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The School Holiday Program is a fun, inclusive, supportive and                                                1st round closes
flexible program that caters for children aged 5 to 12 years who                                         Friday 2nd September
                                                                                                          ENROL ONLINE AT
are attending school. A range of activities and experiences are
on offer everyday that build upon your child’s skills, knowledge                                          2nd round closes
and understanding, as well as their curiosity and imagination.                                                     shp
                                                                                                        Friday 9th September
Professional and qualified staff are on hand to help children
                                                                                                          All Payments 7 days
                                                                                                         Payments due due by
build their cooperation skills, respect and independence, all the
while ensuring they enjoy their holidays in a safe, fun and                                             from invoice issue date
welcoming environment.                                                                                    Cancellations due by
Children, aged 5 to 12 attending specialist schools, can also
                                                                                                         19 SEPTEMBER 2011
                                                                                                         Friday 13 September
access the program; simply call the School Holiday Program
Administration to discuss the suitability of the program for your
child’s additional needs.
Telephone: 5272 4443 Fax: 5272 4685 E-mail:
                North Shore                                            Belmont                                         Leopold
             Northern Bay College                            Barwon Valley Activity Centre                     Leopold Primary School
             (formally North Shore PS)                       Barwon Heads Road, Belmont                       Kensington Road, Leopold
             Tallis St, North Shore                               Tel: 0419 133 975                              Tel: 0434 070 190
              Tel: 0439 323 426
                           Newtown                                                                 Ocean Grove
                Fyan’s Park Primary School                                                  Ocean Grove Primary School
                    Cook Street, Newtown                                                    Draper Street, Ocean Grove
                      Tel: 0419 117 626                                                         Tel: 0419 134 847
  (These mobile numbers are only active during the program; please use the administration number above all other times.)

                                                                                           ENROL ONLINE
    Inside the program guide

    Program Calendar & Activities – Page 2 (inside)                            How to enrol - Page 3 (inside)

    Fee & Payment information - Page 3 (inside)                                Policies & Information for families - Page 4

*A late fee of $45.00 per 15 minutes or part thereof will be charged if children are collected later than 6.00pm to cover staff wages. If you
collect your child later than 6.00pm on more than 3 occasions you may not be allowed to access the program.
                                     School Holiday Program Calendar – SPRING 2013
              DATE/VENUE                     BELMONT                       NEWTOWN                   NORTH SHORE                     LEOPOLD                      OCEAN GROVE
          Mon 23 Sept rd                    Centre based                  Centre based                 Centre based                 Centre based                   Centre based
          Tues 24th Sept                    Centre based                  Centre based                    MOVIES                      MOVIES                         MOVIES
          Wed 25 Sept th                       MOVIES                     Centre based                 Centre based                 Centre based                   Centre based
          Thurs 26th Sept                   Centre based                  CINDERELLA                   Centre based                 Centre based                   Centre based
          Fri 27 Sept
                 th                     EASTERN BEACH                  EASTERN BEACH                EASTERN BEACH                 EASTERN BEACH               EASTERN BAECH
          Mon 30th Sept                    LEISURELINK                    Centre based                 Centre based                 Centre based                   Centre based
          Tues 1 Oct st                     Centre based                     MOVIES                    Centre based                SPLASHDOWN                     MOOREGRACE
          Wed 2nd Oct                       Centre based                  Centre based               WATERWORLD                     Centre based                   Centre based
          Thurs 3 Oct rd                   BIG DAY OUT                    BIG DAY OUT                 BIG DAY OUT                  BIG DAY OUT                    BIG DAY OUT

          Fri 4 Oct
                th                       WERRIBEE ZOO                   WERRIBEE ZOO                 WERRIBEE ZOO                 WERRIBEE ZOO                    WERRIBEE ZOO

