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      February 2014 issue:                            December 2013 & January 2014
  Thursday 23rd January 2014                   email:

Clanfield Tavern
I would like to introduce ourselves as the new owners of The Clanfield Tavern as
from Wednesday 27th November.
My self (Woody Woodhouse), girlfriend (Mell Evans) and daughter (Victoria
Evans) are the proud new owners of The Clanfield Tavern and custodians of this
wonderful building in the heart of Clanfield.
Woody, Mell and Vicky would like to welcome all patrons new and old, with the
goal that we can make The Clanfield Tavern part of the local community once
again and a great destination pub.
Offering a varied food menu, great selection of beers, cask ales, ciders, wines
and spirits in a great atmosphere.
You can keep up to date with all the last from The Clanfield Tavern as follows;


We are so excited to be moving in to such a wonderful village and becoming part of village
You can contact me by email, phone 077958 72458 or at the Pub from 28th 01367 810117.

             News From Your Parish Council
Flood Prevention Measures - Update - Whilst the amount of rainfall in the area has
so far been relatively little compared with further west and north, there has been some
activity by way of flood prevention measures. October is usually the month when the
Environment Agency (EA) undertakes its waterways maintenance programme. This
year's programme has been as for last year ie clearing the Black Bourton Brook north
of the Bampton Road and the whole of the Clanfield Brook to the point where it enters
Friar's Court land. In addition, the Agency also walked the Black Bourton Brook south
of the Bampton Road with the aim of clearing any major obstructions. The EA
operates under certain guidelines which should afford sufficient clearance for clear
passage of excess water down the brooks but also disturbs wildlife local to the
waterways as little as possible. Your Parish Council has also been notified of a
WODC effort to clear a number of ditches across the district but we are still awaiting
details. During the winter months, Cllrs Chris Scotcher and Allan Roberts will make
regular inspections of the waterways to ensure they remain clear: if there are
obstructions, we will ask our local contractor to clear them.
We have also inspected the emergency equipment held at the Windmill Barn
Conference Centre and the state of the sand store. This latter has required some
further tidying up to ensure that those wishing to get to the sand can: and we have
asked for a replacement frame to aid with filling sandbags. It is to be hoped that
neither will need to be used but are easily available. Councillor's instructions have
been revised in the light of some of the lessons learned last year and all parishioners
should have a copy of the handbook. Please take a few minutes to remind yourself of
what can be done in the event of seriously wet weather; and please let the PC know if
you require particular help with such items as flood-boards which are known to be
rather heavy and awkward to put in place.
And finally on the matter of insurance, we were able to put new arrivals to the village
in touch with WODC to get help with house insurance. The outcome was, in the
circumstances, very satisfactory.
Preparation for winter weather - Two additional grit bins have been purchased and
delivered. One is situated at the corner of Pound Lane; the second at the entrance to
Queens Crescent.
Speeding on Main Street - We are making representations to the County Council for
funding to install a ‘build out’ at the village entrance on Main Street and await its
response. In the meantime, you may have noticed that TV Police have conducted a
number of Police speed checks recently and these will continue.
Parking in Pound Lane - Following complaints from residents and pressure from the
Parish Council, the County Council has agreed to put zig zag lines on Pound Lane to
try and alleviate the parking problem there.

Village Notice Boards - Our new Parish Notice Boards are now completed and will
be installed in the next few weeks. A new Notice Board for your use will be put at the
bottom of Bakery Lane and a new Parish Council Notice Board will be situated on
Main Street close to the corner of Pound Lane where it is also our intention to display
a map of the village, its points of interest and walking routes. This will mean that the
notice board at the Post Office will be removed.
Lorry park/Recycling Bank - Following discussion at the October Parish Council
meeting the following course of action was agreed
         To extend the lorry park and surface with tarmac to increase the available
         space for parking.
         Re locate the sand bunker and recycling bank onto the extended area and
         improve the appearance of the area
         Repair the potholes in the remainder of the lorry park
Our grateful thanks must go to Martin Cobden who has kindly agreed to produce
drawings upon which a specification for work will be drawn up and quotations sought.
This will be a very expensive project for the village and the Parish Council is grateful
to those local village organisations and individuals who have offered to contribute to
the cost. We have also secured £4000 from our County Councillor’s community
budget. Once we have quotations we will know whether we can afford to proceed.
On a positive note, the Parish Council has been successful in getting OCC to patch
repair some of the larger potholes in the lorry park.
Planning applications/decisions
         Poplar Cottage, Main Street: alterations to include single storey front
         extension/ conversion of outbuildings to form living accommodation:
         The Pound, Pound Lane: Internal/external alterations: Granted.
         The Fourth Square, Wicks Close: Removal of garage/erection of single
         storey side extension; new porch and balcony on first floor: Granted.
         Greenfield, Bampton Road: Erection of two storey extension and conversion
         of existing garage. PC Comments submitted to WODC
Annual Elderly Residents’ function - Due to the lack of support for this event over
recent years Council decided that the event should not continue.
Parish Council Allotments - As with the lorry park, the potholes at the allotments are
in urgent need of repair and Council has agreed to fund the cost the materials.
Thanks to those who have volunteered to do the work.                  (continued)

