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					                 Call Centre Jobs: Guidelines and Tips
Outsourcing call centre functions has done a lot to put the Philippines' outsourcing
industry among the top in the world. This not only gave much recognition to the country
in general, it also ushered a lot of progress for the areas outside the state capital, Metro

And so, call centre outsourcing businesses spread to other Philippine regions. Naturally,
the sudden rise in opportunities brought about many changes, especially in the
following aspects:


Call centres open thousands of job vacancies wherever they establish their operations.
In Dumaguete City alone, Qualfon was set to have 7,000 seats which, when filled, would
put its workforce in the Philippines at 10,000. Regional firm locations also give
applicants the opportunity to find employment without having to travel far to more
industrialized areas like Metro Manila. This meant that their job did not take them far
from their families-a major concern for many Filipino workers.


The opening of call centres meant a higher need for buildings and other establishments
that would cater to the new demand. This set the country's real estate and construction
industries on a roll as call centre outsourcing companies vied for office and operation
space in select areas in the Philippines. Cebu's IT Park, one of the economic zones
assigned from PEZA, saw high-rise buildings rapidly populate its borders over the
course of a few years. It now has offices spaces, restaurants, and stores, within its fence.


The economic impact of BPO firms on regional locations in the Philippines happened in
many ways. City governments, for instance, earned from call centre revenues. Also, call
centres brought about the influx of additional demand for basic products and services, a
development that benefitted many commercial establishments within these regions.
That call centre employees remain active at night also means that commercial activity
effectively doubled in quantity.


Call centres easily became one of the best choices for fresh graduates who want to
jumpstart their careers. The demand encouraged more educational institutions to shift
their curriculum's direction towards the development of BPO-related skills. In fact,
TESDA encouraged colleges and universities in the Visayas region to offer more courses
that would equip students with the skill set that can land them positions among BPO

Prior to accepting call centre opportunities or a vacancy as a customer service
representative, it is important that you verify about the company's credentials
thoroughly and understand how it operates, in addition to the kind of remuneration you
will receive. Although a number of fresh students and young graduates are enamored by
the prospect of earning quick money through call center jobs, it is important to know
the whys, hows and whats of the role as wellthe organization. If you are seeking call
centre jobs, look out for flexible options as it is a highly beneficial aspect of working in a
customer service centre. In addition to flexible working arrangements, look out for
reputed bpo agencies that offer a number of options and benefits within the job. Leading
call centre companies are constantly growing and developing and hence career
opportunities within them are always rising.

If you are ambitious and highly motivated, your career within a call centre could rapidly
progress from being a consultant, to a team manager, to a centre director. In addition,
you could also opt to becoming an expert or a professional in a niche aspect of the BPO
companies operations such as within information technology or sales development.
Reputed call centre agencies are also known to offer excellent programs in learning and
development that could further boost your opportunities of progressing your career. A
number of call centre companies opt for motivational programmes and interaction
modules to coach their staff and motivate their employees on a regular basis.

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