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S      ometimes, when the arrival of Christmas seems to be heralded by all the big
       budget adverts debuting in the breaks on the X Factor, I wonder what the
       baby Jesus makes of it all. Surely he would do a little celestial posset at the
thought of his rather special birthday being associated with department stores
and people who murder pop songs.
Personally, I can’t stand Christmas shopping. I’m sure it starts in about August,
and gets increasingly frantic until Christmas Eve, when the frazzled souls who
have been procrastinating present-wise go on a kamikaze mission to buy or die
trying. And after five hours racing around failing to achieve anything, the latter
can seem preferable.
Last year, to avoid this scenario, and to prove my credentials as thoughtful,
considerate and creative (and broke) friend, I decided to make my own luxury
gifts. I ordered a job lot of cashmere gloves and an assortment of vintage buttons
to decorate them.....the end result was to be utterly chic and fabulous. However a
problem presented itself almost immediately. I can’t sew. At all. I have stuck the
children’s name tags on with sellotape before, it’s that bad. And buying a job lot
of cashmere gloves is not necessarily une terribly bonne idée. They were
obviously rejects as the fingers were so freakishly long they would only be
suitable for those ladies who grown their fingernails for years until they start to
curl over like quavers. Or the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. The end result
was not so very fabulous. It looked like a load of smarties had been sick on a bad
glove puppet. Still, my friends expressed great delight (or was that horror?) and
being such a nice bunch probably put them at the back of the drawer as moth
There was the year I made jaw breakingly delicious little Italian cantuccini biscuits
all wrapped up and tied with gingham bows. I thought I had totally cornered the
Christmas gift market, and was thinking of going into business, until I noticed
that no less than 3 friends still had the biscuits sitting chirpily in their cupboards
the following summer....well, of course they were going to be a bit hard by then. I
think birds even broke their beaks.
This year, I am going to strive to outdo myself, and it’s almost become a personal
challenge to create the most unique (and horrific) gifts I can think of. I still have
some deformed cashmere gloves left (I lost the will) so potentially I could cut the
weird witchy fingers off and the children could make finger puppets (or little
udder warmers for random cows?) and I could give people fingerless gloves that
are about to unravel, just what everyone always needs........hmmmmmmmmmm,
what lucky, lucky friends I have!!!!!
The Parish Pump team would like to thank you for all your contributions this
year, and look forward to seeing you in February 2014. Merry Christmas!

1st December 1st Sunday in Advent
10.30am     Lt Faringdon         Benefice Advent             Rev MacInnes/Rev
                                 Communion                   McGrath
4.00pm      Bradwell Village     Church@4                    Rev Ross/Rev
            Hall                                             Spence
6.00pm      Broughton Poggs      Advent Service              Rev MacInnes
8th December 2nd Sunday in Advent
9.00am      Broadwell           Holy Communion               Rev McGrath
10.30am     Shilton             Parish Communion/C’rens      Rev McGrath/Rev
                                Church                       Spence
11.00am     Alvescot            Family Service and Baptism   Rev MacInnes
4.00pm      Langford            Christingle                  Rev Spence
6.00pm      Black Bourton       Evensong                     Mr Jeremy Lane
6.00pm      Holwell             Carol Service                Rev MacInnes
 15th December 3rd Sunday in Advent
10.30pm     Langford             Parish Communion            Rev MacInnes
4.00pm      Alvescot             Christingle (with School)   Rev MacInnes
6.00pm      Kencot               Evensong                    Rev Spence
17th December
7.00pm      Filkins              Village Carols              Rev Spence
19th December
6.30pm     Kelmscott            Carol Service                Rev MacInnes
22nd December 4th Sunday in Advent
10.30am     Broadwell/Kencot     Carol Service               Rev Johnson
10.30am     Holwell              Parish Communion            Rev MacInnes
4.00pm      Westwell             Carol Service               Rev Spence
6.00pm      Black Bourton        Carol Service               Mr Jeremy Lane
6.00pm      Shilton              Carol Service               Rev MacInnes
6.00pm      Little Faringdon     Carol Service               Rev Spence
6.00pm      Alvescot             Carol Service               Rev Kettle
 24th December Christmas Eve
4.00pm      Filkins              Crib Service                Rev Spence
11.30pm     Black Bourton        Midnight Communion          Rev Kettle
11.30pm     Langford             Midnight Communion          Rev Harrison
11.30pm     Shilton              Midnight Communion          Rev MacInnes
 25th December Christmas Day
9.00am      Holwell            Parish Communion              Rev Harrison
9.00am      Westwell           Parish Communion              Rev Pierce
9.00am      Kelmscott          Family Communion              Rev MacInnes/Rev
10.30am     Broadwell          Parish Communion              Rev Pierce
10.30am     Filkins            Family Communion              Rev MacInnes/Rev

10.30am     Alvescot           Family Communion            Rev Johnson
10.30am     Kencot             Family Communion            Rev Kettle
11.00am     Little Faringdon   Parish Communion            Rev Harrison
 29th December 1st Sunday in Christmas
10.30am        Kencot              Benefice Communion      Rev Kettle
5th January Epiphany
10.30am        Black Bourton       Benefice Communion      Rev MacInnes/Rev
                                   Service                 McGrath
4.00pm       Bradwell Village Hall Church @ 4              Rev Spence
6.00pm       Holwell               Benefice Evensong       Rev MacInnes
 12th January The Baptism of Christ
9.00am         Alvescot           Holy Communion           Rev McGrath
9.00am         Broadwell          Holy Communion           Rev MacInnes
10.30am        Filkins            Parish Communion         Rev McGrath
10.30am        Shilton            Parish Communion &       Rev MacInnes/Rev
                                  Children’s Church        Spence
11.00am      Little Faringdon     Matins                   Rev Ross
6.00pm       Black Bourton        Evensong                 Mr Jeremy Lane
6.00pm       Kencot               Evensong                 Rev Spence
 19th January 2nd Sunday of Epiphany
9.00am         Black Bourton          Holy Communion       Rev Kettle
9.00am         Holwell                Holy Communion       Rev MacInnes
10.30am        Langford               Parish Communion     Rev Kettle
10.30am        Kelmscott              Family Communion     Rev MacInnes/Rev
6.00pm       Filkins              Evensong                 Rev Spence
 26th January 3rd Sunday of Epiphany
9.00am          Shilton               Holy Communion       Rev MacInnes
9.00am          Kencot                Holy Communion       Rev Kettle
10.30am         Alvescot              Parish Communion     Rev Ross
10.30am         Filkins               Family Communion     Rev MacInnes
10.30am         Broadwell             Matins               Rev Spence
11.00am         Lt Faringdon          Parish Communion     Rev Kettle
6.00pm          Holwell               Evensong             Rev Spence
2nd February    Presentation of Christ (Candlemas)
10.30am         Alvescot              Benefice Communion   Rev MacInnes
4.00pm          Bradwell Village      Church @ 4           Rev Spence
6.00pm          Langford              Benefice Evensong    Rev MacInnes

Wed 11th Dec    10.00am Black Bourton/Holy Communion           Rev Johnson
Wed 8th Jan     10.00am Black Bourton/Holy Communion           Rev MacInnes
Wed 22nd Jan    10.00am Black Bourton/Holy Communion           Rev MacInnes
Wed 11th Dec   11.30am       Holy Communion                    Rev MacInnes
Wed 8th Jan   11.30am        Holy Communion                    Rev MacInnes
Wed 22nd Jan  11.30am        Holy Communion                    Rev MacInnes
Sunday 1st December (Advent I) Purple
Isaiah 2.1-5       Psalm 122           Romans 13.11-end        Matthew 24.36-44
Sunday 8th December (Advent II) Purple
Isaiah 11.1-10    Psalm 72.1-7, 18-19 Romans 15.4-13           Matthew 3.1-12
Sunday 15th December (Advent III) Purple
Isaiah 25.1-10    Psalm 146.4-10      James 5.7-10             Matthew 11.2-11
Sunday 22nd December (Advent IV) Purple
Isaiah 7.10-16     Psalm 80.1-8, 18-20 Romans 1.1-7      Matthew 1.18-end
Saturday 24th December (Christmas Eve) & Monday 25th December (Christmas
Day) Gold/ White
Isaiah 52.7-10    Psalm 98             Hebrews 1.1-12          John 1.1-14
Sunday 29th December (Christmas I) White
Isaiah 63.7-9      Psalm 148                Hebrews 2.10-end   Matthew 2.13-end
Sunday 5th January (Epiphany) White
Isaiah 60.1-6  Psalm 72          Ephesians 3.1-12         Matthew 2.1-12
Sunday 12th January (The Baptism of Christ) White or Gold
Isaiah 42.1-9  Psalm 29          Acts 10.34-43                 Matthew 3.13-end
Sunday 19th January (2nd Sunday of Epiphany) White
Isaiah 49.1-7  Psalm 40.1-12     1 Corinthians 1.1-9           John 1.29-42
Sunday 26th January (3rd Sunday of Epiphany) White
Isaiah 9.1-4   Psalm 27.1, 4-121 Corinthians 1.10-18       Matthew 4.12-23
Sunday 2nd February (Presentation of Christ) White or Gold
Malachi 3.1-5   Psalm 24          Hebrews 2.14-end             Luke 2.22-40
Phyllis Mabel Kirby     aged 98 St. Matthew’s, Langford 30-Oct-13
Frederick Arthur Cooper aged 90 St. George’s, Kencot    19-Nov-13

