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St. John’s Episcopal Church

Monthly Epistle
April 2009

Dear Friends,

APRIL 2009

The Rev. Tracy A. Bruce, Rector

Although sometimes Easter comes in March on the church calendar, it most often comes in April. And, I have often thought that the celebration of Easter in April is altogether fitting in this climate. We have the expressions “March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb.” But so often the lion’s roar is not over for us in Maryland by the first of April. We may still have cold nights and a few snowflakes. During the first ten days of April this year we are still in the deep throes of Lent. Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, April 5th this year and we have a chance once more to enter deeply into the central story of our faith, including the stories of Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his ensuing troubles that led to the cross. By sundown on April 11th, the “lion part” of this story (roaring and scary) is overwhelmed by the lamb – the Lamb of God that is – when death does not hold the mortal body of Jesus and God prevails. So this year perhaps again, nature will imitate the journey we take in early April and the weather will change and the flowers will burst forth and remind us of the resurrection at just the right moment. But, no matter the climate or the weather, God will prevail. We invite you to join us in the time leading up to and the celebrations of Easter themselves. On Saturday evening at sundown (7:30 p.m.) we begin by lighting the first fire of Easter at the Easter Vigil. On Sunday morning (8 and 10 a.m.) we follow with two Choral Eucharists and a trumpet announcing the Resurrection. Join us for any and all of these central events in our life as a community. You’ll be glad you did…and in the meantime the roaring lion will settle down and the gentle lamb will take up residence not only in this place, but in our hearts. Peace on your journey,

Senior Warden, Townie Hoen Treasurer, Don Heacock Registrar, Ann Boyce Pat Pineau (’11) Nancy Roberts (’10) Evy Anderson (’09) Jennifer Small (’09) Junior Warden, Bill Isaacs Chancellor, Jim Winn Sam Dell (’11) Walter Ramberg (’11) Frank Martien (’10) Maxie Hoen (’09) Michael Yaggy(’09)

The Rev. Meredith Kefauver Olsen, Assistant to the Rector The Rev. John E. Wilbur, Priest Associate Sue Housel, Parish Administrator Dr. James Anthony, Choirmaster & Organist Office Phone: 410-833-5300 Fax: 410-526-0784 Website: Email: PARISH OFFICE HOURS - MONDAY-FRIDAY, 9A.M. – 5 P.M.

8 A.M. – RITE I 10 A.M. – RITE II
Nursery is always available for infants & toddlers at the 10 a.m. service every Sunday and on most Sundays at 9 a.m. to accommodate children of those attending Adult Christian Education Sunday School for 3 yr. olds and up


Jane Cummings Robin Hundley


Jeep Cochran Lillian Carroll 18




Pinky Hoen, Judd Anderson William McCarthy, Pelham Hardie

   
1 Will Roberts John Colston Anne Peck Heather Donatelli Margaret Todd George Shriver Eliza Rienhoff Genevieve Murray 22 7 8 9 10 11 12 Humpy Stump Andrew Davis Peter Horneffer 24 Ann Green 25 Cassandra Van Waveran 26 Bonnie Sybert Alice Altstatt Nancy Hudgins Walter Cheek Elizabeth Jiranek Harry Randall 23 Tracy Bruce Nancy Gerstmyer Marialice Laffan Rosa Sands 19 20 15 18 2 3 4 Randy Gerstmyer Shocky Gillet Sue Housel Andy Knight Geary Stonesifer Emily Baratta Don Heacock Elizabeth Brownell


St. John’s Bible: A Modern Vision through Medieval Methods Led by our own Virginia Raleigh
Wednesday, April 8, 2009 Lunch at the City Café 1001 Cathedral Street followed by A Guided Tour at the Walters Museum 600 N. Charles Street
Virginia Raleigh has graciously agreed to share her talents as a docent at the Walters and provide a private tour for St. John’s folks and their friends. This exhibit of St. John’s Bible features the collaborative work of artists, theologians and scribes at St. John’s Abbey in Minnesota as they illuminate the stories in the Bible following medieval traditions. After lunch at City Café at 11:45 a.m. we will gather for our tour at 1:15 p.m. at the Walters. Come for the whole day, or join us for the tour. RSVP Church Office 410 833-5300

