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					<h1>What Best Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife Would You Want
to Have?</h1>

Bear Grills is a well known outdoorsman, and he went on to become a TV
star because of his show Man vs. Wild. What made his show stand out from
the competition is the fact that he tends to go to extremes when trying to
survive. Take for example, the time when he took the meat off a dead seal to
use a makeshift wet suit, or the time he drank his own pee, or the time he
ate meat off a rotten carcass.

Gerber recognized the potential in aligning themselves with Bear, and as a
result the Gerber Bear Grylls survival line up was born. These are mostly
survival knives with useful accessories. Below are some of the best Bear
Grylls Ultimate Pro survival knife models that you can choose from.

<h2>Ultimate Pro Paracord Knife</h2>

This knife has a 7.75 inch stainless steel blade. The design is full tang for
durability and the stock is made up of 60 inches paracord. By no means is
this the first knife with paracord handle. This is arguably the one that go the
most attention. In large part because Bear uses his line of survival knives on
Man vs. Wild.

The paracord handle can be unwoven and used on its own. This can be used
for traps, build shelter, or aid in your SOS (bright orange). But it can also be
used to tie the knife to a wooden pole. The result is a sturdy piece of spear
for hunting and protection.

If you can it is advised that you buy the firestarter accessory. Buy the one
with the interwoven paracord. This increases your paracord length and
makes it easier to carry the flint.

<h2>Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade</h2>

Next on the list is the fixed blade. The 4.8-inch blade is versatile enough to
fillet a trout or chop firewood, with the aid of another piece of wood utilized
like a hammer of course. The handle was engineered for a firm non slip grip.
The sheath has premium attachments like a firestarter kit and carbide

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