The end of August heralded the first appearance this year of
Christmas trees and cards at our local garden centre (or is that
‘holiday’ trees and Xmas cards these days; what is that all
about???!!!). By the middle of October the crackers, tinsel, baubles, decorations,
candles, fairy-lights and bargain buys were selling like the proverbial ‘hot cakes’,
with still over two months to go until 25th December! I wonder why it is that
millions of people the world over get caught up in the tinsel and trimmings, the
parties and presents, the food and the fun, and are prepared to rack up their
credit card balances to make sure they are part of the whirlwind of celebration
and excitement, and yet find it so, SO difficult to accept the absolutely free gift
that God is offering them all through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Jesus is the Reason for the Season of Christmas, and wise men, and women, still
seek him! In the Bible John chapter 3 verse 16 tells us exactly why that first
Christmas was so important : God so loved the world that He gave His only Son,
that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life! WOW!
That is some Christmas present! Everlasting life for FREE!
Jim Reeves was a very popular singer in my younger days, and he brought out a
brilliant song based on an acrostic of the word C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S. These are
the words, and if you would like to hear it sung come along to Shilton Baptist
Chapel at 10.00 on Christmas morning and I will teach it to you:

               C is for the CHRISTCHILD, born upon this day,
                   H is for HERALD ANGELS in the night,
                              R is our REDEEMER,
                                    I is ISRAEL,
                     S is for the STAR that shone so bright!
             T is for THREE WISE MEN they who travelled far,
                      M is for the MANGER where He lay.
                            A is for ALL He stands for,
      S means SHEPHERDS came and that’s why there’s a Christmas Day!

W         hen you first wake up on Christmas morning, please don’t forget to
          wish Jesus a Happy Birthday. He is the REASON FOR THE
          SEASON, and you will be surprised how special your Christmas Day
will become when you do.Happy Christmas and God bless you all.
Christian blessings from Mike Barrett, and all of us at Shilton Baptist Chapel
Preachers for December
December 1st                              Informal
December 8th                              Andy Robinson
December 15th                             CAROL SERVICE, Barry Shepherd
December 22nd                             Informal
December 25th                             Mike and Chris Barrett
December 29th                             Mike and Chris Barrett

All of our services are at 3.00pm except on Christmas Day when we will have a
shor5t service at 10.00am. Everyone is very welcome to all of the services and
especially to our Christmas morning service and the Carol Service on the 15 th .
There will be tea and cakes afterwards in the Old School.
Thank you so much to those of you who supported the November Soup Day -
the donations came to £220.00 which went to the Odanadi and Bethania charities
in India which Barry and Nathan Scard are supporting on their trek down the
west of India . The December Soup Day is on Wednesday 4 th and the January
Soup Day is Wednesday 8th.
Carols are on Monday 23rd December from
6.30pm to 7.15pm. There will be hot punch and
mince pies. We hope the weather will be better
than last year but if in doubt please ‘phone
Elizabeth Harfield that afternoon 01993 843444.
Elizabeth Harfield

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday December 4th at 3.00pm in the
Methodist Church Schoolroom. The speaker will be Revd Liz Johnson.
Refreshments will be provided. All are welcome There will be no meeting in
There will a service at 3.00pm every Sunday in the Methodist Church.
Barbara Edwards

The 15 villages that make up the 11 parishes in the Shill &
Broadshire Benefice are lively places. Every month there are
dozens of events organized by the many local organizations that
flourish here.
We are pleased to report on every event that has happened, and
to publicise all those that are to come.
We try to incorporate all the many contributions we receive, but
please accept that we can not always advertise your particular
event in the way you would like.
But please do keep sending us all your Village News.

         St Peter’s

Our Advent services leading up to Christmas this year begin when we join with
St Peter’s Infants’ at 4pm on December 15th for our popular candlelit service to
celebrate Christingle. Another favourite, our service of readings and carols is at
6.00pm on 22nd December with seasonal refreshments. On Christmas morning
we celebrate Christ’s birth with a Family Communion service at 10.30 am.
Do join us for carol singing around the village on Monday 23 rd December from
6.00pm, meeting at the village notice board; the more the merrier and louder. In
preparation for Christmas we will be cleaning and decorating St Peter’s at 10 am
on Saturday 21st. Do come and join us, refreshments will be provided. We’ll be
using seasonal foliage and flowers with a green, red and gold theme so any you
are able to bring will be gratefully received. Please ring Jayne on 01993 842435 if
you would like more details. Everyone is very welcome to all our services.
Remember to book your tickets early for our quiz in support of the church
restoration and development. It’s on Saturday 25th January and as usual will be
great fun and include a two course supper with a hot main dish.
Bring your family, friends and neighbours to represent different parts of Alvescot
or other benefice parishes! There’s a broad range of questions, something for
everyone and good company (+ the odd glass or two) on a dark winter’s night!
Tickets priced £9.00 are available from me on 01993 842435 or Tessa Farley
(01993 841357).
Jayne Lewin

I know it sounds hideous to be thinking about Summer already, but without a
January edition of Parish Pump I thought we would just get you starting to think
about the major village fundraising event in June. For those of you who may be
new to the village, the Fete is held on the Playing Field on the 3 rd Saturday in
June, and supports four local village organizations; the School, Church, Playing
Field and Village Hall, with a small donation to Alvescot Ladies. The first
planning meeting is open to everyone, and is held towards the end of February,
when we form the Committee and discuss general ideas for the theme,
entertainment, and content. We are always looking for new people to either join,
or support the Committee, if you have any ideas for the Fete 2014 do look out
for the notice in the February Pump issue with the date of the first meeting, or
do get in touch with me….many thanks, and for more info, call 01993 841522
Ann Cadogan
I would like to thank all of you who came to my coffee morning in October.
With your generous donations we managed to raise a whopping £750 towards St
Peter’s Restoration Project. It was a really worthwhile jolly morning with the
book swap, bring and buy and raffle not to mention the delicious coffee and
cake. Thank you to all those who helped in giving their time and contributions
and all of you who came along to support us to make it such a success.
Janet Gervers
The Alvescot Charities Trustees administer funds from Charitable Bequests and
Charitable Allotments made in the last three centuries, and which are designated
for the relief of hardship. The Trustees make modest monetary grants to those
who qualify, usually at Christmas but, given the current economic crisis, at other
times if the need is pressing.
We would welcome confidential approaches from Alvescot residents to apply for
a grant provided that they meet the following conditions which meet the
requirements the original bequests/allotments and the requirements of the
Charities Act:
• That they are resident in Alvescot
• That they are 65 years of age or older
• That they are in receipt of one or more means-tested State benefits.
If you feel you may be eligible for a grant from the Alvescot Charities, please
approach one of the Trustees above or write to or phone me on 01993842857
All correspondence and information will be treated in the strictest confidence
unless the Trustees are required to do otherwise by Law.
Nigel Williams

Our harvest festival this year was a family service with a talk
by our new curate, Reverend David Spence. The highly
successful talents scheme, to raise money for the development of the Church was
celebrated. Thank you to all the families who were able to join us in our harvest
celebration and to the children for their singing and prayers.
Our sincere thanks go to all the staff at The Plough who, last month, donated the
money raised from their quiz night to the school. This money, together with
other funds raised and donations, was used to purchase some wonderful large
wooden building blocks which all the children are enjoying using.
This year, St Peter’s has once again supported ‘Operation Christmas Child’. The
children and parents have been busy filling their shoeboxes with gifts which will
be given to disadvantaged children all over the world this Christmas time.
The school will be supporting Children in Need on 15th November by wearing
their pyjamas to school and donating £1.00 The collection made at the Nativity
will also be donated to this appeal.
Once the Bazaar is behind us, we will be looking forward to our Nativity, ‘A
present for the Baby’. The children have already begun to learn the songs and
everyone is practising hard for our performances on Wednesday 11 th and
Thursday 12th December. If you would like to join us for our Nativity, please do
come along at 9.30 on the morning of Wednesday 11th December.
Our Christingle Service at St Peter’s will be held on Sunday 15 th December at
4pm. This is in aid of The Children’s Society and everyone is welcome.
From all the governors, staff and children of St Peter’s, we would like to wish all
the readers of The Parish Pump a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Sam King
Changing our church from our liability to your Community Asset
Following my appeal article in the Parish Pump last month, we have been
receiving many kind and valuable donations. Thank you. We will be writing to all
donors individually. The window of donation opportunity is between now and
January, as we need to raise the £33,000, to achieve the matched English
Heritage Grant of £87,000 by the end of January. We are slowly but steadily
getting there, which is brilliant.
If anyone wishes to donate any amount, do please get in touch with me by email
at and I will provide the details of our goal and
activities, along with a donation and Gift Aid form.
 Thank you
 James Gervers