Defibrillator - WODC has offered to pay 50% towards the cost of a defibrillator for all
the villages in West Oxfordshire. Following discussion and consideration of funding
sources, it was agreed to re-consider the matter at December’s budget meeting. If
you have a view – please let us know
                                                                         Lynda Scott
                                                                        Parish Clerk
                                      01367 810606 or at

Wise Memories - All at Sea
I am now a very old woman and like most old people I indulge, now and again, in
nostalgia. I was born in the age of steam, steam engines, steam ships, steam rollers
on the roads, steam irons too for the laundry – they used to hiss a bit. Now I think the
steam engines have been replaced with diesel engines, and so too have the ships,
may be they are turbine driven now?
I loved the big powerful steam engines that roared through our little Valley Station, for
example the Irish mail train, carrying passengers and mail, bound for Ireland. At
Holyhead, in the harbor, were the mailboats waiting to be boarded. They were steam
ships. They took on coal before each crossing, and down below were the stokers
waiting to shovel it into the furnaces to boil up the water to produce the steam. A very
hot job and not an enviable one.
A lot of my time when I was a child was spent on board the mailboat called the
Cambria, one of the three mailboats that sailed from Holyhead to Kingstown, now
called Dun Laoghaire, the port for the city of Dublin. My father was captain of the
In those days, between the wars the bulk of the travellers, travelled first class, and the
first class accommodation was very comfortable. Two state rooms for the rich and
famous and very comfortable smaller cabins for the well-to-do, and curtained bunks
for those who preferred to lie down during the three hour crossing. Stewards and
Stewardesses in attendance for those who suffered from seasickness.
The accommodation for the less well-off was in the steerage. The seating was plain
pine and there was a bar where you could get tea and a sandwich. The first class
passengers had a fine dining room and a good menu, soup, roast beef, roast lamb,
vegetables etc etc and a choice of puddings. Those days are long gone.
During the last war the Cambria came under enemy attack twice, but owing to good
seamanship managed to dodge first the machine gun fire but sadly one officer was hit
and died from his wounds. The second attack was two torpedoes, but again my father
and his officers on the bridge managed to turn the ship sharply so that the torpedoes
went by, one on either side. I have a model of the Cambria that was made by the
cabin boy and presented to my father on his retirement, after almost 45 years at sea."
                                                                           Dorothy Wise

Clanfield Voluntary Alert System
My name is Allan Roberts and I live in Clanfield and was a Police Officer in Witney &
Carterton for over 10 years. I would like to set up an alert system via email (totally
voluntary) to send all sorts of information out that may be of some use or help to the
villagers, this could include flooding, weather reports, road reports, Police alerts i.e.
suspicious persons or vehicles, lost dogs, shows & events etc. Also if you have
information which could help the village, that can be sent out too (after vetting). All
that's required is to send your name & email address to me, Allan at
If you know someone who doesn't own a computer then you could pass the
information on to them. You can opt out at of the system at any time, Thank you

                                  APPLIANCE REPAIRS & SERVICE
                                  ELECTRICAL/PLUMBING WORKS
                                  CLANFIELD           01367 810512
                                  MOBILE              07711 427497

