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									                                     Syllabus-Winter 2010

Course Title: Multiculturalism and Acculturation, TBED 542-80
Instructor: Daniel Sweetman
Class meets: On-line, December 26, 2009 -January 15, 2010

Required Texts:
1. Andre Aciman -- Letters of Transit

2. Fathali Moghaddam and Donald Taylor -- Theories of Intergroup Relations

3. Housseini -- The Kite Runner

4. Paulo Freire -- Pedagogy of the Oppressed

December 26: Introduction to course, general discussion on definitions and implications of
multiculturalism and acculturation.

December 28: Paulo Freire: Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Chapter 1.

December 29: Freire: Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Chapter 2.

December 30: Freire: Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Chapter 3.

January 2: Letters of Transit, pp. 1-63.

January 4: Letters of Transit, pp. 65-135.

January 5: The Kite Runner, Chapters 1-8.

January 6: The Kite Runner, Chapters 9-16.

January 7: The Kite Runner, Chapters 17-25.

January 9: Midterm due.

January 11: Theories of Intergroup Relations, Chapters 1-3.

January 12: Theories of Intergroup Relations, Chapters 4-5.

January 13: Theories of Intergroup Relations, Chapters 6-8.

January 14: Theories of Intergroup Relations, Chapters 9-10.

January 15: Final paper is due.
Grading:         Participation on Blackboard: 30%
                 Midterm: 30%
                 Final Paper (6-10 pages): 40%

Description of Course:

The course examines the social and psychological factors affecting students of diverse
backgrounds in the American schools. The course is designed to sensitize teachers to
their students’ personal adjustment to a new environment and to how this reorientation
affects their acculturation and motivation to learn.


   1. The reading should be completed prior to or by the date assigned.
   2. The midterm will be essay questions on the reading to that date.
   3. The final paper will be either a research project based on 1), your current teaching
      experiences or on an interview with someone who has undergone an acculturation
      experience, or 2), a related topic to the class. In either case, the final paper must have a
      thesis statement and include a works cited page to document additional sources. I require
      MLA manuscript style.


1. To understand approaches to multicultural experience and related concepts/theories
2. To examine the relationship between language and multifaceted identities in cultural
3. To develop conceptual skills for analysis of the bilingual’s language/social behavior
4. To perceive a spectrum of inquiry regarding hyphenated cultures and subcultures.
5. To develop research methodology for interviewing bilingual/multicultural
6. To investigate issues related to social and psychological development of the
bilingual/bicultural child.

Learning Expectations:

At the completion of the course, students are expected to
1. explain a range of approaches to the multicultural experience and related concepts.
2. assess and defend the place of language in multifaceted identities.
3. analyze/interpret personalities and cultures of bilingual/bicultural individuals.
4. illustrate different perspectives in hyphenated cultures/subcultures.
5. apply ethnographic research skills to a field study.

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