                 BLACK BOURTON
                 St Mary’s

The Parish Council does not hold a meeting in December. The next meeting will
be 22nd January 2014. Meetings are held in St Mary’s Church at 7.30pm, everyone
is welcome to attend.
The Church looked beautiful for our Harvest Festival on 13th October, thank you
to all the ladies who created such a wonderful autumnal feel. It was good to see
so many in the congregation, Jeremy Lane led the service and we all sang well
with David Ashley playing the organ. It was a very happy occasion.
Christmas is hurling towards us at a great speed. We would love to line the
Church path with trees again this year as well as having a tree inside. If you wish
to donate towards the trees it would be most welcome, please contact Doreen on
01993 844124. This is the time to thank everyone for all they do to keep our
Church looking good and welcoming, none of your efforts are taken for granted.
So many thanks to all those who clean, arrange flowers, do maintenance, tidy the
Churchyard, and make donations. You know who you are, thank you.
Doreen Hart

                   St Peter & St Paul’s

December 1st,8th,14th         Annabel Molyneaux
December 22nd, 25th, 29th     Georgina Lewis
We are very sorry, but the Evensong suggested for December 1 st has had to be
cancelled, as the Organist is already booked elsewhere. (He gets booked up far
ahead, because he plays so well.)
The combined Carol Service for Broadwell/Kencot is with us this year. We have
put it at 10.30 so that small children would be able to come. Less atmospheric,
but it will be daylight, which will make it easier to negotiate the path. Please do
come, and have a good sing of the Real Carols that have been requested.

Truly sorry, but this seems to be difficult, so it will not be happening, Maybe
someone could get people enthused next year ?
June Goodenough
We started this term by celebrating Diwali. Nadine brought in a large
world map which we laid out on the floor so that the children could see
where India is located. They placed various animals such as a snake,
crocodile and hippo onto India and Nadine explained that they particularly liked
their elephants, which they decorate to take part in the Diwali celebrations. We
looked at, smelt and handled spices, including the biggest garlic clove I have ever
seen, and fresh stem ginger. We all ate delicious rice, curry and breads for snack
time and ended the morning by dressing up in beautiful materials and jackets. We
will soon be practising songs for our Nativity and learning about the first
Christmas. Sadly one of our assistants will be leaving us at the end of term and so
we will be advertising for a fun loving, dedicated, qualified, (slightly mad person)
to join our team.Our website is
Jackie Overton

             St Peter’s

                 FILKINS VILLAGE SHOP
                 Since our AGM the shop has changed ……..
                 Please take a look at our new opening hours, including early
                 opening on Saturday so you can pop in and buy fresh croissants
                 and bread for your weekend breakfast!!

Monday                      10-12pm                      3-5pm
Tuesday                     10-12pm                      3-5pm
Wednesday                   Closed                       3-5pm
Thursday                    10-12pm                      3-5pm
Friday                      Closed                       3-5pm
Saturday                    9-11pm                       3-5pm
Sunday                      Closed                       Closed

We have a new Committee and hope to make a new start. Please come and see
the new look shop!

  Covering the villages of Filkins, Broughton Poggs, Langford, Little Faringdon,
  Kencot and Broadwell (All telephone codes 01367)
Tuesdays                               Thursdays
3rdDec      Mrs H Ward        860430   5th Dec     Mrs A Dossett-Davies   860357
10th Dec    Mrs F Shrouder    860053   12th Dec    Mr C Morley            860777*
17th Dec    Mrs G Cox         860250   19th Dec    Mr B Swales            860394
                                       2nd Jan     Mrs K Morley           860777
7th Jan      Mr J Langer      860700    9th Jan    Mr C Morley            860777
14th Jan     Mrs J Geake      860534   16th Jan    Lady Allison           860787
21st Jan     Mrs G Cox        860250   23rd Jan    Mr A Woodford          860319
28th Jan     Mrs F Shrouder   860053   30th Jan    Mr B Swales            860394
4th Feb      Mrs J Geake      860534   6th Feb     Mr A Woodford          860319*
11th Feb     Mrs F Shrouder   860053   13th Feb    Lady Allison           860787
18th Feb     Mr B Swales      860394   20th Feb    Mrs H Ward             860430
25th Feb     Mr W Cox         860250   27th Feb    Mrs K Morley           860777*
    * Denotes change.
   Charges: Surgery Runs: Carterton, Lechlade and Burford - £2.50, Fairford and
  Witney - £5.50 Hospital Runs: Cirencester and Swindon - £9.00, Cheltenham and
  Oxford - £11.00 (plus parking charge if paid)
  Patients should notify the nominated driver at least 24 hours in advance of their
  appointment. The Surgery Service only covers appointments up to 4pm on
  Tuesdays and Thursdays. All users of the service must be able to make their way
  to and from the car unaided. For all hospital runs please contact me on
  01367860319. Otherwise please contact Mrs Anne Dossett-Davies 860357.
  Tony Woodford

  We had a very busy second half of the Autumn term, with walks
  around the village, so many Christmas activities, and Children in Need. National
  Road Safety Week took place during the week18th -22nd November. We already
  have the Oxfordshire County Council ‘Footsteps’ road safety campaign in place
  and the children went on several walks around the village finding out the
  meaning of simple road signs, undertaking traffic surveys and learning how to
  keep safe within the village environment.
  This year we are once again having a Christingle Service in the playground for
  nursery children, parents, family and friends, on Wednesday 11 th December. Our
  After-School Club children will also be joining us. The children are decorating
  glass lanterns and singing ‘Away in a Manger’ by candlelight. They are also
  making Christingles and have been very eager to tell their parents why they are
  using an orange, red ribbon, sweets, cocktail sticks and a candle!
  The outside area will be transformed with pretty outdoor lights and lanterns and

David Spence has kindly offered to lead the proceedings. We then intend to have
mulled wine and mince pies to warm up our parents and carers!
Our Christmas party will be held in the village hall this year to give us more
space; the children are having party food followed by traditional games and a visit
from Father Christmas.
Filkins Nursery is open everyday from 8am-6pm except for Bank Holidays and
Christmas. We will be following the Gloucestershire Schools 2013-2014 term-
time calendar, with a couple of exceptions, but the immediate dates for term-time
children are:
Autumn Term finishes Friday 13th December. Holiday Club will run from
Monday 16th December to Friday 20th December, and Thursday/Friday 2nd, 3rd
January 2014. Nursery will then reopen for term-time children on Monday 6th
January 2014. Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year
Louise Jenkins
Telephone: 01367 860620 Opening hours
Day           Morning                 Afternoon
Monday        9.00am to 12.30pm         1.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday       8.30am to 12.30pm         Closed
Wednesday     Closed                    Closed
Thursday      9.00am to 12.30pm         Closed
Friday        Closed                    1.30pm to 4.30pm

 Next Meetings
The next meetings of the Parish Council will be the held on Wednesday 6 th
November and Tuesday 14th January 2014 in the committee room of the Village
Hall at 7.30pm. All residents are welcome to attend.
Recycling Bins
Unfortunately we are entering Autumn and Winter and the wind is going to start
blowing. To prevent our village looking like a rubbish tip can I urge all residents
to either bag fly away plastic bags separately in a bag as advised by WODC, make
sure the lid of your bin is weighed down or the nets are fitted over the top. Nets
are available free of charge from WODC. You can apply via their website or by phoning 01993 861025. Thank you…..
 Parish Council Vacancies
As you will all know after the last meeting we lost two Councillors Richard

Martin, who has served for 33 years, and Charlie Payne who has been very active
with the finance and flood plan past and future. The Council would like to thank
them both for the hours they have given to the village.
 The vacancies have been advertised; 11 residents wrote to the District Council
and requested an election be held, which would have cost the Parish approx
£1000. However, as only two people nominated themselves there will be no
election. The new Councillors will be Roger Chitty and Noelle Walsh.
Speeding in Filkins
As many other villages we have problems with cars speeding through our village.
One of the arease of concern is the stretch of road between the Church and The
Village Hall. This road gets narrower as it reaches the paddock and the village
hall and the pavement is also low and narrow. Please slow down as you drive
through and respect the parents parking at the side of the road taking their
children to the Nursery School.
Information: As ever any thoughts or concerns on anything related to the Parish
Council please speak to me on 01367 860388 or
 Cris Hoad
                 St Mary’s

