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					                                                                                                                       Tuesday, July 25, 2006                THE NORTON TELEGRAM                                          Page 3

The day is done. The Norton Open Class Horse Show was over
and all that was left to do was fold the flag. Scott Sproul, left,
and Garrett Beydler retire the colors until next year.
                                        — Telegram photos by Carlyn Plotts

Mild weather made
horse show all the better
  The Norton County Open Class          Kylena Hager and Dana
Horse Show was held Saturday at         Hillebrand, red; Intermediate Di-
the Equine Facility in Elmwood          vision: Kegan Vanover, purple;
Park. Exceptionally mild weather        Johnnye Ruder, Austin Hager,
added to the pleasure of the day as     blue; and Lane Vanover, red; Jun-
riders in the Junior, Intermediate      ior Division: Dalton Vanover,
and Senior Divisions competed           purple; Makayla Smith, Zachary
for top ribbons.                        Esslinger, Adrienne Hager, Caden
  Garrett Beydler and Travis            Kinderknecht,                  Kylie
Smith were superintendents for          Kinderknecht and Clay Vanover,
the show that was sponsored by the      blue.
Norton County Horse Council.              Western Pleasure: Senior Di-
  Ryan Cole of Downs was the            vision: Samantha Fulton, first
class judge; Gary Hager judged          purple; Kim Kasson, second
the trail class and announcers for      purple; Dana Hillebrand, Neva Jo
the day were Jeremy Krehbiel and        Beydler, Barb Grasz, Kylena
Todd Fulton.                            Hager and Greg Vanover, blue;
  The horse council also provided       Caleb       Vanover,        Wesley
the food stand.                         Georgeson and Garrett Beydler,
  Divisions and Participants            red; Intermediate Division: Kyra
were:                                   Fulton, first purple; Kegan
  Halter Showmanship: Senior            Vanover, second purple; Dalton
Division: Samantha Fulton,              Vanover, Makayla Smith, Jace
purple; Caleb Vanover, blue; Dana       Ruder, Kylie Kinderknecht and
Hillebrand and Lee Ann Shearer,         Adrienne Hager, blue.
red. Intermediate Division: Kyra          Senior Trail: Barb Grasz, first       Five-year-old Nicholas Meyer, Norton, said he’s old enough Nick filled a bucket with water.
Fulton, purple; Johnnye Ruder,          purple; Samantha Fulton, second         to help. Dana Hillebrand leaned on her horse, “Stoney,” while
Kegan Vanover, Austin Hager,            purple; Billy Schnuerle, Kylena
Lane Vanover, and Morgan                Hager, Caleb Vanover and Neva Jo        red.                                   Adrienne Hager and Makayla            Zachary Esslinger, blue; Adrienne     Smith and Nicholas Esslinge
Baumann, blue. Junior Division:         Beydler, blue; Greg Vanover,              Senior Reining: Garrett              Smith, all blue.                      Hager, Caden Kidnerknecht, Jace       blue; Adrienne Hager, Cade
Adrienne Hager, first purple; Jace      Garrett Beydler, Kim Kasson and         Beydler, first purple; Samantha          Senior Pole Bending: Kylena         Ruder and Nicholas Esslinger, red.    Kinderknecht and Kyli
Ruder, second purple; Dalton            Stacy Richmond, red; Intermedi-         Fulton, second purple; Wesley          Hager, first purple; Stacy Rich-         Senior Barrel Racing: Stacy        Kinderknecht, red.
Vanoover, Clay Vanover and              ate Trail: Kyra Fulton, first purple;   Georgeson, Barb Grasz, Stacy           mond, second purple; Neva             Richmond, first purple; Caleb           Pair Sack Race: Stacy Rich
Makayla Smith, blue; and Kylie          Johnnye Ruder, second purple;           Richmond, Kim Kasson and Dana          Beydler and Greg Vanover, blue;       Vanover, second purple; Greg          mond and Kim Kasson, firs
Kinderknecht, red.                      Lane Vanover, Kegan Vanover             Hillebrand, blue; Caleb Vanover,       Caleb Vanover and Dana                Vanover, Dana Hillebrand and          purple; Greg Vanover and Dalto
  Western Horsemanship: Se-             and Austin Hager, blue; Junior          red; Intermediate Reining: Kyra        Hillebrand, red; Kim Kasson,          Neva Beydler, blue; Kim Kasson        Vanover, second purple; Lane an
nior Division: Kim Kasson, first        Trail: Dalton Vanover, first purple;    Fulton, first purple; Austin Hager,    white; Intermediate Poles: Kyra       and Kylena Hager, white; Inter-       Clay Vanover, and Kevin an
purple; Samantha Fulton, second         Clay Vanover, second purple;            second purple; Lane Vanover,           Fulton, first purple; Lane Vanover,   mediate Barrels: Kegan Vanover,       Zachary Esslinger, blue; Kega
purple; Wesley Georgeson, Stacy         Zachary Esslinger and Caden             Johnnye Ruder and Kegan                second purple; Johnnye Ruder and      first purple; Lane Vanover, second    Vanover and Caden Kinderknech
Richmond, Neva Beydler, Caleb           Kinderknecht, blue; Adrienne            Vanover, blue; Junior Reigning:        Kegan Vanover, blue; Austin           purple; Kyra Fulton, Johnnye          and Kylena Hager and Kyli
Vanover and Barb Grasz, blue;           Hager and Kylie Kinderknecht,           Dalton Vanover, Clay Vanover,          Hager, white; Junior Poles: Dalton    Ruder and Austin Hager, blue;         Kinderknecht, red; Makayl
                                                                                                                       Vanover, first purple; Caleb          Junior Barrels: Dalton Vanover,       Smith and Adrienne Hager an
                                                                                                                       Vanover, second purple; Makayla       first purple; Clay Vanover, purple;   Dana Hillebrand and Cale
Relay runners competing for life                                                                                       Smith, Kylie Kinderknecht,            Zachary Esslinger, Makayla            Vanover, white.

