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									Coconut creek Coconut creek kumarakom homestay and kumarakom houseboat is situated in kerala’s beautiful tourism village kumarakom.In the kerala tourism kumarakom tourism village is one of the famous kerala backwater holiday destination. coconut creek kumarakom homestay is near to kumarakom lake and kumarakom bird sanctuary in kottayam district, kerala, south india, Asia. Coconut creek is a eco homestay in kumarakom and we are maintaining all eco friendly standards for kumarakom tourism. coconut creek kumarakom homestay also operate kerala houseboat. We are operating kerala houseboat from kumarakom houseboat destination and alleppey houseboat destination. The unique factor of coconut creek kumarakom homestay is kerala tourism department has awarded diamond category kerala homestay certificate to coconut creek. The foreign tourist from outbound india can say coconut creek is a kumarakom bed and breakfast, kumarakom b&b, kumarakom inn , kumarakom accommodation, kumarakom lodge,kerala homestay, kerala bed and breakfast,kerala b&b, kerala houseboat etc. Kerala tourism In October 1999 The National Geographic Traveler showcased kerala as one of ten most beautiful "Paradises Found" on earth and recommended it for the "Tour of a Lifetime" Bill McKibben of The National Geographic goes on to say, "Statistically Kerala stands out as the Mount Everest of social development; there's truly no place like it". Ever since Kerala has experienced an unparalleled surge of tourists and vacationers from both from within India and abroad. Now Kerala tourism is a top-class world destination for travelers and vacationers seeking natural beauty in an ambience of exotic cultural and social developments. Two of the many destinations that takes the credit for billing Kerala as a paradise are Munnar with its extensive tea estates and kumarakom with its houseboats. Munnar lies on the mountain ranges to the east of Kerala. Munnar has been termed the Switzerland of the East. But that would be an underestimation. Range after range and valley after valley of verdant tea plantations of Munnar assuredly excel Switzerland in natural aesthetics. Indeed there are few places like Munnar on earth when it comes to natural beauty. If they are the mountains that make Munnar breath-taking beautiful, then they are the placid backwaters that contribute to make Kumarakom a top destination of a different kind. The kerala backwaters are a unique feature of Kerala. Kerala consists of tens of thousands of islands of all sizes spread out like dots and dashes on the Arabian Sea. Protected from the natural elements of the open sea, the backwaters between these islands form placid lakes and channels. At Kumarakom these back waters widen out into a 9 Km stretch which provide an unprecedented experience to tourists and travelers seeking unique kerala holidays and kerala vacations. The kumarakom houseboats are famous the world over for unique kerala holidays and

kerala vacations. The kerala houseboats are a modern development in Kerala whereby the old country-boats called 'kettuvallams' were modified to accommodate kerala tourists and kerala vacationers of all kinds. At present these houseboats of Kumarakom feature multiple bedrooms and even conference halls to seat up to 200 participants. The kerala honeymoon packages on these houseboats of Kerala are popular the world over. Away from the madding crowds of the cities, these kumarakom houseboats provide a an affordable hideaway for the kerala honeymooners on the placid backwaters of Kumarakom. Kerala homestay and kerala bed and breakfast Kerala homestay or kerala bed and breakfast is a unique opportunity for all kinds of kerala travelers to gain firsthand experience of a kerala tourism place. You get a first and experience of the place, culture, traditions and people in kerala. It is unlike staying in a hotel and truly a home away from home. In kerala homestay or kerala bed and breakfast, one gets to interact with the host family as one is staying in their house. It is far more economical and exciting than staying in hotels in kerala for enjoying kerala tourism. Homestays or bed and breakfast, at least organized properly, was not too common in India, and it came to Kerala even later. Homestays or bed and breakfast started officially only a couple of years back - in 2001-2002, when the kerala tourism department officially announced the start of the program, even offering its own recommendations / certifications to homestay houses if they met certain standards. The programs seems to be a success - part of the reason is that tourism in Kerala is geared to the elite tourist with sophisticated tastes - which means no partying, discos, drug scenes - but an interest in the social and cultural heritage of Kerala and its great scenery. In the case of Kerala, a kerala homestay or kerala bed and breakfast works perfectly in certain circumstances. Like, for example, if you are a kerala tourist who is interested in understanding Kerala deeply, but would not like to spend the heavy stuff at kerala hotels and to kerala tour operators, then a kerala homestay or kerala bed and breakfast is worthwhile. Kerala tourism is one of India's most successful states when it comes to tourism, and the kerala bed and breakfast or kerala homestay program seems to caught on like wildfire there. Quite understandable when you consider that for all its natural resources and beauty, employment opportunities in kerala are quite limited, and suddenly anyone who needs to make both ends meet and has his own lad and traditional kerala house suddenly has a chance to make it in the burgeoning kerala tourism industry there. Of course, everyone just cannot be a homestay guest. In normal circumstances, a kerala bed and breakfast or kerala homestay would involve interacting closely with the household, and unless you have s serious interesting that, kerala b&b or kerala homestay would not be a good idea for you. On the other hand, many of the new homestays that have come up in Kerala and the rest of India are practically hotels disguised as homestays. In such places, not only are you forced to take part in activities which you

may not want to - but at the same time, you have the freedom to if you feel like it. Also, the bed and breakfast or homestays in Kerala are hardly run by poor villagers or tribal but by the traditional middle class - and they are usually not restricted in matters or clothing or diet - which can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

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