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					                                                                             Volume III, Issue 8
      FAMILY HISTORY NEWSLETTER                                              August 2009

    Baltimore Stake Family                                  Board of the Civil War Trust
                                                            The International Council on Archives’
     History Workshop in                                       Automation Committee.
                                                   He has also co-authored articles on Planning and
                                                   Decision Processes for Information Technology
The annual Baltimore [Maryland] Stake              in Archives and Archival Preservation of
Family History Workshop will be held               Magnetic Media. Click green link above for a
on Saturday, Sept. 13. That’s not too far          more complete biography.
off. Plan now to attend. For additional
information, please go to                          10:00 - 3:50 -- Six 50 min. classes
 http://www.baltimorefamilyhistorywo               Bring your own bagged lunch.
                              Bottled water will be provided.
   Saturday, September 12, 2009
This workshop is FREE and sponsored
                                                   FAMILY HISTORY MISSIONARIES
by Baltimore Maryland Stake
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day           To: Family History Consultants in North
Saints                                             America
120 Stemmers Run Road
Essex, Maryland, 21221                             As we prepare to release the new
Schedule                                           FamilySearch Web site to Church
                                                   members in Utah and Idaho, we have a
 8:00 - 8:45 -- Pick up information                need for more Church Service
packet and syllabus (if ordered),                  missionaries to serve part-time in
view displays in the gymnasium                     answering family history questions from
                                                   the convenience of their own home.
 8:45 - 9:50 -- Opening session with               FamilySearch Support missionaries
Keynote Speaker -- L. Reynolds                     assist with any of the following family
                                                   history products and resources:
(Ren) Cahoon --
                                                        The New Family Search
  Family History Re-born:
                                                           Internet Indexing and Name
   Progress, Perils and
                                                           Record Search
Ren is currently a commissioner for the
International Commission for the Accreditation             Family History Center Support
of Professional Genealogists. He has also served
                                                           Research Support and the
        Executive Committee of the Federal                 Research Wiki
           CIO Council.

  OUR DECISION TO SERVE                      20 hours a week for those weeks. I think
                                             all the training sessions are recorded, so
Do you recall that Jack and I published      if needed, you could listen to them
the letter above in a previous newsletter?   evenings and weekends. You work the
It came at a time that Jack and I had        lessons similar to those for consultants in
decided to look at serving a mission.        the Help Center pretty much on your
Jack turned 65 on August 5. It’s funny       own. During the live sessions you can
how things happen. Just as we were           ask questions and intetract with the
ready to serve, along came the               instructors--kind of like Go to Meeting.
opportunity to serve a part-time, stay-at-   We use Adobe and Oracle for this.
home family history mission.            In
addition, our friend Sandy Young in          After the initial training you are assigned
York 1st Ward and our friend Nell Parker     to a Training Assistant who helps you
of Utah had already embarked on this         with hands-on practice answering emails
opportunity. Elders Norm Drasher and         and telephone calls. It really helps if
Art Reid in our stake are also serving       trainees have good computer skills.
this type of mission. The timing was
also right for us. We have worked a          Then after the training, you are assigned
long time to gain knowledge about            to a specific Mission Leader (ML) who
family history, and we like to share that    shepherds about 10 to 12 missionaries.
knowledge. The fact that we have a ten-      This group meets weekly for online
day trip scheduled to see General            discussion and to pass on instruction
Conference in Utah delayed our starting      from the Team Leads (TLs) and Church
date, but in November, we will begin the     employees. MLs give additional one-on-
8 weeks of training, approx. two hours a     one help as needed. When on duty, all
day. Then in January 2010 we will            have access to one or more Skype
begin to work for the Family History         groups where they can call for help if
Department.                                  they get stuck. These Skype groups are
Our service will involve answering           monitored by MLs and TLs who can join
questions for members worldwide about        your call or take over completely if
family history. Jack’s and Nell’s field is   needed.
Research Support. Sandy will work in
Family History Center Support, and           You pretty much choose your own
Sylvia will work in the new Family           schedule. They would like at least 12
Search Support. Jack and I will serve 15     hours of phone/email time each week
hours each a week and also continue to       and up to 20 if you can do it. There are 4
work at the Family History Center. We        inservice meetings each week which are
are looking forward for this wonderful       also recorded, so if you miss something
opportunity and hope to still be available   you can listen to it on your own time.
to our patrons of the FHC.                   They like us to attend all the meetings,
                                             but ask for at least 1 per week. You can
DETAILS OF WHAT A TYPICAL DAY                schedule time off for vacations and other
  WOULD BE LIKE AS AN AREA                   family matters if you need to. I find it is
     SUPPORT MISSIONARY                      best to set a schedule and try to stick to it
                                             as closely as possible. You can commit
What's a typical day like? Can you set       to 6 to 18 months and renew if you want
your own hours? I still work full time. Is   to go more. They need people weekends.
that a problem?                              I babysit a granddaughter week days and
                                             serve evenings and weekends. We have
Area Support Missionaries go through 8       almost 24/7 service. In the evenings you
weeks of training on the Internet, about     may get calls from Australia or New
Zealand, or from English-speaking               THE WORK IS MOVING FORWARD
persons in Asia; and Saturday mornings
I have had calls from Ireland. The phone        Temples pull down names directly from
system is all on the Internet.                  the nFS/patron submitted pool? This
                                                procedure WILL be interesting to see
There is a lot to learn and remember            how it impacts the speed of getting
(which is hard for seniors, but many do         temple file names processed. I asked
it) and things are constantly changing as       recently how many endowments the
you know. But it is a very rewarding            Provo Temple completes per day. The
service. Those with family history              family file desk ladies smiled at me and
experience and good computer skills,            said they really didn't look at the
would have no problem at all.                   numbers that way. However, they felt
More questions? Please contact:                 confident in saying that 1500 to 2000 a
                                                day would probably be typical. They
Elder Arnold Davis                              were recording as we talked, and they hit
Family History Department                       about 800 at 11:00 in the morning.
Joseph Smith Memorial Building                  It's time to move this work forward!
15 East South Temple Street                     Thanks to Jill Crandell for this insight.
Salt Lake City, UT 84150-0403
                                                    SYMBOLS IN GENEALOGY
I am a missionary in FamilySearch
Support. I am having a wonderful time            Have you ever seen a symbol or initial
answering support phone calls and               on an old family document and
feedback emails. I get to speak with the        wondered what it meant? This list will
greatest people in the world who are            help you understand just what they were
trying to do their duty to their families       talking about!
through Family History work. In my 38 
years serving in the church, I have never
felt the spirit assisting me as I have in            AMERICAN BATTLE
this calling. In the words of my grandson          MOMUMENTS COMMISSION
It Rocks!
                                                If you have military ancestors buried in
However, with Utah and Idaho rolling            US cemeteries abroad, this is the place to
out, it is getting busy. If you have            find them. The site covers 24 overseas
moderate computer skills and are willing        military cemeteries with almost 125,000
to learn, we will give you 2 months of          American war dead, plus Tablets of the
peer assisted, on-line training. Then you       Missing that memorialize more than
will be further guided by a Mission Lead        94,000 US servicemen and women.
and a Team Lead who will ensure your            Reported in Family Tree Magazine's "10
success.                                        Best Websites to See Dead People."
If you know anyone who might be able
to help us please give a call to 1-866-
406-1830 and ask for a missionary
application. We need you now.                   Else what shall they do which are
I will be happy to answer any questions         baptized for the dead, if the dead rise
about the mission that I can.                   not at all? Why are they then baptized
                                                for the dead? Corinthians 15:29
Elder Allan Hale-----------------------------
FamilySearch Support

   SKETCHES OF YOUR                         Source: "Guidelines for Reading Old
 ANCESTRAL HOMETOWN                         Documents" by Kip Sperry Read the full
While not strictly an artifact of your
family history, it can be nice to add
some context to your story by including            BOOKMARK AN
an image or photo of the town / village /        INDIVIDUAL IN NEW
region where your family once resided,             FAMILY SEARCH
especially in cases in which you now
live far away, or the place has been        Have you ever wished you didn't have to
modernized extensively. Seeing the town     navigate your whole pedigree each time
as your ancestor may have seen it can       you wanted a specific individual you
give you some insight into their world.     work with frequently? With the
Source: Family History Tips, June 23,       Individual in the primary position in new
2009                                        FamilySearch, click Favorites (Internet
   MARRIAGE BANNS AND                       Explorer) or Book Marks (Firefox), then
      INTENTIONS                            click Add to Favorites (or Bookmarks)
                                            and enter a name such as "nFS-Bill
Church records often list the date on       Jones". Click Add. The next time you
which a couple makes the announcement       want to use new FamilySearch, select
that they intend to marry. These are        the "Favorite" or "Bookmark" you
called marriage banns. In addition, you     created in your browser. Sign in and new
can find marriage intentions, which were    FamilySearch takes you directly to that
non-religious public announcements of       person (rather than to your own record).
the couple's intention to marry. Don't
misinterpret the dates of marriage banns
and marriage intentions as the actual
wedding                             date.
                                               ETERNAL FAMILIES
Source: "Tips for Reading Old Records:
Dangerous Dates and Word Meanings"          I promise you that if you will keep
by Read the full article     your journals and records, they
at:                                         will indeed be a source of great        inspiration to your families, to
5_read ing.html                             your children, your grandchildren,
                                            and others, on through the
         READING OLD
                                            generations. Each of us is
                                            important to those who are near
One of the most important fundamental
                                            and dear to us and as our posterity
principles in reading old handwriting is    read of our life's experiences, they,
that it is always necessary to compare:     too, will come to know and love
compare and match unknown letters,          us. And in that glorious day when
characters, or doubtful words in the        our families are together in the
same document to determine if they are      eternities, we will already be
the same. Compare with words on the
same page, and then look on the pages
before and after the one in question.
Compare with letters and words that are     ---by Spencer W. Kimball, New
familiar to you.                            Era, December 1980, pg 26

