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									Writers House                                                                      Frankfurt 2005


Noel Alumit
Avalon: January 2007
Talking to the Moon explores classic themes of life and death, love and hate. It looks at the
prickly bonds of family, faith, and the perilous journey of making dreams come true. The racially
motivated shooting of Filipino-American postman, Jory Lalaban triggers his long-hidden
memories of life in the Philippines, which includes how he came to abandon the priesthood to
become a worshipper of the Moon. We learn of his life in an orphanage after World War II, his
apathy for the church he was raised in, his passion for animism, and the devastating reasons why
he and his new bride, Belen, had to flee the Philippines for the United States.

As Jory recovers from his wounds, the reader is introduced to several memorable characters:
Belen Lalaban, a spunky woman who hears the quirky voice of the Virgin Mary, and who believes
the shooting is holy retribution for past sins; Emerson Lalaban, the son who speaks to his dead
brother, and who transforms himself from a camera-shy man into a media darling; Michael,
Emerson’s Taiwanese boyfriend, who waits patiently for a guy to say, “I love you”; and William,
the racist buffoon who demands to be heard.

Talking to the Moon is Noel Alumit’s second novel. His first, Letters to Montgomery Clift
(MacAdam Cage 2002) was named one of the Best Books of the Year by The Advocate and won
the Stonewall Book Award, the Violet Quill Award, The Global Filipino Award, and many others. It
was nominated for the PEN Center USA West Literary Award, the Asian American Literary
Award, and the Lambda Literary Award.

Charles Atkins
St. Martin’s Press: October 2005
Traumatized by the accident that killed his wife and unborn child, psychiatrist Peter Grainger
returns with his son to Manhattan. When he’s called to evaluate a seductive and suicidal medical
student—who’s been prostituting to pay the bills—things go south. Trapped in the center of a
murder investigation, he struggles to keep his sanity and his freedom, as reality and psychosis

Detective Nicole Luria is losing it. Her marriage has collapsed, her young daughter has
regressed, and she’s sucked into a case that exhumes dangerous skeletons. Into the mix, she’s
drawn to Peter, only to discover that behind his caring eyes may beat the heart of a killer.

Dr. Ed Tyson hungers for revenge. In the years since Peter stole the only woman he has ever
loved, Ed has gone on to greatness with the discovery of potent tribal drugs. But to Ed, even the
Nobel Prize is meaningless without her. It’s all about an eye for an eye. He lost his love and his
child, and now it's time for Peter to pay.

“Intense and immensely entertaining.” –Kirkus Reviews

Charles Atkins, M.D. is a practicing psychiatrist and member of the Yale clinical faculty. He is the
author or The Portrait, which Kirkus declared “recklessly entertaining,” and Risk Factor, which
was praised by Booklist for its “great pacing and a riveting point of view.”

Writers House                                                                     Frankfurt 2005

Daniella Brodsky
In her sparkling debut, Diary of a Working Girl, Daniella – author of the popular The Girl’s
Guide to New York Nightlife – brought her insider’s knowledge of New York, fashion, and love
to the hilarious tale of a freelance reporter who takes a job on Wall Street to find her dream man.
Now Daniella’s back with two new novels set in the Big Apple, where all a girl needs to succeed
are hopes, smarts … and a great pair of shoes.

Berkeley Trade: September 2005
Lorraine Machuchi is no ordinary Brooklyn girl—she’s smart, pretty, and a hair styling whiz. Not
that any of her clients would ever notice. Lorraine herself is too obsessed with her ex Tommy to
realize how much she’s thrown away for him. But when Tommy tells her he’ll never be with a girl
going nowhere, Lorraine packs up her foils and dyes and heads across the bridge to Manhattan.
Despite some bumps along the way, she finds herself living the dream – great job, great
apartment, and a great guy who just might make her forget her ex. And then there are the
Princesses, Park Avenue’s most powerful socialites, who want Lorraine to be the newest member
of their exclusive society …

Berkeley Trade: Spring 2006
Thanks to some ingeniously shared gossip, one-time assistant Anna finds herself with the job
she’s always hoped for: writing a New York City nightlife column. But when her last-season Marc
Jacobs sandals get her bounced from the first club she tries to enter, it looks like things may be
over before they’ve even started. Then Anna meets a sexy stranger who sneaks her in—
outdated shoes and all—and plants the kiss of the century on her lips. Now she’s got a career
(and a social life!) that would make most scenesters swoon … and that may help her face down
her own demons once and for all.

Praise for Diary of a Working Girl:

“An enchanting narrator, with a fun and lively voice.”—Romantic Times

“Readers will simply love Lane and her wild imagination.”—Booklist

Daniella Brodsky is a freelance magazine journalist whose previous books include Diary of a
Working Girl and The Girl’s Guide to New York Nightlife. She’s lived happily in both Brooklyn
and Manhattan.

Rights in Daniella Brodsky’s novels have been previously sold in: Russia: AST, Turkey: Kapital

Writers House                                                                     Frankfurt 2005

Josie Brown
Avon: Fall 2006
If any woman can make the claim that she’s stood by her man, it’s Nina Harte. For seven long
years she held off pursuing her own career as an actress to work two jobs—as a minimum-wage
cashier in a Beverly Hills grocery store by day, and as a phone sex operator by night—so that her
husband, Nathan, could pursue his dream of stardom. Now that his career has taken off, so has
he—leaving Nina and their four-year-old son to play house with his diva co-star, Katerina
McPherson. As word about "Kat ’n’ Nat"—Hollywood's newest sweethearts hits the gossip
columns, Nina's life is thrown into turmoil. Oddly enough, the one person who does care about
her is Nathan’s agent, Sam Godwin. One of that rare species, a Hollywood player with both a
heart and a conscience, Sam feels guilty for putting Nat in Kat’s path in the first place. Then
again, if he hadn’t, Nathan wouldn’t be starring in a movie directed by the revered Hugo Schmitt.
Still, Sam is determined to do everything in his power to keep Nathan true blue to Nina—even if
that means sacrificing his own love for her.

Impossibly Tongue Tied is stargazing, name-dropping, V.I.P-dishing at its best. Josie Brown’s
biting satire zeroes in on Hollywood and shows that even while swimming with the sharks, true
love can be found.

Brown is also the author True Hollywood Lies (Avon 2005), of which Publishers Weekly said, “A
love triangle drives this well-paced entertaining story forward. This debut novel confirms just
what you suspect about celebrity and unfolds with all the inevitability of a romantic comedy.”
Brown is a feature writer whose relationship articles and celebrity interviews have appeared in
numerous publications.

Octavia E. Butler
Seven Stories: November 2005
Shori is an amnesia victim who appears to be a child—a little girl—but whose needs and abilities
are alarmingly un-human. She must learn what she can about her former life, as she builds
herself a new life. At the same time, she must find out who took her old life from her--who
destroyed her family and left her wounded, alone, and unknowing. Who continues to hunt her and
attack her new allies? And what can she do to save herself? This is like no ordinary vampire
novel. Octavia Butler continues with her sci-fi social commentary, even with vampire stories.

Fledgling is Butler’s first novel since 1998’s Parable of the Talents, which won the Nebula
Award for Best Novel (her second Nebula).Octavia also won the Nebula for Best Novelette for
“Blood Child.” She has won two Hugo Awards, and a Lifetime Achievement Award by PEN Center
USA West. She was also a recipient of a MacArthur “Genius” Award.

“A finely crafted character study, a parable about race and an exciting family saga. Exquisitely
moving fiction.” — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

“In the feisty Shori, Butler has created a new vampire paradigm - one that’s more prone to sci-fi
social commentary than gothic romance-and given a tired genre a much-needed shot in the arm”
—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

Rights in Octavia E. Butler’s novels have been previously sold in: Czech: Polaris; France: J’ai Lu;
Germany: Heyne; Israel: Am Oved; Italy: Fanucci/Mondadori; Poland: Proszynski; Portugal: Caminho;
Russia: Sekatchev; UK: Gollancz.

Writers House                                                                         Frankfurt 2005

Tracy Carbone
In a relentlessly paced thriller of sex, murder, and of best intentions gone horribly wrong,
newcomer Tracy Carbone takes the reader to the cutting-edge of modern medicine: the hot-
button topic of stem-cell therapy. Dr. Sheila Takamura, an oncologist at the Tethys Cancer Center
north of Boston, is presented with two of the most puzzling cases of her career. The first involves
Kelly, a Caucasian woman whose skin is turning dark, and Tanesha, an African American woman
whose skin is losing its dark pigmentation. Both are former cancer patients who were treated at
Tethys with VG723, a revolutionary stem-cell therapy. Then Paul Rosko comes to Sheila. He’s
convinced his son was fathered by someone else. The boy, a former leukemia patient, now looks
nothing like anyone in the family. The test results shock Sheila: Not only is Paul not the father,
but Paul’s ex-wife is not the mother. Baffled, Sheila consults with her mentor, William Gilchrist,
MD, CEO of Tethys. Bill, married with two kids, is infatuated with Sheila. But these mysterious
cases threaten Tethys’s secret project Proteus. He instructs his chief of security, Li Shen, to
make the problem go away. An intruder breaks into Kelly’s townhouse and breaks her neck in
what will appear to be an accidental fall. Then Tanesha, not yet forty, suffers a fatal heart attack.
And then potentially deadly “accidents” befall Sheila.

What is the terrible secret behind VG723, the experimental therapy that has cured hundreds of
terminal cancer patients, the secret that Tethys Foundation will kill to protect?

Deborah Chester
Ace Books: December 2005
Twelve years ago, King Faldain and his beloved warrior-wife, Queen Alexeika, rescued their two
daughters, who had been abducted from the palace by the barbarian Grethori. But they couldn’t
save their son. Since then, Faldain has waged brutal war against that tribe—seeking the chieftain
who killed their young son on that same terrible day, and the evil sorceress behind him. Now, as
circumstances bring the family back together, Alexeika clashes with her elder daughter, Princess
Tashalya, over her growing infatuation with the dark side of magic. And Faldain—suffering from a
powerful, life-threatening curse—struggles homeward to be saved by drinking from the Chalice of
Life. But he is about to be betrayed by one closer than he could ever imagine.

Deborah Chester, professor of professional writing at the University of Oklahoma, is the author of
the acclaimed fantasy trilogy—The Sword, The Ring, and The Chalice—as well as The
Queen’s Gambit, The Queen’s Knight, and The King Betrayed. The King Imperiled
continues these stories set in the exotic land of Nether and featuring the part-elf family of Faldain
and Alexeika. Her books have been called "entertaining" by Starlog and "exciting and
suspenseful" by Kliatt. She is also the bestselling author of the LucasFilm Alien Chronicles

Rights in Deborah Chester’s novels have been sold in: Czech: Wales; Holland: M; Spain: Devir Contenidos

Writers House                                                                      Frankfurt 2005

Cathy Clamp and C. T. Adams
Tor Books (World English): August 2005
In this highly-anticipated sequel to the award winning Hunter's Moon, Mafia-assassin-turned-
werewolf Tony Giodone and his new mate, Sue, are hiding in a community of Sazi shape shifters
in Chicago. But something is kidnapping and killing female Sazi...after it sucks out their powers.
Its latest captive is Babs, the girlfriend of Tony's former boss. It's up to Tony and Sue to save
her, and possibly all of humanity! They could really use the help of Bobby, the python member of
the Sazi police force Wolven. But Bobby is a bit preoccupied. It seems that Chicago’s Indonesian
pack enforcer, Asri Kho, a deadly Komodo Dragon on the full moon, makes his knees weak
whenever she’s not trying to kill him!

"Top Pick, Gold Award!...Gritty and unique, with amazingly Byzantine character development, this
inside look at the unconventional world of shape-shifters is a page-turner."—RT Bookclub

"It's rare when a second book surpasses the first, but Moon's Web explodes onto the scene,
earning it a Perfect 10!"—Romance Reviews Today

"5 Blue Ribbons! Wow! Adams and Clamp pull no punches with this story. This reviewer has
become a diehard fan of these two rising stars!"—Paranormal Romance Reviews

Doug Clegg
Berkley/Ace: October 2005
“The stunning first volume of a new dark fantasy epic from Stoker-winner Clegg (Nightmare
House) gives the iconic vampire a massive makeover and draws fresh possibilities from its most
familiar aspects.” – Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

The Priest of Blood is an epic dark fantasy dealing with vampires, vampirism, the fantastic, and
the creatures of nightmare -- as well as an alternate medieval history.

The Ages are Dark, and the Wars of Human and Vampire have not yet begun. Born to a lowly
station, rising through his talents with the hunt, a young boy grows to manhood amidst the mud
and savagery of the medieval world. Aleric, the Falconer, has been at war since the day he
witnessed an atrocity committed against his mother, and it is in a distant outpost, far from his
beloved homeland, that he faces a foreign enemy in a treacherous war. The Falconer is both a
betrayer and cutthroat, a seducer of any who cross his path, and a formidable youth with a sword
and axe.

But in an abandoned citadel on a cliff overlooking a distant sea, he will cross paths with a
monstrous destiny that will change him forever. And his journey into the inner sanctum of
damnation will have begun...

Doug Clegg has spent decades preparing for this trilogy, and is well-known as one of the
foremost masters of contemporary horror today. Peter Straub labeled him “the new star in horror
fiction,” and Dean Koontz raved, “Clegg’s stories can chill the spine so effectively that the reader
should keep paramedics on standby.” His work has received starred reviews in Publishers
Weekly, and he’s a winner of both the Bram Stoker Award and the International Horror Guild

Writers House                                                                            Frankfurt 2005

“Astonishing. Douglas Clegg writes of...nightmares with such clarity and passion you don’t end up
reading his books; you end up drinking them in. The Priest of Blood is a bloody gem.”–
Christopher Rice, New York Times bestselling author of Light Before Day.

“Clegg’s Vampyricon offers a bold epic of a shadowy medieval world and a dark tale of swords,
sorcery and vampires in The Priest of Blood.” – Christine Feehan, NY Times bestselling author of
Dark Secret.

“A master of the genre. Absolutely thrilling! Douglas Clegg is the future of dark fantasy.” –
Sherrilyn Kenyon, NY Times bestselling author of the Dark-Hunters.

