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April - Red River Basin Commission by pengxiang



                                             Thirty-Seventh Meeting
                                                       of the

                                   Red River Basin Commission
RRBC Moorhead:                              MINUTES: April 5, 2007                                     RRBC Winnipeg:
119 5th St, PO Box 66                        City Hall, 255 N 4th St                                 206-309 Hargrave St
Moorhead, MN 56561-0066                    Grand Forks, North Dakota                               Winnipeg MB R3B 2J8
T. 218-291-0422/ F. 218-291-0438      9:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Board Training                T. 204-982-7250/ F. 204-982-7255
                                            11:00 AM: Board Meeting

Present: Herm Martens, Jon Evert, John Falk, Stephanie Miranowski, Joe Belford, Mark Voxland, Ben Varnson,
Hetty Walker, Dan Wilkens, Bob Wright, Brian Dwight, Sam Schellenberg, Jake Gust, Jim Ziegler, Rob
Matthews, Bill Paulishyn, Warren Seykora, Bob Wright, Dale Frink, Muriel Smith, Hetty Walker, Ron Osowski,
Kurtiss Krasnesky, Bud Oliver, Steve Jacobson, Jerry Dahl, Dave Glatt, Gary Thompson, Marvin Magnusson,
Mike Shkolny, Melissa Hotain, Tony Kettler, Hank Ludtke, Phil Gerla, Joan Carlson, Karen Scott, Rick Martel,
Lee Klapprodt, Alana Shoenbach, Darlene Swiderski, Laurie Hunt, Pat Pruden, Joy MacLean

Others: Barb Olive, Diane Ista, Tom Crump, Elmer Hillesland, Brian Borgen, Jennifer Stewart, April North,
Lance Yohe and Julie Goehring.

11:00 RRBC Board Meeting: Minutes

    1. Approval of Agenda: M/S/C Paulishyn/Belford to approve the agenda.

    2. Martens called the meeting to order at 11:50 AM. Martens had everyone introduce themselves (as a
       roll call) and talk briefly about water management activities they are involved with. Martens welcomed
       everyone and said he is glad that we can all be together and find solutions to the problems that some
       have mentioned today.

    3. Approval of January 25, 2007 Minutes: M/S/C Dahl/Gust to approve the January 25, 2007 minutes.

    4. Executive Director Report: M/S/C Oliver/Walker to accept and file the Executive Director’s report.

    5. Executive Committee: Martens summarized the February and March Executive Committee meetings.
       M/S/C Wilkens/Seykora to accept and file the February and March 2007 Executive Committee meeting
          a. Annual Executive Director Evaluation: Wilkens reported that the Officers are in the process of
               evaluating the Executive Director. He briefly reminded the Board of the process: the past Chair
               and Executive Director begin by reviewing the yearly goals and accomplishments then the 3
               officers and the past chair meet with the Executive Director and review the
               goals/accomplishments/new goals. The Executive Committee and Board input is received, the
               4 officers meet alone, and then the past chair goes over the final comments with the Executive
               Director. There was discussion and a request by Dwight that the Executive Director’s annual
               goals and job description be sent to the Board delegate members to aid in their evaluation.
               Yohe will send this out the next working day.
                   1. Wilkens also reported that the committee will be starting evaluations earlier in the
                       future, probably around November to get the evaluation completed before there is
                       Board turn-over, as there was in January of 2007. The officers to contact are: Wilkens
                       (past chair and lead on the evaluation), Fischer (current chair), Martens (current vice
                       chair), and Evert (secretary/treasurer).

    6. Finance Committee:
           a. February Financials/Bills
           b. Evert reviewed the financials. Schellenberg had a question about the credit card line item on
              the US balance sheet. Staff will check on this and report to the Executive Committee. Belford
              inquired about the oversight for credit card expenditures. Yohe explained that he signs off on

                                                                                                           Page 1

            all staff credit card expenditures, that he reviews his own expenditures and signs off on them
            and then has the person signing checks also review and sign off on his credit card expenses.
            The process will be reviewed to make certain it is being followed with the recent addition of
            new signatories for checks. M/S/C Evert/Varnson to approve the February financials and to pay
            the bills.
       c.   2006 Audit: Evert reported that the US audit began in April and the Canadian audit will
            commence in late May.

