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									3 Healing Secrets
Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About

Dr. George H. Burroughs Chiropractic Physician

Disclaimer: The information in this report is not intended to diagnose or treat any conditions or sicknesses. It is based on the opinions of the author and is meant solely for educational purposes. It is encouraged that any health care decisions be made between you and a qualified health care provider.

3 Healing Secrets
Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About

What if I told you that I knew three secrets that could improve your health and well-being...

Would you be interested?
Furthermore, what if I told you that these three secrets - although specifically related to your heath - would probably NEVER be shared with you by a medical doctor...

Would you wonder why?
Before I share these three secrets with you (and I will share them with you very soon), let me know if this sounds familiar:

You go to the doctor looking for answers. Chances are that you’re hurting, sick, or just plain tired. Things that you have tried simply haven’t worked like you had hoped. You want answers. Good answers, effective answers - answers that will truly help you feel better. Unfortunately, all your doctor can offer you is another prescription. Or, even worse, surgery. Certainly, drugs and surgery can be helpful at times. However, you're looking for something different. Better answers, more effective answers.

Allow me to let you in on something:

To Get Better Answers, You Must Ask Better Questions!!!
Which leads me to the 3 secrets. I want to share with you three Healing Secrets that directly impact a person’s health, YET are not typically addressed by medical doctors. They are...

3 Healing Secrets:

1. 2. 3.

Supplements Sensitivities Subluxations

On the next few pages, we are going to learn all about these 3 Healing Secrets: Supplements, Sensitivities, and Subluxations. More importantly, we are going to learn how successfully answering the following three related questions can profoundly improve your health:

3 Questions That May Change Your Life
1. 2. 3.

Which nutritional Supplements do I need? What food Sensitivities do I have? Where am I Subluxated?

But first, I have a small confession to make... This is my confession:

For years, I’ve been interest in health and healing - especially NATURAL methods of healing. Because of this interest, I have learned a lot about vitamins, minerals and herbs - and how the proper use of them can be used to help an individual optimize his/her health. I have also learned that most people today are aware of the health benefits of nutritional supplements, so to consider their use as a “secret” might seem a little misleading. However, as you will soon learn, it’s NOT the use of Nutritional Supplements that I consider to be a Healing Secret - it’s knowing exactly which ones YOU need (and DON’T need) that led me to include Supplements as a valuable “secret”. Now that I’ve covered that, there is something else that I want to share with you. My real confession is this: The first time that it was suggested to me that identifying and eliminating Food Sensitivities and Subluxations from my life could be beneficial to my health, I was extremely skeptical. (Heck, to be honest, I didn’t even know what Food Sensitivities or Subluxations were!!!) Fortunately, along with my skepticism, was a willingness to be openminded. And, this open-mindedness has literally changed my life for the better!!! So, let me thank you now for having an open-mind and for investing the time to learn about these secrets - you’ll be glad that you did!!!

Secret # 1

When looking at the “3 Healing Secrets”, this first one Nutritional Supplements - is easily the most recognizable. Unless, of course, you happen to be a Medical Doctor. (Actually, it’s not their fault. The fact is, however, that most medical doctors have had little or NO formal training in the area of Nutritional Supplements. Don’t believe me? Just ask them.) Okay, so medical doctors aren’t trained in the use of nutritional supplements. This does not mean that other so-called “health experts” know what they are talking about. In fact, nowadays it seems that everyone is talking about nutritional supplements: from tabloids in the supermarket to fancy salesmen on television - not to mention the Internet. Unfortunately, most of what is spoken about isn’t really helpful. TOO MUCH, TOO LITTLE… In my 20 years of practice, I have noticed an interesting trend. When it comes to nutritional supplements, I have found that almost every patient falls into one of two categories: 1) They don’t take any.

They take far too many.

