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					                         Hollister Heat Board of Directors
                                      Monthly Meeting Minutes

  DATE: MONDAY, APRIL 16 , 2012

  LOCATION: YMCA, 351 Tres Pinos Road, Suite A-201, Hollister, CA 95023

 I. Call to Order

  The regular meeting of the Hollister Heat Board of Directors was held at the YMCA located at 351
  Tres Pinos Road, Hollister, CA. The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm on February 13, 2012
  with George Ramirez, President, presiding, and Jennifer Bagley, secretary.

  Members Present: George Ramirez, Lupe Leija, Jennifer Bagley, Shaun Zink, Brittany Homen,
  Margarita Gaitan, Kaycee Day, Ruben Gaitan, M.J. Miguelgorry.

  Members Absent:    Dave Super, Becky Mattos, Anthony Hazen, Bill Baer, Keith Woeste

  Guests Present:    John Young, Andrew Barragan

II. Membership Address

  No comments. Guests held comments for Agenda item IV.

III. Approval of February Meeting Minutes

  Moved by Margarita Gaitan that the Hollister Heat approve minutes from the regular meeting of the
  Hollister Heat on March 12, 2012, M.J. Miguelgorry seconded, motion carried.

IV. Travel Ball Managers – Kaycee/George

  Kaycee Day reported that the following people have volunteered to be Travel Ball managers: 14u –
  John Young; 12u – None; 10u – Keith Woeste, Bill Baer, Andrew Barragan; 8u – none.

  John Young presented his credentials to the Board. John is the head coach for the Junior Varsity
  San Benito High School team, he has served in this capacity for 5 years. He has coached for both
  the Salinas Storm and the Hollister Heat. His goal is for the team to compete in local and NorCal
  tournaments, with a primary focus of getting ready to play at the High School level.

  The Board discussed the ASA rules regarding HS players playing on the travel teams as there are
  some Freshmen at the High School who will likely want to play on the 14u travel team. Each travel
  team can choose up to 5 girls that are playing at the High School. There may be loopholes
  regarding players who were injured. The Board discussed the division rules and were informed that
  the Heat is primarily a B division, but last year a team was forced to move down to a C division.
  Teams also have the option to play at the A division if they feel they can compete at that level.

                        Hollister Heat Board of Directors
                                     Monthly Meeting Minutes

 John Young asked about the possibility of forming two teams if a second coach could be found.
 John Young would like to “oversee” (not manage) both teams. The concern of the Heat would be to
 find a proper coach for the second team. If two teams are formed, one team would take the best
 players before forming the second team.

 Last year there was an issue of not being competitive at the tournaments that were selected by
 inexperienced managers. This year the Heat should take a more careful look at the tournaments
 selected and reject tournaments that are not appropriate for the applicable team.

 Andrew Barragan presented his credentials to the board. Andrew is currently an assistant Baseball
 coach at San Benito High School. He was a baseball coach at Anzar for five years and has coached
 for the Heat for seven years, including the AAA and Majors levels. He would also like to compete in
 local and NorCal tournaments.

 John Young reiterated that teams can qualify for nationals at any tournament. This does not mean
 that they SHOULD compete at the higher levels. It is important to be selective about the
 tournaments that the teams play at, to ensure that it has value to the players, their families, and
 the Heat.

 (Aside – John Young asked if the Heat was still interested in hosting the High School team. The
 Board expressed that they would be happy to and that the field would be available Monday, April
 23, and Wednesday, April 25th, or after May 5th. The Board also discussed with John the possibility
 of another Clinic, perhaps for the Summer Season. A date was not settled on).

 George Ramirez spoke on the issue of finding good Travel Ball coaches. The Heat travel teams have
 been in decline due to coaching. He believes Andrew and John’s credentials speak for themselves.

 Moved by George Ramirez that the Hollister Heat approve John Young as manager of the 14u team
 and Andrew Barragan as manager of the 10u team, Lupe Leija seconded, motion carried.

 If enough girls are interested, there can be more than one team at each Travel Ball level. Though
 there were issues a few years ago regarding the poaching of players, this can be guarded against.

V. Financial Report

 George Ramirez invited John Young to return to the room. George is still getting demands from the
 High School about a $250 bill for fields use from last summer. The Heat board was under the
 impression that they were invited to use the fields at the High School and would not be charged.
 George wondered if John Young knew anything about it, but he had the same impression and was
 not aware of any bill. As the Heat was required to turn in insurance forms, there must have been
 some sort of paperwork involved in the exchange. Kaycee Day volunteered to look into the issue
 further. The High School fields will not be available until June this year. John Young also

                       Hollister Heat Board of Directors
                                     Monthly Meeting Minutes

expressed that he would, as the 14u manager, like to use the Heat fields for practice on Mondays,
Wednesdays, and Fridays from 5pm to 8pm. The Board expressed that we would get back to him.

