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					                              Western Reserve Kennel Club
                              Cleveland, Ohio

                                                                         June 2013
       Peg Gross
                                              PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
     Vice President:
        Ed Cerny
      330-487-5726           It is election time at Western         The Summer Picnic is approach-       Reserve Kennel Club!                   ing quickly. Doc and Laurabeth
  Recording Secretary:                                              Duncan will once again be our
      Carole Cerny                                                  hosts. They are asking for volun-
                             Look carefully at the resumes       attached for those running to          teers to bring the sweet and sa-
Corresponding Secretary:     become a Board Member. Then            vory items to compliment the eve-
       Susan Gray            decide who will best fill a seat to    ning. The spools will be in place
                             help keep us a premiere club, one      at the pool—it’s gonna be cool!
       Treasurer:            who will work and “step up” to do      (swimsuits if you care to “dive-in”).
    Dorothy LeHoty           their finest when it seems no one
      440-237-4076           else is interested. They will guide   your Club for the next three years.
       AKC Delegate:
       William Russett
    Class of 2012-2013                                              Janet Latterner for the Summer
      Juanita Flinner                                               Show, and Susan and Byron Gray
       440-729-0831                                                 for the Summer Puppy Match, will
       John Tacejko                                                 be gathering volunteers. These
       216-741-3348                                                 are fun events, so please try to
        Ray Yuhasz                                                  help if you can do so. The more
                                                                    hands we have assisting, the
    Class of 2013-2014                                              faster we get finished. Janet will
       Lilyan Allison
       330-769-3138          Aside from the elections, it is time   have information on the Summer
     James R. Duncan         for our awards to be given to those    Show and upcoming planning
       330-278-2285          who excelled in the past year in       meetings.
        Byron Gray
                             breed or performance events and
       440-729-2246       the wonderful breeders who helped      Please bring a friend and let’s
     Class of 2014-2015      those dogs gain the stamina to be-     have some fun with the program.
       Janet Latterner       come stars. It will be a fun night     Remember to pick up your roster
        216-739-1098         with some unexpected surprises.        and ballot at the meeting.
        Fran LeHoty
        440-237-4076                                                                      Peg
        Ann Yuhasz
                         News and Upcoming Events
                Western Reserve Kennel Club, Inc.

               Our next membership meeting will be held on:
Date:        Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Time:        7:30 p.m.
Program: WRKC Annual Meeting with Election of Officers and Awards Night
            **Please note: The election of officers will be the first order of business. Voting
            will take place between 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm. If you plan to vote, please follow
            this timeline.
Location: Brooklyn Heights Community Center on Tuxedo Road.

            Upcoming Meeting Dates; Events and Programs:
Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Picnic at Doc and Laurabeth Duncan’s home
Additional information to follow in our next newsletter.
Saturday, August 24, 2013
WRKC Puppy Match at the Polo Field in conjunction with 2013 Chagrin Valley Classic Dog
   Show at the Polo Field.
Volunteers needed! Please contact Susan and Byron Gray to sign on to work this puppy

Sunday, August 25, 2013
Our annual Summer Show is coming soon to the Cleveland Metro parks Polo Field. Pease
  contact Janet Latterner, Sandy Wolfskill or Donna Francis to see how you might help.
  Volunteers are needed!
                    General Membership Meeting Minutes - May 7, 2013

President Peg Gross, called the meeting to order at 8:50 p.m. This evening we welcomed Mr. Mark
Grace from Zoetis, a drug company. He spoke about the latest in drugs that the veterinarians are using,
giving us some pros and cons. It was a most lively and interesting discussion!
The minutes for the March 19, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting and the April 2, 2013 General
             Business Meeting were mailed to the membership.

13-04 Ed Cerny made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected. Paul Spohn seconded and the
       motion carried.

Report of the President was mailed with the newsletter.

Report of the Corresponding Secretary – Susan Gray read two letters from the AKC. They were:
 1.Animal Support Happy to Hear U.S. Congress is "Going to the Dogs". The PUPS Act (Puppy Uni-
form Protection and Safety Act) will require breeders that sell 50 or more animals per year a routine
inspection, must be licensed and a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise per day
 2.USDA will affect commercial breeders that have 4 or more breeding females and sell at least one
pup sight unseen to get a commercial breeding license.

Report of the Recording Secretary — Carole reminded everyone to sign the membership books
which are on the stage at the front of the room before they go home.