WHAT KIND OF ANCESTOR                            TAKING A STEP BACK TO
       ARE YOU?                                         REVIEW
Do you remember how frustrated you             In a world where we can click and add a
felt to acquire a stack of family photos       record to our tree, it's easy to lose track
only to find no one had identified them?       of all the details we find in a record. As
How sad were you that Grandpa Charles          we continue to gather records, a lot of
didn't leave a journal or a biographical       clues get lost along the way. Periodically
sketch of his life? Do you wish someone        it's important to go back and do a
in the family had archived all of the          comprehensive review of what we have
important documents you need to prove          accumulated. If we look at the big
your research? Decide this summer to           picture, we're going to spot a lot more
BE the kind of ancestor you wish you           opportunities for further research, and
had. Make a goal to remember the               we may find that the clue you've been
Beverly Glen mantra: "Family History is        searching for has been sitting in your
doable, half an hour a day, little by          files all along. Read the whole article by
little." That's how we eat elephants.          clicking the link below to learn more tips
That's how we achieve family history           for reviewing what has been found for
goals. Go for it!                              an ancestor.
 Source: Family History Tip of the             Source: 24-7 Family History Circle
Week,      7/5/05,    Ohana    Software,       Blog, 23 Jan 2990, by Juliana Smith
Contributed by Adele Austin, Family
History Consultant, Las Vegas Beverly               SIMPLIFY FINDING
Glen Ward                                          DISTANCES BETWEEN
       DOABLE                                  Not long ago I spent quite a bit of time
                                               trying to figure out how far my ancestor
You can work on a "time-line" history a
                                               lived from the cemetery that I believe he
few minutes per day or 1 hr. per week. A
                                               is buried in "as the crow flies." I could
time-line history takes your life year by
                                               locate both locations on a map, but didn't
year and includes a simple one-sentence
                                               know where roads might have been on
statement of a major event along with
                                               the frontier. I have since found a free
the date of the event. It will serve to be a
                                               website for joggers and bikers very
reminder when you get around to
                                               useful for getting distances. GMaps
enlarging on the event in a longer history
                                               Pedometer allows you to get straight line
or - at the very least - it creates an
                                               distances (manual) between two or more
outline history for your descendants
                                               points. Distances on current roads are
even if nothing else ever gets written!
                                               available taking into account curves and
Check out the following fun website
                                               turns onto other roads (automatic). This
which allows you to patch your own
                                               will be useful to get an exact driving
life's adventures into the happenings of
                                               distance from a landmark to a cemetery
the world around you. Go to
                                               or other location. The cyclist route will and play around.
                                               not let you go down a one-way street the
Source: Ohana Software, " Family
                                               wrong way like the runner route would.
History Tip of the Week", 7/5/9,
                                               Gerald M. Graves, Van Meter, Iowa ,
Contributed by Adele Austin, Family
                                               "Your Quick Tips", 05 Jan 2008, 24/7
History Consultant, Las Vegas Beverly
                                               Family History Circle Blog
Glen Ward.

                                             If the suggestion "Let's do our
A treasure trove for Badger State history    genealogy" is met with glassy-eyed
of all kinds- including Civil War            expressions at your house, why not try
records, images and 150,000 names in         some of the following suggestions that
biographical sketches, obituaries and        can make genealogy fun. Remember,
newspaper articles-this site also lets you   the essence of genealogy is binding the
search 1 million births, 1 million           past to the present. Only one facet
marriages and 400,000 deaths, all pre-       involves huddling over a microfilm,
1907.                                        reader and searching through hard-to-       read documents in a musty courthouse
ogy/                                         (activities, by the way, that some
    HOW TO EAT AN                            genealogists have a special liking for).
ELEPHANT OR HOW TO DO                        There are countless other ways to
    FAMILY HISTORY                           acquaint your family members with their
                                             ancestors. Begin by analyzing your
In May I was asked to give the 5th           family's special skills and interests. Take
Sunday presentation for RS and               into consideration their age levels. Then
Priesthood on NFS and family history.        approach the activities you select with
                                             enthusiasm- and you will soon find your
A while before it was scheduled, I           family members developing new talents
started to think about how to present it -   and growing closer to each other as you
to make it "eatable" for the Members.        learn and work together.

I had one of our talented Young Women           1. A family member with an artistic
draw an elephant on the blackboard.                flair would probably enjoy
                                                   designing a family tree for your
Tip of the trunk = registering on NFS              family-room or living-room wall.
                                                   It could be done in oils, acrylics,
Trunk = bigger than usual because of a             felt, or embroidery, and could be
4-generations     pedigree.      Around            styled to reflect your family's
3rd-4th generations a line called 1900's           ethnic heritage.
downward over the trunk.                        2. Pool your musical talents and
                                                   collaborate in writing a ballad - a
With some few inches between                       simple song-telling the story of a
downward lines indication 1800's till              prominent (or not-so-prominent)
about 1500/1400's before the head ends.            progenitor. If the song has a
The rest we have to leave to be done               rousing chorus, it will quickly
during the Millennium - or it HAS been             become a theme song for the
done. The elephant ends with Adam and              family, and new verses can be
Eve and their children, as the elephant's          added over the years. Family
tail.                                              ballads are great for giving
                                                   sparkle to family reunions.
Some members found it pretty funny but          3. Family dramatists can star on
also helpful. You do not to have to eat an         Sunday afternoons and at
entire elephant at once.                           reunions in skits based on family
                                                   history. Even reenacting the day
                                                   grandma and grandpa met can be
A Family History Consultant                        fun. Invite them to see the play
      and be sure to give them a                 NEW YORK PUBLIC
      chance to tell the story the way it     LIBRARY DIGITAL IMAGES
      really happened.
   4. Learn a heritage craft to gain a       You don't need a library card to access
      greater appreciation for the life-     this site's half-million images and
      style of your pioneer forefathers      documents, covering American Indian
      and mothers. Woodworking,              portraits, African-American history and
      shingle-making, spinning thread,       migration,     historical  photographs,
      weaving, and quilting were             surveyors of the American West,
      important parts of their lives.        Holocaust memorial books and much
   5. Turning the names and dates on a       more.
      family group sheet into a brief        Source: Family Tree Magazine, 10 Best
      written history can be one of the      Virtual      Library      Web      Sites,
      most enlightening things you and
      your family have ever done.            library-web- sites
      Your family members can work
      together almost like detectives to       A FREE GENEALOGICAL
      figure out the story behind the
                                                     TOOL BAR
      dry facts on the chart. Writing
      out such histories will turn your
      ancestors into real people.            The Manchester and Lancashire Family
      Putting names and dates into           History Society (MLFHS) in the UK has
      story form may even make you           announced the release of its own
      realize things you didn't think of     (completely free) genealogy toolbar
      before. You may see gaps in the        which integrates with your browser (IE,
      research, and you may be               Firefox, Safari) and provides direct
      prompted to complete the story         access to over 120 genealogy sites.
      by writing for information.            The range of sites provided is especially
                                             strong for GB and Irish research and will
Source: Ohana Software Family History        continue to be expanded in the light of
Tip of the Week, (1/7/05), Ginger            users comments and suggestions.
Hamer, "Family Fun with Genealogy,"
Ensign, Sept. 1984, 64.                      Users can turn on/off individual menus
                                             via the options menu, and they can also
                                             choose to add items from a selection of
                                             non-genealogy links. ) is a        The toolbar can be downloaded via the
site run by the National Archives of         MLFHS home page uk
Quebec. This search tool leads to            or from http://MLFHS. OurToolbar.
genealogy and family history databases       com/ Amendments to the toolbar are
hosted by federal, provincial and            made centrally and can be automatically
territorial archives and libraries as well   reflected in each user’s browser.
as other partners. This is a very useful
search tool since it covers a wide variety   The toolbar is completely free to
of records and has a fairly easy to use      download and use and has been
interface.                                   developed by Family Historians for use
                                             by Family Historians.
"Miles Genealogy Tips", 2/5/09,              Regards, Ken Wogan
                                             AQ Message Board
FAMILY TREE UNIVERSITY                        10 Best Web Sites to See
                                                   Dead People
Sylvia and I have had a subscription to
FAMILY TREE MAGAZINE since it                American Battle Monuments
first started. We get a lot of good          Commission
information, ideas and helps from it.        If you have military ancestors buried in
It is now presenting an online set of        US cemeteries abroad, this is the place to
classes for genealogists. It’s called        find them. The site covers 24 overseas
Family Tree University.                      military cemeteries with almost 125,000
Have you wanted to trace your family         American war dead, plus Tablets of the
tree or learn about your ancestry, but       Missing that memorialize more than
you're not sure where to begin? Have         94,000 US servicemen and -women.
you hit a brick wall in your research, and
need a boost from an expert? Now, with       AncientFaces $
Family Tree University, you can gain the     This collection of nearly 50,000 old
skills and techniques in our online          family photos also offers family stories
courses, taught by some of the best          and recipes, plus Family Spaces Web
minds in the genealogy field.                pages on which to share them (starting at
In each class, you’ll get guidance from      $29.95 a year).
an experienced instructor and be able to
interact with other students. You’ll         Cemetery Surveys
complete exercises that will help you        View nearly 240,000 burial records,
make new discoveries about your              many with photos of the actual
family’s past. And you’ll have access to     headstones; the site is richest in coverage
a library of resources and how-to            for the southeastern United States. You
material to expand your knowledge            can even import your finds into Google
during and after the class.                  Earth.