                       Why Not Drop In for Christmas Lunch?
      Make a date, Monday 16th December for the Monday Drop in Christmas Lunch.
   If you have never tried our lunches then the 16th December is the time to come. We
     have a special lunch when Charles Willmer makes his delicious soup and puds and
          there will be Carols, Crackers and lots of fun with friends old and new.
    If you can’t make for then, every Monday we have delicious home made soup, fresh
  rolls, coffee or tea and biscuits, all for a small donation. You will get a warm welcome
     and you can sit around with all you friends catching up on all the gossip and news.
    We will be taking our Christmas break after the Christmas lunch and will be back on
   13th January. After which we will be open every Monday from 12.00 to 1.30pm during
                          school term time (including half term).
              The profits we make are all donated to charities near and far.
                                 Peter & Raena Farley
                                       Tel 810604

Christmas in Clanfield
The congregation of St. Stephen’s were saddened by the
death of Madge Burton. Madge had been worshiping with
us for many years. She will be much missed by her friends
and family. The Remembrance Day service in the church
followed by the one around the war memorial was well
attended. The bell ringers rang with half-muffled bells which
produced a beautiful sound.
Having been subjected to weeks of Christmas advertising on the television, radio and
with piles magazines falling through the letter box you’d think that Christmas begins in
October. In the church preparation begins at the start of December with the time
known as Advent. Here in Clanfield we look forward to carol singing accompanied by
the Wantage Silver Band taking place outside the Carter Institute on Monday 16
December at 6.30 pm followed by festive refreshments. Later in the week on
Thursday 19 December we hold the popular Christingle Service which is for all the
family. This year’s carol service on Sunday 22 December at 6.00 pm is based on the
theme The Twelve Days of Christmas and the church will be decorated accordingly.
On Christmas Eve there will be Midnight Mass taken by our Vicar, David Lloyd and
Christmas Day Services will be held in Bampton at 8 am and 10.30 am.
We hope that you have time to join us for some of these activities and to remind
yourselves of the real reason why we are celebrating Christmas.

     Services in December
Sunday 1st December          10.30am Family Service - Judith Hillier
Sunday 8th December          9.15am Holy Communion – Reverend David Lloyd
Sunday 15th December         10.30am Holy Communion – Reverend David Battersby
Thursday 19th December       1.30pm Christingle – Reverend David Lloyd
Sunday 22nd December         6pm Carol Service – Reverend Canon Roger
Christmas Eve                11.30pm Midnight Mass – Reverend David Lloyd
Christmas Day                8.00am Holy Communion
                             10.30am Family Communion at St. Mary’s, Bampton.

Mistaken Identity
Please let it be known that Oliver the soppy Golden Retriever who lives in harmony
with his chickens on Mill Lane is totally innocent and wouldn’t say boo to a goose let
alone a hen. Sorry Oliver if people thought badly of you… we know that it wasn’t
you… and hopefully the others will now know too.

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     HICKMAN Ltd.                                  LOCAL emergency
                                                       call out

                                  With over 30 years experience of
    N wb       m/   w               insta in Hea n            in
                                      syste s, s a works and
           m                       aintenance, p ease ca Char es for
    Sm   w k                      a professiona and re ia e service

                                         G . P. J O N E S
                                         GENERAL BUILDING &
                                        FENCING CONTRACTOR
                                       Brick & Stonework    Pergolas & Decking
                                       Extensions           Closeboard
                                       Driveways            Stock Fencing
                                       Patio & paving       Chain Link
For all your gardening needs           Plastering           Post & Rail
    Chain saw available                Rendering            Panels
                                       Drainage             Gates
                                       Guttering & Fascia   Boat Moorings
For one-off projects or regular
         maintenance,                  Call for a free estimate
call Fred on 0778 613 8754 or          Telephone: 01367 810464
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      Simms Property Maintenance

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      F    y u I               Ex
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                 j b . Fu y I u .
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         .    y m          v       .F
    f       b           u
                   T y:
           (01367) 810152 (H m )
            07879 335123 (M b )

                            PATRICK STRAINGE
                                QUALITY MEAT
                            FROM OUR FAMILY FARMS
     National Finalist Sausage                Voted Best Sausages in South Of
          Championships                       England as seen on National TV

                      Bridge Street, Bampton, Oxon, OX18 2HA
                                  Tel 01993 850350