Shaun Zink queried whether the Heat was a member of the Chamber of Commerce and, if so, would
we like to continue or membership as we have received a bill from them for $125 for the
membership and another $25 for a donation. The Board agreed that the membership should be
renewed and the money donated.

Shaun Zink began his report on the financial status of the Hollister Heat. The numbers for the
Snack Bar show that is has lost approximately $3k over the course of the season ($9354.65 in
expenses and $6,641 in revenue). Overbuying has been a concern in previous years and the Snack

Concerns mentioned: Low return off soda (but Snack Bar does not have capacity for a Soda
Machine), too much stock, the need for greater inventory control, the price of youth sweatshirts.

No more stock should be purchased except for water and hot dogs. The Snack Bar stock should be
gone by May as it is then closed for a month. The Summer Season has a different inventory.

It was suggested that nventory could be controlled in the future by an oversight position or

Youth sweatshirt prices should be reduced to reflect the fact that they are only usable by parents
for a short period of time. They will now be sold for $30 for the stock we have on hand. Anthony
Hazen should be asked about the large order of red sweatpants – is the stock at the Snack Bar
special orders as they were supposed to be? It may be prudent to have an apparel sale at the end of
the season.

In the future, apparel could be primarily sold on the website with Xtreme Designz as the supplier.
We must also reiterate to Extreme Designz that the Hollister Heat is the sole owner of the Hollister
Heat logo and all apparel using the Hollister Heat logos must be approved by the Board.

Shaun Zink reported that our March expenses were $21, 966.12 and our revenue was $11, 728.84.
Ending Balances: Checking - $77, 086; Travel – 568.97; CC - $68; Sage Merchant - $0. The bank
charges reflect a couple of bounced checks (check writers should be charged and reminded that
cases of bounced checks can be turned over to the DA); these charges also reflect a dispute over a
check for $150 that may or may not have been deposited incorrectly. Shaun Zink is working to
resolve this charge.

George Ramirez asked about the budget item “U. Probable Theft.” Shaun Zink explained that those
were checks written out to cash and only signed by Michelle Diaz at the beginning of the fiscal year.
George Ramirez asked that this line item name be changed to “Unnaccounted Cash”.

                          Hollister Heat Board of Directors
                                        Monthly Meeting Minutes

   Kaycee Day reported that she met with Lana at San Benito Bank & Trust. Kaycee was informed
   that she is not on the travel ball account and that the statement is being sent to PO Box 315,
   possibly a PO Box 35, and the bank believes it is being sent to George Ramirez along with the
   checking account statement. George Ramirez is not receiving the travel ball account statement, but
   he needs to make this clear to the bank. Currently, Keith Woeste, Brittany Homen, and Lupe Leija
   have signing privileges and Shaun Zink is on the account in a bookkeeping role. Kaycee Day
   expressed that she would like to be added onto the account as a signer. Jennifer Bagley raised the
   issue of accountability in light of the problems the Heat has had over the last year and the new
   policies that have been put into place. Kaycee Day expressed that Travel Ball accounting can be
   time-sensitive and pointed out that the account is “all in, all out,” essentially a holding account.
   The Board agreed that it would be better to maintain the accountability policies over all the
   accounts – 2 signers on all checks, those in treasurer positions only with bookkeeping roles.

   Moved by Jennifer Bagley that the Hollister Heat add the Travel Ball Coordinator, Kaycee Day, to
   the Travel Ball account in a bookkeeping role for this fiscal year, and that a bank statement for the
   Travel Ball account be sent to her home, Ruben Gaitan seconded, motion carried.

VI. Closing Ceremonies

   M.J. Miguelgorry reported that the DJ has been booked and the trophies have been ordered for
   closing ceremonies, which will take place on May 5th at approximately 6pm. Parents have expressed
   that they would like the Closing Ceremonies to be a bigger event and board members concurred.
   M.J. Miguelgorry is asking for the formation of a committee and a budget of $1000 to plan the
   closing ceremonies.

   Moved by Ruben Gaitan that the Hollister Heat form a Closing Ceremonies Committee with a budget
   of $1000, Kaycee Day seconded, motion carried.

   The Closing Ceremony Committee will be composed of M.J. Miguelgorry, Jennifer Bagley, Brittany
   Homen, and Becky Mattos.

