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					Stepping into Leadership: Cohort 2:- Apr – May 2009
New Life Centre, Sleaford Module 1 2 April 09 15 April 09 16 April 09 Course introductions 9.00am to 1.30pm Personal Profile Analysis Understanding Leadership 9am to 5pm Change and the Team Communicate with Confidence 9am to 5pm Managing Workload

New Life Centre, Sleaford Module 2 29 April 09 30 April 09 How to motivate the team 9am to 5pm Solving problems Team Working Managing Conflict 9am to 5pm

New Life Centre, Sleaford Module 3 8 May 09 Self Awareness/Self Development Day 9am to 5pm

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) PPA provides an insight into how people behave at work, answering such questions as; What are your strengths, What are you limitations? How do you like to communicate? What motivates you? The profile is completed on line and you will receive a feedback report during a 1:1 session with a trained facilitator. The report will be confidential to you.

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