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									CTE Career Pathways

Career Pathways & Career Fields

Area of Study

Misc. CTE

Supporting Programs

$100 $200

$100 $200

$100 $200

$100 $200





$400 $500

$400 $500

$400 $500

$400 $500

Career Pathways & Career Fields

Area of Study

Misc. CTE

Supporting Programs

$100 $200

$100 $200

$100 $200

$100 $200





$400 $500

$400 $500

$400 $500

$400 $500

Career Pathways/Fields $100

Technical, Arts and Recreation, Marketing, Scientific, Social Humanitarian, and Business Operations

Career Pathways/Fields $200

Student Career Interests commonly described by 6 career personality types

Career Pathways/Fields $300

Matches education and workplace needs through partnerships with post secondary institutions, school districts, business and industry

Career Pathways/Fields $400

Maps that can help guide students to High School Courses, and Post Secondary options most relevant to their chosen career destination

Career Pathways/Fields $500

Matches education and workplace needs

Career Pathways/ Fields $100-Answer

What are Utah’s Six Career Fields?

Career Pathways/ Fields $200-Answer

What are Holland Codes?

Career Pathways/Fields $300-Answer

What are Career Pathways

Career Pathways/Fields $400-Answer

What are Career Pathways

Career Pathways/Fields $500-Answer

What is the career pathway initiative

Areas of Study $100

The number of Areas of Study in USOE Career Pathways

Areas of Study $200
• Agricultural Education • Business Education • Family & Consumer Sciences • Heath Science and Technology • Information Technology • Marketing Education • Skilled & Technical Sciences • Technology & Engineering

Areas of Study $300

USOE Specialist over Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Areas of Study $400

Bakers, Caterer, Chef, Chocolatier, Pastry Chef, Food Stylist, or FACS Teacher

Areas of Study $500

Areas of Study $100-Answer

What is EIGHT?

Areas of Study $200-Answer

What are the USOE Eight Areas of Study?

Areas of Study $300-Answer

Who is Pearl Hart?

Areas of Study $400-Answer

What occupations could a student choose if they pursue a Food Service and Culinary Arts Pathway

Areas of Study $500-Answer

What graphic represents the 8 CTE’s areas of study that are available in Utah

Misc. CTE $100
Sequence of courses that provide individuals with coherent and rigorous content aligned with academic standards and technical knowledge needed to prepare for further education and career opportunities

Misc. CTE $200

Students who are three times less likely to drop out of school.

Misc. CTE $300
Child Development Consumer Economics Services Family and Human Services Fashion Design, Manufacturing and Merchandising Food Service, Dietetics, and Nutrition Food Service and Culinary Arts Hospitality Services Interior Design

Misc. CTE $400

Who can utilize pathways to aid students in determining their career plans/life goals

Misc. CTE $500

According to the US Department of Labor how many jobs do Family and Consumer Science employees hold?

Misc. CTE $100-Answer

What is a Program of Study

Misc. CTE $200-Answer

Who are Career and Technical Education students

Misc. CTE $300-Answer

What are the 6 Career Pathways available in Family and Consumer Science

Misc. CTE $400-Answer

Teachers, Counselors, CTE Coordinators, Administrators---Everyone

Misc. CTE $500-Answer

What is 2.2 Million

Supporting Programs $100

This term means an organization for individuals enrolled in a CTE program that engages in leadership activities as an integral part of the instructional program

Supporting Programs $200

This program provides students with opportunities to receive instruction aligned with standards and objectives set by the state of Utah and by industry

Supporting Programs $300

This mission is designed to help students through specific selfappraisal and self-improvement activities, to enable effective planning to meet their personal education and career goals

Supporting Programs $400

The mission is to provide opportunities to learn a variety of skills by expanding the walls of classroom learning to include the community.

Supporting Programs $500

A college class usually taught at the high school by an approved high school teacher. Students earn both high school and college credits

Supporting Programs $100Answer

What are CTSO’s

Supporting Programs $200Answer

What are Skill Certification Tests

Supporting Programs $300Answer

What is Comprehensive Guidance

Supporting Programs $400Answer

What is Worked-Based Learning

Supporting Programs $500Answer

What is Concurrent Enrollment

Final Jeopardy Utah High School to College and Career Pathways

Final Jeopardy Provides Career Planning and Direction for ALL Students

Final Jeopardy-Answer
What is Career and Technical Education

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