A rare cultural evening was held in Holwell on 22nd October at St Mary’s Church.
We were delighted to host The Revd Professor Alister McGrath, not in his
capacity as our associate minister of the benefice, but as the distinguished
biographer of CS Lewis. Lewis who died 50 years ago on 22 nd November 1963
(and whose death announcement on that day along with Aldous Huxley was
understandably overshadowed by the assassination of JFK) is best known now
for his Narnia Chronicles. However, Professor McGrath presented an engaging
view of Lewis’ multi-faceted life as a distinguished mediaeval scholar at the
Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, Christian apologist and advocate for
animal rights.
Despite the inclement weather the Church was full and the talk was rounded off
by thoughtful questions from the audience followed by a glass of wine (kindly
provided by Reggie Heyworth).
Many thanks to Professor McGrath for a most stimulating evening, and we are
delighted on his recent appointment to the Andreas Idreos Professorship of
Science and Religion at the University of Oxford.
Antony Galione

                  St George’s

Church Brass and Flowers Ellie Maughan
Come and join us at 6.30 pm on Thursday 19th December 2013 for our annual
Carol Service. Carols, readings, poems, music, followed by mulled wine and
mince pies!! Hope to see you there!
Saturday 7th December, 11.00am 3.30pm, Morris Memorial Hall, free admission
and parking. A one off Christmas
shopping spectacular with Kelmscott
Manor shop and Kelmscott crafters
combining forces. Find that special
Christmas gift from designs inspired by
William Morris from the Manor shop and
from handcrafted individual and unique
wares from the Kelmscott crafters.
Enjoy homemade refreshments whilst
choosing from textiles, ceramics, jewellery, soap, turned wood and all sorts of
other lovely things to buy. (Cash or cheque purchases only please). Further
details are available from 01367 253103 or . This event
supports the hall, a registered charity.
Laura Roberts

                 St George’s

23rd November 24thDecember Advent No Flowers
24th December Decorating the church for Christmas. All welcome to help.
28th December to 31st January      Anne Dossett-Davis
The service in St George’s Church will be at 10.30am. All are welcome. The
collection will be for Helen and Douglas House

On Thursday 30th January, at the Village Hall, we are going to begin monthly
coffee mornings with an invite for the whole village, men, women and children,
to attend. This is an opportunity to meet, have a chat and get to know your
neighbours. Time 10.45 to 12.30. Further dates have been booked for the 27 th
February and 27th March. There will be no charge but donations will be
The Library van stops outside the village hall fortnightly on Thursdays at about
12.20pm. The next visit is on Thursday 21st November then 5th, 19th December,
The van is well stocked and books can always be requested for the next visit.
Come to the coffee mornings and then follow this with a visit to the Library Van!
Thank you to the organising committee for arranging the Bonfire Bash a very
enjoyable evening.
Wednesday 18th December
All welcome to join the singers. Meet at the bridge at 7.00pm or join us on our
way around the village. We finish at The Village Hall for refreshments and more
singing. This is a fun event for all ages so please do come and join us. Collection
will be for Cancer Research UK.
If you are out on the 18th but would like to make a donation please leave at Ivy
Nook . Further details Gill Cox 01367 860250 or 07889607020
Gill Cox
 £100 from the Village Day Funds has been donated to the Village Hall and £100
to St Georges Church. £300 is going to be spent on a marquee for use at village
events and also for private hire for your own functions.
Chris Bradshaw

                 St Matthew’s

December 1st to 23rd Advent no Flowers
December 23rd        Christmas Festival Decoration.

Carol singing will take place on
Monday 16th December and Thursday
19th December. We meet at the end of
The Elms at 6.30pm on Monday and
at the War Memorial at 6.30pm on
Thursday. Everyone is welcome to
come along and join in for either / or
both of these evenings, no singing
experience required, just come along
and join in the caroling. Proceeds go
to St. Matthew’s Church.
The Jumble Sale held in Langford Village Hall in October raised £400 to be
shared between the Village Hall and St. Matthew’s Church. Especial thanks go to
the organisers of the sale who spend many hours, collecting jumble from far and
wide, setting up the hall and then working behind the stalls and on the raffle, the
village hall and the church do appreciate their hard work. It was good to see
residents supporting the event by helping and coming along. Finally our thanks
go to the Gould family for taking away all the bric-a-brac that was unsold, and
the school who took the jumble that was left.
Join us for an evening of whist at Langford Village Hall on Tuesday 3rd
December. We start at 7.30pm; however if you would like some tuition please
arrive a little earlier than this. You do not require a partner, but are very welcome
to come with one.
The entrance fee of £1.00 includes tea and biscuits at half time. Everyone is
welcome. All profits to Langford Village Hall. If you need any more information
please ring me on (01993) 852378
Jo Hutchings
Langford Cricket Club is known for its events and on Saturday 4 th January the
Club will once again be hosting its hugely popular Winter Dinner & Disco.
There will be a delicious 2 course dinner, disco, fully licensed bar and a huge
amount of fun to be had by all. Langford Cricket Club Winter Dinner & Disco
Saturday 4th January, 7.30-midnight in the Village Hall. 2 course dinner, Fully
licensed bar and Disco
Tickets are £15 and are available from Jane Stevens 01367 860811, Bo Potter
01367 860049 and me on 01367 860104
Louise Findlay-Wilson

St. Christopher’s opened its doors to the community
and prospective new parents just before the half term
break. It was lovely to ‘show off’ our fabulous school!
We were extremely proud of our year 6 children who
escorted visitors around the school; the feedback we
received about how articulate and confident they were
was enormously pleasing. Thank you to those who took
the time to visit us.
This year the Burford Partnership of Schools is running
a competitive football and netball league; our first
fixture saw us playing away to Bampton. The football team won 1-0 and the
match was very close with several excellent saves being made by Jake to keep us
in the game. The netball team played extremely well with Bampton challenging at
the start, finding themselves in good positions, but being unable to convert the
opportunities into goals. St. Christopher’s pulled away to a 10-2 win, much to
the delight of everyone involved.
Both Cherry class, our reception children, and the year 1 children from Maple
class went on the first school outing of the year to the Harcourt Arboretum. It
was a gloriously sunny day, although a little cold. The day was packed with
interesting and fun activities; the construction of forest crowns, observing the
different types of leaves and the erection of hedgehog houses. The children were
visited by three peacocks that seem to be very interested in their pack lunches!
The children were impeccably behaved and will all be returning to take part in a
Winter Traditions workshop a little closer to Christmas.
This week we have been remembering those who served our country and lost
their lives for our freedom. Each class themed their week’s work around
Remembrance Day, writing imaginative diary entries, constructing thought
provoking poems and creating poppy wreaths. On Friday the 8 th each class laid
wreaths at the war memorial.
Next week sees us raising money for Children in Need. The following week is
Anti-bullying week and then we will be building up to the school Christmas fair
and our Christmas celebrations. We do hope you are able to come along to the
Christmas Fair which takes place on Saturday 8th December between 11:00-1:30.
You are also invited to our Carol Service being held on the evening of
Wednesday 18th December @ 6:30pm with a mix of modern and traditional
carols and songs.
Shaw Goodwin

               LITTLE FARINGDON
               St Margaret’s

December                  No flowers during Advent
Christmas Day Elsa Taylor Please would others arrange flowers as usual
January                   Rachel Taylor

Please note the following changes to the usual format of services in December 1 st
December at 10.30am         Benefice Communion.
We will be hosting Benefice Communion at
10.30am. Henry Bateman, a young singer-
guitarist-songwriter from Fairford, will perform
during this service, courtesy of the MAJIC of
Music initiative. Please come and hear Henry’s
debut at St Margaret’s, especially as the Benefice
MAJIC of Music was launched in Little
22nd December at 6.00pm - Carol Service.
This candlelit service is one of our special village
events. Please do come to what is always a very
popular service, which starts at 6.00pm in the
evening. Minced pies and mulled wine will be
served afterwards.
Christmas Day at 11.00am - Communion.
We revert to the usual 2nd and 4th Sunday cycle of services.
A very good number of people attended the Fireworks Party on 1 st November,
despite the marginal weather. A damp mist passed through at the start of the
proceedings, but this did not dampen the enthusiasm to see off Guy Fawkes and
one of his henchmen (there were two Guys this year!). The fireworks, under the
expert ‘guidance’ of Martin Fenton, were as spectacular as ever. Thanks go to all
the helpers - and, of course, to those who attended. The proceeds will go to
Helen and Douglas House Hospice and St Christopher's School.
Jeremy Taylor