I think that there is a simple reason why people fall into one of these two extremes... CONFUSION

I think that the reason why some individuals choose NOT to take any nutritional supplements is simple: With all of the “information” available today, deciding which nutritional supplements to take can be very, very confusing – resulting in the person deciding to take nothing. Likewise, similar reasoning can explain why other individuals take far too many supplements: With all of the “information” available today, deciding what to take can be very, very confusing – resulting, this time, in the person deciding to take too many.


I don’t want you to be confused.
If you are like me and most of my patients, you want to look and feel your best. You also want to take the least amount of prescriptive drugs possible. You know that nutritional supplements can help… YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW WHICH ONES TO TAKE! I truly hope that my nutritional supplement program can help eliminate any confusion AND provide you with incredible health benefits. Here’s how it works: The ATLAS Nutritional Supplementation Program

1) I believe that EVERYBODY would benefit from taking a multivitamin/mineral supplement and an EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) supplement. (We offer both of these in our office.) 2) I also believe that taking additional nutritional supplements can be extremely beneficial. However, before deciding on which additional supplements to take, there should be some kind of systematic assessment. That’s what we do. If you desire to add nutritional supplementation to your health program, we will work with you on trying to decide which supplements will provide the most benefit. That is, instead of just prescribing supplement after supplement in response to your symptoms, we will – through a testing program – attempt to determine which SYSTEM of your body is in the greatest NEED of supplementation. For example, with one person we may decide to provide supplements to nourish their Hormonal System. With another person we may begin to start with supplements for the Digestive System, or the Cardiovascular System, or the Nervous (Brain Neurotransmitters) System, etc. The goal is to find out which SYSTEM of your body (Nervous, Hormonal, Digestive, Immune...) is in the greatest need of Nutritional Supplementation. Here’s the bottom line:

Our food supply today is often seriously deficient in nutrients. As a result, the different Systems of our body are often undernourished. This can lead to a variety of symptoms and health problems. By understanding each of the Systems of the body, we can correlate the symptoms you are experiencing with the System that is being primarily affected. How do we do that??? Through... The ATLAS Nutritional System Survey Questionnaire Each person that we work with for Nutritional Supplementation is required to first complete The Atlas Nutritional System Survey Questionnaire. The information that we receive from this questionnaire combined with other evaluations - helps us identify which Nutritional Supplements are best suited for YOU. Gone are the days of not utilizing nutritional supplements because you feel overwhelmed. Likewise, gone are the days of wasting a lot of money on supplements that might not be beneficial to you. To see a sample of the Questionnaire or to schedule an appointment, please call or email us at 251-679-1996 or

Secret # 2

Never heard of Food Sensitivities causing Health Problems? Me neither - until about ten years ago. As I mentioned before, for many years I had no idea that Food Sensitivities had a negative impact on our health. Nor did I have any idea that... Virtually EVERY adult over the age of 25 has at least ONE food sensitivity!!! Sound crazy??? It’s not. In fact, I honestly believe that for every adult (and for MOST children) the question is NOT whether or not they have a Food Sensitivity, but rather...

What foods am I Sensitive to?
Honestly, whenever I successfully identify WHAT food(s) a person is sensitive to, AND they then proceed to eliminate that food(s) from their diet, I begin to hear statements such as these: “Good-Bye Headaches.” “Good-Bye Acid Reflux.” “Good-Bye Hot Flashes.” Let me explain: IN THE BEGINNING…

As I mentioned earlier, when I initially was told that there may be an association between “hidden” food sensitivities and a variety of health complaints, I was skeptical. Actually, the truth is, I was VERY skeptical. But, I also told you that I was open-minded. Well, there was a reason for that. You see, as a doctor, I feel that if there is something, anything, that could potentially enhance one’s health, I owe it to myself – and to my patients – to at least check it out. And, that’s what I did with regard to Food Sensitivities. As a side note here, let me mention that when I first began investigating this, everyone told me that I was crazy - even my closest friends and other Chiropractors. But, for me, it never was about other people’s approval. Instead, it was about finding out if there was any validity any health benefits - to identifying and eliminating Food Sensitivities. Believe it or not... What I discovered was shocking!!! To begin with, from MY OWN PERSONAL experience, the knee pain, shoulder pain, and stomach bloating that I complained about TOTALLY disappeared after I quit drinking milk!!! Now, to be fair, I must state that none of my complaints were of a “severe” nature. Yet, the fact that I did notice a SIGNIFICANT improvement in how I felt inspired me to further investigate this idea of food sensitivities and its affect on health. To further assess this whole relationship between Food Sensitivities and health, I began using Energy Reflex Testing to identify Food Sensitivities with some of my patients.

