My clothing style is determined mainly by the following

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					Webquest IV. „The fitting room” 2. task / 1. subtask Made by: Selyemné Frankó Klára

My clothing style is determined mainly by the following:

my age,  my figure,  and my financial condition.

In my younger days I usually wore mini skirts, jeans, and high-heeled shoes.

But now I am older and I have put on a bit of weight. I have broken my ankle eighteen years ago, so now I prefer low-heeled shoes.

I am a person of small means. I often browse in the second-hand shop because of the low prices.


My casual wear consists of: a T-shirt or a blouse, a pair of trousers and a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

I try to put on clothes that suit the occasion. I have some suits for formal events.

I prefer cotton, washable and colour-fast clothes. They’re more pleasant to wear.

I usually wear striped, plain or flower-patterned clothes. I like pastel colours, the shades of green, red and brown.


I used to have long hair when I was young. Now I have short hair and it is starting to go grey. I dye my hair red at home.

I like to wear accessories made of leather or enamel. I rarely put on gold jewellery. I like unobtrusive perfumes.


Webquest IV. „The fitting room” 2.task/ 2.subtask: Bálint Attiláné

Autumn is here! The weather is very changeable: one day it is as if it was summer the next is just like in winter. Autumn is definitely the rainiest season, so I have to get ready for this weather! I need special clothes and accessories: mackintosh or some other kind of waterproofs, all-weather jacket, umbrella, knitted cardigan, waistcoat, pullover or polo-neck pullover, blouse, scarf, shawl, water-resistant shoes or wellingtons, tights, stockings, slip, long-skirt, trousers, jeans, leather shoulder bag. I can buy those the most quickly and comfortably in the „Shopping Centre”, where there are a lot of boutiques: fashion’s shop, shoe-shop, lingerie, beach and leisure wear’s shop, fashion accessories’shop, but may be they are too expensive. In a supermarket I can get almost everything under one roof and it’s cheaper than the shopping centre. There’s a department store in the centre of our town. It’s a three-storey building, where I can buy several thousand items of consumer goods. I like it because the shop-assistants are helpful. I can browse those in the second-hand shop at a lowest price.

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