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					13th November 2008 Dear Players and Members

Christmas Drinks
The Club has arranged some Christmas drinks for Sunday 14th December at the Queens Head Hotel (117 Kermode Street North Adelaide). Our generous sponsors (Franzon Family – The Bath and Queens Head Hotel) will be providing a free keg for players / members to enjoy. I encourage you to join team mates for what will be a great afternoon. Many players are meeting for lunch at midday, so I encourage you to get there early for lunch.

A Grade Coach Presentation
The afternoon will also feature a presentation from newly appointed A Grade Coach, Dave LeMire. Dave would like to encourage players from all 3 teams to attend the afternoon. In other appointments, Cliff Flower has been appointed A Grade Assistant Coach. Cliff’s close working relationship with the team last season will provide valuable assistance to Dave. Garry Minuzzo has been appointed B Grade Coach for season 2009. Garry is looking forward to working with our young group of players, and getting the most out of their ability, which will see continued improvement in ’09. There will be an announcement on the C Grade Coaching appointment soon. Please find attached a note from Dave LeMire and details of 3 training runs prior to Christmas.

We will be conducting the Club’s AGM during the afternoon. It will only be brief, but provides important information to Club Members. If you would like any important issues addressed at the AGM, please feel free to raise topics during the afternoon, or contact me prior to the day. Any members interested in joining the committee, or an off-field role, please contact me ASAP. The Club needs to fill several off-field roles, including: help with match day bbq, team manager roles, time keepers, match day officials etc. If you, or any friends, supporters or parents are interested in having an active role in the Club, please let me know. The roles can be part time (i.e. some games only), or for the whole season and offer non-players a way of contributing to the club. If you have any friends, uni or work mates interested in playing footy next season, please invite them along to this afternoon. The more players we attract to the Club the stronger all 3 teams will be. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss any aspect of the Club. If you don’t receive regular emails, please forward your email address to news@oifc.com.au Pete Zollo - 0412 845 637 / president@oifc.com.au

OLD IGNATIANS FOOTBALL CLUB NOTICE IS GIVEN THAT THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE OLD IGNATIANS FOOTBALL CLUB INC. WILL BE HELD AT THE QUEENS HEAD HOTEL (BEER GARDEN) – 117 KERMODE STREET, NORTH ADELAIDE ON SUNDAY 14th DAY OF DECEMBER 2008 COMMENCING AT 2PM AGENDA 1. 2. 3. 4. Minutes of the previous meeting President’s Report Treasurers Report Election of Committee Positions Under the Articles of the Constitution, all of the following positions are declared vacant at the Annual General Meeting: -President -Vice President -Treasurer -Secretary -Committee Persons The club strongly encourages all members to participate in the active management of the club on a Committee or Sub-Committee level. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Peter Zollo on 83378300 by 10th December 2008 5. Nomination of Life Members


Other Business


Meeting Closed

Note from A Grade / Club Coach
Firstly, I’m really looking forward to the year ahead, and to being the A Grade / Club coach for Season 2009. We’ve got what I think is a terrific group of people, both in terms of the players and the support staff. We also have a committee and off-field team that is willing to do what it takes to be successful. There were some good signs during 2008, with good improvement from the younger players, and the A grade leadership group getting more involved in selection, strategy, and training. Having a strong leadership group working well is going to be crucial. The B Grade showed strong signs of improvement in the second half of 2008, which I look forward to seeing continue in 2009. The C Grade is an important aspect of the Club, and hope to see the team be more consistent next season. More input / dedication from players in the B & C Grade is essential to improving next season. Our preparation during pre-season will be as important as ever, and with that in mind we will be structuring pre-season a little differently than in the past. Fitness work will focus more on sprint work than long-distance running, and we’ll be getting some specialist fitness consultants to take us for about 40 minutes on some Thursday nights during February and early March. These sessions will focus on both upper body and lower body, with some exercises developing power and some developing endurance. They will provide an important variation to training, but be assured there will be plenty of ball work during pre-season. I would like to encourage all players to do extra training sessions to give them the best preparation possible for the upcoming season. The Club is finalizing a relationship with a near city gymnasium that will offer discounted memberships to our members. The Club is also looking into the possibility of subsidizing player memberships, so if you are interested in joining a gym, please let me know. We will have 3 training sessions before Christmas at Hunter Park (railways) Corner of West Terrace & Port Road on Thursday December 4th, 11th and 18th commencing at 6.00 pm. The sessions will be light, but it’s important for us to get together before Christmas so I encourage players from ALL 3 teams to attend. More details of pre-season will be forwarded to you soon, and will also appear on www.oifc.com.au. My mobile number is 0412 252 744, and my email is dlemire@internode.on.net . I look forward to seeing you on 4th December, and at the Christmas Drinks. I would be happy to hear from you if you would like to discuss any matters. Dave LeMire