Rights in Doug Clegg’s books have been sold in: Russia: Eksmo; Spain: Minotauro

Tish Cohen
HarperCollins:Spring 2007

The buzz on this debut was so strong that after a week on submission in New York, Fox 2000
Studios snapped up the film rights while the book was still out with publishers! Ridley Scott's
company, which is currently enjoying success with In Her Shoes, is attached to produce.

Jack Madigan, by all accounts, should lead a blessed existence. He’s the sole heir of a rock
superstar; he lives with Harlan, his teenage son, in a lovely and historic Boston town house; and
though he’s no Brad Pitt, his John Cusack appeal turns pretty heads – that is, when Jack is
propped up on enough medication to make it to the sidewalk. You see, Jack is agoraphobic. He’s
barely ventured out the door in years, but with his dad’s dwindling royalties (his only source of
income), Jack forges a semi-comfortable life… until the day the bank’s notice of foreclosure
arrives. And along with it, Jack’s ex-wife’s renewed intentions to move Harlan out.

Enter Dorie, the bank's lovely and utterly incompetent real estate agent hired to sell the house.
Jack is determined to outwit her every move—no matter how cute she is! - win back his house,
hold the neighbors at bay, and keep his son at home. And perhaps find a way, finally, to simply
step outside.

A.C. Crispin
Book 1, EXILES OF BOQ’URAIN series
Avon/Eos: August 2005
A dedicated priestess of Boq’urak, Thia has spent the whole of her young life in devout worship—
until she inadvertently discovers the unholy truth about the deity she serves. Cruelly thrust back
into a world she does not know, she has become an exile in a land torn asunder by terror and
conflict. But Thia will not be making her journey alone. An outcast warrior priest, a mysterious
healer, an enslaved prince, and an embittered spy must join with her to save a realm ravaged by
invasion—and rescue the future from the terrible wrath of a demo god.

A. C. Crispin is the New York Times bestselling author of Paradise Snare and Rebel Dawn (Star
Wars) and the SF series Starbridge.

Rights in A.C. Crispin’s books have been sold in: Spain: Plaza Y Janes; UK: Transworld

Writers House                                                                       Frankfurt 2005

Tiffanie DeBartolo
Sourcebooks: September 2005
Eliza Caelum is a music journalist who at age eight survived, along with her brother, a plane
crash that killed everyone on board, including their parents. Her fear of flying is pathological.
Paul Hudson works at The Gap folding clothes to support his dream of making it as a songwriter
and bandleader. He’s the real thing, a young guy with an unbridled passion for the music he
creates and plays. She's a rambunctious personality but at the same time the perfect acolyte to
his artistry. Despite the prejudices each has about the other, they fall wildly in love. But then she
cannot make herself get on an airplane to go with him for the big-time tour that his band has been
offered. Their romance crashes. He won’t go without her. She fakes a love affair with another
man so he will dump her and follow his star. Then each goes through hell spewing venom at the
other, until not improbably, they do get back together. How to Kill a Rock Star is an in-your-
face, edgy, and rollicking love story which is written with verve, passion and a voice unlike any

 “DeBartolo delivers an unpredictable, engaging story with likable characters. Their missteps and
ill-advised choices in the name of love and/or rock'n'roll make for an enchanting tale that readers
will find difficult to put down.” –Library Journal

Tiffanie DeBartolo’s first novel, God-Shaped Hole, got the lead review in People which said, “The
passion between Trixie, a funky-jewelry designer and Jacob Grace, an aspiring novelist who
shares Trixie’s disdain for their native L.A. engrosses on its own. With wit and humor, the author
brings these characters and their quirky artsy friends alive…Bottom Line ‘YOU’LL DIG IT.’” Kirkus
called the book, “This generation’s LOVE STORY.”

Rights to God-Shaped Hole have been sold in: Czech: Metafora; Netherlands: Archipel; Thailand:
Matichon; UK: Piatkus

Barbara Delinsky
Doubleday: 2007

In her next two novels, bestselling author Barbara Delinsky is shaking things up. Her new works
will be published by Doubleday, with senior editor Phyllis Grann – who negotiated the deal for
Delinsky’s move from Simon and Schuster – serving as editor.

The first novel, Family Tree, is tentatively scheduled for publication in 2007. The story of a
husband and wife whose lives are turned upside-down when their newborn baby shows evidence
of a mixed-race ancestry, Family Tree raises provocative questions of prejudice, history, and the
ties that bind families together – or tear them apart. A second untitled novel will follow a year

“Barbara Delinsky is beloved by millions of readers and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to
publish her. Barbara’s books will hold a prominent and singular place on the Doubleday list,” said
Stephen Rubin, president and publisher of Doubleday, when the move was announced at the end
of August.

Writers House                                                                       Frankfurt 2005

Barbara Delinsky is the author of over seventy novels, with over 30 million copies in print. Her
books regularly appear on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publishers
Weekly bestseller lists.

Rights in Barbara Delinsky’s books have been sold in: Brazil: Bertrand, Bulgaria: Hermes; Czech:
Euromedia; Estonia: Ersen; France: Lattès, Germany: Droemer, Hungary: Gabo; Israel: Or Am, Italy:
Mondadori, Japan: Fusosha, Netherlands: M; Norway: Bladkompaniet; Poland: Bertelsmann; Portugal:
Difel; Romania: Lider; Russia: AST; Serbia: Dereta; Spain: Plaza y Janes; Sweden: Allas Veckotidning;
Turkey: Alfa Basim; UK: Simon & Schuster; Ukraine: Hemiro

Stephanie Doyon
Simon & Schuster: July 2005
“You don’t slip much past Stephanie Doyon, whose wry, wicked, sympathetic intelligence informs
every page of her winning, hilarious first novel, The Greatest Man in Cedar Hole.” – Richard

Cedar Hole is a nowhere place, and the people there appear to be much like the land. Except for
Robert J. Cutler, who is the go-getter, a Cedar Hole patriot, and “the greatest student the school
had ever seen.” Read about the legend of Robert, and some ways into the novel, his early, tragic

Which leaves a novel about the other characters in this small town drama: Robert’s widow; his
daughter; his fourth-grade teacher, who dreams of detectives while carrying on a disappointing
affair with the town’s sole policeman. But mostly, it’s about the least likely protagonist of all,
Francis “Spud” Pinkham, the besieged son in a family of nine tough older sisters. Robert’s
classmate as a boy, Spud, a grass mower and grocery deliveryman, is the novel’s heart and soul:
his life, seemingly about nothing important at all, will eventually force him into choices that make
him a more likely candidate for the title role than the seemingly-mythic Robert.

Stephanie Doyon’s teen series, On the Road, was published by Simon and Schuster Children’s
Publishing in 1999 and was optioned for television. This is her first novel for adults.

“[Cedar Hole] may be [Doyon’s] first novel for adults, but it’s hardly a debut. She writes with
wisdom and humor, if not with gravity, in a voice that is distinctive.” – Janet Maslin, The New York

“Doyon hits upon Americana with skillful insight… The story unspools with a sureness rare in a
first novel. And Doyon serves up some wonderful touches: the librarian who dips into Keats to
regain her poise, the zany town lawn-mower races in which contestants occasionally slice off a
toe. We readers find ourselves both blinking in surprise and smiling at each off-kilter
development.” – The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Rights to The Greatest Man in Cedar Hole have been sold in: France: Rivages; Germany: Ullstein; UK:

Writers House                                                                             Frankfurt 2005

Jane Feather
Four Book Deal
We are delighted to announce that we now have translation rights in a brand new four book deal
with New York Times bestselling, award winning author, Jane Feather. This deal includes three
historical romance novels, to be published as mass-market paperback originals, and one
historical novel to be published as a trade paperback.

With the rising popularity of historical fiction and Feather’s love of historical research and ability to
seamlessly weave historical detail into her story lines, she is well positioned to expand her
readership beyond the historical romance genre and delight mainstream readers of vibrant, well-
researched historical fiction as well.

Jane Feather’s most recently published book, Almost a Bride, spent three weeks on the New
York Times paperback fiction bestseller list and spent four weeks on the USA Today Top Fifty
bestseller list. She is also the author of The Least Likely Bride, The Accidental Bride, The
Hostage Bride, A Valentine Wedding and many other historical romances.

Jim Fergus
Hyperion: May 2005
In 1932, an American cowboy named Billy Flowers was hunting mountain lions in the Sierra
Madre mountains of northern Mexico when his hound dogs forced a young Indian girl into a tree.
She was thought to be one of the last members of the “bronco” or “lost” Apache tribe, a renegade
band that had slipped into Mexico after Geronimo’s surrender in 1886. And nearly a half-century
later they still lived wild and free in the hidden valleys and canyons of the Sierra Madre.

Across the U.S. border, “The Great Apache Expedition” was riding out of Douglas, Arizona, to the
Sierra Madre. Comprised of wealthy “sportsmen” from all across the US, the expedition’s mission
was to rescue a six-year old Mexican boy, Hernando Huerta, who had been kidnapped by the
Apaches three years earlier.

Based on a true story, The Wild Girl is an adventure tale, and an intercultural love story. It
centers on a youth from Chicago named Ned Giles, who is hired to document the Great Apache
Expedition with his camera, and on the young Apache girl, known as la nina bronca, whom he
rescues and with whom he falls in love. It is the story of their incredible flight across the
spectacular high mountain country of northern Mexico, a nearly mythical land so rugged and
inaccessible that few whites had ever seen it. And, finally, it is the story of the last tragic days of
the lost Apache tribe, the end of a 300-year old struggle against white civilization.

“Fergus (One Thousand White Women) makes unforgettable characters move against vivid
landscapes in this laudable encore.” -Publishers Weekly

Jim Fergus is the author of the award-winning One Thousand White Women, a number one
bestseller in France, where it sold more than 700,000 copies, and of two highly literate non-fiction
books on the sport of hunting.

Rights to Jim Fergus’ novels have been sold in: France: Cherche Midi; Italy: RCS Libri.

Writers House                                                                          Frankfurt 2005

Ken Follett
Dutton: Fall 2007
In the tradition of Follett’s all-time bestseller, Pillars of the Earth, which 16 years after publication
still enjoys worldwide sales of close to a million copies annually, comes an epic saga of love, war
and the Black Plague in medieval England.

In Kingsbridge a hundred years after Pillars of the Earth, the shifty abbot of the monastery
struggles to maintain his rule over the rebellious nuns, the wool merchants conflict fiercely with
the abbot and with the greedy local lord, two lovers desperate to come together are constrained
by family differences and by arcane prohibitions, and people in all walks of life fight as best they
can against the Plague. Many die horribly. But some live and strain to go ahead and rebuild their
shattered world.

Follett has created a compelling story and an indelible cast of characters who will endure for

Rights in Ken Follett’s books have been sold in: Brazil: Rocco; Bulgaria: Hermes; Croatia: Algoritam;
Czech: Euromedia; Denmark: Cicero; Finland: WSOY; France: Laffont; Germany: Lübbe; Greece:
Harlenic Hellas; Hungary: Gabo; Indonesia: Gramedia; Israel: Modan; Italy: Mondadori; Japan: Softbank;
Netherlands: Unieboek; Norway: Cappelens; Poland: Albatros; Portugal: Temas de Actualidade; Russia:
AST & Machaon; Serbia: Narodna Kniga & Solaris; Spain: Random House Mondadori; Spain (Catalan):
Ediciones 62; Sweden: Bonniers; Taiwan: Macrovision; Turkey: Remzi Kitabevi

Neil Gaiman
William Morrow: September 2005

When Fat Charlie’s dad named something, it stuck. Like calling Fat Charlie “Fat Charlie.” Even
now, 20 years later, Charlie Nancy can’t shake the name, one of the many embarrassing “gifts”
his father bestowed – before he dropped dead on a karaoke stage and ruined Fat Charlie’s life.
Because Mr. Nancy left Fat Charlie things. Things like the tall, good-looking stranger who
appears on Fat Charlie’s doorstep, who appears to be the brother he never knew. A brother as
different from Fat Charlie as night is to day, a brother who is going to show Fat Charlie how to
lighten up and have some fun…just like dear old dad. And all of a sudden, things start to get very
interesting for Fat Charlie.

Exciting, scary and deeply funny, Anansi Boys is a kaleidoscopic journey deep into myth, a wild
adventure, and a fierce and unstoppable farce, as Neil Gaiman shows us where gods come from,
and how to survive your family.

Praise for Anansi Boys:

“Gaiman juggles several intersecting narratives expertly…blithely echoing numerous creation
myths and folklore motifs, Terry Southern's antic farces, Evelyn Waugh's comic contes cruel, and
even--here and there--Muriel Spark's whimsical supernaturalism.”—Kirkus (Starred Review)

“Characters…are expertly woven into Gaiman’s rich myth, which plays off the African folk tales in
which Anansi stars. But it’s Gaiman’s focus on Charlie and Charlie’s attempts to return to
normalcy that make the story so winning – along with gleeful, hurtling prose.”—Publishers Weekly
(starred review)

Writers House                                                                           Frankfurt 2005

“Gaiman exploits the conceit of his prizewinning American Gods (2001)––that the gods of
America’s immigrant peoples are living in retirement, sort of, among us––for the purposes of a
romantic screwball comedy seasoned with murder, magic, and ghosts. Gaiman is the folksy,
witty, foolishly wise narrator to perfection, drawing us into the web he weaves as skillfully as
any …spider.”—Booklist (starred review)

Neil Gaiman is the author of Good Omens, Neverwhere, Stardust, and the New York Times
bestsellers American Gods, Coraline, and The Wolves in the Walls. He is also the author of
the Sandman series for DC Comics.

Rights to Anansi Boys have been sold in: Czech: Polaris; France: Au Diable Vauvert; Polish:
Wydawnictwo Mag; Israel: Opus; UK: Headline

Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
HarperCollins Children’s Books: September 2005
Raised in a family of circus performers, Helena always dreamed of leading a more ordinary life.
But when haunting music draws her into a strange and magical realm, on where anything can
happen, her real life is stolen by a runaway from the other side. Helena must rescue the realm
from chaos in order to win back her own not-so-ordinary life.

MirrorMask is a breathtaking film written by best-selling author Neil Gaiman and brought to life
through the vision of acclaimed artist and director Dave McKean. This original novella is Helena’s
tale in her own voice, written by master storyteller Neil Gaiman and accompanied by both art from
the film and original art by Dave McKean—it is a stunning and magical journey.