Clanfield and Bampton Historical Society
‘Curious and fascinating, quirky and eccentric’, and ‘luncheon clubs for middle-aged,
middle-class men’ are but two descriptions of London’s Livery Companies, but as
David Palfreyman told a packed meeting of the society in the Carter Institute, there is
a lot more to them than that.
David, a past Lord Mayor of London – who are elected by the Livery Companies -
Bursar of New College, Oxford, and, most importantly of course, a member of our
society, told us that he was ‘in need of distraction’ in 2009 and so began his research
into the companies, of which the Guild of Educators, in which he is involved, has
recently become the latest, of 113, to be granted a charter.
Originating in craft guilds, which, apart from in Zurich, are now almost extinct in
Europe, thanks especially to Napoleon’s aversion to them, they have thrived, survived
a Liberal Government’s attempt to abolish them and seize their assets, and adapted
to modern times, giving some £50m a year to charity.
They vary considerably in size and wealth. The Goldsmiths Company is, perhaps
appropriately, the wealthiest, with assets of some £88, and many have their own,
richly endowed, halls, while others are much less well-endowed. The Educators, said
David, had to borrow a suitable car to take part in the recent Lord Mayor’s parade.
The first, the Worshipful Company of Weavers, was founded in 1155; many have
ceased to exist as their crafts have died out, while others have evolved to meet
present-day needs. One such, David gave as an illustration, is the Fanmakers, who
may have little call for their original products but are now making turbines for Rolls
Royce or fans for air-conditioning.
The Livery Companies, and the City of London which houses them, have played a
crucial role in British history – when Charles 1st tried to arrest five Members of
Parliament they escaped to the sanctuary of the City, which was regarded by the
Royalists as a hotbed of sedition. Rather different from the City’s reputation these
Many Livery Companies, as well as giving generously to charity, are actively involved
in education, funding schools and academies well beyond London’s City Walls. It so
happened that one of our members at the meeting, Michael St John Parker, is a past
Master of the Masons, and told us that they actively support the training of young
masons working in cathedrals and other historic buildings. And he is a governor of
what was a failing school but is now a thriving academy in Walsall, which is funded by
the Masons Company.
It was every bit as informative and entertaining an evening as we had expected, and
now there is a break before we reconvene on February 18th, 2014, again at
Clanfield’s Carter Institute when Alex Smith will talk to us about ‘Roman Temples in
Gloucestershire’. I look forward to seeing you then.
                                                                           Alan Smith

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With a Kitchen
Design that is
right for you and a service that will make you smile,
contact Darren or Lindsay on 01865 370222
Or visit the workshop in Kidlington

Faringdon & District Rotary Club
Philippines Disaster - Faringdon Rotary supports ShelterBox and in November sent
two boxes as an immediate response. ShelterBox rapidly mobilised in response to
the humanitarian crisis in the Philippines. Very soon after the disaster they already
had a team in the disaster zone distributing boxes containing water purification
tablets, ten-person tent, toothpaste, soap, cooking aids, childrens’ pack and other
items needed in an emergency situation.
The Rotary supported box charity will provide people who have lost homes,
possessions and loved ones and who desperately need help, with a supply of clean
water and other essential items to help them survive the aftermath of the disaster.
ShelterBox teams have been assessing need and doing all they can to get aid to
these families as quickly as possible. They will need support in replacing the
hundreds of boxes already sent from their warehouse.
You can help families affected         by   the   typhoon   by   donating   today   –
Charity Dinner in aid of Polio eradication - Many thanks to the 100 members,
friends and family who came together on 30th October to enjoy a delicious meal at
the Snooty Mehmaan and to raise valuable funds to aid polio eradication. The
evening raised just short of £1,000 which will be trebled by Bill and Melinda Gates.
Thanks also to the Snooty Mehmaan who served a delicious buffet.
Faringdon Firework Display 2013 with The 41 Club - This was our first year
working alongside the 41 Club assisting with the Faringdon Firework Display. Held in
the beautiful grounds of Faringdon House the event was, as always, very popular with
excellent numbers coming through the gate. Thank you to all who bought tickets -
see you next year!
Father Christmas & Thomas the Tank Engine in Clanfield from 5.30pm on Friday
13th December - On 30th November we will have been helping at Faringdon
Christmas “Lights-On” with Thomas the Tank Engine and Father Christmas in his
grotto. Throughout December Father Christmas & Thomas will once again be touring
Faringdon and surrounding villages. Look out for him in Clanfield on Friday 13th
                         Christmas Tree Recycling
                       Saturday 4th January from 9am
                       Bring your Christmas trees to:
    Faringdon Market Square, Watchfield, Shrivenham High Street, Clanfield
                        We will recycle them for you
                Donations please for Helen & Douglas House
Further information can be found at our website: or at
                                                                           Mike Bell
I have done an experiment this year with my sloe gin. First of all I have used
damsons! Then Ocado put Bombay Sapphire gin so no cheapo gin for me this year. I
also found a 3 litre kilner jar for under a fiver in Steamer Traging – how good is that? I
consulted the internet and this is the info I gleaned from Sipsmiths who make very
expensive sloe gin. I know that many of you are keen sloe gin makers so here it is:-
Mistake 1: Initial Measurements
Contrary to popular belief, there is very little point in adding sugar at the outset.
Saturating the spirit with sugar prevents it from extracting the natural fruit sugars - and
other flavours - from the sloes. Sugar should really only be added at the start to
produce sweet sloes for baking or chocolates rather than good sloe gin.
One of the common complaints about the standard sloe recipes is that some years
they produce a too-sweet liqueur, while other years are not sweet enough.
Sweetening to taste at the end of the maceration yields a perfect batch every time. If
you use simple syrup instead of granulated sugar, you don’t have to wait for the
crystals to dissolve.
Syrup recipe:
Combine equal measures of sugar and water in a saucepan over low heat. Warm the
mixture until the sugar dissolves, then allow it to cool. If you prefer a higher strength
sloe gin, it is possible to make syrup with three parts sugar and two parts water to
reduce dilution. Add a little syrup at first, as it sometimes requires only a fraction of
the quantity of sugar called for in standard recipes.
So, the secret to making the best sloe gin? Find good sloes, freeze them overnight,
add enough fruit to almost half-fill a bottle, then top it up with good quality gin. A
crushed almond, added at the start of the maceration process, highlights the
marzipan character of the stone fruit without the added effort of crushing a few sloe

