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USAFE Project CHEER Fantasy Football
HQ USAFE SERVICES - SEMBACH AB GE – The FY 08 Project CHEER season launches its first exciting program 15 August 2007 with its own innovative and fun FANTASY FOOTBALL PROGRAM! Based upon market research and trends, USAFE Services proudly introduces Fantasy Football to USAFE’s Airmen – making this program a FIRST in the Air Force. Project CHEER is an annual program which typically runs from November to March annually with the goal of creating an environment of energy and enthusiasm for our single and unaccompanied Airmen of all ranks during the holiday season and winter months. USAFE Project CHEER Fantasy Football will provide USAFE Airman (to include DAF civilians and respective family members) friendly competition, an enhanced experience of viewing NFL games, and stress relief that comes from being away from family members during the holiday season. According to a report from Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., a Chicago-based employment research firm that tracks corporate office trends, there are 36.8 million estimated fantasy football participants. The 2006 Fantasy Sport Consumer Behavior Report surveyed fantasy football enthusiasts and found that 13% of the respondents indicated that at least one active serviceman played in their fantasy league this past season. The aforementioned reports reflect that military participation is significant. HQ USAFE/A1SPBO has contracted with CDM to provide and manage the USAFE Project CHEER Fantasy Football league. CDM Fantasy Sports Corp is one of the leading providers of fantasy sports products and services in North America. A hyperlink from the Project CHEER website (, available by 15 August 2007, will send participants directly to

CDM for game operation (access to game operation is not available through .mil networks). Interested participants will receive an automated e-mail response containing a special code required for on-line registration. The object of the game is to select and manage a team of 20 players and two defense/special teams within the constraints of a $60 million value cap determined by CDM Sports and limited roster moves (120). Team rosters must consist of the following: * 3 Quarterbacks * 2 Tight Ends * 6 Running Backs * 3 Kickers * 6 Wide Receivers * 2 Defense/Special Teams

Points are earned based on weekly performance of pro football players during the NFL 17 week season. Standings and results are updated immediately, so after the conclusion of the Monday night game each week, participants will know right away the weekly winners and overall leaders. Prizes include cash awards, NFL replica jerseys, Sports Illustrated annual subscriptions, and free access to CDM’s “Fantasy Playoff Football” challenge. For additional program information, go to or contact Roger Braner, HQ USAFE/A1SPBO, at DSN 496-7938, Comm. 011-49-6302-67-7938, or

For media inquiries contact: USAFE Services Marketing and Entertainment POC: Mandy Smith-Nethercott HQ USAFE/A1SPM DSN: 496-7929; Commercial: (49) 06302-677929

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