HarperCollins will also publish two additional books to tie in with the film. The Alchemy of
MirrorMask (HarperDesign, October 2005) will be a lavishly illustrated look at the making of this
extraordinary film. MirrorMask: The Illustrated Film Script of the Motion Picture (William
Morrow, May 2005) will be an oversized, beautifully designed volume which will tell the story
using text along with more than 1,700 illustrated storyboards of the major motion picture.

Neil Gaiman is the author of the New York Times best-selling children’s book Coraline and of the
picture book The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, illustrated by Dave McKean. He is
also the author of the critically acclaimed Sandman series of graphic novels. Among his many
awards are the World Fantasy Award, the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, and the Bram Stoker

Dave McKean has created illustrations for many CD, book and comic covers, and is best known
for his graphic novels, including the best-selling Arkham Asylum and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman
series. He has written and directed several short films, and contributed production designs for
the second and third Harry Potter films.

Rights in Neil Gaiman’s books have been sold in: Brazil: Conrad/Rocco; Bulgaria: Bard; Croatia: Algoritam;
Czech: Polaris; Denmark: Host & Son; Estonia: Tanapaev; Finland: Otava; France: Au Diable
Vauvert/Albin Michel; Germany: Heyne/Arena; Greece: Oxy; Holland: Luitingh; Hungary: Szukits; Iceland:
Eda; Israel: Opus; Indonesia: Gramedia; Italy: Mondadori; Japan: Kadokawa; Korea: Goldenbough:
Latvia: Zvaigane ABC; Lithuania: Eridanas; Norway: Aschehoug; Poland: Mag; Portugal: Presença;
Russia: AST; Serbia: Laguna; Spain: Norma; Sweden: Forum/BonnierCarlsen; Taiwan: Muses/Crown;
Thailand: Matichon; Turkey: Inkilap Kitabevi/Odtu; UK: Headline/Bloomsbury

Writers House                                                                      Frankfurt 2005

Eileen Goudge
Pocket (World English): Spring 2006
Good friends Jay, Franny, Emerson, and Stevie are reuniting for their fifteen year college
reunion. Jay and Franny have been close for years. Now, at 35, Jay is married with a baby on
the way, while Franny is still looking for love in all the wrong places. The only thing Franny knows
for sure is that she wants a baby before it's too late. After she's struck out with all the usual
suspects, she comes up with the perfect solution: Why not have Jay father her child?

Emerson struggles to keep her head above water as a twice-divorced single mom caring for her
dying mother. Emerson is immediately drawn to Reggie, the handsome Nigerian nurse she has
hired for her mother. Unlucky in love, she sees in him the kind of man she should have married.

Stevie's just ended a two-year relationship with a man she loves but can't commit to. How can
she have faith in marriage and motherhood when her own family is so screwed up? She has two
moms and not the slightest clue who her father might be.

What does it mean to be a family? Eileen Goudge explores this question in her engaging new
novel about marriage, motherhood, and finding family in the least expected places. In summer
2003, in a highly publicized move, internationally best selling author Eileen Goudge moved from
Viking Penguin to Pocket Books. Goudge’s two-book deal with Pocket launched the imprint’s
new hardcover fiction line. Immediate Family is Eileen’s second title at Pocket.

Eileen Goudge’s books have been published in more than twenty countries across the world in
twenty-two languages, including Italian, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish,
Hebrew, Czech, Serbian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Polish, and many more.

Sarah Graves
A Home Repair is Homicide Mystery
Bantam Books: December 2005
Nail Biter is the eighth in Sarah Graves' increasingly popular 'Home Repair is Homicide' mystery
series. Starring old-house repair specialist Jacobia “Jake” Tiptree and a colorful cast of Downeast
Maine characters, the series engagingly mixes wry humor, page-turning suspense, the natural
beauty of Maine coastal life with useful home repair tips.

Buying a small beachfront fixer-upper in Eastport to lease out to Maine’s tourist crowd seemed
like a good idea to Jake Tiptree and her best friend Ellie White. But working as landladies to a
coven of witches wasn’t what they had in mind. It gets worse when Jake’s called out one stormy
night to make a repair and stumbles on a dead body in the utility shed. A small-time thief and
street preacher with a violent message, the deceased was no favorite in Eastport. But what was
he doing shot to death on Jake’s property with a big bag of illegal pills? Jake’s bewitching
tenants—including an ex-cop, a conman, and a mute teenage girl—claim to have been too busy
conjuring spells to have heard or seen a thing. Then a coven member disappears, the victim of a
kidnapping - or worse. Scandal, secrets, and a mysterious box buried deep in the foundation of
her own house are just the beginning of a mystery that threatens to bring Jake’s life crashing
down. Now she and Ellie race to find a missing girl who might hold the key to a deadly puzzle –
and the final nails to their own coffins.

Writers House                                                                          Frankfurt 2005

Other titles in the ‘Home Repair is Homicide’ mystery series are: The Dead Cat Bounce (1998),
Triple Witch (1999), Wicked Fix (2000), Repair to Her Grave (2001), Wreck the Halls (2002),
Unhinged (2003), Mallets Aforethought (2004), and Tool & Die (2004).

Praise for the 'Home Repair is Homicide' mysteries:

“Like the old Victorian homes she describes, Graves’ stories seem to grow better with the passing
of time. Readers who enjoy solving mysteries and fixing up older homes will appreciate Jake’s
do-it-yourself expertise in both areas.” –Booklist

“A sleuth as tough as the nails she drives into the walls of her 1823 Federal home. Many will
relish the vividly described Down East setting, but for anyone who’s ever enjoyed making a home
repair it’s the accurate details of the restoration of Jake’s old house that will appeal.” –Publishers

Sarah Graves is currently working on her tenth novel in the bestselling ‘Home Repair is Homicide’
series. Visit her website at www.sarahgraves.net.

Michael Gruber
William Morrow: April 2006
“Miracles of intelligent fiction...among the essential novels of recent years” – The Washington
Post on Tropic of Night and Valley of Bones

Night of the Jaguar is the heart-pounding conclusion to Michael Gruber’s trilogy featuring Miami
detective Jimmy Paz, which both critics and readers have hailed as genre-transcending thrillers.
With the publication of this final volume in the series, Gruber firmly establishes his place as the
first essential thriller writer of the 21st century.

Deep in the jungles of Colombia, an American priest is shot dead in his makeshift church. A few
weeks later, an Indian shaman arrives in south Florida, armed only with a bag of totems and the
fearsome power of Jaguar, his god. When affluent Cuban-American businessmen begin dying in
gruesome fashion, seemingly eaten alive by an impossibly massive jungle cat, Jimmy Paz,
Miami’s resident expert on the deeply weird, is called out of his self-imposed retirement to track
the killer. Paz has witnessed the impossible before and lived to tell the tale. This time, the case
cuts too close to home: both he and his seven-year-old daughter, Amelia, are haunted by dreams
of Jaguar, who has come to take her as a sacrifice. To save his daughter and stop the murders,
Paz will have to reach into the deepest corners of his soul and make a seemingly impossible
choice that will challenge everything he’s ever believed.

Michel Gruber is also the author of Tropic of Night and Valley of Bones, the first two novels of
the Jimmy Paz series that introduced a uniquely gifted writer into the universe of thriller-dom.
Drawing comparisons to Thomas Harris and Stephen King, critics praised Gruber’s debut as “[a]
blockbuster” (People), “extraordinary” (USA Today) and “absolutely mesmerizing” (Cleveland
Plain Dealer). His first novel for children, The Witch’s Boy (Harper Children’s), a haunting and
mesmerizing fantasy, was among the most celebrated young adult debuts of 2005.

Rights in Tropic of Night have been sold in: Bulgaria: Bard; Croatia: Algoritam; Czech: Metafora; France:
Presses de la Cité; Germany: Zsolnay; Greece: Harlenic Hellas; Holland: Boekerij; Japan: Shinchosha;
Norway: N.W. Damm; Poland: Bertelsmann; Russia: Moy Mir; Serbia: Laguna; Slovak: Columbus;
Turkey: Sistem

Writers House                                                                        Frankfurt 2005

Laurell K. Hamilton
“I loved it…I’ve never read a writer with a more fertile imagination.”—Diana Gabaldon

“Hamilton’s sexy, edgy, wickedly ironic style sweeps the reader into her unique world and delivers
red-hot entertainment.”—Jayne Ann Krentz

“As sharp as a stake and as slick as a silver bullet. Laurell K. Hamilton sucks you into her
fascinating world like a vampire’s kiss.” —J.D. Robb

“Hamilton just keeps getting better and better.” - St. Louis Post Dispatch

Berkley Books: March 2006
When a federal witness dies of natural causes, what do you do? Call in Anita Blake to raise him
for his testimony. There is only one thing the feds don’t know: that Anita has acquired the ardeur
from her vampire lover. She is willing to take on the case, but needs a source of food for the trip.
Micah is the perfect person to take. He is her nimar raj, the leopard king to her queen. But it isn’t
only the dead witness who has tales to tell. Micah has secrets of his own, things he needs to tell
Anita, while they are alone together for the very first time.

Berkley Books: July 2006
Anita can think of few worse things than inviting Masters of the City from all over the USA to visit.
But with the vampire ballet troupe completing its tour, it is only natural for their sponsor, Jean-
Claude, to invite them to St. Louis with all the masters who gave their permission for the troupe to
tour. That’s the official reason; the unofficial reason is that Anita needs another Pomme de
Sang. One not connected to her metaphysically. Jean-Claude calls them friends, Anita calls
them dangerous allies of necessity. The real questions are: who has a secret agenda, who is
plotting what and will they all survive?
Rights in Laurell K. Hamilton’s novels have previously sold in: Bulgaria: Infodar; Croatia: Neobicna
Nakada; Czech: Triton; France: Fleuve Noir; Germany: Luebbe; Greece: Oxy; Israel: Modan; Italy: Casa
Editrice; Hungary: Agave Konyvet; Japan: Sony; Korea: Goldenbough; Netherlands: M; Poland: Szyski;
Russia: AST; Serbia: Carobna Knjiga; Spain: Gigamesh; Turkey: Alfa Basmin; UK: Time Warner

Todd Hasak-Lowy
Harcourt: March 2005
“These are inventive, delightful stories by a startling new talent, easy in their modernity, classic in
their authoritative tone, and secretly fitted with deep structures of irony and pity.” – Michael
Chabon, author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

“If Todd Hasak-Lowy were a juggler, he would be the kind who could juggle an elephant and an
orange at the same time. Instead he is a writer whose stories combine the global with the
personal in ways that are incisive, thought-provoking, smart, and most importantly, FUNNY.” –
Myla Goldberg, author of Bee Season

“The seven stories that make up… Hasak-Lowy’s first collection are disjunctive parables of
contemporary life, provocatively blending the global and the personal with daring, often very
funny, results…Hasak-Lowy’s themes are inventive and his juxtapositions breathtaking… [They]
escalate with almost chaotic, though technically assured, unpredictability; as though, like a
complicated jazz riff, they would finish somewhere completely different if he were to retell them.”
– Natasha Lehrer, The Times Literary Supplement

Writers House                                                                            Frankfurt 2005

Recently lauded in the New York Times, Pulitzer Prize-winning literary critic Richard Eder writes,
“There should be no uncertainty about the author’s explosive originality: a mix of zany wit,
reverse-spin writing and enlarged purpose… Only a novice writer, perhaps, would attempt a
juxtaposition of such extravagantly disparate elements. It is far more than beginner’s luck, though,
that he has succeeded in making out of them such a savagely dissonant tragicomedy...There are
the brilliantly imagined stages in the progressive inability of our media to deal with an immense
disaster that will not accommodate itself to our self-preoccupations. The theme is not unfamiliar,
but the author has devised startling ways to develop it. To use tens of millions of third-world
deaths for satirical purposes may border on the outrageous. He even apologizes for it, but, I think,
mistakenly. It is outrageousness on a Swiftian scale, one that forces us to confront our national

Todd Hasak-Lowy’s stylistically daring, morally perplexing, and outrageously funny The Task of
This Translator marks the debut of a writer of extraordinary talent. In these seven stories,
Hasak-Lowy captures the absurdity that often arises at the intersection of very personal crises
with global issues such as ethnic violence, obesity, and the media. A standout story collection,
The Task of this Translator is funny, intricate, and deeply human.
Rights in The Task of this Translator have been sold in: Israel: Kinneret; Italy: Minimum Facts

Philip Hawley
William Morrow: 2007
“Watch out Michael Crichton -- here comes Philip Hawley! Stigma is a blast of a read from start
to finish. High-concept storytelling, non-stop action, terrific plotting. Philip Hawley is the real
deal and the thriller world has an authentic new voice.” -- John Lescroart, NY Times bestselling
author of The 13th Juror

Stigma marks the beginning of a major new voice in commercial fiction. As New York Times
bestselling author Ridley Pearson raves, “Sit back and enjoy. Phil Hawley is for real.”

Luke McKenna is an emergency room doctor at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, but the intense
dramas that unfold at work mask the extraordinary nature of his deeply repressed past – Luke
was a member of Proteus, the military’s top-secret black-ops unit. His prior life haunts him,
scarring his attempts to lead a normal life: his training gave him Jason Bourne-like skills, but his
service left him with memories of atrocity.

When a boy rushed from the hospital’s clinic in Guatemala to Luke’s emergency room dies a
mysterious death, Luke is pushed into a house of mirrors in which he is the prey and nothing is
what it seems. You’ll have to read every last word of this brilliantly Michael Crichton-like story to
appreciate the boxes-within-boxes complexity of the plot and the sheer adrenaline of Hawley’s
storytelling powers.

Phil Hawley is well-positioned to write about the main character he’s created: an attending at Los
Angeles Children’s Hospital, he’s worked as a doctor in remote Guatemalan jungles.

“[Stigma] pulses with the tension and drama of the emergency room. Philip Hawley writes with
the genuine voice of authority, making this a top-notch thriller that only a real doctor could write.”
– Tess Gerritsen, NY Times bestselling author of Body Double

Writers House                                                                         Frankfurt 2005

Evan Kuhlman
Crown: April 2006
Wolf Boy, pitched as Bee Season meets Ordinary People, introduces the debut of Evan
Kuhlman, an extraordinary new literary voice, with a unique prose and graphic novel sure to
captivate readers.

