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                         The value of everything
                Social work and its importance in the field of mental health
                                                                   By Peter Gilbert
At an unprecedented time for mental health as a declared national priority, this book is essential reading for everyone who
sees mental health as a crucial issue for a healthy and productive nation and for the regeneration of communities:
        all social work practitioners and students who have an interest in mental health… of people of all ages
        all other professionals who work in partnership with social workers
        Approved Social Workers… at a time of proposed changes to legislation
        anyone involved in initiating policy or in training, managing and developing the workforce.

This important and timely book considers:
         the value of social work in the light of what users and carers want from services
         the value base of the new policies for reform
         the role of the social worker in different settings
         ways of taking these values and skills forward into new settings.
It reinforces the tremendous resource that social workers can be to people in the greatest need
in our society. It aims to help their usually more numerous colleagues in the new Mental Health Trusts
and in other statutory and voluntary agencies to value the contribution social work can bring.

“Social services now face an uncertain future. The impact of forthcoming changes to mental health law
and the structures under which the social care is delivered could be far-reaching… However, one point we can be very certain
about. The need for social care will not disappear, and even if we rename or restructure, many of the interventions and
services will remain crucial to the survival of the most vulnerable in society… I hope that this wonderful book, loaded with great
anecdotes and personal experiences, will not only engage its readers, but also achieve a moment of reflection why we are all
committed to caring.” From the Foreword by Matt Muijen, Chief Executive, Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health.

It addresses the challenges of how to retain and motivate a scarce number of skilled staff and how to encapsulate values and
skills when the structures around such staff are undergoing major change. It looks ahead to new mental health legislation, and

Peter Gilbert was formerly Director of Social Services for Worcestershire County Council. He is currently Social Care Fellow in
Mental Health [Policy and Practice] with the National Institute for Mental Health in England [NIMHE] / Social Care Institute for
Excellence [SCIE], and Senior Advisor (Social Care) with SCMH. He has had many years in practice, including as an ASW.

Contents: Introduction. Mental health – everybody’s issue. Society - what society?! Mental health – at the heart of reform.
Society is US! – the user’s view. The skilled helper – the role of the social worker. The vital equilibrium – the role of the
Approved Social Worker: The value of social work in leadership and management. Looking to the future.
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