV 419     Exciting People, Places and Things (A).
           Part of the “Fantastic” series, designed for children aged 6 to 10,
           viewers visit a crayon factory, a jump rope tournament, and meet
           mime, Bernard Bragg. (ASL, CC, Voice)
DV 813     Everybody Cooks Rice.
           California Department of Education
           This video is about the child is introduced to variety of cultures
           through encountering the many different ways rice is prepared at
           the different households visited. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 398     Fairy Tales.
           Classic Fairy Tales told in American Sign Language by Bobby
           Giles and Doris Wilding. (ASL, Voice)

                 Volume 1 - Rapunzel
                            Snow White and Rose Red
                            The Frog Prince
                            Hansel and Gretel
                            The Brave Little Tailor
                 Volume 2 - Sleeping Beauty
                            The Golden Goose
                            Little Red Riding Hood
                            The Princess and the Pea
                            The Tinder Box

DV 398.2   Fairy Tale Classics: From Four for You & High Five!
           Classic children’s stories come alive in sign language. There are
           the three volume videotapes. (ASL, Voice)

                 Volume 1 - Cinderella (classic)
                            Cinderella (Deaf version)
                            The Wonderful Tar Baby Story
                            The Tortoise and the Hare
                            The Frog Prince
                            Little Red Riding Hood



                 Volume 2 - The Golden Goose (classic)
                            The Golden Goose (Deaf version)
                            The Three Little Pigs
                            The Ugly Duckling
                Volume 3 - The Bremen Town Musicians (classic)
                           The Bremen Town Musicians (Deaf version)
                           The Three Bears
                           Hansel and Gretel
                           Jack and the Beanstalk
                           The Three Billy Goats Gruff

DV 813   Five Lionni Classics.
         Stories include Frederick; Cornelius; Fish is Fish; It’s Mine;
         Swimmy. (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 398   Four For You: Fables and Fairy Tales.
         Lou Fant, Patrick Graybill, Mary Beth Miller, and Freda Norman
         At first tell and then act out Aesop’s fables. Two or three longer
         fairy tales are also told on each tape. (ASL, Voice) Please specify
         volume number

                Volume 1 - The Sun and the Wind
                           The Mice and the Weasels
                           The Bear and the Bees
                           The Fox and the Crow
                           The Tortoise and the Hare
                           The Three Little Pigs
                           The Twelve Princesses
                Volume 2 - The Friends and the Wallet
                           A Raven and a Swan
                           The Goose and the Golden Egg
                           Doctor Toad
                           Jack and the Beanstalk
                           The Three Bears
                           The Farmer and the 3 Sons



                Volume 3 - The Fox and the Grapes
                           The Birds, the Beasts and the Bats
                           The Cock and the Fox
                           The Fox without a Tale
                            The Three Billy Goats Gruff
                            The Twelve Princesses
                Volume 4 - The Lion and the Mouse
                           The Wolf and the Jackass
                           Three Bullocks and the Lion
                           Dog and His Reflection
                           Hansel and Gretel
                           The Frog Prince
                           Farmer and the Three Sons

                Volume 5 - The Wolf and the Shepherd
                           The Fox and The Stork
                           The Old Lion and the Fox
                           Milkmaid and Her Pail
                           Little Red Riding Hood

DV 813   Grandfather’s Journey.
         California Department of Education
         This video is about a Japanese American man recounts his
         grandfather’s journey to America which he later also undertakes,
         and the feelings of being torn by a love for two different countries.
         (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 419   Harry by the Sea.
         Gallaudet University
         In this story, the family dog goes on an exciting adventure at the
         beach in ASL and Signed English Versions. (ASL, SE, Voice)



DV 398   Henny Penny.
         The story of a chicken thinks the sky is falling, presented by
         Bernard Bragg, artist-in-residence at Gallaudet University.
         (ASL, CC, SE, Voice)
DV 398      The House that Jack Built.
            An ASL presentation of the story/poem, “The House That Jack

DV 419      The Hungry Fox and the Foxy Duck.
            Gallaudet University
            This fable features a fox trying to outsmart a clever duck in ASL
            and Signed English Versions. (ASL, SE, Voice)

DV 813      If the Dinosaurs Came Back.
            California Department of Education
            This video is about a young boy who wishes for the return of
            dinosaurs images how useful they would be. (ASL, Voice)

DV 362.42   ISD Children’s Stories.
            Students from the Illinois School for the Deaf act out these
            children’s storybooks in costumes using simultaneous
            communication. (SE, Voice)

                  Volume 1 - Three Little Pigs
                             I Know Something You Don’t Know
                             Caps for Sale
                             Stone Soup
                             Bread and Honey
                  Volume 2 - Harry Helps Out
                             Big Honey Hunt
                             Benny’s Bad Day
                             Dirty Feet
                             Gus and the Baby Ghost



DV 813      Is This A House for Hermit Crab.
            California Department of Education
            This video is about Hermit Crab who outgrows his old home. He
            ventures out to find a new one. (ASL, Voice)
DV 813     Julius.
           California Department of Education
           This video is about Maya’s grandfather brought a surprise gift,
           Julius the pig to Maya from Alaska. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 813     Jumanji.
           California Department of Education
           This video is about the two bored and restless orphan children find
           more excitement than they bargained for in a mysterious and
           mystical jungle adventure board game. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 813     Just A Dream.
           California Department of Education
           This video is about the boy has a dream about a future earth
           devastated by pollution. (ASL, Voice)

DV 813     Kate Shelley and The Midnight Express.
           California Department of Education
           This video is about the fifteen years old Kate risks her life in a storm
           to prevent a train disaster. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 636.7   Kids and K9’s. Kindred Souls
           A training and explaining video for kids, parents, and
           their canines. A video to teach you, your kids, and your dogs how
           to train, play, and interact in a safe and mutually respectful manner.
           It teaches kids to be a dogs’ parent and how to direct a dog’s
           behavior instead of becoming a victim of it. Examples: “sit,” “down,”
           and “heel.” (VHS: Voice & DVD: CC & Voice)


DV 813     The Lady and The Spider.
           California Department of Education
           This video is about the spider lives in a head of lettuce is saved
           when the lady who finds her, puts her back into the garden. (ASL)

DV 791.437 The Land Before Time.
              The cartoon story is about a young brachiosaurus, Littlefoot
              suddenly finds himself on his own during the rumbling volcanoes
              and perilous earthquakes. He meets his new friends, who agree to
              join his quest. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 791.437 The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure.
           The cartoon story is about a peaceful Great Valley where Littlefoot
           and his plant-eating friends live and play under the watchful eyes of
           their parents. But the mischievous Cera coaxes the group into the
           “Mysterious Beyond,” they soon find themselves in big trouble.
           (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 791. 437 The Land Before Time III: The Time of The Great Giving.
            The cartoon is about a huge meteorite has plunged into the Great
            Valley, cutting off the water supply, Littlefoot and his friends search
            for more water and find a large pool trapped between the Great
            Valley and the “Mysterious Beyond,” home of the dreaded
            Sharpteeth. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 791.437 The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through The Mists.
           The cartoon story is about the Littlefoot and his prehistoric pals to
           explore the swamps, outwit sly new villains and find the healing
           petals of a golden Night Flowers in time to save Littlefoot’s
           grandpa. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 813        Mercer Mayer Frog Stories.
              This DVD contains three stories about frogs: A Boy, a Dog, and a
              Frog; Frog on his own; Where are You? (DVD: ASL, Voice)



DV 813        A Mother for Choco.
              California Department of Education
              This video is about a lonely little bird named Choco goes in search
              of a mother. (ASL, Voice)
DV419    My Baby Can Talk: First Signs.
         Baby Hands Productions, Inc.
         This is the only baby sign language video that features a young
         baby signing all the words presented and is considered the most
         engaging for young babies. This DVD educates and entertains,
         engaging both you and your baby so that you can learn to sign
         together. (DVD: ASL - Ages 10 months and up)

DV 813   My Buddy.
         California Department of Education
         This video is about a young boy with muscular dystrophy tells how
         he is teamed up with a dog trained to do things for him that he can’t
         do for himself. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 813   My First American Friend.
         A story is about a girl growing up in China and traveling to America
         along as a child. (ASL, Voice)

DV 398   The North Wind and the Sun.
         Gallaudet University
         Watch as the imaginary conflict between the North wind and the
         sun unfolds in ASL and Signed English Versions. (ASL, SE, Voice)



DV 398   Once Upon A Time: A Children’s Classic Retold in ASL
         Renowned Deaf storyteller, Ben Bahan, incorporates facial
         expressions, body movements and signed language in a vivid
         retelling of the children’s classic. Include the manuals.
         (ASL, Voice) Please specify volume number

               Volume 1: The Little Mermaid
               Volume 2: The Emperor’s New Clothes/ Hans Clodhopper
               Volume 3: The Fisherman and His Wife/ Hansel and Gretel
               Volume 4: Rapunzel/ The Musicians of Bremen & Sleeping
               Volume 5: The Princess and the Pea/ Inchilena
               Volume 6: Cinderella/ Rumpelstiltskin

DV 813   Our New Puppy.
         California Department of Education
         This video is about when the puppy Floyd joins in family, they see
         how Rosie the family dog reacts and learn what it is like having and
         being a younger sibling. (ASL)

DV 419   Paws Signs Stories: CD-ROM and Storybooks in ASL and
         Five stories and 15 games reinforce story concepts, early
         educational skills, and vocabulary. The guide is included.

DV 419   The Perfect Nose for Ralph.
         Gallaudet University
         This is the story about a boy who creatively replaces his toy panda
         bear’s nose in ASL and Signed English Versions. (ASL, SE, Voice)

DV 813   The Rat and The Tiger.
         California Department of Education
         This video is about the friendship between the rat and the tiger.
         (ASL, Voice)



DV 419   Read With Me: Exploring Feelings with your Deaf Child
         Produced by the Center for Hearing Loss in Children at the Boys
         Town National Research Hospital
         This DVD is a zany collection of stories that helps Deaf children
         explore their feelings from Angry to Zealous, while learning how to
         play with ASL signs. (DVD: ASL, CC, Voice)
               Volume 11 - C is for Curious.

DV 419   Read With Me: Stories for Your Deaf Child.
         Children’s stories are presented in ASL. (ASL, CC, Voice)
         Please specify volume number

               Volume 1 - Sharing the Joy of Storytelling with Your Deaf
               Volume 2 - Where the Wind Things Are/ More Bunny
               Volume 3 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas!/ The Wolf’s
                          Chicken Stew
               Volume 4 - The Mitten: An Ukrainian Folktale/ King
                          Bidgood’s in the Bathtub
               Volume 5 - The Rainbow Fish/ Small Green Snake
               Volume 6 - If I Ran the Zoo
               Volume 7 - The Very Busy Spider/ Owl Babies/ Monster
                          Can’t Sleep
               Volume 8 - Elizabeth & Larry
               Volume 9 - If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
               Volume 10 - The Mixed-Up Chameleon

DV 813   A River Dream.
         California Department of Education
         This video is about a young sick boy opens a box from his uncle
         and embarks on a fantastical fishing trip. (ASL, Voice)



DV 813   A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History.
         California Department of Education
         This video is about its discovery by Indians through the polluting
         years of the Industrial Revolution to the ambitious clean-up that
         revitalized it. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 419   Rosie’s Walk: Sign Language CD-ROM.
         Hutchins, Pat
           This delightful children’s story helps the language, ASL and
           English, told in the story. The guide is included.

DV 813     Seasons and Changes.
           This DVD contains three stories for children: The Mysterious
           Tadpole; The Caterpillar and the Polliwog; Time of Wonder.
           (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 813     Sheep In A Shop.
           California Department of Education
           This video is about the sheep that hunt for a birthday present, and
           make havoc of the shop. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 419     Sign and ABCs: A New Way to Play.
           Aylmer Press
           This DVD teaches the written, spoken, and American Sign
           Language (ASL) alphabets, signs for 88 words, and offers an
           introduction to a new game – fingerspelling. It also includes two
           new sign songs. (DVD: ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 910.2   Sign Find: Vacations.
           Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc.
           Join Paws, the signing dog, as he goes to 14 different travel
           destinations. Click on any item in the picture and Paws will sign it
           for you. Include 3 games. (DVD: ASL, Voice)



DV 419     The Sign For Friends.
           David Parker teaches sign language to children through songs.

DV 419     Signing Time! Vol. 1-13.
           Two Little Hands Productions
           Play, sign and sing along with Leah and friends for lots of signing
           fun. Teaches babies and toddlers to communicate with signs
            before they can talk. (DVD: ASL, CC, Voice) Please specify
            volume number

                  Volume 1: My First Signs (Ages 0-5)
                  Volume 2: Playtime Signs (Ages 0-5)
                  Volume 3: Everyday Signs (Ages 0-5)
                  Volume 4: Family, Feelings, & Fun (Ages 1-8)
                  Volume 5: ABC Signs (Ages 1-8)
                  Volume 6: My Favorite Things (Ages 1-8)
                  Volume 7: Leah’s Farm (Ages 1-8)
                  Volume 8: The Great Outdoors (Ages 1-8)
                  Volume 9: The Zoo Train (Ages 1-8)
                  Volume 10: My Day (Ages 1-8)
                  Volume 11: My Neighborhood (Ages 1-8)
                  Volume 12: Time to Eat (Ages 1-8)
                  Volume 13: Welcome to School (Ages 1-8)

DV 398      Sign Me A Story.
            Linda Bove of Sesame Street and other Deaf actors and actresses
            perform Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three
            Bears. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 419      Sign-Toons: That’s Sign Folks!
            Linda Bove of Sesame Street and other Deaf actors and actresses
            perform Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Wabbit Who Came to
            Supper, Christmas Comes But Once A Year and Daffy Duck and
            the Dinosaur. (ASL, Voice)



DV 362.42   Silent Lotus.
            Hosted by Le Var Burton, this episode of the award-winning
            television program, Reading Rainbow, explores the art of
            communication through sign language. (CC, Voice)

DV 782.7    Sing Dance ‘n Sign!
            Tossing, Gaia
             Gaia teaches sign language through singing and dancing in ASL.
             Lyrics sheet is included. (CC)

DV 419       Sing ‘N Sign For Fun!
             Sign, dance and sign along to seven upbeat music videos that both
             hearing and Deaf can enjoy. Lyric sheet is included.
             (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 394.261 Sing ‘N Sign: Holiday Time with Gaia.
           Heartsong Communications
           Give children of all ages the gift of learning to sing and sign a
           memorable collection of songs from Christmas, Kwanzaa, and
           Hanukkah. (DVD: ASL, OC, Voice)

DV 394.26    Slightly Scary Stories for Halloween.
             This DVD contains three stories for children: By the Light of the
             Halloween Moon; What’s under My Bed; Teeny-Tiny and the Witch-
             Woman. (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 394.26    The Snowman / Father Christmas
             Columbia TriStar Home Video
             A double feature based on books – Raymond Briggs’ The
             Snowman and Father Christmas. Both stories were nominated for
             Best Animated Short Film during the 1982 Academy Awards.
             (DVD: CC)



