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									Charles Dickens

  English Notes
List of his works:
o   A Christmas Carol
o   Pickwick Papers
o   Nicholas Nickelby
o   Oliver Twist
o   Great Expectations
o   A Tale of Two Cities
o   David Copperfield
o   Hard Times
o   Our Mutual Friend
o   Martin Chuzzlewit
Background information:

o   Born February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth,
o   Second child of John & Elizabeth Dickens
o   At age of 10, (1822) the family moves to
    London. London was a large city even then
    (approx. 1.8 million) and was the political
    capitol of Great Britain.
o   The time period that Dickens lived most of
    his life was known as the Victorian Age
    (1837-1901). It was named after Queen
    Victoria who became queen at just 14 years
    of age and remained ruler for 64 years.

o   In 1824, Dickens’ father was sent to debtor’s
o   Charles, age 12, leaves school to work at
    Warren’s Blacking Factory, a rat infested,
    unheated factory.
o   When Dickens and his family went to visit his
    father, they saw the poor conditions for the
    prison and Charles became very angry at the
    establishment. There was no way his father
    could pay off his debts while he was in
o   A few years later, the Dickens family
    inherited money and John Dickens
    was able to pay his debts and get out
    of prison. This allowed Charles
    Dickens to stop working at the
Dickens held several jobs before he
became a published author.
o   Age 15- a clerk in a small legal office.
o   Age 17- becomes a court reporter.
    (reports what happened during a
    court session.
o   Age 21- Begins to submit stories and
    essays to magazines and newspapers.
o   Age 22- Works as a government
    reporter/ newspaper reporter
1836 was a great year for Dickens
o   His first book Sketches by Boz, a
    collection of essays and stories is
    published. He used Boz as his pen
o   He writes and publishes The Pickwick
    Papers, which was his first literary
    success and helps him become the
    most popular writer in all of England.
o   He becomes the editor of a monthly
    magazine called Bentley’s Miscellany
    and uses his position to serialize
    Oliver Twist.
o   Dickens marries Catharine Hogarth,
    the daughter of the owner of
    Bentley’s Miscellany.
Later years
o   1843- he writes A Christmas Carol in
    just six weeks. Dickens uses his own
    money to publish this story.
o   1850- Starts his own magazine called
    Household Words.
o   1870- Dies of a stroke.
**Popular throughout his life, Charles
  Dickens was considered a social
  reformer. He tried to change things in
  society that he felt were unfair, such
  as the treatment of children/ child
  labor and debtor’s prison. **

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