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					Business Venture 1 Unit 11 Entertaining & Unit 12 Saying Goodbye Language Checklist * I have an appointment this evening … * I’m rather busy … * I have some work to do … Stating preference I like (Japanese) cuisine very much … I think I’d like to … I think I’d prefer … I love (classical) music … Looking at a menu The (fish) sounds nice … I think I’d like to try … I think I’ll have … Shall we have a bottle of … ? Commenting on a night out It’s been great! / a terrific night / evening. It’s been very nice. Thank you very much for your hospitality. I enjoyed it very much. Skills Checklist Before receiving visitors to your company Be prepared to talk in English about your professional field and/or your company and business:  the professional field you are involved in  your professional activities  current research and other projects  future plans  the history of your company

 company organization  who owns the company  the number of employees  the international involvement of your company  products and services  the market  competition Be able to talk about:  your country and your town  history  tourism  museums and public buildings  entertainment  cultural and religious centers of interest. You may wish to talk about:  education  transportation systems  the economy  companies  exports and imports. Giving and receiving gifts * In your country, do business people give gifts when they visit each other? Discuss the questions below. 1. What advice would you give about giving gifts and receiving gifts in your country? 2. What kinds of gifts do people in your country give when visiting someone’s home? 3. What kinds of gifts would you take on a business trip? 4. How might the other person feel … … if you gave something too expensive or too cheap or if you gave nothing?

Speaking exercises 1. Study the way we build the conversation after greeting the guest and taking the order for the aperitif. Complete the conversation using the words in teach list. Starter: smoked me Waiter: Are you Guest 1: Yes, the Guest 2: And the waldorf ready salad to order? salmon for me. for

, please.

Main dish (1) Asking and recommending: recommend light follow turbot some how about Waiter: …and to , madam? Guest 1: I’d like fish but something . What can you ? Waiter: The steamed turbot is very light, or prawns and a salad? Guest1: The , please. Main dish (2) Explaining a dish: Guest 2: What is the Waiter: It’s sole lightly Guest 2: OK, that’s

try that

baked meuniere? in oil. , I’ll




Choosing drinks: recommend then like goes Waiter: What would you to drink? Guest 1: Can you a good wine, white preferably? Waiter: Well, the Soave Classico Superiore very well with fish. Guest 1: Good, a bottle of Soave , and a small bottle of mineral water. Checking: bottle steamed that’s mineral Waiter: So the sole meuniere, the turbot, a bottle of Soave Classico Superiore, and a small of water. Thank you.


Speaking activities 1. Practice the conversation. Ask about these things in the same color. 主廚推薦精選套餐 -- Chef Recommendation * 開胃飲料 Soft Drink * 麵包 Today's Bread * 沙拉 Salad (四選一) 凱薩沙拉. 水蜜桃沙拉. 和風沙拉. 千島沙拉 Caser Salad or Peach Salad or Japanese sauce Salad or Thousand island Salad * 前菜 Appetizers (四選一) 法式烤田螺. 法式香橙燻鴨胸. 燻鮭魚卷. 起司焗烤花椰菜 French red wine snail or Smoked duck the chest or Smoked salmon or Roasted the Cauliflower * 湯類 Soups (四選一) 御品海鮮湯. 法式洋蔥湯. 玉米巧達濃湯. 南瓜濃湯 Sea-food soup or French onion soup or Cream corn chowder soup or Crab Pumpkin Cream Soup * 主菜 Main Course 香煎鱈魚佐青醬菌菇 Panfry cod-fish green mushroom sauce 避風塘香蒜雞腿排 Panfry chicken Leg garlic Sauce 美式豬肋排 American Bar-Be-Cue Pork Rib 燒烤厚片牛小排 Gratin Roast short-rib steak 石燒烤犢牛肋排 Baked calf Niu Leipai 高級冷藏菲力牛排 Prime freeze fillet steak 明蝦 (蟹肉) 菲力牛排 Fillet steak and (Crab) king prawn

高級冷藏沙朗牛排 Prime freeze sirloin steak * 時鮮水果&精緻甜點 Season Fruits & Dessert (六選一) 栗子慕斯. 歐培拉. 起士蛋糕. 焦糖布蕾. 冰淇淋. 芒果奶酪 Chestnut Moose or Ou Peila or Cheese Cake or Caramel Pudding or Ice Cream or Mango Cheese * 附餐飲料 Full Meal Drink (六選一) 蜂蜜檸檬蘆薈. 山藥蘋果汁. 紅茶 (冰或熱). 拿鐵咖啡 (冰或熱). 御用咖啡 (冰或熱). 元氣養生茶 Honey lemon aloe or Yam apple juice or black tea (Ice or Hot) or Late Cafe (Ice or Hot) or Royal garden coffee (Ice or Hot) or Vitality and healthy life tea ( Taking orders Waiter: Are you ready to order, madam? Guest: Yes, I'd like start with salad. Do you have House Salad? Waiter: I'm afraid we don't have it on today's menu, but if you could wait 15 minutes or so, it will be ready. Guest: Don’t bother. I'll have Thousand island Salad then. ----Waiter: And any appetizers / soup to follow? Guest: I’d like something light. Any suggestions? Waiter: How about the French red wine snail / Sea-food soup? Guest: Good. I’ll have that. ----Waiter: As for the main course? Guest: I am in the mood for steak. I think I’ll have Gratin Roast short-rib steak. Waiter: Certainly, madam. How would you like your steak? Guest: Medium. (rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done) ----Waiter: How about trying one of our Season fruits & Dessert? And today’s Chestnut Moose is fresh and smooth. Guest: No, maybe later. ----5

Waiter: Anything to drink from our Full Meal Drink? Guest: I'd like the hot Royal garden coffee after lunch. Special inquiring from guest I am allgeric to seafood / meat.

salty, sweet, creamy, sour, spicy, hot…

Recommending dishes Waiter: Welcome, sir. Here is the menu. Guest: My teeth are in poor condition. I'd like something tender. Waiter: I see. How about Panfry cod-fish green mushroom sauce? Guest: Oh, fine. What soups are there? Waiter: Crab Pumpkin Cream Soup would be a nice choice. It is tender and very smooth. Guest: That's fine. I'll have it.


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