To my surprise, virtually every patient that I tested was found to have at least one “hidden” food sensitivity. I say “hidden” because my findings usually came as a complete surprise to the patient. That is, they usually didn’t know that the offending food was having an adverse effect upon their health. (This “hidden food sensitivity” is somewhat different than a food “allergy” where the individual is usually aware of the connection and the reaction of the body is much more pronounced.) THE FACT THAT MOST PATIENTS WERE UNAWARE OF THESE “SENSITIVITIES” WAS VERY INTERESTING!!! The more that I tested patients, the more interested and amazed I became by the results I was getting!!! I began seeing significant improvements in people with acne, colitis, depression, earaches, hot flashes, heart palpitations, knee pain, migraines, obesity, reflux, sinus congestion… and several other conditions – all after having their food sensitivities identified and the associated foods eliminated. One patient who, a four year old boy that was experiencing seizures, became seizure-free (without drugs) after identifying and eliminating oats from his diet! Honestly, I could go on and on. But I’ll conclude by sharing these five findings:

Food sensitivities are individualized – the foods that one patient tests sensitive for may be totally different than those that another

patient with the same health complaint tests for. Also, sensitivities among family members may be different.

The offending foods are usually those that the patient enjoys – and may even be a so-called “healthy” food. Eliminating the offending food(s) may dramatically improve your health – no matter what your age may be. The more “difficult” a person’s health problem is (Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines...) the more likely that there is a Food Sensitivity involved. The most common offenders are: Wheat (gluten), dairy, soy, corn, caffeine, sugar, sugar substitutes.




Take Home Message Food sensitivities are, in my opinion, becoming a silent epidemic. Their impact on the health of this nation is significant. Most importantly, it MAY be just the answer that you are looking for. Testing for Food Sensitivities is easy, and (to say the least), interesting. The bottom line, however, is that the results are often nothing short of AMAZING! If you are interested in learning more, or would like to schedule to be tested, please contact us, Atlas Chiropractic, at (251) 679-1996 or at

Secret # 3 Subluxations

Most Americans, unfortunately, grow up without ever learning what a “subluxations” is. If you are one of those individuals, don’t worry - for the first twenty years of my life, I didn’t know either. That changed, however, one day while I was in college. I was reading a health magazine and came across an article about Chiropractic. At the time, I knew nothing about Chiropractic, but the article was so well written that when I was done reading it, I found myself asking:

Where am I Subluxated?
It’s a question I hope that you will soon be asking yourself. Why? Because knowing the answer to this question can profoundly improve your health. Finding and correcting Subluxations may help eliminate your Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Vertigo, High Blood Pressure, Infertility, TMJ, Asthma, Allergies, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain... Let me explain: Ask someone what a Chiropractor does and you’ll probably get the following response: “They crack backs”. Or, if they are a bit more sophisticated: “They adjust spines”.

Either way, they’re wrong.
Chiropractors don’t “crack backs” or “adjust spines”. Chiropractors find and correct SUBLUXATIONS.

WHAT’S A SUBLUXATION??? Simply stated, a SUBLUXATION is a bone – especially a vertebra bone of the spine – that is slightly “out of position”, resulting in a “pinching” (interference) of a nerve.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT??? Let me answer this with a demonstration: Do me a favor, open and close your fist. Now, wiggle your foot. How did you know how to do this? That is, how did your brain get your fingers to open/close and your foot to wiggle? Easy: It sent MESSAGES In order to open and close your hand, your brain had to send a MESSAGE to the muscles of that hand. This leads me to a QUESTION: How did the MESSAGE get from the “BRAIN” to the “HAND”??? (You already know the answer...) Once a MESSAGE is created in the brain, it travels from the brain, down the spinal cord, and then out along a NERVE to the hand.

