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									OCC Club Roster Spring 2007
Student Contact Jennifer Woods 949-735-8900

Club Al-Anon (Helping Others Help Themselves)

Meeting Information Every other Tuesday 2:30 Health 117


Advisor(s) Rob Bachmann

Advisor #

Club Objectives

432-5808 432-0202 x25833 x25039 432-0202 x25623 x25567 552-3002 281-2097

To help individuals who may be affected by others drug or alcohol abuse. Amnesty International Monday 5:00 Soc Sci 110 Architecture Tuesday 12:00 Tech 151 Business/Economics Business/Entrepreneur Wednesday 5:30 SocSci 103 Monday 2:30 Bus Ed 101b

Brett Nichols Terry Timmins 949-533-6250 Irini Rickerson Matt Hopkins 501-7450 Jenny Le 421-3105 James Squire 383-2364 Rose Anne Kings Tom Steinfeld Richard Thomas Jim Singden

To uphold a universal standard of human rights. OCC Arch club is designed to promote and develop the design skills of students at OCC. We provide contacts and networking within the Architecture Industry. To learn about business, expand student potential, and pass on good will. Guest speakers. To discuss current world business happenings and to share ideas and opinions on potential business startups and accounting. To encourage leadership & activism on environmental, student, consumer, and other social justice issues.


Thursday 11:00 C&L113

Jason Ball 350-8411 Vesna Marcina Gina VanDeth 401-8017 Johnathon Welch 402-9649 Shannon O'Neal 766-9278 Eli Marron

432-0202 x25036

Campus Crusade for Christ CARE (Cooperative Agencies & Resources for Education) Christian Students

Tuesday 3:00 BusEd 103 campuscrusadeorangecoast Friday 1:00 EOPS Watson Hall Wednesday 12:00 Music 106 Thursday 1:15 Tech 161


To give each and every student an opportunity to know someone who has an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jennifer LaBounty Iris Hidalgo

432-5173 432-0202 x26265 432-5118

Student support for issues such as parenting while also making an effort to outreach the community. To foster the pursuit of truth, promote Christian virtues, and develop a sense of community among the students at OCC. Service, Leadership, Fellowship. To provide community service and volunteer opportunities in a completely student controlled organization. To obtain knowledge, experience, and explore the opportunities that are available to us in order to better prepare for transfer. To incorporate the fundamentals of math and science into everyday life.

Eli Kim christianstudentsatocc@gm 949-394-5392 Micki Chernyk 562-676-7754 m Christine Todd 510-282-3408 Darko Vukovic 949-374-7195 Elizabeth Farr 321-9196 Emily Osuach 369-5986

Circle K International

Anis Wakim

Doctors of Tomorrow Engineering and Applied Sciences Environmental Club EOPS Honors

Wednesday 4:15 Chem 219 Monday 3:30 Bus Ed 108

Ann Harmer Stephen Gilbert Kelli Elliot Vida Shajie

432-0202 x25532 432-0202 x21173 432-5504 432-5895 x3

Thursday 2:30 BusEd 103

To raise awareness, discuss global environmental issues, and interact with our environment. To help raise money for highly motivated educational students with financial disadvantages as well as help and guide them to a better and more successful college experience.

Friday 1:00 Watson Hall 242 2nd Monday of every month 3:30 HomeEc 103

Fashion Club

none French Club Friday 11:00 once a month Lit&Lang 221

Heather Lauren Becker Steele 432-5841 x4 Michelle Beitel 909-653-8381 Genio Martinez 619-213-3878 Courtney Jean Heckel 421-2449 Lia Raileanu 432-0202 x28356 432-0202 x26677 To expose people to French culture and enhance language skills.


Tuesday 4:00 C&L 111

Tim Winer

A group of students/members getting together; people out & struggling with sexual orientation/identity.

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OCC Club Roster Spring 2007
Student Contact Kim Weaver 909-615-8525 Taniel Baghdikian 267-4476 Max Torres 262-9314 Cao Nguyen to Ngoc 717-2449 Ahmed Ali 728-0009 Preston Hook 296-6054 Christopher Herrick 540-2526 Felicia VargoJohnson 269-3921

Club Golden S.L.I.P.A.'s Habitat for Humanity OCC Campus Chapter IEEE Student Chapter

Meeting Information Thursday 11:30 Lewis 109 Wednesday 1:45 BusEd 105 Tuesday and Thursday 3:00 Tech 266 Thursday 1:00 C&L 110


Advisor(s) Anne McClanahan Tim Murphy Robert Castano Stephanie Phonsiri Lee Gordon Lee Gordon

Advisor # 432-5883

Club Objectives Forum for Speech and Language Pathology Assistants students, networking, fundraising for SLPA scholarship, and for participation in campus activities.