                                           Xmas Bingo
                              Clanfield Football and Social Club
                                             Monday 9th December
                                   Doors open at 6.30pm,eyes down 7.30pm
                                        Money prizes and raffle prizes
       All very welcome but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
                            For more details please contact;
             Sue Richardson 01367810204 or Angie Fisher 01367 810459

             “The Journey” by Brandon Bays is a book about emotional healing. An old
             friend and highly successful international businessman recommended it to me. I
             had suffered years of medicated depression, and although I found the book a
             little unbelievable, but I was interested and had a go.
              The work cleared my depression within no time. It was such a revelation, it led
             me to go through the full practitioner’s training program to be able to help and
             facilitate others in their work of clearing issues. We all build up blockages and
             stresses inside us through life and we all have different ways of coping and
dealing with them.
Recent research indicates that as much as 80% of our illnesses could have their roots in
emotions suppressed in the body.
 If you think this could be something you would like to know more about, please read the
book. The book might be the best Christmas present you could give to yourself or a friend
this year.
 To be qualified as a full accredited practitioner I need 50 case studies and can give 3 free
sessions per person until the study is complete. If you would like to participate in this or you
would like some information about Journey work, please contact Kari 01367 810695 or

Originally mincemeat was made with
minced meat – usually beef or tongue
– mixed with dried fruit, highly spiced
and preserved with brandy or another
spirit. According to a recent article in
the ‘Independent’ the mince pie began
to get sweeter in the 18th century
when cheap sugar arrived from slave plantations in the West Indies. In Hannah
Glasse's The Art of Cookery (1747), a recipe utilises a modest 1lb of sugar, along with
50 apples, 4lb of dried fruit and 3lb of suet. Meat had become optional, though Glasse
advises: "If you chuse meat in your pies, parboil a neat's tongue [ox tongue], peel it,
and chop the meat as fine as possible, and mix with the rest; or two pounds of the
inside of a sirloin of beef boiled." Thankfully today the meat is replaced by beef suet.
It’s the use of apples that is the reason that I am so attracted to making it (and it’s a
top seller at our Macmillan Coffee Morning/Bazaar). This year has seen a bumper
crop and I like to find uses for them.
Mincemeat is better if it matures for a couple of weeks and so it is best to prepare it in
advance of Christmas. It will remain fresh & juicy for at least a year if protected by a
screw top lid. If it does dry out a bit you can always add a drop more brandy /rum or
It is super easy to make and here is one of my favourite recipes along with a Mary
Berry vegetarian version which I tried for the first time this year and I think it’s really
nice – I shall add it my repertoire.
      Mincemeat 1 – makes 5 or 6 large jars
          500g currants
          500g sultanas
          500g raisins
          250g mixed peel
          500g grated cooking apple
          100g blanched almonds chopped or flaked
          500g soft dark brown sugar
          175g suet
          1 level teaspoon nutmeg
          1 level teaspoon cinnamon
          Grated rind and juice of a lemon
          Grated rind and juice of an orange
          300ml brandy
Throw it all in a large mixing bowl and stir well. Cover the bowl with clingfilm and
leave to stand for two days. You can stir it again a couple of times during that period.
Stir and pot into jars and seal.

