how to convert mts to mov?

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					How to convert mts to mov
QuickTime is a multimedia architecture developed by Apple Computer for Mac OS, Mac OS X, Windows, and other platforms and allows your computer to work with real-time movies, sounds, and high-quality compressed images. It is the best choice for all of your digital media with a great deal of innovative features that can create the most cutting-edge multimedia experiences. The mov file format functions as a multimedia container file that contains one or more tracks which is primary codec used by QuickTime multimedia, although QuickTime can also work with .avi, .wma, .wmv, etc. Most HD camcorder record video with mts format which can not be played in QuickTime directly. If you play your video with QuickTime, you may need to convert mts files to mov format. With a mts to mov converter you can solve this problem easily. Mts to mov converter can converter the mts video to mob, mkv, flv, 3gp, vob, avi, mp4, m4v etc. You also can use it edit your video. You can crop, effect, trim your videoWith it, it also can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the screen. You can set the strat and end time of the video, you also can rotate the screen horizontally or vertically, you also can snapshot the beautiful picture of the video as you like.

How to convert mts to mov?
Step1: Download Download and install the mts to mov converter and you can see a interface as follow:

Step2: Import the mts files and choose the output format Just click Add to import the mts files, after this you need to set the format by expanding the drop down menu, then you need to save the videos by clicking the button under the pull down menu. If you want to merge several mts files into one, you just need to click the checkbox next to Start.

Step3: Edit the video You can click Edit and Setting to edit your mts video, you can click crop, effect, trim to adjust aspect ratio and the start and end time of your video, you can click the Setting to set the resolution, frame rate, encoder and bitrate of your mts video etc.

Step4: Convert the mts files After all the above steps are finished, your can click Start to convert your mts files to mov format directly.

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Description: MTS to MOV Converter can convert mts files to mov format which is used in QuickTime and mts files can also be convert to other common format such as vob, 3gp, flv and avi in just minutes with it.