DV 813       The Snowy Day and other Caldecott Classics.
             This DVD contains 4 stories for children: The Snowy Day; Owen;
             Blueberries for Sal; Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
             (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 428.1     Spell Well: An ASL Game.
         Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc.
         This is an animated game that challenges your knowledge of sign
         language and spelling. 20 games covering such topics as school,
         home, food, ocean and the environment offer opportunities to focus
         on related vocabulary. (CD-ROM)

DV 813   Stories About Growing Up.
         Stories include “Leo the Late Bloomer,” “A Weekend with Wendell”
         and “Joey Runs Away” (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 398   Stories from the Attic.
         Children’s stories told by National Theater of the Deaf actor, Billy
         Seago. Stories Include The Father, The Son and the Donkey, The
         Greedy Cat, The House that Jack Built, The Magic Pot, and Village
         Stew. (ASL, SE, Voice)

               Volume 1 - Stories told in American Sign Language
               Volume 2 - Stories told in signed English

DV 813   Super Cluck.
         California Department of Education
         This video is about an alien, Chuck Cluck living on Earth, earns the
         name, Super Cluck when he uses his super strength to save baby
         chicks from a rat. (ASL, Voice)



DV 813   Three Cheers for Tacky.
         California Department of Education
         This video is about Tacky the penguin adds his own unique touch
         to his team’s routine at the Penguin Cheering Contest, with
         surprising results. (ASL, Voice)

DV 419   Time to Sign with Children.
            Produced by Time to Sign, Inc
            Over 200 signs are taught by the leaders in sign language
            education through music, games, and play. (DVD: ASL, OC, Voice)

DV 813      The Tomie dePaola Library.
            This DVD contains three stories for children: Charlie Needs a New
            Cloak; Strega Nona; The Clown of God. (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 398.2    The Ugly Duckling.
            Seven children from New Mexico School for the Deaf perform this
            story entirely in ASL. The Ugly Duckling teaches the important
            lesson of accepting oneself and others, while reinforcing ASL

DV 813      Uncle Jed’s Barber Shop.
            California Department of Education
            This video is about Sarah Jean’s Uncle Jed, the only black barber
            in the county, pursues his dream of saving enough money to open
            his own barbershop. (ASL, Voice)

DV 813      Watch Out, Ronald Morgan.
            California Department of Education
            This video is about Ronald who has many humorous mishaps until
            he gets a pair of eyeglasses. (ASL, Voice)



DV 362.42   We Can Do Anything.
            A music video is demonstrating the accomplishments and dreams
            of children who are Deaf. (ASL, CC)

DV 813      Who Put the Pepper in the Pot?
            California Department of Education
            This video is about the family prepare a fiery pot of stew for visiting
            Aunt Tootie. (ASL, Voice)

DV 813      Will and Orv.
            California Department of Education
            This video is about the Wright Brothers’ attempt to make history as
            they prepare the “Flyer” for the world’s first engine powered flight.
            (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 394.26   Winter Holiday Stories.
            This DVD contains the stories: In the Month of Kislev; Seven
            Candles for Kwanzaa; The Night before Christmas.
            (DVD: ASL, Voice)

Deaf Culture

DV 362.42   AAAD, a Tribute to Art Kruger.
            This video presents the final interview with Art Kruger, taped in
            February 1992. (ASL, SE)

DV 362.42   American Folklore in the Deaf Community.
            A Series of Personal experience, jokes and signlore told by well-
            known Deaf people. (ASL)



DV 973      American Freedom Speeches.
            Speeches given by famous people in American history are
            presented in ASL. There are two parts of videotapes.

                   Tape #1 - Preamble, Bill of Rights, Patrick Henry, Thomas
                   Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony & Franklin D.
                    Tape #2 – John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Cesar
                    Chavez, Jimmy Carter, Geraldine Ferraro & Pledge of

DV 419       ASL Pah!: Deaf Student’s Perspectives on Their Language.
             This video provides a unique opportunity to examine Deaf studen’ts
             perceptions of the role of ASL in their lives. Included textbook.

DV 791.457 Behind the Scenes in the Amazon: The Deaf “Survivor” Tells
           SIGNS ALL!
           ASL Productions, Inc.
           Visit with Christy Smith, the Deaf woman on CBS’s reality television
           show, “Survivor,” as she shares her exciting experiences for the
           first time…in her own language.
           Nearly an hour, a great way to increase your sign-to-voice skills
           and stamina! At the same time, see how a Deaf person could
           survive the dangers of the Amazons; snakes, alligators, and the
           most of challenging of all hearing people! (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 362.42    Beyond Silence.
             Miramax Home Entertainment
             Beyond Silence is the richly woven story of Lara, the hearing
             daughter of Deaf parents. The movie centers on her love for music,
             initiated when her musician-aunt presents her with a clarinet, and
             her natural talent for the instrument, which begins to create a rift in
             the close-knit family. (DVD: Spoken in German and German Sign
             Language, English subtitles)



DV 362.42    The Black Deaf Experience.
             This amateur videotape captures a 1994 Deaf Awareness Week
             library program that featured Emmanuel Azodeh, and African-born
             Deaf man. “Emmy” recounts his early education in his homeland,
             his family’s response to his deafness and humorous experiences
             he has had since moving to the United States. (ASL, Voice)
DV 362.42   Breaking the Barriers.
            Top Deaf athletes from 30 countries are shown competing at the
            XVII World Games for the Deaf held in Sofia, Bulgaria in July 1993.
            This documentary was produced by AT&T, corporate sponsor of
            the ’93 American Team. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 791.43   Charles Krauel: A Profile Of A Deaf Filmmaker.
            This video is a documentary about Charles Krauel, a Deaf
            filmmaker who took pride in recording historical and entertaining
            events to be shared with the Deaf community. (CC)

DV 371.9    The Class of 52.
            This is the story of the establishment of the Kendall School in
            Washington, DC. (ASL, CC)

DV 362.42   The Deaf Adolescent and Teenager: Parents for Deaf
            Awareness, Inc.
            Mark Drolsbaugh, a teenager who is Deaf shares his experience
            growing up Deaf in a hearing world.

DV 92       Deaf Culture Autobiographies Series.
            ASL Productions, Inc./Sign Enhancers
            Famous Deaf people tell their life stories in American Sign
            Language. (VHS & DVDs: ASL, PSE, Voice) Please specify



                  8A: Gil Eastman
                  8B: M.J. Bienvenue
                  8C: Alfred Sonnenstrahl
                  8D: Paul Johnston
                  8E: Reverend Thomas Coughlin
                  8F: Dennis Schemenauer
                  8G: Patrick Graybill
                    8H: Howie Seago

DV 362.42    Deaf Heroes.
             The cast of Northern Sign Theatre tells the stories of important
             individuals in Deaf history in a humorous offbeat style suitable for
             both children and adults. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 362.42    Deaf Mosaic.
             Selected programs from the Emmy Award-winning television
             program, Deaf Mosaic. (ASL, CC, Voice)

                    Volume 1 - Second Anniversary Special
                    Volume 2 - Performing Arts Special
                    Volume 3 - Mental Health Special
                    Volume 4 - Fifth Anniversary Special

DV 362.42    Deaf Mosaic #212.
             The highlights are from 1986 in Deaf sports. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 371.912 Deaf Mosaic #402.
           This is a special on the events of March 1999 at Gallaudet
           University that led to the appointment of the first Deaf University
           President. (ASL, CC, Voice)



DV 362.42    Deaf Mosaic #404.
             Weekly news and information show which covers the world of the
             Deaf. The first segment of this show discusses the life of Dr.
             Andrew Foster, the first black Deaf graduate of Gallaudet.
             (ASL, CC)

DV 362.42    Deaf Mosaic #505: The Deaf Way.
             The International Conference and Festival on deaf Language,
             history and art, includes performances by Deaf actors and dancers
             and interviews with international scholars. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 362.42    Deaf Mosaic #506: The Deaf Way Gala.
             The six international group perform, in comedy, dance and drama,
             with Deaf stars of stage and screen, at the Lisner Auditorium in
             Washington D.C. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 362.42    Deaf Mosaic #611.
             Weekly news and information show which covers the world of the
             Deaf. The first segment of this show discusses Call for Action, a
             service that provides Deaf and Hard of Hearing customers with
             information to solve the problems. (ASL, CC)

DV 362.42    Deaf Mosaic #810: The Power & The Promise.
             A special presentation of “Deaf Mosaic” featuring the fifth
             anniversary of the 1988 students protest DPN, Deaf President Now,
             which shut down Gallaudet University when a hearing president
             rather than a deaf president was selected.
             (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 362.42    DEAFology 101.
             Ken Glickman, a.k.a. Prof. Glick
             This humorous lecture was videotaped live at the Texas School for
             the Deaf: “A Crash Course on Deaf Culture for Hearies and
             Deafies. (ASL, CC, Voice)



DV 371.912 The Deaf President Now Revolution.
           This video tells the story of the history-making week when students
           siege the Gallaudet University campus until their demands for a
           deaf president were met. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 305.908 Deaf Way II: Opening Celebration and a Visual Anthology.
           Gallaudet University Press
            This DVD presents a spectacular overview of the events that
            occurred July 2002 at Deaf Way II in Washington D.C. Sponsored
            by Gallaudet University, over 9,000 people from around the world
            arrived to join the festivities and celebrate the successes of Deaf
            people everywhere. (DVD)

DV 419      The Eyeth Story.
            Eye-Sign Media
            Inspired from a silent weekend for ASL students whose name was
            Eyeth, this story was created to address the need for ASL literature.
            Follow Betel, camas, Nilsen and Pitart into Eyeth and unravel their
            world. As you watch and study the events involved, issues about
            Deaf and hearing people will be brought up. This literary piece
            would be suitable for advanced ASL students, ASL literature
            studies and the Deaf community. (DVD: ASL)

DV 792.2    Gilbert Eastman: Live at SMI!!!
            This video is part of a series capturing the funny people as they
            entertain a live Deaf audience. (ASL, Voice)

DV 92       Growing Up Deaf.
            This tape allows the viewer to share in a discussion among five
            Deaf individuals, Nathie Marbury, Bob Alcorn, Frank Ripplinger,
            Meriam Schoroeder, and Don Rosenkjar as they recall fond
            memories of the past--at school, with friends and family, and at
            work. (ASL)



DV 709.73   Guy Wonder: Stories & Artwork.
            The Tactile Mind Press
            Guy Wonder is a third-generation Deaf man who has led a
            captivating life. Guy Wonder: Stories & Artwork contains 34 funny
            and sad stories about Guy growing up in a Deaf family and Deaf
            school, becoming an artist, and making a name for himself.

DV 362.42   A Handmade Treasury of Deaf Folktales.
            Steamboat Productions, LLC
            The heart and soul of Deaf culture is passed from generation to
            generation through sign language folktales, stories, jokes, puns and
            other forms of cultural expression. As Trix Bruce weaves these
            tales into a performance, the audience will gain insight into the Deaf
            experience and the ways in which Deaf people view the world
            around them. (DVD: ASL)

DV 92       Have You Heard about the Deaf?
            Narrated by Jack Gannon, this tape uses slides, old film clips and
            interviews to present the accomplishments of 37 Deaf and hard of
            hearing people. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 362.42   “The Hearing World Around Me”
            Trix Bruce’s stories are a captivating mix of theater, humor,
            experience and wisdom for all audiences that give a realistic
            perspective of life as a Deaf person among the hearing.
            (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 362.42   I Love You.
            Chicago Institute for the Moving Image, Inc.
            Asako is a deaf woman determined to start an acting group in her
            small town with the support of her daughter Ai, who is hearing.
            Through her struggles and successes, Asako inspired both Deaf
            and hearing people to work together to accomplish great things.
            (DVD: Spoken in Japanese, Japanese Sin Language, Captioned in



DV 305.908 The Impact of Deaf History of Our Lives: Jack.
           Jack Gannon, keynote speaker at the International Conference on
           Deaf History in 1991, shares his research and perceptions on the
           impact of Deaf history on our lives. (ASL, Voice)

DV 362.42   Inauguration of President I. King Jordan.
            The inauguration and celebration of Gallaudet University’s first Deaf
            president is in October 1988. (ASL, CC, Voice)
DV 362.42   An Introduction to American Deaf Culture.
            The five part series that looks at Deaf Culture in America. The
            workbooks included. (ASL, Voice) Please specify volume number

                  Volume 1 - Rules of Social Interaction
                  Volume 2 - Values
                  Volume 3 - Language and Traditions
                  Volume 4 - Group Norms
                  Volume 5 - Identity

DV 362.42   An Introduction to the Deaf Community.
            This program provides a basic overview of Deaf people in America,
            their language and culture. (CC)

DV 362.42   Issues in Deafness: A View From Inside.
            Nathie Marbury, Bob Alcorn, Fran Ripplinger, Meriam Schroeder
            and Don Rosenkjar share their perspectives as Deaf people on
            issues including residential vs. mainstream education, sign
            supported English vs. ASL and their pet peeves regarding hearing
            people. (ASL)

DV 92       Julianna: A Portrait.
            The story is about Deaf actress, Julianna Fjeld. (ASL, Voice)



DV 362.42   The L.A.C.D. (Los Angeles Club of the Deaf) Story.
            This video depicts the historic changes of a Deaf club in a large
            city. Members share memories and dramatic the story of the rise
            and fall of this social organization. (ASL, CC)

DV 305.908 Laurent Clerc (1785-1869)
             This is a historical documentary about a remarkable Deaf man who
             brought sign language to America from France in 1815.
             (ASL, CC, voice)

DV 792.028 The Man Behind The Mask: An Interview With Bernard Bragg.
           The six parts of videotapes of the interview with Bernard Bragg
           about his life and his book, “Lessons in Laughter.” (ASL, Voice)

DV 791.437 Man of A Thousand Faces.
           This drama is the story of Lon Chaney, Hollywood’s master of
           disguise. (CC)

DV 792.2     Mary Beth Miller: Live at SMI!!!
             This video is part of a series capturing the funny people as they
             entertain a live Deaf audience. (ASL, Voice)

DV 791.43    Moving Pictures, Moving Hands: The Ernest Marshall Story.
             Don Bangs conducts an interview with magician, Ernest Marshall.
             (CC, Voice)

DV 791.437 Mr. Holland’s Opus.
           A passionate musician’s dreams are interrupted when he must
           accept a “day job” as a high school teacher. His dreams are further
           disrupted when he realizes his son is deaf. (CC)



DV 362.42    Nathie: No Hand-Me-Downs.
             The Tactile Mind Press
             Nathie Marbury tells stories that are full of humor and insight about
             her upbrining and her struggle to find her identity as a Black, Deaf
             woman. (DVD: ASL, Subtitles, Voice)

DV 419       Our Priceless Gift: Selections of Deaf People 1910-1980.
             A series of film clips from Gallaudet University’s George W. Vediz
             Film Collection. Clips include lectures on the value of sign
             language, poems, plays and songs. (ASL, CC)

DV 306.874 Passport Without a Country.
           This video is about the hearing children of Deaf parents who are
           born into a unique culture and often learn sign language before
           they learn to speak.