      Mincemeat 2 – Vegetarian à la Mary Berry – makes 3 or 4 large jars
         175g currants
         175g raisins
         175g sultanas
         175g dried cranberries
         100g mixed peel
         1 small cooking apple, peeled, cored and finely chopped
         125g butter, cut into cubes
         50g blanched almonds, roughly chopped
         225g light muscovado sugar
         ½ tsp ground cinnamon
         1 tsp mixed spice
         finely grated rind and juice of 1 lemon
         200ml brandy, rum or sherry
Measure all of the ingredients except the alcohol into a large pan. Heat gently,
allowing the butter to melt, then simmer very gently, stirring occasionally, for about 10
Allow the mixture to cool completely then stir in the brandy, rum or sherry.
Spoon the mincemeat into sterilised jam jars, seal tightly, label and store in a cool
Creative cooks can adapt these recipes. Other ingredients that work well in
mincemeat are cranberries, glacé cherries, dried apricots, blueberries. You can use
walnuts in place of almonds and you can adjust the spices with ground mace or
cloves or ginger. The variations are endless & it’s a great way of using up half packets
of stuff!
Merry Christmas to all our WHAT? readers!
                                                                          Caroline Crisp

             The WI has for many year
             had a reputation for doing
             fantastic craft work and at
             our last meeting in
November we tried our hands a making
flowers out of paper. The results were
                                                         Willow Logs
pretty good and we all went home with
quite realistic carnations in various
                                                           for Sale
colours.     December’s meeting on                      (suitable for wood burners only)
Tuesday 10 December at 7.30 pm will
have a party theme with a talk by
Margaret Auty entitled A Journey through                   £55 per 1¼ cubic m (collection)
my dressing up. Members are reminded                       £65 per 1¼ cubic m (delivery *)
to wear a Christmas hat! For further
details about joining our WI, please                     * delivery to addresses in Clanfield only
                                                                 and is subject to access.
contact Raena on 01367 810604 or see
our website:                               01367 810206
                                     Liz Stevens

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home heating oil
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     CLANFIELD (01367) 810380
                                                   BARNS/BARNS & FARM BUILDINGS
     SWINDON (01793) 527171                        MAINTENANCE OR REPLACEMENT OF
     CHELTENHAM (01242) 26151                      ROTTING FASCIAS, BARGE BOARDS
                                                   OR SOFFITS
     WITNEY (01993) 841193                         MAINTENANCE FREE UPVC


                                        A C Smart Tiling
  Nick Rowland                       Reliable and Professional Service
                                         from 18 years experience.
                                        For the fixing of Ceramic,
          &                           Porcelain, Mosaic, Terracotta,
                                       Slate, Marble, Natural Stone
      JOINERY                                 and Glass Tiles.
     Kitchens etc                          All work guaranteed.
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    Tel: 01993 840347                         01993 851694
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                         LINDSEY ALLAN
                Quality Cordon Bleu Cuisine
I provide a flexible service tailored to meet all your
 requirements, from the simple supper party to the
                more formal dinner.
                 My other services include –
                     Business Lunches
                      Cocktail parties
               Telephone 01367 810340 mobile 07799 777107