     SAMPLE OF UPCOMING                      DeadFred $
          COURSES                            A longtime favorite, this genealogy
                                             photo archive has helped more than
   Start Tracing My Family Tree              1,400 people reunite with pictures of
   Find My Immigrant Ancestors               their ancestors. It's free to search the
   Research My Family From the               archive of more than 92,000 records
Old Country                                  representing more than 16,000 surnames.
   Use Google Tools for My                   Paying members ($19.95 a year) get
Ancestry Search                              customization options and enhanced
   Track Down My Living Relatives            photo posting.

Courses and details will be coming           Find a Grave
soon – sign up today for our free            This simple-yet-powerful cemetery
newsletter and find out more!                database has grown to more than 31
                                             million grave transcriptions. You can
Go to                                        search by name (with options for maiden           names and partial surnames), birth date,
GeneralMenu/ and see what all is             death date or cemetery location, or
available.                                   browse a cemetery for people you think
                                             might be your ancestors. There's also a
                                             surname index and the Social Security
                                             Death Index.
                                               represented to date, but this one's worth                                  watching.
Though smaller than Find a Grave,              Nationwide Gravesite Locator is likewise worth a look—        This Department of Veterans Affairs
its user-submitted gravestone records          Web site—a domestic counterpart to the
cover cemeteries that no longer exist,         aforementioned American Battle
along with graveyards beyond the               Monuments Commission site—searches
United States. Special collections cover       burial locations of veterans and their
veterans' cemeteries, flooded cemeteries,      family members in VA National
California mission graveyards and              Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries
Woodmen of the World burials.                  and various other military and
                                               Department of Interior cemeteries. It
Kentucky Historical Society                    also includes veterans buried in private
In addition to a searchable catalog and        cemeteries where the grave is marked
digital collections, this handsome site        with a government grave marker.
serves up the Kentucky Cemetery                Family Tree Magazine June 2009
Records Database—hundreds of
thousands of names transcribed from            ACCESS TO YORK COUNTY,
gravestones across Kentucky, from               PA, CEMETERY PHOTOS
urban cemeteries to rural plots.                          For Harry Senft’s York County
Don't you just hate it when you find an        cemetery web sites, check out Kathy
inconsiderate ancestor who died right          Francis’   web     sites;   some   of
before the next census? Now you can            these cemeteries are posted there:
track him or her with the help of this
site: It provides free transcriptions of the
1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 census               yccemeteries.htm and
mortality schedules, in which
enumerators recorded information on all
people who perished within the 12              cemet.htm
months preceding the census.
Names in Stone $                               ms/1picts/cemeteries/mt-olivet-
Not nearly as data-rich—yet—as more            latimore/mt.olivet.htm
established cemetery sites, this
newcomer nonetheless has a great
concept: You can search for a grave and
get a map showing where it is in the           This newsletter is compiled by Jack
cemetery and whose plots are nearby.           and Sylvia Sonneborn, family history
Searching is free, and you get not only        consultants of the York 2nd Ward, for
the information on a tombstone but also        use within the ward. It is also e-
the grave's location, the cemetery name,       mailed to parties interested in family
a cemetery map, the address, GPS               history, but it is not an official
coordinates and driving directions.            publication of The Church of Jesus
Paying members ($7.95 per month,               Christ of Latter-day Saints.
$39.99 per year) can save searches and a
"cemeteries of interest" list, get   
automated- search notifications and  
receive discounts on "virtual gravestone
décor." Only about a dozen states are
ROOTSMAGIC BLOG                               NEW FAMILYSEARCH
Another interesting site is the
RootsMagic Blog, and while you may           Several changes have been made to the
not have this program, the blog has a lot    new FamilySearch Web site. For a list of
of interesting family history information.   all changes made to the new FamilySearch
Access at either of the two addresses        Web site since its first release in July 2007,
below.                                       see Appendix H of A User’s Guide to the
                                             New FamilySearch.
                                             Corrections and additions to A User’s
RootsMagic Blog                              Guide to the New FamilySearch are marked
                                             with the following symbol:                  New Features as of
-----------------------------------------    August 2009
                                             The August 2009 release of the new
                                             FamilySearch Web site introduces many
                                             changes. The biggest change is a new
                                             temple ordinances list.
For copies of Genealogy News, go
                                             Temple Ordinances List
to                                           The temple ordinances list helps you do
                                             the following:             • See the ordinances that you have
/~payork/York2Ward/                          • Print and reprint Family Ordinance
                                             Requests and family ordinance cards.
Thanks to Don and Jeanine                    • Monitor the completion of the
Hartman of Utah for posting the              • Remove individuals from your temple
newsletter  online   for    us.              ordinances list. This cancels your                       reservation for all ordinances
                                             not yet complete so that other Church
                                             members can do them. (Previous releases
What’s New in the                            of the new FamilySearch
Are you aware that on the New                Web site did not allow you to cancel
FamilySearch Home Page (page                 ordinance reservations.)
you sign in on) under "News                  You can sort the individuals in the temple
                                             ordinances list, change the width of the
and Updates," after clicking                 columns, and change
on, there is a new document                  the order of the columns.
dated August 2009 --titled
What’s   New    in   the   New               Reserving Ordinances
FamilySearch Web Site      (11               The process and screens for reserving
pages).                                      ordinances have changed. These are the
                                             significant changes:
Page 1, Reprinting Family                    • You must reserve all of an individual’s
Ordinance Cards. You can now                 ordinances. If you do not want to do all
reprint a Family Ordiance                    of them, do the ones that
Request after you have printed               you want. You can then either assign the
the family ordinance cards.                  remaining ordinances to the temple or
                                             remove the individual
The system reminds you to
                                             from the temple ordinances list.
destroy duplicate cards.                     • You must now go to the temple
Also under "Help" there is                   ordinances list in order to print a Family
much      additional     "Help               Ordinance Request. This makes
regarding new system". Beverly
it much easier to print one request            member prepared a TempleReady
containing all of the individuals whose        submission file before
ordinances you want to do.                     the new FamilySearch Web site was
                                               available, but then he or she could not get
                                               the family ordinance cards
Reprinting Family Ordinance Cards              printed before the temple was changed to
                                               the new system.
You can now reprint a Family Ordinance
Request after you have printed the family
ordinance cards. The
system reminds you to destroy duplicate        Options on the Home Page
cards.                                         The See Temple Information
The New FamilySearch Web Site August 2009 1    (Schedules, Driving Directions, etc.)
                                               link has been moved to the
Displaying and Printing a Family
                                               Home page.
Group Record
                                               The Families and individuals that
                                               are reserved for temple ordinances
When you display or print a family group
                                               (see list) link displays the new temple
record, the sources no longer appear
                                               ordinances list.
automatically. Instead, you
see a Source Information link for each
                                               New Certified Affiliates
individual. Click the link to display the
individual’s sources in a
                                               The following products are now certified
                                               for use with the new FamilySearch Web
This change allows the system to display a
family group record more quickly than
                                               • Issues from Armidale Software
when it also has to display
the sources.
                                               • AllMyCousins from GeneSys Foundation
Solving Problems Related to Family
                                               • LiveRoots from Genealogy Today LLC
Ordinance Cards
To resolve problems with family
                                               In addition to having their previous
ordinance cards, you often had to take the
                                               certifications, the following products are
card to the temple and ask that
                                               now also certified to reserve
the ordinances on the card be deleted
                                               ordinances and print Family Ordinance
from the system. For example, this was
recommended if you found
                                               • Ancestral Quest from Incline Software
out that the ordinances were already done
or that the individual’s gender was
                                               • FamilyInsight from Ohana Software
As of the August 2009 release, you can
                                               For a complete list of affiliates, go to
simply remove the individual from your
temple ordinances list and
destroy the card.
                                               System Requirements
Converting a TempleReady
                                               In previous releases, the use of Adobe
Submission File to a Family
                                               Reader and Flash was optional. You now
Ordinance Request
                                               need Adobe Reader 8.0 or
If you are registered with FamilySearch
                                               higher and Flash Player 9.0.115 or higher.
Support as a family history consultant or
                                               Your computer now also needs at least
family history center
                                               512 MB RAM and a screen
director and if you sign in as a helper, you
                                               resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.
can convert a TempleReady submission           2 The New FamilySearch Web Site August 2009
file to a Family Ordinance
Request.                                       Find a Family History Consultant
After you sign in to help someone else,        and Family History Center
the Home page contains an option called        In the Help Center, you can find your
Add a TempleReady Submission                   local family history consultant and family
File. Use this option when a Church            history center.
1. On the Home page, click Help Center.       an individual was located on a
2. Click the Local Assistance tab.            census, it could be added to the facts
If you are a family history consultant and    group. You could do the link from
your name does not appear on this screen,
you need to register
                                              the census to the individual or the
as a family history consultant at             individual to the census. I don't         think you need a different discussion
If your name appears in the list of           link for every topic of every
consultants and you are not a family          ancestor; I think one per individual
history consultant, please contact            would be sufficient. We can discuss
FamilySearch Support to have your
information updated. Go to
                                              the differing birthplace and the possible for a list   death date all in one forum.
of support numbers for your area.             Shanna Jones
   IN NEW FAMILY SEARCH                                       INSIGHT