Francis Harrelson, the oldest Harrelson child, is a beloved son and very cool older brother. He’s
newly engaged, a budding mycologist (mushroom expert) and in chapter one, he’ll die in a car
accident. Now the Harrelson family, one by one, must incorporate Francis’s absence into their
new lives: his parents, Helen and Gene, react by breaking down or pulling into long-standing
fantasy. Crispy, his younger sister, dreams of running away with Marky Mark and the Funky
Bunch. His fiancée, Jasmine, is literally haunted by Francis’s silent ghost, swimming in her tub
and on TV.

And his brother, Stephen, the central character of Wolf Boy, teams up with his friend Nicole
(curator of the Museum Of Fucked Up Things) to create a comic book, channeling his grief into
“The Adventures of Wolf Boy.” Their stories mirror the Harrelson family’s experience, and even
more, raise Stephen’s unknowing questions of God’s power and the finality of death. And these
comics will be fully illustrated, injecting a unique interactive graphic element into this wonderful

In Wolf Boy, Kuhlman explores the warmth, the humor, the love and the pain of family dynamics.
Coupled with inventive visual translation, this is a novel charmed by an astonishing imagination.

Linda Francis Lee
St. Martin’s Press: August 2006
Pre-empted in a six-figure film deal from a major studio and a significant deal with St. Martin’s
Press, The Devil in the Junior League is a hot and hilarious expose of Southern society that
promises to do for the Junior League what The Nanny Diaries did for the world of Park Avenue

Fredericka Mercedes Hildebrand Ware – known to her friends as Frede – is part of the crème de
la crème of Texas society, a premier member of the Junior League Willow Creek. JLWC is an
ultra exclusive women’s charity and social organization that admits only the best. And Frede,
with her good looks, handsome husband, and huge fortune, has always been the best.

But when her husband runs off with the girlfriend Frede never knew he had and all Frede’s money
in tow, things change quickly for Willow Creek’s princess. She’s forced to turn to lawyer Howard
Grout, the most N.C. (No Class) person of Frede’s acquaintance. He’ll overlook Frede’s financial
difficulties … if Frede will get his wife Nikki – boas, leopard print, sequins and all – admitted to the
Junior League.

Linda Francis Lee is a native Texan now calling New York City home. She is the author of the
best-selling Sexy Trilogy—Suddenly Sexy, Simply Sexy, and Sinfully Sexy—as well as the
award-winning The Ways of Grace.

Rights in The Devil in the Junior League have been sold in: Germany: Blanvelet; Poland: Albatros;
Russia: AST; UK: Simon & Schuster

Writers House                                                                            Frankfurt 2005

Paul Levine
Bantam: January 2006
The second in a four-book series featuring lawyers Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord who bring
new meaning to the term “adversarial system.”

The unpredictable and tense relationship between Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord returns in
Solomon vs. Lord and the Deep Blue. When handed an intriguing case of beautiful people,
family secrets, a dying man, and a yacht washed up on Sunset Key with a hundred grand in cash,
Steve sees an opportunity to get Solomon & Lord off the ground. Victoria sees a golden
opportunity to go out on her own. With her uncle a murder suspect and her hunky ex-boyfriend
back in the picture, Victoria is pushing to take control as Solomon struggles to keep from losing it.
As an explosive trial looms, they’re fighting against time, the law, and each other—to expose a
killer who came to paradise…and hasn’t left.

Solomon vs. Lord, the first in the series, introduces the fiery relationship between Steve and
Victoria. As always, their opinions differ in their newest client, Katrina Barksdale, accused of
strangling her husband during a night of kinky sex. Never knowing whether they will wind up in
contempt, in the hospital or in love, Steve and Victoria’s relationship is the true heart of this

“A terrific courtroom drama that’s also funny as hell.” – Dave Barry

Paul Levine is a former trial and appellate attorney, and the award-winning author of the critically
acclaimed series featuring Miami trial lawyer Jake Lassiter and other legal thrillers. He has also
written for ABC television, Stephen J. Cannell Studios, and the CBS television program JAG.
Levine has recently been commissioned by CBS to write a two-hour script for Solomon vs. Lord
as a pilot for a possible television series.

Rights to Solomon vs. Lord, have been sold in: Bulgaria: Bard; Germany: Blanvelet; Japan: Kodansha

T.J. MacGregor
Pinnacle Books: October 2005
In the fourth novel of this series featuring psychic and bookstore owner Mira Morales, a monster
hurricane has taken aim at the Florida coast. As thousands evacuate Tango Key, Mira is doing
everything she can to secure her home and bookstore against the storm. But three escaped
convicts, frantically searching for a place to hide and ride out the storm, break into her home and
take her hostage. Cut off from any contact with her FBI agent fiancée and with all power and
communication down, Mira’s only consolation is that her teenaged daughter is safely hiding in the
garage. As the storm rages, Mira begins to pick up psychically on the explosive and shocking
secrets each of the convicts harbors and realizes the terrible storm is nothing compared to the
horror that has invaded her home. Trapped in a desperate effort to survive, Mira knows that the
slightest mistake could trigger a nightmare beyond all imagining.

The other titles in the Tango Key mystery series are: The Hanged Man (1999), Black Water
(2003) and Total Silence (2004).

T.J. MacGregor is the author of 25 suspense novels and won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for a
Best Mystery in 2003 for her novel Out of Sight.

Rights for the series have been sold in: Bulgaria: Bard; France: Rivages; Japan: Hayakawa; Italy: Polillo

Writers House                                                                        Frankfurt 2005

Brian Malloy
St. Martin’s Press:
“Twisted, strange, awesome and wise, Brendan Wolf redeemed my faith that a literary book
could be exciting for its content as well as its words. This is a gritty, real, unbelievably bold novel
that will break your heart and leave you haunted by its entirely original characters." - Lisa Tucker,
author of Shout Down the Moon and The Song Reader

From the author of the acclaimed debut, The Year of Ice, comes a new novel that's a cross
between Patricia Highsmith and Michael Cunningham.

Brendan Wolf is a more overtly gay, less obviously sociopathic Tom Ripley, a misfit who vastly
prefers books to people. He’s funny, and alienated, and confused, and more than a bit charming
– he’s also just misanthropic enough to get himself into situations where he might be judged more
cruel than kind. His life has been a big fat mess to date: fostered from his birth parents when they
land themselves in jail, forcibly separated from his siblings, still in mourning for the loss of the
boyfriend he drove away. Things go all the way into the shitter, though, when he loses his
latest minimum wage job and is evicted from his apartment. What ensues isn’t pretty – but it
makes for gritty, exciting, suspenseful reading. With humanity but ice-cold precision, Brian Malloy
tells a story of piercing psychological truth, of the prison one man makes of his life and of his
desire to escape and somehow find love regardless.

Brian Malloy made a big splash in 2002 when St. Martin’s plucked his debut coming-of-age novel,
The Year of Ice, from the slush pile. The novel garnered terrific reviews ("Complex and
fascinating" raved The Philadelphia Inquirer), went through multiple reprints in both hardcover
and paperback, and was a finalist for two major literary awards.

With Brendan Wolf, his work has taken a deeper, darker, richer turn, one that will connect with
the many fans of The Year of Ice, while winning him a broader audience with this thrilling,
provocative and deeply compassionate new novel.

Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Book 1, TWINS OF PETAYBEE series
Del Rey: January 2006
Ronan and Murel are twins born to Sean Shongili and Yanaba Maddock-Shongili, joint governors
of the sentient planet of Petaybee. Proud Petaybeans, the twins love their home world both as
human children and as seals, though they are restricted to swimming in rivers near their home
during their early years. But the Shongili twins have no idea that there are dangers more
treacherous than wolves lurking in the woods of their world. They are also increasingly
suspicious and hostile to people from off-world and reluctant to learn about matters beyond

Then, on their eighth birthday, something astonishing and terrible happens. Their parents decide
that, for their own protection and education, they must attend school on a private space station in
order to learn about the broader universe. Will they learn more about the universe around them?
And will their world welcome them when they return, though they are now off-worlders?

Rights in Changelings have been sold in: UK: Transworld

Writers House                                                                       Frankfurt 2005

Kyle Mills
“Kyle Mills is the master of the page-turner. His attention to detail and his smooth style will keep
you reading well into the night.” – Vince Flynn, author of Memorial Day

New York Times best-selling author Kyle Mills was born into an FBI family. The son of a field
agent, he experienced from an early age the life that he writes about. An accomplished
adventurer and mountain climber, he lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His books include Fade,
Smoke Screen, Sphere of Influence, Burn Factor, Free Fall, Storming Heaven and Rising

St. Martin’s Press: May 2006
From the author of Fade comes a portrait of a thief: to save the world, Brandon Vale’s going to
steal $250 million.

Brandon Vale is a career thief – the best there is, never been caught. Of course, he is serving
out a prison term for a robbery gone bad, but it’s one that he didn’t commit. Then, one night, he
is broken out of prison against his will by Richard Scanlon, the former FBI agent who framed him
in the first place. Scanlon, who still has ties to the U.S. intelligence community, has discovered
that a Ukranian crime organization is auctioning twelve nuclear warheads to the highest bidder,
but he can’t convince the government that the sale isn’t a hoax. The only way he can get his
hands on the money is to arrange for Brandon to steal the $250 million necessary to take the
warheads off the market.

Not that Brandon has much choice in the matter-it’s either do it or go back to jail with the added
years of a failed “escape” tacked on to his sentence-but he decides to get the cash by pulling off
the heist he had been planning when he and Scanlon first met: hijacking the trucks that drive the
casinos’ cash out of Las Vegas once a week. As the day of the warhead sale approaches,
though, their carefully constructed plan begins to break down, and Brandon starts to suspect that
the deal has even higher stakes than he had imagined.

St. Martin’s Press: May 2005
New York Times best-selling author Kyle Mills left the old thriller cliches behind with this intensely
paced story of an ex-soldier’s struggle to find a mission in today’s terrorist-maddened world. Fade
is the story of Brooklyn-born Salam Al Fayed, one of the CIA’s most legendary operatives, who
was cast aside by the organization. When he’s approached by the Homeland Security department
with an offer they won’t allow him to turn down, “Fade” has a choice to make: return to work for
the government that abandoned him years ago, or refuse to comply again… and fight back.
“Edge-of-seat quotient Sky-high.... Fade rivals James Bond with his hardware-based survival
skills.... A-” – Entertainment Weekly

“Lead character Salam Al Fayed – ‘Fade’ – is a first-ballot certainty for the Thriller Hall of Fame.”
– Lee Child, author of The Enemy

“Salam al Fayed [is] a disturbing, complex and wholly original character. Fade will stay with you
long after you have finished this well crafted thriller.” – Stephen Frey, author of Shadow Account

Rights in Kyle Mills’ books have been sold in: Bulgaria: Bard; Croatia: Vedis; Czech: BB Art: Denmark:
Wangels; Germany: Heyne; Japan: Fusosha; Netherlands: Karakter; UK: Hodder.

Writers House                                                                       Frankfurt 2005

Paul Neilan
St. Martin’s Press: Spring 2006

“A heartbreakingly funny paean to supercharged nihilism, Apathy and Other Small Victories is
the best book you’ll read in years, and the funniest novel ever. If you don’t love it, there’s
something wrong with you, and if you do, there is also something wrong with you--but you won’t
care.”-Max Barry, author of Jennifer Government

The only thing Shane cares about is leaving. Usually on a Greyhound bus, right before his life
falls apart again. Just like he planned. But this time it’s complicated: there’s a sadistic corporate
climber who thinks she’s his girlfriend, a rent-subsidized affair with his landlord’s wife (who cares
even less than Shane does), and the bizarrely appealing deaf assistant to his cosmically unstable

When one of the women is murdered, and Shane is the only suspect who doesn’t care enough to
act like he didn’t do it, the question becomes just how he’ll clear the good name he never had and
doesn’t particularly want: his own.

Paul Neilan has hopefully already been fired from his mind-numbing job at an insurance company
in Portland, Oregon, where he spent most of his time hiding in the bathroom and weeping. Born
of this and many, many other humiliations, Apathy and Other Small Victories is his first novel.

 “Neilan’s wit is a razor that cuts and slashes mercilessly on every single page, in every single
paragraph, so that your fingers will bleed even as the tears of laughter soak your face. So
basically, you’ll be reduced to a bloody, weeping mess, madly reading whole pages aloud as
friends and family shake their heads and slowly back away.” – Jonathan Tropper, author of
Everything Changes

“If Camus and Bukowski had written A Confederacy Of Dunces and combined it with the
screenplay for Office Space, it would have been this book. A triumphantly, weirdly hilarious
comedy.”-Neal Pollack, author of Never Mind The Pollacks

Ridley Pearson
Ridley Pearson is the New York Times best-selling author of fourteen prior novels, including The
Body of David Hayes, The Art of Deception, Parallel Lies, The Pied Piper, and The Diary of
Ellen Rimbauer, a number-one New York Times bestseller.

New York Times bestselling author Ridley Pearson has made a high-profile move to Putnam
Books, which will publish a new series from the acclaimed author of more than a dozen thrillers.

Pearson’s new series is set in Sun Valley, Idaho, a place unlike any other on Earth. A small
resort town with a year-round population of only several thousand, Sun Valley plays host to
everything from international downhill ski competitions to the nation’s premiere business
gathering, the EnterPlex Conference, where many of America’s richest and most influential CEOs
gather to make deals that will shape the world.

This year, Justice Peter Shaler – a failed U.S. Supreme Court nominee – will give the keynote
speech. When he receives a death threat, Blaine County Sheriff Walt Fleming is called into
action. As the narrative cuts between the Justice, the sheriff, and the assassin, tension builds to
a fever pitch: Fleming knows he’s the only one close enough to stop the killer, but nobody’s
listening to his warnings – and people are beginning to turn up dead.

Writers House                                                                       Frankfurt 2005

Hyperion: April 2005
Six years ago witness protection agent Roland Larson did the forbidden: he fell in love with Hope
Stevens, a protected witness whose testimony put away prominent members of the Romero
crime family. They planned to “cut and run” together, escaping from both the government and the
mob, but in the end only Hope ran—taking with her the daughter Larson never knew they had.
Larson thought he would never see them again—but when the Romeros steal the master witness
protection list from the Justice Department, Larson is put back on Hope’s trail.