             Holy Rood

It was Remember Remember the 9th of November in Shilton this year when a
goodly throng massed in the field behind the Rose & Crown to ooh and aah in
unison at the dazzling firework display organised by Messrs. David, David, Tim
and Hugh, to whom many thanks and a pat on the back, well done chaps. It was,
fortunately, a still and dry evening and the fireworks seemed to be more
spectacular, and noisier, than usual. Even the bonfire, despite being somewhat
soggy, eventually blazed brightly, probably due to the liberal application of
something highly flammable. The bonfire was topped by a splendid guy who
bore an uncanny resemblance to farmer Tim, or perhaps it was just the red
dungarees. Thank you for coming, and for contributing to the collection at the
gate which raised £167.
And finally a roundup of notable dates for the rest of the year:
4th December - Soup Day, Old School, 12 noon - 1.30pm
Sunday 15th December - the Chapel Carol Service is on Sunday 15th December 3-
4.00pm. Barry Shepherd will lead the service. Everyone is very welcome. The
service will be followed by refreshments in the Old School.
Sunday 22nd December - Carol Service, Parish Church 6.00pm, followed by
supper in the Old School. As usual, everyone is welcome to come to supper,
which is free (but, of course, food donations will be sought!)
Monday 23rd December - Carols by the Pond from 6.30 - 7.15pm - do come and
join us as we sing carols by the pond. Hot punch and mince pies will be served.
We shall try to go ahead whatever the weather but if it is particularly bad phone
Elizabeth Harfield on 01993 843444 during that afternoon and she can let you
know if it is still on
Christmas Eve - Midnight Communion Service starting at 11.30 pm
Shirley Cuthbertson
The last parish council meeting this year will be on Wed 4th Dec at 7.30pm.
Katherine Robertson
All the money for the Ride & Stride totalled an amazing sum of £657.00 so thank
you to the cyclists and to everyone who generously sponsored our five riders.
This amount will be split equally between the Oxfordshire Historic Churches
Trust and our own church. Our church was manned for the whole day so thank
you to all the volunteers who greeted and served refreshments to the thirty six
cyclists and walkers who called at the church.

We have now sent our money to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Fund; a very
worthy total of £456.97 (£215.53 Church Collection and profit of £241.44 from
the lunch). Thank you to everyone who helped and supported this event.
We had a lovely happy buzz throughout our Coffee Morning in the Old School.
I do hope everyone that came along enjoyed themselves and considering the
amount raised a fair amount of shopping was achieved! My thanks to the willing
helpers, contributors and visitors. The Christian Bookshop selling cards, etc
made £245.03, Helping Hands Charity £83.50. £278.24 was raised from the
bring and buy, cakes, jams etc and this sum will be divided between Shilton
Chapel and the Church Flower Fund.
A big thank you to the ‘Soup Ladies’ who spoil us with very delicious Soup
Lunches once a month. There is always a choice of tasty soups and wonderful
cakes. The next Soup Day is Wednesday 4th December so do come along.
Last but not least my grateful thanks to everyone on the Cleaning and Flower
rosters. The church always looks well polished and the flower arrangements
beautiful. We are always on the lookout for helpers so if you would like to join us
please do let me know on 01993 841194. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Good Wishes to you all for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Jean Roberts
Our Carol Service will take place on Sunday 22nd December at 6.00pm and the
congregation once again have been invited to join the Old School Committee for
supper following the service. Do please put this date in your diary and come
along for a traditional service of carols and then supper in the Old School.
We have Midnight Communion this year on Tuesday 24th December starting at
11.30pm and a full church for both services would be nice
Jean Roberts
We shall be having our Carols by the Pond on Monday 23rd December from 6.30
to 7.15pm. We would love to see lots of you and to share this special time. There
will be hot punch and mince pies served. Last year the pond was so high we were
standing in it singing! This year we hope the weather will be kinder but unless it
really is awful we shall go ahead. We shall make our decision that afternoon so if
anyone is doubtful please ‘phone me on 843444. Hope to see you there.

Our Soup Days will be on Wednesday 4th December and 8th January. We’ve really
enjoyed our Soup Days so far, meeting and chatting to villagers and sharing soup
and cakes. Donations which were given in November came to £220.00. Thank
you so much for that and it’s all gone to the two Indian charities which Barry and
Nathan Scard are supporting. So far it sounds as though their journey has been
scary, frustrating, exhausting and exciting, but how incredibly worthwhile.
Elizabeth Harfield
On Friday 13th at 7.30 pm we will welcome our old friend Tim Porter who will
speak on ‘Anglo-Saxons of Oxfordshire and the Upper Thames’
The January meeting on Friday the 10th will be entertained to a talk by our very
own Muriel Pilkington on The Oxford Canal. I hope she will follow this up in
the summer with a guided walk along the canal, although I haven’t asked her yet.
Visitors welcome as usual to all our meetings.
 Fred Robertson
We would love to see you at our delightful baby and
toddler group on Mondays. We have been established for
nearly 12 years now and because of a large grant at the
time and our own fund raising, we have an excellent range
of play equipment to suit newborns right through to our pre school children. The
group is very relaxed and we are often told what a lovely atmosphere there is.
Please ring Lorraine Ainslie 01993822689 or me on 01367 860890 for enquiries.
Miranda Mowbray
The first Quiz Night of the winter was on Friday 18 th October winners not for
the first time were the Birch Bandits, Mike Thompson was the quiz-master,
congratulations all round.
This years Bradwell Christmas Party is on Saturday 14 th December 6.00pm till
11.00pm Tickets are £10.00 for adults children 12 and under are free.Any
contribution to the raffle would be much appreciated.
Bradwell Village has a new arrival. Many congratulation to Flick & Paul Bradley
for the safe arrival of baby Lucy.
Diary Dates Bradwell Christmas Party Saturday 14th December 6.00pm till
11.00pm. The Berries tribute to the 60s music band on the 21st February. The
Coffee Shop is open every Friday morning from 10.30am till 12.30pm in the
village hall.
Tony Cripps

                        On Halloween in the village hall
                      Were many children, big and small
                        Getting ready for Trick or Treat
                    Covering apples and painting their feet
                     Trying on outfits, Decorating a Bun
                   They all dropped by for some seasonal fun
                      Games to play and things to make
                    We’ll do another in the Christmas Break!

                  St Mary’s

The village meeting was held on Sunday 10th Novmber at the Dower House. We
checked on our availability of 4 wheel drive cars for adverse weather conditions.
We are down to one only this year. (Be nice to Sam). Requests were made to have
our salt/grit supply replenished and concerns were expressed about how we
would clear the road to the A40 if we had snow.
Several social events are in the offing for next year. We are hoping to have a huge
village picnic and at least one other event so that we make good use of the
marquee. It was agreed that our Carol Singing money should go to Macaroni
Woods as we all liked the idea of continuity and we have supported this charity
for the last two years.
It was a pleasure to welcome Erica Austin to her first Westwell meeting. She
commented, on leaving, that it was amazing that we all seem to know each other
so well.
I am sure that this is partly due to our quarterly pudding clubs. There was a
strong vote to continue these on into 2014. We will be encouraging those who
have not attended before to bring a bottle have a night out. You don't have to
make a pudding!
Repair work on St Marys has now begun. In fact Westwell rather resembles a
building site at the moment as it seems that almost every other structure is having
work done to it at the moment. A bid for best kept village will surely follow in
Miles Gibson + Pam Carter-Moore

                 A look at events and news from a little
                 further afield.

                 NEWS FROM BURFORD
Flo Woods competed at Gatcombe in the autumn, in an extremely tough CIC *
competition (an equestrian event combining dressage, show jumping and cross
country riding over two days). She and her horse Spanish Clio did extremely well
and came 12th out of 130 competitors, most of whom are very well known
professional event riders.

 Flo received a trophy from HRH Princess Anne for being the highest-scoring
under-21 rider in the class. Princess Anne (who had designed the tricky cross
country course) congratulated Flo on getting around the course in very nearly the
exact time and only picked up 0.4 time penalties. Flo finished with an overall
score of 51.6 just 7 points behind the overall winner, Gireg Le Coz from France.