Have you looked at the person pages that      The newest release for FamilytInsight is has set up? I like               available and includes the Ordinance
how they have it set up. Here are some        Tracker feature. It was released last
links:                                        week. We were out of town with limited          Internet access, so the auto updates have
1_val_a_browning/                     or      not been engaged yet. This will happen          shortly. If you would like to get this
6_jonathan_browning/                          update immediately, you can do so by
                                              going to the download tab at
It has incorporated the same timeline and selecting
concept as NFS and the same map. Then         FamilyInsight.      Then click on the
it has a place for facts, stories, images     download.
and comments. It also has a place for
suggested searching. I think something        This version does include the Helper
similar to that concept would be great        feature, the ability to reserve ordinances,
for the discussion of ancestors, would        print Family Ordinance Requests,
help with the sourcing, and be an             Assign to temple, un reserve, etc.
excellent place for long term placement
of the life histories and images. It also     You have to purchase Family Insight
has the Watch feature, and so it would        from if you
let you know if someone added to it or        don't have it. It costs $25.00. If you are
changed anything. It has a bookmarking        using PAF instead of one of the other
ability, a sharing ability and even a         genealogy programs that you have to
facebook application. Of course you           buy anyway, it is a great deal. I use it
would need a review committee to              every day. It replaces PAF Insight, and
approve images.                               if you have that and are in the free
                                              upgrade time allotment, you can get it
Making all of those things available to       free.
each ancestor in the tree in NFS
would be quite the task, but it would be      I used the new temple reserving part
awesome, and I think it would really          today and it is awesome! I really love
add a spark and interest to those ordinary    the place editor and the synchronization
members who aren't as enthusiastic            process as well; it saves so much time
about family history as some of us are. It    and allows me to keep track of what I
would      allow     for      the    cross    have synchronized in my PAF files. It is
referencing of the sources because once       one of the FamilySearch certified
products approved to work               in   AF    still   remains20+    years   later!)
conjunction with new FamilySearch.
Shanna Jones                                 At     no     time    has     anyone     (I
St. George                                   hope) claimed any of the INDEXES
                                             (IGI, AF, etc.) are to be used for
Yea, verily I say unto you, I gave unto      documentation. It is up to the researcher,
you a commandment that you should            professional or not, to prove their
build a house, in the which house I          lineage. Most of the church members are
design to endow those whom I have            just starting out. Most have to be taught
chosen with power from on high.              documentation. And they also have to be
Doctrine and Covenants 95:8                  taught to NOT submit what they find on
                                             the AF or the internet, etc. without
ANCESTRY EXPANDS JEWISH                      making sure it is correct. Most are doing
      COLLECTION                             their genealogy because the spirit moved
                                             them to do so. And if they have
PROVO, Utah, August 2, 2009 --               someone to help them, it is almost like, the world's largest online     the blind leading the blind. So many
resource for family history, today           FHC VOLUNTEERS are just warm
announced an addition to its Jewish          bodies and have no idea how to research
family history record collection through     and document. But they try, and for that
collaboration    with    two      leading    I will be eternally grateful. Others that
organizations    committed      to    the    do know how may be so busy they don't
preservation of Jewish heritage. Read        have time to help. It takes time -- years!-
about it at                                  - to learn to do proper research and
der/2009/08/03/AncestrycomExpandsJe          We are commanded to seal ourselves to
wishRecordsCollection.aspx                   Adam and Eve so far is possible. Some
                                             of us would like to be sealed to the
     VALIDITY OF FAMILY                      correct person. Others are just going
      HISTORY RECORDS                        through the motions of trying to obey the
                                             commandments. And there are many
                                             degrees in between, with most of the
Most professional researchers, at least in
                                             church members not even doing family
the USA, know that the LDS programs
                                             history.         (gasp!            gasp!)
are NOT to be used for research and
documentation. They are like a road
                                             Of course, if you are reading this, I am
map to the original records that YOU
                                             preaching to the choir, as you already
need to be looking for to prove or
                                             know all of this. But, I just had to put in
disprove          your           lineage.
                                             my nickel’s worth this time. If I have
                                             offended anyone, please forgive me. I
The IGI is just simply what it states: an
                                             am just as frustrated as the rest of you,
INDEX to the records submitted for
                                             but mine is mostly directed toward those
temple                             work.
                                             that want to take short cuts in not doing
The AF is a copy of the pedigree charts
                                             their own research and documentation
sent in by members -- at whatever stage
                                             and then complaining about the indexes
of work they were in at the time -- in
                                             and guides we as members of the church
answer to the call to send in our 4-
                                             have worked to put out there for them to
generation charts, and so forth. (My AF
                                             use to help them find their needed
file has errors I have since corrected
almost as the chart was sent in, but the
Annette Womack                                 there, but some I expected to see didn't
As I have been told:                           speak, e.g. Alan Mann and Kip Sperry
A family chart/fgs without                     didn't speak; LDS Church FH Dept was
documentation is just a fairy tale!            represented, but seemed like fewer
Anyone can make those up...                    speakers from there this time

                                               3. David Rencher, Chief Genealogical
Most people that do family history agree       Office of the Church, gave an interesting
that they experience something more            keynote address about FamilySearcdh
than mere coincidence that happens in          and the information explosion, products
their search for their roots. Crash            that are nearing the end of their life
Course in Family History, p. 21                cycle, others that are at the beginning of
                                               their lifecycle, and directions for
 SHORT SUMMARY OF BYU                          FamilySearch and how to use it; there
 GENEALOGY AND FAMILY                          were also a couple of other talks by FH
                                               Dept people on the history and how to
  HISTORY CONFERENCE                           use FamilySearch and the FamilySearch
                                               Wiki and what's happening at the FH
28-31 Jul 2009
If you want more information on any of
                                               4. Several announcements about new
these topics, they have copies of the 632-
                                               FamilySearch and affiliate program
page syllabus with notes for nearly all
                                               updates that sync with it, e.g. Ancestral
classes for sale - printed in hard copy
                                               Quest, Family Insight, RootsMagic,
($45) or pdf on CD ($25) from
                                               Legacy ; hard copy
was two spiral-bound halves with the
                                               5. Presentation of new teaching materials
halves fastened together (I've never seen
                                               for FH Sunday School classes -
that before, but it made it easier to open.)
                                               Instructor's Manual, new DVD with
                                               helps, hope to have them mailed to
1. 135 talks - Conference organized by
                                               priesthood leaders and in Distribution
tracks -- Schedule is online at
                                               Centers by end of Aug 2009 -- see the
                                               Deseret News report about the talk -
(1) Basic Research Methodologies
(2) Computers/Internet/Tecnology
(3) Records Available at the Harold B.
Lee Lib on BYU Campus
                                               6. Good discussions of ways to publish
(4) International Research for Beginners
                                               online and in hard copy
(5) Methodology
(6) British
                                               7. Several talks on what's available at the
(7) Beginner Track
                                               BYU Library, both online and hard copy
(8) Writing the Narrative FH
(9) United States & Canada
                                               8. Lots on searching newspapers, both
(10) Family History Consultants/Family
                                               on- and off-line, with many URL's
History Library
(11) FamilySearch
                                               9. Lots on software, instructions for
(12) Colonial America
                                               using it, and comparisons
(13) Professional
                                               10. Lots about online resources and
2. Many prominent FH speakers were
                                               URL's and how to search them
                                              principle. Why not also create a sandbox
11. Several talks on LDS Records (I           copy of production nFS? It could be
didn't present, but see my online notes       populated with far less data and open to
on LDS and Utah Records at                    all registered nFS users. .)
                                              Re: designing exercises--would the
12. Lots on how to write narrative,           exercises in the Help Center meet that
stories, details to include, how to make it   need? Have you discovered a specific
interesting                                   need that isn't addressed by Help
                                              Center    documents     or    e-learning
13. Good presentations on research in         modules? (Incidentally, there is a
each of areas listed in the racks above       fantastic training center in Utah--see
14. Very little on DNA -- only one talk, I    ( .
think                                         (I recommend it whenever I can.)