                                  MOVIES                                                            FUN DAY AT EASTERN BEACH
Get ready for a laugh. We are off to see “Turbo”. Turbo is a high-                      This will be a great day out to enjoy the sunshine, be active and get to know
velocity comedy about an underdog snail who kicks into overdrive when                   kids from other programs. Join in with round robin activities all across Eastern
he miraculously attains the power of super-speed.                                       Beach. How much fun can you have! Are you up for the challenge?
      ALL PROGRAMS DEPART 12:00PM RETURN 4:30PM                                                  ALL PROGRAMS DEPART 10:00AM RETURN 4:00PM
Venue: Village Cinemas, Ryrie St, Geelong 1300 555 400                                  Venue: Eastern Beach, Geelong Waterfront
Dates: Tuesday 24 September 2013 (NS / Leo / OG)                                        Date: Friday 27 September 2013
       Wednesday 25 September 2013 (Belmont )
       Tuesday 1 October 2013 (Newtown)                                                 Cost = $50.50 per child per day less CCB + $12.50 ex. cost
                                                                                         Total Cost = $63.00                         Staff ratio for excursion 1:10
Cost = $50.50 per child per day less CCB + $13.50 ex. cost
Total Cost = $64.00               Staff Ratio for excursion 1:10

                           WERRIBEE ZOO                                                                           BIG DAY OUT+
FUN FOR ALL AGES! Go wild exploring the African wilderness and go on                    It’s back again. This time we are heading to the great outdoors ON OUR
a safari! Animal lovers will love seeing Rhinos, Giraffes and Gorillas. End             BIKES! All children will be required to provide a mountain or suitable dirt
the day with a picnic at Werribee Park and see the mansion.                             track bike and helmet. This day is very popular so please be quick to secure
                                                                                        a place
      ALL PROGRAMS DEPART 9:00AM RETURN 4:30PM                                          ONLY 25 CHILDREN (Grade 4+) WILL BE ABLE TO ATTEND
                                                                                                All centres will run a centre based program today
                                                                                               ALL PROGRAMS DEPART 8:45AM RETURN 4:30PM
Venue: Werribee Park – Zoo & Mansion, K Rd, Werribee
                                                                                        Venue: You Yangs, Forrest Rd North (route to be confirmed
Date: Friday 4 October 2013
                                                                                               before day due to weather)
Cost = $50.50 per child per day less CCB + $24.50 ex. cost                              Date: Thursday 3 October 2013
Total Cost = $75.00                         Staff ratio for excursion 1 :10             Cost = $50.50 per child per day less CCB + $27.50ex cost
                                                                                        Total = $78.00                      Staff Ratio for excursion is 1:7

       BELMONT                            NEWTOWN                         NORTH SHORE                           LEOPOLD                        OCEAN GROVE
    Get wet and make a                  Think you know                    Get wet and make a               Get wet and make a             You’ve seen plays, TV shows
          splash!                   Cinderella? You haven’t             splash! Play in the pool,        splash! Play in the pool,        and movies. Now it’s your turn
                                     seen anything like this
Swim, slide or splash in the                                             swim laps or dive for a         slide, swim laps or dive                 to be a star!
       water park.                                                               prize.                         for a prize.
                                        Thursday 26 Sept                                                                                          Tuesday 1 Oct
 Monday 30 September                                                      Wednesday 2 Oct                     Tuesday 1 Oct
                                      Bus departs 11:15am                                                                                     Bus departs 10:15am
    Bus departs 10am                                                     Bus departs 10:30am
                                         Returns 3pm                                                       Bus departs 10:30am
                                                                            Returns 3pm                                                          Returns 2:30pm
       Returns 3pm                                                                                            Returns 3pm
                                               GPAC                                                                                                MooreGrace
   Leisurelink Aquatic                                                          Waterworld                      Splashdown
         Centre                      Little Malop St Geelong                                                                                 Pakington St, Newtown
                                                                             Cox Rd, Norlane             Coppards Rd, Whittington
Pioneer Rd, Waurn Ponds                   Cost per child                                                                                          Cost per child
                                                                              Cost per child                   Cost per child
       Cost per child                        $16 extra                                                                                               $14 extra
                                                                                 $13 extra                        $16 extra
          $16 extra
                                          Staff ratio 1:10                                                                                        Staff ratio 1:10
        Staff ratio 1:5                                                        Staff ratio 1:5                  Staff ratio 1:5

 *Please note transport to and from excursions is in form of bus unless otherwise stated.            * Big Day Out – some children may miss out, enrolments based on first
 *Risk assessments for all outings are completed prior to excursion & available at service               in best dressed and previous behaviour within program.

