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                           THURSDAY, 17th JUNE 2010

                           Chairman      Mr J. Crampton
                           Secretary     Mr B. Walker

Present:     Mr P. Clark, Mr S. Clark ( Head Greenkeeper ), Mr M. Ellis,
             Mr D. Farnsworth, Mr P Gooderson, Mr P. Hubbert, Mrs D. Platt.
             Mr J. Spencer.

1.    Apologies :


2.    Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday, 29th April, 2010:

      These were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

3.    Matters Arising:

      The slabs forming the path for the driving range had been re-laid. James said the
      plastic hole liners could no longer be used and staff should be taught the correct
      technique for painting the top of the hole. Unfortunately the top quality astro turf from
      the Surfleet pitch had been disposed of.

      Treating the ivy in the copse between 15th and 17th had been unsuccessful in that
      roundup would not kill it.

4.    Correspondence:


5.    Staffing Levels and Changes of Hours:

      In the main the new staffing arrangements were working well There had been some
      issues with the seasonal staff and machinery who were on a learning curve, but in
      the main they were doing the job they were employed for.

6.    Machinery:

      James produced details of a work programme for a week which showed hours spent
      on various tasks. From this he had extracted data onto a single sheet to highlight
      work practices, some of which did not seem to be utilizing certain equipment to the
      best effect. In particular the Poa Buster, the Turf Iron, Verti Cutter, the Greens Brush
      and the Sorrel Roller. The problem was some equipment could only be used on
      certain machinery and it was time expensive each time it was changed. If the leased
      option was chosen some existing machinery should be retained for flexibility of
      ancillary equipment. This would help to maintain high quality course presentation on
      a consistent basis. The verti-cutter and poa buster should be used together as part
      of an integrated programme.

      It appeared that the 9th and 10th greens had been caught by machinery and ripped in

      There was a debate on the merits of micro tining as compared to the use of larger
      tines. The latter were more disruptive but Mr. Hubbert remarked that a times deep
      aeration was beneficial. In this respect John Deere machinery was more flexible as
      tining equipment could attached easier and greens aerated to 120 mm provided there
      were no disease problems.

      The demonstration/trials of the varying manufacturers machinery were proceeding
      with only Ransome Jacobsons still to arrange .

      Steven said he was still having problems contacting the company to arrange a
      demonstration or hire of the sub soiler.

7.    Moles:

      Activity was now minimal.

8.    Drainage:

      Messrs. Bloodworth were booked for the fairway tining in late October.

9.    Course Presentation:

      Of late this had been very good, Peter Clark commented that visiting teams had been
      very complimentary when passing comments about the course.

      When staff were cutting the semi rough the 150 marker posts should be removed to
      maintain a consistent quality of cut.

      Unfortunately the tees had not been cut prior to the Lincs Senior Championship
      taking place otherwise the course had been immaculate. This had been a high profile
      competition and such events assisted in climbing the rankings and attracting more
      county competitions.

      Certain trees on the 6th hole needed pruning as they were encroaching on the line of
      flight of the ball.

10.   Development:

      James produced a sketch showing the two new bunkers to be constructed on the 15th
      hole. The first one roughly level with the 150 marker and the second at some 270
      yards from the tee. These will be partly across the fairway to make them visually
      attractive. They will be constructed on the surface with grass mounds around them.
      The present front right hand bunker was to be filled in. A notice would be exhibited to
      inform the members prior to the areas for the new bunkers being staked out. He
      would produce details of the bunkers to go on the right of the 8th fairway amongst the
      mounding, this was to provide protection for those on or approaching the tenth green.
      The bunkers on the 11th at the end of the fairway were to be filled in. It was the
      intention that all this work would be done during Autumn 2010.

11.   Health and Safety:

      The annual review had taken place and in the main the results were pleasing. We
      needed to tighten up on certain areas that needed checks on a more regular basis
      and some assessments needed updating. The accident on duty involving Jayne
      Newman had been reportable and details had been given to RIDDOR who had
      indicated no further action would be taken.

12.   Budget:

      This was in course of preparation .

13.   Any Other Business :

      The Seniors section kindly offered to provide a rope to go down the centre of the
      fairway on the 15th hole for the forthcoming AM AM Charity Event.

      It was asked if there could be earlier tee times for Captains Day. Potentially this
      could clash with the cutting of greens and as a compromise it was agreed that the
      competition could commence at 7.15 am. The seat by the 9th tee needed to be re-

      New signs have been ordered for the 5th tee and these should be available shortly.

The next meeting to be held at 5.00 pm on Thursday 22nd July. Mrs. Platt offered her

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