15. Not as many vendors as in past, but a     For those who might want to create their
couple of new ones that I don't               own e-learning modules, check out
remember seeing there before                  Jing, made by TechSmith
16. Dates for next year's conferences --      (
BYU 2010 Computerized FH                       It's free software that lets you record
and Genealogy conference - 12-13 Mar          your voice and actions on the
2010 and BYU 2010 Conference on               screen (the result is a Flash [.swf] file
FH and Genealogy - 27-30 Jul 2010             which you can post on a web
Elder Groberg's keynote talk, Jesus Is        site--TechSmith's or your own). The free
the Key, is posted online now at              version's limitation is that you can't . I      made a video longer than 5 minutes, but
overheard John Best asking Dave               for quick training modules, it works
Rencher if he would let the BYU Cont          really well, particularly for the price :)
Ed post his PowerPoint online, and
Dave said he would ask for permission.        In my experience, IT at the church has
John told me later that if they get           been very responsive to feedback.
permission, they will post it on the BYU      The presence and comments of Ron
Cont Ed website.                              Tanner on this list is just one evidence of
                                              that. Suggestions made at
Information reported by                       are monitored and responded to
Donald R. Snow, recently returned from        regularly. I think things will only
the England London Mission,                   improve as we continue to share ideas
London Family History Centre                  and collaborate.
Retired Professor of Mathematics,             Kathy Grant
Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah         Memphis TN USA FHC
                                                    _Re: nFS practice database. _
CREATING A SANDBOX FOR                        (
  NEW FAMILY SEARCH                           T/message/25152;_ylc=X3oDMTJyYjE
A "sandbox" is standard practice at             AzM5MzQ3NTcEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxN
many companies (it is at mine). That's        zA1MDQwODM3BG1zZ0lkAzI1MTUy
basically what beta nFS is in                 BHNlYwNkbXNnBHNsawN2bXNnBH
                                               Stanley    as   its   lead   underwriters.
                                               The float will follow in the footsteps of
                                               restaurant booking website OpenTable
Indexing projects added in July:               and system management software maker
                                               SolarWinds, both of which floated in
       Italy, Trento—Baptisms, 1784-          May, ending an almost year-long dearth
        1924 [Part 2]                          of technology listings on the US
       New Zealand—Passenger Lists,           markets.
       Perú, Lima—Registros Civiles, does not make its money
        1910–1930 [Part 2]                     from advertising, but instead charges
       U.S.—Freedmen Marriages,               users a monthly membership of between
        1861–1869                              $19.95 and $29.95.
       U.S., Delaware—Birth Records,
        1861–1922                              Membership allows users to create
       U.S., Georgia—Deaths, 1930             profiles, compile family trees, and share
       U.S., Indiana, Carroll County—         pictures, birth certificates and audio files
        Marriages, 1811–1959                   with others.
       U.S., Oklahoma—1920 U.S.
        Federal Census                         The largest investor in is
       U.S., Tennessee—1920 Federal           private equity house Spectrum Equity
        Census                                 Investors, which bought a majority stake
       U.S., Virginia—1920 U.S.               for $300m in 2007.
        Federal Census
                                              The website counts the Mormon's
                                      among its main rivals.

Family history website to         GENEALOGY SOCIAL NETWORK
float for $75m.                                                    SITE
                                                 Haven't heard anything about this until
The technology boom is back.                     today, as it does not seem to have fully, a genealogy website that         hit the radar. It's a social networking site
allows users to trace their family trees, is    (similar to Facebook), with a number of
hoping to raise $75m (£44.3m) by               interesting features, including discussion
becoming the latest US tech-based               groups for everything from ancestors to
company to float.                                                software.
By James Quinn, US Business Editor
Published: 8:32PM BST 04 Aug 2009              James W. Anderson allows users to create            It is listed with numerous general
profiles, compile family trees, and share      and genealogy specific sites at:
pictures, birth certificates and audio files   Archives and Knowledge Management:
with others.                                   Scholarly Online Resource Evidence and
                                               Records for use by Genealogists and is planning to float on           Family Historians
either the Nasdaq stock market or the          http://www.academic-
New York Stock Exchange in the next  
few months, with the help of Bank of
America Merrill Lynch and Morgan               Pedigree & Lineage Networking: Family
Trees                                         The problem with mail destruction (at
http://www.academic-                          least in my experience) has been in           sending the cards in #10 envelopes.
                                              Those are processed by high-speed
Social Networking - General                   machines at the post office, and the                     thickness with the cards is likely to get
                                              stuck in the machines. My solution has
Social Networking with Family Trees           been to mail them in 6x9 envelopes, and                     so far, none have been lost or destroyed.

V. C. Tinney                                  Jill Crandell

   PRINTING NEW FAMILY                            THE REMOVE BUTTON
                                              In New FamilySearch, with the new
If you want to clear baptisms and             Temple Tab - they have added a
confirmations only, go to the "assigned       "Remove" button. Read the new - Aug
to" column and click on your name.            2009 documentation carefully. What the
You will be given a screen to select who      "Remove" button does is remove the
will do each ordinance. Even if you want      request for Temple work for that person.
to do them all, if you only want to print     So - if you remove the person from your
the B&C, leave those two ordinances set       reserved list - it not only does that - but
to yourself and set everything else to go     removes the request for Temple
to the temple. Do this for the number of      work.The person then goes back to the
people you want to clear and create the       "Ready" position and waits for another
FOR. As soon as you finish the FOR, go        relative to submit their name.
back to the names you set to the temple
and toggle them back to you. This will        So - do not use the "Remove" button to
keep these names in holding until the         simply reduce the size of your list.
baptisms are completed. As soon as the
work is done, you can clear your next         Tom Kemp
batch for initiatories, even if the cards
have not been returned to you! As long          SURNAME DISTRIBUTION
as the B&C are done, the program will             MAPS AT
let you print the next cards. Again, select
only the ordinances that you want to          Hamburg, August 11, 2009 – The family
print, set the rest to temple, and after      network features maps
creating the FOR, set them back to            for showing the distribution of one's
you.It's worth a try!                         surname for eight countries at the
Yes, it's extra work, but it will make the    moment. Such maps are not only
program do what you need. As the              available for the US, Canada, the UK,
programmers continue working, we'll           but also for Spain, France, Germany,
have the capability to select which           Austria, and Switzerland. Versions for
ordinances to print.                          the Netherlands and Argentina will
                                              follow soon. The free map service,
Also, remember that you can email an          which shows the absolute and relative
FOR and not have to mail the actual           distribution of surnames for the
cards. The person you send the work to        respective countries, is based on data
can print the cards without waiting for       from telephone books and address
the mail and without any destruction.         databases. One can very easily and
quickly get an overview of the                in the center. Only FH consultants are
geographical distribution and origin of       displayed as a resource to local members
one's own surname. The name of interest       who sign on to new FamilySearch.
only has to be entered into a search field    Consultants are the ones who work one
to view the corresponding map. Statistics     on one with the members in their homes.
about the number of persons with the          Consultants are called by the Bishop and
same name are shown for single counties       answer to the HPGL. The Family
or regions. The relative display of the       History center is a branch of the Family
distribution also factors in the distortion   History Library. It is a research facility.
caused by metropolitan areas.Renee’s          Anyone (including those not members of
Blog      –   Subscribe      at   FeedBlitz   the LDS Church) can locate a Family
[]                History Center from
                                              or The center director is a
                                              stake calling and answers to a high
        HOW TO GET HELP                       councilor. Only local members can see
                                              the names of their local FH consultants
FH Consultants in the US and Canada           after they sign in to new FamilySearch.
are automatically added to the Local          It seems very illogical to think that a
Assistance Tab IN New FamilySearch. If        consultant would refuse to display their
they do not wish to have contact              contact information from the ward
information displayed there, they need to     members they are called to serve.
call FamilySearch Support at 1-866-
4061830 and "opt out.” Support can pull       The Local Assistance tab information in
up your FH Consultant registration            the Help Center of
record and click the "opt out" check box.     is for members who have registered in
Then contact information will no longer       nFS to contact the family history
be displayed in the Local Assistance          consultants in their ward or branch. The
Tab.                                          local consultant is known as Tier 1 (one)
                                              support. If the displayed information is
It is important to remember that only the     incorrect or needs to be removed, the
members of your own ward will see your        individuals themselves or a Priesthood
contact information. If you opt out, you      leader can contact Tier 2 support at
need to make sure your ward members 
know      how       to   contact     you.
                                              Terry Mason
In other countries, all FH consultants are
opted out to begin with, and if they want     Get Birth, Marriage, or Death
their names to show in the Local              Certificates for Your English and
Assistance tab they need to call              Welsh Ancestors Since 1837
FamilySearch Support and "opt in".