  All School Holiday Program fees are required to be paid in full 7 days from the date of issue on your invoice.
                                         All booked care must be paid for.
 Children will not be able to attend the program unless fees are paid in full or a payment arrangement has been
                         agreed in writing with the School Holiday Program Team Leader.

A full copy of the Enrolment and Fee Policy is available from the School Holiday Program Administration office, at your program venue
and online at Please contact us if you would like a copy.

Bookings may be altered and/or cancelled up until the Friday 13 September 2013 without incurring a fee. After this date any
cancellations will be charged at the regular daily fee less CCB (including payment for any additional excursion/incursion charges). All
changes / cancellations must be made in writing. School Holiday Program administration do not equate non-payment to a cancellation.
Additional days may be added if available.

To avoid paying for care that is not required please ensure that ALL leave arrangements, shared care arrangements, family holidays
and appointments etc are organised as none of these instances warrant a waiving of program fees. Illness on the part of the care giver
or the child does not warrant a waiving of program fees.

Centre based days                   $50.50 per child per day, less Child Care Benefit
Excursions (Centre based
                                    $50.50 per child per day less Child Care Benefit + (additional cost for excursion)
programs are not run on
                                    (Please see excursions costs page 2)
excursion days)

To ensure prompt payment and confirmation of your booking please ring Customer Service on (03) 5272 4805

Fees can be paid by the following methods:
       Pay by EFTPOS, cheque or cash at any City of Greater Geelong Customer Service Centre
       Via credit card over the phone by calling (03) 5272 4805.
       Post Cheque to School Holiday Program Administration, PO BOX 104 GEELONG 3220

A payment plan can be arranged if there are difficulties with fee payment, there is also the option of Centre Pay, where payments can
be deducted from Centrelink allowances and pensions. Please keep your receipt number for proof of payment. Payment plans (not
including CPAY) must be paid out within 6 weeks of program’s conclusion.
Please contact the School Holiday Program Administration to arrange a payment plan prior to the program commencing.

After your enrolment form has been processed you will be sent an invoice detailing payment due with estimated CCB. You can also
obtain a fee quote from the School Holiday Program Administration Office 5272 4799 / 5272 4805.
Fee quotes are estimations.

50% Child Care Tax Rebate
The Child Care Tax Rebate pays up to 50% of out-of-pocket child care expenses for approved child care, up to an annual cap, for
eligible families. Families can choose to receive the Child Care Rebate on a fortnightly basis, paid either to the child care service as a
fee reduction or directly to their bank accounts. Please ensure you have notified Centrelink your child is school age. The school age
CCB percentage is different to the percentage families receive for children under the age of 5.
You must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible for the Child Care Tax Rebate. You must have:

             used approved child care during the year & has been assessed as eligible for Child Care Benefit
          passed the CCB work / training / study test requirements
For more information regarding the Child Care Rebate please visit

Receipts and invoices should be retained for this purpose. For more information visit

ENROLMENT PROCEDURE (IMPORTANT - check cancellation policy before making a booking)
Please complete all sections of enrolment form, failure to do so, may result in missing out on your preferred booking/s.
       Enrol online @                                                         NB: When enrolling on line, please make sure to sign and                                         complete necessary documents in the enrolment pack.

*Please note telephone bookings are not accepted and all cancellations and alterations must be made in writing
           Activities are subject to change without notice depending on weather, staffing and other unforseen circumstances.
        INFORMATION FOR FAMILIES                                program supervisor on your child’s last attendance day of
                                                                the program for any forgotten items.