DV 384.64    Pinky Tells the Real Story: Videophone and Video Relay
             Services. Pinky Aiello
             VRS (Video Relay Service) is a new technology that can bring
             about new challenges, and Pinky addresses these in this
             informative, yet entertaining DVD. Contains some explicit language
             and content. (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 419       The Preservation of American Sign Language.
             Old sign language films, some dating back to 1913 have been
             transferred to videotape ensuring their preservation. (ASL)

DV 305.908 See What I Mean.
           Eye2Eye Productions
           This DVD takes a humorous and enlightening look at the
           differences between Deaf and Hearing cultures. You will learn how
           to view Deaf culture with the same lens you use to view other world
           cultures. Issues such as attitudes toward time, leave-taking,
           privacy, giving and receiving criticism, and comments on personal
           appearance are all explored and discussed from the perspective of
           both cultures. (DVD: ASL, CC, Voice)



DV 92        Sojourners in a Hearing World.
             This tape allows the audience to view a discussion among five Deaf
             individuals (Nathie Marbury, Bob Alcorn, Fran Ripplinger, Meriam
             Schroeder and Don Rosenkjar) as they recall disappointments,
             frustrations, and angry memories of the past-at school, with friends
             and family, and at work. (ASL)
DV 398.2    Stories from the Tall Tale Series: John Henry.
            This is the first in a series of Tall Tales of America. John Henry is
            the story of a huge free black man after the Civil War who became
            the greatest steel driving legend of all time. (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 362.42   Tales from a Clubroom.
            Written by Bernard Bragg and Eugene Bergman, this two-act play
            takes place in a typical Deaf club, presenting characters who
            represent a range of Deaf experiences. (ASL)

DV 419      Tales of a Mad, Mad, Mad ASL World.
            Steamboat Productions, LLC
            In Tales of a Mad, Mad, Mad ASL World, Trix Bruce takes you on a
            ride through ASL poetry, storytelling and folk tales. Her creative
            storytelling brings into play various handshapes, classifiers, 3D
            representations, personifications, role shifts, international sign and
            more. (DVD: ASL)

DV 362.42   Through Deaf Eyes.
            PBS Home Video
            Through Deaf Eyes presents the experiences of American history
            from the viewpoint of deaf citizens, offering an opportunity to learn
            about the nation’s broader history. The Deaf community portrayed
            in the video offers both Deaf and hearing viewers a unique and
            fascinating perspective on the value of human difference.
            (DVD: CC)



DV 419      Trix Upon a Time.
            Steamboat Productions, LLC
            Viewers of Trix Upon a Time go trough exercises designed to help
            them improve their own ASL story narration using clearer body
            language, gestures and signs. (DVD: ASL)
DV 362.42   You Think DEAF People Have Problems?
            Deaf Utopia
            This DVD features internationally-known performer Angela Straity
            in a humorous one-woman comedy show on hearing people, based
            on her “research” and her perspective on how Deaf people survive
            in the Hearing World. (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 305.908 When The Mind Hears A Synopsis in ASL.
           East tape is a chapter from Harian Lane’s book studying of Deaf
           people in Europe and America, largely from the vantage point of
           Laurent Clerc. (ASL, Voice) Please specify chapter number

                   Chapters 1 – My New Family
                   Chapters 2 – The Shepherd and the Symbol
                   Chapters 3 – High Theater
                   Chapters 4 – A Tale Based on Fact
                   Chapters 5 – The Secret
                   Chapters 6 – Success and Failure
                   Chapters 7 – Fortune and Misfortune
                   Chapters 8 – Spreading the Word
                   Chapters 9 – Concerning Women
                   Chapters 10 – A Dangerous Incursion
                   Chapters 11 – The Denial
                   Chapters 12 – The Incurable Deafness
                   Chapters 13 – Exclusive Interview With Harlen Lane

DV 371.912 The World According to Pat: Reflections of Residential School
           Patrick Graybill and members of his audience share memories of
           life in state schools for the Deaf across America. (ASL, Voice)




DV 362.42   Access: Deaf Patrons in the Library.
            This tape depicts a variety of common library situations involving a
            Deaf patron and a hearing librarian. Suggestions are made for
             ways the librarian can recognize, communicate with and assist the
             deaf person. (ASL, Voice)

DV 371.912 Access for All Integrating Deaf, Hard of Hearing Preschoolers.
           An early childhood education video discusses the common needs
           of all children, Deaf, Hard of Hearing and hearing. Include manual.

DV 362.42    ADA: Access for Deaf Americans.
             This video highlights the rights and responsibilities of deaf and hard
             of hearing people under the American’s with Disabilities Act of
             1990. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 649.15    The Art and Science of Home Visits.
             Produced Seaver Creative, Inc
             This DVD explores the strategies and skills that are needed to form
             family-centered intervention for children in the home.
             (DVD: CC, Voice)

DV 419.071 The ASLTA Evaluation And Certification System.
           This video explains how to become certified by explaining the
           American Sign Language Teachers Associations (ASLTA)
           Evaluation and Certification System. Pamphlet is included.

DV 362.42    Assistive Devices: Doorways to Independence.
             Gallaudet University Department of Audiology
             A comprehensive introduction to auditory, visual and vibrotactile
             devices that help Deaf and Hard of Hearing people function
             independently at home, work, and play. Include a book.
             (CC, Voice)



DV616.858 Autism is a World.
          A co-production of CNN Productions and State of the Art, Inc.
          Sue Rubin, who is autistic, was diagnosed and treated as mentally
          Retarded until the age of 13, when she began to communicate
          using a keyboard. She is now a junior in college. This documentary
          takes the viewer on a journey into her mind, her daily world, and
             her life with autism. (DVD: CC, English, Optional Spanish, Audio
             description for Visually Impaired)

DV 425       Better English Through Sign.
             Famous Deaf actor, Bernard Bragg, teaches English grammar
             through American Sign Language in the four-part series produced
             by Gallaudet University. (ASL)

                   Volume 1 - Verb Endings (ed, ing)
                   Volume 2 - Articles, Subject/Verb Agreement (each, every,
                   Volume 3 - Verb I (v + v + ing) and Verb II (passive)
                   Volume 4 - Time and Place Prepositions (in, on, at)

DV 060.42    Bunny’s Basic Parliamentary Workshop.
             Gerald “Bummy” Burstein
             This video is about teaching you how to learn the sequence of nine
             Parliamentary Procedures that all meetings have in common.
             (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 362.42    Computer-Assisted Notetaking (CAN): Now You See It - Visual
             Technologies for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People.
             An overview of techniques, equipment setup and user’s experience
             with CAN-a system that provides communication access in
             meetings, classes, etc. (CC)

DV 362.404 C-PRINT: A Speech to Print Support Service Option.
           This video explains the benefits of C-Print used in classroom.
           C-Print provides access as well as hard-copy notes. (CC)



DV 362.41    Deaf-Blind, Communication & Community: Getting Involved, A
             The video is a conversation of 5 individuals discussing issues
             dealing with members of the Deaf-Blind Community.
DV 362.41   Deaf-Blind, Communication & Community: Overview and
            The video is an overview and introduction on dealing with the Deaf-
            Blind Community.

DV 649.15   Early Intervention Illustrated: The Home Team.
            Produced by Seaver Creative, Inc.
            This video presents strategies and techniques that help establish
            relationships between interventionists and families.
            (DVD: CC, Voice)

DV 362.42   Hearing Ear Dogs.
            This tape gives an overview of how hearing ear dogs are selected
            and trained. Numerous examples of how these dogs alert their
            owners to environmental sounds are shown.
            (CC, Voice)

DV 419      Holidays – An ASL Word Book with Video and Audio Clips.
            Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc. (IDRT)
            Over 300 signs are taught on this CD. Program taught using IDRT
            Flipbooks. (CD-ROM)

DV 371.9    The IEP: Parents for Deaf Awareness, Inc. Part 1.
            Sharon DeVito discusses the rights of parents regarding the
            individualized education plan for their children. (Voice)

DV 371.9    The IEP: Parents for Deaf Awareness, Inc. Part 2.
            The video is a continuation of Sharon DeVito’s discussion about the
            rights of parents regarding their children’s I.E.P. (Voice)



DV 371.912 The Importance of Early Language Development for Deaf
           Children. Education.
           The Parents for Deaf Awareness, Inc., meeting held on March 27,
           1973, features Dr. Peggy Burke and Jane Hecker-Cain.
DV 371.912 The Importance of Early Language Development for Deaf
           Children. Language 1.
           Dr. Peggy Burke discusses the types of educational programs for
           the Deaf in New Jersey.

DV 371.912 The Importance of Early Language Development for Deaf
           Children. Language 2.
           Jane Hecker-Cain, the mother of a Deaf child discusses the
           importance of early language development for Deaf children.

DV 362.42   Independence Through Telecommunications- A Guide for
            Parents of Deaf and hard of Hearing Children.
            Technology Assessment Program, Gallaudet University
            Explains the uses and benefits of TTY’s, computer modems and fax
            machines in aiding development of young deaf or hard of hearing
            children. (CC, Voice)

DV 362.42   Language Says It All.
            Parents and educators discuss the importance of establishing clear
            communication in relationships with their deaf and hard of hearing
            children. (CC, Voice)

DV 411      Learn to Read American Sign Language in Sign Writing.
            “Goldilocks and the three Bears” is signed in ASL on video, and
            then transcribed in Sign Writing in an accompanying manual. Two
            storybooks are also included.



DV 371.912 Literary Aspects of Deafness (Literary of the Deaf)
           The PDA meeting held on October 20, 1999, features Albert Hlibok
           on the topics of literacy of the Deaf and the Laurent Clerc Stamp
           Project. (ASL, Voice)
DV 419      Make a Joyful Noise.
            This kit introduces families to oral deaf education: “Dreams Spoken
            Here” video in English and Spanish. Include handbook, and article
            reprints. (CC)

DV 332.6    Merrill Lynch Videotapes.

                   Volume 1 - Introduction to Merrill Lynch Deaf and Hard
                              of Hearing Investor Services.
                              This clear and concise tape outlines the services
                              and information available to Deaf and hard of
                              hearing investors, including assistive devices,
                              specially trained consultants, and financial
                              planning strategies. (CC, Voice)
                   Volume 2 - Women Investors: Planning for Success
                              This videotape explains the investment process
                              for woman interesting in learning more about
                              the programs available through Merrill Lynch.
                   Volume 3 - Mutual Fund Advisor Client Video.
                              This videotape is about the Merrill Lynch can
                              help you with Mutual Fund Advisor Program
                              offering the benefits of a professionally
                              managed the portfolios of mutual funds
                              designed just for you. (CC)

DV 649.15   Mom And Dad, Your Deaf Child Is OK….
            Flavia Frazier, a mother of a deaf child discusses significant issues
            in raising Deaf children. The issues include acceptance,
            communication, education and language. (ASL, CC, Voice)



DV 362.42   1994 NAD Convention Highlights.
            This video presents speakers, interviews and other highlights from
            the 42th NAD Convention in Knoxville, TN.
DV 419     Once Upon A Time.
           Parents share tips for reading bedtime stories in sign language to
           their deaf and hard of hearing children. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 371.9   Parents for Deaf Awareness Series.
           Amateur videos of the programs offered since 1992 by Parents for
           Deaf Awareness, a New Jersey organization for families with deaf
           children. (ASL, CC, interpreted, Voice)

                 Inclusion: Is It Appropriate for Deaf Children?
                           Gertrude Galloway, Ph.D., Superintendent of the
                           Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf in New
                            Jersey, lectures on the appropriateness of the
                            educational approach known as inclusion for
                            children who are deaf.

                 The Need for Appropriate Communication for the Deaf
                 Child at Home and School
                           Jerel Barnhart, Ph.D., a school psychologist in a
                           mainstreamed program for children who are deaf
                           and hard of hearing, discusses the importance of
                           good communication within families of deaf
                           children as well as in their school settings.

                 Parental Decisions: Communication and Educational
                 Choices for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children.
                           Dr. Margery S. Miller and Dr. Donald Moores,
                           both of Gallaudet University, share the guidelines
                           to help parents in decisions regarding their Deaf



                 PDA Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration
                           The Model Secondary School for the Deaf
                           performing troupe, The Road Show, highlights
                           this tape of PDA’s Fifth Anniversary. Also
                           included are introductions of the founding
                           families of PDA and installation of the 1994

                 Principles of Achieving Access in Deaf Education
                            Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D., outlines his principles
                            for effective education of children who are deaf.

                 The Role of the Child Study Team in the Education of
                 the Deaf
                           The staffs of a mainstreaming program for
                           children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
                           outline the important role of the Child Study
                           Team in evaluating Deaf students.

                 The Role of Speech in the Education of the Deaf
                           Donna Gentry, MA., CCCA, a speech language
                           therapist, explains the role of speech therapy in
                           the education of children who are Deaf.

                 What is College Like for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing?
                           This video is a panel of deaf students, who share
                           their experiences at college.

DV 372.4   Reading to Deaf Children: Learning From Deaf Adults.
           This video demonstrates the 15 principles for reading to Deaf
           children. Include booklet.

DV 372.4   Read It Again and Again.
           This video shows actual shared reading sessions with children who
           have diverse backgrounds and abilities. Include booklet.