432-5631 x1 Educating habitats ministry, advocating housing, fundraising, and building with Habitat for Humanity. 432-0202 x25745 432-5940 432-0202 x21156 432-0202 x21156 432-0202 x25641 432-0202 x21156 432-5515 Awareness and appreciation of Irish culture. Engineering, computers, electronics, building. To help international students as well as other students of different ethnicities to meet new people through community service and information about all people.

Inter-Cultural Club International Business Club (IBC) Irish Culture Club Tuesday 3:00 BusEd 101b Thursday 5:30 BusEd 101b Friday 11:00am Lit&Lang 219 Thursday 5:30 Lit&Lang 115 Wednesday 3:00 SoSci 106 Thursday 5:00 C&L 111 m

Japanese Club

Akemi Kagawa

To promote interest and awareness in Japan, it's culture and language. occjewishstudentsassociatio

Jewish Student Association

Lee Gordon

Awareness, enjoyment, and participation of the Jewish life and culture.

Kaizoku Anime Club

Steven Tran Don Jennings 626-236-8457

To promote awareness of Japanese culture, highly focused on Japanese animation, art, and literature. To make cards, build them into quilts and send them to nearby hospitals to cheer up sick kids. Also to organize fundraisers.

Kids Who Care

Korea Campus Crusade for Christ LDSSA

Thursday 5:00 Music 106 Tuesday 6:00 LDS institute on Merrimac Friday 3:00 BusEd 101a

Saneyee Purandare Gary Hoffman 949-689-9753 m (Jonathan) Kyung Kim Richard Laura 714-260-2749 Hailey Barker Michael Collier 588-3402 Christine Zoldos 478-8859 Carla Martinez


432-0202 x23025 396-4037

Win the campus today, win the world tomorrow.

To provide a social climate of activities where we can learn and serve.

Leadership Club


To plan various campus events for students. Mind Liberation Front Mixed Martial Arts Club Model United Nations OCC NORML Thursday 10:00 HomeEc 112

Felix Peniche Karen Felts 949-394-4433 Thursday 12:00 Home Ec Daniel Beck Leon Skeie 112 399-5537 Janet Rathert Tuesday 5:00 BusEd 107 Tuesday 11:30 SklCtr 104 none Nyma Quidwai 624-0683 Lesley Danziger


To liberate the minds of OCC's constituency: fair and accurate journalism and promotion of culture.

432-5112 To learn different martial arts techniques in boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, wrestling, and Brazilian Jui432-25110 jitsu. 432-5920 432-5747 The MUN club engages in simulation of the U.N. by teaching skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. To legalize marijuana.

Henry Le Glynis Hoffman 949-302-3269

Orthodox Campus Mission Psychology Club and Psi Beta Puente Club

Alexander Monday 11:00 ArtCtr 330 orthodox.campus.mission@ Odicino Irini Rickerson 949-244-9542 Wednesday 2:30 SocSci 109 Every other Thursday starting 2/15 at 10:20 Faculty House Wednesday 11:30 CAS 103 occ_psychology_club@yah Jodi Gaeta 234-8882 James Smolin, PHD


To expose the student body to the Eastern Orthodox Church.


To further interests in psychology, and to encourage leadership and development. To bridge the gap between students and educational success through community involvement and academic support. To provide network opportunities for students pursuing radiological technology careers.

Radiology Club


Hector Munguia Ben Figueroa 600-9647 Greg Berkowitz Lorraine Henry 949-548-3021



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OCC Club Roster Spring 2007
Student Contact Leonard Lang 949-786-1728 Samantha Wellen 300-5882

Club Real Estate Club

Meeting Information Wednesday 5:00 BusEd 106 Monday 5:00 Drama 102


Advisor(s) Leslie Beau Rick Golson Cynthia Corley

Advisor #

Club Objectives

432-0202 x To learn about real estate, careers, and current topics of interest in real estate. 25911 432-0202 x21147 x25640 x3 432-5541 432-0202 x21203 Promote knowledge to the field of respiratory care and pulmonary care. To increase awareness to aspects of design, bring guest speakers, and to talk about design and inspirations.