Family History Consultants serve the
members of their ward. The director
serves the FH Center and the staff of that
center only as it applies to their serving

If you’re looking for a birth, marriage, or death   Family History Work. The Member's
certificate for your English or Welsh ancestor,     Guide is available, as a PDF, at the same
you’re in luck. Since July 1, 1837, the English     tab, under "New FS Overviews and
and Welsh governments have kept records of          Guides". Look at all of the Guides and
 all these events in one, centralized location.
                                                    print them out (the short ones) for
(If only every country was so organized!)
We have just recently completed indexes—or
 master lists—of all the birth and marriage
                                                    Mark E. Gower
records, and are close to completing the index      Mesa, Arizona, USA
for the death records. These indexes include
 information about your ancestors as well as         ROOTSMAGIC AVAILABLE
the information you need to order an original              IN FHC’S
certificate from the government office where
                                                    I just heard that FamilySearch finally has
they are held in London.
                                                    RootsMagic available on LANDesk for
These comprehensive online indexes are a
                                                    FHC's! For those that don't know,
remarkably valuable tool for family historians.
                                                    RootsMagic is a FamilySearch certified
 Before the indexes were transcribed, you had       desktop genealogy program and is
 to visit the General Register Office in London,    certified to reserve temple ordinances
or a library that had a copy of the indexes, and     and print FOR's. You can see more
 scroll through rolls of microfilm to find the      information at
 information you needed. Now you can search
 all the names in these indexes in minutes and
order a copy of an original certificate without     If your center doesn't have LANDesk,
ever leaving your home.                you can still request your free
FAMILY HISTORY CONSULTANT                            license at
Consultant Training used to be the
responsibility of the Stake Family
History Consultant. In the Fall of 2006,                       WEBINARS
that position was removed from the
stake, and the Consultant's Website                 Ohana is now offering free Family
(where all leadership and consultants are           History Training Webinars (web
to register) was created. Then the E-               seminars). Most of our webinars cover
Learning Courses came along with the                general Family History Topics, but we
"Training and Resources" tab in nFS.                also like to throw in a couple designed
This is where the training for consultants          especially for Family History Centers.
is to take place. Each individual is                For example, next month we will be
responsible for his own training.                   having a webinar on "How to light a fire
                                                    under your ward."
Additional training is available in the
Family History Consultants Guide to                 Other upcoming webinars are:
Temple and Family History Work (only
available online at nFS at the same tab             Using FamilySearch Record Search
mentioned above). Two additional                    (guest presenter Merlin Kitchen)
resources are coming out the end of this            Ordinance Reservation 101 (using
month or beginning of next month,                   FamilyInsight's Ordinance Tracker)
through Priesthood Leaders (please ask              Synchronizing your PAF file with the
your HPGL)-- the new Members Guide                  new FamilySearch website
to Temple and Family History Work and
the Instructor's Guide to Temple and
For more information or to register,          FamilySearch, a section for the main
visit:        FamilySearch site, a section for
and click on the Webinars box at the left.    indexers, and even one for FHC support,
You may also sign up to have the new          plus a couple of others. You can post
webinar calendar emailed to you each          issues about problems with registering
month.                                        for nFS, the data found there, etc., same
                                              for just about anything else related to
Aloha,                                        FamilySearch itself there.
John Vilburn
                                              This began as a forum related to the
         IRISH RESEARCH                       wiki, but the intention was to build it out
                                              to other things. You can even post
Indexes for Irish research are Irish Civil    queries about research problems, and not
Registration, Births, Marriages and           only are there people at the FHL, but
Deaths.                                       others throughout the world that can
The whole country is there until 1921,        answer research questions.
then only the South is there after
                                              James W. Anderson
that, when the South became a Republic.
They can be accessed through Record
Search at That is      I urge all of the people…to write their
the site that posts all the indexed records   journals, and let no family go into
as volunteer members get them indexed.        eternity, without having left their
                                              memoirs for their children, their
                                              grandchildren, and their posterity.
                                              Spencer W. Kimball 1978 Ens.

We received an E-mail notice this
morning from Family Search Support
stating that "Beginning on Monday,
August 31, 2009, Church members in            August 25, 2009
your stake may begin using the                       New Research Web site..."                    Training Available
I am a member of the Canyon View              To: Family History Consultants
Stake in Cedar City, Utah. I have
also heard that the Cedar City North          As part of our ongoing initiative to
stake was notified. We are in                 make training available throughout
the St. George Temple District.
                                              the world, we are pleased to
                                              announce that several new training
Don Blanchard
Cedar City                                    materials have been added to the
                                              Research Series Classes Online page
                                              of the FamilySearch website. These
                                              include the following: Reading
                                              German Handwritten Records, Italy
FamilySearch Forums, at                       Research, Principios básicos para la has a         investigación genealógica en
number of new forums.                         Hispanoamérica (México), Russian
                                              History, Geography, Records and
There's now a section for new
Resources and three U.S. Military        We invite you to visit
Records classes.               , view these classes,
                                         and then give us your feedback by
Reading German Handwritten               using the feedback links. We also
Records includes two lessons taught      encourage you to use these with the
within a self-paced, interactive         members of your wards or branches
experience that includes narration       and those you assist in Family
and several learning and practice        History Centers as appropriate for
activities.                              their research needs.

The Italy Research class introduces      Simply click on the link below or
the major record types available for     copy and paste it into your browser.
researching Italian ancestors, as well
as how to find and use such records.
It also addresses historical events      ary/education/
that affected the record keeping         p?PAGE=education_research_series_
practices in Italy.                      online.asp%3FActiveTab=2

The Principios básicos para la           Sincerely,
investigación genealógica en             FamilySearch
Hispanoamérica (México) series is
given in Spanish and includes an
introduction to the key sources for      U.S. and Canada: 1-866-406-
family history as well as instruction    1830
regarding Parish Registers and Civil

Russian History, Geography, Records
and Resources is a great introduction
to the peoples and events important           SWEEDISH CHURCH
to genealogists researching                       RECORDS
ancestors in Russia.
                                         On       the    home     page       for
The U.S. Military Records classes there is a link to
cover the Revolutionary War, the         an announcement which might be
Civil War and Pre-World War I            interesting to many researchers of
Pension Applications. The first two      Swedish ancestry.
classes introduce the many types of
military records, their relevance to     "Volunteers to Bring Historic Sweden
the particular war, and how to use       Church Records Online" explains the
and find them. The last class            indexing process and the historical
discusses the value of military          challenges for Swedish research. The
pension records, the many records        announcement is available in both
                                         Swedish and English.
included in pension applications, and
how to find or acquire pension
                                         The Church is now indexing the Swedish
                                         Church Records from the earliest years
                                         to 1860.

When I was on the website for                  For one thing it will help us pull up the
FamilySearch Indexing, I noticed that          family members as groups -- at least
there were three sets of Swedish records.      when the names of the parents are
I was very excited because this will           recorded properly.
improve Swedish research for so many
of us.                                         The indexing projects will also help us
Thanks to Mary Scott of the Northville         narrow down our searches for people
Ward, Westland Michigan Stake.                 with the same names.

                                               It is possible to have a lot of Swedish
Volunteers to Bring Sweden                     relatives in a family database with the
Church Records Online                          same names. This can really cause the
Two groups have unveiled plans to engage       brain cells to be overtaxed.
Swedish-speaking volunteers throughout the
world to help create a highly searchable,
free online index to the parish registers of
                                               I have a 3rd great-grandfather named
Sweden — 200 years of recorded Swedish         Carl Nilsson. For a while I had him
history — comprising more than 400 million     confused with another Carl Nilsson in
names.                                         the same village. It took time and effort
By the LDS Newsroom                            but I was finally able to know which
                                               facts and records belonged to my Carl

   SWEEDISH ANCESTORS                          By the way, BYU's free independent
                                               study courses have some family history
For my own research, my Swedish                courses available online for Swedish
ancestors have been the hardest lines for      research. I haven't worked on them for a
me to trace. At the same time I have           while but think I will review them again.
had many "little miracles" occur which         Many benefits from learning more about
opened up the doors to further research.       the Church records.

