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                                       Flame Test for Metals
                                         Pre-Lab Questions

  Read pages 94 – 97 and answer the following questions.

  1. What is a photon?

  2. When is an atom in an “excited” state?

  3. How do atoms become “excited”?

  4. What is a “ground state” electron?

  5. What happens when an atom returns to the ground state?

  6. What is the difference in a “continuous” spectrum and a “line-emission” spectrum?

  7. When is a photon of radiation emitted from an excited atom?

  8. Draw a diagram showing the absorption and emission of a photon by a hydrogen atom.
     (figure 4-8).

  9. Answer Handbook Search question 52 a, b, c, & d on page 121.





10.      In this lab, samples of metals will be heated in the flame of a Bunsen burner. Based on
         your answers in question 9, what would be the purpose of this lab?

11.      An open flame on a Bunsen burner will be used in this lab. What safety precautions
         should be followed when working with an open flame?

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