      a. Plan Implementation Committee: Klapprodt
      b. Klapprodt commended Schellenberg for his leadership of the Plan Management Committee and
         getting the NRFP developed. Now that we are in the implementation stage the committee is
         exploring implementation processes and tracking mechanisms as well as strategies to get that
         NRFP out to leaders and others in the community.
             1. Outreach Strategy: Stewart gave a Power Point presentation on the outreach strategy.
                   Paulishyn congratulated Steward on the outreach work that has been occurring in MB.
                   The Winnipeg River area is exploring forming an organization like RRBC and would like
                   to learn from us. Klapprodt indicated that Board members should be involved in
                   outreach and that they should contact Stewart or Yohe to schedule meetings.
             2. Staff Retreat Outcomes – North
             3. Klapprodt indicated that at the recent staff retreat the staff discussed committees,
                   outreach, and how to connect it all together as we move forward in implementing the
                   NRFP, and developed a recommendation for further discussion. North reviewed the
                   recommendation from the staff retreat that outlines a possible re-structuring of PIC and
                   the creation of some focused work groups. The Board provided input to the staff
                   recommendation and asked that PIC look at the staff report and the Board suggestions
                   and bring a recommendation back to the Board for further discussion. M/S/C
                   Ludtke/Walker to accept the report and have PIC further expand on it and report back to
                   the Board.
      c. Facilitation/Mediation
             1. RRBC Letter to BOR (Mar 2006)
                   i. Out of Basin Discussions: Yohe reported that out of basin discussion will be tabled
                        until the Drought Scoping Document is completed.
                   ii. Basin Drought Strategy (RFP): The Board discussed the Drought Scoping Document
                        RFP and had nothing further to add. M/S/C Oliver/Matthews to move forward in
                        advertising and selecting a consultant.
                   iii. BOR Letter/Supplemental EIS: Wilkens reported that while in Washington DC he and
                        Yohe received very favorable responses to RRBC efforts to incorporated
                        downstream interests into the final Supplemental Draft EIS recommendations.
                        There was definitely a new tone coming from the basin that was evident in DC, after
                        the RRBC jurisdictional discussions. Frink reported that Lake of the Woods and
                        groundwater sources were explored and that he is hopeful that the current
                        Supplemental Draft EIS recommendations will lead to a project. M/S/C
                        Schellenberg/Paulishyn to send the letter to the BOR in response to the Red River
                        Valley Water Supply Project Supplemental Draft EIS, as presented to the Board.

     a. Annual Summit Conference Committee: Gust/Smith
           1. 24 & 25th Annual Summit Conferences: Gust reported on the past 24th Conference and
               answered questions. He indicated that the reviews were good to excellent from those
               who filled out evaluation forms. The planning for the 25th Conference is already
               underway and the location will be either Grand Forks or Winnipeg.

       b. Communications Committee: Evert reported that the Board should regularly visit the RRBC web-
          site to keep up with activities. The newsletter has been on hold for awhile, as we have been
          focusing on the “Water Minutes” and the “Ripple Effect”. If the “Ripple Effect” is not showing
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               up in your local newspaper you as Board members should check it out and try to get them to
               use it. Some U of M Crookston students are assisting with interviews for the upcoming 25th
               Annual Summit Conference history document.
                   1. Water Minutes/Ripple Effect: Goehring reported that the “Water Minutes” are regularly
                       being aired on KFGO and cover most of the basin. She also reported that the “Ripple
                       Effect” is being sent to every newspaper in the basin.

Aquatic Ecosystem Committee: North reported that at the RRBC Annual Summit Conference in January, IRRB
and AEC established a working group to talk about pathogen and parasite risk assessment study on Devils
Lake, the Sheyenne River and in Lake Winnipeg.
Devils Lake Joint Water Resources Board: Belford reported that the Devils Lake Basin Joint Board has an
irrigation plan for utilization of water. Frink reported that the state outlet is not currently operating. The USGS
will be presenting at the next joint board meeting.
Greenway on the Red: No report.
International Water Institute: Swenson reported on their recent conference with an emphasis on erosion and
sedimentation. He indicated that overall attendance was down, that there was good information presented,
and that proceedings will be coming out soon and will get to RRBC board members. They are still working on
funding for a basin wide LiDAR collect. Seykora encouraged everyone to support this initiative. Yohe
reminded the Board that RRBC is on record supporting this effort. There were additional questions and
discussion on the LiDAR.
Minnesota County Joint Powers Board: Dahl reported the MN Counties Joint Power Board will meet May 24.
International Red River Board: Wilkens reported that the IRRB met at the RRBC Annual Summit Conference
and that Martens and he reported on RRBC activities and gave a presentation on Pembina Structural Survey
Red River Basin Commission North Chapter: Paulishyn reported that Bruce Furness gave a good
presentation on water supply and the efforts of the Lake Agassiz water supply group at their last meeting.
Speakers are set for the next two meetings which are held the last Thursday of the month.
North Dakota Joint Water Resource District Board: Thompson reported that their Board is considering
assisting with the funding for the basin LiDAR. Their Board has also been looking at permit processes.
Varnson reported that there is a workshop in the morning next Tuesday with their regular meeting following.
Pembina River Basin Advisory Board: Walker thanked Stewart and Yohe for helping plan good meetings for
the PRBAB. She reported that they discussed the LiDAR for the county that PFRA, the SWC, and RRBC have
recently completed and that the Board is impressed. There are a lot of problems on the river that remain to be
resolved, and by working together they have the best opportunity to solve them. Yohe briefly reported on the
three RRBC projects in the Pembina area: the Structural Survey (completed), the Pembina Modeling
(underway), and the Pembina LiDAR (completed).
Rivers West: Martens reported that the Canadian Heritage Rivers recognition will be assigned to the Red River
at the Canadian Heritage Rivers Conference in June 2007 in Winnipeg. Registrations are still open for those
who want to attend. Wilkens present on a trans-boundary panel, North will present on the NRFP, and Yohe will
present on Mainstem Modeling.
Roseau River International Watershed: North reported that the RRIW continues to meet monthly to exchange
information between MB and MN on the Roseau River. In response to a question by Dwight, North indicated
that the MB Watershed Plan will be completed in late spring.
Red River Watershed Management Board: Wilkens reported that the RRWMB put the first $500,000 into
LiDAR. The RRWMB is working on a Public Relations strategy that RRBC has assisted with in the interview
process and that they will be hiring someone soon. He reported that this is an excellent opportunity to link
their efforts with larger basin efforts by RRBC.
South Valley Initiative: Schedules are being checked to arrange a meeting in the near future. Past meetings
have explored flooding and water quality. They have also been discussing Geographic Information Systems
for tracking data and a flood warning system.
Upper Sheyenne Joint Water Resource District Board: Varnson reported that the board is are looking for
funding for projects that would be beneficial to the upper Sheyenne area.
Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium: Scott reported they have funding for 3 surveys this summer. They
have also just signed a 3 year funding agreement with Environment Canada. They recently had their annual