                        WHAT?’s On in Clanfield
     Clanfield Pre-school                     Tower Captain: Ian Kenworthy 01367
For children in the age range 2-5 years       810577 or Deputy: Catherine Bernard
in the Foundation Building on the school      01367 810587
site. Open every Monday to Friday from             Snooker Club
8.45am – 2.45pm during term-time. Call
                                              7:30pm – 10 pm every Tuesday,
Jane Brown on 01367 810365 for further
                                              Thursday & Friday evening, upstairs in
                                              the Carter Institute. Contact Barrie
     Women’s Institute                        Rawlinson on 01367 810265
Meetings are held every second                Email
Tuesday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in the          Monday Drop-in Lunches
Carter Institute. Notices giving details of
                                              Drop in at the Carter Institute every
the meeting will be on display in the Post
                                              Monday 12.00pm - 1.30pm (excluding
Office and village notice boards. All
                                              Bank Holidays) and you can be assured
welcome. Contact Raena Farley
                                              of a warm welcome! Homemade soup
Brookside Main St, Clanfield 01367
                                              and a roll, coffee/tea and biscuits.
                                              Contact John Greatrex - 810609
     Mobile Library Service
                                                  Parish Council
The Mobile Library will visit Clanfield       Lynda Scott (Clerk to the Council)
every other Thursdays; by the Church          1 Farmers Court
from 1:00pm to 1:15pm then Queens             Clanfield
Crescent 2:20pm to 2:35pm
                                              01367 810606 or 07789 653 308
     Historical Society
Monthly meetings between October and
May in either Clanfield or Bampton.
Details from Alan Smith on 01367
     Carter Institute                                   MALC NEWMAN
For bookings contact Mrs.            Kate      FITTER OF BLINDS, CURTAINS POLES,
O’Donnell on 01367 810440                                 TRACKS ETC
                                                VERTICAL ROLLER AND VENETIAN
     Art Classes                                  BLINDS SUPPLIED ON REQUEST
Tuesdays at the Carter Institute. Further               TEL: 01367 810558
details contact Maggy Fitzpatrick on                    MOB: 07984 602093
                                                   OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE
     Bell Ringing                                (ALSO ODD JOBS UNDERTAKEN )
Practice night each Wednesday from
7.30 - 9.00 pm at St. Stephen's Church.
New ringers always welcome. Contact

                                                         Advertising Rates
                                                          (as from October 2012)

                                             Full page   (128 x 190 mm)        £24.00
 WHAT? To Trade                              ½ page      (128 x 85 mm)         £16.00
Advertise for FREE anything you’d            ¼ page      (128 x 40 mm) OR
  like to sell or give away - from                       (60 x 85 mm)          £10.00
children’s clothes & toys to books           Eighth page (58 x 40 mm)          ££6.00
    & DVDs; furniture to surplus                 Adverts can be sent by email in either
                                                 MS Word, MS Publisher or as a JPEG.
           garden plants.
                                               Emai e e a a      e t
Various items of Old charm furniture for
sale. All in excellent condition. Gate leg     ei e a     i e     e t
 table and 6 chairs: Sideboard: Tall unit
                                              Caroline Crisp, The Grange, Bourton Road,
   with glass display top: T.V. cabinet.
                                               Clanfield OX18 2PB Tel: 01367 810452
    Offers accepted, buyer collects.         (all handwritten articles must have a contact
         Phone: 01367 810722                         name and telephone number)
                                                            Jan Smith,
  Wanted – small amount of storage                 12 High House Close, Clanfield
    space, secure and watertight                         For general queries
           01993 850454
                                                           please contact:
                                                   Liz Gaertner         01367 810465
                                                   Caroline Crisp       01367 810452

                                             The WHAT? would like to remind readers
    FLOOD ALERT                              that it does not accept responsibility for the
     CLANFIELD                               content of any article printed. Views printed
                                             are solely those of the contributor.
   PARISH COUNCIL                            The WHAT? will publish all contributors’
                                             names unless anonymity is specifically
 EMERGENCY NUMBER                            requested. Anonymous articles and or
    07717 598 836                            letters will not be printed.
                                             The WHAT? reserves the right to edit any
                                             article, where appropriate, according to the
                                             available space.

                                             To view the WHAT? online please go to:

       The Cotswold Plough
        Hotel & Restaurant
       Why not come and visit us?
       Restaurant & Bar Menu Available
             for Lunch & Dinner
               11 En-Suite Rooms
      Private Dining Rooms for Occasions
            The Cotswold Gin Pantry
 with Over 100 Gins Available for You to Sample
          Wedding & Ceremony Venue
              Open 7 days a week
            The Plough Hotel and Restaurant
                Bourton Road, Clanfield
                    01367 810222

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