In a series of terrifying encounters, Larson matches wits with a brutally ingenious henchman who
has kidnapped Hope and Larson’s daughter. For Larson, the stakes couldn’t be higher - how can
he protect Hope, save the daughter he’s never met, and prevent the mob from auctioning off the
witness protection list, putting the lives of thousands of innocent people in jeopardy?

“Taking a break from his Lou Bolt series, suspense maestro Pearson serves up pulse-pounding
suspense, mixed with gritty danger and laced with a touch of romance. This is first-rate
entertainment!”—RT Bookclub (Top Pick)

“One hell of a writer. He grabs, he twists, he tightens the screws until you're drained by a superb
read.” – Clive Cussler

“Ridley Pearson tells an irresistible tale.” – Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Pure pleasure.” – Scott Turow

“A killer combination of Patricia Cornwall and John D. MacDonald.” – Stephen King

Rights in Ridley Pearson’s novels have been sold in: Brazil: Reader’s Digest; Bulgaria: Hermes, Czech:
BB Art, Denmark: Det Beste; Estonia: Ersen, Finland: Gummerus; France: L’Archipel; Germany: Bastei,
Greece: Harlenic Hellas, Israel: Aryeh Nir; Japan: Kodansha, Netherlands: A.W. Bruna & ECI; Poland:
Wydawnictwo ISA; Russia: Hemiro; Serbia: Agora; Sweden: Egmont; UK: Orion

Laura Resnick
Luna: December 2005
As part of the new Luna imprint—specializing in paranormal romances—comes Laura Resnick’s
new series, a trilogy about a magician’s assistant and the many bizarre, hilarious situations into
which she keeps stumbling.

An actress determined to find work despite the interference of demented sorcerers, demonic
gangsters, and deranged zombies. A four-hundred-year-old wizard trying protect New York City
from Evil. A skeptical cop with an unexpected destiny. The one thing they have in common is
their conviction that our heroine's next performance will be her last if she can't find out why
actresses all over the city are vanishing right before the eyes of their audiences.

"A paranormal screwball comedy adventure. Light, happy, fantastically funny!"—Jennifer Crusie,
New York Times bestselling author of Bet Me

"Celebrate! Laura Resnick’s Disappearing Nightly is not only a delight, but the start of a new
urban fantasy series that is smart, cool, and wicked funny. Swift, fresh, and inventive,
Disappearing Nightly is Laura Resnick at her witty best."—New York Times bestselling author,
Mary Jo Putney

Writers House                                                                        Frankfurt 2005

Laura Resnick, a.k.a. Laura Leone, is the Campbell Award winning author of a number of epic
fantasy novels including The White Dragon, which made the "Year's Best" lists of Publishers
Weekly and Voya, and The Destroyer Goddess, which Publishers Weekly describes as "a
marvel of storytelling." She has also published nearly 50 science fiction/fantasy short stories, and
has recently sold a contemporary urban fantasy series.

Rights in Laura Resnick’s novels have been sold in: Czech Republic: Wales

Nora Roberts
Fresh off the success of her blockbuster In the Garden trilogy, Nora Roberts returns with a
new trio of tales that will spirit readers from the present to the distant past, from the world of men
to the realm of demons, and to a great battle that can be won only with the help of human bonds:
friendship, compassion and love.

The trilogy begins in the year 1128. Hoyt, a powerful Irish sorcerer, scales a cliff to confront Lilit,
the demon who stole his twin, Cian, and turned him into a vampyre like herself. The battle is
fierce and in its wake the goddess Morrigan appears to Hoyt and tells him that he is one of the
chosen because of his incredible strength, and that he must gather five other special beings like
himself for a battle with Lilit and her forces of darkness.

Berkeley: September 2006

With Morrigan's help, Hoyt steps through time to the present day, where his brother Cian - still a
vampyre, but now a New York businessman who refuses the allure of human blood - is
thriving. In New York, Hoyt meets Glenna, a beautiful witch whose face has appeared to him in
tantalizing visions. Both Cian and Glenna are destined to be part of the circle, and Hoyt convinces
them to return with him to Ireland. Once there, they will cross present and past, gathering allies -
Blair, a brash young vampire hunter; Larkin, a shapeshifter, and Moira, a Gaelic princess
destined to be queen and the heart and soul of their band.

Training begins, battles are waged, and as the ultimate confrontation grows near, Hoyt and
Glenna find themselves caught up in a powerful attraction that pays no heed to time or magic.


Preparations for the battle with the dark forces intensify. Lilit is joined by Laura, her deadliest
warrior and lover, and by her son, a ferocious, awful creature for whom she will sacrifice
anything. Using powerful magic, the members of the circle transport one of their own into Lilit's
dark underground world, and witness her captives, cursed men and women who will join her in
the battle.

Their training intensifies, spurred on by the growing darkness they face. Blair, a strong and
confident woman, finds she must confront the darkness within herself as well: the loss of love and
loss of father have left her reluctant to trust the words of men. Why, then, does Larkin seem so
readily able to touch her heart?

Writers House                                                                             Frankfurt 2005


Book Three concludes with the final battle, a war that must be fought in the past, in Moira's
kingdom but on Lilit's turf, a conflagration of magic, fantastical creatures, and evil powers beyond
the imagining.

Serene and strong, Moira has held the circle together, aiding them with her quiet wisdom and her
skill as a markswoman. Despite her abilities as a peacemaker, she and Cian have found
themselves at one another's throats. Moira claims her throne and becomes more than she ever
imagined -- a powerful queen in full possession of her powers. But one thing is missing - Cian,
who despite his intense attraction to Moira, is determined that his vampyre nature must forever
keep them apart.

Nora Roberts
Berkeley: October 2005

The number-one New York Times bestselling author of Northern Lights tantalizes and terrifies
with a new novel about a woman who dares to face the fire—and fight back…

The blaze at her family’s pizzeria changed young Reena Hale. As Reena beheld the fire’s brutal
beauty and destructive power, her destiny began to take shape. She would understand and
master its terrible force—and one day become an investigator herself.

But she is not the only one fascinated by the flames. Someone else sees their power—and is
obsessed not with conquering the fire but with controlling it, using it to exact vicious revenge.
When Reena joins the arson unit, her strength and wits are constantly tested—although
sometimes the job seems easy compared to her love life. Then she meets Bo Goodnight. He’s
been trying to find Reena for years, and now that she's near, he has no intention of letting her go.

Nor does the man who has begun to haunt Reena’s life—with taunting phone calls and a string of
horrifying crimes. And as Reena tries desperately to trace him, she will step into the worst inferno
she has ever faced.

From the incomparable Nora Roberts, “among the best popular novelists currently at work” (The
Washington Post Book World), Blue Smoke is a tale of gut-level fear, human triumph, and the
bonds that carry us through our darkest times.

“Well-crafted, nicely paced…this contemporary takes a clear-headed heroine and an almost-too-
good-to-be-true hero and gives them a love story that will make you smile. Still, it’s Reena’s
wonderfully eclectic, oh-so-Italian family that makes the book truly memorable. Classic Roberts”-
Library Journal (starred review)

Rights in Nora Roberts’ novels have been sold in: Brazil: Bertrand; Bulgaria: Bard, Hermes; Croatia: Profil;
Czech: Alpress, Generights; Denmark: Cicero, Hjemmets; Estonia: Eram, Ersen; Finland: Gummerus;
France: J’ai Lu, Belfond; Germany: Random House, Heyne; Greece: Dragounis; Hungary: Gabo;
Indonesia: Gramedia; Israel: Or Am; Italy: Mondadori; Japan: Fuso Sha; Korea: Shin Young; Latvia:
Kontinents; Lithuania: Jotema; Netherlands: De Boekerij; Norway: Schibsted; Poland: Bertelsmann,
Przeglad, Proszynski; Portugal: Ulisseia, Fio Da Navalha, Arteplural; Romania: Luceafarul, Miron; Russia:
Eksmo; Serbia: Alnari; Slovakia: Columbus; Slovenia: Meander; Spain: Plaza y Janes; Sweden:
Bonniers; Taiwan: Lin Po; Thailand: Pearl; Turkey: Epsilon; UK: Piatkus

Writers House                                                                           Frankfurt 2005

J.D. Robb
Putnam: August 2006
As a New York homicide detective, Lieutenant Eve Dallas is used to death – the mysterious
murders of two young professionals she's investigating with her partner, Peabody, almost seem
like the norm. Harder to deal with is her best friend Mavis' nearly-to-term pregnancy, and Mavis'
terror over the strange disappearance of another woman who is about to give birth. Now Eve is
fighting on two fronts, hunting a ruthless killer, searching the streets for a missing woman—and
time is running out. Because Eve has a terrible hunch that she'd better recover the mother-to-be
quickly, or an innocent life could be ruined forever.

Praise for Origin in Death by JD Robb:

“Robb tones down the romance and ups the action ante as the team uncovers an increasingly
horrific crime that builds to a race-against-the-clock climax that will have readers cheering”-
Publisher’s Weekly

“While other series of this duration seem to be running out of gas, this one is just hitting its stride”-
Kirkus Reviews

Nora Roberts is the number-one New York Times-bestselling author of more than 150 novels,
including Northern Lights, Birthright, Chesapeake Blue, Three Fates, and many more. She is
also the author of the bestselling futuristic suspense series written under the pen name J. D.
Robb. The first writer to be inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame, Roberts
has over 250 million copies of her books in print.

Rights to J.D. Robb’s novels been sold in: Brazil: Bertrand; Bulgaria: Zlatorog; Czech: Columbus; Estonia:
Ersen; Finland: Gummerus; France: J’ai Lu; Germany: Goldmann, Random House; Hungary: Gold Book;
Israel: Or Am; Italy: Casa Editrice; Japan: Sony; Latvia: Kontinents; Norway: Schibsted; Poland:
Proszynski, Baobab, Da Capo; Russia: Eksmo; Slovenia: Zolozba; Spain: Plaza y Janes; Sweden:
Bonniers; Thailand: Pearl; Turkey: Epsilon; UK: Piatkus.

Heather Sharfeddin
Bridge Works: October 2005
Chas and his father make a modest living as sheep ranchers in a remote and gritty Idaho town.
When his father falls ill with Parkinson’s, Chas, a reclusive hard-drinker, hires Mattie, a nurse with
a past, to care for his father. Mattie arrives in their small town to find the house to be a disaster
and Chas to be generally unpleasant. Despite his rough exterior, Mattie eventually warms up to
Chas finding that he occasionally proves to be pleasant company.

In addition to being a sheep rancher, Chas’ father was a pastor who was so faultless with his
ability to detect and publicly reveal the townspeople’s sins that the entire town loathed and feared
him. It is because of these past fears and grudges that Chas is accused of burning down the
home of the lone Muslim family in the town. As he struggles to prove his innocence, he and
Mattie continue to grow closer. When Mattie finds herself haunted by the mute and domineering
father, Chas explains his father’s ability to silently remind people of their past mistakes. Working
together, Chas and Mattie attempt to deal with the perils of their histories, their fears, and the
rumors that a small town can so easily form.

Writers House                                                                     Frankfurt 2005

A story of love, hate, fear and forgiveness; Heather Sharfeddin’s first novel manages to be
suspenseful and exciting while staying honest and truly delving into the realm of personal
decisions and sacrifices. Blackbelly has been named by Publishers Weekly as one of “the
season’s most anticipated fiction debuts.”

“Superbly crafted…characters are wonderfully drawn…explore[s] a wide range of themes related
to sing and guilt, personal integrity and the destructive power of prejudice. Essentially, however,
this is a story about the miracle of love blossoming in unlikely places. Highly recommended for all
libraries.” –Library Journal

“Sharfeddin weaves elements of suspense and the supernatural through this accomplished
western…Authentic descriptions of the stark, isolated landscape, rustic conditions and the bitter
winter form a backdrop to the characters’ turmoil, suggesting a timelessness that is only
occasionally broken with touches of modernity…This is an impressive debut.” –Publishers Weekly

Judy Sheehan
Ballantine: September 2005
From award-winning playwright Judy Sheehan, co-creator of the international theatrical sensation
Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding, comes a hilarious, heartfelt debut novel about a New York woman’s
search for motherhood. …And Baby Makes Two charts the course of Jane Howe’s life from the
day she exits her walk-up apartment building and encounters the Christ Child.

Not the real one, of course, but the beautiful baby who suddenly makes her desire one of her
own, a surprising revelation for this single Irish Catholic woman who thought parenthood had
passed her by. Jane soon begins the process of adopting an abandoned Chinese girl.
Accompanying Jane on her journey from Independent Woman to Mommy are the ChinaMoms, a
group of women as different from each other as they are united in their goals of adoption. And
also joining her on this often bewildering path is Peter, the handsome wrench in Jane’s
meticulous plans: an old high school classmate and neighbor, his unexpected entrance into
Jane’s life forces her to re-examine her decisions about her life, her family – and the still
unnamed little girl awaiting her care in China.

…And Baby Makes Two is, technically, a love story, but in the richest possible sense. Judy’s
heartbreakingly funny voice elevates and enlivens this wonderful novel. She’ll make you laugh on
every page, dealing with life’s great mysteries: death and loss, love and joy, and everything in

Jenny Siler
Jenny Siler burst into prominence with the publication of Easy Money. Along with her other
thrillers, Iced, Shot and Flashback, they have earned her extraordinary acclaim across the
globe, with reviewer after reviewer (and such notable authors as Ian Rankin, Val McDermin,
James Crumley and Laurie R. King) citing her prose of lyric beauty and her tough-minded, thrill-a-
second plots. Perhaps the New York Times Book Review said it best, summing up its review of
Easy Money: “Poetry with attitude.”

Writers House                                                                          Frankfurt 2005

In this, her fifth and most astonishing work to date, Siler has produced a work that is likely to
enter the small canon of literary works of suspense that are regularly cited as masterworks of the
both literature and of genre: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
by John Le Carre, The Secret Agent and Under Western Eyes by Joseph Conrad, and, of course,
The Quiet American by Graham Greene, to which the title of this novel so clearly refers.