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science meeting and the information will be on website shortly. The NAMO Research vessel is useful tool for
education as well a research.

          a. RRBC Activity Sheet: Goehring reviewed the Activity Sheet and highlighted the updates and
             reminded the Board to use this document for updating their constituents.

   11. Unfinished Business
           a. Conservation Symposium: Dwight reported that discussion about opportunities and barriers was
               held at the symposium. They focused the discussion around: what would help you to deliver
               your programs? The outcomes are in the handout included in the packet. Groups were divided
               so that equal representation from each jurisdiction. They also explored priorities or
               opportunities (education/grassroots/partnerships) and barriers (funding for programs or staff/
               high land values / cost of conservation). Basin conservation programs being delivered
               differently as each jurisdiction has operational differences. The group will continue to meet to
               help identify and close the gaps. Their next meeting will be linked with June RRBC tour and
           b. Governance letter of support: Yohe reported that the letter of support for the “Governance for
               Watershed Based Source Water Protection in Canada” has been sent. RRBC will provide a little
               in-kind staff time to this project over the next three years.

   12. New Business
           a. Eco-Network letter: Smith reported that the meeting between Eco-Network (Clubb) and RRBC
               went well and provided clarification on the issues. Hotain indicated that the First Nation
               representation is an issue that was identified and that she and Yohe are working on a strategy
               to try and get more involvement. The Board discussed the feedback from the committee and
               recommended that a letter be sent based on the meeting with the Eco-Network. M/S/C
               Seykora/Paulishyn to have Yohe draft a letter to be reviewed by Smith and Hotain and then sent
               to Clubb and the Eco-Network Executive Director.
           b. Ag Commodity Groups Request: Some basin agricultural commodity groups have asked for
               better representation on RRBC. After discussion there was consensus to set up a meeting
               with the RRBC Executive Director; several RRBC farmer board members; and agricultural
               commodity representatives to discuss how better to involve these groups (perhaps through
               committees or continued network meetings).
           c. RRWMB: The letter from the RRWMB requesting the RRBC move the Mainstem Modeling
               forward as quickly as possible was discussed. Wilkens indicated that the sooner we get the
               mainstem model and flow reduction goals done the better off we’ll be. Dwight indicated that
               the model would be used to set goals for MN watershed districts to achieve in their long range
               plans. Wilkens indicated that they are working on a public relations strategy that could include
               information on modeling and goals. M/S/C Swenson/Paulishyn to free up the $20,000 in the
           d. Eco-Network Conference: There was discussion on the request for RRBC to assist with the one
               day climate workshop. M/S/C Evert/Belford for RRBC to assist with the Eco-Network one day
               climate workshop
   13. Around the Basin Stakeholder Updates (Directors Reports on activities and projects): Frink reported that
       USGS posters available with the ’97 flood 10-year anniversary and that a FEMA pamphlet is also
       available. Krasnesky indicated that his RM is looking for some assistance on how to get better flood
       forecasting. He indicated his R.M. might write a letter to RRBC asking for assistance. There were no
       other reports.
   14. Other: No additional business.
   15. Next RRBC Board Meeting: Thursday June 6-7, 2007 Tour and Board Meeting
   16. Adjournment

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