Our annual Miscellany Performances will be held on Tuesday 17 th and
Wednesday 18th December at 7.30pm in the Main School Hall. Tickets are
available from Mrs Andrew in Reception and are £6.00 per Adult (£5.00 for
Children and concessions), mulled wine and a mince pie are included in the price.
Telephone: 01993 823303 or Email
Year 7 Residential 2013 Grosvenor Hall - Kent
The Year 7 residential is always a highlight of the year for both students and staff.
This year the group went to Grosvenor Hall Activity Centre, near Ashford, Kent.
On arrival bags were unloaded and students were given a quick tour of the
extensive site - from there on in, it was wall-to-wall activities. Students flew down
a zip-wire, drove quad bikes, undertook problem solving and even played laser
tag. Through all these activities students began to work together, try new things
and challenge themselves. The final evening was spent inside a very warm and
rather sweaty disco before a well-deserved night’s sleep.
The students returned to school a changed group having made new friends, with
renewed confidence they are now ready to face the rest of the academic year.
Mr Pullin, Head of Year, said ‘I was extremely impressed with their attitude
throughout the trip and despite having breakfast at 7.15am (!) they always
managed to make it to the right place at the right time.’
News from ‘Old’ Students
Graduates from University of Exeter College of Engineering Mathematics &
Physical Sciences:-
Sophie Wadsworth              MMath Mathematics
Tomasz Wojciechowsk i         BSc Mathematics and Physics
Thomas French                 MEng Mechanical Engineering
University of Glamorgan:-
Olivia Ford was awarded a 1st class Degree in Law at the in 2012. After a further
year of study at Bristol Law School, she has qualified as a barrister with a grading
of ‘Outstanding’, and was called to the bar in July 2013.
Don’t forget if you are an ‘old’ student or member of staff of Burford School you
can join Burford School Friends please go to for more information. We would love to
hear your news post-Burford.
The home to school transport issue is now live and we would hugely appreciate
support from local residents. The deadline for answering the consultation is 20th
Mary Alcock

The Christmas cards are out and selling fast so it must be that time of the year
again. There are dates in the diary for lots of parties and plenty to do. All the
things which have become traditional like stir-up Sunday, dressing the tree,
carols, the crib and so on are still very much part of the residents’ lives so it is
important to continue with them all.
Before we know it we say goodbye to it all, a new season arrives and we start
thinking of diets, sun hats and sun downers.
Winter is not for me, I am more of a Spring creature, a magical time, when the
bills slow down to a trickling stream and not a torrent, fast flowing towards an
imaginary supply of bank notes!
Talking of money; staff and residents like to do their bit for a good cause so
Angie has suggested we dress up as characters from a child’s rhyme or book for
children in need. With most characters taken it was either Tweedle Dumb or the
Owl from the owl and the pussy cat. You can guess who I am going as!
We are looking forward to our speaker this month, Bamber Gascoigne, he will be
coming to talk of his work, should be interesting.
David took our Service of Remembrance this morning, he said it was his first.
So many residents attended, proudly wearing their medals and poppies. The
Brigadier presented the wreath, it was all so dignified and very moving.
Annette Baldwin
Most crime is opportunistic so take away the easy crime by simple home security.
Thames Valley are actively using the Crime Alert scheme in West Oxfordshire
many of you have already signed up. To be involved in reducing crime look at the
below link(
or contact your neighbourhood team to
discuss. Residents have recently
complained about speeding in the village
30 mph limit, the Neighbourhood team
will be utilising our own speed device and
working with Roads policing to robustly deal with speeders. Community vigilance
remains a high priority so keep an eye on your neighbour’s properties, in an
emergency always call 999
PCSO Colin Davies
The Carducci String Quartet, locally based but with an international reputation,
made a long-awaited first appearance in the Lenthall concert series at Burford in
the second concert of the current series. Their programme started and finished

with the two titans of the genre: Haydn, in one of the op. 20 quartets, and
Beethoven, represented by one of the last of his unmatchable works in this form,
op.132, with its foreshadowings of what music was to become after him. In
between came Britten’s Three Divertimenti, written when he was a student at the
Royal College of Music, dismissed by critics and public, put away, taken out some
years later and refurbished, and now an established and much enjoyed part of the
canon: a perfect introduction to the composer for those of a nervous disposition.
The Carduccis played this demanding programme with that mixture of precision
and warmth that is their hallmark. There was no mistaking the fact that they were
enjoying it as much as the audience. A very satisfying evening.
The next concert in the series on December 4th sees the Artistic Director,
Michael Bochmann, playing alongside musicians with a great many more strings:
the harpist David Watkins and the Oxfordshire County Harp Ensemble, directed
by Anna Lockett. Tickets are £12.00 in advance, from The Mad Hatter
Bookshop, (01993 822539), Music Stand, Witney (01993 774890) or Lenthall
Concerts (01993 824949); or at £14.00 on the door. Students are £5 and under-
18s 50p. Full information is on
David Wooley
Annual Christmas craft
exhibition/sale 29th November to
22nd December
Late night shopping event Friday 29th
November 6.00-9.00pm when mince
pies & mulled wine will be served +
prizes awarded for the children’s
Christmas decoration competition
Once again West Ox Arts Gallery will
be hosting its ever-popular Christmas
Sale, starting with a late night
shopping event in the Gallery.
Around 20 artists will be displaying
and selling their goods; your chance
to find that unique Christmas present
not available on the High Street.
From jewellery to handmade books,
artwork by Martin Beek to ceramics,
fused glass, handmade teddy bears,
textiles and much more
Helen Pakeman

                                                           A 100 year combined
                                                          service celebration
                                                          party for Watch
                                                          Manager Charlie
                                                          Williams, Crew
                                                          Manager Steve
                                                          Edginton and Fire
                                                          fighter Dave Hemming
                                                          was held on Saturday
                                                          2nd November at
                                                          Burford Bowls Club,
                                                          the event was attended
                                                          by friends, family and
                                                          fellow fire fighters
                                                          both past and present.
                                                          Deputy Chief Officer
Nathan Travis presented the extraordinary trio with distinctive 100 years’ service
certificates, Burford Mayor John White presented them each with
commemorative brass plaque kindly donated by the town council in recognition
of this outstanding achievement and engraved gold pocket watches were also
presented as a thank you from family, friends and work colleagues to celebrate
their commitment to protecting the local community since 1979.
 Charlie Williams who runs Vicks Byway garage in Burford, Steve Edginton who
is a local builder and Dave Hemming a mechanic at Dowleys in Carterton have
each given over 33 years’ service to Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service and still
drop whatever they are doing to attend emergencies in the county when required
to do so.
Kevin Robbins
Thank you to everyone who sponsored me and Lisa Porter on our 26 mile walk
from Stonehenge to Avebury for the Alzheimers society...we have got all the
sponsorship in and raised nearly £700.00 so thanks to all who gave.
Veronica Barry
Just a reminder, that Bampton Movies takes place on the first Wednesday of
every month in Bampton Village Hall. If you haven’t experienced this rare treat
in our local hub then you really must give it a try. Just as an example of recent
showings, in October we saw the wonderful French film The Intouchables,
which was a real triumph and provoked both laughter and tears. War Horse was

shown this month (November) and in December there will be something
Christmassy. In February next year, we can look forward to seeing Summer In
February (well, not exactly!!) so you can see, there is a quality and choice of film
to suit us all. Look out for posters in Bampton for what’s on.
The bar is open from 7.00pm as well as in the interval and there are also choc
ices and comfortable seats!
Do tell all your friends to come along. Don’t forget that there will be a Bampton
Archive film to start.
Monica Tudor
We are very pleased to announce that this year, for our christmas panto, Acting
Community Thingumybogs are performing ‘Once Upon A Time’.
Come along and boo, hiss, clap, cheer and laugh as we follow our 3 princes
through Fairytale land as they try to prove who is best to rule the country! Will
Prince Charming find the most beautiful? Will Prince Valiant and his faithful
manservant Dandini find wealth and riches? Or will Prince Umerah find Mother
Goose and change his fairytale ending? Along the way the evil Queen Belladonna
will try to foil their plans at every turn! Packed with songs, slapstick, silliness and
fairytale magic for the whole family!
Performances are on Friday 13th Dec (7pm), Saturday 14th Dec (2pm & 7pm) and
Sunday 15th Dec (2pm) at Carterton Community College. Tickets are £5.00 each
available from Giles Sports, Carterton. For more information please visit:
Kayleig James
Charlotte Ashby’s debut novel, Girls Like Us, is a rollicking, action packed romp
through the world of PR, parties and polo.
More withering and witty than Kathy Lette, more saucy than Jilly Cooper, and
with a heroine more hapless and inept than Bridget Jones, Girls.. is a corking
read, and it’s funny, laugh out loud moments will leave you chuckling long after
you’ve turned the last page.
With a background in PR (Charlotte ran her own company for 10 years and
masterminded campaigns for Walkers crisps, Coca Cola and Adidas), and a sense
of humour so wicked it should come with its own government health warning, it
was no surprise that Charlotte turned her talents to writing. Taking a year off
work, and devoting herself entirely to her novel (luckily her son is a dab hand
with a crossbow, so the family didn’t starve), Charlotte has transcended the chic
lit genre and produced something that is lighthearted and readable yet romantic
and piercingly funny. Her observations on the world of PR would be worth a