An Accidental American tells the story of Jordanian-born Nicole Blake, retired master forger, ex-
con. Having made it out of jail in Marseilles, she’s living a quiet life in the French countryside
when John Valsamis, a U.S. intelligence operative, arrives to throw her life in disarray. He shows
her seeming proof that her ex-lover Rahim is now a terrorist and begs her help in apprehending
him in Lisbon, where she lived with him. But summoned out of her self-imposed exile, and on the
run for her life, Nicole begins to realize that what’s happening goes far beyond Rahim – and that
the answers to the mystery of the present lies in the depths of her past.

A profoundly moving, passionately engaged, deeply sad, intensely suspenseful novel of betrayal,
An Accidental American is sure to draw comparisons to the greatest works in the genre.

“Jenny Siler writes like a hard-boiled angel, prose as dazzling as cut stones, characters as
polished and complex as diamond facets, and a plot as compelling as unbridled greed.”– James
Crumley on Iced

Rights in Jenny Siler’s previous novels have sold in: Denmark: Forum; Finland: Otava; France: Editions de
la Table Ronde and Albin Michel; Germany: S. Fischer; Holland: De Boekerij; Italy: Einaudi and Marco
Tropea; Japan: Hayakawa; Norway: Egmont Hjemmets; Spain: Roca; Sweden: Forum; UK: Orion

Kate Valentine
Doubleday: September 2005
The New England town of Dorsetville, a place “where miracles are never far away,” faces
unexpected changes in this much-anticipated fourth volume of Katherine Valentine’s beloved
series about faith, love, and life in small town America.

On a Wing and a Prayer opens with a crisis for the inhabitants of Dorsetville: the Country Kettle
Cafe, meeting place for the town, might be closing down. And bumbling Deputy Hill, desolate
over his indefinite assignment to the graveyard shift, is placing all his hopes on the promises of a
late-night infomercial. And then there are more serious concerns: the Gallagher twins are fighting
for their lives after a fall through the ice leaves one on life support and the other in a coma, and
Doc Hammond, everybody's family physician, is waging his own fight for life as he does his best
to help the twins. More than ever, Dorsetville can use every miracle it can get.

On a Wing and a Prayer is Valentine’s strongest, funniest, and most poignant novel to date.

Kate Valentine is the author of Grace Will Lead Me Home, the third book in the Dorsetville
series. Rights to the first two books in the Dorsetville series, A Miracle for St. Cecilia’s and A
Gathering of Angels, are with Doubleday. She is an American folk artist who has been a regular
on Lifetime’s Our Home show and an instructor with the New York City Museum of American Folk

Writers House                                                                       Frankfurt 2005

Tim Willocks
Farrar, Straus & Giroux: January 2007
May, 1565. Suleiman the Magnificent, Emperor of the Ottomans, has declared a jihad against the
Knights of Saint John The Baptist, and the largest armada in modern times approaches the
Christian stronghold on the island of Malta. The Knights are known to the Turks as the “Hounds of
Hell.” They call themselves “The Religion.”

Meanwhile, in Messina, Sicily, a French countess, Carla La Penautier, seeks a passage to Malta
to find the bastard son taken from her at his birth. The only man bold enough to help her is a
merchant in arms by the name of Mattias Tannhauser. Tannhauser agrees to find her long lost
child, on one condition – that if the quest succeeds, she will marry him. Neither yet knows that
Carla’s old lover – the Dominican monk and hammer of the Inquisition, Ludovico Ludovici –
intends to thwart them. After a bloody confrontation in Messina, Tannhauser and Carla flee to
Malta on the last of The Religion’s galleys to run the Turkish blockade. There, amid the most
grueling and spectacular siege in military history, they try to find a twelve year old boy - whose
name they do not know and whose face they have never seen – and pluck him from the jaws of
Holy War. But Ludovico, whose desire for Carla is inflamed and follows them into the holocaust to
reclaim both Carla and his son.

The Religion, an epic account of the last great conflict between Islam and Christianity, combines
the beauty of The Name of The Rose with the drama of The Godfather. It is a tale of heroism,
tragedy and passion: the unforgettable story of a small band of intrepid men and women who defy
the evil of war to save a single soul. In so doing, they discover that salvation can only be found
through the mystery of love.

Tim Willocks is the author of the acclaimed Green River Rising of which James Ellroy wrote in
Interview magazine, “Green River Rising is a stunner—and may be the greatest prison novel
ever. This is a book of dark alchemy: turbulent milieu, brilliantly etched characters, pure
adrenaline-fueled narrative, richly sustained and stylishly realized. I can’t recall when a novel has
hit me so hard.” The Religion is the first book in a trilogy featuring Mattias Tannhauser.

Rights in The Religion have been sold in: Germany: Aufbau; Spain: Planeta; UK: Jonathan Cape.

F. Paul Wilson
INFERNAL, A Repairman Jack novel
Forge: November 2005
Jack is starting a new life with his girlfriend, her daughter, and their soon-to-be-born child. When
Jack’s father is suddenly killed in an airport terrorist attack, Jack makes an effort to patch things
up with his estranged older brother, Tom. For Tom, Jack’s reappearance might be nothing short
of lifesaving. Tom is in trouble and soon figures out that Jack is good at “fixing” bad situations.
Claiming to want to spend quality time with him, Tom leads Jack across the world in search of
long-lost artifact that—along with its magic qualities—brings with it a history of danger and death.
Meanwhile, Jack investigates his father’s death and deals with those responsible for it. Jack can
protect himself, but what Tom brings into his life attacks those people he holds most dear.

F. Paul Wilson is the New York Times bestselling author of eight previous Repairman Jack
novels. Infernal is the ninth novel in the series. The others are The Tomb (1984), Legacies
(1998), Conspiracies (1999), All the Rage (2000), Hosts (2001), The Haunted Air (2002),
Gateways (2003), CrissCross (2004).

Writers House                                                                    Frankfurt 2005

Critics have said of the Repairman Jack series:

"Repairman Jack is a wonderful character, ultracompetent but still vulnerable . . . Wilson strolls
into 'X-Files' territory and makes it his own."— San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle

"If you're a lover of horror fiction, vampires, and early Stephen King novels, take note: Midnight
Mass is the best thing to come along in years."—Rocky Mountain News on Midnight Mass

F. Paul Wilson is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of thirty books and over
100 short stories spanning horror, adventure, medical thrillers, science fiction, and virtually
everything between. More than seven million copies of his books are in print in the U.S., and his
work has been translated into twenty-four languages.

Rights to other Repairman Jack novels have been sold in: Brazil: Record; Czech: Euromedia; France:
Fleuve Noir-Havas Poche; France: Pocket Jeunnesse; Germany: Bertelsmann; Germany: Festa Verlag;
Italy: Casa Editrice; Japan: Fuso Sha; Poland: CIA; Russia: Centrepolygraph; UK: Headline

Writers House                                                                      Frankfurt 2005

William Berger
PUCCINI WITHOUT EXCUSES:                     A Refreshing Reassessment of the World’s Most
Popular Composer
Vintage: November 2005

“On virtually every page is something to learn, something to remember, something to smooth the
fur or raise the hackles – or both” – Kirkus Reviews

Puccini is the most beloved composer of opera in the world: one quarter of all opera
performances in the U.S. are of his operas, his music pervades movie soundtracks, and his plots
have infiltrated our popular culture. But, although Puccini’s art still captivates audiences and the
popularity of such works as Tosca, La Boheme, and Madama Butterfly has never waned, he has
long been a victim of critical snobbery and cultural marginalization.

In this witty and informative guide for beginners and fans alike, William Berger sets the record
straight, reclaiming Puccini as a serious artist. Berger follows the same successful format as the
other installments in his series on significant opera composers: a brief biography of the artist, a
breakdown of each opera with comments introducing the characters and explaining what kind of
singer each part calls for, then an act-by-act summary with instructions on what to watch and
listen for. Combining his trademark irreverent humor with passionate enthusiasm, Berger strikes
just the right balance of introductory information and thought-provoking analysis.

William Berger is the author of Wagner Without Fear, an engaging guide to Opera’s most
demanding genius, Richard Wagner, and of Verdi with a Vengeance, an energetic guide to the
life and complete works of the King of Opera, Giuseppe Verdi. He is a frequent lecturer and radio
commentator and has recently been a regular host for New York Public Radio’s Overnight Music.
He has written libretti, performance pieces, and articles on a wide variety of topics including
architecture, religion, and, of course, music. He is also a music host for WNYC radio.

David Berlinski
Pantheon, June 2006

Following in the tradition of his best selling A Tour of the Calculus, Berlinski explains the
fundamentals of basic mathematics for the general reader in his acclaimed, successful, and
wonderfully accessible style. Absolutely Elementary Mathematics reveals the simple, lucid,
entirely accessible world of basic math that all too often lies hidden behind a wall of symbols and
formulas. In his inimitable fashion, Berlinski explains the elementary concepts of arithmetic,
algebra, geometry and logic that inform our everyday lives but are muddled in our minds from
high school pre-calculus onward.

David Berlinski’s latest book, Infinite Ascent, published by Modern Library in July is gathering
great reviews:

“Berlinski spins his narrative clearly, colorfully and with surprising thoroughness in such a brief
treatment” –Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“his engaging style should attract many readers, science buffs and generalists alike to this
excellent entry in Modern Library’s Chronicles series.” – Publishers Weekly

Rights in David Berlinski’s books have been sold in: Brazil: Globo; Croatia: Mediasoft; Germany:
Euopaische; Italy: Rizzoli; Poland: Universitas; Taiwan: Commonwealth; UK: Duckworth

Writers House                                                                            Frankfurt 2005

Bruce Campbell
St. Martin’s Press: June 2005
What you’re reading right now is known as the “flap copy,” where my latest book, Make Love the
Bruce Campbell Way, is boiled down to essentials. Mine is an “autobiographical novel,”
revolving around my preparation for a role in the A-list film Let’s Make Love! with Richard Gere
and Renee Zellwegger. It’s the break any actor dreams of, but my Homeric attempt to break
away from B-grade genre fare is hampered by a vengeful studio executive and a production
infected by the “B movie virus,” symptoms of which include excessive use of cheesy special
effects, slapstick, and projectile vomiting.

From a violent fist-fight with a Buddhist to a life-altering stint in federal prison, this novel has it all.
If you like John Grisham, Tom Clancy, or one too many run-on sentences, you’ll absolutely love
Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way.

Bruce “Don’t Call Me Ash” Campbell

Praise for Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way:

“A rollicking spoof by B-list actor Campbell, hero of the Evil Dead series, who attempts to rise
above his station and wreaks havoc in the bargain…this is good fun, and lot’s of it”- Kirkus

Bruce Campbell’s first book, If Chins Could Kill, was a major sleeper hit and became a New
York Times and national bestseller. He is the ultimate B-actor, with an ever-growing fan base. In
2005, Bruce will be seen in the Disney film Sky High and The Man with the Screaming Brain, a
film based on his own four-part comic book, which will also mark his directorial debut. Make Love
the Bruce Campbell Way made an appearance on the New York Times bestseller extended list.

Don and Noriko Carroll
FIRST FLIGHT: A Hummingbird’s Story
Andrews McMeel Publishing: Spring 2006
When Noriko and Don Carroll moved from New York City to suburban Las Vegas, they found a
tiny nest on a clothesline on their back porch. As the Carrolls settled into their new home, so did a
female hummingbird they named Honey. For weeks, the Carroll’s watched in fascination as they
witnessed an event few humans are privy to—the birth and growth of two hummingbirds.

First Flight is the beautifully photographed story of Honey and her two chicks, Ray and Zen. In
over fifty stunning, full-color close-ups, it captures the grace, the beauty, and the simultaneous
strength and fragility of one of nature’s tiniest birds. Professional photographer Don Carroll’s
images of his tiny housemates are woven throughout with Noriko’s charming narrative describing
the mother bird and her developing brood.

Not just for bird enthusiasts, First Flight is a magical mix of hummingbird field guide, personal
story, and new life taking flight. Readers will be captivated by the inherent drama as it unfolds in
miniature, and they’ll cheer as babies Ray and Zen make their own first flights out into a bright
new world.

Noriko and Don Carroll are a wife-and-husband creative team of photo-illustrators. Together,
Don and Noriko wrote and illustrated Happy Birthday, the Cat. Don is also the author of Focus
on Special Effects.

Rights in Noriko and Don Carroll’s books have been sold in: Japan: ArtistHouse

Writers House                                                                         Frankfurt 2005

Doris Christopher, foreword by Warren Buffett
Doubleday: July 2005
A bestseller on the New York Times Business Books List, this book is about Doris Christopher, a
housewife and mother of two small children living in a Chicago suburb, prompted by a need to
supplement her husband’s income, began selling kitchen products to small groups of women in
their homes. Starting her business in the basement of her modest home with only $3,500
borrowed on her husband’s life insurance policy, Doris built one of the most successful
companies ever founded and operated by an American woman. How did a seemingly ordinary
woman create a multimillion dollar company without sacrificing the needs of her family? In The
Pampered Chef, Christopher shares her unique success story and offers business tips along the
way. This is an inspiring story of a woman who succeeded by doing it her way—she started with
a mission to serve others and refused to compromise her principles. In 2003, only 22 years
since she started her company, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway acquired The Pampered
Chef for a sum of money that made Doris Christopher perhaps America’s most wealthy self-made
woman. Today, an estimated 12 million customers annually buy Pampered Chef products.

Doris Christopher is the founder and CEO of The Pampered Chef, Ltd. She has been featured in
numerous publications, including Fortune, Working Woman, and The Wall Street Journal.

Jim de Kay
M. Evans: Fall 2006
About 10% of the world’s population is left-handed…but not in the White House! Over the past
sixty years, 45% of American presidents have been left-handed and in the past thirty years, that
figure has jumped to 67%! What’s behind this surprising statistic? Why do left-handers seem to
have such an advantage in the rough and tumble of national politics?

Cartoonist Jim de Kay casts a lighthearted look at the increasing prominence of left-handers
around the world, and comes up with some surprising – and often hilarious – answers. He traces
the evolution of left-handers down through the past 100 million years, and concludes that they’re
just plain better equipped for the fast-paces, non-logical, highly graphic modern ethos.

