Understanding how people learn by leader6


									Book Report                                                    Alice Fung 7A 13
Title: Understanding How People Learn
Author: David Reay
Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd (June 30, 1994)

From the book’s title, you probably know that this book is talking about how does
people learn. The target readers of this book are trainers and professionals involved in
the work of the training function, but it is also an interesting book for the students.
  This book talks about five main points, including a chapter explaining what
learning is, the stages of learning, why people don’t learn, enabling people to learn
and different learning styles. These are things that a good trainer should know in order
to provide good training.
  In the part of ‘What Learning is?’ tells us about the places of learning, key factors
of learning and the terms knowledge, skills, attitude. Then the second part tells us
about the four stages of learning, 1.Unconscious incompetence, 2.Conscious
incompetence, 3.Conscious competence, 4.Unconscious competence. After that, the
third part of this book also tells us the unsuitable working environment and
inappropriate subject matter. Apart from that, the chapter of Enabling People to Learn
tells us about the motivation behind. At last the fifth chapter talks about the learning
cycle and different learners.
  This book is not a boring and difficult book which full of words, in each chapter; it
has something like summary of the chapter to help us to read the book. “Learning”
this subject is really complicated! This is what I thought when I finish reading this
book. This book let me know more about learning. Learning is not just hearing
something and learns it! You know, by knowing how people learn can improve your
learning process. Although I am not a trainer, I really find this book interesting and
useful. Maybe you will agree the book is useful, but why is it interesting? I can tell
you that this book is never boring. In each sentence, you will learn something that you
don’t know. Also, it is not only explaining concept again and again, but also some
case studies. Besides, it is easy to read this book, every thing is written in point form
and summaries after each chapter. Although the content of this book is very good, but
nothing is perfect. This book has too many difficult terms, which I have never heard it
before. I think it is better for the book to add some descriptions of these words. But
this is indeed a fantastic and useful book .

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