Enrolment and payment information – page 3
                                                                6. SUN PROTECTION
Enrol online at
                                                                School Holiday Programs are SunSmart services. We
If you are unable to access the online system, enrolment        implement a ‘NO HAT, NO STAY’ rule from September
forms can be emailed or posted to you. Please call the          to April inclusive. The service is required to comply with
Team Leader on (03) 5272 4443 to organise an
                                                                Education and Care Services Regulations relating to
enrolment form. All bookings must be accompanied by
                                                                child/educator ratio requirements for indoor/outdoor play.
a completed enrolment form.
                                                                Children are only allowed outside wearing a ‘wide
1. ALLOCATION OF PLACES                                         brimmed’, ‘legionnaire style’ or ‘bucket’ hat and clothing
Places will be allocated on a first in first served basis, in   that covers their shoulders. No singlets please. This
accordance with the Australian Government priority of           policy is firmly implemented by educators, so please
access guidelines, from the Commonwealth Department             make sure that your child has an appropriate hat and
of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
                                                                clothing to wear every day.
(DEEWR), as follows:
Priority 1 - Children at risk of abuse or neglect.
Priority 2 - Families with recognised work or work-
                                                                7. BEHAVIOUR GUIDANCE
             related commitments.                               School Holiday Program educators will work with
                                                                families to positively guide children’s behaviour at the
Priority 3 - All other families.                                Program. Our behaviour guidance policy combines
2. CONFIRMATION OF ENROLMENT                                    positive reinforcement of good behaviour and relevant
You will receive an invoice approximately one week after        consequences for inappropriate behaviours. We do
your enrolment application is received. Your invoice will       reserve the right to cancel a child’s booking (in
indicate your child’s booking (days and venue).                 consultation with parents/guardians) when their
Payment is required within 7 days of receiving your             behaviour continually threatens the positive and safe
invoice. If you do not receive confirmation in the mail         environment we create. Refunds are not given if
please contact the administration office to confirm your        cancellations are due to bad behaviour.
booking as soon as possible.
3. CANCELLATIONS                                                8. ADMINISTERING MEDICATION
Payment is required for all booked days. Cancellations          If your child needs requires medication while attending
will not be refunded (or fees waived) if made after Friday      the School Holiday Program please:
13 September 2013. To make a cancellation or alter a                include this information on the enrolment form,
booking please email All               bring and hand all medication to educators each day.
cancellations / alterations must be made in writing.                 All medication must be in the original packaging,
Cancellations made after Friday 13 September 2013 will               with a pharmaceutical label, with your child’s
not be issued a refund and daily charges/excursion fees              name and the expiry date. Expired medication will
will apply. Late enrolments will not be permitted a                  not be administered. If medication is not provided
cancellation period. For a copy of this policy please                children will not be permitted to stay at the program,
contact administration or view it online.                           complete and sign the SHP medication form
4. WHAT TO BRING / WEAR                                              documenting correct dosage, used by date,
                                                                     method and times. If medical conditions / medication
All children must bring:                                             has not been recorded on enrolment forms, children
    a packed cut lunch (NO NUTS), snacks and plenty                 will not be permitted to stay at the program,
     of water (We will store lunches in a cool place, but           provide current (within 12 months) anaphylaxis,
     are unable to re-heat food).                                    asthma and other medical management plans
    refillable drink bottle                                         prior to commencement at the program.
    art smock / shirt / helmet / bike (if required)                 The School Holiday Program Medical Conditions
                                                                     Policy is available online or at the program for viewing
    sunscreen and hat (see Sun Protection)
                                                                     if further information is required.
    Shoes & socks / sandals that cover toes
     THONGS ARE NOT ALLOWED! Crocs are not                          Complete a risk minimization plan for your child’s
     suitable for outdoor play, running etc.                         medical condition and view our policies online at
    Appropriate clothing should be worn for indoor and    
     outdoor activities and excursions, including rash
     vests, raincoats, suitable covered toe footwear and        9.   DROPPING OFF AND COLLECTION OF
     no singlets. Shoulders must be covered. Please                 CHILDREN
     note that the School Holiday Program does not
     provide these items.                                       All children are required to be signed in by their
                                                                parent/guardian on arrival, and signed out when collected
5. LOST PROPERTY                                                at the end of each day. Parents/guardians are required to
Please label your child’s clothing clearly and check the        show educators photo identification upon request, so to
lost property box daily. Unclaimed items will be donated        ensure that the child is being collected by an authorised
to charity two weeks after the end of the program. We do        contact.
not accept responsibility for the loss of children’s
belongings during the program. Please check with the

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