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Children in the Bible

“Joseph – Child of Destiny”
November 14 & 15 2009

Do you remember what we have learnt so far?

November’s Theme:

Children In The Bible

Week 1 : Birth of Isaac – Child of Promise

• Nothing is too hard for God. • God will always keep His promises.

This Week’s Lesson

Joseph – Child of Destiny

The story of Joseph…

• Jacob had 12 sons but Joseph was his favourite son. • So Jacob made for Joseph a beautiful coat with all the colours of the rainbow. • But this made Joseph’s brothers very angry.

In the Deep Hole…

• One day, Jacob sent Joseph to the field to check on his brothers. • They were still angry at him, so they threw Joseph into a deep hole. • Then they sold Joseph to some salesman going to Egypt. • They went back and told their father that Joseph was killed by a wild animal.

Explain Pharaoh’s Dream...
• Later on in Egypt, the king (called Pharaoh) had 2 dreams. He was very sad because no one can explain the meaning of the dreams to him. • But God helped Joseph to understand the meaning of the dreams, so Joseph told the King. • The King was very happy and he wanted someone wise like Joseph to help him run the country. • So the King asked Joseph to be in charge of the country of Egypt, just like the PM of Malaysia.

In Palace...
• Because Joseph helped Egypt save up food, when the bad years came, Egypt had plenty of food to feed the people. • Then one day, Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt to buy food. • They came up to Joseph to ask for some food but they did not recognise him.

In the place where God wanted him to be...
• But Joseph recognized them and told them, “It’s me, Joseph!” • They felt very sorry for treating Joseph so badly, but Joseph forgave them and said “God put me here so I could help you." • He sent the brothers back home to get their father, Jacob and the rest of the family. • And they all came to stay in Egypt with Joseph.

What can we learn about God from this story?

Key Learning Concepts…
• God is a good God and he has good plans for us. • Even though sometimes bad things can happen to us, but we know that He is still with us. • Just like Joseph, God has a plan for him, even though he was sent to a place far away, but God was with him and God helped him to become like the PM of Egypt, helping so many people & his family.

Memory Verse

“For I know the plans I have for you…plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV).

Dear God,

Thank You for your love for us. We know that you are always with us no matter what happens because you love us. Your plan is to take care of us and to give us hope and a future.
In Jesus' Name. Amen.

The End

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