DV 419     Say it with A Sign: Early Communication through Basic Sign
           Language for Infants, Babies, Toddlers and Parents, too!
           This video series teaches ASL signs using visually interesting but
           repetitive format including colorful graphics, sound effects,
           animations and children signing. Each DVD includes checklist of
           words taught. (DVD: ASL, Voice)
                 Volume 1: 44 new signs in categories of Food, Animals,
                           Home and Family, Hobbies and Sports, Body
                           Parts and typical baby first words. (Ages 6
                           months and up)

                 Volume 2: 46 new signs in categories of Food, Animals,
                           Family and Friends, Clothes, Body Parts, Nature,
                           and bonus words. (Ages 6 months and up)

                 Volume 3: 45 new signs in categories of Animals, Hobbies
                           and Sports, Nature, Thoughts and Feelings,
                           Travel, Colors, and bonus words. (Ages 6 months
                           and up)

DV 371.912 School Days: An ASL Word Book with Video and Audio Clips.
           Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc.
           Teaches 76 vocabulary words. Program taught using IDRT
           Flipbooks. (CD-ROM)

DV 419     Signing in the Workplace.
           Time to Sign, Inc.
           Designed for individual or group education, this DVD includes
           valuable information for understanding Deaf culture and using
           technologies such as TTY and telephone relay services. American
           Sign Language (ASL) experts teach viewers individual signs, and
           then viewers see the signs used in typical workplace scenarios.
           (DVD: ASL)



DV 419     Signing Smart Signs: ASL Video Glossary.
           Wide-Eye Learning, LLC
           This DVD contains 135 ASL signs that families of hearing babies
           and toddlers will most benefit from. Each sign is accompanied by
           the signed word on screen. The clearly produced signs,
            accompanied by the audio mnemonics, make learning the signs
            easy. (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 419      Teaching Signs for Baby Minds.
            Bright Minds
            The Teaching Signs for Baby Minds series incorporates bold colors,
            sights and sounds with American Sign Language to enrich,
            stimulate and expand communication between you and your child.
            (DVD: ASL, Voice-over) Topics covered include:

                  Volume 1 - Everyday signs
                  Volume 2 - Concepts and Combinations
                  Volume 3 - Dictionary and Alphabet

DV 419      The Treasure Chest: Toys and Signs, Volume 1.
            Wide-Eyed Learning, LLC
            Parents and children will be delighted by this magical journey of
            discovery. The visually engaging images offer many opportunities
            to make meaningful connections with little ones. This DVD includes
            over 35 ASL signs and strategies for making signing a natural part
            of your daily interactions with your child. Ages 3 months - 36
            months (DVD)

DV 419      The Treasure Chest: Signs, Songs, and Rhymes, Volume 2.
            Wide-Eyed Learning, LLC
            Classic songs and rhymes are set to engaging images of toys,
            playful children and ASL. Promotes sign and spoken language
            development. Ages 0 – 6 years (DVD & Audio)



DV 362.42   Using Your TTY/TDD.
            This training tape teaches you how to make and receive TTY calls,
            common abbreviations used in TTY conversations and telephone
            etiquette. (CC, Voice)
DV 362.42   Visual Telecommunications: Visual Technologies for Deaf
            and Hard of Hearing People.
            Produced by Gallaudet University this video explains how current
            technology benefits Deaf people and their employers, including the
            use of TTY’s, Computers, relay services, fax machines and others.
            (CC, Voice)

Hard of Hearing

DV 418      An Adventure in Cued Speech.
            Produced by Alina Mills, Co-sponsored by The National Cued
            Speech Association
            This is an informational video presenting Cued Speech users, their
            families and professionals, demonstrating and discussing Cued
            speech in various settings. The effectiveness of Cued Speech is
            shown with users of all ages. (DVD: OC, Voice)

DV 418      Building Cue Reading.
            Melanie Metzger, Ph.D & Earl Fleetwood, M.A.
            Practice sessions and tests to learn and increase cued receptive
            skills. The checklist cards are included. (CC)

                  Volume 1
                  Volume 2

DV 617.89   Cecilia’s Story.
            Advanced Bionics Corps.
            A documentary that portrays the life of a cochlear implant recipient,
            from infancy to her eighth birthday. (CC, Voice)



DV 617.89   Cochlear Implants: Covering the Basics.
            Dawn Sign Press.
            A doctor discusses cochlear implants assistive listening devices
            from a technological and physiological point of view.
            (ASL, CC, Voice)
DV 617.89    A Cochlear Implant for Your Child: What You Need to Know
             Before and After.
             Hosted by Parents for Deaf Awareness, Inc.
             It consists of five videotapes: 3 videos of the cochlear implant
             workshop, 1 video of Dr. Chandra Sehkar’s presentation and 1
             video of the panel session. (CC, Voice)

DV 362.42    Communication: Hearing Loss.
             Part of the Home Care Companion series on caregiver education,
             This video deals with how to communicate effectively with someone
             who has hearing loss. (CC)

DV 362.42    Communication Rules for Hard of Hearing People.
             Sam Trychin, Ph.D. of Gallaudet University depicts hard of hearing
             people in everyday scenarios followed by a discussion on how to
             solve the communication problems that arise in each.
             (CC, Voice)

DV 362.42    Did I Do That?
             Sam Trychin, Ph.D. of Gallaudet University illustrated four
             principals of behavior relating to hearing loss and gives exercises to
             increase communication through cooperation. (CC)

DV 617.89    Getting The Most Out of Your Hearing Aids.
             Dr. C. Everett Koop helps hearing aid purchasers get the maximum
             benefit from their investment. (CC)



DV 617.882 Hearing Your Life: HiResolution Bionic Ear System.
           Advanced Bionics Corporation
           This video is about the HiResolution Bionic Ear recipients to share
           their personal experiences. (OC, Voice)
DV 617.882 Introduction to Cochlear Implants.
           Cochlear Americas, Englewood, Colorado
           This video is about the Overview of Criteria, Anatomy and
           Physiology, Review of the Cochlear Implant System, How an
           implant “works”, Surgical procedure, and Post-surgical period.
           (CC, Voice)

DV 362.42    I Only Hear You When I See Your Face.
             This video illustrates simple rules to remember when
             communicating with a deaf or hard of hearing patient. (CC)

DV 419       I See What You’re Saying: A Practical Guide to
             Produced by the New York League for the Hard of Hearing, this
             two-parts series provides easy-to-follow lessons and practice
             exercises to improve your ability to speechread in a variety of
             everyday situations. (Voice)

                   Volume 1 - Fundamentals of Speechreading
                   Volume 2 - Practice Exercises

DV 418       I See What You Say: Learn Lip Reading!
             Hearing Visions
             The speech-reading program provides practice, activities for
             advancing speech reading levels from single words to stories.
             Viewers will get exposure to different speech patterns and
             problems with noise and distortion. Soft cover book is included.



DV 362.42    I Want To Talk.
             An interview with a seven year old, Mike Barry, the Deaf son of
             Deaf parents, during which he combines excellent sign language
             communication skills with attempts at spoken English.
             (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 617.882 The Link Between Silence and Sound.
           The video is a discussion of the cochlear implant, is presented by
           Advanced Bionics Corporation. (CC)

DV 419       Native Intuition: Deaf Cued American English Models.
             Language Matter’s Inc
             Linguist Daniel Koo, M.A. explains the nature of cued languages
             using ASL (American Sign Language) in this hour-long video.
             There are two sections: the first shows five native cuers sharing
             their experiences, opinions, and insights in CAE passes; the
             second section shows two Deaf individuals conversing in ASL and
             discussing life as CAE and ASL bilinguals. (DVD: CC, Voice)

DV 617.882 Nucleus 24 Contour: “The Shape of Things to Come”
           This video explains how the cochlear implant works using the
           Nucleus 24 Contour and gives examples of people using the
           implant. Booklet is included.

DV 617.882 Nucleus Accessories and Assistive Listening Devices: Tips to
           maximize your hearing.
           Cochlear Corporation, Englewood, Colorado
           This video explains about the great tips on how to maximize
           hearing with the use of nucleus accessories and other assistive
           listening devices. They are included with your Nucleus Cochlear
           Implant System. (OC, Voice)



DV 418       Read My Lips! Fun and Easy to Use Lipreading Lessons.
             Listen With Your Eyes! Volumes 1 – 6.
             Speechreading Laboratory, Inc.
             Each DVD contains almost 20 different practice sessions to teach
             and improve your speech reading skill and comprehension. Each
             DVD includes a progress checklist sheet. Include handbook.
             Please specify volume number

DV 616.84    Relaxation Procedures for Hard of Hearing People.
             Sam Trychin of Gallaudet University demonstrates various
             relaxation procedures in a two-part series. (CC)

DV 418       Seeing and Hearing Speech: Lessons in lip reading and
             listening. Sensimetrics Corporation
             Learn to lip read at your own pace. The interactive program
             lessons help you combine what you see with what you hear to
             understand speech better. Soft cover book is included. (CD-ROM)

DV 305.908 Sound and Fury.
           If you could make your deaf child hear, would you? That is the
           focus of Academy award-nominated Sound and Fury, an intimate,
           heart-rendering true story about the Artinians, an extended family
           with deaf and hearing members spanning three generations.
           Together they confront a technological device, the cochlear implant,
           which can help the deaf hear but may also threaten deaf culture.
           (DVD: ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 617.8     Sound Hearing.
             Garlic Press
             Have you ever wondered what hearing loss is like? Find out with
             this book/CD package. It provides listening samples to illustrate
             sound, hearing and hearing loss. Listeners will hear as impaired
             people might, listening to music, a story, and taking a simple
             spelling test. Include a booklet. (CD-ROM)



DV 362.42    Sound Ideas.
             Canadian Hard of Hearing Association
             Find out how to cope in difficult situations like dining out or the
             workplace. The easy-to-follow manual lets you learn at your own
             pace. It is ideal for hard of hearing people, professionals educating
             clients, and teachers. Companion Manual is included.
             (DVD: OC, Voice)

DV 419       Speaking For Myself.
             Oberkotter Foundation Film Project
             This video demonstrates Deaf and hard-of-hearing children learn
             how to speak through oral deaf education in English and Spanish.

DV 617.89    Summer’s Story: Coming of Age with the Cochlear Implant.
             Summer Crider
             Summer’s Story is a 27 minute videotape about a teenager’s
             experience growing up with a cochlear implant. Born as a hearing
             child in a world filled with music, Summer lost her hearing due to
             spinal meningitis at the age of three. The story traces her use of
             hearing aids, tactile aids, speech therapy and auditory training, and
             the final decision for a cochlear implant. (OC, Voice)

DV 617.89    The Telecoil.
             This video explains that using telecoil in a hearing aid in
             combination with an assisted listening device or while talking on the
             telephone greatly enhances hearing ability for hearing impaired
             persons. (CC)

DV 617.882 Twins: A Cochlear Implant Study.
           This video discusses the affects of cochlear implants on a set of
           Twins. (CC)



DV 362.42    Unheard Voices: A dramatic look into the heart of hearing loss.
             Gael Hanna and Dalene Flannigan
             Gael Hannan, an actor with a profound hearing loss, gives a
             powerful performance in this adaptation of her popular one-woman
             play. The stories are funny and moving as ordinary words become
             eloquent descriptions of how hearing loss makes us feel and
             behave. After this video, everyone will understand hearing loss as
             never before. (DVD: CC, OC, Voice)

Health and Safety

DV 362.292 A.A. -- Rap With Us.
           This video is for young alcoholics to see the help available to them
           in Alcoholics Anonymous. Four young people discuss what it was
           like drinking and what it is like being sober.

DV 362.2     Alcoholics Anonymous: American Sign Language.
             Commonly Known as “The Big Book” this primary resource for
             recovering alcoholics is translated into American Sign Language by
             Alan Barwiolek. This is AA General Service Conference-approved
             literature. (ASL, Voice) Please specify volume number

                    Volume 1- Preface, Forwards to First, Second and Third
                              Editions, the Doctor’s Opinion.
                              Chapter 1-Bill’s Story
                              Chapter 2-There is a Solution

                    Volume 2- Chapter 3-More about Alcoholism
                              Chapter 4-We Agnostics
                              Chapter 5- How it Works

                    Volume 3 - Chapter 6-Into Action
                               Chapter 7-Working with Others
                               Chapter 8- To Wives



                    Volume 4 - Chapter 9-The Family Afterward
                               Chapter 10-To Employers
                               Chapter 11-A Vision for You

                    Volume 5 - Dr. Bob’s Nightmare
                                 Appendices: The AA Tradition, Spiritual
                                 Experience; The Medical View on AA, The
                                 Lasker Award, The Religious View on AA; How
                                 to Get in Touch with AA

DV 362.829 Anywhere, To Anyone.
           This video shows 4 stories of domestic violence in the Deaf
           Community. Included two companion guides.

DV 362.2     Caring For Yourself.
             This instructional video, part of Sign Enhancers mental health
             series, gives tips on taking care of yourself.

DV 362.292 Carrying the Message Behind These Walls.
           This video was developed to encourage more A.A. members to
           participate in carrying the A.A. message into correctional facilities
           with pamphlet.

DV 362.29    Clinical Approaches: An American Sing Language
             Interpretation of the 12 Step Program.
             This video has 12 segments. Each segment is singed and deals
             with one of the 12 steps of A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous)
             (ASL, Voice)



DV 361.06    Counseling Deaf People a Skills Training.
             Vignettes are presented by a Deaf, multi-cultural cast and then
             analyzed to assist in learning counseling skills applied to working
             with Deaf individuals. Include guide.

                    Volume 1 - Rehabilitation Counseling
                    Volume 2 - Community College Counseling
                    Volume 3 - Personal Counseling

DV 362.29    Dreams of Denial.
             Minnesota Chemical Dependency program presents a video for
             Deaf people who struggle with substance abuse. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 362.293 Drugs, Coming to a Neighborhood Near You.
           Parents and teens share problems while finding solutions. This
           video is part of a series focusing on one important relationship
           parents and teens must address together.

DV 363.37    Fire Safety Starts With You.
             Fire safety, including plans for what to do should a fire occur, is
             discussed in ASL.

DV 362.1     Health Care Directives: A Do-It-Yourself Workshop Manual &
             ASL Videotape for Deaf Communities.
             Deaf Hospice Education Project of Minnesota
             These consumer information products discuss directives and
             hospice care as they relate to Deaf individuals and hospice staff.
             They cover information about the choices and rights Deaf people
             have when making end-of-life decisions, and are a good source of
             information for education hospice staff about Deaf culture.
             (CD-ROM, DVD & Workshop Manual)

                    DVD 1: Health Care Directives & Hospice Care
                    CD 2: Health Care Directives: Documents for Printing



DV 362.292 Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous.
           A dramatization of the benefits obtained when alcoholics seek help
           from A.A. (CC)

DV 362.2     I Can: Stories of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in Recovery.
             This video is an intimate look at six Deaf and hard of hearing
             recovering addicts and alcoholics telling their stories. Include guide.
             (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 616.97    It’s Not Just Hearing AIDS-Deaf People and the Epidemic.
             This video, which was produced by Deaf people themselves, gives
             straightforward and factual information about this health risk,
             including how the disease is transmitted, who can get AIDS,
             procedures for an HIV test, and how to be supportive to people with
             AIDS. Note: This video contains sexually explicit information.
             (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 362.292 “It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell”
           This film tells the story of four young A.A.s who were in prison as a
           result of drinking, yet today are sober in Alcoholics Anonymous.

DV 362.29    Meeting the Challenge: Working with Deaf People in Recovery.
             A video is for counselors on how to deal with people who are Deaf
             who are also alcoholics and addicts by examing Deaf Culture.