This book will gladden the heart and boost the ego of every frustrated left-hander who never
managed to get the hang of scissors, power tools and coin operated machines, and will help
every parent of a left-hander to understand why their child may be a little different, but also a little
better equipped to handle today’s rapidly changing lifestyles.

Rights in Jim de Kay’s previous books have sold in: Spain: Distribudora; UK: Random House

Writers House                                                                       Frankfurt 2005

Richard Henry Drummond
ISLAM FOR THE WESTERN MIND: Understanding Muhammad and the Koran
Hampton Roads: September 2005
Muslim is the world’s second largest religion in the world, yet western portrayals of the Islamic
mind are often flawed if not openly biased. Islam for the Western Mind is an intensive look at
what inspires and motivates Muslims, the controversial views on Jesus, women and pagans by
Muhammad and the teachings of the Koran.

Richard Henry Drummond presents the essential text for anyone wanting an unbiased look at the
life and teachings of Islam’s founding prophet, paying detailed attention to the religious and
political community that existed during Muhammad’s time and how it shaped his teachings.
Drummond also looks at the larger cultural impact of Islam, examining what he calls the
“lightning-strike spread” of the new religion across much of the Middle East, North Africa, and
parts of Europe.

Richard Henry Drummond is the author of six books including A Life of Jesus the Christ. He is
also an ordained Presbyterian minister and former professor who was named as one of the
outstanding scholars of the 20th Century.

Rights in Richard Henry Drummond’s previous works have sold in: France: Mortagna; Germany:
Shirner; Spain: Edaf

Linda Eckhardt with Barbara Bradley and Judy Kern
Gotham Books:
There are more than 44 million dog owners, 72% of whom buy Christmas presents for their pets,
and 22% of whom celebrate their pets’ birthdays. In fact, more than half of dog owners surveyed
say that they prefer their pet’s company to that of humans! In The Dog Ate It, esteemed
cookbook author Linda Eckhardt invites eager dog owners into their kitchens to create delightful
meals, snacks and even desserts that both pooch and chef can enjoy! With easy to follow
instructions, nutritional information, portion guidelines, and serving instructions, The Dog Ate It is
a fun and incredibly saleable project that could reach the hands—and mouths—of countless
eager recipients.

Linda West Eckhardt is the author of 15 cookbooks including: The James Beard Award winning
Entertaining 101 and its companion, Stylish One Dish Dinners, which was also nominated for a
James Beard Award in 2000; The High Protein Cookbook, Half Scratch Magic; Desserts in
Half the Time, Barbecue Indoors and Out, The Only Texas Cookbook, Bread in Half the
Time, which was not only named the Best Cookbook in America for 1991 by the IACP, but also
the best book on the subject of baking for that year. She has published over 200 articles for
national magazines and is a regular contributor to Cooking Light, Country Living, Hot Dots.Com,
and Better Homes and Gardens.

Writers House                                                                       Frankfurt 2005

Derek Fell
Avalon: November 2004
Van Gogh’s Women is a revealing and moving look at Vincent van Gogh's life seen through his
relationships with women. A heartless prostitute named Sien; a shy, spinsterish Margot
Begemann; a nineteen-year old landlady's daughter, Eugenie; a widowed first cousin, Kee; the
seventeen-year old peasant girl, Stien de Groot; his twenty-one-year-old doctor's daughter,
Marguerite—to all of them he would declare his love. With none would he find the wife to seal the
emotional bond he so ardently desired. We see this romantic yearning not only in the artist's
letters to his brother, Theo, but also in heartfelt correspondence to his aggrieved mother, his loyal
sister Wil, and his devoted sister-in-law, Johanna. Fell describes the psychological blows Vincent
suffered when rejected, and the self-destructive, violent behavior that ensued. Fell depicts the
passions that fueled Vincent's genius and tormented his heart, and sheds light on the
circumstances that spiraled the artist downward into mental delirium. The author also offers new
evidence of Van Gogh's tumultuous friendship with Gauguin and their catastrophic breakup two
days before Christmas, that cost Vincent his ear, his sanity and within two haunted years, his life.

Derek Fell, a photographer and writer, is the author of more than fifty books, with more than 2.5
million copies in print, including The Impressionist Garden, Renoir's Garden, Secrets of
Monet's Garden, Impressionist Bouquets, and Van Gogh's Gardens. He has won more
awards from the Garden Writers Association of America than any other writer.

Rights to Van Gogh’s Women have been sold in: Brazil: Verus; Korea: Minumsa; UK: Robson

Jared Fogle with Anthony Bruno
St. Martins:Winter 2006
Jared Fogle started gaining weight when he was eight. Year after year, he gained steadily until in
college he hit 425 pounds. He was addicted to fattening, unhealthy food, consuming 10,000
calories a day—five times what he should have been eating. He tried many diets, but none
worked. Realizing that his life was in danger, he devised his own diet, eating only low-fat, low-
calorie Subway sandwiches. Though unconventional, Jared could stick to this diet because
unlike all the others, it gave him food he liked and it made sense to him. In eleven months, he
lost 245 pounds, and he has kept it off now for seven years. Jared has become a major celebrity
because of his appearances in over 30 television commercials for Subway that have been
broadcast in the U.S. and around the world. Seinfeld has called him, “the biggest thing in
American pop culture.” Constantly on the road, Jared spreads his message wherever he goes,
helping people conquer their problems.

Jared shares the secrets of his success and shows readers how they can apply what he learned
to their own issues. Not just a diet book, Jared the Subway Guy is a primer for those who want
to make big changes in their lives and don’t know where to start.

Writers House                                                                       Frankfurt 2005

Bradley Trevor Greive
Andrews McMeel: November 2005
What more can you possibly say about love? Leave it to Bradley Trevor Greive to cut through
centuries of words that examine this universal emotion to present both the sum and substance of
love in a way that will touch readers' hearts. As he's done in 10 previous titles with us—from The
Blue Day Book to Dear Dad—Bradley combines his whimsical wording and unique viewpoint in
a way that charms readers everywhere.

The Simple Truth About Love explores this universal sentiment throughout its many nuances,
while recognizing the elements that make it such an incredibly wonderful part of our lives. Helping
along the way, of course, are the individually selected animal photographs that perfectly convey
the ideas that Bradley presents. From the chick sheltered beneath his mother's wing to the cubs
locked in joyous embrace, the images make this book a delight.

New York Times best-selling author Bradley Trevor Greive, author of the modern classic The
Blue Day Book, is a household name in thirty-five countries. His ten previous books have won
awards worldwide and sold more than 10 million copies.

Rights in Bradley Trevor Greive’s books have been sold in: Australia: Random House; Bulgaria: Ciela;
Brazil: Sextante GMT Editores; China: Citics; Czech Republic: Metafora; Denmark: Forum; Estonia:
Hotger; Finland: WSOY; France: Hors Collection; Germany: Heyne; Greece: Fytrakis; Hungary: Gabo;
Israel: Matar; Italy: Mondadori; Japan: Ta-Ke Shobo; Korea: Bada; Latin America: Vergara & Riba;
Latvia: Zvaigzne ABC; Lithuania: Alma Littera; Mexico: Diana (Blue Day Book only); Netherlands: Bruna
(Dear Mom only); Norway: Bladkompaniet; Portugal: Pergaminho; Russia: Dobraya Kniga; Serbia:
Laguna (Blue Day Book only); South Africa: Random House South Africa; Spain: Ediciones Salamandra;
Sweden: Bonniers; Taiwan: Crown; Thailand: Blue Scheme & P. Watin; Turkey: Dharma & Klan; UK:
Robson Books & Andrews McMeel

Steve Hartov and Mike Durant
Putnam (World English): 2006
Delve into the world of the U.S. Army’s most elite aviation unit, the 160th Special Operations
Aviation Regiment (Airborne). From “Operation Urgent Fury” in Grenada, to “Operation Iraqi
Freedom” and the ongoing “War On Terrorism,” the helicopter pilots, crews and commandos of
the 160th have been at the point of the spear and in the thick of combat. They are the most
daring and professional helicopter crews in the world, yet few Americans have ever heard of
them, for until now The Night Stalkers have shunned the light of glory.

Born out of the debacle that was “Desert One,” the failed rescue attempt of American hostages in
Iran in 1980, the 160th was formed to meet the urgent needs of U.S. Special Operations troops.
With the face of global conflict changing to a growing threat of terrorism and counter-insurgency
warfare, American forces had to have a highly trained aviation unit of fearless helicopter pilots
who could deliver and support Delta operators, Rangers and SeAL teams to any target, at any
point on the globe, in all weather, night or day. The pilots and crews of the 160th would have to
exist in a world of “black operations,” performing at the top of their game, every minute, while
receiving no recognition for their “impossible” missions. They would have to be the best of the
best, and that is what they became.

Writers House                                                                         Frankfurt 2005

In twelve chapters of harrowing adventures, the stories of these veteran pilots, crews and their
loved ones will be told; true tales of combat, capture, victory and loss. These are diaries of
modern war that have never been told before, because until the writing of The Night Stalkers,
each of these missions has been classified: Top Secret.

Steve Hartov once made a living staging battles and explosions for motion picture companies.
His first novel, The Heat of Ramadan was a bestseller for Book of the Month Club and an
independent feature film. He is also the author of the well-reviewed The Nylon Hand of God
(Morrow 1996) and The Devil’s Shepherd (Morrow 2000). He co-wrote the bestselling In the
Company of Heroes with Blackhawk pilot Durant, a recounting of Durant’s experiences in
Mogadishu during America’s biggest firefight since Vietnam.

Stephen Hawking
With Leonard Mlodinow
Bantam, September 2005
Stephen Hawking’s worldwide bestseller, A Brief History of Time, was revolutionary in the world
of scientific writing. The engaging voice encompasses the nature of space and time, the role of
God in creation, the history and future of the universe. As a more accessible and current version,
A Briefer History of Time expands areas of special interest and recent progress, from the latest
developments in string theory to exciting developments in the search for a complete unified
theory of all the forces of physics.

Subjects of wide interest that were difficult to follow because they were interspersed throughout
the book have now been given entire chapters of their own, including relativity, curved space, and
quantum theory. Conversely, purely technical concepts, such as the mathematics of chaotic
boundary conditions, are gone. Like prior editions of the book, A Briefer History of Time will
guide nonscientists everywhere in the ongoing search for the tantalizing secrets at the heart of
time and space.

Praise for A Briefer History of Time:
“The authors maintain the same wry, lively tone that made the original Brief History such a
delight. They close with a discussion of where physics ends and philosophy begins, ‘Why does
the universe exist at all?’ They cannot provide the answer but they do provide an immense
amount of food for thought. Highly recommended.” – Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

Rights to A Briefer History of Time have been sold in: Brazil: Ediouro; Denmark: Dyldendalske; China
(simplified): Hunan; Croatia: Izvori; Czech: Argo; France: Flammarion; Germany: Rowohlt; Greece:
Katoptro; Holland: Prometheus; Italy: RCS Libri; Israel: Sifriat Ma’Ariv; Japan: Kodansha; Korea: Kachi;
Norway: JW Cappelens; Poland: Zysk Wydawnicto; Portugal: Gradiva; Russia: Amphora; Serbia: Alnari;
Slovenia: Zolozba; Spain: Critica; Spain (Catalan): Columna; Taiwan: Yee Wen.

Writers House                                                                        Frankfurt 2005

Edward Humes
Ecco: 2007
The second coming of Scopes is set to begin in federal court in September 2005 – and this time,
the stakes are far higher. At issue is one of the most incendiary disputes our society faces today:
What do we teach our kids about where we come from? How do we balance knowledge and faith
in a public school?

Monkey Girl is a rare book that combines remarkable human drama, critical public policy
questions, a momentous trial with the potential to influence the course of history, fascinating
historical and scientific back-stories, a tale of political intrigue and influence-peddling. In Monkey
Girl, the wonderfully astute Humes presents a story that both sides of the divide can read and
learn from, by humanizing both sides of an issue in which demonization is all too common.

An author and journalist, Edward Humes received the Pulitzer Prize for specialized reporting in
1989. He is the author of seven books, including School of Dreams (Harcourt 2004), the best-
seller Mean Justice (Simon & Schuster 1999) and No Matther How Loud I Shout (Simon &
Schuster 1996), which was named best book of the year by the Investigative Reporters and
Editors of America and received the 1997 PEN Center USA West Award for research nonfiction.

Erica Jong
Tarcher: March 2006
After three prolific decades of fame and fear, husbands and lovers, fine wine and sometime
sobriety, acclaim and derision – and a grandson! – Erica Jong still knows how to take her readers
on a wild flight in this disarmingly candid memoir.
Seducing the Demon is the sublime and salacious story of one writer’s long and successful
career as a poet, novelist, and feminist provocateuse. Jong is refreshingly direct, whether writing
sex scenes, evoking the lure of alcohol and grass or conforming to the rigid narrative of
Alcoholics Anonymous. Equally candid about the privileges of fame and the slaps of notoriety,
Jong is finally loyal to the importance of telling the truth in an age of lies. Interspersed throughout
are her trenchant observations on great writers, and comments on her life as an author and on
the role of literature in an uncertain time.

An uncanny combination of bookish and bawdy, literary and libidinous, Seducing the Demon is
an invaluable glimpse into one of the most provocative minds of our time.

Erica Jong is the author of 19 books of poetry, fiction and memoir including Fear of Flying, which
has over 18 million copies in print worldwide. Currently she is working on a novel featuring
Isadora Wing, the heroine of Fear of Flying as a woman of a certain age.