   Norton County Relay For Life         designated walking area during          in this year’s Relay. Luminaries
will begin at 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 18    the entire event. Relay For Life        will be lit along the walking route
on the track at Elmwood Park. It will   celebrates survivors and raises         at 10 p.m. when the names of those
end at 7 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 19.        funds through donations and the         being remembered will be read.
   Relay For Life is an overnight       sale of luminaries in honor or          Luminaries may be purchased for
event consisting of teams with 10       memory of those who have expe-          $10 each prior to the ceremony.
to 15 people. They spend at least       rienced cancer.                            The Relay For Life committee
12 hours walking, running or rock-         The opening ceremony honors          in Norton invites you to form a
ing to raise money to fight cancer.     cancer survivors by letting them        team or become part of a team. To                                                                            All Over
It’s a relay, with at least one mem-
ber of each team on the track or
                                        lead the team on the first lap. Thir-
                                        teen teams are enrolled to take part
                                                                                learn more, call Carol Otter at 877-
                                                                                                                                                                                           Town for . . .
                                                                                                                                                                   CRAZY DAY 2006
                                                           Check Out                                                                                           Saturday, July 29
                                                         Jamboree Foods                                                                      •Norton Flowers, Gift and Greenhouse
                                                            for Your                                                                 •Twice Sold Treasures •Kowpoke Supply •Laura’s Avon
                                                                                                                                               •Hall’s Clothing •The Sewing Box
                                                       Crazy Day Bargains                                                                •Moffet Drug Store •Garden Gate Florals, Etc.
                                                                                                                                      •Jamboree Foods •A & C Novelties •Dollar General
                                                                                                                                                •Norton Shop and Save •Kellie’s
                  Saturday, July 29 ONLY                                                                                                 •End Zone Sports and Office •Amy’s Fashions
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              Shurfresh Hot Dogs, 16 Oz. — 88¢                                                                                            •White Fields Coffee •Thundercord Guitars
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                Kraft Mac and Cheese — 2/98¢                                                                                      Norton Area Chamber of Commerce Businesses
                                                                          117 N. Second                                                             JOIN THE FUN! LOOK FOR THE
                                                                          Norton, Kansas                                                            MINNOW RACES
                                                                          785-877-2551                                            FROM 9 A.M.-11 A.M. ON THE NORTH SIDE OF MOFFET’S

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