DV 613       My Body, My Responsibility.
             University of Rochester Medical Center
             This is a film for deaf and hard of hearing women of all ages, as
             well as parents of deaf women, healthcare providers, educators,
             interpreters and anyone who cares about deaf women’s health.
             Topics covered include puberty, menstruation and related hygiene,
             pregnancy and labor, pregnancy prevention, birth control methods
             and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and how to be
             tested for HIV. (DVD: ASL, OC, Voice)



DV 613.66    Protect Yourself: A Basic Guide to Self Defense.
             The techniques in self-defense are demonstrated by various
             instructors with explanation in ASL. (Voice)
DV 613       Sign and Sweat.
             This video is an aerobic workout in sign language.
             (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 362.29    Signs for Recovery.
             Visual Media Alliance
             The purpose of this videotape is to provide an understanding of the
             specialized signs and concepts used in chemical dependency and
             substance abuse treatment setting. It is ideal for interpreters,
             counselors, social workers and hospitals. (CD: ASL, OC, Voice)

DV 362.2     Silent Suffering: Substance Abuse in the Deaf Community.
             Hosted by Alan Barwiolek, this documentary video features Deaf
             professionals Barbara Kannapell, Cynthia Weitzel and Betsy Miller,
             discussing the cultural treatment and recovery issues surrounding
             substance abuse in the Deaf community. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 614       Their Next Breathe Could Be Yours.
             This training film on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) has a
             full-screen view of a sign language interpreter and the speaker in
             the bubble at the bottom corner of the screen. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 613       To Your Health -- Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle/ Making Healthy
             This video assists Deaf or hard of hearing people to become better
             consumer of health care. (ASL, Voice)



DV 616.075 To Your Health -- Your Physical Exam.
           Medical procedures that occur in a typical physical exam are
           explained in ASL. (Voice)

DV 362.29    Trackman.
             This video is the first of the Youth Substance Abuse Education
             Series. It provides information and preventative measures
             addressing substance abuse education for adolescents in the
             hearing impaired population. Include guide. (CC)

DV 616.861 Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.
           The 12 steps and 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous are
           discussed in this series of 5 videotapes. (ASL, CC) Please specify
           volume number

                   Volume 1 - Steps 1-4
                   Volume 2 - Steps 5-10
                   Volume 3 - Steps 11-12
                   Volume 4 - Traditions 1-6
                   Volume 5 - Traditions 7-12

DV 362.292 Voices and Visions: Alcoholism in The Family.
           This video includes interviews with experts and dramatic vignettes
           about the common problems of alcoholism in families.

DV 362.2     What is Therapy?
             Freda Norman narrates this educational videotape about receiving
             help through therapy. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 362.292 Young People and AA.
           Four young A.A. members describe what is was like drinking,
           attending A.A., and what their lives are like sober today.



Interpreter Training

DV 419       American Sign Language and Interpreting Practice Series.
             Produced by Sign Enhancers, Inc.
             This video series provides samples of American Sign Language
             followed by two Sign-to-Voice Interpretations. (ASL, Voice)
               4A: My first day at the school for the Deaf/ A memorable
               4B: My experience as a camp counselor/ A backpacking
                   adventure/ The use of ASL in the Classroom
               4C: Adventures in river rafting/ Telecommunication access
                   for Deaf people
               4D: Autobiographical sketch/ Fearful accounts of driving in
                   the snow/ The duck story

DV 419   ASL Mentor: Idioms.
         Lance McWilliams
         Idioms can assist both novice and experienced interpreters make
         better word choices when voicing for the Deaf. The DVD is
         intended to give interpreters clues on some signs that only Deaf
         people tend to use. The DVD has open captioning and shows
         slangs/idioms, so viewers can see the actual English idiom as it is
         demonstrated. (DVDs: ASL, OC)

               Part 1 & 2
               Part 3 & 4

DV 419   ASL Mentor: Improving Receptive Skills through ASL
         Storytelling. Lance McWilliams
         ASL stories told by Lance McWilliams and Willy Moers. Assists
         comprehension skills with Q&A pop-ups. (DVDs: ASL)

               Part 1: The Image of the Lost Soul/ Jack and the Bean Stalk
               Part 2: The 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf/ Goldilocks
                       and the 3 Bears



DV 419   ASL Practice Series.
         ASL Productions, Inc./Sign Enhancers
         Improve your ASL and interpreting skills one easy step at a time!
         Start with simple sentences and move on to mini-stories, stories,
         dialogues and jokes. There are eight parts in this series.
         (VHS & DVDs: ASL, Voice) Please specify number
                  6A: English Idioms (DVD only)
                  6B: ASL Vocabulary
                  6C: ASL Vocabulary, Affect and Structure
                  6D: ASL Sentences
                  6E: ASL Mini-Stories
                  6F: ASL Stories
                  6G: ASL Dialogues
                  6H: ASL Funny Bones

DV 419      ASL Role Shifting: “He said, She said…”
            Steamboat Productions, LLC
            From nationally recognized workshop presenter and ASL performer
            Trix Bruce comes this DVD on role shifting. This DVD focuses on
            ASL storytelling techniques for:

                     Developing a story’s character
                     Using role shift, eye gaze, and spatial referencing
                     Identifying speakers
                     Shifting between speakers
                     Matching speakers’ effect
                     Understanding the difference between storytelling and

DV 419      ASL Semantics: Precision of Expression - FALL.
            Steamboat Production, LLC
            A concept expressed in an ASL sign often cannot be conveyed by a
            single all-purpose English word. Likewise, English words and
            phrases may have variations in meaning, which require translations
            using different ASL signs. This workshop on DVD helps the
            participant advance skills in translating the languages of ASL and



DV 305.908 Deaf Culture Lectures Series.
           ASL Productions, Inc./Sign Enhancers
           (DVDs: ASL, Voice)

                  8I: Deaf & Hearing Cultural Differences
                   8J: An Inside View
                   8K: Tools for a Cross-Cultures Adventure
                   8L: Shared Wisdom for Families

DV 371.912 Educational Interpreting: A Practical Approach.
           Rochester Institute of Technology; National Technical Institute for
           the Deaf
           A consumer awareness, rights, and responsibilities series for
           students, teachers, interpreters, and parents of deaf children.
           Produced in actual classroom settings, this award-winning series
           offers a practical and comprehensive approach to important
           aspects of educational interpreting—emphasizing information and
           strategies that are necessary to provide deaf and hard of hearing
           individuals with optimal communication access to education. Issues
           raised in the videos are reviewed in greater detail in the companion
           booklet. A companion website provides additional materials related
           to this series. Soft cover and coil bound book are included.
           (2 DVDs: ASL, OC, SE, Voice)

DV 419       Educational Interpreting Series: Elementary School.
             ASL Productions, Inc./Sign Enhancers
             Interpret for a real elementary school teacher with a team of three
             supportive educational interpreters helping you… so no pressure!
             (VHS & DVDs: ASL, CC, Voice)

                   INT-EL: Interpreting
                   TR-EL: Transliterating



DV 371.912 Educational Interpreting Series: Giving a Hand to Good
           Education: Voice to Sign Practice with Hearing Teachers.
           ASL Productions, Inc.
           Each sample includes two certified interpreters demonstrating their
           interpretations for you! (DVDs: ASL, PSE, Voice)
                   1F: A Lesson with Heart
                   1G: A Mother’s Perspective on the IEP Process
                   1H: Why Can’t We All Be Purple?

DV 419       Educational Interpreting Series: Giving a Hand to Small
             Voices: Voice to Sign Practice with Hearing Children.
             ASL Productions, Inc.
             We usually think about interpreting for Deaf children, but often need
             to understand the speech (and thought) patterns of their hearing
             classmates. (DVDs: ASL, PSE, Voice)

                   1E: Ancient Greece

DV 371.912 Educational Interpreting Series: Giving Voice to Good
           Education: Sign to Voice Practice with Deaf Teachers.
           ASL Productions, Inc.
           Each sample includes two certified interpreters demonstrating their
           interpretations for you! (DVDs: ASL, PSE, Voice)

                   1I: Introduction to Videography
                   1J: History of Fashion Design
                   1K: The World in Your Hands
                   1L: Science and Drama in Motion



DV 419       Educational Interpreting Series: Giving Voice to Small Hands:
             Sign-to-Voice Practice with Deaf Children. ASL Productions, Inc.
             Each sample includes two certified interpreters demonstrating their
             interpretations for you! (DVDs: ASL, PSE, Voice)

                   1A: Bold as Brianna
                   1B: Delightful as Derek
                   1C: Lydia’s Lessons
               1D: Kudos to Kuualoha

DV 419   Educational Interpreting Series: High School.
         ASL Productions, Inc./Sign Enhancers
         Practice interpreting and transliterating with a real high school
         teacher and a team of three supportive educational interpreters
         helping you… but none of the stress!
         (VHS & DVDs: ASL, CC, Voice)

               INT-HS: Interpreting
               TR-HS: Transliterating

DV 419   Effective Interpreting Series: English Skills Development.
         Dawn Sign Press
         What element can no effective interpreter live without? Answer:
         strong English skills. When students have strengthened their use
         and understanding of English, they can transfer messages
         effectively in ASL. Topics: Visual Form and Meaning; Lexical
         Substitution; Paraphrasing Discourse; Main Idea Identification; and
         Summarizing. Include handbook. (DVD: CC, Voice)

DV 419   Effective Interpreting Series: Cognitive Processing Skills in
         English. Dawn Sign Press
         Strong English skills allow interpreters to be more effective at
         shifting between English and ASL. Exercises with video source
         materials improve flexibility and agility with English. Topics:
         Comprehension and Source Material; Memory; Acuity and
         Discrimination; Immediate Repetition; Delayed Repetition; Number
         Repetition; Word Level Pattern Inference; Phrase Level Pattern
         Inference; and Multitasking. Include handbook. (DVD: CC, Voice)



DV 419   Effective Interpreting Series: Translating from English.
         Dawn Sign Press
         What’s the difference between translating and interpreting?
         Answer: preparation and simultaneous delivery of information.
         Translators transfer a message between languages while
         preserving the meaning across language boundaries. Top
         interpreter Carol Patrie encourages creativity and the use of various
         linguistic resources to come up with a translation without the
            pressure of real-time processing. Learning to do this effectively can
            be a stepping stone to real-time or simultaneous interpretation. It
            can also be a worthy and rewarding career. Use this to earn CEUs!
            Include handbook. (DVD: CC, Voice)

DV 419      Effective Interpreting Series: Consecutive Interpreting from
            English. Dawn Sign Press
            A sequence of exercises and English source materials, featuring a
            variety of speakers, help develop consecutive interpreting skills.
            The spontaneous samples of spoken English are unrehearsed and
            unscripted, ideal for sharpening comprehension. Topics: History
            and Uses of Consecutive Interpreting; Intralingual Exercises; Errors
            in Interpretation; Listening Phase; Note-taking and Analysis;
            Memory; Reformulation; Monitoring and Correction. Include
            handbook. (DVD: CC, Voice)

DV 781.62   Folk Music Concert in ASL – 3B.
            ASL Productions, Inc./Sign Enhancers
            Want to interpret on stage? Learn with Jenna Cassell at a live
            concert. You’ll learn how to match affect and produce ASL
            transliterations for text set to great music. (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 419      Interactive Interpreting I.
            Produced by Gallaudet University, this video depicts a meeting
            between a Deaf man and a hearing real estate agent. The audio
            portion of what the agent says is heard and time is permitted for the
            viewer to voice to sign interpret what she says. The Deaf man then
            responds in ASL to give the viewer an opportunity to practice sign-
            to-voice interpreting. (ASL, Voice)



DV 419      Interactive Interpreting II.
            Produced by Gallaudet University, this video depicts a meeting
            between a Deaf man and a hearing travel agent. The audio portion
            of what the agent says is heard and time is permitted for the viewer
            to voice to sign interpret what she says. The Deaf man then
         responds in ASL to give the viewer an opportunity to practice sign-
         to-voice interpreting. (ASL, Voice)

DV 419   Interpreter Model Series.
         Two different lectures interpreted by Betty Colonomos and Sharon
         Newman Solow allow for different styles of interpreting to be
         compared and contrasted. (ASL, Voice)

                Volume 1 - ASL - English Models
                Segments of signed ASL lectures are shown
                presented by each interpreter. On screen time-code
                makes detailed comparison and analysis possible.

                Volume 2 - English - ASL Models
                Presents segments of spoken English lectures followed by
                separate, full screen presentations of each of the
                interpretations. Speaker and interpreters are displayed on
                the screen at the same time.

DV 419   Interpreting in Insurance Settings.
         Carol J. Patrie
         Allows interpreters to observe and learn from unscripted,
         unrehearsed interpretations in setting that are normally restricted or
         difficult to arrange. Helpful discussion starters and full transcripts of
         interpreted dialogues make this an excellent practice tool. Include
         handbook. (DVD: ASL, CC, Voice)



DV 419   Interpreting in Legal Settings.
         Carol J. Patrie
         Allows interpreters to observe and learn from unscripted,
         unrehearsed interpretations in setting that are normally restricted or
         difficult to arrange. Helpful discussion starters and full transcripts of
         interpreted dialogues make this an excellent practice tool. Include
         handbook. (DVD: ASL, CC, Voice)
DV 419   Interpreting in Medical Settings.
         Carol J. Patrie
         Allows interpreters to observe and learn from unscripted,
         unrehearsed interpretations in setting that are normally restricted or
         difficult to arrange. Helpful discussion starters and full transcripts of
         interpreted dialogues make this an excellent practice tool. Include
         handbook. (DVD: ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 419   Interpreting in Various Settings. (Voice)

                Volume 1 - Review/Demonstration of Interpreting
                           Oral Interpreting
                           Educational Interpreting: Elementary
                           Employment/Rehabilitation Interpreting
                           Performing Arts Interpreting
                           Medical Interpreting
                Volume 2 - Telephone Interpreting
                           Round Table Interpreting
                           Deaf-Blind Interpreting
                           Educational Interpreting: Secondary
                           Interpreting for Miss-Educated Deaf Persons
                           Legal Interpreting
                Volume 3 - Artistic Interpreting (Music)
                           Voice Interpreting
                           Religious Interpreting
                           Platform Interpreting
                           Educational Interpreting: Post Secondary
                           Mental Health/Counseling Interpreting


DV 345   Interpreting the Miranda Warnings.
         This videotape has been specially designed by Sign Media to
         address a number of issues one must face in order to render an
         accurate interpretation of the Miranda Warnings. Three outstanding
         interpreters will produce an in-studio rendition of the Miranda
         Warnings, and will be followed up by a discussion, lead by Lou
         Fant, that addresses several topics surrounding an accurate
         interpretation. *Please note, to make this tape fully accessible to
         Deaf viewers, a verbatim transcript is available. Please indicate
         if you would like the transcript also. (ASL)

DV 419   Introduction to Interpreting: Peer Evaluation Lectures.
         LindaLee Massoud developed this curriculum while she was the
         coordinator of the Interpreter Training Program at Mott Community
         College in Flint, MI. This videotape contains 6 practical segment
         lectures, and should be used with the booklet by the same name.
         Such topics discussed included: (Voice)

               •   Definition and purpose of evaluation
               •   Personality and standards in evaluation
               •   How to receive critique
               •   How to give critique
               •   Critiquing factors of ASL
               •   Critiquing factors of English and interpreting

DV 419   Introduction to Interpreting: Pre-Interpreting Survey.
         LindaLee Massoud developed this curriculum while she was the
         coordinator of the Interpreter Training Program at Mott Community
         College in Flint, MI. This videotape contains 6 practical segment
         lectures, and should be used with the booklet by the same name.
         Topics included: (Voice)

               •   Facial expression in interpreting
               •   Pantomime in interpreting
               •   Gesture interpreting
               •   Voice interpreting
               •   ASL interpreting
               •   (English) Transliterating



DV 92    Legacy of Learning Series.
         ASL Productions, Inc./Sign Enhancers
         Learn valuable information about our profession while improving
         your receptive and voicing skills. Join an intimate conversation
         between two legends, Lou Fant and Sharon N. Solow.
         (DVDs: ASL, Voice)
                LEG-1: Lou Fant
                LEG-2: Sharon Neumann Solow

DV 345   Miranda Rights.
         Signs for Intelligence
         This DVD presents the Miranda Rights translated into ASL. This is
         a great tool for interpreters who want to learn the Miranda Rights. It
         is signed so that virtually all levels of signing fluency will be able to
         understand their rights. (DVD: ASL, Text, Voice)

DV 419   More Classifiers Storytelling.
         This video offers a variety of stories presented by Trix Bruce
         entirely through the use of classifiers. See handshapes
         transforming into animals, places, objects, and more.
         (DVD: ASL)

DV 419   National Interpreter Certification: Interview and Performance
         Practice DVD.
         The NIC Practice DVD allows you to simulate the NIC Interview and
         Performance test experience, or you can access individual
         scenarios one at a time to prepare for the exam.