Repertory Theater

Respiratory Care

Monday 10:00 Lewis 119

Eric Lam Dan Adelmann 626-215-8798 Jamie Loop 224-2900 Renee Kubiak

2nd and 4th Tuesday of S.A.I.D. (Student Association every month 4:30 Home 0f Interior Design) Ec 101 Thursday 5:00 Faculty House Marc Schryer 349-6038 Shane Cutting 623-9041 Justin Mitchel 949-292-3261 Shawhin Pauari 925-413-6633 Derek Dickey 949-246-1033 Gary Moore 949-642-9102 Andrii Pryyma Chenko 242-0242 Coyotl Tezcatlipoca 299-8817 Dorian Yarnelson 732-9000 Nida Chowdhry 234-1114 Lam Tran 234-4506 Edward Rosenthal 773-0047 Steve Goetz 432-0202 x25905 To inform students about environmental issues both on and off campus.

Sierra Club Social Entrepreneur Club Tuesday 2:30 Science 160 Tuesday 4:00 Lit&Lang 244 Sportfishing Club Wednesday 2:30 SocSci 103 Tuesday 2:00 Handball Court Classroom Monday 3:00 Bus Ed 101B Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 5:00 C&L 113 The 2nd and 4th Monday United Democratic Students of the month 4:00 C&L of Orange County 111 United Muslims Association Monday 5:00 Bus Ed 103 VCSA Friday 2:30 Lit&Lang 117 Veterans Club of Orange Coast Wednesday 12:30 Bus Ed 106 none Visual Arts Club Wednesday 12:00 ArtCtr 322 Friday 1:00 Volunteer Center Friday 1:00 SocSci 101

Nick Contopoulos Courtney Anderson Daniel Kuo Bob Zhe Robin O'Connor David Green Lydia Arbizo Benjamin Figueroa Dr. Richard Lara

432-5550 757-8764458 432-5852 432-5807 432-5528 432-0202 x26404

To create business ideas than attempt to solve social issues economically.

Speech & Theater Team

To compete in speech/theater functions and represent the speech and theater team of OCC.

To get people together that love fishing.

Sprits of Ability

To raise funds for scholarships, take part in several campus activities, and act as a support group.


The Slavenik Club

To promote awareness in Slavenik peoples cultures, languages, history, and traditions.


432-5809 x1 To bring awareness about social issues in our community including but not limited to indigenous and 432-5860 immigration rights. For the students of Orange Coast College to exercise active political involvement when & where possible. To spread Islamic awareness on campus, to clear misconceptions/stereotypes, and to support humanitarian efforts. To gather all the youths together through community service and activities throughout the year.


Irini Rickerson


Victor Casados Kenneth Hearlson Terry Timmins Roger Whitridge


432-5554 432-5833 432-0202 x21150 432-5185 432-0202 x25764 x25951

To be informed on academic and financial changes. To get together as veterans and promote good will on campus and in the community. To promote, discus, and created visual arts while networking with other fellow OCC students interested in the subject.

Jesus Camacho 949-533-4585 m

Volunteer Club

Sage Michael Carla Martinez 422-8632 Quan Pham 717-2460 Dr. Hue Pham Phu Khanh Vu


To promote Vietnamese culture and language.

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Monthly Meeting Sign-In November 7, 2006

Al-Anon Amnesty International Architecture Business/Economics Business/Entrepreneur CALPIRG Campus Crusade for Christ CARE Christian Students Circle K International Doctors of Tomorrow Engineering and Applied Sciences Environmental Club EOPS Honors Fashion Club French Club GLBT PRIDE Club Golden S.L.I.P.A.'s Habitat for Humanity IEEE Student Chapter Inter-Cultural Club International Business Irish Culture Club Japanese Club Jewish Student Association

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Monthly Meeting Sign-In November 7, 2006

Kaizoku Anime Club Kids Who Care Korea Campus Crusade LDSSA Leadership Club Mind Liberation Front Mixed Martial Arts Club Model United Nations OCC NORML Orthodox Campus Mission Psychology Club and Psi Beta Puente Club Radiology Club Real Estate Club Respiratory Care S.A.I.D. Sierra Club Social Entrepreneur Club Speech & Theater Team Sportfishing Club Sprits of Ability The Slavenik Club Tonantzin United Democratic Students United Muslims Association

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Monthly Meeting Sign-In November 7, 2006

VCSA Veterans Club Visual Arts Club Volunteer Club VSA

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