book on their own. Published by her husband Jimmy’s company Twisted
Country (you’ve got to check that one out online)and glowingly reviewed this
month by Filkins book club, Girls Like Us is on the shelves at your local Woollen
Weavers, the Madhatter bookshop, Burford library, and from December 12th on
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From a distance, Costas Vassiliadis could almost be mistaken for Danny De Vito.
Right now he was in no mood for flattery. They wouldn’t sweet talk him this
time, with their fancy excuses and gifts of Greek wine… he meant business. It
was going to take more than a bottle of Gerovasiliou to make up for another
sleepless night, his wife’s bloodcurdling shrieks as she opened the door and slid a
slippered foot through the pool of vomit on the doorstep, the broken bottles and
cigarettes strewn along their shared entrance.
‘Those girls’, which is how they were referred to in the Vassiliadis household, had
been renting the Greek family’s flat next door for over a year. The previous
tenants had turned the flat into a cannabis factory. It had taken them eighteen
months to regain possession and Mr Vassiliadis didn’t think his wife’s nerves
could take any more.
So the nicely brought up English girls had seemed like the perfect tenants. Just
like Lady Di, Mrs V had said. Isabella and Emily. Lovely girls.
He was all steely resolve as he hammered on the door. He looked down at the
rubbish spilling over the step. There were 60, 70, maybe 80 empty bottles. No
sound from inside.
‘Girls! I know you are in there!’ He knocked again. There were scuffling sounds
inside. ‘Girls, come out!’
He bent down to look through the letterbox, just as the door opened.
It didn’t help that it was the blonde one. She had something of the Goldie Hawn
about her, one of Mr Vassiliadis’ particular favourites. ‘Mr Vassiliadis! I can’t tell
you how sorry we are.’ He had heard it all before.
He never knew quite what to say at this point. The blonde carried on. ‘We just
asked a few friends round for a quiet drink, to celebrate Bella’s promotion. It got
a bit out of hand to be honest. We didn’t know half the people ourselves.’ She
managed to sound wounded and remorseful at the same time. ‘Please forgive us
Mr V. It won’t happen again. We promise.’
He shook his head. ‘Girls, it can’t happen again. They were ringing on our
doorbell all night.’ He sounded defeated. ‘The music was so loud our floor was
vibrating.’ He looked away for a moment, as if to gather his resolve. ‘This is the
eighth time this year. My wife is very highly strung. She hasn’t slept. There’s
vomit on our doorstep again.’

The blonde winced as she glanced sideways at the step. ‘Everything will be
cleaned up by lunchtime Mr V.’
He looked past the blonde, into the flat. The brunette didn’t seem to have
anything to say at all, but stood completely still in a rather awkward pose, halfway
down the hall.
Mr Vassiliadis walked in and looked tentatively into each room. Mrs V had
insisted that he check for damage. The smell of stale smoke and alcohol was
overwhelming. Every surface was crammed with bottles, cans, discarded pizzas,
plastic cups and brimming ashtrays. It was a rubbish tip, but no permanent
damage that he could see.
He had to admit that the flat was not exactly top of the range. His wife had
dissuaded him from replacing the threadbare carpet. The orange bathroom suite
was at least 20 years old. But still, these girls! How did they hold down jobs? In
his day, women never behaved like this. Why didn’t they get some nice
boyfriends and settle down? His feet stuck to the lino in the kitchen and he
struggled to free himself. Still the brunette stayed fixed like a statue in the
hallway, so that he almost had to push past her on his way out.
He shook his head as he walked towards the door. ‘How can you carry on like
this? You’ll never find nice husbands if you don’t start to behave.’ The girls
offered no response. He walked towards the door and turned round for one final
parting shot. ‘This is your final warning girls. I mean it. One more party and you
are out. Do you understand?’
But even as he said it, he knew that this wasn’t supposed to be the ‘final warning’.
Mrs V’s instructions had been quite specific. ‘Eviction’ she had said. ‘Give them
notice! Nothing less.’
He retreated down the path, clutching the gift of a tea towel for Mrs V, which the
blonde had pressed into his hand. It featured Princes William and Harry (‘those
poor boys’ as Mrs V called them), and a bottle of Gerovasiliou’s finest Domaine
Carras, a Greek wine from the town where he was born.
He knew what his wife would say. ‘Costas, you stupid old fool, laughed at by
those English Sloaney girls.’ He opened his front door and braced himself for
what would surely be a shrill ear bashing, of Olympian proportions.
Emily closed the door and lent against it for a moment. She exhaled deeply,
relieved that this time, it was just a warning. ‘He’s gone Bels, you can move.’
Bella shifted her feet to reveal two gigantic cigarette burns in the carpet. ‘Do you
think we got away with it Em?’
‘Not really. I don’t think he’ll chuck us out though.’ Emily picked up a plastic cup
from the floor. ‘We’re getting a bit low on the Greek wine. I’ll order some

Very often people say to me ‘What do you find different in the village now to
what it used to be.’ Well, as I am now the longest surviving inhabitant, born and
                        bred in Alvescot, I will write down what I think are some
                         of the reasons for changes in the village over the past 80
                         years, changes from a close knit community to a very
                         fragmented one. Some villagers get involved in
                         community events, but not all of them, in fact I do not
                         now know half the people who live here, whereas at one
                         time every person in the village was known to me
                         personally and most
                         were involved in
                         village activities in
                         one way or another.
                         One of the main
                         reasons for this,
                         apart from the
                         modern mobile
                         population, is I
                         think, the loss of our
                         own parish vicar. As a young boy, I remember when
                         Revd Benjamin Lloyd 1945-63 was the vicar, he was not
                         only concerned with religious and church matters, but
                         organised and ran all sorts of other things. He set up and
                         ran a men’s club in a barn which he and villagers had
converted into the village hall. In here snooker and table tennis, whist drives and
beetle drives, were played and most of the villagers joined in. His front lawn
became a bowling green. He organised fetes in the rectory garden and opened his
house for the use of villagers, and not a thing went missing or was ill- treated.
Everything was respected in those days.
Miss Townsend ran the Girls Friendly Society at The Lodge and she put a lot of
effort into running it for village girls. Mrs Canidine, the previous vicar’s wife
                                              1937-45 started the Girl Guides and
                                              Brownies, and it was Mrs Canidine
                                              who, by the way, arranged
                                              accommodation for all the evacuees.
                                              Harold Oakey (Skip) ran the 1st
                                              Alvescot Air Scouts, the first in the
                                              country. This was done in conjunction
                                              with the Rev Lloyd who organised
                                              church parades on special occasions.
                                             Benjamin Lloyd used to come into the

Red Lion and have a pint with the locals. If anyone had a problem, whether it
was illness, financial or just an everyday problem he would visit and listen to
them and help them through it. St Peter’s Church ran a Sunday School, had a
large choir and enthusiastic team of bellringers. Although we have a committed
team who ring the bells now, which is brilliant, in Benjamin’s day there was a
waiting list to get into the bell ringing team – lots of practice was needed, usually
followed by adjournment to the Red Lion for a pint. The village school was
attended by all village children and the Vicar would visit once a week to take
assembly, read and talk to us.
The Post Office was a centre of sociability. I remember it as a very friendly place,
in fact the telephone exchange was there. My family had one of the first
telephones in the village and our number was 6, it then changed when Carterton
became the exchange to 236 and it changed again (Not sure of the dates) and is
now prefixed by 01993 842… - so we could say our phone number has an
historical value as it is at least 80 years old. When the exchange first opened we
had to turn a handle to get the Alvescot exchange and if Mrs Eldridge who ran
the post office/exchange was serving a customer we had to wait until she was
ready, then, if it was a local call she would plug into the required number and
                                                                 wind a handle to
                                                                 make it ring. If you
                                                                 wanted a long
                                                                 distance or trunk call
                                                                 that had to be pre-
                                                                 booked. Mrs
                                                                 Eldridge knew
                                                                 everything that was
                                                                 happening in the
                                                                 village hence the
                                                                 Post Office was a
                                                                 point of ‘catching up
                                                                 with village matters’
                                                                 (i.e. gossip!)
                                                                 There was another
                                                                shop next to the Red
Lion which was run by Fred Neville from Clanfield. Prior to Fred it was run by
the Colliers who had the pub, but in Fred’s time, as I remember, he stocked all
sorts of sweets and goodies as well as more essential items like groceries and
cigarettes. There was always a ham at the back of the shop from which he would
carve slices as requested. Us youngsters use to meet outside Fred’s shop, whereas
the Post Office was more of an adults gathering place.