DV 419   National Testing System: Certificate of Interpretation Practice
         Tape. RID, Inc.
         This one-hour videotape shows the actual test format and will help
         you prepare for the Certificate of Interpretation (CI) Test.
         (ASL, Voice)



DV 419   National Testing System: Certificate of Transliteration Practice
         Tape. RID, Inc.
         This one-hour videotape shows the actual test format and will help
         you prepare for the Certificate of Transliteration (CT) Test.
         (ASL, Voice)

DV 419   One-To-One Interaction Tape: Giving a Medical Case History.
         In this tape, produced by Sign Media, Inc. you have been asked to
         interpret at a local hospital for an elderly Deaf gentleman. He has
         brought his wife along in case he forgets any pertinent information.

DV 419   One-To-One Interaction Tape: Interviewing a Prospective
         In this tape, produced by Sign Media, Inc. you have been asked to
         interpret for a Deaf landlord who is interviewing prospective
         tenants. The landlord owns a house that he and rented for the past
         few years, and is concerned that the new tenants are committed to
         taking care of the house. (ASL)

DV 419   One-To-One Interaction Tape: Interviewing a Real Estate
         In this tape, produced by Sign Media, Inc. you have been asked to
         interpret between a real estate agent and a prospective tenant.

DV 419   One-To-One Interaction Tape: Meeting a Dog Trainer.
         In this tape, produced by Sign Media, Inc. you have been asked to
         interpret for a Deaf Woman during an initial interview with a dog
         trainer. (ASL)

DV 419   One-To-One Interaction Tape: Meeting with a Funeral Director.
         In this tape, produced by Sign Media, Inc., you have been asked to
         interpret for .a Deaf woman has been asked by a friend to gather
         information about making funeral arrangements from a local Jewish
         funeral director. (ASL)



DV 419   One-To-One Interaction Tape: Meeting with a Sales
         In this tape, produced by Sign Media, Inc. you have been asked to
         interpret for the Deaf owner of a small business for a meeting with a
         sales representative. (ASL)

DV 419   One-To-One Interaction Tape: Seeking an Auto Loan.
         In this tape, produced by Sign Media, Inc. you will interpret for a
         Deaf couple who is meeting with a loan officer at a local bank, the
         couple is interested in buying a car and securing a loan to do so.

DV 419   One-to-One Interviews: 7C a Deaf Landlord & a potential
         Tenant – Interpreting Practice.
         ASL Productions, Inc./Sign Enhancers
         Whether through video relay interpreting or in person, much of
         interpreting is in one-to-one interviews.
         (VHS & DVD: ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 419   One-to-One Interviews: 7D an Employer & a Deaf Applicant –
         Transliterating Practice.
         ASL Productions, Inc./Sign Enhancers
         Whether through video relay interpreting or in person, much of
         interpreting is in one-to-one interviews.
         (VHS & DVD: ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 419   Practical Demonstrations: Interpreting vs. Transliterating.
         LindaLee Massoud developed this curriculum while she was the
         coordinator of the Interpreter Training Program at Mott Community
         College in Flint, MI. These tapes show a comparison between
         interpreted text and transliterated text. These tapes should be
         viewed in sequence. There are five volumes in this series.
         (Accompanying book, “Facilitating Manual Communication for
         Interpreters, Students and Teachers” also available) Please
         specify volume number


               Volume 1 - Section I, Lessons 1-8
               Volume 2 - Section I, Lessons 9-15
               Volume 3 - Section II, Lessons 1-15
               Volume 4 - Section III, Lessons 1-7
               Volume 5 - Section III, Lessons 8-16

DV 419   Sample CDI Written Test Questions.
         Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
         Materials provide sample questions to become a certified Deaf
         interpreter. (DVD and Manual)

DV 419   Semantic Awareness Test Kit.
         This test kit will help determine student awareness of semantic
         equivalents of selected multiple meaning English words and
         provide an indication of whether students are using or relying on
         English glosses. *Complimentary workbook is included. Please
         specify tape by name. EMC=English Multiple Choice. SMC=Sign
         Multiple Choice.

                Practice Test Tape:
                EMC Test Tape #1 (Workbook       tests 1, 2, and 3)
                EMC Test Tape #2 (Workbook       tests 4, 5, 6)
                EMC Test Tape #3 (Workbook       tests 7, 8, 9)
                SMC Test Tape #1 (Workbook       tests 10, 13 OR 16)
                SMC Test Tape #2 (Workbook       tests 11, 14, OR 17)
                SMC Test Tape #3 (Workbook       tests 12, 15 OR 18)

DV 419   Sign-to-Voice Practice with Deaf Children.
         ASL Productions, Inc./Sign Enhancers
         Improve your comprehension and interpret children’s signing with
         spontaneous, natural language samples. (DVDs: ASL, PSE, Voice)

                5A: 10 Year Old Storyteller
                5B: Deaf Children Signers – 23 Stories (VHS & DVD)
                5C: More Deaf Children Signers (Ages 5-11) (VHS & DVD)
                5D: Even More Deaf Children Signers (Ages 11-14)
                5E: Still More Deaf Children Signers (Ages 13-18)



DV 419   Simultaneous Interpreting Practice Lectures.
         Lectures begin with appropriate assignment specific information
         and an introduction by the presenter. Please note that some tapes
         have lectures in American Sign Language segmented for practicing
         sign to voice, while others are in English for voice to sign practice.
         Please specify volume number

                Spoken English Tapes:
               Volume 1: Urban Planning and Public Policy
               Volume 2: Environmental Activism and Greenpeace
               Volume 3: Homicide and the Criminal Justice System
               Volume 4: Combating Racism among Teenagers
               Volume 5: Berlitz: An Overview
               Volume 6: AIDS: Overview and Prevention

               ASL TAPES:
               Volume 7: US Deaf Golfers Association
               Volume 8: American Athletic Association of the Deaf
               Volume 9: ASL in the Education of Deaf Children
               Volume 10: An Introduction to Deaf People
               Volume 11: ADA and Interpreters
               Volume 12: AIDS: Overview and Prevention

DV 419   Small Group Discussion, Interpreting Practice Tapes.
         These tapes provide situational experience where students
         practice interpreting for small groups. (ASL)

               Planning a Protest Demonstration - You have been asked
               to interpret for a group that is planning a protest
               demonstration. Some of the individuals who have been
               invited to the meeting represent agencies or organizations.
               The leader of the group has had experience working with
               interpreters before and is careful to control the turn-taking
               behaviors of the group. For this meeting, two of the
               participants are Deaf.



               U.S. Post Office Safety Meeting - You have been asked to
               substitute for one of the regular interpreters for the local US
               Post Office. Postal regulations require that all employees
               participate in a monthly ‘safety meeting’ at which a variety of
               issues are discussed. For this meeting, the only non-Deaf
               participant is the supervisor.

DV 419   Technical Aspects of Interpreting.
            The three part video series that cover 6 practical lectures per tape.
            Topics on the tapes include: Using Guessing and Closure
            Effectively; Interpreting the Spatial Aspects of ASL; Working with a
            Team Interpreter (from voice and sign); Establishing Signals with a
            Speaker; Evaluating and Using Register in Voice Interpreting;
            Visual and Gestural Modification in Signs; Conversational and
            Situational Control; Working with a Relay Interpreter and
            Conference Interpreting with Multiple Interpreters. (Voice)

                   Volume 1 - Introductory Topics
                   Volume 2 - Intermediate Topics
                   Volume 3 - Advanced Topics

DV 419      Understanding the Dynamics of the Deaf Consumer/Interpreter
            Eileen Forestal, coordinator of the Interpreter Studies Program at
            Union County College in NJ, gives a highly informative lecture on
            the relationship between Deaf consumers and their interpreters.
            (ASL, Voice)

DV 362.42   Viewpoints Series.
            ASL Productions, Inc./Sign Enhancers
            Practice with Deaf individuals with varied educational and linguistic
            backgrounds of different ages and cultures. (DVDs: ASL, Voice)

                   VP1: Deaf Culture
                   VP2: Interpreters
                   VP3: Deaf Education



DV 419      Voice-to-Sign: Living Fully: Interpreting Practice Series.
            ASL Productions, Inc.
            Invite three of the most experienced and respected interpreters to
            be your personal mentors! (VHS & DVDs: ASL, CC, Voice)

                   INT-LF: Interpreting
                   TR-LF: Transliterating

DV 220      The Bible: A Book of Fact and Prophecy. Volume 1.
            Produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of NY, this
            video presents in ASL, a look at the world in which the Bible was
            produced, including the empires that loom large in Bible history.
            (ASL, CC)

DV 222.11   The Bible, ASL Translation.
            Produced by Deaf Missions
            The Genesis in the Bible is translated into ASL in this series of
            videotapes. Please specify volume number

                   1.   Genesis, 1:1-18:15
                   2.   Genesis, 18:16-28:9
                   3.   Genesis, 28:10-39:23
                   4.   Genesis, 40:1-50:26

DV 226      The Bible, ASL Translation. The life of Christ: A Summary of
            Matthew, Mark and Luke.
            Produced by Deaf Missions
            The story tells about the life of Christ in ASL.



DV 224.92   Big Bible Stories with Miss Vonda: Jonah.
            Deaf Missions
            Miss Vonda will entertain Deaf and hearing viewers of all ages in an
            exciting program that combines live signers with colorful, animated
            backgrounds. As the Bible story of Jonah (one of God’s prophets)
            unfolds, colorful animated pictures appear so that viewers can see
            the pictures and sign language at the same time (Ages 4-7). (DVD:
            ASL, CC, Voice)
DV 220       Bring the Bible Alive with ASL Classifiers.
             This DVD gives an overview of classifiers by focusing on what they
             mean, when to use them and how they are used. Trix Bruce uses
             ASL storytelling and gives ideas for how to use the appropriate
             handshape to show a clearer picture of the context involved.
             DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 232.921 The Finger Food Café Show: A Christmas Gift
           Deaf Missions
           This is a holiday show like no other! Featuring ASL, original songs
           (many of them based on ASL poetry), a beautiful Nativity shadow
           drama performed by children, a wonderful cast of Deaf and hearing
           actors, and the world’s first animatronic signing puppet (Pops).
           Destined to become a family favorite. (DVD: ASL, CC, OC, Voice)

DV 222.6     The Finger Food Café Show: A Grand Opening.
             Deaf Missions
             In this DVD, the Finger Food Café is a family place where hearing
             and Deaf both belong and friendships and faith in the Lord can
             grow strong. At the Finger Food Café, children and adults learn
             that Deafness is one of God’s “Silent Blessings” to be enjoyed and
             appreciated. (DVD: ASL, CC, OC, Voice)

DV 782.27    Forgiven.
             Mark Mitchum performs songs in ASL.



DV 220.92    God’s Heroes: Bible Stories of Men of Faith.
             Produced by Deaf Missions
             The ASL stories of different men in the Bible are presented in
             dramatic form.

DV 231       God Who?
             Produced by Deaf Missions
             “The Door Kids” present questions about God and provide answers
             in American Sign Language. (ASL, Voice)
DV226.2     The Good News According to Matthew.
            Produced by 2006 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of
            The series of 3 DVDs presented in ASL. Please specify volume
            number (DVD: ASL)

                  Volume 1 - Chapters 1-11
                  Volume 2 - Chapters 12-21
                  Volume 3 - Chapters 22-28

DV 232.9    The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.
            Produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of
            The series of 9 DVDs presented in ASL. (DVD: ASL)
            Please specify volume number

                  Volume 1 - Chapters 1-16
                  Volume 2 - Chapters 17-34
                  Volume 3 - Chapters 35-44
                  Volume 4 - Chapters 45-61
                  Volume 5 - Chapters 62-77
                  Volume 6 - Chapters 78-92
                  Volume 7 - Chapters 93-108
                  Volume 8 - Chapters 109-117
                  Volume 9 - Chapters 118-133



DV 782.27   It’s Just A Phrase You’re Going Through.
            Mark Mitchum and Melanie Bell discuss the importance of signing
            concepts and meaning while interpreting music. (ASL, Voice)

DV 289.92   Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Organization Behind The Name.
            Produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of
            This series presented in ASL, explains the history, ideas and
            beliefs of the Religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
DV 289.92   Keep On The Watch!
            Produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of NY
            This DVD presents in ASL, the questions need to be answered.
            (DVD: ASL)

DV 230      Knowledge That Leads To Everlasting Life.
            Produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of NY
            Stories and information presented by Jehovah Witnesses with small
            book attached. There are 6 Volumes to this series.
            Please specify volume number (ASL, CC)

DV 782.25   Lift Up Holy Hands.
            Produced by Deaf Missions
            The DVD has songs of praise that are interpreted in sign language.
            All songs are performed in ASL with a vocal/instrumental
            soundtrack and English subtitles. (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 782.27   Mark Mitchum’s Fresh Anointing.
            Psalm 40 Ministries
            This DVD has songs of praise. Songs include “I Can Only
            Imagine”, “Sinner Saved by Grace”, “What Sin?”, “At the Cross”,
            “Child, You’re Forgiven”, “Keep Belieing”, “I Need Thee Every
            Hour”, “Daystar”, and “Ready to Serve”. (DVD: ASL, Voice)



DV 782.27   Mark Mitchum -- Your Favorites.
            A compilation of songs performed by Mark Mitchum in ASL.