VII. Summer Recreation

   Lupe Leija reported that the Summer Recreation will begin on Tuesday, June 19th, and end on
   Thursday, July 19th. Championship week will be July 17th – July 19th. Games will be at 5pm and
   7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Registration will cost $80, which will include a uniform, visor,
   socks, and a basic picture package. Lupe Leija is working with Bill Baer to get all relevant
   information up on the website. Online registration will be a simpler process for returning girls who
   are already in the system. Last year, Summer Recreation had 4 teams ages 8-14. The Board
   discussed whether or not to try for two divisions (6-8 and 9-13) as was attempted last year, or to
   just begin with one division. The Board decided to proceed with one division, ages 8-12. The
   possibility of try-outs and a clinic was discussed, but Lupe Leija will discuss this with Scott Scott

                           Hollister Heat Board of Directors
                                        Monthly Meeting Minutes

    Smith before proceeding. The Draft will take place on June 3rd. The Board briefly discussed the
    possibility of a special summer uniform as a way to differentiate from the regular season and attract
    more players; dropping the visor from the uniform was also discussed.

VIII. Fields Report

    Ruben Gaitan reported that he had worked extensively to make sure the fields would be dry by in
    time for the games on the 17th and that the fields were definitely not in any condition to be used on
    Sunday the 15th, even if it was sunny. The nail drag was leant to the Recreation department and
    has yet to be returned, so Ruben was forced to use the rake to aerate the field. Their chalk supplies
    are sufficient. The tarps are in very poor condition and he needs help to fold them. Ruben was also
    looking for someone to open the fields on Tuesday the 17th. Jennifer Bagley volunteered if Keith
    was not available.

    George Ramirez reported that Vets Large is currently reserved for Sunday, April 22, but if it has
    been double-booked, then we’ll use Vets Small instead.

 IX. Snack Bar Report

    Margarita Gaitan reported that the Snack Bar needs the updated schedule for the next two weeks.

  X. Fundraising

    Brittany Homen reported that the final Apple fundraising profit was $10, 256. They are planning a
    chocolate bar fundraiser for Summer Recreation. Kaycee Day requested that the Summer Travel
    also be able to use this as a fundraiser and that sales be mandatory for participation, with proceeds
    going directly to offset costs for Summer Travel. Members expressed that they should only receive a
    cut of the proceeds and that the Heat should also receive a cut of the proceeds. Division of profits
    would depend on total possible profit per box. The possibility of making one box of sales mandatory
    for Summer Recreation was briefly discussed. Brittany Homen will check into the costs and the
    profit per box sold. A decision was tabled until this information is known. Kaycee Day would like
    this information as soon as possible, so it can be handed out to Travel Ball players as soon as the
    season begins.

 XI. Open Agenda

    Margarita Gaitan – Expressed that the Snack Bar is still in need of help and not getting it. George
    Ramirez contributed to her request by pointing out that some Heat Board Members have not yet
    worked at the snack bar at all, even though the Board agreed that each member should do so.

    Ruben Gaitan – Nothing

    Jennifer Bagley – Nothing
                           Hollister Heat Board of Directors
                                        Monthly Meeting Minutes

   M.J. Miguelgorry – Photographs have been delivered and she will send an email out with pick-up
   times. She asked about which sponsor plaques she should go with and the Board agreed that she
   should purchase the nicer ones. Cooks Photography will also take some action photos which will be
   available to purchase online.

   Shaun Zink – Has checks to be signed following the meeting. An umpire cashed a check at the
   snack bar, but in the future – CHECKS CANNOT BE CASHED AT THE SNACK BAR. On Bill Baer’s
   behalf he reported that the pitching program is going incredibly well, with the vast majority of girls
   attending every single practice, though there have been a couple who will not be refunded their

   Kaycee Day – Needs the Umpires schedule for the weekends’ games to be verified. She also wanted
   to make sure that Cooks Photography understood that the Summer Travel Ball players should be
   charged at the same rate for the basic package as the Heat pays for the Summer Recreation players.
   Last year they were charged at the higher rate. M.J. Miguelgorry should notify Cooks Photography
   that the total number of teams will include the Travel Ball teams. The cost for the pictures should
   be included in the Travel Ball fee structure.

   Brittany Homen – Nothing

   Lupe Leija – Nothing

   George Ramirez – City Recreation will be using Rancho instead of Vets Large, so the Heat will have
   access to Vets Large and the schedule will be updated to reflect this. He reiterated that the Spring
   Season is in the home stretch and everybody must chip-in!! As a point of order, he mentioned that
   the Highest Seed in the 1st game of play-offs will be the home team – after that the home team is
   determined by a coin toss. This is in the Rules.

XII. Adjournment

   Moved by Lupe Leija that the April 16, 2012 meeting of the Hollister Heat Board of Directors should
   be adjourned, Brittany Homen seconded, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:34pm.

   Next Meeting: May 8, 2012     Time: 7:00PM

   Location: YMCA-351 Tres Pinos Road, Suite A-201, Hollister, CA 95023


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