For any questions or additional information regarding this report, please contact our Treasurer, Dottie
13-05 Gayle Mester made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected. Dr. James Duncan seconded
      and the motion carried.

Constitution and By-Laws — Ed Cerny and Dave Leibitzke are working on changes to the WRKC
Standing Rules covering the WRKC Blue jackets. These will be ready for the May 21 st Board meet-
ing for further action.

Parliamentarian — Juanita Flinner ran this evening’s nominations for office under New Business.
She asked that the folks who accepted a nomination for an office this evening, prepare a short half
page resume about why they should like to be elected to the office they are running for. These must
be sent to the present Corresponding Secretary, Susan Gray, for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Finance — Dottie LeHoty reported on the Finance Committee meeting held on April 4, 2013 to dis-
cuss WRKC donations for 2013. The following suggestions were made for 2013 and approved by
the Board of Directors for Western Reserve Kennel Club at their April 16th meeting.
 ORGANIZATION                      2012       2013

 Assistance Dogs of America,      $150.00 $150.00
 Polo Field Restricted Funds      $200.00 $300.00
 Cleveland Public Library          $400.00 $500.00

 Cuyahoga County Shelter -         $450.00 $375.00
 Guiding Eyes for the Blind        $200.00 $200.00

 Ohio State Veterinary             $6,000.0 $6,000.0
 Project Noah                       $100.00 $100.00
 Take The Lead                      $500.00 $400.00
                                   $8,000.0 $8,025.0

13-06 Juanita Flinner made a motion that the membership approve the donations as presented at
this evening’s meeting. Ray Yuhasz seconded the motion and it carried.

Dog Legislation — Congress is going to the dogs!

Library — Ann Yuhasz asked if we would like to donate e-books in place of hardback copies this
year. Maureen Mullen from the Cleveland Public Library, sent us a list of e-books for our considera-
tion. Think about it and let her know. In reference to the possibility of having a meeting at the library,
unfortunately, the library isn’t open in the evening. Ann is thinking about having one on a Saturday
during the day.
Program — Ed Cerny announced the following upcoming programs:
   Tuesday, June 4, 2013 is our Annual Meeting, Election of Officers, and Awards Presentations.
    No program planned.
   He is working on the program for July.

Social — Many thanks to Laurabeth Duncan and the members who brought goody donations for the
wonderful refreshments this evening!

Welfare — It was reported that member Jerry Amato recently underwent surgery in Florida.

Crown Classic Manager — Peg Gross announced that plans are moving forward for this year’s
Crown Classic Dog Shows. There will be an increase of $0.01 per square foot for floor space util-
ized at the I-X this year. Based on the amount of space WRKC will utilize, the cost for us will be
around $3,000.

2013 April Puppy Match — Dave Leibitzke congratulated and thanked everyone who worked for
the April match. We learned a lot!

2013 Summer Show —
    Janet Latterner announced that Ohio Search and Rescue are on the list of events for our show
    along with the Hounds again this year.
    Also, there will be a coursing ability test which will be listed in the premium list. This has proved
    popular at other shows.
    Byron and Susan Gray are the Match Chairs for the Puppy Match to be held after Best in Show
    on Saturday, August 24th. They will be needing lots of help, so please contact them and see
    what you can do to help.
    Trophy Chairperson, Carole Cerny announced that the WRKC trophies have been ordered and
    they are in and ready for pick-up this coming weekend.
    Also, working on the judging panel for Summer 2014.

Website — Dave Leibitzke reported that our site is up and running. Suggestions are always

UNFINISHED (OLD) BUSINESS: Nothing to come before the membership this evening.

NEW BUSINESS: At this time, Juanita Flinner opened the floor for nominations. The following
nominations were made and accepted:
NEW BUSINESS: At this time, Juanita Flinner opened the floor for nominations. The following
nominations were made and accepted:

 President;                              Peg Gross
 Vice President;                         Ed Cerny
 Recording Secretary;                    Carole Cerny
 Corresponding Secretary;                Diane Scott
 Treasurer;                              Dorothy LeHoty

 Choose Three (3):
 Kathy Bencin;                           Frank Jansky
 Laurabeth Duncan;                       Dave Leibitzke
 Donna Francis;                          John Tacejko
 Dr. Jonathan Farrante;                  Ray Yuhasz
 Juanita Flinner;

Juanita asked that the current Corresponding Secretary, Susan Gray, make at least three sets of
ballots for the elections and bring to the meeting on June 4th The ballots will be given out to mem-
bers along with the new Membership roster as they come into the meeting.