It has only been within the past five          It seems that family history and temple
years that I had success finding my            ordinances for Swedish ancestry will be
Swedish great-grandfather's ancestry and       able to advance much faster now that the
submit them for temple ordinances. It          indexing projects are being done.
has been very difficult but now
possible because I found the correct           Mary Scott
family.                                        Northville Ward
                                               Westland Michigan
I use GenLine and like it a lot. However,      If you have not looked lately,
there are a lot of steps in finding family has added more
members with the Church records                Kirkeboger--some down to as late as
(births, marriages, deaths, confirmations,     1935 now.
clerical surveys, moving in and moving         Steve Kelsey
out).                                                         NORWAY

While it is possible to do the Swedish         There is the Norway Project being done
research      with   the    microfilms,        by a group at the Family History Library
microfiche, and Genline, it is going to        plus volunteers. They have not put
move a lot quicker with the indexing           anything online yet but are working hard
projects for Sweden.
and always      willing   to   take   new
volunteers.                                  Alan Whitcomb

Online I use                                  ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE IN FHC which has
digitalized parish, census and assorted      In the near future, anti-virus software in
other records for Norway. Records are        family history centers will be
in Norwegian but some of the lead in         automatically changed from Symantec to
pages can be accessed in English. Very       Sophos. This update will occur through
good website by the Norwegian National       the LANDesk program; computers in the
Archives.                                    centers must have LANDesk installed to
                                             receive this update. Please contact your
There are bygdebøker online by various       stake technology specialist if you have
sites, so if you Google for your area, you   questions.
might find what you need extracted or at
                                             Lance McIntosh
least online to read.
This site needs to be updated (and I'm
the one who's supposed to do the             If we do our part, our
updating, but I haven't found the time       genealogies will be unfolded
lately), but it has a lot of the links to    to us – sometimes in one way,
current research sites:                      sometimes in another. So I
DenmarkFAQ/index.html                        want to suggest to you, my
Paula Goodfellow                             brethren and sisters: let us do
                                             our part.
The kirkeboger are at                      George A. Smith
The census is at              Sharing the Gospel with
Steve Kelsey                                 others, p. 179
         TO FHL                              FAMILY HISTORY TEACHING
Individuals often want to contribute
genealogies, scrapbooks, old bibles, and     If you go online and type "byu261"
boxes of loose genealogy. Not all things     only in the URL (address) line,
                                             press enter, it will take you the
are acceptable to the Family History
                                             the lessons              Don Ward
Library in Salt lake City. Look at this
link. It will answer your questions about    New family history manuals and
what the FHL will accept:                    materials are now available from
                                             the Distribution Center.
rce=web&ct=res&cd=2&url=http%3A%2F             From a talk by Robert Millet
arch%2FRG%2Fimages%2FFamilySearch_                   given at BYU:
06.pdf&ei=NtWVSrzYB4masgPMqZWXDA&u           In an address to Church educators in
sg=AFQjCNG-                                  1977, President Boyd K. Packer stressed
                                             that we live in a day of great events
                                             relating to the scriptures. He reminded
us that it has only been a short time since   Lisa Alzo: Blog, Twitter
two revelations were added to the
standard works, both of which have            Lisa Louise Cooke: Blog, Twitter Read older
                                              posts for how to blog family history
salvation for the dead as a central theme.
President Packer continued: "I was            Renee Huskey: Blog, Twitter
surprised, and I think all of the Brethren
were surprised, at how casually that          Renee Zamora: Blog, Twitter
announcement of two additions to the
standard works was received by the            There were three steps to the
Church. But we will live to sense the         naturalization process:
significance of it; we will tell our
grandchildren        and     our      great   1. Declarations of Intention (or First
grandchildren, and we will record in our      Papers). Normally the first papers were
diaries, that we were on the earth and        completed soon after arrival in the U.S.,
remember when that took place."               depending on the laws in effect at the
                                              time. Certain groups, such as women and
[ In 1977 Elder Packer gave a talk to the     children, were exempt in early years.
regional reps in which he prophesied that     After 1862, those who were honorably
we were on the threshold of great             discharged from U.S. military service
advancement in the area of 'turning our       were excused from this first step.
hearts to our fathers,' namely that we        2. Petition (Second or Final Papers).
would see this happen in terms of             Naturalization petitions were formal
technology. He said in a football analogy     applications submitted to the court by
that in our goal to do temple work for        individuals who had met the residency
the dead, we had gone about l/4 inch on       requirements and who had declared their
a football in number of individuals with      intention to become citizens. (See a
ordinances completed compared to the          portion of Bela Lugosi’s post-1906
100 yards to go on the football field.]       petition for citizenship below.)
Marcia Green                                  3. Certificates of Naturalization. Most
                                              certificates of naturalization contain the
                                              name of the individual, the name of the
                                              court, and the date of issue. Ancestry
     AND TWITTERS                             LDS Church Indefinitely
                                              Closes Nigeria Temple
                                              Scott Taylor - Deseret News
Holly T. Hansen: Blog, Twitter                Back to Headlines

Anastasia Tyler: Blog

The Ancestry Insider: Blog, Twitter

Arlene H. Eakle: Blog, Twitter

Gena Philibert Ortega: Blog, WVR Blog,
Twitter, and WVR Twitter.

Jean Wilcox Hibben: Blog

Lee R. Drew: FamHist Blog and Lineage
Keeper Blog, Twitter                                                   The Church of Jesus
                                              Christ of Latter-day Saints has indefinitely

closed its Aba Nigeria Temple as a               chart where they could write their
precautionary measure because of recent
violence and has evacuated temple workers        names, their parents' names, and
to other areas.                                  their grandparents' names. By each name
                                                 was an oval where they could also
"The safety of our temple visitors and           draw a picture. They got the
workers is always our first concern," said LDS
Church spokesman Scott Trotter. "Incidents
                                                 concept quickly and seemed to enjoy it!
of violence in recent months in the area
where the temple is situated are not             Even more fun, for the Senior children
necessarily related to the temple but could
put church members at risk. As a                 we went on a field trip to the FHC,
precautionary measure, temple workers have       which fortunately is two doors down
been moved to other areas, and the temple        from the Primary room in our building
has been closed while the situation is being
addressed."                                      :) I'd gone in ahead of time and opened 3
                                                 browser windows, one with nFS,
Click here to read the full story.               one with a census record in the indexing
                                                 program, and one with FS Labs Record
AN OCTOBER ACTIVITY TO                           Search. I'd called the mother of one of
 BRING FH TO LIFE FOR                            the children ahead of time and got
                                                 the name of one of their ancestors.
Dear Friends,                                    I had that child sit at the computer while
                                                 we all stood around it. On the
I wanted to share my experience in               Search tab, he typed in the name his
Primary today in case it's helpful to            mom had given me and searched, and
someone else. This month's Primary               then we checked the ordinances screen
theme is "Temple blessings unite                 to see if his ancestor's temple work was
families." It was my turn for Sharing            done. The kids really seemed to enjoy it!
Time today and I wanted to help the              One of them pointed to a blank
children understand, at their level, the         spot on the nFS pedigree and asked, "So
importance of family history and temple          how would we find this person?" :)
work. (Our Junior [ages 3 - 8] and               Great question! So I showed them the
Senior [ages 9 - 11] children meet               census and explained what it was, and
separately    for    Sharing     Time.)          also briefly about indexing, then showed
                                                 them how they could search for
For both groups, I made the points that          indexed names using Record Search.
1) many people have died without                 The same boy asked, "How would you
the opportunity for baptism; 2) baptism          learn to do all of this?" I told him family
is needed to return to Heavenly                  history consultants were called to do
Father; 3) because Heavenly Father               exactly that--help members learn to do
loves his children and wants them all to         family history.
return to him, living people can be
baptized for those who have died, and            There was a wonderful spirit there,
Jesus accepts that just as if those people       particularly when I bore my testimony
had been baptized when they were                 of family history work. I felt like some
alive. 4) Heavenly Father has asked us to        great seeds were planted with the
help find those who have died without            help of the Spirit today, and maybe some
being baptized and be baptized for them          of these kids will prompt their
in the temple.                                   parents to move forward! These kids
                                                 aren't too young to develop a love for
Then for the Junior children, I gave them        family history.
a simplified three-generation pedigree

FHC in Memphis TN USA                       INSTRUCTIONS ON SEALING
                                            CHILDREN TO PARENTS
   PRIMARY CHILDREN                         Apparently there has been another
                                            revision to Document ID: 106565 ("New
You can access this file at the URL:        FamilySearch: Instructions for names for         ordinances when the given name is not
T/files/primary_pedigree_chart.pdf          known). The revision date is 25 Aug

