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					Thank You Letters and Notes
It is important to say "thank you."       In addition to being the right thing to do, every "thank you"
is an opportunity to sell your qualifications and leave a positive impression on the reader.

Send a thank you letter or note to employers, employment contacts and references whenever they
have extended themselves. This includes after a job or informational interview, when someone gives
you a referral or information, or whenever someone takes time to help you.

The best approach, letter or note, will depend upon the circumstances, personal style and
preference. The best strategy is to select the approach that best serves the immediate need. The
thank you letter should follow a standard business letter format, while the note may be a simple,
handwritten note or card. The situation and your personal style will determine which you send.

A written thank you letter or note should be sent after all interviews. This is your opportunity to
make one more impression before the decision is made. Send a written thank you letter even if
you're turned down for a job. Let employers know that you appreciate their consideration, and
you'd be interested in future opportunities.

Points to Consider
1 Write a thank you letter or note no later than 24 hours after the interview.
2 Be brief and to the point. Note the job you interviewed for, and also list the date of your
3 Always address a thank you letter to a person by name and title. Include your personal calling
    card if you have one. If there are multiple people, such as a panel interview, send a separate
    thank you to each person. When sending more than one thank you letter, vary each letter.
    When thanking a potential employer, restate your interest in the position and the employer.
4 Briefly include any pertinent information you failed to mention earlier. Be sure to reemphasize
    your most important qualifications and skills for the jobTry not to start consecutive sentences
    with the same word.
5 Offer to come in for another interview or to provide more information if needed.
6 Make it a point to tell the person when and how you will be following through.

Basic Parts of a Thank You Letter or Note
Statement of appreciation
Expressions of interest in the job
Brief restatement of qualifications/skills
An opportunity to add additional information you failed to mention
Final "thank you"
Date and time you will follow-up as previously agreed

Sample Thank You Letter

1234 Howard Street
Ellicott City, 55555
(555) 555-5555

September 20, 2004

Ms. Barbara Simpson
Human Resource Manager
Hollywood Hospital
111 Hollywood Way
Baltimore, MD 55555

Dear Ms Simpson:
Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the nursing position in your critical care unit. Our
conversation gave me a better understanding of ABC Company and the requirements of the job. The
additional information from Max and Katherine was helpful in gaining a better perspective of the
My strong office and interpersonal skills will definitely make a contribution to your company. I am
proficient in all the computer software packages you use, and I feel I possess the customer service
experience you want.
I enjoyed meeting the office staff and touring the facility. This is clearly a quality organization
with an emphasis on efficiency and a dedication to teamwork. I would consider it a privilege to join
your team and will contact you next week to inquire about the hiring decision.

Again, thank you for your time and consideration.


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