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科目名稱:時事英文 英文名稱:News English
開課單位 學 分 數 2 本課程於課後是否具 有學系助教輔導教學

科目代號: 授課教師:Shu-Ping Lee,Ph.D
上課教室 □必修 □必選 □選修

Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures 授課時間 Mon. 13:20-15:10 □ 是 □ 否

修別 Office hours

Tue. 13:20-15:20

1. to see the significance of language use in news 教學目標 2. to enhance students’ reading comprehension in the news genre 3. to acquire low frequency words in the context of different types of news 4. to train students’ listening comprehension in news, e.g. CNN 課程綱要:(含每週授課進度) This course contains nine content areas in news: disasters, meteorology, economic issues, medical issues, fashion, faith, gender issues, education and psychology. See the detailed course description below. 講授方式 1.□課堂講授 2.□分組討論 3.□實習 4.□參觀訪問 5.□其它

課程其它 Taught in English 特色(可略) Time, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, Vogue Teen, New Yorker, newspapers, 教材教具 English in Context II, CNN news Reading package will be provided. 主要參考 書 籍

成績考核 Attendance 25% 方 式 class participation+ quiz




Final exam 25% 備 註 1. 主要參考書籍請依作者、書名、出版處所、時間次序撰寫。 2. 講授大綱及成績評量方式請務必於第一週上課時向學生充分說明。

News English Fall 07 Shu-Ping Lee, Ph.D. week 1. 2-3 disasters content Introduction News Summary (The New York Times) Fatal Collision (Eng. In Context 2) Mountain Tragedy Shark Attacks Rescue Operation Germ Warfare Articles from the newspaper: recovering from a car accident Typhoon warning Suicide bomber kills 14 Listening: natural disasters CNN- Holiday House Fires CNN- Hurricane Dangers Weather Report (The New York Times) Can Cities Save the Earth? (The New York Times, May 19. 07) Climate Change (Eng. In Context 2) El Niño/ La Niña (Reading for the Real World 3) The Impact of Asia’s Giants (Time, Apr. 3. 06) Listening: CNN- Antarctica’s Future BRIC thesis India Takes on the World (Time, Nov 27, 06) The Chinese Century (Time, Jan 22. 07) No Faking It (Time, Apr. 23. 07) Get Ahead, Learn Mandarin (Time, Jun 26. 06) Back to school. Poorly educated workers are hurting Brazil’s competitiveness, and business are stepping in to help them (Time, Apr. 23. 07) The Power of Hope (Time, Feb 12. 07) How the Brain Rewires itself (Time, Feb 12. 07) “My Billy” (New Yorker) Antioxidant vitamins (RD)

4-5 meteorology

6-7 Economical issues

8-11 Medical issues

Trans Fats Facts Listening: CNN- child prodigy CNN- personality and hypertension midterm Fashion Gropes for a Future (Time, Oct 16. 06) Renewed Faith (Time) Asia’s overscheduled kids (Time, March 27, 06) Prisons’ budget to trump colleges’ (San Francisco Chronicle, May 21. 07) Mirror, mirror… (Time) S.F.’s same-sex couples asked to adopt foster kids (San Francisco Chronicle May 21. 07) 1. Society’s Influence On Our Behavior (copy) 2. The Paradox of Happiness (copy) 3. A Deeper Sense of Happiness (Time) 18. 4. It Doesn’t Take Much (Time) Final exam

10 12 Fashion 13. Faith 14. Education

15. Gender issues 16-17 psychology

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