5 6


April 5 April 6 April 7 April 8 April 9 April 10

HOLY WEEK SCHEDULE PALM SUNDAY – 8 a.m. & 10 a.m. Monday – Holy Eucharist – 7:30 p.m. Tuesday – Holy Eucharist – 7:30 p.m. Wednesday – Holy Eucharist – 7:30 p.m. MAUNDY THURSDAY – 7:30 p.m. All Night Watch in the Chapel Holy Communion – 6:30 a.m., Chapel GOOD FRIDAY – 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

April 11 April 12

HOLY SATURDAY – Easter Vigil – 7:30 p.m. EASTER SUNDAY – 8 a.m. & 10 a.m. Easter Egg Hunt in the Yard, 11:15 a.m. 3

Jesus had the power to put a person's body and soul together as they must be if the person is to function well as a human being. He had the power to take distraught human beings, who were going off in all directions at once, 4

From the Desk of The Rev. John E. Wilbur In the Gospels, Jesus picked a dozen men and asked them to follow Him to learn His message and to be His agents in the new order of things. They dropped everything and followed him. Paul the Apostle, the first and greatest exponent of Christianity, in his letters never once spoke about “following Christ." Paul never speaks of following Christ. He talks about being in Christ. “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature." He speaks about Christ being in him. “I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me." In other words, Paul is saying, “I did not pursue Christ; Christ pursued me; I yielded to him, and He made a new man of me.” When speaking of Christ, I am not only speaking about a man who lived over two thousand years ago, but also referring to a Power, a Spirit, an Energy that enfolds you and makes a new person out of you. The fact of His undivided, undisturbed personality is the fruit of one fact, that He and God were like father and son, in the highest and best relationship which you can conceive of in those terms. He and God were at one. His will was to do the Father's will. In Jesus, in this particular personality, the immemorial gulf between man and God, which you and I know so well when we stop to think about it, was wiped away. There was perfect community, absolute unity of being between the Father, the Ultimate, the Reality by which we all live, and this Man whom we call His Son. This undivided, personality was not only a new life. He was the New Life. The old life was characterized by protecting yourself, trying to save your life, looking out for yourself, because of all the anxieties that threaten your existence - death, insecurity, poverty, disease. The old life was a selfpreserving life. The New Life was a self-giving life, rooted so completely in confidence and trust that it had no need to fear and nothing at all to be anxious about. The New Life was the life in which the causes for fear and anxiety still existed, but in which the activity of fear and anxiety was swallowed up in trust and confidence. This undisturbed Life had enormous power. He had the power to heal people. I think we have not yet begun to understand the meaning of that.

Dan Donovan is leading the 2009 Summer Camp for children from Paul’s Place. It will be held July 13-17 on his family’s 110-acre farm in Upperco. The experience with the children from Paul’s Place can change your life. Helpers are needed in many areas: providing meals and snacks, playing lacrosse, hiking, bug catching, woodworking, swimming, etc. Please look for the volunteer sign up sheet in this newsletter and one will be in the Parish Hall Lobby after Easter.

Horse Show Weekend – The 66th Annual Horse Show Weekend
(the Church’s main fundraiser) will be held on September 11-13. It will include a Friday evening Cocktail Party/Auction (chaired by Andy Knight), Saturday Horse Show (chaired by Patti Fenwick and Libby Southall) including Food Booth (chaired by Cindy Blum) and Sunday “Homecoming” Picnic (chaired by Louise and Billy Isaacs). Melanie Heacock is overall chair for the weekend. Many volunteers are needed to make this a success. For example, we need someone who uses a computer well to help with “thank you” letters. We need people to solicit Sponsorships, Ads and Auction Items – we will give you packets of materials to make this easy. Of course, we need wonderful auction items! Many workers are also needed for the Horse Show food booth and ring crew. Sign-up sheets will be available in the Parish Hall several Sundays in April (or you can contact one of the Chairs directly).

Outreach Ministries – A big thank you to all who have
contributed food, clothing and other items for our outreach ministries. Hannah More Emergency Center needs toiletries, school supplies, baby supplies, bedding and non-perishable food.