NEW APPLICATIONS — There were no new applications for consideration this evening.

There being no further business to come before the membership, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30

Brags followed! Respectfully

submitted, Carole L. Cerny

Recording Secretary
Western Reserve Kennel Club, Inc.
             Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, April 16, 2013
ATTENDEES: Allison,       Cerny, C., Cerny, E., Duncan, Dr. J., Flinner, Gray, B., Gray, S., Gross,
             Latterner, LeHoty, D., Tacejko, Yuhasz, A., Yuhasz, R., Russett
ABSENT: LeHoty, F., Russett (AKC Delegate)

The next WRKC Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 7:30
p.m. It will be at Cleveland All Breed Training Club, 210 Hayes, Cleveland, OH

President, Peg Gross welcomed the Board members and called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
This evening, we welcomed Mr. Russell Shaw, Esq. to speak to the Board on the subject of
“inurnments” as it applies to the Western Reserve Kennel Club, Inc. and its relationship to our cur-
rent tax status.

Reading of Minutes – The minutes of the March 19, 2013 BOD meeting and the April 2, 2013
membership meeting were mailed to the Directors.

13-06 Juanita Flinner made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected. Dr. Jim Duncan sec-
      onded and the motion carried.

      For any questions or additional information regarding this report, please contact our Treasurer,
                                           Dottie LeHoty.

13-07 Ann Yuhasz made a motion to receive and file the Treasurer’s report for audit. Janet Lat-
      terner seconded and the motion carried.

Constitution and Bylaws – Ed Cerny will begin work on updating the WRKC Standing Rules re-
garding 7) Official Jackets.

Property – Fran LeHoty is working on an updated inventory of club property for use at our shows.

Finance Committee – Dottie LeHoty reported on the Finance Committee meeting held on April 4,
2013 to discuss WRKC donations for 2013. Following are the suggestions they made and the
Board’s recommendations:

Program – Ed Cerny announced that
   Tuesday, May 7, 2013 — Mr. Mike Grace, a drug representative from Zoetis, will be here to
    speak on latest drug advancements in veterinary medicine.
   Tuesday, June 4, 2013 — Annual Meeting with Election of Officers and Awards Night. No pro-
    gram is scheduled for this evening.

Welfare – Lilyan Allison was asked to send a card to Fran LeHoty, who was recently hospitalized.

Finance Committee – Dottie LeHoty reported on the Finance Committee meeting held on April 4,
2013 to discuss WRKC donations for 2013. Following are the suggestions they made and the
Board’s recommendations:
 ORGANIZATION                        2012       2013
 Assistance Dogs of America,
 Inc.                                $150.00     $150.00
 Polo Field Restricted Funds         $200.00     $300.00
 Cleveland Public Library            $400.00     $500.00
 Cuyahoga County Shelter -
 Goods                               $450.00    $375.00
 Guiding Eyes for the Blind          $200.00    $200.00
 Ohio State Veterinary Schol-       $6,000.0    $6,000.0
 arships                                   0           0
 Project Noah                        $100.00    $100.00
 Take The Lead                       $500.00    $400.00
                                    $8,000.0    $8,025.0
                                           0           0

13-08 Ray Yuhasz made a motion that we approve the donations as modified above for presenta-
       tion to the membership. Ed Cerny seconded and the motion carried.
Parliamentarian –

  Juanita Flinner announced that Nominations for Officers will be held at the May 7th membership
  meeting. Remember that if you plan to run for office but cannot be at the May 7th meeting,
  please send a letter of acceptance along with the person who will nominate you.
 Juanita asked the Corresponding Secretary, Susan Gray, to make up the ballots for that evening.
     Susan Gray will also have the 2013-2014 Membership Directory ready for this meeting. You will
      sign in to pick up your ballot to vote and a Membership Directory this evening.

2013 Puppy Matches —

     Susan Gray will be chairing the puppy match on Saturday, August 24th for WRKC. The match
     has been approved by AKC and will be held right after BIS for Sugarbush Kennel Club. Help will
     be needed for this match.
     The April Match took in $569.00. Expenses included: $300.00 to CABTC for facility rental;
     $62.00 for judge’s gifts; leaving $207 plus taking in $127.00 for the Raffle and $99.00 for food
     for a net profit of $433.00. Many thanks to all for working to make the match a success!

