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Noida, Gurgaon, Manesar are the satellite locations of the National Capital which is not just catering the
needs of the population but also giving its a financial as well as infrastructural strength. Since Delhi has
gone quite expensive over the time, these outskirt areas are a good option for those who look out for
budget options in the market rather than to spend at locations which are crowded and amidst the
bustling noise of the city.

On one hand where commercial projects have drawn popularity charts at Gurgaon, Noida is being
preferred for the residential purposes. Not just fresh inventories in new projects but also flats in south
delhi have great demands from first time home buyers and investors. Even Gurgaon which is also an IT
hub of India have fully furnished office spaces suitable for every business type and corporate house.
Office space in Gurgaon has not just gone affordable but has improved on the scale of amenities and

If you are finding options for rental housing,
no doubt south Delhi inspite of being
expensive can be an ideal destination for
you. Just the higher property rates but other
amenities are quite cheap here. The
accessibility to major locations, proximity to
the main markets and active standard of
living makes this situation a good option for
you. The posh location, excellent art of living
and sophisticated communities is what
which makes south Delhi a must live locality
for every Indian. Typical Indian Life is what you get to see here which starts with Birds chirping in the
wide built locality and ends with a sip of coffee on the couch with the family. In short you get a perfect
lifestyle to live in available flats for rent in south Delhi.

Rishabh Estates is one of the property dealers in NCR providing property in all the major locations of the
city. They are prominently known as the king of Rental Properties South Delhi for providing the rental
housing options to dwellers and lookers. In fact they also deal in buying and selling resale flats in Noida,
Greater Noida and other important real estate hubs. For those who are making their first time
investment here should contact Rishabh Estates for their timely services and decisions. Noida, Gurgaon
and all other destinations covered under the National Capital boundary are available under them. So if
you are planning your first buying or first investment make sure you choose them for best deals.

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