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									       Chef Jobs - Know the Options Available to You
A chef is the French word for "chief" which means the person who is responsible for the
operation of the kitchen. The chef's work is critical in any kitchen. There are many types
of chefs, whose titles are based primarily on the Brigade de Cuisine system of Georges
Auguste Escoffier. Chef titles can be still be further specialized though, based on the type
of organization that one works for. Most hierarchical chef titles found in upscale and
fine dining restaurants would include, among others, the following:

Executive Chef Jobs are the top executive in the kitchen hierarchy. He is responsible
for the entire operation that would include: planning, quality control, cost estimation,
supervision of other chefs, marketing, recruitment and hiring, repairs, and food
preparation as may be requested by special guest.

Sous Chef - the second in command, and acts as the Executive Chef, if the latter is not
around. Among the functions would include: supervision of specialized chefs and the
cooking staff, planning of menus, marketing, and may cook specialty food, among others.

Chef de Partie - are chefs that are in charge of a particular area in the kitchen. This is the
so-called station chefs that would include positions as: Sauce Chef, Boulanger, Friturier,
Pantry Chef, and Pastry Chef among many others.

 Temporary Grill Chef job for an Outdoor Event in Wimbledon, London. This is a two
week temporary job for a highly regarded gastro chain. The job requirement would
include: grill experience, CDP (Centre for Domestic Program) training, and personable.
Salary range is from GDP 7 to 10 per hour depending on experience.

Nowadays, there are varying chef jobs awaiting culinary students. There are positions
that favor people who have a culinary degree or who have previously worked as chefs.
Yes, even if the position is not actually a cooking-related position, chefs are still favored.
There are many chefs who have pursued these kinds of positions. Who can blame them?
The pay is often better.

Chefs have graced numerous kitchens, both public and private, for centuries now. Over
the years, this profession has achieved a certain prestige that successful chefs truly
enjoy. Many work in restaurants, resorts, hotels and private homes.

It is not easy, however, to become a chef. There is a lot of hard work, training and study
involved. In truth, becoming a successful chef can be exhausting. You need to start at the
bottom. In fact, before you can choose from among various high-paying chef jobs, you
need to attain your certification as a chef and undergo culinary training. Before you can
call yourself a chef, you need to work hard. You may be required to work on weekends
and holidays. Yes, it is truly an exhausting job. You need to start from the bottom to
reach the top. Before you can become a chef, you need to give your dues. The benefits
and various chef jobs come after you have reached the top of the ladder.

You may have to start out as a preparation cook. You may have to spend a lot of time
shelling boxes, chopping onions, cutting potatoes, grating cheese and peeling potatoes.
From this position, you may be promoted to a Line Cook or Garde Manger position.
Eventually, you may find yourself climbing the culinary ladder. You will become the
Sous Chef and then the Assistant Head Chef and ultimately the executive chef. Once you
make it to the highest position, you will find several high-paying chef jobs waiting for
you. You can then take your pick.

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