The same thing happens when you move your foot: An instructive MESSAGE is formed in the brain, it then runs down the spinal cord, and finally travels along the NERVE that leads to the foot. Now, here’s what I call the “cool” part: This exact mechanism (“messages” originating in the brain, running down the spinal cord and then out along a NERVE to the appropriate bodypart) is what controls every muscle and EVERY organ in the body!!!

WHAT DOES MEAN??? This means that your muscles function of your stomach, etc are on instructive traveling from

THAT the function of AND the heart, lungs, ALL dependent messages the brain, down

the spinal cord, and out along nerves. When these messages flow without any interruption, your body functions at a high level of health. However, when the flow of messages IS interrupted…

…The associated muscle and/or organ is adversely affected.
Think of this analogy: Washing your car is easy when the water is free to flow through the hose uninterrupted. “Kinks”, however, or any other type of interference to the hose disrupts this flow, making it more difficult to wash your car. Likewise, interruptions to the flow of messages that travel through nerves will affect the “ease” in which the body performs, resulting in a condition of “dis-ease”, or what is often referred to as “disease”.

Time Out!!! Let me take a moment to show you a really interesting chart. This chart shows you each vertebra bone of the spine and which nerve “messages” may be affected if that vertebra was misaligned:

(For a FREE copy of this chart and a related brochure, please call our office at 251-679-1996) As you look at the Nerve Chart, it is helpful to remember that EVERY

function in the body is controlled, in part, by “messages” that travel from the brain, down the spinal cord, and then out along “nerves” to the involved body part. Now that we understand this, it stands to reason that ANY dysfunction in the body - neck pain, back pain, leg pain, TMJ, headaches - can be a result of an interference to the messages traveling along a specific nerve. Perhaps of greater interest, however, it to be reminded that the same “pinching” of a nerve can negatively affect the heart, lungs, stomach, reproductive glands, etc. resulting in “dis-eases” such as high blood pressure, asthma, reflux, and hormone imbalances.

Because the vertebrae bones of the spine are so close to the nerves that travel from the spinal cord to the muscles and organs, a misaligned vertebra bone can interfere with the flow of MESSAGES traveling along that nerve. As a result, the corresponding muscle and/or nerve may be adversely affected. There is a special name given to a vertebra bone that is misaligned, resulting in interference to the MESSAGES traveling along that nerve...


“SUBLUXATION” is the name given to the misaligned vertebra.

This is a NORMAL spine. The 3 vertebrae bones (white) are properly aligned and there is no pressure or “pinching” on the nerves (yellow).

This is NOT a normal spine. Notice how the middle vertebra is slightly out of alignment, resulting in a “pinching” on the nerve (red) that comes off of the spinal cord. Whatever “messages” are traveling along this nerve will be affected. This misaligned vertebrae is called a SUBLUXATION.

In my opinion, finding out if you have subluxations (bones out of alignment, interfering with the flow of MESSAGES through nerves) is one of the best things that you can do for your health. Having these SUBLUXATIONS CORRECTED is even better!!! So, here is a question: Is it possible that the cause of your health problems (headaches, allergies, reflux, TMJ, neck pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, hormone imbalances…) is related to a SUBLUXATION? The answer, of course, is YES!!!

The bottom line is this: SUBLUXATIONS can be a cause of your health problems. There is only ONE way to know and only ONE way to have them corrected:

By visiting a Doctor of Chiropractic
Interested? Feel free to call us at Atlas Chiropractic (251) 679-1996 or
contact us via

Let us help you find the answer - and the solution - to the question:

Where am I Subluxated?

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