The Community Crisis Center and Reisterstown Food Pantry needs non-perishable foods. Paul’s Place needs gently-used clothing (for Spring weather) and shoes for men, women and children, as well as non-perishable food. Both HMEC (410-526-0150) and PP (410-6250775) need volunteers. 17 VESTRY HIGHLIGHTS

May 9 & 10 May 24 May 31

Haiti Art Show to benefit Youth Haiti Trip Jonathan Carney “Music in the Valley” concert, 5:30 Youth Sunday, Strawberry Festival, and All Parish Picnic

March 2009 Meetings
 Bill Isaacs, Jr. Warden, gave us an update on the repairs to the roof and chimney of the Church. Some additional problems were discovered and corrected for an additional cost. The repairs were completed in March. The Property Commission and Landscape Committee are working on an updated site plan for all of our plantings. Volunteers continue to help us with debris clean-up and watering. The Vestry was presented and approved the Parochial Report for 2008 with the figures regarding baptisms, burials, marriages, confirmations, all services and attendance, along with the financials which are reported to the Diocese of Maryland each March. E-mail Guidelines for St. John‟s Church were approved. (see copy in this Epistle) The Vestry, in preparation for a mutual ministry review at the April meeting, agreed to work with a format for assessing the participation in and leadership of various ministries in the church. Each Vestry liaison for different commissions was reminded to request reports from each ministry for the Annual Report for our May Meeting. The Nominating Committee is meeting to present a slate of candidates for the Annual Meeting on May 3, 2009. In a special meeting March 1st the proposed changes for St. John‟s Bylaws were unanimously approved.

ANTICIPATING EASTER: The new life (Cont‟d.) and pull them together into integrated whole persons. He had the power to bring human beings together with one another so that the feuds and factions, the tensions that are created by pride, vanity and other things that you know all too well were not eliminated, but bridged. He had, above all, that enormous power to bring men and women together with God, the God that they wanted to know and yet feared or resented. He had the power to bring them together with that God because in Him they found the love of God. In other words, this Life was the Reconciler. It would be hard to describe Jesus in any more adequate language than to say that in Him God was reconciling the world unto Himself. This is the New Life that began to take hold of people like Paul. It made Paul a new man. It did not make him a more moral man; it made him a more creative man. It took his hostility and changed it into sympathy. It made him a more happy, useful person in the world. It made him a reconciler, and wherever he went he began doing the things that Jesus had been doing. He not only told about the Reconciling Life of Jesus; he himself was a source of reconciliation. This is the New Life that can be in you, and in which you can be incorporated. You say, “How in the world can I do it?” I could not tell you if I had all day. I can say, however, three things, almost in single sentences that may help you begin. First, say now that you want it. Say to yourself, I want something more than an existence. I want the new selfgiving life to take hold of me. I want to be used by it, in what way I do not know. But, I want to be drawn up into that New Life. You may have to say it again and again, but say it now. The second thing is: Keep close to other people who want it. You cannot do it by yourself; there are too many discouragements, too many setbacks. You have to have the support and enthusiasm of other people who sincerely want it.

 

    

Coming in May
(Mark your Calendars, Put it in Your Blackberries) May 3 Annual Meeting 11:15 Parish Hall

And the third thing is: Make your supreme aim in life, no matter what you happen to do by way of a career, the communication of the New Life to other people. I know it is easier to say it than to do it, but start doing it! The New Life is something worth pursuing, and to be an agent of that New Life will lead to a happiness that the pursuit of happiness will miss by a thousand miles and more. John+ 5

anywhere---to believe in. In the fabric of our lives there would be no religious rituals, no solemn ceremonies, no festivals of praise. There would be no still, calm peace of prayer, no glorious peal of an organ and choir. Worse, our friends and family would be mere temporal markers along a desolate road leading nowhere. In truth, only the last of these would be considered more than a minor concern and none call upon spiritual conviction for legitimacy. 6


April 2009

Alternatively, if you would like to send an e-mail to all Parishioners or a broader list than an individual committee, recognize that many parishioners may not want their e-mail addresses to become part of large mailing lists or to receive a large number of copies of the replies to the originator. Therefore please follow the following guidelines: a. Prepare a courtesy draft and kindly e-mail it to the Rector or the Senior Warden for their review, suggestions, and go-ahead. b. Avoid mass distribution of e-mail lists and mass replies by: i. Entering the e-mail addresses into the BCC: field. ii. Setting up Outlook to prevent recipients from replying to all or forwarding (see 971033)
2. Select content for e-mails that is succinct, business-oriented, and positive in tone. If and as issues or concerns arise, consider discussing these in person or in a face-to-face group setting in lieu of by e-mail. 3. Let‟s avoid using e-mail for the following:

I was awakened the other night by a disturbing question--one of those heart-thumpers that interrupt our sleep from time to time and make a decent night‟s rest impossible. This is most likely the result of our inability at those vulnerable nocturnal moments to apply perspective to issues that during daylight hours would be processed with scarcely a second thought. On the other hand, it‟s been said that as we sleep voodoo devil bats fly out of the shadowy corners of our closets, attach their tiny claws to our lips, then draw the living breath out of our nostrils. In the middle of the night one theory seems as likely as the other. What provoked the interruption to my rest I suspect was an article I had recently read, written by a sociologist from California, who had just completed more than a year‟s study in Scandinavia, or more precisely, in Denmark and Sweden, which, he reported, indicated that the Swedes and the Danes, with little or no religious underpinnings on which to refer, were nonetheless living sound, moral, happily fulfilled lives. They were economically comfortable, literate, caring parents and neighbors and were, as a whole, benignly indifferent to the lack of religious influence on their lives and on their culture. It wasn‟t so much that these respectable citizens disagreed with the concept of a Holy Spirit living among them. They just didn‟t care. Death was accepted as inevitable and unalterable, without fear or anxiety. The author of the article further said that the subjects of his study professed without irony that they had no souls. You can understand why my night was unsettled. My mind was filled with questions, “what ifs”, for which my sleep-fuddled brain had no satisfactory answers. Imagine our lives if there were no God. I don‟t mean that we didn‟t believe in God. I mean there was no God---

a. If you are in immediate need of assistance, call (410) 833-5300. b. If you have a concern to address with a Clergy member, the Staff, or another Parishioner, call them or speak with them in person. E-

mail is far less effective because a concern or criticism can be easily misinterpreted without an immediate means for clarification. c. If you would like to promote a specific Church event or to write something to the whole Congregation, prepare a draft and submit it to the Church office for inclusion into the monthly Epistle. We will be delighted to thoughtfully consider what you‟ve written. d. Some Parishioners prefer not to receive e-mails. Let‟s respect this. 15 EMAIL GUIDELINES St. John’s Church March 13, 2009 The mission of St. John‟s Church, Western Run Parish, is to be a caring, Christ-centered community committed to encouraging discipleship and service within our congregation and beyond. We help build community by communicating thoughtfully and respectfully with one another when we are together at Church or remotely by telephone, in writing, and by e-mail throughout the week. E-mail serves as a uniquely efficient communications channel:

d. To remind an individual scheduled to serve on Sunday. e. To thank or commend an individual for service to a specific group. f. To notify Parishioners of a serious illness or a death.
5. When sending e-mails to a specified list of committee or commission members, it‟s preferable for the members to see each others‟ e-mail addresses and to have the ability to respond back to the members. SENIOR WARDEN’S LETTER – Cont’d.

This morning the early spring sun makes these dreary speculations seem so improbably as to be irrelevant. The Scandinavians do not seem vexed by the large questions that lie beneath their secular society. As the sociologist said, “They just don‟t seem to care.” But we, on the other hand, do care. These questions deserve our most thoughtful, prayerful attention and a lifetime of contemplation. Our faith deserves no less than that. In the meantime, dear friends, don‟t wait „til “lights out” to start your pondering. The devil bats come alive when it‟s dark. Peace,

  

Many of us have regular access to send or receive e-mail. The same message can be sent to one or to multiple recipients. E-mail is efficient and cost-effective.

The Church Office will use e-mail to speed-up and reduce the cost of distribution regular material such as the Epistle to parishioners. Committee heads or individual parishioners can also use e-mail effectively in conducting the Church‟s activities. By following a few guidelines, we can ensure e-mail will always promote community building at St. John‟s:
4. Strongly consider utilizing e-mail for the following purposes:

Looking Forward to our Annual Meeting May 3, 2009
We will gather on Sunday, May 3, 2009 to receive reports from the Vestry on the state of the parish, particularly for the fiscal year 2008. Voting will take place for new Vestry members. The nominating committee (Evy Anderson, Ann Hankin, Maxie Hoen, Ike Isenhour and John Shilling) will announce the slate of nominees to the parish by April 3rd and the pictures and bios of those nominated will be posted in the Parish Hall and printed in the May Epistle. Any members unable to attend the meeting who wish to vote by proxy may do so after notifying the Vestry (or Sue Housel) by April 3 of their intent to do so. Their proxy votes may be cast between April 3 and May 3.

a. To coordinate a meeting time with a specific group. b. To remind a specific group of an upcoming event or meeting. c. To distribute meeting minutes to a specific group.