2013 Summer Show — The premium list has been sent to MB-F. Work is progressing.
2013 Winter Show — Peg Gross announced that work is progressing.


     Action on a change to the WRKC Standing Rules, Official Jackets, moving forward. Ed Cerny
      will be working with his committee to draft the change.
     Bryon Gray brought a sample of the spools this evening that we plan to use for our plastic

    chains. We plan to work on that during our annual WRKC picnic meeting in August.

    NEW BUSINESS: None to come before the Board.

NEW APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP: There were no new applications.
There being no further business to come before the WRKC Board of Directors, the meeting ad-
journed at 10:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carole L. Cerny
Recording Secretary
Western Reserve Kennel Club, Inc.
                          WRKC NOMINATIONS FOR OFFICE
               Note: Complete resumes are on file and may be reviewed upon request

                                       Kathleen M. Bencin

Tax Accountant and educator of tax law to students learning to be tax preparers.
Responsible breeder of standard and miniature poodles and have handled my own dogs to their
championships and Grand Championships.
Current editor of Poodles in America
Past President of the Western Reserve Poodle Club and am currently Treasurer
Past owner of full-line pet & grooming shop and am a professional groomer.
Community Service: Volunteer with AARP doing free tax returns January through April each year
Local controller and electronic returns originator for the Lyndhurst AARP Office
Pet Therapy one time a month at Emeritus Nursing Home

                                         Carole L. Cerny

I have accepted the nomination to run for another term as Recording Secretary for the WRKC. It
is a position that I have held for a number of years and one that I enjoy. It is also a position that I
am well qualified to fulfill as I have over 27 years experience as an administrative assistant in the
business world. I have worked for many years as trophy chairperson for both the WRKC summer
winter shows. I am involved in the Crown Classic Dog Shows by handling the Judges hospitality
and serving as secretary for the Crown show Committee meetings. If elected I will continue to bring
my administrative skills to the office and maintain the Clubs records that I am responsible for in an
organized manor. I would like to see WRKC grow with new members so that we can maintain an
organization that is dedicated to the purebred dog in the show ring, in a service capacity and as a
beloved pet in the home.

                                        Edward N. Cerny

I have accepted the nomination to run for Vice President of the WRKC. I became a member of
WRKC in May of 2000 and have been a member of the board for several years. During my years of
membership, I have worked at the Winter Shows filling in wherever help was needed. I have worked
the Summer shows at the Polo Field in various capacities including: RV Committee Chair responsi-
ble for taking the motor home reservations, handling the money, helping to lay out the motor home
parking spaces, directing the parking of the RV’s, and clean-up of the show grounds after each
show. I have enjoyed the time spent in each of the capacities where I have been asked to serve;
especially the interaction with Club members, spectators, exhibitors and dogs alike!
                                  Laurabeth (Laurie) Duncan

I have been active in dogs all my life. After Jim and I stopped breeding, showing and handling our
cockers (we had 80+ champions under the Laurim Kennel name and finished many others), we got
our judging licenses. I have judged the American Spaniel Club Specialty Show twice. The judges
are selected by the membership so it was quite an honor. I have helped with the WRKC Summer
and Winter Shows and also their Puppy Matches on any job as needed. Yes I was he “bag lady”. I
have also acted as Co-Hospitality at Club meetings and enjoy doing it with the help of the
members. I am still active in the Cocker Spaniel Club of Northern Ohio and have served as their
Treasurer and Show Secretary for more years than I care to mention.

                                       Jon Ferrante, Ph.D

Jon Ferrante, Ph.D. holds a doctorate degree in International Leadership and Strategic Planning
and a certificate in Negotiations from Harvard University. Jon has been an AKC judge for 25 years
and has judged at many AKC Conformation Shows; Regional Specialty Shows including two National
Specialty Shows across the country. He is also the author of two successful books. Jon was the
founder and past president of the National Capitol Area Shih Tzu Club. His dogs have won at the
Westminster Kennel Club Madison Square Garden shows and at National Specialties. If elected to
the WRKC Board of Directors, he will try to be a positive influence for the Club and will support Club
Continuous Process Improvement. He respects the traditions of the Club.

