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					Coming Soon in London Training course in the Fundamentals of Nutrition in the HOLY QUR'AN , will be delivered by Dr. Jameel Al-Qudsi Dweik , in cooperation with Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in London

The Discovery of Dr.Jameel Al-Qudsi triggers a great revolution in the world, that spreads into wide levels & disciplines . The most important levels are nutrition, energy , philosophy and medicine worlds, including the miraculous points of nutrition and energy in the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah . This discovery is of great importance according to its great reflections in treating the chronic diseases, which have no longer recovery with the modern medicine. This discovery enriched the philosophy world with solutions after the philosophical problems had been puzzling the philosophers for a long time in the last two centuries, without releasing a useful solution. After a long voyage of 5 years in the academic and scientific studies, Dr.Jameel AlQudsi will talk about his discovery , program and nutritional system that he came up with, and he will declare how could he deduce it, explaining the practical and living benefits in this course ,which will take place in LONDON. The course will be in two days, through total of 16 practical hours. At the end of this course, the participant will have attested certificates by Dr.Al-Qudsi and by The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre.  Title of the course :( Fundamentals of Nutrition in Qur’an and Sunnah)  Lecturer: Dr.Jameel Al-Qudsi Dweik  Date: The course will take place on Wednesday + Thursday 03+04.May.2006  Time: 10:00 am – 17:00 pm  Place: Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritgae Centre -244 Acklam Road London W10 5YG, 02089641496 on The working plan of the first day will be held within 8 hours PART –I: Duration :(4 Hours) The purpose of this part is to reach the fact that the Holy Qur’an is the perfect truth according to various scientific miracles that Dr.Al-Qudsi had discovered in the nutrition science .Another purpose is to explain the fundamentals of all science together according to the Holy Qur’an ,that GOD had already set up. Explaining the nutritional miraculous secrets that are found in the Holy Quran and the prophetic conduct. 1- The secret of the Pharaoh and the king is a perfect miracle 2- The secrets of the complete system of hormones which were pointed out in the opening of Sura Maryam (Mary).”New MIRACULOUS POINT” 3- Secrets of dates in Mary’s story.”New MIRACULOUS POINT” 4- The Up-to-date discovered secrets in eating dates through RAMADAN 5- The Up-to-date discovered secrets in forbearance characteristics of the prophets (Abraham , Ismail ,Shu’aib) .”New MIRACULOUS POINT” 6- The secrets that stand behind the word “BE HAPPY” that Allah inspirited to Mary. ”New MIRACULOUS POINT” 7- What have been discovered of the estimation miracles in the Holy Qur’an 8- The miracle of Number 19 in the Holy Qur’an.

9- Discovery of the Qur’an’s code in distribution of food and beverage along the day and establishing ALMEEZAN DIET on the estimation miracle scale.”New MIRACULOUS POINT” 10- Opened discussion. PART-II: Duration :(4 Hours) The purpose of this part is to approach the essentials of the nutrition fundamentals in the Holy Qur’an ,on which the diet has been built up to remedy. 1- Explaining the conformity between the derivatives of the word “EAT” and the food in the Holy Qur’an .”New MIRACULOUS POINT” 2- Explaining the conformity between the real nourishments in the Holy Qur’an and the number of foods mention through out the Qur’an.”New MIRACULOUS POINT” 3- Up-to-date discovered miracle: what is contained in the balanced diet (ALMEEZAN DIET) corresponds to the most up-to-date studies of the WHO, and corresponds to the Sunna of the prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) 4- The balanced diet (ALMEEZAN) drops the light on the number of meals through the nights and days. .”New MIRACULOUS POINT” 5- The golden principles in the balanced diet (ALMEEZAN DIET) .”New MIRACULOUS POINT” 6- Explaining the complete conformity with the up-to-date medical and scientific researches. 7- Explaining the complete conformity with the WHO amounts, and with DR.BERNARD JENSEN studies .and with other studies of vinegar. The symptoms and diseases that have been treated successfully by the balanced diet (ALMEEZAN) The concepts of therapy and treatment  The respiratory system diseases: Such as: the chronic asthma, the chronic nasal allergic infections, common tonsillitis for children caused by the local immune deficiency, the chronic maxillary sinusitis, chronic bronchitis , Emphysema ,repeated common colds due to decrease immunity , Acute otitis media and lungs chronic disease caused by lungs fibrosis.  The endocrinal and metabolic diseases: Such as : the surplus of the milk hormone, caused from the tumor in the prolactine sector in the pituitary gland, excess of the thyroid gland secretion , failure of the thyroid gland secretion, diabetes of the two types (depending on insulin/ independet on insulin), stopping the diabetes complications , hypercortisolism: Excessive levels of cortisol in the blood result in Cushing's syndrome , rickets in children, which is a softening of the bones owing to faulty mineralization, and a similar condition in adults, osteomalacia , infertility due to hormonal disturbance , pains of the menstruation period ,disturbances of the menstrual cycle, Ovary cysts, Uterus fibrosis ,Breast cysts (women) and other hormonal diseases  The renal and blood diseases:

Such as : Acute renal failure , chronic renal failure , kidney stones ,(pyelonephritis )the infection of the kidneys and is frequently caused by complication of a urinary tract infection, Interstitial nephritis , Glomerulonephritis and Lupus nephritis .  The Cardiovascular diseases Such as : high blood pressure , high cholesterol levels in blood, heart failure, arteriosclerosis in the heart, arteriosclerosis in the cerebrum, heart attacks (especially in the early period)  The blood diseases Such as: Anemia (iron deficiency anemia) , Primary Platelet deficiency , Leukemia (some types of Blood cancer) ,  The Joints diseases Such as : Rhumathoid arthritis , chronic back pains, systemic lupus erythrematosis , general joints pain , and most of the joints inflammatory diseases 8- The future horizons of the balanced diet (ALMEEZAN) 9- Opened discussion The working plan of the second day will be held within 8 hours PART –I: Duration :(4 Hours) The purpose of this part is to realize the scale and the balance that Allah had set up in the earth and in the heavens and in the universe, even realizing the human and his knowledge, and to identify the laws that establish the balance, and how to reserve the balance, to achieve the pleasure, and to explain how to intervene in restoring the balance when it is unequivalent ,and how to repair the defects in the balance and to recover the health physically and psychologically. 1- Discover the balance secrets in the holy Qur’an. 2- The conformity of the balance diet (ALMEEZAN) with the God’s statute 3- The first law of ALMEEZAN diet, THE TWO SEMICIRCLES LAW .(NEW MIRACULOUS POINT) 4- Discover the secrets of the TWO SEMICIRCLE LAW in the human body. 5- Discover the secrets of the TWO SEMICIRCLE LAW in the biochemical reactions in the human body. .(NEW MIRACULOUS POINT) 6- Discovery of the elements theory from the Holy Qur’an and the the prophetic hadiths, and classification of the mankind according to their diets by the two semicircle law. .(NEW MIRACULOUS POINT) 7- Discover the theory of the elements and behavior, and the relationship between the human diet and his behavior and manner , and to utilize the useful remedy for the psychological diseases. 8- Discover that the Qur’an is setting up the fundamentals of spectrology. .(NEW MIRACULOUS POINT) 9- Practical utilization of the two semicircle law in the daily life and the human diet. 10- Opened discussion

PART-II: Duration :(4 Hours) The purpose of this part is to approach the complementary balance and scale in the universe and in the human body, and to learn how to preserve the balance and not to exceed it, showing the risks of exceeding the balance that would be reflected upon all environmental ,intellectual, physical ,psychological, and mental levels. 1- Discover the secrets of the successful couples from the (two semicircle law) according to the hormonal system in the human body and according to the elements theory. .(NEW MIRACULOUS POINT) 2- Practical utilization from the CENTRALITY LAW in the daily life and the human diet. 3- Discover THE ELLIPTICAL ROTATION LAW one of ALMEEZAN laws. .(NEW MIRACULOUS POINT) 4- Essential corresponding between THE OVAL ROTATION LAW and the human biological clock. 5- Why should we wake up early in the dawn? Why should we praise the God by the dawn? Why should we praise the God by night? Why should we pray five times according to Islam? Why should we eat fruits through the days not through nights? Why should not we have the wheat in the morning? Why should not we have the dates or the grapes in the afternoon? Why should we drink after the meal not before? Why should we have the fruits before the meat not inversely? Why if we had the grenades it should be at the end of the meal? Why should we drink the vinegar after the yogurt? Why is it recommended to have the honey after the vinegar? Why is necessary to keep the diet in this order? 6- The holy Quran set up the time of meals according to the human biological clock, returning to the discovered code in Quran. 7- Practical utilization of the centrality law in the daily life and the human diet. 8- Determination the optimum time to have the diet (foods and drinks) dialy. 9- The corruption aspects that spread in the earth after exceeding the balance. 10- The future horizons of the balance diet (ALMEEZAN) 11- Opened discussion.

Note: During his stay in UK , Dr.Jameel Al-Qudsi apologize not to be able to receive the patients ,because of the full time plan. But he promise to keep in contact by the email with the subscribers, and individual who are interest to subscribe in ALMEEZAN diet.