Your Vestry has approved several changes to the Bylaws which will be presented to the members of the parish at the Annual Meeting for approval. These Bylaws changes will also be posted in the Parish Hall and distributed from the Narthex of the Church on the Sundays following Easter.
Special Note: If you are a ministry leader in the parish, please turn in your report for the year 2008 (Jan. – Dec.) to Sue Housel by April 20th so that the Parish Annual Report may be ready for the meeting. 7

Adult Education will resume on Sunday April 19th, at 9 am in the Parish Library. We will be studying the book of Acts which happens to match our lectionary readings throughout the Easter season. Come join us for coffee & scripture! Childcare is available in the nursery. The Tuesday morning Bible study will begin a new book on Tuesday April 14th at 7:30 am. We will be studying the book of Revelation in depth. Please join us for fun, fellowship & study in the Parish Library. 8 The Riches of Holy Week From the desk of the Rev. Meredith Kefauver Olsen

Sunday School Corner
April 5th- PALM SUNDAY - Start in church, process out to Sunday School following the reading of the Passion Narrative
April 12th- EASTER SUNDAY- No Children’s Chapel or Sunday School Easter Egg Hunt following the 10 a.m. service on the church lawn April 19th- No Children’s Chapel or Sunday School- All children in church April 25th- CHRISTIAN EDUCATION FESTIVAL, St. James, Monkton, 9-2 April 26th- Children‟s Chapel & Sunday School resume May 17th – Sunday School Planning for 2009-2010 Year, 11:30 – 2:30 p.m., Library. Childcare available.

Throughout the course of my education I have been interested in the meaning of the music and worship of our Church. My undergraduate degree was in Church Music; in seminary I studied medieval chant and sacramental theology. My Masters of Sacred Theology from The General Theological Seminary in New York City focused on Liturgics, specializing in Holy Week. In order to help you get the most out of our Holy Week worship here at St. John‟s I have created an educational tool. It will be in your Sunday bulletins on Palm Sunday and also on the table in the Parish Hall. These reflections will broaden your understanding of our worship traditions and may deepen your faith. I hope you will find them helpful as we head into Holy Week together. Meredith + Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies presents Confessing and Trusting the One True God: An Introduction to Muslim Spirituality
Wilhelmus “Pim” Valkenberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theology and Christian-Muslim Relations at Loyola College, Baltimore discusses Muslim spirituality

No Adult Education on April 5th (Palm Sunday) or April 12th (Easter Sunday)

Adult Christian Formation

New Adult Education Offerings

(4) Tuesdays: April 28, May 5, 12 & 19, 2009 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation 7401 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore, MD 21208

COST: $15 Adults; $10 Students
Please register online at, or mail registration to Mary Krastel at ICJS, 956 Dulaney Valley Road Baltimore, MD 21204 Questions? Call 410-494-7161 Note: Please join me in attending these lectures.

For Reservations, please contact Sue Housel in the parish office, (410) 833-5300

Reception following the concert in our Parish Hall


Music in the Valley Concert Series
Jonathan Carney and Friends
On Sunday, May 24, 2009 at 5:30 p.m.
Our church will be filled with a virtuoso performance of music for string and wind instruments!

St. John’s Church

What’s Happening with the Youth?
from 4:00 p.m. to closing – at these restaurants:

RESTAURANT NIGHT, Wednesday – April 1st S’ghetti Eddie’s

(located at 410 W. Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore)

(located at 413-415 W. Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore)

Alonso’s and Loco Hombre Restaurants

Don’t forget your voucher! Take your family. Bring your friends. Invite your neighbors. All for a good cause: 10% of your dinner cost goes to St. John’s Haiti Work Camp.

COME TO CHURCH! April 5th – Palm Sunday- A Big Day Participate in the drama of the Palms and Passion.
Participants in drama – 9:30 a.m. in Library. All others at the Litchgate at 10 a.m.

Pizza Lunch in the Parish House at Noon Plus addressing invitations for Haiti Art Show Earth Treks from 3 – 5 p.m.

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