DV 220.9    My Book of Bible Stories.
            Produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of
            The series of 10 DVDs presented in ASL. (DVD: ASL)
            Please specify volume number

                  Volume 1 - Chapters 1-12
                  Volume 2 - Chapters 13-25
                   Volume 3 - Chapters 26-39
                   Volume 4 - Chapters 40-53
                   Volume 5 - Chapters 54-63
                   Volume 6 - Chapters 64-76
                   Volume 7 - Chapters 77-85
                   Volume 8 - Chapters 86-98
                   Volume 9 - Chapters 99-107
                   Volume 10 - Chapters108-116

DV 782.27   Rejoice with Mark and Melanie Mitchum.
            Psalm 40 Ministries
            This DVD has 11 Christmas songs that are voiced and performed in
            sign language. (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 419      Religious Signs.
            ASL Pro
            This interactive CD correlates 600+ signs to 1200+ religious
            vocabulary words. Navigate easily through an alphabetized list to
            find words. Sign descriptions for each word are displayed adjacent
            to the video. Fingerspell utility included. View one letter at a time or
            animate the word/sentence. (CD-ROM)



DV 419      Religious Signs.
            Lance McWilliams
            This DVD contains about 477 words, and is a wonderful way for
            anyone to begin learning religious sign language. A review section
            is included. (DVD: ASL, OC)

DV 782.27   Renewed with Mark Mitchum and Friends.
            Psalm 40 Ministries
            This DVD is a collection of 10 religious songs that are sung by
            various performers, with signing by Mark Mitchum and others.
            (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 289.92   Respect Jehovah’s Authority.
            Produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of NY
            Should Israel continue supporting Mose’s leadership, or choose
            new leaders and return to Egypt? Find out how decisive divine
            intervention resolves matters and how respect for jehovah’s
            authority is rewarded. (ASL)

DV 289.92   The Secret of Family Happiness.
            Produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of NY
            Jehovah Witnesses discuss family relationships with small book
            attached. There are 6 volumes to this series. Please specify
            volume number (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 782.27   Sign & Sing: Sign Language Songs to Learn and Perform.
            Christine Jenkins Productions
            This one-of-a-kind production was made specifically for choral
            directors, choir members, and soloists to learn how to perform in
            sign language while singing. All sign-words are taught and
            explained by deaf actress Aimee Walker Pond. (DVD: ASL, Voice)



DV 492.4    Singing and Signing: Hebrew Blessings and Songs.
            Judy Caplan Ginsurg
            Judy is renowned internationally for her sign language
            interpretation of Hebrew songs. She sings and signs
            simultaneously. ON this DVD, she instructs you in the basics of
            sign language, beginning with the sign alphabet. She then leads
            you step by step as you learn to sign 8 Hebrew blessings and
            songs at a beginner level. Included are: “Shabbat blessings”, “Ma
            Yefaeh Hayom”, “Shema”, and “Al Shelosha Devarim”.
            (DVD: ASL, Voice)

DV 248.4    Special Me!
            By Deaf Opportunity Out Reach
            Door productions present songs created for and performed by Deaf
            kids. (ASL, Voice)

DV 782.27   A Taste Of Heaven.
            Features seven contemporary Christian songs performed by
            various recording artists; signed by Mark Mitchum. (ASL, Voice)

DV 220      Tips and Techniques for Signing the Scriptures.
            Joan Blake, CI/CT
            This video offers techniques for bringing visual imagery to the
            scripture readings, whether the interpreter is using ASL or a form of
            signed English. Seven lessons review basic skills such as
            placement, verb directionality, characterization, and classifier use,
            as well as glossing tips. (DVD: ASL, SE, Voice)

DV 289.92   Warning Examples For Our Day.
            Produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of NY
            The Jehovah’s Witnesses present a drama highlighting a test of
            faithfulness during the days of Moses. (ASL)



DV 289.92   What Does God Require Of Us?
            Produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of
            This series presented in ASL, explains the history, ideas and
            beliefs of the Religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Include the
            brochure. (DVD: ASL & VHS: ASL, CC)
DV230.992 What Does The Bible Really Teach? Produced by the Watch
          Tower Bible and Tract Society of NY
          The DVD has 6 volumes that discusses who is Jesus Christ, Living
          in a way that please God and many more. (ASL)
          Please specify volume number

                  Volume 1 – Introduction - Chapters 3
                  Volume 2 - Chapters 4-7
                  Volume 3 - Chapters 8-11
                  Volume 4 - Chapters 12-15
                  Volume 5 - Chapters 16-19
                  Volume 6 – Additional Information (Chapters 20-33)

DV 289.92   When Someone You Love Dies.
            Produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of
            This video offers comfort from the Bible on the subject of the death
            of a loved one, signed in ASL. (ASL, Voice)

DV 230.9    You Can Live Forever In Paradise on Earth.
            Produced by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of NY
            This series presented in ASL, explains the history, ideas and
            beliefs of the Religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses.



Sign Language Instruction

DV 371.912 101 Basic SIGNS for Schools.
           Interactive Sign Language
           This CD-ROM turns your computer into a personal ASL tutor.
           Teaches fundamental ASL words at your own pace. Help files
           provide information about each command and controls allow you to
           slow or increase speed of signs. (CD-ROM)
DV 419      American Sign Language: A Student Text.
            These tapes correspond to the texts by Charlotte baker-Schenk
            and Denis Cokely, commonly known as the “Green Books”. Each
            tape illustrated a two-person dialogue which is repeated three
            times; once showing both signers, and then showing each signer
            separately. Dialogues are followed by stories, anecdotes and
            poems in ASL

                   Volume 1 - Units 1-9
                   Volume 2 - Units 10-18
                   Volume 3 - Units 19-27
                   Volume 4 - Tales from the Green Books

DV 419      American Sign Language: The Basics.
            Austin Community College
            This DVD is a helpful tool for the practice of commonly used
            American Sign Language. (DVD: ASL, OC, Voice)

DV 419      American Sign Language Basics for Hearing Parents of Deaf
            A video is to assist parents of Deaf children to master the basics of
            ASL. The study guide is included. (ASL)

                   Tape #1 - Conceptual Instruction
                   Tape #2 - Practice



DV 419.03   American Sign Language Dictionary.
            ASL in Motion
            With over 700 Terms and pictures, this is the ASL dictionary to
            have. Browse the DVD dictionary’s categories for specific signs or
            to extend your sign knowledge. (DVD: ASL)

DV 419      ASL Grammatical Aspects: Comparative Translation; Course
            2001 Instructional Guide.
            American Sign Language Productions, Inc.
         Interpreters, ASL students and teachers… 20 hour, ready-made
         course for classes, or independent study. Shows 10 ASL features.
         Compare ASL and English-like signing on the companion 2001
         DVD. Include soft cover book.

DV 419   American Sign Language Learning System.
         Star Interactive, Inc.
         This DVD features over 2,600 signs, with fingerspelling, learning
         games, searching capabilities in five languages, and the ability to
         learn at your own pace. Includes Getting Started in Signing, Say it
         by Signing and the bonus CD-ROM American Sign Language
         Dictionary. (2 DVD & CD-ROM)

DV 419   ASL Numbers: Developing Your Skills.
         Three part series that explains, demonstrated and offers practice
         drills in the numbering systems of American Sign Language.

               Volume 1 - Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers
               Volume 2 - Incorporating Systems
               Volume 3 - Unique Systems



DV 419   The American Sign Language Phrase Book.
         The three tapes correspond to the text, The American Sign
         Language Phrase Book, by Lou Fant. Each tape contains phrases,
         expressions, sentences and questions that come up in everyday
         conversation. These phrases enable you to begin talking with Deaf
         people without first having to master the grammar of the language.

               Volume 1 - Everyday Expressions, Signing and Deafness,
                          Getting Aquatinted, Health and Weather
               Volume 2 - Family, School, Food and Drink, Clothing,
                          Sports and Recreation
                   Volume 3 - Travel, Animals, Colors, Civics, Religion,
                              Numbers, Time, Dates, and Money

DV 419.03   American Sign Language Video Dictionary and Inflection
            Guide. NTID & RIT
            This DVD is unique from other programs in that it links thousands of
            signs to sentences to show how signs change – inflect – from
            sentence to sentence to change meaning. Created by ASL
            specialists at RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf.
            Teaches over 2,700 signs. (CD-ROM)

DV 419      Animals from A-Z.
            Learn the names of over 80 animals, birds, and insects and see the
            habitats where they live. Build skills in finger spelling and reading.
            For cues, build skills in phonics. You can vary the speed for the
            animated cure and the animated hand in each game. Include
            Instruction papers. (CD-ROM)

DV 419      Are Russian Sign Language and ASL Cousins?
            A college sign language instructor, Keith Cagle, compares
            notes with Igor Abramov, the late president of the Moscow
            Federation of the Deaf, regarding their research into the common
            roots of ASL and RSL. (ASL, CC)



DV 419      The Art of Interpreting ASL.
            Examples of English sentences are demonstrated in ASL.
            The textbook and CD-ROM are included.

DV 419      A Basic Course In American Sign Language.
            These tapes are designed to be used with the book The Basic
            Course in American Sign Language by Tom Humphries, Carol
            Padden, and T.J. O’Rourke. The tapes include demonstrations of
            the practice exercises in the text. (Volume 4 - Voice)

                   Volume 1 - Lessons 1-7
                   Volume 2 - Lessons 8-14
                 Volume 3 - Lessons 15-22
                 Volume 4 - Conversations

DV 419     A Basic Course In American Sign Language: Vocabulary.
           This tape series has been specially designed to accompany: A
           Basic Course in ASL.

DV 419.071 The Basics of Teaching American Sign Language.
           Presented by Keith M. Cagle
           This video is to help you with ASL teaching.

DV 419     Beginning ASL Videocourse.
           Join the Bravo family-A Deaf father, hearing mother and two fun
           loving Deaf children. You’ll watch and learn ASL during their funny
           and touching family situations. Actor Billy Seago acts as your guide
           and instructor throughout this popular series.
           (VHS & DVDs: ASL, CC, Voice) Please specify Lesson number

                 Lesson 1: Meet the Bravo Family
                 Lesson 2: Breakfast with the Bravos
                 Lesson 3: Where’s the TV Remote?
                 Lesson 4: Let’s Go Food Shopping!
                 Lesson 5: Review Lessons 1-4



                 Lesson 6: Read any Good Fingers Lately?
                 Lesson 7: A School Daze
                 Lesson 8: A School Daze, The Sequel
                 Lesson 9: Dollar Signs
                 Lesson 10: Review Lessons 6-9
                 Lesson 11: Playing in the Park
                 Lesson 12: The Doctor is IN!
                 Lesson 13: Business as Unusual
                 Lesson 14: Let’s Go Clothes Shopping
                 Lesson 15: Review Lesson
                 Lesson 16: The People Behind the Bravo Family
DV 419   The Best of Say It With Sign.
         Excerpts are provided from the 10-video set, “Say It With Sign”.
         This video is about emergency signs, family, fingerspelling and
         humor. (ASL)

DV 419   British Sign Language: ASL Translator.
         Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc.
         This DVD translates over 1,000 words in British Sign Language,
         American Sign Language, British English and American English
         using sign and text. (CD-ROM)

DV 419   Coffee Break Sign Language Lessons with Dr. Sign.
         Dr. Sign presents sign language lessons. (ASL, CC, Voice)

                Volume 1 - Lessons 1-5
                Volume 2 - Lessons 6-10

DV 419   Come Sign With Us.
         Twenty lively lessons each introduces ten selected “target
         vocabulary” words in a format familiar and exciting to children in
         English and Spanish. Handbook is included. (ASL, CC)



DV 419   Computer Fingers.
         Three games designed to teach phonics, fingerspelled
         handshapes, and the cued name of each letter. Also provides
         practice for reading simple fingerspelled words and improving a
         child’s reading and keyboarding skills. (CD-ROM)

DV 419   Conversational Sign Language.
         This video is designed to give a brief understanding of sign
         language explaining how signs are made and the reasons behind
         the signs. Included pamphlet. (ASL, Voice)
DV 305.868 Deaf Hispanic Heritage Culture Package.
           This unique package contains everything you need to teach a unit
           or help preserve Deaf Hispanic Heritage and Culture. The package
           includes the four CD-ROMs listed bellow and the Mexican Sign
           Language American Sign Language Translator II CD-ROM. Each
           CD can be viewed in English or Spanish text and audio with ASL
           video translations. CDs are also available individually.

                  • Somas Muy Fiesterus! (We Like a Good Celebration!)
                  Learn the fascinating history of Mexican traditions and
                  holidays with colorful pictures and amazing film footage from
                  National Geographic and Ethnosocope Film and Video. (CD)
                  • Tomados de la Mano (Hand in Hand) CD 1
                  This beautifully told and illustrated CD tells three intriguing
                  Hispanic Folktales: “The Laughing Skull,” “The Four
                  Brothers’ Adventure” and “How Bird Got Bright Feather.”

                  • Tomados de la Mano (Hand in Hand) CD 2
                  Contains three more beautifully told and illustrated Hispanic
                  Folktales: “The Singing Sack,” “The Singing Toad” and “Juan
                  Bo Bo and Three-Legged Pot.”



                  • Sueno Sordo Hispano-Americano
                  (Deaf Hispanic American Dream)
                  This unique CD gives you a glimpse into the history of Deaf
                  Hispanic Americans. It profiles 8 famous Deaf Hispanic
                  Americans and shares to deeply personal and often
                  hysterical stories by Mark Morales of growing up Deaf and
                  Hispanic in the U.S. Information and pictures can be printed
                  and colored.

                  • Mexican Sign Language: American Sign Language
                  Translator II
               This program instantly translates almost 2,000 words
               between four languages—Mexican Sign Language (video),
               American Sign Language (video), and Spanish (text), and
               English (text). Choose a word from the lists in either
               language or type it yourself, and the other three languages
               immediately appear. (CD-ROM)

DV 411   Deaf Perspectives on Sign Writing.
         Two videos and two booklets discuss how Deaf opinions of Sign
         Writing have changed, and how Sign Writing is changed.
         (ASL, Voice)

DV 419   Deaf Tend your Non-Manual Signs in ASL.
         Byron Bridges and Melaine Metzger
         This video is designed to provide information about the non-manual
         aspects of ASL. The video features Byron Bridges demonstrating
         appropriate mouthing and it is a helpful tool for interpreters and
         ASL students. The book is included. (ASL, CC, Voice)



DV 419   The Faces of ASL.
         This four part series focuses on developing accurate non-manual
         signals and markers used in ASL. Tapes include descriptions and
         demonstrations of facial behavior in context and practice exercises.
         (ASL, Voice)

               Volume 1 - Basic Declarative Sentences
               Volume 2 - Basic Questions
               Volume 3 - Complex Sentences
               Volume 4 - Conditionals and Relative Clauses
DV 419   Finger Flicks Intermediate I, Tape 1.
         This video provides practice drills to prove that you can learn to
         understand fingerspelling. (ASL)

DV 419   Fingerspelled Names & Introductions A Template Building
         This video is to help build fingerspelling skills by recognizing
         patterns. (Signed, Fingerspelled)

DV 419   Fingerspelling: Expressive and Receptive Fluency.
         This comprehensive video by Joyce Linden Groode makes the
         elements of fingerspelling understandable, including models of
         handshapes and expressive and receptive practice techniques.
         Included practice booklet. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 419   Fingerspelling and Numbers.
         Life-like photographs and animated hands help you to master
         fingerspelling at your own speed and pace. (CD-ROM)



DV 419   Fingerspelling Practice Tapes.
         This instructional four-part series produced by Sign Enhancer’s Inc.
         Each tape contains two instructional practice sections and a self-
         correcting comprehension test. Fingerspelling is presented from a
         variety of camera angles with left and right-handed models.