Rights to Erica Jong’s previous book, Sappho’s Leap, have sold in:
Croatia: Vukovic & Runjic; Estonia: Eesti Raamat; Germany: Ullstein; Greece: Patakis;
Holland: Sirena; Italy: Bompiani; Poland: Bertelsmann Media Spolka; Portugal: Bertrand;
Romania: Paralea 45; Serbia: Alnari; Turkey: Inkilap Kitabevi; UK: Arcadia

Writers House                                                                       Frankfurt 2005

Stephen Leeb
Warner (World Rights): February 2006
In 1999, Stephen Leeb’s Defying the Market warned America (and the world) that the tech
bubble would soon burst, bringing monstrous losses to intoxicated investors who thought the
boom would go on and on. Six months later everything he said came true. In 2004, Leeb’s The
Oil Factor predicted oil would rise over the decade to over $100 a barrel. When that was written,
oil was less than $35, and commentators were claiming it was overpriced. Of course now, it’s
well over $60. In The Coming Economic Collapse, Leeb shows that groupthink, widespread
denial, and blind belief in authority have left our economy more vulnerable than most of us
acknowledge or are even aware of. He makes a compelling case for imminent economic havoc
caused by a permanent decline in oil production with aftershocks of surging inflation, and
plummeting housing prices brought on by flat interest rates. But all is not doom and gloom. This
book directs readers to practical steps society must take to deal with the crisis, and will also show
how individual investors nonetheless can position themselves to survive and thrive. Leeb’s
previous books were embraced by thousands. This one will speak to a wider audience desperate
to protect itself from the catastrophe that awaits.

Stephen Leeb is one of America’s keenest analysts of financial and societal trends. His award-
winning newsletter, The Complete Investor, now boasts more than 40,000 subscribers; and he is
renowned for finishing at or near the top of The Wall Street Journal’s annual stock-picking
contest. Business Week lavishly praised him, “brilliant and superbly written, The Oil Factor
cannily guides investors…a truly impressive account.”

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
Mountain of Love: March 2005
Dr. Bruce Lipton is a former medical school professor and research scientist and his experiments,
and those of other leading-edge scientists, have examined in great detail the processes by which
cells receive information. The implications of this research radically change our understanding of
life. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by
signals from outside the cell, such as those from our positive and negative thoughts. Dr. Lipton's
profoundly hopeful blend of the latest research in cell biology and quantum physics is being
hailed as a major breakthrough showing that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our
thinking. The Biology of Belief is a pioneering work that will forever change how we think about
our own thinking.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit. He
has been a guest speaker on dozens of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for
national conferences. His breakthrough studies on the cell membrane presaged the new science
of Epigentics and have made him a leading voice of the new biology.

Rights in The Biology of Belief have sold in: France: Ariane; Holland: Ankh-Hermes; Indonesia: Bhuna
Ilmu; Korea: Gimm Young; Turkey: Yerdeniz

Writers House                                                                     Frankfurt 2005

Leonard Mlodinow
Pantheon/Vintage: 2007
Leonard Mlodinow’s The Drunkard’s Walk uses Einstein’s studies of Brownian Motion to show
how the same random processes that determine molecular activity can also be applied to our
daily lives. Mlodinow is also the author of Euclid’s Window (Free Press 2001), Feynmann’s
(Warner 2003), a Scholastic math series for children, and A Briefer History of Time with the
world renowned professor of physics at Cambridge, Dr. Stephen Hawking, for Bantam.

Rights to Leonard Mlodinow’s books have been sold in: Brazil: Jorge Zahar & Geracao; China: Hainan;
Croatia: Izvori; France: Saint Simon; Germany: Campus; Hungary: Akkord Kiado; Japan: Japan
Broadcast; Korea: Kachi; Serbia: Laguna: Taiwan: Athena; UK: Penguin

Diane Phillips
Harvard Common Press: October 2005
Diane Phillips, author of The Soup Mix Gourmet, The Ultimate Rotisserie Cookbook, and The
Perfect Basket, signed with Harvard Common Press to write Perfect Holiday Party Food, a
follow-up to Perfect Party Food.

Siimon Reynolds
50 Proven Ways to Feel Happier
Ten Speed Press: April 2005
If you’ve ever wanted to feel happier, this is the book for you. It’s packed with powerful
techniques to increase your happiness and help you get maximum joy out of life. Backed by
extensive research, Reynolds explores the new field of Positive Psychology, which shows that
anyone can be happier by following a series of simple, specific actions. A renowned advertising
executive, this author has spent the last 20 years studying happiness. Here, he shares many
techniques which are easy to try and potentially life-changing. Why fall back on chocolate when
you can experience bliss? The book is enhanced by charming and playful illustrations.

Siimon Reynolds is the chairman and creative director of Love Communications, an advertising
agency based in Australia. He has won almost every major advertising award in the world,
including the Gold Lion at Cannes and the Grand Prize at the London International Advertising

Rights to Better Than Chocolate have been sold in: Australia, MacMillan; Germany: Droemer; Korea:
Sejong; Japan: Discover 21; Latvia: Zvaigane ABC; Lithuania: Leidikyla Vaga; Brazil: Nova Frontiera

Writers House                                                                     Frankfurt 2005

Glenn and Laura Rinsky
John Wiley: 2007
A comprehensive resource guide for pastry professionals and home cooks seeking dessert

Rick Rodgers
William Morrow
Rick Rodgers, the prolific and talented author of over 20 cookbooks, will write Cooking 101, a
follow up to his wildly successful 101 series (Christmas 101, Thanksgiving 101, Barbeque
101). A compendium volume, Cooking 101 teaches Rick’s legions of fans how to cook
everything using basic ingredients and Rick’s artful but easy techniques.

Robert Rosen
SAVING THE JEWS: FDR and the Holocaust
Thunder’s Mouth Press: January 2006
Saving the Jews explains how Franklin D. Roosevelt and his administration addressed the Nazi
persecution of the Jews, the Holocaust and “the Final Solution” from Roosevelt’s first inauguration
in 1933 to his death in April 1945. It vigorously disputes the generally accepted view that
Roosevelt abandoned the Jews of Europe and that Americans were passive, even callous
bystanders to the Holocaust. Instead the book demonstrates Roosevelt’s early and accurate
assessment of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and his concern about German Jews and Jewish
refugees. It describes Roosevelt’s personal plan to ransom German Jews in 1938 and 1939, his
recalling the American ambassador to Germany after the Nazi pogroms known as Kristallnacht in
1938, the secret machinations of his administration to save the passengers on the “S.S. St.
Louis,” and his speaking out forcefully against German crimes against the Jews from 1941 to the
end of the war. It offers new explanations about Roosevelt’s support of immigration legislation
and why the President never ordered the bombing of Auschwitz. Based on original research and
a fresh interpretation of events, Saving the Jews: FDR and the Holocaust disputes most of the
conclusions which historians have drawn about Roosevelt and the Holocaust for the past forty

Robert N. Rosen, a lawyer and historian, is the author of several books including: The Jewish
Confederates which won the Best History Award from the Independent Publisher’s Association
and was praised by The New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, and scholarly journals.

Writers House                                                                     Frankfurt 2005

John Sarno
THE DIVIDED MIND: The Psychology of Psychosomatic Disorders
HarperCollins: April 2006
Psychosomatic pain is perhaps the most misunderstood subject in the world of medicine. The
unconscious mind is a powerful tool and can both create pain and remove it. As a part of TMS
(Tension Myositis Syndrome—the pain syndrome named by Dr. John Sarno), illnesses as
disparate as acid reflux, carpal tunnel syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, spinal stenosis, tennis
elbow, and sciatica may all be related. Repressed rage—rage that the patient is not even aware
of—can wreak havoc with the body. When the symptoms of psychosomatic pain are treated by
medication or surgery, the placebo effect can make the pain disappear—and then reappear in
another, unrelated part of the body. But when the unconscious problem is uncovered and
brought to the awareness of the conscious mind, the pain can disappear, leaving patients
formerly crippled by pain able to resume their previous levels of activity—including back-
wrenching sports like golf. With modern interpretation of some of Freud’s misdiagnosed cases,
and an explanation of how and why the American medical community has left the mental part of
physical illness behind, Sarno’s discoveries—backed by thousands of cases over decades of
work—will leave the reader astounded, and possibly pain-free for life.

Dr. Sarno, perhaps the world’s best known back doctor, is professor of Clinical Rehabilitation
Medicine at the New York University School of Medicine and author of two groundbreaking,
bestselling works, Healing Back Pain, 600,000 copies, (Warner 1991) and The Mind Body
Prescription (Warner 1999).

Joan Schneider
NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: 10 Proven Strategies
Stagnito Communications: 2005
Over 33,000 new products are introduced each year with 75 percent ending in failure. A first-of-
its-kind book, New Product Launch provides a roadmap for product development teams to
rethink their launch process and to avoid common launch pitfalls. Public relations expert Joan
Schneider based this innovative book on groundbreaking research, scores of case histories,
interviews with high-level marketing executives, and personal business experience. Schneider’s
sharp, detailed advice paves the way for a successful product launch.

Schneider is founder of Schneider & Associates, a Boston public relations firm. After years of
last-minute phone calls from clients who were about to launch a new product, she developed the
innovative Launch PR process. Her unique methodology has helped companies such as
Unilever/Best Foods, Pepperidge Farm NECCO, Edy’s Ice Cream, CVS and Subway.

Writers House                                                                      Frankfurt 2005

Jane Seymour
Bullfinch (World Rights): April 2007
No one knows better than Jane Seymour how essential it is to put it all together. An acclaimed
actress, devoted wife, and mother of six, Jane is also an accomplished artist, talented fashion
designer, published author, and noted philanthropist.

Now, Jane channels her unique talents and love of art into yet another area of expertise - that of
home décor. The creator of an enormously successful home furnishing collection for Saks
Incorporated, Jane travels the country sharing her styling tips with women from all over.
According to Jane, the question she’s continuously asked is how to put all the different elements
of design together in a way that is not only beautifully sumptuous and elegant but also eminently
affordable and practical. In Putting It All Together: From My Home To Yours, Jane reveals the
personal styling tips that she uses in her own homes to teach the reader how to create a
personalized, comfortable home style.

A multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner, recipient of the Officer of the British Empire (OBE) in
the year 2000, actress Jane Seymour has proven her talents in virtually all media—from the
Broadway stage to motion pictures to television. In addition to her critically acclaimed work as an
actress, Seymour also has successful careers as a designer of housewares and as a painter,
exhibiting her painting and artwork in prestigious galleries around the world. Putting It All
Together coincides with the recent launch of her new home line, created in partnership with
Saks, Inc.

Dennis Smith
Warner: September 2005
At 5:12 a.m. on the morning of April 18, 1906, San Francisco was struck by one of the worst
earthquakes in history, instantly killing hundreds. The ensuing fires that ravaged the city for days
were responsible for the deaths of 3,000 more. In all, 522 blocks and 28,188 buildings were
leveled, and some 200,000 people dislocated.

This watershed event in American history has never before been told with the richness of
historical detail and insight that our foremost historian of fire, Dennis Smith, brings to it in San
Francisco is Burning. Smith cinematically recounts this terrible tragedy through the stories of
the people who lived through those terrible days—from a valiant naval officer who helped save
the city’s piers and wharves to Eugene Schmitz, the crooked mayor, to the "debonair scoundrel"
Abe Ruef, the most erudite city boss in American history. Throughout, Smith reveals many
unknown details, from the city’s great vulnerability to fire—due to its corrupt and hasty building
practices—to the widespread racism the quake unleashed and the atrocities committed by
national guardsmen. Told with verve and a seasoned firefighter’s knowledge, San Francisco is
Burning is the gripping and definitive account of one of the greatest disasters of the twentieth

Dennis Smith, a former New York City firefighter, is the founding editor of Firehouse Magazine
and the bestselling author of eleven books, including Report From Ground Zero, Report From
Engine Co. 82, and A Song for Mary.

Writers House                                                                        Frankfurt 2005

Mark Tier
The Wealth-Building Secrets of the World's Master Investors Buffett, Icahn,
St. Martin’s Press: April 2005
Becoming Rich dissects the winning investment habits of master investors Warren Buffett,
George Soros and Carl Icahn. What could they possibly have in common? Mark Tier found that
they rigorously practice exactly the same mental habits and strategies. Habits like never
diversifying—when they buy, they “buy as much as they can,” being highly risk adverse, and not
giving a hoot about all those research reports Wall Street churns out. Tier shows readers how
they too can become rich by replicating the habits of these master investors in chapters like “The
Seven Deadly Investment Sins,” “You Call That a Position,” and “The 23 Winning Investment
Habits.” Becoming Rich helps serious and casual investors alike, as well as offering intriguing
insights into the lives of these almost mythical moneymakers.

Rights to Becoming Rich have been sold in: Brazil: Elsevier; China: CITIC; Japan: Diamond, Inc.; Korea:
Kugil; Taiwan: Linking; UK: Kogan Page

Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarborough
Morrow: 2007
A comprehensive cookbook, sweet to savory, appetizers to desserts, by the esteemed authors of
the popular ULTIMATE cookbook series. The Ultimate Cookbook allows readers to become
ultimate cooks themselves by understanding the base recipes that can be used to make
hundreds of variations—and put hundreds of dinners on the table.

World rights revert to Writers House 6 months after publication.

Colin Wilson
Inner Traditions: Spring 2006
Wilson offers proof that civilization began much earlier than we suspect—that in fact civilized man
existed one hundred thousand years ago, not the commonly accepted 15,000 BC. His work is
built on that of American academic Charles Hapgood who was convinced that the Neanderthal
was not a shambling ape man, but a highly intelligent being and that the Greeks knew the precise
circumference of the earth

Wilson’s first book The Outsider, published when he was 24, became an international best seller.
To escape celebrity, he moved to Cornwall, and then went on to produce five more “philosophical
books” on what he called “the New Existentialism,” twenty novels, and several books on the
paranormal including the bestselling The Occult. His works have been translated into 20

Writers House                                                                     Frankfurt 2005

Joshua Zeitz
Crown: March 2006
The flapper changed more than women’s lives, she changed the way Americans thought about
sex, romance, beauty, fashion, politics, celebrity and consumption. Flapper follows the
intertwined stories of Lois Long, a pioneer fashion columnist and original staff writer at The New
Yorker; John Held, Jr. and Gordon Conway, America’s leading magazine cover artists in the 20s;
Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, the most famous American celebrity couple of the twentieth century;
Coco Chanel and Paul Poiret, the leading pioneers of Parisian couture; and Clara Bow, Colleen
Moore and Louise Brooks, the great flapper triumvirate of Jazz-Age Hollywood. A compelling
cultural history, Flapper provides insight into the link between the media and cultural change, and
how celebrity culture and the media came to play such a large role in America today.

Joshua Zeitz is incoming Lecturer on American History and Pembroke College fellow at the
University of Cambridge. He is also a staff writer at American Heritage. His work has appeared in
The New Republic, The Washington Post, the LA Times, and Dissent.


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