                                            Type in 106565 in the search box after
                                            opening up the Help Center in New
        RECORDS                             FamilySearch.
If you are looking for early Salt Lake      As many of you may recall, our email
City death records, try the online          list had a discussion about unnamed
cemetery index? Also, you can search        children this past spring.
the Deseret News for death notices
online (however the scans aren't always     At that time we learned we were
the greatest, so some results might have    supposed to put "son" and "daughter" in
been missed.) Take a look here for the      place of a name when the children had
papers:                                     died nameless.
and here for the cemetery index:            Since I was working on a ward   newsletter about adding children, I
ute/cemeterylist                            looked up the document again and it has
Ancestry's index might be more
complete, but I'm not sure. The state       Here is what the document states now
index only takes records done by an         (as of 25 Aug 2009):
official source. So, there's an index to
the Trenton, Utah, cemetery online at       "Sealing ordinances for children are
rootsweb that I did, but the state site     valid when the children died in infancy
won't use it since it's unofficial. Paula   before being named. In such cases it was
    MORE ON SALT LAKE CITY                  previously the approved practice for
                DEATHS                      that child to be referred to as "son" or
                                            “daughter" with the father's family name
Salt Lake City Deaths go back to 1848.      added, but only if the father was
Early ones are on a register ledger type    uniquely identified. This has been
book. They are microfilmed and              changed, and when the words "son" or
available through Family History            "daughter" are included with a name, it
Centers.                                    restricts the record and adds the text
                                            "NEEDS MORE INFORMATION"
The other one is                            before the ordinance can be prepared. It   is recommended that instead of the
ute/searchburials                           words "son" or "daughter" that the
for those buried in the Salt Lake City      folllowing instructions for the sealing of
Cemetery. Burials go back to 1849.          children over eight be followed, being
                                            very careful to include birth and death
David Samuelsen                             dates (that is, use the term "Mister" or
"Miss", even for an unnamed child under      Mary Scott
the age of eight years).                     Northville Ward
                                             Westland Michigan Stake
"In lieu of a given name that is
unknown, the term “Mister" for a male                   MILES’ BLOG
child or “Miss" for a female child over
eight years of age may be used with the
family name when that child is uniquely      Miles Meyer
identifed, but the sealing to parents may    Jacksonville, FL
be done only if the father is
also uniquely     identified. The     term           LEGACY NOW
"Mister" may also be used for the
father's given name if only the surname             FAMILYSEARCH
is known. In all cases, a record date and             CERTIFIED
place or other unique identification must
be included that will identify the           We're finally almost there....
unnamed woman as the wife of the
husband and the unnamed child as a           Legacy       Family     Tree    is    now
child of the parents.                        FamilySearch Certified. The software
                                             will be available, free of charge, in both
Note: The above instructions relative to     Deluxe and Standard editions of Legacy.
the use of the terms "son" or                It is not yet available for download. Full
"daughter" will be in effect until           details are in today's LegacyNews at
otherwise instructed."             

We are now to put in titles (Mister and      Thanks to everyone for their patience
Miss) for these unnamed children and         with us and for your encouragement.
not relationships (Son and Daughter).        We're excited about how it's coming....

One of the primary keys is that the father   Thanks,
needs to be uniquely identified in order     Geoff Rasmussen
for these little ones to be sealed to the    Millennia Corporation
Please note the information about a            CONTRIBUTE YOUR
father having an unknown given name          FAMILY HISTORY STORIES
(bottom of second paragraph). When the
father's given name is unknown, the term     Mormon Channel, the official radio
"Mister" might be used for the given         station of the Church, posted an item to
name (ex. Mr. Petersson, Mr. Smith).         their Facebook page this afternoon.

So a baby "Miss Petersson" (without a        They are asking if anyone has interesting
given name) might be sealed to her           family history stories. If you do, contact
parents, "Mr. Petersson" and her mother,     them at
Greta -- if that information is all a
researcher has.                              You can hear what Legacy is about by
                                             going to the programs tab, and selecting
The document also discusses names in         Legacy from the dropdown list, mp3
relation to spouses. There are minor         files of the program are on that page too.
changes in that regard too.

You can listen online to them at              NFS; which is why it is a better choice                         for me than sticking with PAF.
                                              I haven't used Legacy much, and was a
James Anderson                                great fan of PAFInsight, have used
                                              Ancestral Quest some, and I have chosen
     OPINION ON SOFTWARE                      Roots Magic as the program I prefer,
                                              because I really like how it syncs, as
In response to the different programs out
                                              well as many other features it has, and it
there that sync with New FamilySearch.
                                              has been very easy for me to learn.
I have tried them all, and my program of
                                              Other people are equally as excited
choice is RootsMagic.
                                              about the other programs. All but
I teach 4 days a week family history,
                                              Legacy have free trials at their websites,
genealogy and digital scrapbooking.
                                              and I would expect it probably will also,
Because RootsMagic is so user friendly,
                                              to compete. But if you are having a hard
easy to learn and has so much to offer,
                                              time thinking about learning a new
my students have caught on very
                                              program, you might now want to try out
quickly. It has been an easy transition
                                              four new programs. If you want to try a
for each student to learn and get going
                                              program that syncs, another approach
quickly. The Church even awarded
                                              can be if someone you know is using one
them the award for Cleanest dashboard
                                              of the programs that syncs and is willing
and easiest to sync with NFS.
                                              to teach you how to use it, using one you
Give it a try; you will like it. Oh, and
                                              can be tutored in may be the best choice
you can write a note on one person and
                                              for you. Or you can keep using PAF.
share that note with multiple people; it is
                                              Your choice.
so quick and easy. Say you have a
                                              Doris Bateman
census that lists 10 people, Write the
                                                             A DREAM
information on the father, (everything in     I had this dream after sitting on line one night
the census) and then choose the other 9       looking in vain for records on my Hake family. I
people to copy that note too. It is a         had prayed for guidance, but was still frustrated
                                              and on the verge of just giving up. I decided to
wonderful feature.                            shut the computer off for the night and go to bed.
                                              This dream came upon me in the night.
Cathie Owens @
                                              I was in a place full of light and warmth with                           people I knew and felt akin to. I knew them but
                                              cannot tell you who they were. As I looked
                                              around, it was as if we were in a long glass front
                                              building which seemed to go on forever in each
ANOTHER PREFERENCE FOR                        direction. As I looked through the windows, I saw
     ROOTSMAGIC                               a pristine shore line with the beautiful blue waves
                                              lapping at the beach. It offered a sense of calm.
                                               We were told to have a seat upon the long
If you choose to keep using PAF with          bench which lined the windows. As I looked for
newFamilySearch or choose to use one          mine, names appeared below each seat. Mine
                                              was not with my friends. It was further up the row
of the programs that sync with it, it         and between two people whom I did not
depends on your learning style and what       know. One looked okay and did not stress me,
is comfortable to you. People who             but the other one on my right was rather
                                               alarming. With his long braided hair and scruffy
already use Legacy rather than PAF are        facial hair, I wondered to myself if he was
excited that it can now sync with NFS.        Jamaican. He offered his greetings and was
There are now four excellent programs         actually very kind and joyful to see me. I thought
                                              to myself, Why? I brushed it off and was back to
out there that will sync with it. I have      feeling upset that I didn't get to stay with my
found that I can correct/combine/             friends. What had I done to deserve this?
download from NFS about 4 times as             As I sat there observing my surroundings, I could
                                              see there was a sort of hearing taking place.
fast using the program I have chosen as       Although, I could see them, I could not hear
going back and forth between PAF &            them. The man beside me was soon called, and

when he rose, two assistants of the court came to
put a red robe over this man. It was edged in
gold and was quite beautiful.
As he stood before the three judges, he pleaded
his case to the opposing sides. I watched and
noticed how joyful he was in his presentation. I
then realized he was pointing at me. My name
was called, and as I rose, the attendants put a
white robe on me. Nothing fancy, I thought to
myself. As I approached the court, which had no
jury, I was able to hear as the man in the red
robe praised me for what I had done. I had no
recollection of this man nor of what I had done to
save his life, as he claimed I had. It did not matter
if I remembered whatever small act it was, this
man felt I deserved his praise.
 With that, my alarm went off and I was
awakened to ponder what I had just experienced.
I realized several things.
 First, It was not a punishment that I was moved
to sit beside this man. It was a blessing. For I
was the most important person in his life. I was
the one who brought about the biggest change in
his life. Perhaps it was just a kind word to
someone who was feeling so down trodden,
maybe it was just recognition of his existence.
Perhaps it was having HIS work done?

 Second, shame makes sure we remember the
bad things we do. But we do nice things often for
those we know and don't know, and we
often dismiss them because they seem so small
to us. So when we are feeling we don't measure
up, we need to take heart in knowing we've done
more good than we can ever remember. Good or
bad, someone will account for it.
 I'm sure there is some significance to the robes,
and one day it will dawn on me.

 Take from this what you will. I just wanted to
share this amazing dream.

Sister Melissa Hake Fitzkee

That’s All Folks!


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