                                          Juanita Flinner

I have been a WRKC member since 1982. During that time, I have worked in many capacities to ful-
fill the WRKC’s goals; I have been President, Corresponding Secretary, Match Chair, Show Chair,
Trophy Chair, Chief Ring Steward, in addition to doing other things that needed to be done. I have
worked cooperatively with other Board members and officers. I hope you will allow me to continue
as a Board of Directors member through your vote.

                                    Donna Francis (Elfwish)

I have been involved with the world of purebred dogs for decades as a breeder, owner, professional
handler and judge. As a Siberian Husky breeder, I bred a national Specialty winner and numerous
champions. In Pembroke Welsh Corgis, we (Elfwish) have finished over 60 champions and, with our
Irish partner, won the National Specialty in 2006. In Dandie Dinmont Terriers, we have won at all
levels here and abroad, including a Group 2 at Crufts! My Club activities include serving on the
PWCCA Board of Directors for 6 years, the DDTCA nominating committee, serving as an officer or
board member in SBKC, 4 years as the Assistant Show Chairman for WRKC’s summer show, and 3
years as the Chairman of WRKC’s summer show.
                                             . Peg Gross

WRKC is a fantastic organization. We have in our membership professional and novice people
alike. Photographers, Electricians, Judges, Veterinarians and Physicians/Surgeons. BIS and HIT
owners comprise only part of our group. You can ask an of these a myriad of questions and get civil
answers. Friendships abound and become closer because of our common link with the dogs we
own and carfe about so very much. Besides.... where else can you work your tail off for a full
day/week/year, get just a simple “thank you”, and still feel good about doing it?

This is all what makes our club such a unique entity. Please help us achieve the goal of greatness
by becoming more active than in the past. Attend our meetings and social functions and bring along
a friend. Any suggestions you have, let us hear them. As President, I try to steer the group to a
destination with the help of the fellow officers and board members, but it is you, as a member, who
help define our goals and future. Thank you for the nomination and support.

                                            Frank Jansky

Thank you for nominating me as Director. I have served previously as a Director and Vice Presi-
dent. I have been very active since joining WRKC from matches to show, from set up to teardown
and various duties during those activities. I feel that I can continue to add value to the Club. I would
like the opportunity to again serve as Director, therefore, I am asking for your vote.

                                           Dave Leibitzke

I am a member who was on the Board as well as Vice President and Present. As President during
the time when the economy and our shows were struggling, I was able to find ways to significantly
reduce costs in our club insurance and re-think our donation strategy. Some things need to be
worked to support the Club including looking for ways to grow, and what is needed to continue our
educational activities. Currently as webmaster, I maintain our website. Recently, as co-chair for the
April puppy match, I can say we have a great group of members who made the puppy match a suc-
cess. I hope you will consider me for a Director’s position.

                                          Dorothy LeHoty

No resume received.
                                           Bill Russett

Having proudly served as delegate for our club since 1992 and attending the delegates meetings, I
would respectfully request that I be appointed your delegate once again. I believe I’ve been
effective in delivering information to the Club and communicating with the AKC during these

                                           Diane Scott

Unlike many of you, I have only been a member of the WRKC for a few years now. And unlike most
of you, I do not have champion show dogs, although, the two dogs I have will always be champions
to me. I joined the WRKC for several reasons, I wanted to increase my knowledge about dogs and I
wanted to learn from people who have devoted themselves to that purpose. I have learned so much
since joining the Club and have met so many wonderful people. I have helped on our two big annual
shows setting up, taking down, and managing the info table. I have tried to help in any capacity that
I can during those shows. Now I hope that you will let me help the Club by electing me Correspond-
ing Secretary for the Club. Since my often erratic work schedule precludes me from helping out at
some events, I hope that I can continue to contribute to the club by filling this position.

                                          John Tacejko

I became a member of WRKC in the mid 60’s. I was elected to the board the second year I became
a member. I have served 20 yeas on the board and Club treasurer for 28 years. I instigated several
trips to OSU Vet College and also scholarships for the vet students at OSU. I also made it possible
for large donations to the police and fire departments in our location. I have no dogs at this time
only my Clydesdale pet.

                                           Ray Yuhasz

I thank WRKC for the chance to be returned to the Board of Directors. I believe that I bring to the
table a background in sound fiscal knowledge as well as many years in negotiations and company
management. These are important areas for dog clubs in today’s changing landscape. Thank you
for your vote and confidence in me.

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