                                                                The Red Lion
                                                                Public House was
                                                                the main centre in
                                                                the evenings and
                                                                used by nearly all
                                                                the villagers, but I
                                                                think before my
                                                                time The Plough
                                                                was the hub. The
                                                                Plough ran a
                                                                ‘Benefit Club’
                                                                where nearly
                                                                everybody paid a
subscription, or at least the working men did, then if they were sick or lost their
job they were given financial help with money from the club. It was a very
important part of looking after one another.
There was a village band, football and cricket team. In fact, there was an Oakey
Cricket Team who played against the rest of the village
Every Sunday evening the
young men of the village would
collect by the blacksmith’s forge
and then at about 6.30pm set
off and walk to Carterton or
Black Bourton, calling in at the
Beehive and/or the Horse and
Groom. I use to plead to go
with them, but they would not
let me, said that I was too
young, and by the time I was old enough WWII had been declared and all the
young men went to war and the practice was discontinued.
Alvescot used to have a village quarry which was in the piece of land enclosed by
the roads next to Oakey’s Barn. The quarry face was more or less where the road
is now which bypassed the crossroads. I remember cycling past there and I saw a
chap loading a two wheel cart harnessed to a horse by pushing a wheelbarrow up
a plank and tipping it into the cart, looked like real hard work to me!
‘Snipper Snap’ was a small barn which was in the corner of the field where you
turn off for Kencot, the square corner of the field as it is now was the back wall
of the barn, which was higher than the front. It had a thatched roof. Sheep
shearing took place in the barn and as the fleece was cut off the sheep it was
thrown to the back of the barn which provided good dry storage, the low
thatched roof at the front of the barn protected the sheep and shearer from bad

There were nine farms in Alvescot, now there are two. Virtually all the men in
the village worked on the land, one or two started to work at the RAF camp as
that became more active in the area and a few men went on the train, to Witney
to the woollen mills or perhaps to Oxford.
There were two bake-houses one part of the Post Office and the other just on
the left as you go down into the village, the local carpenter was the village
Coach trips were organised in the village for visits to the seaside, today the car
has obviated that, but even if it had not, I do not think trips would be arranged
today. I remember at one time, a coach load of villagers went to Butlins Holiday
Camp for a week’s holiday – a big adventure in the 1950s.
In fact Alvescot was a thriving community where people not only slept, but
where they lived, worked and played. It had a lot of heart.
David Oakey
COSTA RICA – 1st to 16th Feb 2013 DAY 9
About mid morning we arrive at Paraiso de Quezel up in the ‘cloud forest’. A
guide takes us on a walk along a high track near the tree line at about 8,000 feet
above sea-level. Many new species were soon on the list, among them were
Mountain Elaenia, Black and Yellow Silky Flycatcher and Long-tailed Silky
Flycatcher and a lovely Timberline Wren.
We spent a long time looking for a Costa Rican Pygmy Owl that was calling from
the forest and we also put a lot of time in looking for the Resplendent Quetzal,
both without success. This last one is the bird the Aztecs adored and worshipped
as a living depiction of Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent god. Sacred in the
Mayan culture it is considered one of the most beautiful birds in the tropics. The
male bird has iridescent green feathers, blood-red chest and twenty four inch tail
feathers. The male’s tail feathers, used in ceremonies were considered more
precious than gold, only nobles and priests were allowed to wear them.
After seeing a Flame-throated Warbler and a Ruddy Treerunner, which showed
well, we were collected from the mountain track and driven to the restaurant at
the Paraiso de Quezal centre for lunch. There were several feeders outside next
to the terrace and we spent a while looking at hummingbirds at very close
quarters. Magnificent, Fiery-throated Volcano and Green Violetear
Hummingbirds were soon on the list.
After lunch we went for a short walk to look for the Quetzal once again but were
soon listing new species such as the Hairy Woodpecker, a flock of five Barred
Parakeets flew over and the last species we saw at this superb site was a
Wrenthrush which remained elusive and gave us only brief glimpses.

We drove 17 kms down a steep rough track into the valley where the superb
Sevegre Hotel is found and along the way we added Acorn Woodpecker to our
list. We arrived at 5pm and soon we were settled into our rooms. A short walk
around the feeders in the garden produced; White-throated Mountain Gem, the
beautiful Flame-coloured Tanager and a Slaty Flowerpiercer.
That concluded our birding for the day, we tucked into a delicious dinner before
going through the bird-log and then it was off to bed, the end to another great
day in Costa Rica.
Back home this month bird life has been quite active.
Oct 11th Quite a stormy day with strong gusts of wind, counted seven Mistle
Thrushes in the fields beyond Shilton
Churchyard After breeding in July small flocks move around the countryside in
a search for food.
Oct 14th Saw about twenty Wheatears across the local fields, flying and foraging
and chasing one another in pairs. These would have been working their way back
to the continent on their migration back to Africa. The slightly larger Greenland
race has a remarkable migration that takes it from Africa to its Arctic breeding
grounds. For many the return journey necessitates a thirty hour 2,400 kms non-
stop flight from Greenland to Western Europe.
Oct 17th Two more Wheatears across the fields.
Oct 18th-20th Took a trip up to Morecambe Bay in Lancashire for three nights
calling in at Martin Mere Wildlife and Wetland Centre on the way and visiting
Leighton Moss RSPB reserve. This is a brilliant area to visit for birds at this time
of year as we saw on television in ‘Autumn Watch’ when they produced three
programmes from there a week later. Morecambe Bay is a huge tidal bay with
vast areas of nutritious sand for birds to feed from when the tide is right. It was
a memorable visit that produced eighty four different bird species, notably large
flocks of Pink-footed geese and good numbers of Whooper Swans together
with a Great Grey Shrike, Marsh Harriers and Kingfishers.
Oct 24th Female Bullfinch down by the Shilbrook, upwards of twenty Skylarks
across the fields. There is an influx of birds from the North for the winter which
can congregate on stubble fields and grassland Our population of Skylarks fell by
50% in 25 years up to 2002, probably partly due to shortage of food.
Oct 27th A day at Pagham on the South Coast was very windy but saw Brent
Geese and a Spoonbill that was flying overhead and trying desperately to land, its
unusual shaped bill was flexing in the wind.
Nov 3rd Harcourt Arboretum was well worth the visit with magnificent specimen
trees and still good Autumn colour.
David Roberts

Devonshire Apple Dappy
I wrote recently that the Galione household was going on a healthy eating
regime. We were, really. And then I saw this recipe in the Telegraph [thank you,
Xanthe Clay] and thought it sounded wonderful – apple, sticky toffee sauce, hint
of cinnamon, spongy base. I tried not to make it. Really I did. For two whole
weeks the recipe lay, untouched (but I cut it out, obviously, and put it in a safe
place). Then … We weakened. I made it. We ate it. (It was a weekend, so there
were extenuating circumstances.) It was delicious. One of the nicest puddings
ever, said my husband. If you like carb-laden, sticky, apple puddings, with a
dollop of whipped cream, then you will like this. If you are sticking to your pre-
Christmas diet then please don’t make it. You, too, will succumb. Perhaps if you
have it for Sunday lunch, and go easy on the roast potatoes and go for a very
long walk afterwards, the damage will be minimal. I did warn you …
Ingredients For the pudding
8oz / 225g self-raising flour
1 level tsp baking powder
2oz / 60g butter
5fl oz / 140ml milk
1lb / 450g cooking apples, peeled, cored and chopped into pea-sized pieces
1 tbsp Demerara or caster sugar
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
For the syrup
Grated zest and juice of one large lemon
1 tbsp golden syrup or honey
1 tsp butter plus extra to grease baking dish
40z / 200ml water
Pre-heat the oven to 190ºC/gas mark 5. Butter a 2 pint/1 litre baking dish. Heat
the lemon zest, juice, syrup, butter, sugar and water in a small pan. Bring to a
simmer, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Simmer for 5 minutes then set aside.
Sift the flour and baking powder into a bowl, then rub in the butter. Stir in the
milk then turn the dough out on to a floured surface and roll or pat into an 8in /
20cm square. It will resemble a wet scone dough. Scatter over the apples, sprinkle
over the sugar and cinnamon then roll up like a swiss roll. Cut into seven thick
slices, sawing gently with a serrated knife. Lay in the buttered baking dish, adding
any bits of apple that have fallen out. It will resemble a tray of Chelsea buns.
Pour the syrup over the top of the slices; it will look like quite a lot of liquid.
Bake for 30 to 35 minutes until golden brown. Serve warm with custard or
cream. Serves 4-6
Angela Galione

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