                Volume 1 - Proper Names
                Volume 2 - Loan Signs
                Volume 3 - Geographic Locations
                Volume 4 - Miscellaneous Items
DV 419   First Color Words.
         Learn the ten basic colors and how to read and spell their names.
         Click on the crayon for a sneak peek at the color word if you need
         help spelling it. Two Rainbow Games teach color using American
         Sign Language, Cued Speech, Fingerspelling, or Speech. Live
         video is used for signing, cueing, and fingerspelling. Rainbow
         Game Cued Speech presents colors in Cued Speech, with or
         without spoken words. Four Colored Word Games teach you how
         to read and spell the color names. (CD-ROM)

DV 419   From Mime To Sign.
         Presents signs in mime, body movement, facial expressions to
         improve and enhance communication in ASL. Helps express,
         emotions and thoughts. They are three parts of series of
         videotapes, included the textbook.

               Tape #1 - Chapter 1-5
               Tape #2 - Chapter 6-9
               Tape #3 - Chapter 10-11



DV 419   Instant Immersion American Sign Language Deluxe.
         From the history of American Sign Language to hand positions for
         thousands of ASL words and phrases, the 8-CD set is the ultimate
         way to learn how to let your fingers do the talking. Each disc is
         packed with authoritative content developed in tandem with
         experienced ASL instructors. The package features full-motion
         signing instructions with reinforcing written descriptions, quizzes
         and games, vocabulary synonym lists and complete phrases
         arranged by category for a wide array of real-life situations.
         (8 CD-ROM set)

DV 419   Introduction to ASL - PART 1 & 2.
         Introduction to ASL is a wonderful way for beginners to learn basic
         sign language. Each DVD contains over 500 words demonstrated
         by McWiliams and covers most commonly used signs, the
         alphabet, numbers, colors, animals, food, household items,
         emotions, sports, and family. (DVD: ASL, OC)

DV 419   Kids’ American Sign Language.
         Topics Entertainment
         This CD introduces a child to ASL basics with interactive games
         and animated vocabulary. (CD-ROM: ASL)

DV 419   The Joy of Signing.
         The series of six videotapes that are correspond to the text, The
         Joy of Signing. Please specify volume number

               Volume 1 - Chapters 1-4
               Volume 2 - Chapters 5-9
               Volume 3 - Chapters 10-13
               Volume 4 - Chapters 14-17
               Volume 5 - Chapters 18-22
               Volume 6 - Chapters 23-25

DV 419   Learning American Sign Language.
         Carol Padden and Tom Humphries teach ASL through this
         videotape. Include textbook.



DV 411   Lessons in Sign Writing.
         Two videos and two booklets introduce Sign Writing and give
         basics for learning Sign Writing.

DV 419   Linguistics of ASL.
         Clayton Valli and Valerie Dively show stories and explain the
         linguistics of ASL in ASL. (Voice)

DV 419   Marvin Teaches Fingerspelling.
         Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc.
         This CD helps beginners to learn the different handshapes that
         make up the alphabet in sign language. In addition, signers of
         every ability level can practice reading fingerspelled words at
         different speeds, and can take a test to evaluate their new skills.

DV 419   Match Pix.
         Learn over 150 basic new words while playing. Three games
         (Matchup, Tic Tac Toe and Bingo) match pictures to printed words.
         Three other games present words by ASL sign, fingerspelling, and
         Cued Speech. There are 14 word groups. Each group has 10 or
         more words in it. Players can select a word group at anytime. Has
         signed videos and animated cues. (CD-ROM)

DV 419   Mexican Sign Language: ASL Translator II.
         This program instantly translates almost 2,000 words between four
         languages—Mexican Sign Language (video), American Sign
         Language (video), and Spanish (text), and English (text). Choose a
         word from the lists in either language or type it yourself, and the
         other three languages immediately appear. (CD-ROM)

DV 419   Mouth Morphemes in American Sign Language.
         This video examines the different linguistic meanings expressed by
         facial expressions and especially mouth movements. (ASL, CC)



DV 419   Number Signs for Everyone: Numbering in ASL.
         The videotape will help enhance you ability to understand and sign
         numbers in American Sign Language. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 419   One, Two, Buckle Your Shoe: Numbering Systems in ASL.
         H&H Publishing Company, Inc.
         Learn the rules for fingerspelling numbers related to weight, height,
         money, and numbering systems in ASL. The workbook and DVD
         features Bob Alcorn showing you how to sign and comprehend
         numbers correctly. (DVD: ASL)

DV 419   On Fire with Classifiers.
         Mike “Dr. Sign” Tuccelli
           Classifiers are specialized signs representing people, places, or
           things and are also used to describe objects.
           VHS & DVD: SE, Voice)

DV 419     Parent Sign Series.
           The five part series of ten lessons in which American Sign
           Language is taught for everyday family situations. (ASL)
           Please specify volume number

                 Volume 1 - Waking Up/Getting Dressed: Afternoon at Home
                 Volume 2 - Dinner at Home: Evening Activities
                 Volume 3 - The Fast Food Lunch: The Grocery Store
                 Volume 4 - An Afternoon at the Park: The Birthday Party
                 Volume 5 - Planning a Fire Escape Route: Visiting the

DV 784.7   Pledge of Allegiance and The Star Spangled Banner.
           Silent Word Media Resources
           This video is great for teaching The Pledge of Allegiance and The
           Star Spangled Banner in sign language. It uses a wonderful step-
           by-step, sign-by-sign approach that is helpful for school teachers,
           educational interpreters and home use. (CC, SE, Voice)



DV 419     Pursuit of ASL Interesting Facts Using Classifiers.
           This video is designed to provide examples of how classifies can be
           used within ASL context. (ASL)

DV 419     Ready! Set! Sign!!
           A 24-lesson sign language course for beginning signers. Gallaudet
           University awarded it the highest rating for Software to Go. It was
           also ComputED Gazette’s Media & Methods Awards portfolio
           winner in 2002, and was the 2001-2002 recipient for Best
           Educational Software. Highlights: Provides approximately 13 hours
           of video instruction, teaches over 1,250 signs equating to over
           3,000 English words, lets you view any sign from any place in the
           instructional sequence, teaches finger spelling, numbers and major
           grammatical concepts, provides practices with immediate feedback
           after every instructional segment, each lesson ends with a Cultural
         Moment video providing information about deafness, Deaf people,
         and Deaf Culture. It is also accessible through closed captions.
         (5 CD-ROM set)

DV 419   Religious Signs.
         This video discusses ideas for making religious signs more
         accurately. (ASL, Voice)

DV 419   Russian Sign Language: ASL Translator.
         Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc.
         This DVD translates over 575 words in Russian Sign Language,
         American Sign Language, Russian and English. (CD-ROM)

DV 419   Say It By Signing.
         This videotape series teaches the basics of ASL and approximately
         200 signs. Instruction is at a beginner level while practice scenarios
         require a higher skill level. (ASL, Voice)

DV 419   Sign ASL? Sure, You Can!
         Dr. Sign presents an introduction on review of ASL. (CC, Voice)


DV 419   Sign Language Crash Course.
         Massoud, LindaLee
         ASL Vocabulary is demonstrated on these two parts of videotapes.
         The each booklet is included. (ASL, PSE, CC)

                General I - Language tips, Vocabulary, Non-verbal gestures
                exercises, Sentences, Culture tips, ASL story & Dialogue.

                General II – Vocabulary, ASL story, Gesture exercise,
                Sentences, Dialogue and Fingerspelling & numbers.

DV 419   Sign Language for All Ages.
         This videotape shows how to use sign language and fingerspelling
         to communicate with the Deaf. The series of seven videotapes are
         taught in Signed English. Include the guide. (SE, Voice)
DV 419     Sign Language for Everyone: How to Talk to a Person who
           Can’t Hear. Christine Jenkins Productions
           This fun DVD teaches in a unique and easy way over 300 signs in
           ASL with English and Spanish subtitles. Topics include the
           alphabet, how the Deaf understand movies, talk on the telephone,
           and more. (DVD: CC, English and Spanish subtitles, SE, Voice)

DV 419     Sign Language Will Enhance Your Child’s Intelligence.
           Dr. Sign discusses how sign language taught to children has been
           proven to increase their intelligence. (ASL, CC, Voice)

DV 372.4   Sign Smith TM Reading Power TM
           Vcom3D ®
           In Reading Power, avatars sign along and provide feedback to
           comprehension questions. Features: (CD-ROM & User Manual)

                 • Nine 3-d animated characters
                 • Zoom and rotate characters to show signing from all
                 • 12 Illustrated children’s stories (captioning for each story)
                 • Interactive comprehension tests



DV 419     Sign With Me: Building Conversations Volume 1.
           Revised by Mary Pat Moeller, M.S. and Brenda Schick, Ph.D
           The two parts videotapes containing eight lessons will teach you
           basic signs to use with your child every day. The workbook is
           included. (ASL, CC)

                 Part 1 - Lessons 1-4
                 Part 2 - Lessons 5-8

DV 419     Sign With Me: Building Concepts Volume 2.
           Mary Pat Moeller, M.S. and Brenda Schick, Ph.D
           The two parts videotapes containing eight lessons will help your
           signing and parenting skills and stimulate your Deaf child’s
           language acquisition. The workbook is included. (ASL, CC)
               Part 1 - Lessons 1-4
               Part 2 - Lessons 5-8

DV 419   Sign With Me: Positive Parenting Volume 3.
         Mary Pat Moeller, M.S. and Brenda Schick, Ph.D
         The two parts videotapes containing eight lessons will teach you
         basic signs and ideas for praising your child and managing
         behaviors. The workbook is included. (ASL, CC)

               Part 1 - Lessons 1-5
               Part 2 - Lessons 6-8

DV 419   Sign with Your Baby: How to Communicate with Infants Before
         They Can Speak. Garcia, W. Joseph
         This kit includes a book, training video and quick reference guide to
         help you understand and communicate with your baby long before
         your baby can speak. (CC)



DV 419   Signing Fiesta.
         The six parts of videotapes are providing instruction in Spanish,
         English, and sign. (ASL, voice in English & Spanish, CC in
         Spanish) Please specify Tape number

               Tape #1 - Animals/ Insects & School/ Colors
               Tape #2 - Family, Festivities & Action Verbs
               Tape #3 - Questions, Feelings and Food

         (Libros En Accion)
               Tape #5 – Friendship, A Walk With My Father & Flowers For
               Tape #6 – Daniel’s Basketball Equipment, First Day of
                         School & A Time To Share
               Tape #7 – The Festival, Fifth Of May & Christmas

DV 419   Signing Naturally.
         Dawn Sign Press
         This series has become the curriculum of choice for learning ASL.
         Activities include vocabulary and grammar in context and ASL
         artists performing handshape stories, cheers, songs and poetry.
         Include student workbooks. (VHS & DVD)

               Level 1 - Units 1-12
               Level 2, Part I - Units 13-15
               Level 2, Part II - Units 16-17
               Level 3 – Units 18-25 (DVD only)

DV 419   Signs for Computer Terms.
         Produced by the National Association of the Deaf, this three part
         videotapes are designed to accompany the text, Signs for
         Computing Technology. (ASL, SE, Voice)

               Volume 1 - Covers prefixes, suffixes and vocabulary A-D
               Volume 2 - Covers vocabulary E-O
               Volume 3 - Covers Vocabulary P-W



DV 419   Signs of Drug Use.
         James Woodward provides an introduction to some drug-related
         vocabulary in ASL. (ASL, partially CC)

DV 419   Signs of Sexual Behavior.
         James Woodward provides an introduction to some sex-related
         vocabulary in ASL. (ASL, partially CC)

DV 419   Talking Hands.
         The basic signs are demonstrated by the children and adults.
         (ASL, SEE)

DV 419   Trix Upon a Time.
         Steamboat Productions, LLC
            Viewers of Trix Upon a Time go trough exercises designed to help
            them improve their own ASL story narration using clearer body
            language, gestures and signs. (DVD: ASL)

DV 419.03   The Ultimate American Sign Language Dictionary.
            Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc
            Designed to be a true dictionary for Deaf and hearing people alike,
            this software provides an opportunity to discover how ASL signs
            and English relate through meaning. Features over 2400 signs,
            word identification through ASL (video clips and pictures) or English
            (text and audio) and more. (3 CD-ROM)

DV 419      The Video Dictionary of ASL Signs.
            English and Spanish words and phrases are demonstrated in ASL.
            Two videotapes and manual are included. (CC, voice in English)



DV 419      You Can Sign!: American Sign Language for Beginners.
            ASL Productions, Inc.
            Learn ASL at your own pace with Parents’ Choice and Kid’s First!
            Award-winning program! Join a fun family as you learn to sign with
            your own. For both children and adults. For consumer home use
            only. (DVD: ASL, CC, Voice)

                  Volume 1: Morning Routines, Household Signs and Food
                  Volume 2: Fingerspelling & Colors, School Signs, Numbers
                            and Money & Banking
                  Volume 3: Nature & Sports, Health & Medicine, Work-
                            related Signs and Clothing


ALDA-GS (Association of Late-Deafened Adults - Garden State)

Are You Ready? (CEPIN (The Community Emergency Preparedness
Information Network) - TDI)

Are You Ready? Fact Sheets (CEPIN (The Community Emergency
Preparedness Information Network) - TDI)

The Bicultural Center News

The Blue Book (Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc (TDI))

Deaf Artists of America

Deaf Expo News

Deaf Life
Deaf USA

Deaf Weekly

Disability Resources Monthly

Gallaudet Alumni Newsletter (Gallaudet University)

GA-SK newsletter (TDI)

Hearing Health

Hearing Loss (Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc)

Interpreters and the Deaf Community (Division of the Deaf and Hard of



Monthly Communicator (Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

NAD (National Association of the Deaf)

NAD Broadcasters (National Association of the Deaf)

NADmag (National Association of the Deaf)

NDA: The Source

NJAD SPOTLIGHT (New Jersey Association of the Deaf)

NJRID (New Jersey Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf)

ODYSSEY (Directions in Deaf Education)

PDA newsletter (Parents for Deaf Awareness, Inc)


SHHH (Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc)

SIGNnews (Communication Service for the Deaf)

Sign of the Times

Silent News

SOS (Signs of Sobriety, Inc)

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